Days Transcript Monday 2/10/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/10/03--Canada; 2/11/03--USA

By Eric

 John: Doc, sweetheart, honey. There's no way to ow what you were feeling all those years ago.

 Marlena: [ Sobbing ] John, the feelings are so strong. It's breaking my heart.

 John: Hey, hey, hey, come on, come on, don't think about it. Let's, uh, let's go outside and get some air. It'll clear your head.

 Marlena: No, I've got to stay connected to the grief. Somehow, it's connecting me to the past.

Rock-a-bye, baby

on the treetop

when the wind blows

the cradle will rock

when the bough breaks

the cradle will fall 3E480502.JPG

 Man's voice: You did the right thing, marlena. You on't regret it.

 Marlena: He said I wouldn't regret it.

 John: Who said? What did he think you wouldn't regret?

 John: Doc... who was telling you this?

 Marlena: Stefano.

 Jennifer: All right, I need to stop putting this off. I just need to do this.

 Jack: Jennifer, have you done it yet?

 Jennifer: No.

 Jack: Have you started?

 Jennifer: No. I can't even get it open.

 Jack: Let me help.

 Abby: Daddy, you're still here!

 Jack: Oh! Oh, yes, yes, here I am, right here. 3E480546.JPG

 Abby: I had a genie kiss me and lambie last night. And he kissed three times on the nose.

 Jack: Three ti-- you know what? That was no dream. That was me. And, in fact, I wasn't just, uh, kissing, I was tickling. Did it feel like this?

 Abby: Daddy, that tickles.

 Jack: I know it tickles. That's the point, right?

 Abby: Hey. Your suitcases. Are you moving back home with me and mommy?

 Jack: Uh... uh, well, yes, I am, if that's all right with you.

 Jack: Actually, uh, I'm never going to leave my girls again. That's a promise, no matter what happens.

 Cassie: What's that?

 Shawn-d: It's a prescription of my mom'S. 3E48057B.JPG

 Cassie: What's it for?

 Shawn-d: It's like a tranquilizer.

 Cassie: A tranquilizer? That's what you need.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Damn it. Those pills were for hope.

 Cassie: Shawn, maybe you should take one. It might make you feel better.

 Bo: Is it possible? Is hope seeing larry for real? Is that bastard alive?

 Hope: Brady? Whwhat is it? What's wrong? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. We're talking fitness on morning edition...tuesday we'll get some great tips from the kinsmen when your antiperspirant's white residue

 Jack: Well, I think that abigail is going to grow up to be a really great negotiator. She wouldn't get on that bus until -- until I promised her that -- that I'd be here when she got home. Jennifer. 3E480693.JPG

 Jennifer: Hmm? I'm sorry. What?

 Jack: I was just saying that abigail was talking --

 Jennifer: Oh, she's so great, isn't she? She's so smart and... you know, I forgot to tell you -- I can't believe I forgot to tell you this because... I'm sorry, I've just been in such a daze lately, obviously, but abby's teacher -- she -- she called me yesterday.

 Jack: Really.

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Jack: Well, why did she do that?

 Jennifer: Well, she said that abby obviously has a very wonderful talent for writing. It turns out she -- she writes poems. I mean, we knew she did it for us, but... she writes them for the whole class, and she gets up and she reads these poems out loud and, uh, with quite a bit of wit, apparently. Anyway, mrs. Cohen said she read this one poem that just moved her to tears, and it was about a golden retriever named clover. So I suppose we should probably get abby to read this to us, don't you think? 3E4806CD.JPG

 Jack: What, you don't suppose this is a ploy of hers to get a dog? I mean, you don't think she's setting us up?

 Jennifer: Yeah, well, woof, woof. Ha ha ha ha.

 Jack: Jennifer --

 Jennifer: You know, we'll talk about it later. It's not a big deal.

 Jack: Uh, no, no, no. Tell me more, really, about the poetry route. Was it assignments or what?

 Jennifer: No, no, she just loves to write. She takes after you.

 Jack: Well, you're a pretty fine writer yourself.

 Jennifer: No, I can piece together an article, but you -- you are the wordsmith. And that's where abby gets it from. Obviously, she -- she gets her wit from you, also, jack. 3E4806FA.JPG

 Jack: Well, uh, I'll tell you, I-I appreciate that you say that. I think it's wonderful that you think that -- that abigail gets all of that from me. I don't think it's true, but I think it is true that she gets the most important things from you. She's kind, courageous, and strong.

 Jennifer: Well, not feeling my strongest at the moment. But we were talking about abby, and she has missed you so much.

 Jack: Well, this is her dream, you know -- that we'd all be living together under one roof again.

 Jennifer: Yeah. That and, uh...

 Jack: That and what? 3E48072D.JPG

 Jennifer: Well, and -- and a brother or a sister. She's always wanted that. And, you know, that's always been my dream for us -- to be together again as a family and maybe to have another child together. So if it turns out that I am pregnant with colin's baby, how are we ever going to explain that to abby? How is she going to --

 Jack: If it turns out -- if it turns out that you're pregnant -- if it turns out that you're pregnant, we will -- we will figure out what we're going to tell abigail. We will figure it out together. 3E480756.JPG

 Jenfefer: Okay. Well, it's time to find out.

 Jack: Yeah, right. It's time.

 Jack: Right. Ahem. Right.

 Cassie: All I'm saying, shawn, is if these pills can help you, isn't that a good thing?

 Shawn-d: They weren't prescribed for me. They're for my mom.

 Cassie: Well, does that really matter? I mean, considering how you're feeling?

 Shawn-d: Okay, look, I see what you're trying to do, okay? But whatever these do, they're not gonna change anything. I murdered a man. Sooner or later, the truth is going to come out.

 Cassie: You're so brave, shawn, but you're handling this all by yourself. I just wish that I could help you. I can't, though, right? Because I'm not belle. Do you regret not confiding in her? I mean, you wanted to protect her from all this, and now she's leaving for paris. 3E4807AA.JPG

 Shawn-d: All I care about is the people that I love are safe, okay? Which is why I'm worried about my mom -- why she'd throw out her medication.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Good question, kid. Wish I knew.

 Bo: Do I have my tough and serious face going on here?

 Hope: Oh, big time.

 Bo: Thinking about this case I'm working on that I really should get back to. Soso why don't you go home, put your feet up, and do something nice for yourself?

 Hope: I'd rather do something nice for you.

 Bo: Hmm... you are feeling better.

 Hope: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna recover from this. You just keep on believing in me, okay? 3E4807D6.JPG

>>O:O: Yeah, I -- always.

 Hope: Okay.

 Bo: Mmm.

 Hope: I'm gonna let you get back to this case.

 Bo: Thank you.

 Hope: And you calif you're gonna be late, okay?

 Bo: Hold on, hold on. I'm gonna let officer jones drive you home.

 Hope: What? Why?

 Bo: Because... that medication you're on could impair your judgment.

 Hope: Hmm. I'm not taking medication anymore. I know, I know. Look, even if it's safe, there's still side effects, right? And besides, I'm not feeling anxious anymore, so what's the point?

 Bo: The point? 3E4807FC.JPG

 Hope: The point.

 Bo: I guess there is none. But indulge me. Let the officer drive you home.

 Hope: If I understood why --

 Bo: I'm an overprotective husband who likes to get his way.

 Hope: Mm-hmm. Okay, fine.

 Bo: I'll help you track him down.

 Hope: No, no, no. No need. I saw him on my way in. You know, it's a really good thing that I am truly agreeable, because if we both needed to get our way, we'd be really --

 Bo: It'd be tough.

 Hope: Yeah. I'll see you later.

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Bo: Hey. Detective brady. I want to order 'round-the-clock protection for my family.

 John: What did he say to you? What did stefano think you wouldn't regret? 3E4808DB.JPG

 Marlena: I was singing a -- a lullaby. The grief was unbearable.

 John: Why were you grieving? Can you remember?

 Marlena: Rock-a-bye baby

on the treetop

when the wind blows

the cradle will rock

when the bough breaks

the cradle will fall...

[ Gasps ]

 John: What is it?

 Marlena: Ahh... a lullaby. I was singing a lullaby. I was grieving over a loss, and that's when he told me that... I should have no regrets. Don't you see?

 John: See what?

 Marlena: He was talking about the twins. I abandoned the twins.

 John: Oh, you don't know that. 3E480916.JPG

 Marlena: I can't prove that, but I know it. I can feel it in my heart. I'm their mother, and I abandoned them.

 Shawn-d: My mom probably just thr these out by mistake.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] It's never easy with you, is it, fancy face?

 Cassie: So maybe you should hold onto them.

 Hope: Hold onto what?

 Shawn-d: Mom.

 Hope: Oh, sorry, sweetie. I didn't mean to startle you. Cassie, hi.

 Cassie: Hi, mrs. Brady.

 Hope: So what do you have there?

 Shawn-d: Uh, your medication. I found it in the garbage. I thought maybe you threw them out by accident.

 Cassie: Uh, excuse me.

 Hope: Nope. Very much on purpose. 3E48094C.JPG

 Shawn-d: So you don't need them anymore?

 Hope: Nope, not anymore.

 Shawn-d: Does that mean you'reetter?

 Hope: Honey, you, your dad, and zack are the reason that I've been able to get through this, the reason that I'm taking back control of my own life. It's all gonna work out. I promise you. It's gonna work out. Gonna work out.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] You're right, hope. Things are going to work out -- just not for you.

 Hope: See you later.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Hope: Oh, hey, do me a favor. Bury these. See you later, cassie.

 Cassie: Bye.

 Bo: Hey, jones. Oh, yeah, thanks for driving my wife home. Plainclothes officers there keeping an eye on the house? You what? You left her there alone? My son isn't enough -- I-I'm on my way. Damn it! 3E4809AC.JPG

 Larry: When I'm through with you, hope, you're going to need more than tea and sympathy.

Ready for turkey tuesday?

 John: Sweetheart, you would never abandon your family -- not in your right mind, anyway. Look... if you are t twins' mother, we're going to find out, 'cause the truth's around here someplace. Ready to fall down the rabbit hole? Stay close.

J john: Here we go.

 Jack: I thought these tests took only 40 seconds. Jennifer --

 Jack: There you are.

 Jennifer: I have the results.

 Cassie: Uhh... your mom seems like a different person.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. 3E480AD0.JPG

 Cassie: Seems a lot happier.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Cassie: Shawn, wait. If those pills helped your mom --

 Shawn-d: Forg I it. I'm not taking my mother's medication.

 Cassie: Are you sure? You're definitely stressed, and --

 Shawn-d: Trust me.

 Cassie: If they help, I don't see why you can't just hold onto them for later if things maybe get worse.

 Shawn-d: Would you just forget it?!

 Shawn-d: I'm sorry.

 Cassie: I just want you to be all right.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I know. So do I. But don't you understand? Nothing helps. I have tried distracting myself by playing basketball, blasting music, but nothing is going to take away what I did -- not a pill, nothing. God, how am I going to live with myself? I am the reason that another man is dead. 3E480B0B.JPG

 Bo: What do you mean by that? Ery baby deserves a gentle touch.

 Marlena: It happened to me in this room. I can feel it. I've felt it before.

 John: Um...take your time. It'll come to you. You know, we never did get a match on those other two sets of fingerprints we found here before. Hopefully with your help we'll be able to pinpoint exactly who was in this room with you.

 Marlena: Nothing. Nothing new is coming to me.

 John: You know, maybe what's -- what's blocking you is the configuration of this room. It's -- it's different. It's set up totally differently than before. Hey, check out the title of this book -- "madness." Yes. Whoa. 3E480C32.JPG

 Marlena: It's happening. It's happening, john. I remember.

 Bo: Why do you think you're responsible for another man's death?

 Shawn-d: I don't -- I don't think it, dad. I feel it. Belle and I, at victor's wedding -- we had gone out to the terrace a couple times that night, so if her or I might have seen something, then maybe --

 Bo: Hold on. Hold it right there. You didn'tnonow colin was going to be killed. Nobody did.

 Shawn-d: No, no, but if i might have noticed something -- look, ever since mom had been kidnapped, I had been on edge. Okay, when I found out she was gone that night, I freaked out. I thought something might have happened to her. 3E480C6E.JPG

 Bo: Cassie, give us a minute, will you?

 Cassie: Um, sure, mr. Brady.

 Shawn-d: What? What's up?

>>O:O: There's something I got to tell you.

 Shawn-d: What? What? Say it.

 Bo: I've discovered something that you're not gonna like.

[ Teakettle whistling ]

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Who needs the pills? Looks like hope's going over the edge without emem.

[ Rustling ]

 Hope: [ Sighs ] Bo doesn't believe that I killed colin, but I was definitely standing over a dead body, and I saw what happened next. Shoot, why can't I remember?

 Cassie: Remember what?

 Shawn-d: What? Stst tell me. What did -- what did you find?

 Bo: When you said you were afraid your mother might be kidnapped again, you weren't too far off. 3E480CCD.JPG

 Shawn-d: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

 Bo: I've got reason to belve larry welch is still alive, and he's coming after your mother.

 Shawn-d: Larry's still alive? Are you sure?

 Bo: Not 100%, no.

 Shawn-d: Oh, this cannot be happening.

 Bo: Hold on. Where are you going?

 Shawn-d: In the house, to be with mom.

 Bo: Hey, get back here. You're not going in the house like this.

 Shawn-d: Why not? Wait, mom doesn't know?

 Bo: No, and I'm not going to tell her. I don't want her to have to deal with this, not till I have solid proof.

 Shawn-d: So what am I supposed to do? 3E480DC4.JPG

 Bo: Just try to act normal. I'm putting together a plan to nail larry I've assigned undercover policemen to watch your mom and zack. I'll have one keep an eye on you, too.

 Shawn-d: No way.

 Bo: It's for your own protection.

 Shawn-d: How am I supposed to act normal if I have the cop follow me around everywhere I go? I can take care of myself.

 Bo: All right, we'll talk about this later. Can you guys hang out for a little while until the policemen show up?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah.

 Bo: I'm going to take a look around.

 Shawn-d: That's fine. What are you looking for? 3E480DE1.JPG

 Bo: I think larry might have come by the house. I'm looking for something -- anything -- that I can give to forensics to prove that larry's alive.

 Shawn-d: How can I help?

 Bo: Just keep your eyes open. Try to stay calm. Keeping a level head right about now is what we need. Don't worry. I'll find him.

 Cassie: Mrs. Brady, I came in to get some water for me and shawn. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you.

 Hope: No, you didn'T. You didn'T. Oh, you came to get some water. Yes, I will get that for you.

 Cassie: Oh, watch out for your feet.

 Hope: Right. 3E480E10.JPG

 Cassie: Are you okay, mrs. Brady? Mrs. Brady?

 Hope: Hmm? What? Yes, I'm -- I'm more than okay. Oh, I was making myself a cup of tea, and the mug slipped out of my hands. Guess I got sidetracked and forgot to sweep it up. So, cassie, tell me, how are you doing, huh? Shawn tells me that tony may be --

 Cassie: May be my father, at least probably. You know, it's a dream come true for me and rex. We had a connection to tony when we first met. You know what's funny? Sometimes... you just know before things are for certain or confirmed, you just know. 3E480E37.JPG

 Hope: Mm. It's called faith. It keeps you going, helps you fulfill your dreams.

 Hope: You know what they say -- of course, water is pretty essential, too. Thank you for helping.

 Cassie: Thank you.

 Hope: You're welcome.

 Cassie: Bye.

 Hope: Bye-bye.

 Hope: I have faith too, cassie. Yeah. I am definitely going to figure out what happened the night that colin was murdered. I am going to remember. I will.

 Jennifer: Jack...

 Jack: We'll be okay.

 Jennifer: It's negative. I'm not pregnant.

 Jack: You're not pregnant?

 Jennifer: Mnh-mnh. 3E480E73.JPG

 Jack: You're sure?

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Jack: Well... you know, it would have been okay. You know that. I mean, it would have been fine. You do know that.

 Jennifer: I do know that. Thank you.

 Jack: No, don't -- don't -- don't say that.

 Jennifer: Yes, I do have to thank you, because you have been standing right by me, and you have been so strong for me, jack.

 Jack: No, no, I am not strong. I am here, and I love you.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Jennifer: Oh.

[ Groans ] Hello. 3E480E98.JPG

 Bo: Hey, jen, it's bo. Listen, I need your help.

 Marlena: This is where I got lost when we came here before.

 John: Where you found the portrait?

 Marlena: Yes, and the letter from daphne was right here.

 John: Scalpels, hemostats -- looks like medical equipment used in an operating room.

 Marlena: Or a delivery room.

 John: Marlena --

 Marlena: John, look around. Look around. It all adds up. Stefano held me here all those years ago. He drugged me, and god knows what else.

 John: Doc, there's no proof that you're cass and rexie's mother, and even if you were, even if -- even if you gave birth to those kids, they ceased being your children a long time ago. 3E480F7D.JPG

 Cassie: Here.

 Shawn-d: Thanks.

 Cassie: I passed your dad on the way out. He looked pretty serious. You didn't tell him about shooting colin, did you?

 Shawn-d: No, no, he's dealing with too much already.

 Cassie: So he doesn't suspect anything. Well, then what did he want to -- what did he want to talk to you about?

 Shawn-d: Nothing, just, uh... stuff about my mom's health.

 Cassie: Oh, well, I saw her in the kitchen. She seems fine.

 Shawn-d: Damn it!

 Cassie: Shawn!

 Shawn-d: It's not okay. She's not safe, and I don't know what to do, 'cause this is -- it's all happening again. 3E480FA6.JPG

 Jennifer: Bo, uh, what? What's going on?

 Bo: Well, I can't bring many people in on this, but you should know. The analysis on that dishtowel turned out negative -- chicken blood, not colin'S.

 Jennifer: Oh, wow. Bo, bo, that is great.

 Bo: Well, not as good as it sounds. I think somebody probably planted that towel in the trash to make hope think she killed colin.

 Jennifer: What? Who would do something like that?

 Bo: Well, all this time, hope has been thinking she had visions of larry. What if...

 Jennifer: Bo, don't even say it. You got to be kidding me. 3E480FCD.JPG

 Bo: I'll explain later. But, yeah, I think larry welch is alive.

 Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

 Jack: What?

 Jennifer: Bo!

 He: Okay. All I have to do is connect the dots and figure out what happened -- what was real and what was in my head. Those visions of larry are really making me start to doubt everything. I have to remember.

 Larry: Oh, damn it, damn it. Damn it. First I get stupid and hope almost catches me, and the kid snatches the pills which I switched on her, and now, just when I had the chance to drive her over the edge, what happens? Alien barbie shows up. Ruins everything. Okay, relax, breathe. 3E481034.JPG

[ Inhales ] In with the good, out with the bad. All right, I'm fine. Okay. Gratification delayed, but you're not going to win, hope. Oh, no. No way I'm ever going to give up -- ever.

 Bo: Gotcha.

 Marlena: Even if I gave birth to them, they're not my children? Can you explain that to me?

 John: I am just saying that you're not responsible. I mean, they were trained to be dimera's pawns --

 Marlena: I don't give a damn if they were trained. What are you talking about?

 John: Nothing, nothing. Just drop it.

 Marlena: No, I won't drop it. What you are thinking and feeling is not just unfair, it's cruel. 3E4810DE.JPG

 John: No, it is reality. Sure, you're angry and you're guilty, and you've got all these maternal instincts going on right now. I understand that, but the fact of the matter is, etether or not you gave birth to those kids, they're dangerous!

 Marlena: You just said to me that I would not be held accountable for my actions because I was under stefano's control.

You were stefano's pawn. Are you dangerous? Am I dangerous?

 John: That's not fair. It's not the same.

 Marlena: Well, the twins are not dangerous, either, john. They're human beings. They need love, and they deserve love. And I will not stand here and let you go through this kind of hypocrisy. 3E481106.JPG

 John: Hey, I am not a hypocrite. Yeah, I made it to the other side. I became a husband and a father that I'm damn proud of. But when I was under stefano's control, I hurt people that I love, and it's going to be a dark day in hell before I let those twins hurt you and belle just because -- because I have a little compassion for them.

 Marlena: Do you? Do you have compassion for them?

 John: Of course I do.

 Marlena: You know, when you thought that you were stefano's son, that was the end of your world. And if it turns out that I am the twins' mother, then they're half dimera. Will you choose to see just the dimera side, see just what you think of as evil? Oh, john... you and I will never be together on this. 3E481145.JPG

 John: That's what dimera wants. It's called divide and conquer.

 John: It's not going to happen, though. They're not going to conquer us because nothing is more important to me than you, than us. Nothing.

 Jack: Is there something up with bo? Jennifer?

 Jennifer: You know how hope -- she was having those visions of larry?

 Jack: Yeah.

 Jennifer: Well, bo is afraid that hope killed colin by accident thinking at it was larry, but now bo believes that larry is still alive.

 Jack: What?

 Jennifer: That somehow he survived and he's been gaslighting hope into believing she committed murder. 3E48117D.JPG

 Jack: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

 Jennifer: Jack, jack, listen to me. Look at me. Nobody can know about this. Do you understand me? This cannot go to print, okay?

 Jack: No, no, I wasn't -- I wasn't thinking about printing. I was -- well, I was thinking about your family. I was thinking we've got to protect them. What? Is there more?

 Jennifer: I love you, jack, so much. Ha ha ha ha!

 Jack: I love you, too, so much.

 Hope: No... shawn! No. 3E4811D4.JPG

 Shawn-d: Nothing will be the same! Nothing! Cassie, I don't even want to hear it anymore, okay?

 Cassie: Take one, take one.

 Sha-d-d: No! No! I don't care anymore! I don't care who finds out! This is the last thing I --

 Cassie: Shawn, listen to me. Take one.

 Bo: Delivery for larry welch.

 Nicole: Can you still be irresistible if you're dead?

 Brandon: My god, victor knows you slept with colin.

 Lucas: Say hello to your new boss, scami.

 Belle: Oh, my god! Shawn!

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