Days Transcript Wednesday 2/5/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  2/5/03--Canada; 2/6/03--USA

By Eric

Kate: Oh! Thank you.

 Woman: Mm-hmm.

 Kate: Hello.

 Tony: Oh! Well... to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?

 Kate: I heard about your accident, and I thought you could use the cheer-up.

 Tony: Oh! Why, thank you. It's the perfect antidote for the aroma of disinfectant.

 Kate: [ Laughs ] I thought you'd like them.

 Tony: Yes, they're lovely, although I suspect you'd prefer to send them to my funeral.

 Brandon: Where is annie sessions' chart?

 Sami: Ahem. Um, we have to talk.

 Brandon: I'm busy, samantha.

 Sami: Look, what I said earlier about you having to choose between me and nicole --

 Brandon: I know. You meant it. 3E416DC9.JPG

 Roman: You okay?

 Sami: Fabulous.

 Roman: Why don't i believe that? Did something happen with you and brandon?

 Sami: It's, um, it's just been a busy night. Um, what are you doing here, dad?

 Roman: Police business. What room is tony dimera in?

 Sami: Oh, 211. But I don't think he wants to be disturbed right now.

 Roman: Why, is he busy cloning himself?

 Sami: Ha ha ha. No. Actually, kate went to see him. She had a big bunch of flowers with her. What's with you and kate, dad? Trouble in paradise?

 Jennifer: We are going to get in over our heads, okay? And it's no good, and I can't face it. Can you understand that? 3E416DF7.JPG

 Jack: No. What's really going on here, jennifer? Come on, what aren't you telling me? Just tell me.

 Bo: Jen...

 Jennifer: I couldn't find the tea, uh... so I-I opened the drawer, and this was there.

 Bo: I found it in a trash can outside. I brought it in to bag it when I heard hope confessing to you. She did not kill colin.

 Jennifer: No, of course not. I mean, really, how many times has the trash been emptied since new year's day? Anybody could have put this in there.

 Bo: Yeah. The problem is, hope doesn't remember everything that happened that night... so I'm going to make absolutely sure I know exactly what we're dealing with here. 3E416E2C.JPG

 Jennifer: Are you going to tell her that you found this?

 Bo: No. No. Do I have to ask you to keep it quiet?

 Jennifer: No, I'm not going to say anything. But you're going to call roman and abe, right?

 Bo: No. I'm going to deal with this thing my way.

 Jennifer: I just think that we are stirring up trouble for ourselves, okay? This whole murder investigation -- promise me that you will leave it to the police. Promise me, jack.

 Jack: But why should I --

[ Telephone rings ]

 Jennifer: Hello?

 Bo: Hey, jen, um, just wanted you to know I dropped off that bloody towel at a private lab that john recommended. We should have the results soon. 3E416E5A.JPG

 Jennifer: Uh...that's good. Good.

 Bo: The real reason I called is...I hope I didn't put you on the spot by asking you to keep this thing quiet. You know, I know I did that to you before, when hope and lexie were presumed dead and, you know, just kind of put you in an awkward place.

 Jennifer: That's true, yes.

 Jack: Who is it?

 Jennifer: Uh, can you hold on for one second? It's bo.

 Jack: Yeah? What does he want? Is that why you're so upset? Did something happen when you went to visit hope?

 Hope: It's the basement, hope. You've been down here a thousand times. There is absolutely nothing to be -- [ Gasps ] Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Xax g89k(b-aw<5%>q;evyo>L1% 3E416F59.JPG

 Jennifer: What happened when I went to visit hope? N-nothing. Nothing happened. Not a thing.

 Bo: Aha...jack's with you?

 Jennifer: Uh, that's okay. Thanks for calling.

 Jack: What was that all about?

 Jennifer: Could you, uh, switch off the investigative reporter? It's after hours.

 Jack: Sure, sure. Sorry.

 Jennifer: Bo just called to, um, to thank me for -- for coming by.

 Jack: So, how about hope? Is she feeling any better?

 Jennifer: She, uh... she's just tryg g to recover, you know, from everything that's happened to her, but it's hard. Larry welch put her through hell, and she's having residual effects from that, jack. 3E416F8F.JPG

 Jack: Like what?

 Jennifer: And I hate myself for what I did, and I know that colin is going to be part of my life forever now, hope.

 Hope: No, don't think that --

 Jennifer: Yes, he is. There is no way that I can forget about him.

 Hope: Yes, you've got to.

 Jennifer: How? How? I am carrying his child, hope.

 Hope: Colin is gone. He's dead. I killed --

 Jack: Jennifer... talk to me. Tell me what's wrong.

 Bo: Hope? I'm home.

 Bo: Fancy face? What the hell... hope?

 Hope: [ Grunting ]

 Bo: Everything okay?

 Hope: [ Grunting ]

 Bo: What are you doing?

 Hope: I'm trying to get back into shape. 3E416FCF.JPG

 Bo: What brought this on?

 Hope: I signed up for a refresher course in self-defense.

 Bo: At this time of night?

 Hope: I used to be pretty good when I was on the force, remember? I'm just trying to polish up my skills. Don't try and mess with me. Don't even think about it!

[ Grunting ]

 Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

 Hope: [ Grunting ]

 Bo: Hey, hey, this is not the way to get rid of larry.

 Bo: You can't get rid of him by taking a class or putting on the gloves. Look, I, um, picked up this prescription that marlena wrote out for you, if you want to try the medication, but I personally think that therapy's the only way you're going to get rid of those demons. 3E417007.JPG

 Hope: "Take as needed for anxiety. Not to exceed more than four tablets daily."

 Bo: Hey. I love you. I'm going to be with you every step of the way... helping you fight those fears. Look, larry's dead. He's nothing but a ghost.

 Larry: You know what your problem is, detective brady? You're just too damn aggressive. Pushy. Rummaging through garbage, taking things that aren't meant for you. I should have known, I should have known, I should have known you would grab that bloody towel before hope could find it. Why the hell did I expect things to go smoothly with you around screwing things up? Maybe, on the otr r hand... you know, this just might work in my favor. Maybe it'll plant a seed in that tiny little brain of yours, convince you that your perfect little wife just might be a cold-blooded killer. 3E4170C6.JPG

 Romanststop. You do not start in. Do not make snide remarks about me and kate or me and anybody else, for that matter. I won't stand for it.

 Sami: Talk about overreacting.

 Roman: Get back to work.

 Sami: Dad, all right, I'm sorry, okay? Look, I-I know that I'm annoying sometimes and that I can be a brat sometimes.

 Roman: Sometimes?

 Sami: I'm sorry, okay? I just -- I just worry about you getting hurt.

 Roman: Well, don'T.

 Sami: Look, she is all wrong for you, dad!

 Roman: I'll be the judge of that.

 Sami: You're depressed about something. 3E4170E4.JPG

 Roman: I am fine.

 Sami: What has she done to you?

 Roman: Will you just stop?

 Sami: I keep telling you she doesn't really care about you. She doesn't have it in her to care about anyone.

 Roman: Sami, that's enough!

 Sami: Her and her dirty little secrets.

 Roman: What? What do you know about kate's secrets?

 Sami: Nothing. She's just always acting like she's hiding soththing.

 Roman: Be specific.

 Sami: That doesn't matter. The point is, I know that she is not the right woman for you.

 Roman: You do not know that! Let me go out on a big limb here and say you don't know squat about who's right for me, you, or anybody else, so for you to even have an opinion about who I should or shouldn't be dating... 3E417106.JPG

 Sami: Oh, dad, you're -- you're being so mean.

 Roman: What, you can hand out criticism, be judgmental, but you can't take it yourself?

 Sami: I'm not upset about that. It just -- I had a fight with brandon earlier and that's why I'm upset, and I'm just taking it out on you. Dad, my love life is falling apart. Dad...

 Roman: Hey, come here. Come here, come here.

 Sami: Why can't anything ever work out for me?

 Roman: Look, it's not just you, all right? It's just the way things are. Look, just because you love somebody doesn't guarantee you a happy ending.

 Sami: I don't want to be alone. 3E417137.JPG

 Roman: Neither do I.

 Sami: You know what? I'm going to fix it. I am going to make it better. I'll make up with brandon. I'll cook him a nice dinner and put on some sexy music --

 Roman: Hey, I get the idea, all right?

 Sami: I'm sorry, daddy. Look, we've had fights before and I have managed to fix it, and I'm just going to fix this one, too.

 Roman: Well, you are determined, I'll give you that.

 Sami: And now I had better get back to work before brenda has me fired.

 Roman: All right, go.

 Sami: Thanks, dad. Oh, um, I wanted to ask you about colin's murder. Do you have any leads or suspects or anything?

 Brandon: That's none of your business. 3E41715A.JPG

 Sami: Brandon.

 Brandon: I don't want you shooting your mouth off about colin's murder, you understand? Just lay off it.

 Kate: Now, why would I want one of salem's few witty men to die? Witty and handsome -- the daily double.

 Tony: Yes. Ha ha ha. Well, I'm quite useful when it comes to making captain brady jealous. Well, isn't that what was going on the night we were together?

 Ke:E: No. No, not at all. Actually, I was very grateful to you that night in tuscany. You saved me from a very boring dinner. Although, of course, if you find reliving hockey tournaments exciting, then roman brady is absolutely scintillating company. What? 3E41718C.JPG

 Tony: I can't help wondering why you're really here.

 Kate: Well, I'm not here to discuss raymond grant or stefano's secret bequest... although I'm sure you have enough sense not to bring those matters up again.

 Tony: I don't have to. You just did, and quite deliberately. Why?

 Kate: Well, maybe I want to absolutely settle the matter -- that you will never know any more about those things than you already do, and if you continue to press the fact -- well, then our relationship is over.

 Tony: Ha ha ha. Oh... I didn't know we had a relationship.

 Kate: You never know what the future may hold.

 Tony: Or what secrets the past, and how they may affect the future. Oh, yes... speaking of the past, I have some good news for you. A miracle. 3E4171C3.JPG

 Kate: What?

 Tony: My family's expanding.

 Kate: Ah, yes. Well, I heard that lexie was expecting finally.

 Tony: No, no, I was referring to the twins -- cassie and rex.

 Kate: What about them?

 Tony: Well, I have reason to believe I may be their father.

 Roman: You know what, brandon? Um, that's kind of interesting. Why don't you want my daughter talking to me about this murder?

 Brandon: Samantha likes to hypothesize, and idle speculation -- well, it can get a lot of people into trouble.

 Roman: Do you have any information you haven't already given me?

 Sami: No. Dad, you have questioned me, like, a million times. I know that tony dimera's your prime suspect. That's why you're here, isn't it? 3E4172C5.JPG

 Roman: You helped finger him.

 Sami: Well, yeah, because he threatened colin, but that doesn't mean that he actually whacked him. It could he been anyone!

 Roman: Like who?

 Sami: Look, I don't know. Brandon's right. I should stay out of it.

 Brandon: You know, samantha, I have a few minutes before my next patient. We ought to talk.

 Sami: Excuse me, dad.

 Roman: Sure.

 Sami: Oh, um, good luck with kate, okay?

 Brandon: What the hell is wrong with you?

 Sam pardon me?

 Brandon: If I hadn't happened to walk by just now, what were you going to tell your father?

 Sami: Nothing! We were just shooting the breeze. 3E4172F8.JPG

 Brandon: Bull.

 Sami: Look, dentists talk to their kids about teeth and, you know, cops talk about their crimes.

 Brandon: You were about to point the finger at nicole.

 Sami: I was not.

 Brandon: Don't lie to me.

 Sami: Look, I had to ask him about tony, okay? And then I wanted to make sure that they weren't investigating nicole -- okay? D did you just bring me out here to yell at me?

 Brandon: No. I've been thinking about it, samantha, and... there's something I have to tell you, something you're not going to want to hear.

 Sami: Oh, my god. Are you saying it's over between us? 3E417324.JPG

 Kate: So, the mother of the twins -- marlena, perhaps?

 Tony: Why would you think that?

 Kate: Stefano -- he bequeathed her that pillow with the gemini constellation on the back. Everyone knows that he imprisoned her for years. She has no memory of where she was or what happened. My poor friend. She must feel terrible about all the years she lost with those twins.

 Roman: What are you talking about? Marlena more than made up for any time she missed with sami and eric.

 Kate: Well, hello, roman.

 Roman: What are you doing, talking with him about my kids? 3E417351.JPG

 Kate: I'm not. I'm talking about the gemini twins.

 Roman: Marlena's not their mother. What the hell kind of ideas are you putting in kate's head?

 Tony: Hmm.

 Bo: Did you see him again?

 Hope: I'm fine.

 Bo: Okay. Answer the question. Did you see him again -- larry welch?

 Hope: Split second, but I know he's dead. I know that seeing him is a symptom of this post-traumatic stress I've been experiencing.

 Bo: Okay. Why the gloves and the punching bag?

 Hope: Part of my recovery.

 Bo: There's no one to punch.

 Hope: Maybe not... but I need to do this just the same. Brady, my recovery isn't as simple as taking pills like a good little girl and keeping my appointments with marlena. No, it also has a lot to do with how I feel -- about me, my self-confidence. And when I was on the force, I was training and working out all the time. I had a different sense about myself. I walked differently. I felt that whatever came up I could handle it. I've lost that in recent years. 3E41739D.JPG

 Bo: You've been a full-time mom.

 Hope: I feel too vulnerable. I need to empower myself. I don't ever want to be a victim again, or go through life with a ripple of this fear always at the back of my neck every time I walk into a narrow space or see a shadow.

 Bo: I understand that.

 Hope: That's why I signed up for the self-defense class.

 Bo: Okay. Workouts -- they're a good way to relieve stress.

 Hope: Not to mention the endorphins, brady.

 Bo: Ooh. Ha ha! Love those endorphins. Come here.

 Hope: I'm not discounting the therapy.

 Bo: Mm.

 Hope: But I'm determined to do everything I can to protect myself, and you know what? 3E4173CC.JPG

 Bo: What?

 Hope: I am going to come out of this even stronger than I was before.

 Bo: Of course you will.

 Hope: All right, where's that medication? Let's start it right now. 'Cause larry welch is never going to get me ever again.

 Larry: No, even if that towel doesn't freak hope out or raise the suspicions of the great detective, bo still can't connect it to me. Ha ha. That's the good news about being dead -- I'm not to blame. Heck, I'm just a poor innocent ghost. But here's some bad news -- hope's got a new prescription, and these pills are definitely not what the doctor ordered.

 Jennifer: Oh...

 Jack: It's written all over your face. There's something wrong, and you're keeping it from me. 3E41740F.JPG

 Jennifer: I'm not, jack. All right? I'm not. I'm -- I'm tired, and -- and I don't feel well, that's all.

 Jack: It's okay! It's all right. It's okay. Don't worry about it. It's just water. The fact is, if you weren't feeling well, maybe you shouldn't have gone out.

 Jennifer: I had to go out.

 Jack: Why? What is so important?

 Jennifer: Just -- I had to talk to hope, that's all.

 Jack: But you couldn't talk to me and tell me what's bothering you?

 Jennifer: I can'T.

 Jack: You can. You know, you said that you love me.

 Jennifer: I do. 3E417430.JPG

 Jack: And yet you're keeping secrets from me again.

 Jennifer: It's because I love you so much that I can't tell you --

 Jack: Tell me what?

 Jennifer: That I think I'm pregnant y, it's me.

  Jennifer: Oh.

 Jack: You think you're pregnant. Are you saying...

 Jennifer: I'm saying that... that it would be colin's, that it would be his baby. 3E41750A.JPG

 Jack: No.

 Jennifer: I mean, the one time, and I wasn't even thinking, jack, I was... I was so desperate to save you. He threatened your life, and I was going to do anything to keep him from leaving that room. He was going to hunt you down and kill you, jack, I know it.

 Jack: I think maybe you're jumping to conclusions. Maybe it was this one time.

 Jennifer: I'm not. I'm not jumping to conclusions. Jack, I have morning sickness. I have fatigue. I'm tired. I...

 Jack: You have the flu. That's what you have. You've got the flu. And you got a stomach flu...

 Jennifer: I don't know. I may have the flu, jack. I haven't even taken a pregnancy test. I don't know. Maybe I do have the flu. 3E417532.JPG

 Jack: You haven't taken a test? Jennifer, why haven't you taken the test?

 Larry: Forging marlena's signature for this prescription was a bitch. But, you know, it's going to pay off big time. There's just one last detail I got to take care of before I move on to step two of my new plan. Hope, honey, you're going down.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Bo: Brady.

 Woman: It's amy, christopher dunn's assistant at the lab.

 Bo: Oh, hey, thanks for getting back to me so quick.

 Amy: Yeah, I ran those tests on that blood sample you brought in. The stuff on the dish towel turned out to be chicken blood. 3E417573.JPG

 Bo: There's nothing human?

 Amy: No, sir.

 Bo: Oh, great. I appreciate the quick work, and good night. Oh, man, that's a relief.

 Hope: Brady?

 Bo: What?

 Hope: Uh, I picked up the phone in the kitchen. I couldn't help overhearing. What t this about a towel with blood?

 Bo: I found it in our garbage can.

 Hope: You had it tested because you believed itas human blood.

 Bo: I just needed to check it out.

 Hope: So you believe me. You think it was me who killed colin, don't you?

 Brandon: I honestly don't know if we're through. One thing I do know, if we continue this relationship, we're going to have to make some big changes.

 Sami: Absolutely. I totally agree. I can change, just as long as I know you want to make this relationship work. You do, don't you? 3E417680.JPG

 Brandon: Yes, but --

 Sami: Oh, brandon.

 Brandon: But, samantha, I am not choosing between you and my sister, now or ever, and you had no right to ask me to do that.

 Sami: The words just came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I have totally regretted saying it.

 Brandon: And the whole idea is -- it's crazy.

 Sami: If someone told me I had to choose between you and eric, I would tell them that they were totally crazy, insane, nuts, totally...

 Brandon: I love you.

 Sami: I love you, too, brandon.

 Brandon: And I understand how you feel about nicky, and I don't expect you guys to be friends. But I do expect for you to accept that she is my sister, and I would never let anyone harm her or cause her any grief. I mean, she's my blood. You have to respect that. 3E4176B0.JPG

 Sami: I do.

 Brandon: I don't think you do -- not from what I just heard between you and your father.

 Sami: I already explained that.

 Brandon: Well, why can't you just stay ouofof it? Why do you have to bring up the murder investigation at all?

 Sami: Look, I was just asking a simple question.

 Brandon: Like hell you were. You were trying to point the finger at nicole.

 Sami: No, I just wanted to see if they suspect her.

 Brandon: You were trying to put the thought in his head.

 Sami: No, look, you told me that if nicole gets arrested, you're going to confess, that you're going to go to jail on her behalf. Look, I just -- I need to make sure that that doesn't happen, so I wanted to know if the cops have turned up anything. 3E4176D0.JPG

 Brandon: No one is going to arrest my sister.

 Sami: That is something I've always admired about you -- your willingness to go the distance, that you never give up. I mean, you proved it to me in italy, and you proved it to lexie, even though I was so jealous of all the time you spent with her. I really admire that you'll do anything for your friends, brandon, and... why, when I do it, is it so bad?

 Brandon: Samantha, don'T.

 Sami: Look, I would do anything for you, brandon. Why is that so wrong?

 Brandon: Because I don't know if you're alally trying to help me or you're just helping yourself -- again. 3E417701.JPG

 Tony: Well, all I said to kate was I may be the twins' father.

 Roman: How do you figure that, tony?

 Tony: Well, I just went through surgy.Y. I needed a transfusion. Then I found out that my young ward cassie -- she has the same rare blood marker I do.

 Roman: So bingo, you're the father.

 Tony: Well, when put together, I think it's a logical conclusion.

 Roman: Well, how the hell do you jump from that to marlena being their mother?

 Tony: Oh, I didn'T. Kate did.

 Roman: Ah, kate did, huh? What about marlena? Does she think it's a possibility? 3E417721.JPG

 Tony: Oh, I wouldn't want to assume.

 Roman: You know what, kate? I'd like to talk to tony alone if I could. Will you excuse us, please?

 Kate: Oh, yes, of course. Enjoy the flowers.

 Tony: Oh, kate, thank you, and please, you're welcome to come visit anytime.

 Kate: Thank you. I will.

 Tony: So tell me, did you shoo kate away because you thought what she was saying was true, about marlena and me?

 Roman: Nice try, tony, but I'm not going to take the bait. No, I am here to, uh, update you on the hit-and-run.

 Tony: Oh, you found out who ran me over, huh?

 Roman: Well, we do have a license plate number, but it turns out that car was reported stolen that very same morning. 3E41774C.JPG

 Tony: Oh. So what you're telling me is you've come up empty-handed. Why am I not surprised?

 Roman: Have you remembered anything else?

 Tony: Well, just that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but good thing I pushed brady to safety. But I've heard that he went through a previous painful bout of paralysis. Your fault. If the story's true...

 Roman: The department will keep you posted on the investigation.

 Tony: Captain... you do wish that the car had killed me, don't you?

 Roman: Now, why would i wish something like that on an innocent man?

 Tony: Ahh. 3E417822.JPG

 Tony: Oh, dr. Ash. Thank you so much for flying out.

 Dr. Ash: There's nothing I wouldn't do for your family, sir. Dr. Rolf has apprised me of your injuries. I've just notified the hospital I'll be consulting in your case. Are you up for an examination?

 Tony: Of course. There's so much to do.

 Kate: "Marlena -- I just visited tony. I'm concerned about something he said. I must talk to you soon."

 Roman: Kate.

 Kate: What, are you following me?

 Roman: I was looking for marlena. What's your excuse? What's that in your hand?

 Kate: A note. 3E417860.JPG

 Kate: Well... I think we should leave, don't you?

 Roman: Kate, let me buy you a cup of coffee.

 Kate: Listen, roman, I really don't have the time.

 Roman: Well, make the time, 'cause I'm exactly what you need right now.

 Jennifer: I don't want to admit that it's true. I just keep pushing the thought away.

 Jack: You got to take that test, jennifer. You got to find out for sure.

 Jennifer: I know that. I know that.

 Jack: I mean, this could very easily be a false alarm.

 Jennifer: What if I am pregnant? What does that do to abby or to you or -- or the possibility of our future together? 3E417898.JPG

 Jack: I-I mean... this may -- it may all just be nothing. Look, you feel guilty about what happened with colin. I know that. And you're jumping to the wrong -- the worst possible conclusion just to punish yourself. That's what you're doing.

 Jennifer: Jack, I fainted in hope's yard. As symptoms go, that's a pretty hard one to ignore. Jack, look at me.

 Jennifer: How will you feel if I am pregnant with colin's baby?

 Bo: No, hope, I don't believe you. I don't think you killed colin murphy.

 Hope: Then why go to the trouble and the expense of having some test done? 3E4178CA.JPG

 Bo: There was a bloody towel in our garbage. I wanted to check it out.

 Hope: You didn't ask me about it. In fact, you didn't even mention it.

 Bo: I didn't want to upset you, have you speculating again. You know, like you did when you cut your hand, you had blood on your hand the night that --

 Hope: The night thacocolin was murdered.

 Bo: Would you please listen to me? You're not a killer.

 Hope: I would have killed larry to protect our boys. I would have killed larry to protect you. You know what? Maybe that's what happened. Maybe I killed colin thinking that it was larry. 3E4178E9.JPG

 Bo: Please, let's not go there.

 Hope: How can I not go there?

 Bo: Hope, this is nothing with the towel. You heard the lady on the phone. It was chick blood, that's all. No big deal.

 Hope: I am confused.

 Bo: Well, the only thing that confuses me is how a bloody towel got in our garbage. Did you put it there?

 Hope: No.

 Bo: Who the hell did?

 Larry: Larry, my man... you're never at a loss. Bo shoots me dead, I come back as a ghost to haunt hope. Bo finds the bloody towel, I'm already way ahead of him with plan number 2. Hope... once you take these pills, you're never goi to need a refill. Guys. That's great. Go wash up. 3E417981.JPG

 Sami: I was trying to do both. I wanted to help you and myself.

 Brandon: By framing nicole for colin's murder? I got news for you, samantha -- that is not the kind of help I need.

 Sami: I realize that now.

 Brandon: But the fact that it would even occur to you makes me think that as long as you get what you want, the end justifies the means. Was that more or less your thinking? When you want something, it is ready, aim, fire, and to hell with whoever gets hit. Well, I'm tired of ducking, samantha, because one of these days, I or someone I care about is going to get hurt.

 Sami: I lost my temper, okay? You lose your temper, too, sometimes. 3E4179A5.JPG

 Brandon: I know. I'm -- I'm sorry for what happened in the loft. Throwing my water bottle against the wall... I lost control, and I am not proud of myself for letting that happen.

 Sami: It's okay. I know you'd never hurt me, and I know that you love me. I hope you know how much I love you.

 Brandon: I'm not disputing any of that. It's just sometimes... love isn't enough.

 Tony: So, um, atat are my chances of a full recovery?

 Dr. Ash: Well, you've regained the feeling in your legs, which means you're not paralyzed, obviously, but thisittle accident may set you back a bit. 3E4179D3.JPG

 Tony: Oh, no chance. Every crisis is an opportunity. Who knows -- maybe my injuries will serve me better than anything I could have planned. God knows -- ha ha -- the timing couldn't have been better.

 Kate: Look, roman, I really don't have the time.

 Roman: Kate, I care about you. I know you're scared. I know you're hiding something. Stefano hurt you in the past just like he hurt me, john, marlena. Tony's just like his father. If you're smart, you'll stay away from him.

 Kate: Do you really think marlena's the mother of thosewiwins?

 Roman: Well, that's hard to believe, but if it's true, it's a new low for stefano dimera. Listen, kate, I can see you don't want to talk about this anymore right now, but I really wish you would. I can't protect you if I don't know what you need protection from. I don't want to see you get hurt by the dimeras again. You can't fight tony alone. 3E417A1B.JPG

 Roman: All right. All right, kate. You know where to find me.

 Jennifer: Jack, answer me, please. What if I am pregnant with colin's baby?

 Jack: I'm sorry, jennifer. I have to go.

 Hope: We did have chicken earlier this week.

 Bo: Store-bought chickens don't bleed all over the place. They don't bleed at all.

 Hope: Yeah, but it had one of those little packages inside the chicken -- you know, the liver, the heart --

 Bo: The giblets, yeah.

 Hope: Exactly. Shawn took it over to the neighbors' dog after dinner. Then he cleaned up. Maybe he put the towel inside the garbage. 3E417A70.JPG

 Bo: I'll ask him about it.

 Hope: Chicken blood. Whoa. I-I think -- I think the pill's starting to kick in.

 Bo: You're feeling better?

 Hope: Yeah. Yeah, I think I am. I'm going to make an appointment to talk to marlena. I hereby resolve not to keep any more spooky thoughts inside my head.

 Bo: Ghosts do shrivel up and vanish when you expose them to the light.

 Hope: Mm. I'm going to beat this thing. I'm going to beat it for you and the boys -- myself as well.

 Bo: That's the way I like to hear you talk.

 Hope: And nobody is going to stop me, especially the ghost of larry welch. 3E417A9F.JPG

 Larry: You know what they say... what doesn't cure you will kill you.

 Roman: Did you and he have children together?

 Kate: Is it true that marlena may be the mother of the twins?

 John: That's none of your business, kate. It is nobody's business.

 Belle: I told shawn. I'm going to go.

 Sami: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

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