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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/21/03--Canada; 2/24/03--USA

By Eric


 Marlena: Everything is...

 Tony: Everything is what, marlena?

 Marlena: It's like we've walked into one of my dreams.

 Tony: Then I've been successful.

 Marlena: I remember this room. Something very important happened to me.

 Brady: Feeling all right, chloe?

 Chloe: Tired. That scene tonight at home really took it out of me. I just feel so sad, you know?

Brady: I'm sure you do.

 Chloe: But at the same time, it really chanththings between me and nan - -- in a good way. I always felt so betrayed that my own mother had given me up. It helps knowing that it wasn't her choice, that my grandfather lied to her. 3E568608.JPG

 Brady: Well, hey, as of tonight, it's all in the past. You know the truth now. You can ve on.

 Chloe: So, what's this big night that you have planned for me?

 Brady: I don't think you're up for it.

 Chloe: I just got my second wind. Besides, you know how curious I am.

 Brady: I was just thinking about checking a few things off your to-do list.

 Chloe: Hmm. Sounds to me like just what e e doctor ordered.

 Bo: I'll be back, okay?

 Shawn-d: But, no --

 Bo: I love you, and everything's going to work out. You just got to trust me. I'm sure your mom's okay. So you sit tight. 3E56863B.JPG

 Bo: My kid needs quiet

recover. So you leave him alone until I get back.

 Kate: Bo is so upset. You know, roman, whatever is going on, it might make you feel better to talk about it. I know I said that I wouldn't pressure you, but I... I hope that you feel like you can trust me.

 Roman: I heard shawn say something to bo when they didn't know I was listening. He confessed to killing colin murphy.

 Kate: Shawn?

 Roman: Yeah. Hard for me to believe, too. He's such a good kid... but I heard what I heard, kate.

 Kate: What are you going to do? 3E56868E.JPG

 Roman: I got no choice. I mean, if it was just about family loyalty, then, yeah, I'd leave him alone, just like -- just like bo asked me to, but it's not. It's also about loyalty to the badge, loyalty to the law, and because of that, I've got to treat shawn just like any other murder suspect.

 Kate: I can't imagine how you're going to do that.

 Roman: That makes two of us.

 Larry: [ Coughing ] I'll be damned if I die in here.

 Belle: [ Weakly ] Help.

 Belle: Help. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Jack: You are so beautiful.

 Jennifer: I'm feeling a little shy. Isn't that strange? I feel kind of nervous. 3E5687B3.JPG

 Jack: Yeah, I know what you mean. Been a long time.

 Jennifer: And I-I've been imagining what it would be like to be with you again. And in my fantasy, everything is so right, and it's so perfect. And I think that's why I feel nervous, because I just want it to be perfect.

 Jack: How could it be otherwise?

 Marlena: Yes. Yes.

 Marlena: Yes. It's exactly the way it was. It's perfect.

 John: What's going on here?

 Tony: Shh. I've everything under control.

 John: Doesn't come as s surprise, but I don't want my wife under your control.

 Tony: Listen to me. I thought I made it clear to you. I'm not manipulating your wife in any sense. The memories are within her, buried. I'm just building on the bits and pieces that she's related to me about her past. This room played a very important role, and d that's evident by the memory flashes that she's been bombarded with ever since she returned here. 3E56883E.JPG

 Marlena: Tony, whatever you have in mind, I'll do it -- whatever it takes to remember what happened m me in this room.

 Chloe: [ Shivers ] Okay, you got my attention. Uh, and I've also got about million goose bumps. So, what's the plan, brady?

 Brady: I told you. I just want to check some things off your to-do stst -- you know, the stuff you want to get done before your transplant.

 Chloe: Okay, but I don't remember putting "freezing my butt off" on that list.

 Brady: No, I believe the exact words were... to experience the ultimate spine-tingling shiver.

 Chloe: Well, I don't have a clue what I meant when I said that, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't mean, um... 3E568873.JPG

 Chloe: I mean. Um... what were we just talking about?

 Brady: I believe we were talking about the ultimate spine-tingling shiver.

 Chloe: Oh.

 Brady: Why, miss lane, you're blushing.

 Chloe: This is still pretty new to me. I mean, this whole "seeing a guy naked" thing. I mean, it's pretty cool. Although, I don't think it qualifies as e timate spine-tingling shiver.

 Chloe: What?

 Brady: It's getting kind of lonely in here. Don't worry. We have total privacy. Nobody around here is going to see you except for the luckiest guy on the face of the earth, and that happens to be me. 3E5688BC.JPG

 Brady: You are so beautiful.

 Shawn-d: Look, I don't need a bunch of doctors and nurses observing me, okay? I need to go check on my mom.

 Woman: Sorry, shawn, you're staying overnight. We have to be sure you're over the effect of the drugs.

 Shawn-d: It's my body, okay? And I'm telling you -- damn it!

 Roman: You know, people don't realize how difficult it is. They don't understand that. When relatives are involved, a cop has to try even harder to be objective so he doesn't get influenced by family ties. I mean, my god, I love my brother, and I've been taking shawn to ballgames since before he could walk. 3E5688FE.JPG

 Kate: Roman, can't you just look the other way for tonight?

 Roman: Well, if the D.A. Weren't breathing down our necks, yeah, maybe. But he's had it in for the brady brothers ever since this thing began, thanks to the letter that dear cousin colinefeft implicating our family.

 Kate: Oh, my god. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

 Roman: Well, there's another way to look at it. I mean, if he's innocent, the evidence is going to point that out, right? And if he did do it, then all the stalling in the world isn't going to help him. I mean, it's not as if I would cover up for him, no matter how much I would want to. 3E568924.JPG

 Kate: This choice that youe having to make -- I don't think I would have the strength of character to make that choice.

 Roman: Oh, kate, come on. You don't say that. You have no idea. You don't know that.

 Kate: Yes, yes. Yes, I do. And I do know that you are too fine a person to be involved with a woman who has... a shady past, to s t the least. I guess what I'm saying is that we really should walk away from each other now, before this gets any deeper.

 Larry: [ Coughs ]

 Bo: Hey. How's it going?

 Man: It's been real quiet, detective.

 Woman: Uh, not totally. That girl went in a while ago. 3E568972.JPG

 Bo: What girl?

 Woman: Blonde, about 17, 18.

 Bo: Sounds like belle, shawn's girlfriend. Couldn't have been. She took off to europe.

 Man: Well, whvever it was, your wife must have let her in.

 Bo: Well, when you rang the bell a little while ago, nobody answered?

 Man: We figured mrs. Brady went to bed, didn't hear the bell.

 Bo: Yeah, she didn't answer my phone call, either. Well, thanks for standing guard. I know it's cold out here.

 Man: Just doing our job.

 Bo: Yeah, well -- what the hell? Give me that flashlight. Make sure my wife is okay. Perkins, welch went down this manhole! Get me a crowbar out of the garage! 3E568996.JPG

[ Grunting ]

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 Jack: You know something?

 Jennifer: Hmm?

 Jack: I'm surprised that you kept that album.

 Jennifer: You know what? I'm actually surprised that I did, too, because I thought that I would never want to look at those pictures again. I mean, they would just break my heart. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't give it up. 3E568A5D.JPG

 Jack: Well, where did you keep it, anyway?

 Jennifer: Well, I put it in the deepest, darkest corner of the attic.

 Jack: Mm-hmm.

 Jennifer: And I vaguely remember what box I put it in. Um, but then the other day, I had this desire to look at those pictures and just remember.

 Jack: Remember how I used to fit in the tux?

 Jennifer: No. Ha ha ha. Remember how much you loved me on our wedding day? And so many things have happened. There's been so much pain and sadness, and I had forgotten that rush of crazy love that we once felt for each other. So I went into the attic and I found the box, and I found the album. 3E568A8D.JPG

 Jack: You know, if this is a bedtime story, it seems like maybe it's going to have a happy ending.

 Jennifer: It wouldn't have a year ago.

 Jack: I never stopped loving you, jennifer.

 Jennifer: But it' what you do with the love that you feel, jack. And when you moved in here to take care of me, it was incredible. I mean, you have been so gentle and so patient. And the jennifer that I was on our wedding day was so crazy about that man then. And now...

 Jack: And now...

 Jennifer: And now I am deeply and completely, madly in love with the man that you are now. Heart and soul. 3E568ADF.JPG

 Roman: Damn, shawn!

[ Pounding on door ]

 Woman: Mrs. Brady? Mrs. Brady?

 Perkins: Damn, that's some lock the detective's got on his door, huh?

 Woman: Let's try the windows.

P perkins: No, it's locked.

 Woman: Try jimmying it.

 Perkins: I can'T. It's stuck.

 Shawn-d: Hey, what are you two doing? Here, here, I have keys. I have keys.

 Woman: Give me those.

 Shawn-d: What's going on? Is my mom in there?

 Perkins: Listen, somebody's rigged the lock. We got to break it down. It's stuck.

 Shawn-d: Mom! Mom! Mom!

 Belle: Shawn...

 Shawn-d: Mom, come on, come to the door! Mom! Mom, can you hear me? Mom! 3E568BA9.JPG

 Marlena: I am so close to remembering my past. I'm so close, I could reach out and -- and touch it. It's calling to me. Don't you see that? I can't turn away now. Tony, I'm all yours. What do you need me to do?

 Tony: Well, it's quite simple, really. I want you to lie on the bed and see if that sparks any memories.

 John: Oh, hey, hey, hey, doc, come on, come on, come on, come on, hold on. You don't have to do this. Come on.

 Marlena: Oh. I remember.

 Brady: I want you to hear something.

 Chloe: What?

 Brady: My favorite singer. 3E568BD7.JPG

 Chloe: Brady, what --

 Brady: Shh. Close your eyes.

 Chloe: Life is

so beautiful

with you

 Brady: You make it

all worthwhile

it's true

I found it easy to love you

I never knew

what love could be

>>Hlhloe: I met you

and now I see

 Brady: I see the joy

that loving you brings

 Chloe: 'Cause

in your eyes

I see the truth

 Brady: I see it

you make it easy to love you

 Chloe: Our voices sound so right together.

I never felt this way before

finding you

has changed my life 3E568C3D.JPG

 Bo: Welch!

 Larry: Drop it. Just drop it. Drop it!

 Shawn-d: Mom!

 Woman: Brady!

 Shawn-d: I'm going in here! Mom! Belle, what the -- mom, are you okay? She has a pulse! All right, mom, we're going to get you out of here. Belle, what are you -- what happened? What the hell happened? Belle --

 Belle: [ Mumbles ] Filled with carbon --

 Shawn-d: Carbon -- carbon monoxide? Yeah, that's okay. Belle, mom -- we got to get them out of here! Let's hurry! They're dying!

 Perkins: I'll start. 3E568C80.JPG

 Woman: I'll check out the rest of the house.

 Jennifer: [ Laughing ]

 Jack: You were squinting.

 Jennifer: No.

 Jack: I was squinting, and you were squinting, right?

 Jennifer: Come on, that was a great day, but think about it. I mean, in the history of marriage, this was the wackiest wedding ever.

 Jack: Well, then, what do you expect? I mean, you were marrying me, and then -- see?

 Jennifer: Who's that?

 Jack: That's me -- squinting.

 Jennifer: Ha ha. Well, think about it -- you were marrying me, too.

 Jack: Actually, it's amazing that we got married at all, hmm?

 Jennifer: Well, you know what? That's what I love most about us, jack. 3E568D44.JPG

 Jack: What?

 Jennifer: We're amazing.

 Jack: Amazing.

 Jennifer: We're amazing.

 Jack: Amazing.

 Jennifer: What do you think?

 Jack: Mm-hmm. That's a good word -- amazing.

 Roman: Yeah, that's right. I need an apb put on a shawn-douglas brady, and tell george to get over to judge moynihan's at night court. I need some paperwork done asap. Yes. What the hell is shawn doing? I mean, he's just making things worse. He's not going to get that far anyway. What the hell is that kid thinking?

 Woman: Trauma center. Just a moment. It's for you, captain brady. 3E568D66.JPG

 Roman: Yeah. Brady here. Well, what's he do-- all right. I'll be right there. All right, I got to go. Shawn's over at bo and hope'S. All hell is breaking loose. Let's go.

 Shawn-d: What are you doing here, huh? You're supposed to be in paris. What happened?

 Belle: Can'T...

 Shawn-d: You can't -- you can't talk. Okay, don't worry about it. It's okay.

 Belle: No, no. Larry.

 Shawn-d: Larry. What -- what about larry?

 Belle: He was here.

 Shawn-d: Damn! Okay, all right. You know... don't worry about it, okay? You're safe now. You don't have to think about that. You -- you and -- you and my mom, you're going to be okay. 3E568D95.JPG

 Belle: Shawn...

 Shawn-d: What?

 Belle: I love you.

 Bo: Oh, no, you don'T.

 Larry: Aah!

 Bo: You're not passing out -- not till you tell me a few things. What the hell were you doing in my house?

 Larry: Who wants to know? Aah!

 Bo: Talk to me, damn it. Talk to me!

 Larry: Carbon moxide. I leaked it into the house. Hope's dead!

 Bo: Better not be, you dirty --

 Larry: Aah!

 Hope: Shawn?

[ Groans ] I love you, honey. I love you, too.

 Shawn-d: It's okay. It's okay, mom. It's okay, mom, I -- my god. 3E568ED5.JPG

 Tony: What do you remember, marlena?

 Marlena: Oh!

[ Gasping ] Aah! Oh!

 John: Doc, what's wrong?

 Marlena: Oh, it's -- it's a terrible night. There's a storm -- rain, lightning.

[ Thunder crashes ]

 Marlena: Oh, I want the pain to stop! Stop.

 Rolf: It will all be over soon. You're aosost there.

 Marlena: I can't!

 Rolf: You can, and you will. Just a little more. You can do it. Just breathe.

 Marlena: [ Gasps ]

 John: There's got to be something that can help you. What can I do? 3E568F08.JPG

 Marlena: No, I-I have to do this. I have to do this. I have to. I have to.

 John: Why the hell does she have to go through this?

 Tony: I don't know, but she wants to. She needs to. Can't you see that? Marlena, keep going.

 Rolf: Now push. Push!

 Marlena: Aah! Aah!

 Rolf: That's it. Here we are.

[ Baby crying ]

 Rolf: It's a beautiful baby boy.

 Mlelena: He's here. He's here.

 John: Who's here?

 Marlena: My son.

 Chloe: Mm. I feel... 3E568F40.JPG

 Brady: How do you feel?

 Chloe: Liquid, warm, soft, like if you let me go I could just float on this air.

 Brady: Ha ha. Yeah, well, why don't I put you right here so you stay nice and warm?

 Chloe: This has been so perfect. It's like we have no past or no future, just this time now, right here together. Makes me feel so warm and soft, like your arms wrapped around me.

 Brady: You know what you're describing right now? My love for you.

 Shawn-d: No, no, no, no, not until you're okay. Mom, not --

 Shawn-d: Hey. How you doing?

 Belle: I do not need this thing anymore. 3E568F84.JPG

 Shawn-d: Are you sure?

 Belle: Yeah. I wasn't breathing the carbon monoxide

long as your mom was. Shawn...

 Shawn-d: I almost lost you. I thought you were in paris, okay? And I'm missing you like crazy. The next thing I know, you're handcuffed inside my house? How'd you get here, and why didn't you stay inin paris?

 Belle: It was weird for me, too -- how it happened. I mean, one minute, I'm on the plane, waiting for it to take off, and rex shows up.

 Shawn-d: Rex?

 Belle: Yeah. After getting over the shock of seeing him, we talked for a long time. He made me realize I was just escaping what was going on with you. All I was doing was running away. He asked me if that's really what I wanted to do in my heart. I don't want to run away from you, shawn. I just want to be with you, and rex got me to admit that. As soon as I did, I knew I had to come home to you as fast as I could... even if you kept turning away from me. 3E568FD0.JPG

 Shawn-d: No, I never wanted to. I love you, okay? I will always love you.

 Bo: Mark!

 Larry: Aah!

 Bo: Get this bastard off my hands. Hope? Fancy face? Hey.

 Hope: Bo... fragrance of apples...

 Jennifer: You know, it feels like it's happening to someone else... two other people, not you and me, not the way we are now.

 Jack: I'm still rather fond of those people.

 Jennifer: We'll never forget, will we? But we have a chance to start over. How often does that happen? 3E5690A5.JPG

 Jack: I don't know. But because we're starting over, I'm going to take you shopping for a new ring.

 Jennifer: Oh.

 Jack: Yes. "Oh."

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

 Jack: You are planning on marrying me, aren't you?

 Jennifer: Well, you know, I was the one to propose, so...

 Jack: You know, you're not the only person of sentiment. Stay. I got -- whoa.

 Jennifer: Oh. Ha ha ha.

 Jack: You know something?

 Jennifer: What?

 Jack: You kept the album, but I kept this.

 Jennifer: Jack. My wedding ring.

 Jack: That's right. You sent it back to me after the divorce became final. Well, not a lot of people would do that. And that's why I held onto it all this time. 3E5690EE.JPG

 Jack: I do want to go out and get you a new ring for our new wedding, our new marriage, but, uh, in the meantime, for tonight, do you think you could wear it for me so I know that you're really mine?

 Roman: Get this scum out of here.

 Larry: This isn't over.

 Roman: You're damn right it isn'T. Get him outta here!

 Larry: This isn't over!

 Roman: Get him outta here!

 Bo: I'm sorry, fancy face.

 Hope: Brady, you can't blame yourself.

 Bo: Well... all I wanted to do is keep you safe, and I didn't succeed.

 Hope: Brady, I'm safe now, right? Hmm? Just don't leave me, okay? 3E569123.JPG

 Bo: No, I won'T. Hey, roman, didn't I see kate with you?

 Roman: Yeah, yeah. She was with me. Uh, I asked her to go home.

 Bo: Belle, sorry you got caught up in this whole mess.

 Belle: Hey, it's my own fault. I was worried about shawn, and I missed him. I couldn't stay away.

 Shawn-d: Come here.


 Marlena: Oh! Oh!

 John: This has got to stop. I've got to pull her out of this. Sweetheart, honey, doc?

 Rolf: More, marlena! Once more!

 Marlena: I can'T... I can'T.

 Rolf: Your second baby deserves life as much as your first. Now push! 3E5691C4.JPG

 Marlena: Aah!

[ Baby crying

 Rolf: It's a girl!

 John: Sweetheart... honey, honey...

 Marlena: I gave birth in this room... to twins. First a boy and then a girl.

 Tony: You gave birth to the twins here. Our babies. Yours and mine.

 Jack: With this ring...

 Brady: Please, god... don't let this be all the time we have together. Please.

 Hope: This is right where I belong. Now the rest of the world can just go away, brady, as long as you stay here with me.

 Bo: I will. 3E569255.JPG

 Shawn-d: I don't want to ever let you go, is that okay?

 Belle: Are you kidding, after the weeks of not knowing what was going on with you? It feels so right for us to be together.

 Shawn-d: Hey... I love you. Do you know that? No. No, no. I really... I really love you. And I promise you that I'm never going to be away from you again.

 Roman: Shawn. Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to be able to keep that promise.

 Bo: Roman, what are you doing?

 Roman: Shawn brady, you're under arrest... 3E56927D.JPG

 Bo: No. Don't do this, roman.

 Roman: For the murder of colin murphy.

 Victor: You're my possession, and you always will be.

 Sami: This is the happiest that I have ever felt.

 Brandon: Me too.

 Lexie: No. No, this can't be labor.

 Shawn-d: You have to let go. This is forever.

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