Days Transcript Tuesday 2/18/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/18/03--Canada; 2/19/03--USA

By Eric

 Belle: Oh. Excuse me, um, is that window seat taken?

 Man: No, go ahead.

 Belle: Thanks.

 Man: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay. We'll be leaving the gate momentarily. Thank you for your patience.

 Belle: I don't believe this.

I'd be nothing without you

baby, I can't live without

your love

 Bo: Are you happy?

 Hope: Of course I'm happy.

 Bo: Didn't sound too convincing.

 Hope: Brady... you whisk me away to this wonderful lodge and I have all this time alone with you. I'm ecstatic.

 Bo: No one's gonna hurt you. You're safe. You're with me. Zack's across the hall with doug and julie, shawn's at home with 24-hour police protection. 3E52912F.JPG

 Hope: I know, but, - --

 Bo: No buts. Larry welch is not going to hurt any of us ever again.


I can't live without

your love

 Larry: Brr! Record low temperatures tonight and tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pretty soon, this baby's gonna be pumping the heat overtime... which means nighty-night to the brady bunch -- permanently.

 Shawn-d: I should have gotten there sooner! If I would have been at that damn airport 10 minutes earlier... one more. I'm going to try these pills one more time.

 Alice: Shawn-douglas! What are you doing with those pills? 3E529174.JPG

 Roman: Okay, I'm sorry we have to wait for a table. My fault. I should have made a reservation.

 Kate: Oh, on valentine's day? What would ever give you that idea?

 Roman: Oh, that is so cute. In all honesty, I wasn't sure you even wanted to see me tonight.

 Kate: Well, considering the last time we were here you dragged me out in handcuffs, I don't know. I think this is what, a step up?

 Roman: I would think, yeah. Especially since tony dimera isn't here this time.

 Marlena: Tony?

 Tony: Well, hello there! Oh, please, come in. Make yourselves at home -- though it seems you've already done that.

 John: What are you -- 3E5291A9.JPG

 Tony: Well, surely you're not going to ask me what I'm doing here, since I own this place, which means you need to explain your presence here. You're trespassing, you know. And y you're wondering why I'm out of that dreary hospital, I was released. I'm a remarkably quick healer, as you can see. The doctors were astounded by my rapid recovery. Mind over matter. But let's get back to the point. What the hell are you doing here?

 Marlena: We're looking for the truth. We want some answers.

 Tony: Oh, a noble quest.

 Marlena: About the past, about the twins.

 Tony: Oh, that's good. Then I came just in time. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Tax time is quickly approaching...wednesday on morning editio 3E529294.JPG

I can't live without your


 Bo: I'll put on athther cd.

 Hope: No, it's okay. Why don't we, um, just take a break?

 Bo: My fault for mentioning larry's name.

 Hope: No, no, no, no.

 Bo: I opened my big mouth...

 Hope: No, no, no, no, no.

[ Knock on door ]

 Bo: And ruined everything. I'll get the door.

 Hope: No, go away.

 Bo: What's wrong?

 Hope: Nothing. I just didn't want him to interrupt us, that's all.

 Man: I can come back.

 Bo: Oh, no, no, that's okay. Um, I'll take the cart.

 Bo: There you go.

 Man: Thank you, sir.

 Bo: No,hahank you.

 Bo: You saw larry again, didn't you? 3E5292DB.JPG

 Hope: Clearly, I am going out of my mind.

 Bo: No, you are not. Hope, like I said before, finding out that larry could still be alive -- that was a setback.

 Hope: Promise me something? Please? Just promise me he won't get near us -- or our kids -- again.

 Bo: I promise. I promise.

 Larry: Let's see, um... the batteries for the carbon monoxide detectors have been replaced by dead ones. Pipe loosened -- check. No one's gonna know anything is wrong until after all the bradys have been found dead. Oh, the poor bradys. Well, blame it on the faulty furnace, guys. You know, bo... you really should have had this checked. 3E52930E.JPG

 Alice: Answer me, shawn-douglas. What are you doing with those pills?

 Shawn-d: They're pain medication for the cut on my hand.

 Larry: Bad boy, shawn brady! Tsk. Shame on you, lying to your sweet old grandmother like that! Well, I guess you couldn't tell her the truth -- that you fished them out of the garbage. Doesn't help that you didn't know the real truth -- that I switched your mother's pills for something a little less palatable. You think those pills are going to calm you down, shawn-douglas? Think again. And who knows what you'll do when you really lose control?

 Alice: Shawn, dear, did you catch up with belle at the airport? 3E529343.JPG

 Shawn-d: No. No. I, uh, couldn't get past security because I didn't have a ticket, so I don't even know why I bothered.

 Alice: Because you love her. And remember, there are telephones in france.

 Shawn-d: Okay, I don't want to talk about it, gran.

 Alice: Darling, what happened between you two? Did you have a fight?

 Shawn-d: I said I don't want to talk about it! I'm -- I'm going to go, um, in the kitchen to get some water and take my pill.

 Alice: And, um, could you turn up the heat, dear? It's getting chilly in here.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, no problem.

 Belle: Could you please explain to me what you're doing here?

 Rex: I'm flying to paris. What else? 3E529372.JPG

 Belle: Um, you're kidding?

 Rex: Nope.

 Belle: Rex, how did you --

 Rex: There was this last-minute cancellation, and the professor offered me a chance to go. And since I've been dying to see the louvre and eiffel tower --

 Belle: That's not the reason, and you know it.

 Rex: No, it's not. See, I wanted to be there for you, belle. You know, I thought maybe you could use a friend.

 Belle: This is not a good idea, rex. I know you mean well, but you cannot go with me.

 Man: Ladies and gentlemen, we're next in line for takeoff. Flight attendants, prepare for departure.

 Rex: Too late. Guess we better fasten our seat belts, huh? Eceived an average refund of $1,120. 3E529431.JPG

 Bo: We can pack up and go home if you're worried. Of course, doug and julie will be kind of cranky with us for taking zack away from them, and this very special dessert I ordered will probably go to waste.

 Hope: Dessert, huh?

 Bo: Unless we pack that up and bring it along with us in the car, which might get a little messy.

 Hope: Hmm. I have a better idea, I mean, for dessert.

 Bo: You do?

 Hope: This.

 Bo: Mmm.

 Shawn-d: Gran, hey, I, uh, I made you some tea.

 Alice: Thanks, dear. What about you?

 Shawn-d: No, I'm fine.

 Alice: Have you eaten?

 Shawn-d: No, I'm not hungry. 3E529466.JPG

 Alice: When you were little, anytime you had a problem, I'd bring over a couple doughnuts. We'd talk and talk about anything that was on your mind. Darling, what makes you so upset? Tell me. Please.

 Shawn-d: You can't help me, okay, gran? No one can.

 Alice: Shawn, dear.

 Shawn-d: No, just leave me alone! Please leave me alone.

 Alice: Oh.

 Roman: Well, I'm s sorry that, uh, that's not that expensive champagne you had with the count dimera.

 Kate: Oh, that's the third time that you have mentioned tony's name in five minutes. That -- I don't know, that has to be some kind of a record. 3E52949D.JPG

 Roman: I see you and him together, I wonder.

 Kate: About what?

 Roman: About this sudden closeness.

 Kate: Are you really that insecure?

 Roman: It has nothing to do with insecurity. You're the one who's so worried about the dimeras.

 Kate: No, I'm worried that we're never going to be able to get through a conversation without that name coming up.

 Roman: Kate, you admitted to me that stefano stole something from you -- something that you are afraid to reveal. You also told me you trusted me, so why not tell me the rest of the story?

 Kate: I can'T. 3E5294BD.JPG

 Roman: Did it ever occur to you that other people might know this secret and that the other people who do know won't hesitate to tell?

 Kate: Stefano is the only one who knew all the details, and he's no longer with us, so I don't think he's going to be telling anyone.

 John: So, uh, I take it you're here to stop us.

 Tony: Whyo you always assume the negative, john? No. When I said I just came in just in time, I meant to help you. And please don't say to me that you don't need my help because let me remind you, you are on my property in my house without my permission. You have no choice in the way this search will be conducted, meaning that if I want to be part of this search, you'll just have to go along with it. Thatoror you'll bite the dust. It's up to you. 3E5294F0.JPG

 John: I see. Now, why would you want to go along with us? Maybe to make sure we waste our time, perhaps?

 Tony: John, wasting your time or anybody's time is anathema to me. I want to be part of this search because it involves me. I'm e essential part of the past that you are so hungrily searching for.

 John: How do you figure that?

 Tony: What a strange question.

 John: So give me a strange answer.

 Tony: Well, I thought it would be fairly obvious, but since you need it spelled out, I am the twins' father.

 John: It's not a sure thing.

 Tony: But it is to me. But I understand your skepticism -- just another mystery we have to solve. Or at least I do. You see, I have questions about the past, just like you and marlena have yours. But I thought we should combine our considerable talents and find out all the answers together. 3E5295AF.JPG

 Rex: Wow. These are good. I can't believe these are free.

 Belle: It's not free, rex. You pay for it when you pay for -- never mind.

 Rex: A toast -- to us and france.

 Belle: Rex, please.

 Rex: You're still upset with me.

 Belle: It's not you. I-I know why you came with me. You meant well, obviously. It's just I'm still not in great shape over everything that happened with shawn, and I --

 Rex: Look, I-I know how much you love him, belle, all right? I'm not here because I think you're available or whatever. I'm just here because I'm your friend, just like you were a friend to cassie and me when we were, um, wait, what's that saying -- it's "strangers in a strange land"? 3E5295DA.JPG

 Belle: Are you studying the bible?

 Rex: Religious studies class. Professor lacey.

 Belle: Right.

 Rex: Anyway, that's what we were, you know? Strangers in a strange land. But you and shawn helped us. So I just -- I thought, you know, if you felt like a stranger in a strange land in france, maybe I could help you. And, you know, if you decide you don't need my help, then you don't have to see me. I won't bother you, I swear, but if you do decide you need my help, for any reason, just give me a call, all right? I'll be there. I'll leave it up to you.

 Hope: Oh, brady. It's hot, hot.

 Bo: It's definitely my favorite dessert. 3E52960D.JPG

 Hope: Very low calori t too.

 Bo: Mmm, burns 'em, in fact.

 Hope: You know what I'd like right now?

 Bo: Seconds?

 Hope: Very funny.

 Bo: No?

 Hope: My second favorite dessert -- chocolate! Oh, brady... you better get over here. Otherwise, there's not going to be anything left for you.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Bo: Do I get a break for answering the phone?

 Hope: No way. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

 Bo: Hello.

 Alice: Oh, bo. Bo, dear, I hate to bother you.

 Bo: What is it, mrs. H.? Everything okay?

 Alice: It's shawn. I was here to collect the mail when he came home. 3E529635.JPG

 Bo: Is he all right?

 Hope: What is it? Is it shawn? Did larry show up?

 Alice: Well, he's just not acting himself. Maybe I'm overreacting.

 Bo: I'm sure you're not. Hold on a second. Yeah, it is shawn. Something's up with him.

 Hope: Well, tell gran we're on our way home.

 Bo: Mrs. H., Hope and I are on our way.

 Alice: I'm sorry. I've ruined your evening. But...I do think shawn needs you. I'll stay with him until you get back.

 Bo: Thanks. We'll get there as soon as we can. I'm going to call doug and julie, have them get zack ready. 3E529659.JPG

 Hope: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Think about this. Zack's probably sleeping. It's probably a good idea just to leave zackitith them. At least we know they're safe.

 Bo: All right, I at least got to tell them what's up.

 Hope: Okay. I'm going to pack.

 Bo: Hey, hey, it'll be okay.

 Larry: Oh. Poor bo and hope. If the pills don't kill their son, the carbon monoxide will. All right.

 Roman: So you are absolutely convinced that stefano didn't give away your secret.

 Kate: Yes. Bartender?

 Roman: All right. But whatever it is, it's obvious that it's still eating you up inside. 3E529691.JPG

 Kate: Okay. I'll admit it's been difficult for me at times, but at some point, I'm going to talk to marlena.

 Roman: And not me. What, are you worried I wouldn't understand or that I'm not covered by the doctor/patient confidentiality?

 Kate: Actually, both. Do you know when marlena's coming back into town?

 Roman: Don't you?

 Kate: No, why would I?

 Roman: She went with john. Last I heard, john was your boss. Doesn't he give you his schedule?

 Kate: No, not always. Especially not when he's going off to investigate tony dimera, which is exactly what I think both of them are doing. 3E5296C0.JPG

 Roman: They must've gone to the island.

 John: No. There is no way tony's going to tag along on this search with us.

 Marlena: Oh, john, please --

 John: Do you really think he's going to help us? All he's going to do is make damn sure we leave here with nothing. We're going to be spinning our wheels, and he's going to be laughing his head off.

 Marlena: You're not being fair.

 John: And I think you're being naive if you think he'll do anything except get in our way.

 Marlena: I think I'm being optimistic. I'm willing to believe that tony wants the answers, too, and that he doesn't want to waste his time trying to frustrate us. John, please, just give him a t t of credit, all right? 3E5296E7.JPG

 Tony: Yes, john, please, please, can you do that?

 Marlena: Oh, tony, I didn't hear you.

 Tony: It's all right. I understand john has great difficulty in trusting me. It's certainly not a secret.

 John: We need more time. Alone.

 Tony: What, to debate my proposal? Of course. But first, let me tell you something I just stumbled upon while I was unpacking, just now. Strange, I never spotted it before.

 Marlena: Why, what is it?

 Tony: It's a letter from my dear departed father. Kelly. Youwant that danish?

 Kate: Thank you.

 Man: You're welcome.

 Kate: Why did they do that -- going to the dimera compound? Any sane person would completely avoid that place. Not that I'm saying that john is insane, because I have tremendous respect for him, but I don't understand that kind of risk-taking, and then dragging marlena into it -- 3E5297DD.JPG

 Roman: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait -- wait a minute. Nobody drags marlena. She goes with john because that's what she wants to do.

 Kate: I suppose so.

 Roman: And besides, I don't see why you think it's so risky to go to that island because, obviously, stefano can't get to 'em and tony's still recovering from his accident.

 Kate: Don't you see? I mean, I know it sounds absurd, but even though stefano's dead, that doesn't mean he's still not dangerous.

 Roman: Well, I guess if we weren't talking about stefano, yeah, then it would sound absurd.

 Kate: But we're talking about a very, very powerful man who can and wi reach out from the grave to hurt people, especially when they're invading his turf. Believe me, john and marlena -- they're toying with disaster. 3E529825.JPG

 Bo: That good, huh?

 Shawn-d: What the hell are you two doing home?

 Bo: That's quite a greeting.

 Hope: Where's gran?

 Shawn-d: In the kitchen. H-how did you know she's -- oh. Okay. I get it. She called you two, said that I was having a problem, so you decided to run home and check on me.

 Bo: Mrs. H. Was worried about you.

 Shawn-d: Well, she should've kept her mouth shut, okay? 'Cause I don't need anyone to babysit me. Where's zack?

 Bo: He's with his grandparents. They're still up at the lodge.

 Shawn-d: Well, why don't you go back there? Okay? 'Cause I don't need you here. I don't want you here, and I'm sick of you treating me like I'm a 2-year-old! 3E529853.JPG

 Bo: You don't want to be treated like a child, stop acting like one.

 Shawn-d: Oh, this is great. Terrific! Another lecture. I love it.

 Hope: Shawn --

 Shawn-d: Why don't you just go back to the green mountain lodge, okay, and just leave me the hell alone?

 Tony: So, am I safe in assuming that you are curious about this letter, that you would like me to read it to you? I take that as a yes.

 Tony: "Dear son, I know there must have been great suspicion and consternation caused by the items I left in my will. John has probably tossed and turned quite a few sleepless nights over the chess set I bequeathed to him with the missing queen. Also, marlena was not meant to be mine. She is john's, of course, and I must commend him. It isn't often the pawn captures the queen." Oh, I'm sorry, john, please don't take it too personally. You know my father could be tactless at times. But I'll go on. "And my lovely queen of the night -- I left her that pillow, the sleeping beauty pillow, and on it was embroidered the constellation of gemini -- an important clue to lead marlena back to the past." Hmm. 3E5298A1.JPG"But as she searches, do warn her, my son, that the deeper she delves into the secret places of the past, the more she may wish for that pinprick that would send her back into a long and dreamless sleep. And, you, my son, use the key I left you to unlock the secret to the biggest mystery of all, and in doing so, you will ensure the legacy of the dimera family."

 Kate: Well, how romantic. We spent the entire evening discussing john, marlena, and the dimeras.

 Roman: All right, why don't we change the subject, talk abouts?

 Kate: Us? Mm, that sounds so serious.

 Roman: Well, isn't it?

[ Pager chirps ]

 Roman: Aah. It's the station. Priority code. Damn it.

 Kate: What, does that mean you have to go?

 Roman: Yeah, it does. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but, uh, unfortunately, duty calls. 3E5299B7.JPG

 Kate: Oh. I understand.

 Roman: Well, thanks. But before I go, I would like an answer to my question.

 Kate: Oh. Mm, what question was that?

 Roman: All right, forget it. We'll talk about it next time. Well, I'll tell you what. I'm sorry about dinner, but I promise I will make it up.

 Kate: Well, you promised next time to make a reservation.

 Roman: I'll do that. You got it. See you later.

 Bo: You better tell us what's going on, and you better tell us now.

 Shawn-d: Or what, you're going to ground me?

 Bo: That's it.

 Shawn-d: What? What, why do you always have to threaten me like this? 3E5299E4.JPG

 Bo: What the hell are you talking about? What is going on with you?

 Hope: Bo.

 Hope: Shawn, come here.

 Hope: Honey... this has to do with belle, doesn't it? Oh, sweetie. She left for paris, didn't she? Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, honey.

 Shawn-d: I went after her to talk to her. I wanted to -- I wanted to apologize. I felt bad for the way we left things.

 Bo: What happened?

 Shawn-d: I didn't have a ticket, couldn't get past security.

 Hope: You missed her.

 Shawn-d: By a mile, yeah. So now she's on that plane to paris hating me, and you know what? I don't blame her. 3E529A1A.JPG

 Bo: Look, I'm sorry things ended badly with you, but I don't care how upset or angry you are. You don't speak to us in that manner again. You got it?

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Bo: Excuse me?

 Shawn-d: Yes, sir. I'm sorry.

[ Pager beeps ]

 Bo: That's the station -- priority code.

 Hope: Do you think it's abo l larry?

 Bo: I don't know, but I got to get going. Cops are watching the house. I'll call you as soon as I can.

 Hope: Okay.

 Bo: Shawn?

 Shawn-d: I'm okay. I'm fine. I'll keep an eye on mom.

 Hope: Hey. I'm going to go check on gran. Do you want anything? 3E529A4E.JPG

 Shawn-d: No. No, thanks.

 Hope: Come here. Come here.

 Belle: Thank you for putting up with me.

 Rex: I thought that's what friends did.

 Belle: Yeah, but you've kind of put up with me a lot lately.

 Rex: Belle, um, if it doesn't work out in france, you could always leave, can't you? Go back to shawn.

 Belle: That's the problem. I can'T. Shawn and I are over, and I just need to move on and accept that.

 Rex: No. No way.

 Belle: Rex, that's what I want.

 Rex: Yeah, but I don't think that's what you want at all. Now, I think you already regret leaving salem and shawn. 3E529A7D.JPG

 Tony: "I know you have discovered the twins by now, of whom I am so terribly proud. Embrace them, anthony. They are part of youdedestiny. I send you love and wish you peace. Your devoted father stefano."

 Marlena: What is it, tony?

 Tony: More veiled comments meaning nothing and leading nowhere. Oh, damn him! Damn that man.

 Man: Can I get you anything else?

 Kate: Um... a brandy, please.

 Man: Coming right up.

 Man: Here you go.

 Kate: Ah, thank you.

 Man: That's not necessary. It's on captain brady.

 Kate: Oh. Thanks. 3E529B5E.JPG

 Man: Uh, you know, I've seen a lot of gentlemen buy ladies drinks, but I've never seen a guy more smitten than captain brady is with you.

 Kate: Oh. Well, thank you. That's -- that's a lovely thing to say, but I don't think I, um, deserve that kind of adoration.

 Man: I don't know why you'd say that.

 Kate: Well, let's just say that captain brady doesn't know me well enough to adore me, and -- and if he did...

 Kate: I'll have another one.

 Kate: [ Sighs ]

 Bo: Hey, roman. What's up?

 Roman: Forensics came back with a partial print.

 Bo: Larry's?

 Roman: Got it from that matchbook you found near your garage. 3E529B9B.JPG

 Bo: Ah, no surprise there. What about that modified photo of larry? Did you show it to the motel clerk?

 Roman: I did. He I.D.'D welch as the guy who rented the room, so you were absolutely right. Larry welch is alive.

 Bo: Now we can tell the D.A. Where to stick it. Let's gethis manhunt going and chase that bastard down.

 Roman: All right, I'll tell you what -- I'll pull the officers that went with you and hope at green mountain.

 Bo: No, we can't do that just yet. Zack's still up there with doug and julie. I want them protected till we find larry. I want to double the security on the house. Let's get a full-scale task force going. 3E529BC1.JPG

 Hope: Honey, please. Sit down. You'reiviving me a headache.

 Alice: Actually, I'm afraid I'm having one myself. Now, don't go blaming shawn-douglas. It's late, I'm tired. I'm going home.

 Hope: Oh, no, you don'T. Don't be silly. It's too late to go home. Besides, I've already made up the guest room. So guess what -- you're stuck with us for tonight.

 Alice: Ha ha.

[ Knock on door ]

 Shawn-d: I'll get it.

 Hope: No, you won'T. I'll get it. Honey, sit down.

 Hope: Officer page. What is it?

 Page: Well, detective brady just called, said they're sending more officers over to watch the house. 3E529BED.JPG

 Hope: Why, did something happen?

 Page: I don't think so. I think he's just being careful.

 Hope: Well, thanks. Thanks for telling me.

 Page: All right.

 Shawn-d: More cops on the house? Why?

 Hope: I don't know. I'm sure your dad has it covered, whatever the reason.

 Tony: I'm just tired of the mysteries... of all the games.

 John: Yes. Because you never play games, do you?

 Tony: I'm also wary of the insinuations and accusations. I've said it many times, so, obvislsly, it needs repeating, because nothing seems to remotely sink in. I am not like my father. I like direct and open confrontation. I don't like sitting back and pulling strings the way he operated. I will not allow my strings to be pulled any longer. I will find out the truth about the twins without any interference from beyond the grave.

 Marlena: Tony, I do believe you want to know the truth about e e twins and that you want us to know the truth, also. John and me.

 John: Yeah, right.

 Marlena: Please don't do that. This is far too important to bog down into petty resentments.

 John: Nothing petty about my resentment.

 Tony: Alwaytataking the high road, aren't you? 3E529CCB.JPG

 Marlena: Stop this, both of you. Now listen to me. We have to solve this mystery. We must. That's just obvious. We have no peace until we do, so we have to make a concerted effort. We have to work together on this. Now, can we do that?

 Tony: Well, I'm for it.

 John: Yeah, sure, why not? Onward and upward.

 Roman: You're sure about that? All right, let me know.

 Bo: Beefed up security at the house. Hope, shawn, mrs. H. -- They should be safe.

 Roman: Good. I just spoke with the officers checking out that black onyx stud that was found at the scene of colin's murder. They still can't find a match. 3E529CF8.JPG

 Bo: I'll bet you anything it belonged to larry. Fell off his tux when he murdered colin.

 Roman: We'll track it down. Just more evidence that larry killed colin and set up hope.

 Bo: Yeah. Every officer in this precinct has volunteered to put in extra shifts. We're going to tear this town apart. We'll nail welch before he has a chance to hurt anybody else.

 Larry: Aah. Hello, home. Whew. Well... speaking of home, bo and hope should be back by now, all comfy cozy in their warm little house, thinking they're protected by all those cops... 3E529D25.JPG

[ Chuckles ] Who still didn't catch me sneaking out of there. Well, next time I sneak back in, it'll be to watch those very same cops carry out the bradys in body bags.

 Belle: You have some nerve. You know that? You show up on this plane out of the blue like you're doing me some huge favor, and then you sit here and tell me what you think I want. You don't even know me.

 Rex: But I have a sense of people -- of you.

 Belle: And that is because...

 Rex: I don't know the reason. It's just... it's a feeling. Ever since I met you, you know, I could look into your eyes and think, "okay, belle's a little nervous righnonow," or "belle's sad," or happy, or insecure, whatever. I just -- 3E529D5E.JPG

 Belle: I don't want your opinions, rex. I don't even want to be sitting next to you on this plane right now. I had this whole flight planned out. I was going to read for a few hours and then take a nap, maybe read some more, watch a movie. I was just so relieved to finally be alone.

 Rex: Then maybe I should find another seat.

 Belle: Good. Why don't you do that? Wait. Please, I'm -- I'm sorry. Don't go find another seat. Sit down, please.

 Rex: So... what's the first thing you want to do? When we get to paris, I mean. 3E529D87.JPG

 Belle: The first thing I want to do when we get to paris is turn right back around and go to salem.

 Rex: What?

 Belle: The reason I got mad at you just now, rex, is because you were right, and I did not want you to be right. I was trying to put the hurt behind me and escape to paris and prove to shawn that I could move on with my life, but it won't work. I can't be away from him, not until I find out what happened and why he's pushing me away. I love him too much to give up.

 Rex: I'm not saying anything.

 Belle: Because you're afraid I'll bite your head off again? I won't, I promise. You helped me so much. I need to go back. 3E529DB7.JPG

 Rex: Then you will.

 Bel: : Immediately. I can't wait, and I won'T. I need to go home now.

[ Sighs ]

 Hope: Oh, gosh, I'm getting a headache. Must be all the stress.

 Chloe: Stop stalling and get in here.

 Roman: We have to ask you some questions.

 Shawn-d: About what?

 Roman: About colin murphy's murder.

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