Days Transcript Monday 2/24/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/24/03--Canada; 2/25/03--USA

By Eric
proofread by Jen



 Victor: Going somewhere?

 Nicole: I've done my time with you.

 Victor: You know, once upon a time, when you were still dreaming of happily ever after, you were an eager and... also well-pleasured partner.

 Nicole: That was when we were partners before you made me your prisoner.

 Victor: Oh, you're not a prisoner Nicole. You're a possession. You're my possession and you always will be.


 Brandon: Samantha. Samantha.

 Sami: Yeah?

 Brandon: You've got to get up. Lexie's here.

 Sami: Lexie? Why is she --

 Brandon: Because she's pregnant with my baby. She belongs in my bed sleeping next to me, not you. Get out. Go. Get, get, get. 3E5A7A3A.JPG

 Sami: Wha-- Brandon! Ow!

 Lexie: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

 Lexie: Hey, Sami. It's a long way down, isn't it? Ha ha ha ha!

 Sami: No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

 Brandon: Samantha, Samantha. What's wrong?


[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 Abe: Yeah. Carver here. Yeah, a-all right, I'll be right there.

 Lexie: Honey, what's wrong?

 Abe: Shawn Brady's been arrested for the murder of Colin Murphy.


 Bo: We've got to get you to the hospital and get you checked out. It's carbon monoxide poisoning. It's not something you mess around with. 3E5A7A9E.JPG

 Hope: I'm not going anywhere.

 Shawn-d: Mom, please --

 Hope: Shawn, listen to me. I'm your mother, and I am not leaving. Please let us be there for you, let us help you.

 Shawn-d: You can't, okay, mom? You can't. Because I'm not the victim here. I murdered a man.

 Bo: Stop saying that. You didn't murder anybody. You're not capable of it. We know that about you.

 Shawn-d: No, you don't know. It's time to face the facts, okay? I've been trying to run away for a long time now, but I knew all along that it would come back to this.

 Belle: Is that why you were pushing me away from you?  3E5A7B08.JPG



 Brandon: You're having a nightmare. Do you remember it?

 Sami: No, um, I'm sorry I woke you.

 Brandon: I hope it wasn't about me.

 Sami: No. I mean -- I mean, I'm sure it wasn't.

 Brandon: Samantha, I promise, just because we are moving in together, it doesn't mean I'm going to start leaving the toilet seat up or beer cans all over the coffee table.

 Sami: I'm happy. I am so happy that you asked me to move in with you. There is one thing that worries me. Well, you've just been living on your own for so long, I... 3E5A7BB0.JPG

 Brandon: What, you think I'm a confirmed bachelor, antisocial, undomesticated, untrainable?

 Sami: No. I just don't want to cramp your style.

 Brandon: I've got space galore. You got your own closet and your own two shelves in the medicine cabinet.

 Sami: You have definitely thought this through. It's Will I'm worried about. Are you really ready to live with a 9-year-old?


Lexie: But why would Shawn shoot Colin Murphy? It must've been an accident or self-defense. How can they book him for homicide?

 Abe: I don't know the details. I do know Colin Murphy was shot and killed. You know, I just worry about what this is going to do to the Brady's. Roman's the one that brought him in. 3E5A7BE7.JPG

 Lexie: Roman? His uncle? Oh... you know, I have done so many horrible things to so many people, and we still got our second chance. Don't the Brady's deserve at least a little bit of happiness? My god. How much more can go wrong with that family?


 Roman: All right, Shawn, we got to go.

 Hope: Where are you taking him?

 Roman: Booking.

 Hope: Tell him I did it. I could have. You know I could have. I was hallucinating the night of the wedding. What if he is protecting me?

 Bo: Stop it. You didn't kill Colin. Neither did our son. Come on. Let's get you to the hospital. 3E5A7C1A.JPG

 Hope: I'm not leaving here without my son.

 Bo: Okay, all right. Let's just go sit down then, okay? Sit down on my chair.

 Hope: What are you doing?

 Bo: I'm taking care of our son, find out what's going on here. Hey, Maggie, it's Bo. Is Mickey there? Yeah, okay. Thanks.

 Belle: This is a nightmare.

 Roman: Yeah, it is.

 Belle: Is Shawn in booking right now? Roman, I need to ask you a really big favor.


 Nicole: Hey.

 Victor: You know, I believe you'd lap that up with your tongue if you could. How many does that make for tonight?

 Nicole: Not nearly enough. 3E5A7CFF.JPG

 Victor: The bar is officially closed.

 Nicole: How dare you! You treat me like I'm a slave. I'm your wife!

 Victor: My wife is a slut! And that's one of the nicer things I can call you.

 Nicole: Go to hell.

 Victor: You go to bed!

 Nicole: I can't! Not until I have obliterated the memory of your filthy hands all over me tonight!

 Victor: I told you the bar is closed!

 Nicole: Fine. Then Ricardo's driving me to another establishment. Let me drink myself to death, Victor. It might make both of us feel a lot better.

 Nico: Should I stop her, Mr.. Kiriakis?

 Victor: No. Follow her. Keep in touch with her driver. I give her enough rope, believe me, she'll hang herself. 3E5A7D41.JPG


 Abe: Bo. My god, what the hell is going on here?

 Bo: That's what I'd like you to find out. Roman's on a crusade to put our son in jail for Colin's murder.

 Abe: Where is Roman?

 Hope: Booking our son on murder charges.

 Abe: On what evidence?

 Bo: What difference does it make? You know Shawn's not capable of murder.

 Abe: I also know Roman didn't want to arrest his own nephew.

 Bo: Oh. That's great. You don't know any of the facts, and you assume Roman's right. Why did I expect to get support from this department?

 Abe: Bo, listen to me. Shawn is a great kid. And we're like family, all of us, and short of breaking the law, we take care of our own. We're all on the same side here, I promise you. 3E5A7D76.JPG


 Roman: I can just give you a few minutes.

 Belle: Thank you.

 Belle: It's okay. Nothing's changed. I love you, and I know you still love me.

 Shawn-d: Nothing's changed?

 Shawn-d: Why are you here? Don't you know I was trying to avoid this more than anything?

 Belle: Why? Why do you keep trying to push me away from being here for you?

 Shawn-d: Because I did a horrible thing. I shot Colin Murphy in cold blood.

 Belle: Yeah, well, I don't believe that.

 Shawn-d: Why would I say that if it wasn't true? I did it, okay? And I don't know what's been going on with me lately. What I did, and... the way I've been acting ever since. I'm no good for you. You deserve someone better. 3E5A7DEB.JPG

 Belle: Well... now I know why you were pushing away from me... because you love me. I'm right.

 Shawn-d: of course you're right. Okay? Your future, your life -- that is more important to me than my own, 'cause I love you so much. Now, that's the truth. Are you happy now?

 ********************************************************************************** 3E5A7EC3.JPG

 Man: Sorry, last call was a half-hour ago.

 Nicole: Would, uh... this buy me a drink?

 Man: We're closed.

 Nicole: How about this?

 Man: I'm sorry, ma'am.

 Nicole: "Ma'am"? Ha ha.

 Man: I can't sell you a drink this late. It's illegal.

 Nicole: But... you could give me one.


 Brandon: Samantha, I work with kids all day long. I love you, and -- and will is a part of you. Did you know how I feel about him. Why would you think it would be a problem? I mean, are you worried that will won't be happy that we're lining together?

 Sami: No. No, I just wanted to make sure the bargain was clear up front. 3E5A7F0B.JPG

 Brandon: Samantha, there is no bargain. You know, just seeing you with will, that... vulnerable part of you that -- he's the one who got us together in the first place.

 Sami: Yeah, he is.

 Brandon: Feel better now? Think you can, uh... get back to sleep?

 Sami: I guess. Guess we'd better if tomorrow is moving day and all.

 Brandon: Mm-hmm.

 Sami: [ Sighs ] You know, I think this is the happiest that I have ever felt.

 Brandon: You know what? Me too. No one is standing between us anymore. Finally... we can be happy.


 Lexie: [ Groaning ] No. No, this can't be labor. Okay, baby. You're going to stay right there, okay? You're going to stay inside mommy until you're big and strong enough to... you are going to live, okay? 3E5A7F6C.JPG


 Abe: So Shawn confessed?

 Bo: Yeah, but I got wrapped up in chasing Larry down, and I didn't get a chance to question him or even establish a motive. But, Abe, there's no conceivable reason Shawn would have done this

 Roman: I just checked. Larry Welch has been booked. He's in lockup.

 Bo: Oh. Ha ha. Well, isn't that great? My son is doing time with Larry Welch, only he's the one facing a capital offense. How's that for justice?

 Roman: Bo, listen to me. I hate this, but I didn't coerce a confession out of Shawn. I mean, we gave him every chance to tell his side of the story, which he refused to do, even when we gave him the evidence of the broken tuxedo stud. 3E5A7F98.JPG

 Abe: What?

 Roman: And you know how the D.A.'s been breathing down Abe's neck.

 Abe: What the hell -- damn it. Do you know what Palmer would do if he found out you sat on evidence? He'd have your badges.

 Hope: Who gives a damn about badges? My son is in jail.

 Abe: I'm sorry, Hope.


 Belle: I am happy.

 Shawn-d: That's crazy.

 Belle: I'm happy to feel like a part of your life again, Shawn, to understand what you're going through.

 Belle: I believe in you. I believe in us. And now that I know you love me, I'm never going to let anything come between us again. 3E5A7FD1.JPG

 Man: Time's up.

 Shawn-d: I'm sorry. You have to let go... 'cause your life and your future is in front of you, and mine is here. This is forever.

 Belle: [ Sobs ]How much you move around at night.


[ Telephone rings ]

 Sami: [ Groans ]

[ Ring ]

 Sami: You can't blame me this time.

[ Ring ]

 Sami: Mm.

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 Brandon: Hello?

 Nicole: Hello, my little baby brother. How are you? Oh. Oh, is it late? Did I wake you up? 3E5A80DA.JPG

 Brandon: Nicky, what's wrong?

 Nicole: Uh... I just, uh... I wanted to tell you that you were wrong. You were wrong about me marrying Victor. It wasn't a mistake. It was wonderful. It was the best decision I've ever made. I've never been so happy.

[ Sobbing ]

 Brandon: Nicky, where are you?

Nicole: Um, I'm with my friend Art. Where are you?

 Brandon: I'm at home, where you called me.

 Nicole: Oh.

 Brandon: Nicky, where are you?

 Nicole: Art, where -- where am I? That's such an existential question. 3E5A810B.JPG

 Brandon: Nicky, would you put Art on the phone, please?

 Nicole: Sure. Um... he wants to talk to you. My sweet baby brother wants to talk to you.

 Art: Hello?

 Brandon: Yeah, Art, where are you?

 Art: Uh, the Cheatin' Heart.

 Brandon: Would you keep her there, please? I'm on my way.

 Brandon: I'm sorry. I-I got to go.

 Sami: It's okay. I should go home, too, so I can see Will before he goes to school in the morning and tell him the exciting news about our move.

 Brandon: I hope this is the last night we spend apart.

 Sami: Me too. 3E5A8143.JPG


 Lexie: No, I-I don't think the contractions are regular, but -- yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure it was just Braxton-Hicks, but I thank you so much, Karen. Oh, I'll feel 1,000 times better once you can reassure me that my little boy's okay. Okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes.


 Belle: I just talked to Shawn.

 Hope: You did? Is he okay?

 Belle: He thinks he's going to jail forever. He still didn't explain how it happened. I think he's just overwhelmed.

 Hope: My son's not a murderer.

 Belle: I know he's not.

 Hope: I need to talk to him. He's been pretence. That's why he hasn't been able to... that's why he hasn't wanted to burden any of us with this, because he was afraid of what it might do to me. I need to make him understand, Abe, that he has to talk to us now. 3E5A8186.JPG

 Bo: What you need to do right now is go get yourself checked out. Anything happens to you because of this, Shawn will never forgive himself.

 Hope: I'm fine.

 Bo: I know.

 Hope: I'm fine. Abe... I've known you since I was a teenager. Please... make this happen. I want to see my son.

 Abe: Of course. Come on. Come with me.

 Bo: Take it easy.

 Roman: Bo... I am so sorry.

 Bo: No, you're not. With everything my wife and son have gone through tonight, you were like a bulldog, pursuing Shawn with a vengeance. What the hell were you trying to prove? 3E5A81BC.JPG

 Roman: You saw what the hell Shawn was going through, keeping that damn secret. He turned to drugs, for god's sake. Whatever you did or whatever I did, the truth was going to come out.

 Bo: That's my point. We don't know what the hell the truth is.

 Roman: Yeah, because Shawn won't tell us, but if there were extenuating circumstances --

 Bo: What do you mean, if? Of course there are extenuating circumstances.

 Roman: Well, then the system will do its job.

 Bo: Ha ha. The system.

[ Sighs ] My son's going to have an arrest record for the rest of his life, all because you wanted to prove to the D.A. That you could follow his damn rules. Do you really believe the system works? Think about Stefano Dimera or his son Tony. What about what happened to Sami? I may be the younger brother here, but you're the naive one if you think you can justify what you did tonight. You chose your job over your family. I'll never forgive you for that. 3E5A8201.JPG

 Shawn-d: Mom...

 Shawn-d: What are you doing here? Why aren't you at the hospital?

 Hope: You want to help me? Talk to me. Shawn, please, honey. Larry's in jail. That's all over. The only thing that matters right now is getting you out of here and getting you home. I know you didn't set out to kill a man. Are you covering for someone? Are you cover-- are you covering for me?

 Shawn-d: No, I am not covering for you or for anyone. Mom, don't do this. I-I know you don't want to believe it, okay, but -- I did it.

 Hope: Why? What did Colin do to you? Did he threaten you? 3E5A8233.JPG

 Shawn-d: No, no, it was dad. I did it for dad.


 Nicole: Okay, one more time. 1, 2... ooh! Paper beats rock. Paper smothers a big, hard... Brandon! What are you doing here?

 Brandon: Uh, you called me, remember?

 Nicole: Oh.

 Brandon: Yeah, to tell me how happy you were in your marriage.

 Nicole: That's right. I am happy. Aren't I, Artie?

 Brandon: Nicky, what happened tonight?

 Nicole: Nothing.

 Brandon: Your honeymoon's just over. Why aren't you at home with your wonderful husband?


 Lexie: Oh!

 Sami: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! 3E5A8352.JPG

 Lexie: Oh. Oh, thank y--

 Roman: Belle, come on, think hard. Did Shawn say anything that would shed light on what happened?

 Belle: You've already made up your mind that he did it, didn't you?

 Roman: I don't want to, believe me, I don't want to. But he confessed. What the hell are we supposed to think?

 Abe: Belle... did he say anything else to you to indicate otherwise?

 Belle: No, I told you! But you know Shawn. You know that he didn't do this.

 Hope: Bo, I need to talk to you right away.

 Bo: Okay. If you're so interested in justice, you'll find out the whole truth before you put an innocent kid in jail. 3E5A837C.JPG

 Hope: Uncle Mickey, thank god you're here. What took you so long?

 Bo: Hey, come here a second. We need to go talk to Shawn right away.

 Mickey: Abe, I'd like to speak to my client -- with his father present, of course.


 Brandon: Nicky, what are you doing to yourself?

 Nicole: I-I'm having fun. What does it look like?

 Brandon: You don't drink to have fun. In our family the bottle meant the opposite of fun. You drink when you're upset, and I want you to tell me what's wrong. Why did you call me?

 Nicole: Oh...did I drag you out of Sami's bed? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to waste your time. 3E5A8449.JPG

 Brandon: No, Nicky, I'm glad you called me. I just want you to talk to me.

 Nicole: Well, you have to listen to what I'm saying. I'm rich! Ha ha ha. It's everything I ever wanted. I am so stinking rich that I can get a drink in this fine establishment after hours. What do you think about that?

 Brandon: I think you need to go home.

 Nicole: No, I don't want to go home.

 Brandon: Why not?

 Nico: Mrs. Kiriakis, Mr. Kiriakis has sent me bring you home.

 Nicole: Ricardo's outside waiting for me.

 Nico: He was called elsewhere.

 Brandon: You know what, Nicky? You do not need to go with this guy. You can come stay with me. 3E5A847A.JPG

 Nico: I am afraid Mr. Kiriakis wouldn't like that. I am to bring his wife home.

 Brandon: I am not afraid of this guy. I'll kick his ass.

 Nicole: You are such a great brother. But no. All good things come to an end. I'll go home like a good little girl -- operative word "like." Thank you so much, Artie.

 Nicole: I love you.


 Lexie: I'm all right.

 Sami: I don't think so. Deb! Deb, dr. Carver's having a problem.

 Lexie: I'm fine! Braxton-hicks.

 Deb: You sure?

 Lexie: Yes. I'm here to see dr. Bader just to be on the safe side, okay?

 Deb: Good. Ha ha.

 Lexie: Uh, she's on her way. I'll wait for her in the doctors' lounge. But thank you. 3E5A84D5.JPG

 Deb: Sami, are you okay?

 Sami: Yeah. Why?

 Deb: Because you're about five hours early for your shift.

Sami: Oh. Well, the stupid voice mail is down and I have to take the day off tomorrow.

 Deb: How many vacation days do you have?

 Sami: This is an important day. I'm moving.

 Lexie: You're moving?

 Sami: Yeah, to Brandon's place.


 Mickey: Okay... look, Shawn, I'm not going to mince words with you. You're in a lot of trouble and I'm here to help you, but I can only do that if you can help me, so let's build a defense together. You tell me what happened -- what happened right from the beginning, okay? 3E5A8503.JPG

 Bo: Shawn, you've been trying to make things easier on us -- your family. But the way things stand right now couldn't get worse for us. This is not the time to be noble. It's time for you to be honest. Tell us exactly what happened the night Colin was shot.

 Shawn-d: Okay. I'll tell you everything. Worshipped the sun


 Sami: Ahem. Hey, will you give this to brandon for me? Thank you.

Lexie: I am so sorry to get you out of bed the one night you didn't have a delivery. I'm a doctor. I should know false labor when I see it.

 Karen: But you're a mother.

 Lexie: A mother-to-be.

 Karen: And you want to protect your child. I'd much rather err on the side of caution, and as a doctor, I know you feel the same way. 3E5A85B4.JPG

 Lexie: Well, thank you.

 Karen: I am so happy for you. I know how long you've been hoping and praying for this child.

 Lexie: Oh, yeah. Ha ha. I was so frustrated with Abe when he wouldn't agree to a fertility evaluation, but he kept insisting he wanted to have a baby the old-fashioned way. And the fact that it did happen that way -- it's so special. This little boy was conceived totally out of love. He's our miracle baby.

 Karen: The baby's going to be just fine.

 Lexie: Oh, thanks again.

 Karen: Okay. See you at your next appointment.

 Lexie: Okay.

 Karen: Okay?

 Lexie: Bye-bye. 3E5A85D6.JPG

 Karen: You go on.

 Lexie: Okay.

 Sami: [ Screams ] Oh, my god, Eugenia! You scared me to death!

 Eugenia: I would think that you'd be used to looking over your shoulder.

 Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

 Eugenia: What are you doing here at this hour?

 Sami: Worse. What about you?

 Eugenia: We're overhauling the computer system in the lab, backing up all the patient files. All-nighters -- they always make me grumpy.

 Sami: I can tell.

 Eugenia: I'm glad to hear that dr. Carver's baby's okay.

 Sami: Yeah.

 Eugenia: And I'm glad you're glad. I mean, you're probably not too happy about her being pregnant. Are you feeling at all bad about changing her paternity test results? Yeah, backing up the files, one notices those little discrepancies. Now I know why you were so interested in hand-carrying lexie's labs to dr. Bader. So, are you going to tell her about the real father of her baby? 3E5A860F.JPG


 Brandon: Samantha?

 Brandon: Hey, Samantha. I guess you're asleep. Would you believe I miss you already? Anyway, I-I know it's crazy to call this late. I just -- I want you to know that my playing second fiddle to the other guy in your life is, uh...well, it's right when that other guy is will. I mean, I know I'm not will's father, but I hope I can be a good father figure to him. At least, I can promise you I will never hurt him the way my father hurt me. I love you. Good night. I guess I should say "good morning."

 Brandon: My father... damn him to hell.

 Abe: Uh... hey, look, partner, I'm the man who arrested his wife for a crime she didn't commit. I'm just lucky we were able to work through it. 3E5A8684.JPG

 Roman: Abe, hope was almost killed by Larry Welch tonight. Do you think in a million years I would put her through the pain of having her son arrested if I had any other choice? Shawn said he did it. We have physical evidence that corroborates that confession. I don't want to believe it, either, believe me, but --

 Abe: I understand. I understand. I just hope your family will be able to forgive you.

 Roman: Bo? Nah. No, I don't think he ever will.

 Shawn-d: Colin was going to kill you, dad.

 Bo: What?

 Mickey: How can you be sure?

Shawn-d: Okay... I went out onto the terrace, looking for mom before Victor's wedding, and I-I saw Colin out there. He was holding a gun, and he said something like, uh, "get back to your place, Bo, so I can blow you away." 3E5A86C0.JPG

 Bo: Oh, man...

 Mickey: Ahem. You're saying that you acted in defense of your father?

 Shawn-d: It's not that I had to kill him in order to save your life. I knew what I was doing, and I pulled the trigger anyway. Shot him in the back... and I took his life.

 Bo: You didn't kill Colin Murphy, and I'm going to prove it.


 Nicole: Do not carry me into the house!

 Nico: Mrs. Kiriakis, please.

 Nicole: Let go of me! Ridiculous! How dare you send your watchdog to fetch me home?!

 Victor: You are mine, Nicole, body and soul -- either here or in the penitentiary. After all, let's face the facts -- finally. I have in my possession irrefutable proof that you murdered Colin Murphy. 3E5A8719.JPG


 Rex: While Tony's away, we'll search the place.

 Cassie: You need to pray that he doesn't find out, or there is going to be such hell to pay.

 John: What are you doing in Dimera's bedroom

 Sami: Try to understand. I'm -- I'm just so torn.

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