Days Transcript Friday 2/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/7/03--Canada; 2/10/03--USA

By Eric

 Marlena: Now that we're here, I'm not sure this was a very good idea.

 John: It's going to be okay because this time, m ing g to stick with you every minute.

 Marlena: Just coming in here brought back all those memories of the trap door and tony popping in out of nowhere.

 John: Well, tony's not going to pop in this time. He's back in salem, recuperating from s surgery. And the trap door's been covered up. Hmm.

 Marlena: Who would have done that?

 John: Well... probably the same people who shot down that high-te security system out front. You notice how we just kind of breezed on in? 3E441071.JPG

 Marlena: They're expecting us?

 Tony: Oh, dr. Wesley, uh, this is the specialist I had flown in -- dr. Reginald ash. Craig wesley is our chief of staff here.

 Craig: Welcome to university hospital, dr. Ash.

 Dr. Ash: Would I were here under more auspicious circumstances, but thank you.

 Craig: Yeah, well, maybe you'll get to see some of salem while you're in town.

 Tony: Oh, no, no. He's going to be too busy monitoring my, uh, recovery, which I hope will begi immediately upon being released from this place -- within the hour, I hope.

 Craig: Uh, I don't think so.

 Tony: Later today, then?

 Dr. Ash: Dr. Wesley, I assure you, I'll take full responsibil for count dimera's rehabilitation. 3E4410A6.JPG

 Belle: Cassie. Hey. Uh, how's tony doing?

 Cassie: I have faith he'll be fine. What are you doing here?

 Belle: I just came by to let them know that I won't be volunteering for a while.

 Cassie: Oh, that's right. You'll be in paris. Lucky girl.

 Belle: Yeah. Um, are you heading back to the dorm? Because I'm on my way there, and I could give you a ride.

 Cassie: Okay. Thanks.

 Belle: Great. We'll get a chance to talk.

 Cassie: About what?

 Belle: Shawn.

 Roman: Morning, kate.

 Kate: Damn it. I was really hoping you were just a bad dream, but you are still here.

 Roman: We're still locked in john's office. 3E4410E4.JPG

 Kate: Yeah, well, I am still furious at you. You kept me up half the night interrogating me.

 Roman: Tell me what your relationship with stefano was, and I'll unlock the door.

 Kate: Oh, my god. You know something? You are insane, all right? I don't even want to think about stefano dimera, and I am certainly not going to discuss him with you.

 Roman: Look, I know your sudden interest in tony has got something to do with daddy dimera.

 Kate: You know something? You can believe anything you want to, okay? All I want is some coffee and a toothbrush. Just leave me alone.

 Roman: Kate, you ought to know me better than that. I'm not going to leave you alone. First of all, you're way too beautiful. Secondly, I'm not the kind of guy that gives up, so I'm just afraid you're stuck with me. 3E441127.JPG

[ Knocks on door ]

 Shawn-d: Whoa! Dad!

 Bo: Hey.

 Shawn-d: Why'd you make me come down here? What do you want?

 Hope: Okay... 2 miles in 18 minutes. Okay. I'm finally getting back into fighting shape.

 Larry: My pills are infinitely more potent than the ones dr. Marlena's prescribed for you. You pop one of these babies, and the hope brady that salem knows and loves so well... will be history. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Kate: God! I don't have time for this game, okay? Now open the damn door!

 Roman: It's not a game, kate. I don't play games. 3E44123C.JPG

 Kate: Oh! Ha ha. The hell you don'T. This whole quote-unquote "relationship" has been a game from the very start! And I went along with it, even though I knew the only thing you we interested in was information about stefano. Yeah. Yeah, that's what really made you hot -- thinking you were getting closer and closer to all the dirt on stefano's past. It wasn't my legs or my eyes that you were interested in. No. No, it was winning the battle with the dimeras, and don't you dare deny it.

 Roman: Well, wouldn't say it had nothing to do with your legs or your eyes, kate. Yoyou are a very sexy, gorgeous woman.

 Kate: Uhh! God! 3E441260.JPG

 Roman: But it is true that when I first started hanging out with you, I was mainly interested in your past conction to stefano.

 Kate: And that's why you asked me out?

 Roman: Yes, it is.

 Kate: Oh, god, you bastard!

 Roman: But it didn't take me long to start falling for you.

 Kate: Bull!

 Roman: I was in denial about it for a while. My brother bo kept asking me, "are you sure you're not interested in kate?" But my sense of ethics wouldn't let me get involved with somebody I was investigating, not to mention the fact that you and my daughter sami hate each other. So dating you didn't seem like a real workable idea. But you got toe, kate. Yeah. Yeah, in the beginning I tried to manipulate you into letting go of your secrets. 3E441291.JPG

 Kate: Oh, god. I hate you.

 Roman: But it's not like that anymore, kate. It is not like that anymore. I care about you a lot -- a lot -- but I can still see the past tearing you upnse,e, and I just want to help you.

 Kate: Oh, please.

 Roman: Whatever stefano did to you, he left a deep hurt, and you're still suffering from it. What makes it worse is you are getting sucked right into tony's orbit. Don't let other r dimera hurt you, kate.

 Kate: The dimeras aren't doing anything to me. There's only one person who can hurt me now, and I'm looking at him.

 Bo: You want something?

 Shawn-d: No. 3E4412BF.JPG

 Bo: I didn't think asking you to come down here would get you all worked up. Just wanted to talk to you for a second -- you know, without your mom around.

 Shawn-d: I lost it there for a minute.

 Bo: You've seen one of those before. It's a list of suspects.

 Shawn-d: I've never seen my name on one before.

 Bo: Yeah, well, I had to list everyone who was a guest at the wedding. I'm sorry. I-I know any reminder of that night is kind of upsettg.G.

 Shawn-d: Why'd you ask me to come down here, dad?

 Bo: Well, something kind of strange. I found somethg in t the garbage at home.

 Shawn-d: In the garbage? 3E4412E0.JPG

 Bo: Yeah, something that shouldn't have been there. A dish towel. I know -- ha ha! You say, "a dish towel -- big deal." Right? But... um, your mom said it was a w w towel from a set that glen and barb sent over the summer.

 Shawn-d: I don't live there anymore, and even when I was there, I didn't pay much attention to the dish towels. Did you ask mom?

 Bo: Yeah. She didn't know anything about it, but she reminded me that you were over for dinner the other night.

 Shawn-d: Yeah?

 Bo: And that you took some scraps over to the neighbors' dog. I thought maybe on your way home you dropped the towel in the trash can, or something? 3E44130C.JPG

 Shawn-d: No. That's it? You asked me to come down here to talk about a sh t towel? What aren't you telling me, dad?

 Hope: I better eat something before I take this.

 John: Well, whoever's watching -- and I'm sureomomeone is -- is pretty well hidden. Yeah. Yeah, they can watch and they can listen all they want. I'm sure dimera never had a visitor here he didn't keep an eye on 24 hours, but it doesn't matter. It's not going to stop us from -- hey, doc?

 John: Honey.

 Marlena: It's okay. I'm stroerer now. That's why I can feel connecdd to the painting. 3E4413E6.JPG

 John: Oh, it's a good thing. So, you -- you're ready to face your memories, right?

 Marlena: Well, I won't run away. I can'T. I'm only a bit afraid of what we'll find when I do remember.

 John: I see. And what do you think we're going to find?

 Marlena: I'm afraid we may find that I've committed some sins that I can't forgive.

 Dr. Ash: I would like to take a look at to's post-op x-rays and test results.

 Craig: Fine. We'll go to my office, I'll have them sent up, and can consult.

 Dr. Ash: I'll see you shortly.

 Tony: I'll be here, unfortunately. Dr. Wesley's being far too cautious. 3E441415.JPG

 Rex: No. He's a good doctor.

 Tony: No, he's covering his derrire, in case of a malpractice suit.

 Rex: It sounds to me like he wants to make sure you have a full recovery.

 Tony: Ha ha. You're such an innocent, rex. I mean, you give everyone the benefit t the doubt. I admire it. But you are a man who dances to his own drummer -- the sign of a true independent thinker.

 Rex: People keep calling me that -- independent.

 Tony: But it's a compliment. Iteaeans you cannot be manipulated. I'd like to get to know you better. I mean, I think it's a process you and your sister and myself -- it's an undertaking we will take once I get home, make up all those arss at we lost as a family. You've suffered so many years of deprivation. I just know it made you stronger. I just wish I could have spared you the loneliness you -- oh, I'm sorry. Am I presuming too much? 3E441450.JPG

 Rex: Look, my sister is the one who was lonely, all right? She's the one that really needed a family to belong to. Look, I've adjusted to the way things are, but cassie still hopes that this fairy tale will come true, so if you want to worry about someone, worry about her, okay?

 Cassie: You know, I've never been to paris -- obviously, since I've never been anywhere -- but I was online shopping, and you ll notot believe it. It's amazing. I was going to help you pack, but I figure you're probably not taking that much, considering you'll be shopping for all the latest fashions --

 Belle: Cassie.

 Cassie: What?

 Belle: I still want to talk to you about shawn. 3E441476.JPG

 Cassie: Okay. What about shawn?

 Belle: He's been going through a really hard time lately because --

 Cassie: I know why he's going through a hard time.

 Belle: Okay, and I'm sure you know that it's been very hard for me to accept the fact that shawn needs --

 Cassie: Space?

 Belle: Yeah. He needs space because he needs to sort through all of this stuff by himself. Now, I'm hoping that you can respect that. Do you understand what I'm saying?

 Cassie:F f course. You don't want me seeing shawn while you're away.

 Shawn-d: Come on, dad, why are you so intense about finding a dish towel in the garbage? 3E44149A.JPG

 Bo: Your mom -- she's, you know, doing a lobebetter -- happier, more like her old self -- but, um, she's been forgetting things lately.

 Shawn-d: Okay. Like what? Like memory loss, or --

 Bo: No, no. You know, just... misplacing things, like everybody does. Just she seems to be worried about it, and so when I found this dish towel in the trash and I asked her about it, she didn't remember it, I -- you know what? It's no big deal. I thought maybe you did it, but you didn't, so that's that.

 Shawn-d: All right. I mean, you think mom -- she's going to be okay?

 Bo: Yeah, yeah. Younow, she's working real hard to get things back to normal, and I'm helping her as much as I can. We all just have to be patient, which isn't easy on a good day and harder lately. I just feel like I'm being pulled every which way. 3E4414D2.JPG

 Shawn-d: I know how you can change that. Take yourself off this case.

 John: Doc... you know, the fact of the matter is that you had absolutely no power over anything that happened to you when you were here all those years ago.

 Marlena: We don't know that I was powerless. That's the problem with repressed memories.

 John: No. No. What I meant was you were drugged -- remember? Under hypnosis? You remembered some man injecting you with a needle.

 Marlena: That could have been legitimate medical treatment.

 John: No, I don't believe that. You were frightened. I mean, you had the real tears going on, you were shaking like a leaf, and I had to hold you just to stop you. 3E4415A3.JPG

 Marlena: What if it turns out that I gave birth to rex and cassie, and gave them to stefano to raise?

 Belle: I would never tell you that you couldn't spend time with shawn at all. It's shawn's life. He can do what he wants. It's just --

 Cassie: I know that shawn says he wants space, but I doubt he wants to feel deserted, and you are leaving.

 Cassie: But I'm not going anywhere. I never do. And I'm going to be here for him so he's not completely alone.

 Belle: Cassie, can we be honest?

 Cassie: I know I ca

 Belle: No, I mean really honest. You've had a crush on shawn since the night you and rex fell out of the sky, since the night shawn gave you cpr, which was your first experience of what felt like a kiss, even though it wasn'T. 3E4415D7.JPG

 Cassie: I know what it was, and you're wrong.

 Belle: I'm wrong.

 Cassie: What I feel for shawn is not a crush. Not anymore.

 Tony: So, how is cassie suffering?

 Rex: I don't know how to explain it to you, tony. You know, we grew up without parents. Now, that didn't make me one way or another, but it formed cassie. She's desperate for love. It makes her reckless.

 Tony: But she's always had you -- her brother.

 Rex: Tony, I'm not enough. You know, she needs a family. She needs a home. She needs people to belong to.

 Tony: And I'm gngng to give her all that. I've pledged to both of you the same thing. You cacount on me and the dimeras. 3E441601.JPG

 Rex: The dimeras? The same family that locked us up and experimented on us? The dimeras turned us into freaks!

 Bo: I can't walk out on an investigation.

 Shawn-d: You're not irreplaceable, dad. Okay, y-you're a great detective, but uncle roman or abe -- they can take this case. We need you at home.

 Bo: I'm collecting a paycheck here. I can't do that unless I show up for my shift and work my butt off.

 Shawn-d: Well, you've got to have some time coming. I mean, why don't you just take a leave or something? You don't need to know who killed murphy.

 Bo: Yeah, I do. 3E44161C.JPG

 Shawn-d: Why? Okay, I know he was technically our cousin, but I know you didn't like him. What do you care who killed him?

 Bo: Shawn, I love my family more than anything, but I also love this town, and we got a killer out there, walking around free. Until I find him, nobody's going to be safe. And I will find him and put him away.

 Hope: Hmm. Therarare more pills in here than... did I leave the door open?

 Larry: Hello, hope.

 Hope: You're dead. You're not real. I'm going to fight you. I'll get rid of you.

 Larry: There's only one way you can get rid of me, hope.

 Roman: You really think I'm going to hurt you? 3E44171E.JPG

 Kate: You just admitted to me that the only reason you came after me was for information.

 Roman: And I also just apogized for that. I care about you now, kate.

 Kate: Oh, I see, I see. And I'm supposed to just take your word for that? I'd have to be pretty stupid. Hmm? And I am. I am, because I let you get me between the sheets, but you know something? It was a vulnerable time for me. I thought you were so hot for me.

 Roman: I was hot for you! I am hot for you all the time. I can't fake that.

 Kate: Oh, really? Come on, roman, you hadn't been with a woman in so long, you would have unzipped it for anything in a skirt. 3E44173F.JPG

 Roman: Oh, man! Easy now!

 Kate: Oh, dot t be so shocked. I know whamen are like. Believe me. You aren't any different. You were just taking what you could get because I made it so easy for you. That was the extent of your caring.

 Roman: I'm damned if I do, damned if I don'T. Marlena sure as hell was wrong.

 Kate: Marlena? Marlena? You told marlena about us?

 Roman: Yeah, I talked to her! What about it?

 Kate: What are you trying to do, roman, make marlena jealous?

 Belle: Cassie, are you telling me that your feelings for shawn have gone beyond the crush phase?

 Cassie: We've grown so close now because we've shed so much with each other. The only other relationship I've ever had like that is with rex. 3E44176C.JPG

 Belle: So you're saying you see shawn as more of a brother.

 Cassie: I'd call him more of a best friend, which is a relief.

 Belle: Yeah. Um... s s shawn confided in you on what he's going tough right now?

 Cassie: Mm-hmm.

 Belle: Really.

 Cassie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but you did say we should be honest.

 Belle: No, cassie, you're -- you're not the one hurting me. Look, if you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a little while.

 Cassie: Okay.

[ Sighs ] Oh, um, if you need any help packing, just let me know.

 Belle: Thanks.

 Cassie: Be careful when you ask for honesty. You may hear things you don't like. Oh, well. 3E44179F.JPG

 Shawn-d: I feel like that night is going to last the rest of my life, that it will never be over.

 Bo: Well, it was a pretty rough experience for you -- go to a wedding and wind up in the middle of a murder investigation. Is belle still freaked about finding colin's bo??

 Shawn-d: I don't know. I haven't talked to her much lately.

 Bo: Why not?

 Shawn-d: I'm busy with college. That's why I haven't been by the house much lately. Whoa!

 Bo: Hey.

 Shawn-d: I better go.

 Bo: Hey, is there something else going on here I should know about?

 Shawn-d: No, no. Dad, everything's fine. You asked to see me. I -- mom's the one you need to be worried about, okay? Go home. Be with her. 3E4417C3.JPG

 Bo: Hey, whoa. Slow down. Yowant to talk -- you know, about school, belle, whatever's on your mind?

 Shawn-d: Dad, I got a class.

 Bo: Okay. If you ever do need to talk or anything...

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I know where to find you. Might as well live here.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Shawn-d: Yeah?

 Cassie: It's cassie. Where are you?

 Shawn-d: The police station.

 Cassie: Oh, my god. Why?

 Shawn-d: My dad wanted to ask me about some stuff.

 Cassie: You mean about --

 Shawn-d: No, no, no. He's just worried about my mom, and... I started to act really weird, and he's worried about me. I don't blame him 'cause I'm worried about me 'cause I don't know who I am anymore. I-I can't keep this inside. I got to tell someone what I did. 3E4417EC.JPG

 Cassie: Shawnyoyou need to come and pick me up, okay? You need me to help you. I'm -- I'm at the dorm. I'll be waiting for you.

 Larry: I don't know why you want to get rid of me, hope. You're here all alone. You must want my company, or you wouldn't keep imagining that I'm with you. But if you must, there's only one thing that'll work -- you've got to confess to colin's murder. You've got to admit that you did the deed...

 Hope: I'm not listening to you.

 Larry: ...That you killed brady's cousin.

 Hope: I'm not listening to you! You're not going to haunt me anymore. You're not going to haunt me anymore. 3E44190A.JPG

 Tony: My father made many mistakes in his life, but none so grave as bringing you and cassie in to use you for his own ends. You're not freaks. You're wonderful, sensitive human beings who deserve another chance for a nmamal life, and I wille yoyou that. Imagine -- home and hearth, family, even a dog, snoozing on a rug in front of a fire. Whatever you need.

 Rex: Look, we don't need anything that complicated. Just the simple things. They're the things atat really matter, especially for cassie.

 Tony: What a brother you are, rex. I've heard you. I'll pay special attention to cassie's needs for security and love. 3E44193C.JPG

[ Door opens ]

 Tony: Doctor! Oh! Good news, I hope.

 Rex: I got to get back to school.

 Tony: Oh, I meant every word I said.

 Rex: Words don't impress me.

 Tony: Fair enough, but I'll prove to you that I spoke the truth as soon as I'm sprung from this place.

 Rex: I'll see you later.

 Tony: So, when do i get out of here?

 Dr. Ash: Unfortunately, dr. Wesley is the officious type. He insists on keeping you here.

 Tony: You come at a high price. Change his mind now! Because you and I both know I'm far better off recuperating at home. 3E441971.JPG

 Marlena: There'sosomething about this painting.

 John: What, do you think you remember seeing it all those years ago?

 Marlena: It isn't a memory of what I saw. It'S... it's the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I heard that the whole time that I was here. You know how much I've always loved to be near the ocean. It's so... so soothing... so comforting. That's what the sound did for me when I was here.

C calmed me. I was having all those feelings. The feelings were overwhelming.

 John: What kind of feelings? Fear?

 Marlena: I don't know.

 John: Yeah, well, don't worry about it. It'll -- it'll come to you. 3E4419C7.JPG

 John: Doc? Hey, hey, what's going on? Come on, what's going on?

 Marlena: It wasn't fear. It wasn't fear. It was... grief. Why would I be feeling so sad? Could b be because I gave up my children?

 Hope: I don't really need to take this. If I do, it's like saying I'm not okay that I need medication to erase larry from my mind. I don't need it. I don't need it. I faced him down, and I won. I did it without taking this pill. I shut the image of larry out. I did it! Wait a minute. I ran toward larry, but before I got there... he ran. He didn't just fade away lilike he did before. He ran. He ran. 3E441AE6.JPG

 Roman: Make marlena jealous? What the hell do you think this is, kate -- junior high?

 Kate: Well, that's the level most men operate on -- testosterone and manipulation.

 Roman: I'm not most men, and I'm sure as hell not the jerks you wasted your time on. Yes, I went to see marnana as a friend. It's no secret I was in love with marlena for years, but that is in the past.

 Kate: A love that strong is never in the past.

 Roman: I know exactly how strong it was. What else do I have to say to get through to you, kate? You are the woman I want, and I sure as hell thought I proved that the last few times we were together.

 Kate: You don't want me. You're using me. You're using mtoto get what you really want. 3E441B14.JPG

 Cassie: Aren't we going to go in? You want to check on your mom, don't you?

S shawn-d: Her car's gone.

 Cassie: Oh. Why e e you worried about her? If you don't mind my asking.

 Shawn-d: My dad sd thatat she's been forgetting stuff lately, like she'll throw something out by mistake. He'll ask her about it, she just won't remember anything about it. She's just been really freaked out since the night colin was murdered.

 Cassie: Were she and colin close?

 Shawn-d: No, no, but you have to understand my mom. She's just -- she's a very sensitive person, and things affect her very deeply. 3E441B38.JPG

 Cassie: I relate to that.

 Shawn-d: Anyhow, she was just starting to gebaback to normal. You know, feeling good about life again. She was excited about going to the wedding and getting dressed up for new year's eve, and -- and now she's scared, sc l like when she was kidnapped by larry welch.

 Cassie: Well, he's dead.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, but she thinks some crazy killer's out on the loose. She doesn't realize that that crazy killer is me.

 Cassie: Shawn, you're not crazy and you're not a killer.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I feel like am!

 Cassie: You know, you need to find some way to calm down.

 Hope: Hey.

 Bo: Hey. What areouou doing he?E? 3E441B6D.JPG

 Hope: Bo, larry...

 Bo: You saw him again?

 Hope: I opened the front door and there he was. He was right there on the porch. He was talking to me. Heaiaid that I had to coesess to colin's murder, that it was the only way to t t rid of him. Bo: Hope --

 Hope: Just listen to me, okay? Because this wasn't like the other times. He seemerereal -- I mean really real. The way he looked at me, and -- brady, he was taunting me the way he did when he had kidnapped me, and I ju-- oh, god! I can't tell you how I felt -- like I was back in that room, locked up again. I had to do something. I had to get rid of him, mamake him disappear. 3E441B90.JPG

 Bo: Well, good for you.

 Hope: No. Good for me? The thing is, is he didn't disappear. He t turned and he ran. God, I'm shaking. I'm scared. Because when I saw larry this time, brady, it was really hard to believe that he was just in my head.

 Craig: Tony. You know you're gambling with your recovery by leaving the hospital so quickly, right?

 Tony: Be a good chief of staff. Get one of your minions to draw up my discharge papers.

 Craig: I'm going on record thatat I'm against this.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

 Tony: Tony dimera. Yes, rolf. What? Oh, I see. Ah. Keep me posted, will you? So john and marlena are on the dimera compound, huh? Riright on schedule. Almost too predictable, though. Hmm. 3E441C53.JPG

[ Chuckles ] Ah...

 John: Hey, honey. Doc, doc, doc... listen, you know, the way I see this is that there's really no way of knowing what you were feeling all those years ago.

 Marlena: The feelings were so strong, and it's breaking my heart.

[ Sobbing ]

 John: Hey, come on, come on. Don't think about it. Let's, um, let's go outside and get some air. It'll clear our heads. Co on.N.

 Marlena: No, no, I have to stay with the grief. It's connecting me to something.

Rockabye baby

on the treetop

when the wind blows

the cradlwi r r 3E441C8B.JPG

when the boh h breaks

the cradle will fall

 Man: You did the right thing, marlena. You won't regret it.

 Marlena: He told me I wouldn't regret it!

 John: Who told you? What did he think you wouldn't regret?

 Roman: Kate, do you know it kills me to see you hurting like this?

 Kate: Roman, leave me alone.

 Roman: Well, that is the last thing I want to do, but I will... ifif that's what you really want.

 Kate: Yes.

 Roman: Okay. Okay. But I'm not givingP. I'm not playacting here, kate. You mean a lot to me, and I'm going to keep telling you that until you believe it. You need to trust somebody. Let it be me. 3E441CF3.JPG

[ Knock on door ]

 Belle: Who is it?

 Rex: It's rex.

 Belle: Come in.

 Rex: Hey. Have you seen cassie?

 Belle: Hey. Oh, uh, ahah. I saw her at the hospital and I drove her back here, but she left. She's probably somewhere with shawn. You know, shawn doesn't trust me enough to talk to me, but he can confide in cassie. It's okay, 'cause shawn won't have to worry about protecting me anymore. I won't be here. Ll b be thousands of miles away.

 Cassie: What's that?

 Shawn-d: It's a prescription of my mom'S.

 Cassie: What's it for?

 Shawn-d: It's sort of like a tranquilizer. 3E441D2F.JPG

 Cassie: A tranquilizer? That's what you need.

 Bo: Hey, I'm glad you came by and told me. You're really geing strong with this larry thing. All you got to do now is just put him out of your mind for good.

 Hope: How do I do that? You know what?

 Bo: What?

 Hope: Hold that thought. I'm going to the ladies' room. I'll be right back, okay?

 Bo: Okay.

 Bo: [ Thinking ] Larry seemed more real this time... and he told her to confess to colin's murder, a murder that haenen after larry died... or did he die?

 Roman: If you really think that larry's still alive, I'll reinstate those 'round-the-clock guards in front of your house. 3E441D62.JPG

 Bo: He can't be alive. I shot him in the chest.

 Roman: Unless he wore a vest.

 Bo: Is it possible? Is hope seeing the real larry? Is that bastard sill alive?

 Jennifer: Jack, I have the results.

 Cassie: Shawn, maybe you should take one. It might make you feel bte

 Bo: You left her there alone?

 Larry: When I'm through with you, hope, you're going to need more than tea and sympathy.

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