Days Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03--Canada; 2/26/03--USA

By Eric
proofread by Jen



[ Knock on door ]

 Brandon: Yeah? Coming. Hey. I was just about to call you.

 Sami: I know it's early.

 Brandon: Where's Will? Where's your stuff? Samantha?

 Sami: It's not going to work, Brandon.

 Brandon: What are you talking about?

 Sami: Us. Me moving in here. It's not happening.


 Brady: You are so beautiful.


 Marlena: Oh. John.

 John: I'm right here.

 Marlena: Are you all right?

 John: Yep. Just going for a run.

 Marlena: Can we talk first?

 John: When I get back.

 Marlena: You know, you always push your body too hard when you're trying to work out a problem. 3E5BCC08.JPG

 John: I'm not the one with the problem.

 Marlena: Well, what I remembered last night makes kind of a problem for all of us.

 John: If it's true. There's no solid proof that you are cassie and rex's mother.

 Marlena: Oh, it's true. I am their mother. I know that. I gave birth to them in the tower. Maybe Tony is their father. How will we deal with the changes that makes in our lives?

 John: Well, I'm gonna start by putting in about 5 miles. I'll see you.

 Tony: [ Humming ] Yes.

[ Knock on door ]

 Tony: Come in. Marlena. 3E5BCC56.JPG

 Marlena: Tony, we need to talk.

Tony: There's coffee on the tray. Help yourself.

 Marlena: No, thank you. I'm not staying.

 Tony: No? Is John waiting for you?

 Marlena: No, he doesn't know I'm here.

 Tony: Oh.

 Marlena: He's -- he's, uh, he was jogging.

 Tony: I see. Last night must have been quite rough for him.

 Marlena: Yes. 3E5BCD3C.JPG

 Tony: I've been asking myself all morning how you and I, um, can parent these two children and not cause a problem between you and John.

 Marlena: John never had a problem with Roman and me parenting Sami and Eric.

 Tony: Yes, but John doesn't hate Roman the way he does me.

 Marlena: Oh. Code red.

 Tony: Beg your pardon?

 Marlena: Oh, it a an expression that Roman or I would use when we were discussing a problem with one of the children. It sort of means "we got trouble. We got big trouble."

 Tony: Code red. Hmm. I must remember that. So you think we're going to have big problems, do you? 3E5BCD70.JPG

 Marlena: Well, I hope not. We both care very much about the twins, so that's a mighty good start.

 Tony: Perhaps they'll even create a bond between us.

 Marlena: Children can create a bond, even if you haven't raised them since they were born or if you've spent years away from them.

 Tony: Hmm. You're thinking of Sami and Eric, are you?

 Marlena: And Roman as well. You know, we were separated from the twins during their childhood when they were very, very small. Um... when they came back to us, we were able to put their welfare first. And our love for them was a bond. You're right about that. It did enable us to care for them, care for our children first. 3E5BCDA8.JPG

 Tony: Yeah, but there's a big difference. Well, you and Roman had a great love together. And out of that love, you created those children. We're light years from that. You and I have always had so many differences for as long as I can remember. And so much animosity between our two families. And yet we have these two beautiful children. Can we put that aside, and... can we parent Cassie and Rex together?

 Marlena: We have to -- for their sake, if we are their mother and father.

 Tony: Are you having doubts after last night? You remembered every moment. You gave birth to them.

 Marlena: Oh, I have no doubt about being their mother. My doubt is about you. I'm not convinced that you are their father. 3E5BCDD6.JPG

 Tony: Ha.


 Cassie: Rex, you here?

 Rex: In the living room.

 Cassie: How come you haven't been answering your cell phone?

 Rex: I turned it off. I needed time alone.

 Cassie: Well, I needed you. I've been looking all over for you.

 Rex: I'm sorry.

 Cassie: Everyone in the dorm has been beating on my door trying to find out about Shawn.

 Rex: That's why I had to get out of there.

 Cassie: You haven't been to class.

 Rex: Neither have you.

 Cassie: I was at the police station this morning. I was hoping they'd let me see him.

 Rex: Did they?

 Cassie: No. Why did he have to confess? 3E5BCDFA.JPG

 Rex: Well, maybe he couldn't live with himself keeping that kind of secret. He had to tell the truth.

 Cassie: It's all over now.

 Rex: For him or for you?

 Cassie: Rex, what is that supposed to mean?

 Rex: Well, what upsets you most, the fact that Shawn's in jail, or that you and he don't share a special secret anymore?

 Cassie: That is a terrible thing to say. God, you know how much I care about him. Rex, we owe him so much. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't for him.

 Rex: And Belle.

 Cassie: I am so sick of hearing you singing that little twit's praises.

 Rex: At least we know who Belle is. You know, she hasn't let us down or turned on us or had some deep, dark secret. 3E5BCE1E.JPG

 Cassie: Are you turning on Shawn because he's in trouble?

 Rex: I'm trying to find out who he really is. Is he one of the good guys or a criminal?

 Cassie: He's our friend, and that's all that matters.

 Rex: Yeah, well, he's also a murderer. And his family's not exactly on the up-and-up either. Look at the way Roman Brady treated you last night.

 Cassie: It was awful.

 Rex: And he's a cop, supposed to one of the good guys. And he treated you like you were the murderer. I don't know who to trust anymore, Cassie. Even dr. Evans has turned on us. People are just out for themselves. You know, to hell with everyone else. Not the way we thought it was going to be, is it? 3E5BCE50.JPG


 Chloe: [ Coughs ]

[ Sighs ]

 Chloe: [ Sniffling ]

 Brady: Hey, Chloe, how you doing in there?

[ Water running ]

 Chloe: I-I'm fine. I'll be right out.

 Chloe: So, what's for breakfast? I'm starving.

 Brady: Yeah, me too. I'll check the room service menu.

 Chloe: How about pancakes and strawberries?

 Brady: Yeah, that sounds great. I'll have the same thing. I guess we don't need this.

 Chloe: What's going on in the world?

 Brady: I don't know.

 Chloe: Brady, we have to go home right now.

********************************************************************************** 3E5BCF33.JPG

 Sami: It was a beautiful dream, Brandon, but I can't move in with you.

 Brandon: What happened? Did you change your mind?

 Sami: No. It's Will. He freaked out when I told him. I did everything I could to convince him that -- that it wouldn't change anything, that he would still see his dad on the same schedule. I'd just be driving him to the apartment. And it just made him more upset, and he accused me of trying to keep him away from his father like I did before. This is all Lucas's fault. Ever since he came out of coma-land, he's made my life miserable. And I just can't stand the fact that will has that creep for a father. Brandon, please try to understand that I'm -- I'm just so torn. 3E5BCF68.JPG

 Sami: Brandon? Brandon?

[ Door closes ]


 Cassie: Why are you doing all this legal research on the internet?

 Rex: To help Shawn. I want to find out what kind of sentence he could be looking at in this state, see what his rights are. But I came across all this other information. You know how many people have been convicted of crimes and sent to death row only to have DNA evidence prove them innocent? The numbers blew me away.

 Cassie: Well, how's that going to help him? He confessed.

 Rex: I'm working on it. But I know now the judicial system makes mistakes. I mean, people who should be in jail walk, and others are punished for crimes they didn't commit. I mean, it sounds to me like it's all in how you play the game and how much money you have for powerful attorneys. 3E5BCF95.JPG

 Cassie: Well, we have money. At least Tony does. Maybe we could use it to help him.

 Rex: I need a lot more information before we do anything. Want to help me investigate?

 Cassie: I'll do anything to help Shawn. Where do we start?


 John: Doc? Honey, I'm --

 John: All right, Tony, what are you up to now?3E5BD058.JPG

 Tony: I don't have any doubts. I am Cassie and Rex's father. I have all the proof I need.

 Marlena: The fact that you and Cassie share a rare blood marker is not conclusive.

 Tony: Well, ideally, it would be great to match the DNA, but the twins' DNA is locked.

 Marlena: I know Stefano would have kept some record of his creations.

 Tony: Yes, well, I've checked everywhere. Found nothing.

 Marlena: You know, we can't go forward on parenting these children unless we're completely sure it won't just wreak havoc with people's lives.

 Tony: Oh, it's John you mean?

 Marlena: I mean everybody in the family. Rex and Cassie? They've been really hurt. They're just desperate for a mother and a father. 3E5BD083.JPG

 Tony: But I'm ready to be that father for the rest of my life, whether we get any more proof or not.

 Marlena: But you want me to put incredible strain on my marriage and put John through hell, and what if it's not true?

 Tony: So we are talking about John.

 Marlena: He is my husband. He is the man that I love.

 Tony: I understand. Really. Find some other way to get information.

 Marlena: Who are you calling?

[ Computer beeps ]

 Rolf: The count's web phone. This must be important.

 Rolf: Rolf here.

 Tony: I see you got my message.

 Rolf: How may I be of assistance, count? 3E5BD0B8.JPG

 Tony: Well, for starters, you can take off that ridiculous wig.

 Rolf: Yes. Yes, of course.

 Tony: Take a look. Do you recognize this man?

 Marlena: Yes.

 John: What are you doing in Dimera's bedroom?


 Rex: From now on, we have to question everything and everyone. All right, when we first got here last summer, we trusted too easily, and we were betrayed.

 Cassie: Especially by Marlena. She told us that we could count on her.

 Rex: Then she cut us out of her life.

 Cassie: You know, I feel guilty even saying this, but sometimes I even wonder about Tony. 3E5BD0E9.JPG

 Rex: Yeah. Yeah, he's been great to us, but to the rest of Salem, he's treated like a criminal.

 Cassie: Maybe he is. Where are you going?

 Rex: Some of the answers may be here in this house. So while Tony's away, we'll search the place, see what we come up with.

 Cassie: Okay, but you need to pray that he doesn't find out, or there is going to be such hell to pay.


 Brady: "Salem's murder at midnight solved. Detective's son confesses to shooting distinguished doctor in cold blood."

 Chloe: That's impossible.

 Brady: "Shawn Brady is now in custody. D.A. Carson Palmer promises aggressive prosecution." Oh, my god! 3E5BD113.JPG

 Chloe: Is that all it says?

 Brady: I got to call Belle. I don't think she knows about this.

 Chloe: Well, do you have her phone number in Paris?

 Brady: I might have it on me. I got to check.

 Chloe: Well, maybe your dad and Marlena have already contacted her.

 Brady: I don't think my parents know about it either. They're on their trip, and I don't know how to get a hold of them.

 Chloe: Oh, my god. I can't believe this is happening.

 Brady: There's no way that Shawn Brady shot Colin Murphy. There's just no way.

 Chloe: He must be so scared. When we get home, we need to find out if we can visit him in jail. He needs to know that we're there for him, Brady. 3E5BD137.JPG

 Brady: Chloe, there's something that we need to take care of first.

 Chloe: You know?

 Brady: You've had another nosebleed.

 Chloe: It's probably nothing. It's happened before.

 Brady: I still want you to call your dad. And we're leaving for Salem as soon as we get packed.

 Chloe: Yeah, right. I'll get dressed.

 Brady: Chloe? I love you.

 Chloe: Brady, I just want you to know that I'm not afraid... because I have you. I'm not afraid.


 Sami: Look, Brandon, we have to talk about this. I am not leaving until we work this out.

 Brandon: Nothing to work out.

 Sami: Well, the hell there isn't. Brandon, I love you. Where are you going? 3E5BD232.JPG

 Brandon: Home... with you.

 Sami: What?

 Brandon: Think Will can put up with me moving into his space?

 Sami: Are you kidding? He's crazy about you. He'd be thrilled.

 Brandon: Well, let's get packing.

 Sami: Wait a second. Are you sure you know what you're doing, giving up this incredible loft to move into my dinky little apartment?

 Brandon: Hey, I like your apartment. And if it will make Will happy, then --

 Sami: You're gonna have Lucas as a neighbor.

 Brandon: Will is lucky to have Lucas. I mean, look, it's a crap shoot who you get for parents. I lost out in that department. But Will -- he's a winner. He's got Lucas around him all the time. I mean, to have a father who loves you that much -- it's everything. 3E5BD267.JPG

 Sami: I love you, Brandon.

 Brandon: I love you.


 Brady: There's no answer at Belle's place in Paris. There's no voice mail, either.

 Chloe: Well, it is the afternoon in France. She's probably in class.

 Brady: Yeah, you're probably right. Let me finish up packing, okay?

 Chloe: No, no, no. It's okay. When you were in the shower, I called Craig and left him a message saying that we were headed back.

 Brady: You know, Chloe, I was thinking, we were outside in the cold air for a long time last night in the hot tub and the cold air plus the elevation might have triggered your nosebleed.

 Chloe: Hey, no regrets. It was a beautiful night. 3E5BD296.JPG

 Brady: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll bring you back here in the spring.

 Chloe: Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

 Brady: Chloe I need to tell you something. That miracle at christmas time when your mom was in the hospital -- I don't think that that miracle happened for nothing. Your mom's life was in a lot of danger, and she refused to let the doctors take your little sister's life to save hers. All of the odds were against them, and they pulled through -- for a reason. For you.

 Chloe: Oh, Brady, I have so much to live for -- my mother and my father, my baby sister on the way. So many things that I could have ever hoped for or wanted, and so much more. 3E5BD2CE.JPG

 Brady: Hey, what about me?

 Chloe: You are not a reason for my life to go on. You are my life.


 John: So what's going on in here?

 Tony: Keep your voice down.

 Marlena: John, come see this. Come see. Look.

 Rolf: Count Dimera, where did you go?

 Tony: Hang on.

 Marlena: That's the doctor who delivered the twins.

 Tony: I thought so. Let's see how much more he knows.

 Rolf: Count Dimera?

 Tony: Yes, sorry. I'm calling for information about the twins.

 Rolf: Please, don't ask.

 Tony: Am I the twins' father or not?

 Rolf: I really can't say. 3E5BD306.JPG

 Tony: If you value your position with my family so much, think. I'm ordering you to.

 Rolf: I can't.

 John: Let me deal with him.

 Rolf: Who's with you there?

 Tony: Look, if you won't confirm the twins' paternity, at least tell me if you ever took samples from my body -- anything that you used in your bizarre laboratory experiments.

 Rolf: Where are you? Who is with you?

 Tony: Rolf, I am back where it all began -- the Dimera compound. Now, John and Marlena are with me. She remembers giving birth to the twins in the tower room with you as her doctor.

 Rolf: No, no, this is impossible.

 Tony: She was never supposed to remember, was she? Because you played some monstrous game with her memory and mine. But it's all coming out now, so you might as well tell me everything. 3E5BD338.JPG

 Rolf: You are playing a dangerous game.

 Tony: You're the one in danger if you don't start talking. Now, you used my sperm to impregnate Marlena when she was held prisoner here, didn't you?! Answer me, damn it.

 Rolf: I... did take a sample from you, yes.

 John: Oh, you sick bastard! What did you do to my wife? I'm coming after you --

[ Turns web phone off ]

 Tony: You know, I'm sure there are other answers to be found, but I'm quite satisfied with that conversation. Now how about you two? Are you willing to accept me as Cassie and Rex's father?


 Cassie: It's creepy down here. 3E5BD36C.JPG

 Rex: Nothing's gonna happen. You're with me.

 Rolf: Now what? Ah, my rug!

 Rex: Professor Putnam.

 Rolf: Well, if it isn't my favorite students.

 Cassie: What are you doing here?

 Rex: Does Tony know you're here?

 Rolf: Well, uh, certainly you don't think I broke in.

 Cassie: Answer the question.

 Rolf: I'm here at count Dimera's request.

 Rex: To do what?

 Cassie: Rex, look at this equipment. Isn't it all new?

 Rex: Yeah, it sure looks it. What do you know about this?

 Rolf: Well, count Dimera's not going to be happy.

 Cassie: Just tell us. 3E5BD479.JPG

 Rolf: As you know, I'm involved in research at the university which is funded by count Dimera. He asked me to come here today and do some work on the project.

 Rex: What project?

 Rolf: Well, ethically, I can't tell you that. I'd be betraying your guardian's confidence. And I must insist that you not tell anyone about this meeting. Can you both keep a secret?

 Rex: Yes. And apparently we're not the only ones.

 Rolf: Well, I'm due back at the university, so I'll see you both in class.

 Cassie: Wait a minute.

 Rolf: I've, uh, I've really got to go.

 Cassie: Okay, well, before you go, what were you doing here in Tony's secret room? What is it used for? 3E5BD4A1.JPG

 Rolf: You'll have to figure that one out for yourselves.

 Rex: That's exactly what we're going to do.


 Tony: So, Marlena, are you ready to accept me as Cassie and Rex's father or not? I have my whole future at stake here -- also the welfare of these young people.

 John: Come on, I'll take you back to the room. Let's go.

 Marlena: John, seeing that man's face, knowing he delivered the twins, makes everything that happened last night so much more real to me. Stefano manipulated everybody in this. It appears that Tony is the father. There's no other explanation. 3E5BD4CD.JPG

 Tony: Thank you.

 John: So, is this doctor still under your employ?

 Tony: I don't want anything to do with him. He was my father's right-hand man. He knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. And he may be the one who locked up the DNA.

 John: Hmm. Well, there are ways to make him talk.

 Tony: Stay out of it, John. I'll find out from Rolf how these twins were created, and why my father did such a monstrous thing.

 Marlena: We need answers, yes. We must also take care of the children. John, we have to work together to make sure that Rex and Cassie are going to be all right. 3E5BD4FC.JPG

 John: Has it occurred to either one of you that perhaps these twins are still a threat to all of us? I mean, god only knows what this good doctor did to their minds.

 Tony: I've lived with them for months. They're good kids.

 John: Or they're more clever than you give them credit for.

 Marlena: I can't walk away from them, not now, regardless of who they are or how they've been programmed. Good or bad, they're mine. I'm going to love them, and I'd like to have them with me. That is, if -- if they'll come anywhere near me.

 Tony: Oh, why wouldn't they?

 Marlena: Because the last time I saw them, I told them that I could not act as their therapist. They were -- they were distraught. And they didn't want to see me again. 3E5BD52D.JPG

 Tony: But we can explain everything to them now.

 John: Marlena and I will be the ones who do the explaining, thank you.

 Tony: I'm their father, and this is between Marlena and myself. And for cece in your life, just back off.

 John: Like hell I will.


 Chloe: That's funny. My dad's car wasn't in the driveway.

 Brady: Maybe he thought you were going to meet him at the hospital.

 Chloe: I'll see if my mom's upstairs. Brady, the suitcase is gone.

 Brady: What suitcase?

 Chloe: Nancy's -- the one that she packed for the hospital. It's supposed to be right here. Something must have happened to her. 3E5BD5F6.JPG

[ Dialing telephone ]


 Sami: Okay, Brandon, where do you want all these?

 Brandon: Uh... right here.

 Sami: Oh, Brandon!

 Brandon: You know, that is "roomie" to you.

 Sami: Not if we don't finish getting you all packed.

 Brandon: Me -- what's your rush?

 Sami: Well, I'm afraid you might change your mind and realize what you're sacrificing, giving up this incredible apartment.

 Brandon: Mm, see, now, that's what love is all about -- sacrifice.

 Sami: I'm not very good at that.

 Brandon: Well, actually, you've made ---- a big sacrifice -- allowing me to maintain my friendship with Lexie. 3E5BD623.JPG

 Sami: Let's not ruin an otherwise perfect day.

 Brandon: Samantha, we need to get one thing straight before we walk out of here.

 Sami: What's that?

 Brandon: I love you. You -- only you. You are a wonderful mother, fantastic in bed...

 Sami: Ha ha ha!

 Brandon: The world's worst cook.

 Sami: [ Gasps ] Brandon!

 Brandon: Come here. Come here. You know, I love the way you curl up along my body when you go to sleep.

 Sami: Mm.

 Brandon: I love your laugh. You know, I don't care if we live in an apartment or a barn as long as I get to see your beautiful face first thing every morning, last thing every night. 3E5BD65E.JPG

 Sami: Brandon, I've been waiting for you my whole life. You are the love that I always dreamed of.

 Brandon: Now it's real... forever.

 Sami: Forever.


Cassisie: What if Putnam comes back?

 Rex: No, he's long gone. He was totally freaked out when we walked in on him.

 Cassie: What could he and Tony be using all this equipment for?

 Rex: That's what we're going to find out.

 Cassie: Rex, these machines were not here before Christmas. We were in this room. We had presents here. It was empty.

 Rex: This system has state-of-the-art security. Tony must be involved in more than he lets on. 3E5BD690.JPG

 Cassie: More secrets.

 Rex: Yeah.

 Cassie: Can you break in?

 Rex: There's nothing I like better than a high-tech challenge.

 Cassie: All right. You go for it. I'll let you know if I hear anyone coming.


 John: I think you've put my wife through enough hell, don't you? Not only these painful memories, but confronting her with Stefano's henchman. Just leave her alone, will you?

 Tony: I think Marlena can speak for herself.

 Marlena: Tony, can we have a minute, please?

 Tony: Of course.

 Marlena: Remember when we left Salem and I was concerned that we might find something here that would change our lives forever? 3E5BD6C3.JPG

 John: You got that right.

 Marlena: We can't let it separate us. We just can't do that.

 John: Of course we can't.

 Marlena: John --

 John: I love you. Come on, baby, there's nothing in this world stronger then my love for you.

 Marlena: But you were so angry. I was frightened.

 John: Yeah, now I'm angry at -- at him. I'm angry at this hellish situation, but not you. Never you. Come on. Baby, listen, what you went through last night, the agony, just to discover the truth -- I mean, that took so much courage, so much -- so much strength. 3E5BD6E0.JPG

 Marlena: I only got through that because you were there.

 John: What I'm saying, honey, look at you now. I mean, you haven't even recovered from what you learned, and what's the first thing you think about, huh? Think about -- those kids, the twins. I mean, what's -- what's best for them.

 Marlena: I'm their mother.

 John: And they don't have any idea how lucky they are. With that said, I'm not going to stand there and pretend that I'm comfortable with having Tony in my life, because I'm not. But I know that if I fight you on the twins, that struggle's going to tear you apart, so I am just going to be the best partner that I can possibly be. You love the twins, I love the twins. If you can have Dimera in your life, hey, hey, so can I, because my love for you is stronger than my hatred for him -- my dear half-brother -- or my instinctual distrust for those twins. There's nothing stronger than my love for you. 3E5BD71A.JPG

 Marlena: Thank you. Oh, thank you.

 John: I love you, baby.


 Chloe: This is dr. Wesley's daughter. Could you please page him for me?

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

 Chloe: Could you get that for me, please?

 Brady: Yeah. Hello, Chloe's phone. Dr. Wesley. Uh, yeah, yeah, she's right here. I'll take care of the hospital. 3E5BD7B0.JPG

 Chloe: Thanks. Craig, what's wrong? Nancy went into labor? Is she all right?

 Brady: Uh... yeah, I-I'm so sorry. We -- we found him. Never mind.

 Chloe: And the baby? Oh, thank god. My sister's being born right now.

 Brady: Are you serious? That's wonderful.

 Chloe: Yeah, tell Nancy that I love her, please, and we will be right there. Yeah, okay, bye. Oh, my god, you were right. I can't believe it. The miracle is happening right now!

[ Both laughing ]


 Brandon: That's it. That car's packed tight.

 Sami: We can't forget the asparagus fern. 3E5BD7DF.JPG

 Brandon: Ooh, right. Well, that's it.

 Sami: Well, what about all of your stuff?

 Brandon: I'll hire movers. Let's go home.

 Sami: Home?

 Brandon: Unless you're having second thoughts.

 Sami: Never. Race you to the car.

 Brandon: All right.

 Sami: [ Laughing ]

 Sami: Are you having second thoughts?

 Brandon: Only about not making mad, passionate love to you one last time.

 Sami: We're not too late.

 Brandon: You have a bed at your place, don't you?


 Cassie: You're giving up?

 Rex: I'm brain-dead.

 Cassie: I can't believe it. There is actually a computer system you can't hack into. 3E5BD820.JPG

 Rex: I'll get in eventually.

 Cassie: Rex, are you going to tell Tony that we found out about all of this?

 Rex: Why should I? Tony has his secrets, and now we have ours.


 Marlena: Well, I can get through anything now that I know how you feel.

 John: That's good.

[ Knock on door ]

 Tony: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.

 John: That's quite all right. The room's all yours. We're leaving.

 Tony: Oh, but before you go, I just want to say to you I respect your position as Marlena's husband. I hope you'll respect mine as the father to her children.

 John: I will support my wife in any way that I can. 3E5BD849.JPG

 Tony: I'm glad, and I hope I don't lean too heavily on you for advice and direction. It's the first time that I'm going to be a father.

 Marlena: Well, there was Carrie.

 Tony: Well, she was my stepdaughter. Cassie and Rex -- they're my flesh and blood. I want to be as great a parent as I can possibly be.

 Marlena: You established a close relationship with them already. It'll be fine.

 Tony: Well, any suggestions that you can send my way?

 John: Well, I'm sure we can discuss this when we're all back in salem.

 Marlena: Yeah, I could use a little time to myself.

 Tony: Oh, absolutely. We'll speak later. 3E5BD867.JPG

 John: Much later. Let's go.

 Tony: Oh, wait. You're -- you're leaving now?

 John: We got all the answers we came for. No sense in sticking around.

 Marlena: You going back to Salem, too, Tony?

 Tony: Well, yes, soon. I was hoping we could give the twins the good news together.

 Marlena: Of course.

 John: Let's go. Thanks for the hospitality.

 Tony: Oh, it was my pleasure.

 Tony: Breaking the news -- the good news -- to our children. That'll be the first thing that we do together, Marlena -- the first of many things, and it's only the beginning.


 Cassie: I would never hurt Shawn. He's all I care about. 3E5BD89B.JPG

 Belle: I'm not going to let you get away with this.

 Man: Mr. Kiriakis was heading to police headquarters.

 Nicole: [ Thinking ] Oh, my god -- he's turning me in?

 Carson: Shawn-Douglas Brady has confessed to murder. We intend to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

 Shawn-d: I'm guilty of murder.

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