Days Transcript Friday 1/31/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/31/03--Canada; 2/3/03--USA

By Eric


 Jack: Thank you.

 Alice: For what?

 Jack: For reminding me of what I have, what I almost lost.

 Alice: The first time that jennifer talked to me about you, the first time I saw you two together, it reminded me of what tom and I had.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jack: Hold that thought. Excuse me. Ahem.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jack: Just a minute. I'll be right with ya.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jack: Yes! Coming -- whoa!

 Nicole: You can run, but you can't hide, jacko!

 Jack: Well, I hope you walked and didn't drive.

 Nicole: Oh, I have my very own private chauffeur, thanks to the great and wonderful mr. Victor kiriakis. 3E3AD623.JPG

 Jack: Mm. I see. Uh, look, this isn't exactly the best time for a visit, nicole.

 Nicole: You think sami brady ruined your exclusive? Well, you just wait till I get my hands on you, you underhanded bastard!

 Sami: Don't look at me like that.

 Brandon: There's no way nicky killed colin. Why would you accuse her? Do you really hate her that much?

 Sami: Yes! But that isn't why I did it. I did it because of you, brandon, because I love you and I would do anything for you.

 Brandon: What does it have to I don't need protection.

 Sami: The hell you don't! I know that you did it! I know you killed colin! 3E3AD645.JPG

 Brandon: What are you talking about?

 Sami: Don't lie to me, okay? Abe practically hauls you down to the station for questioning, my uncle bo comes here to ask you more questions. I mean, he looked at you like he couldn't wait to have your mug shot plastered in every post office in the country! They're not even looking at other suspects because the police know you did it!

 Brandon: So that's why you tried to frame my sister?

 Sami: Well, what was i supposed to do, let you go to jail?

 Brandon: What were you supposed to d-- how about asking me? You could have asked me if it was true, damn it!

 Sami: You mean you didn't do it? Brandon, you didn't kill colin! Oh, my god! Oh, I'm so glad you're innocent. 3E3AD68F.JPG

 Hope: God, jennifer, not only did I kill a man, I covered it up. I don't know who I am anymore.

 Larry: You weren't supposed to come home so early, bo. Oh, well. You see, that's why we have a plan "B."

[ Door opens ]

 Lexie: Hi. How are you feeling?

 Tony: Oh, much better, now that I know you're here.

 Lexie: I brought you a couple books to help pass the time.

 Tony: Ah, thank you, but I won't be here long enough to read them.

 Lexie: Tony, you just had major surgery. The doctors can't evaluate your condition until the swelling around your spinal cord goes down, and even then -- 3E3AD6DC.JPG

 Tony: Listen to me, alexandra -- I refuse to spend or waste another minute in this bloody little room, and those doctors who tell me how I'm supposed to feel. I've got a future to think about.

 Lexie: Well, your future will have to wait.

 Tony: Not mine, the twins! They need a family, a sense of security. And I'm going to give them that, and more. I will not give up on those children until they have the life they were meant to live.

 John: It doesn't make any sense.

 Marlena: It does to me.

 John: Doc, how can you say you won't leave the twins with tony? They're already with him. They live with him. He's their guardian. 3E3AD702.JPG

 Marlena: And I'm their therapist. It's my job to protect their interests.

 John: Now, don't you think it's in their best interests if they knew the truth -- if you are their mother... or not?

 Marlena: I'm not sure they can handle the truth right now.

 John: Can you? I mean, isn't that why you... don't want to go -- you're afraid that you might find out that it's not true? You do want them to be yours, don't you? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Brandon: Why did you think I was guilty, samantha?

 Sami: Why?

 Brandon: Answer me.

 Sami: Brandon, you said you were going after colin that night. You found the dead body, didn't tell the cops, and then left the scene before they got there. 3E3AD7F5.JPG

 Brandon: So? You added up 2 and 2 and got what, 12?

 Sami: Well, there's more. I overheard you talking to your mother.

 Brandon: What?

 Sami: You were discussing colin's death, and you told her that you couldn't deny to your own mother that you had killed him, so I thought that --

 Brandon: The worst.

 Sami: Well, yeah!

 Brandon: You've been with me all this time, thinking I was a murderer!

 Sam brandon, I wasn't thinking about it like that. Look, I believe that fate caught up with colin, that he got what he deserved. Brandon, we're alike, you and I. Okay? That's why we were drawn to each other in the first place. Look, neither of us just sits around waiting for things to happen. Actually, you are the only good thing to come into my life really ever without me having to plot and plan for it. What I'm trying to s is that neither of us always follows the rules, okay? And -- and sometimes we go further than we had planned, but we understand each other. I love you for who you are, and I thought you felt the same way about me. You always said that you understood me better than austin ever would. Is that true? Am I wrong to believe that? 3E3AD846.JPG

 Jack: Uh, uh, alice, if abigail wakes up again, just, uh...just let me know.

 Jack: Well, you're still up. I'm surprised. I thought you would have passed out by now.

 Nicole: You want to see a murder, jack? Just keep trying to pin colin's death on me.

 Jack: I'm just looking for the truth.

 Nicole: You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in --

 Jack: What are you so worried about? No one's trying to frame you. The evidence against you is out there already.

 Nicole: First of all, that is bull, and second of all, the salem P.D. Has so many suspects, they're running out of handcuffs, starting with you. 3E3AD868.JPG

 Jack: Mm. Bo and abe know I didn't kill colin.

 Nicole: Oh, because you and goody-goody jennifer say so? Tell it to a jury!

 Jack: You ought to start reading the newspaper again, nicole. I've already been cleared.

 Nicole: Oh, and I haven't? Is that whatouou're saying, jerko, huh? Well, neither has tony and a bunch of other salem suspects.

 Jack: Including your husband.

 Nicole: Ah! See what I'm saying, jack? Widen the ne

 Jack: Well, it's a good thing for victor that a wife can't testify against her husband on the stand.

 Nicole: Well, if victor's guilty, I'd never get in the way of justice. 3E3AD887.JPG

 Jack: Hmm. What do you know?

 Nicole: Now what?

 Jack: I think I've got it. I think I just figured out who done it.

 Bo: That's enough. You may not know who you a, but I do, and you're not a murderer.

 Hope: Bo --

 Bo: Just because you have images in your head doesn't mean you killed somebody.

 Hope: I know that, but --

 Bo: Listen to me! You know how many people had a motive to ki m murphy? And I just talked to davis. He said you had no evidence of blood on you, you didn't have a gun, you did not ask him to stop on your way home so you could get out.

 Hope: Then maybe I hid the gun before I got in the car. 3E3AD8B3.JPG

 Bo: Where? We searched every inch of victor's place. We didn't find a gun.

 Hope: Okay, then maybe I brought it home. Oh, my god, if I did -- what if it's here? What if zack were to find it?

 Bo: Hope, that's not gonna happen. As soon as you told me you thought you might have killed him, I tore this place apart. I didn't find a gun.

 Hope: Look, I know what I did.

 Bo: You think you know what you did.

 Jennifer: Uh, excuse me. I'm going to, uh, I'm going to make some tea. Would you guys like some tea?

 Hope: Sweetie, I'm sorry. You're the one who's not feeling so well. Please let me take care of you. 3E3AD8D5.JPG

 Bo: Why aren't you feeling well? What's wrong?

 Jennifer: I just, um, I-I just have indigestion. I-I don't know. I'm going to make some herbal tea. That sounds good right now.

 Bo: You stay right here. I'll get it for you.

 Hope: Actually, I need to talk to you for a second.

 Jennifer: Listen, you guys talk, all right? I won't be long.

 Bo: Uh... can this wait a second? I mean, I just want to make sure she can find what she needs.

 Hope: Just a second.

 Bo: All right, okay. I'll be right back.

 Marlena: Do I want to believe that I gave birth to rex and cassie in -- in whatever means, and then abandoned them to live a life of misery and loneliness? No, I don't want to believe that. That's why, when I first saw them and felt that incredible connection to them, and then the evidence began to accumulate... I didn't want to think it, much less say it out loud. 3E3AD99A.JPG

 John: I felt the exact same way.

 Marlena: So -- so say we go back to the island. What then? What if it turns out that I gave birth to tony's twins, or stef-- or stefano's children in some horrible experiment? Will you be able to accept that -- that I am rex and cassie's mother? Will you be able to accept them?

 Lexie: It just doesn't make any sense, tony. Family was everything to father. We both know that.

 Tony: So why would he have kept the children away from me? I keep asking myself that question over and over.

 Lexie: All the suffering... oh, my god. Was he so heartless that he would intentionally let us both go through such hell? You, with your children -- all that time -- lost? And me with isaac. 3E3AD9DD.JPG

 Lexie: It's just the two of us now, isaac. You're my whole life. We won't cry, okay? We won't cry for daddy... and we won't cry for our friends in salem. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I'm so sorry. But I'm doing this for you, okay? It's all for you... because I love you so much. Did my father use chemicals on the baby bracelets?

 Bart: Baby bracelets?

 Lexie: Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!

 Tony: I'm sorry. I confess, I have no clue.

 Lexie: No, you weren't here, but you were, weren't you, bart? You were working for my father when the babies were switched. You took part in the deception. Admit it! 3E3ADA0A.JPG

 Bart: Listen, I don't --

 Lexie: The bracelets on isaac and J.T. Magically changed names. But it wasn't magic, was it? Somebody made it happen. Was it my father?

 Bart: I'm not at liberty to talk about this right now.

 Lexie: You will talk, and you'll do it now!

 Bart: But I can't! Rolf made me swear never to breathe a word of this, not even to you!

[ Sighs ] Oh, jeez...

 Tony: Leave us.

 Bart: No problem.

 Lexie: Oh, god...

 Lexie: Father lied to me. His lies... destroyed my life.

 Tony: There's nothing you could have done, lexie.

 Lexie: Tony... I asked him. We were in his room, and I begged father to please just tell me the truth -- did he switch the babies? And he said no. He swore that he had nothing to do with it. 3E3ADA52.JPG

 Tony: Yes, but father had his own code of honor, you know.

 Lexie: Honor?! Wellwhwhat about my honor? I defended him to my husband, tony, to everyone -- bo, hope, john black. They all kept after me, insisting that father engineered the baby switch, but I fought them off. Now I've lost my husband... I've lost my baby... and all because of his lies! Damn you, father! Damn you! I trusted father completely, and how did he repay that trust? By lying to me over and over again.

 Tony: I'm so sorry you went through that, darling.

 Lexie: I hate myself for thinking this, but sometimes I am relieved he's gone. I don't mean that. I loved him, and I know that he loved me, but I can't help thinking he put me on the path that led to -- I just don't want to go back. 3E3ADA8C.JPG

 Tony: Well, of course you don'T. It was such an ordeal.

 Lexie: Tony, you wouldn't lie to me, would you? I mean, father really is gone forever this time, isn't he?

 Bo: Jen...

 Jennifer: I couldn't find the tea, uh, so I-I opened the drawer, and this was there.

 Bo: I found it in a trash can outside, brought it in to bag it when I heard hope confessing to you. She did not kill colin.

 Jennifer: No, of course not. I mean, really, how many times has the trasbebeen emptied since new year's day? Anybody could have put this in there.

 Bo: Yeah. The problem is, hope doesn't remember everything that happened that night... so I'm going to make absolutely sure I know exactly what we're dealing with here. 3E3ADAC9.JPG

 Jennifer: Are you going to tell her that you found this?

 Bo: No. No. Do I have to ask you to keep it quiet?

 Jennifer: No, I'm not going to say anything. But you're going to call roman and abe, right?

 Bo: No. I'm going to deal with this thing my way.

 Jennifer: Bo, you can't do that.

 Bo: Hope is not going to be considered a suspect, not by anybody.

 Hope: Maybe it's true. Maybe I didn't kill colin.

 Larry: Let's see now... what am I looking for? Okay. "Symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome." Yeah, that's what I want. "Often involve... hallucinations." Ha ha! Far out. "Panic attacks." Cool. Wait. "Sleeplessness and jumpiness." Cooler still. "Victims should seek psychiatric help as soon as possible --" yeah, yeah, yeah. Yada, yada, yada. What is this? Oh! Well... thank you for the free advice, dr. Evans. Thank you. I hope you won't be needing this book back real soon. 3E3ADBD5.JPG

 Nicole: Spill, jacko. Who killed colin and you better not say it was me, or I will slap a lawsuit on you so fast!

 Jack: Okay. Look, it's a given that sami hates you, right?

 Nicole: The feeling's mutual.

 Jack: But it's not going to earn sami any points with brandon by accusing you of colin's murder, is it?

 Nicole: But she is accusing me of colin's murder.

 Jack: Exactly! Exactly. So why is she doing that? To protect someone else.

 Nicole: You mean herself.

 Jack: No.

 Nicole: Then who else would sami ever protect?

 Jack: Who, indeed? Brandon.

 Brandon: Are we really that much alike, samantha? You do what you want because you think it's right. You never stop to consider what anyone else wants, inuding me. 3E3ADC0D.JPG

 Sami: That is not true!

 Brandon: I didn't ask you to fight my battles for me. And how did you think I would feel if nicole was arrested for murder?

 Sami: Well, I didn't think you'd like it, but it's not like I was making up evidence against nicole.

 Braon: No, you were just nudging the cops in her direction.

 Sami: Well, I'm sorry if you think that that's a bad thing, but you know, nicole had motive, means, and opportunity. Maybe she really did kill colin.

 Brandon: Excuse me? Didn't you just think that I was guilty? Or maybe my sister and i were in it together.

 Sami: Oh, brandon, I am being serious.

 Brandon: So am I, samantha. Don't you understand me well enough to know that I would never let nicky take the blame for something I did? 3E3ADC2E.JPG

 Sami: And what if she is guilty?

 Brandon: You remember what jack did when he thought jennifer had killed colin?

 Sami: He took the blame.

 Brandon: Exactly.

 Sami: So you're saying that's what you would do for nicole? Well, what about me, brandon? You're just going to walk out on what we have together?

 Brandon: Does everything always have to be about you?

 Sami: Brandon, it would kill me to see you go to prison for something that you didn't do! I-I love you, okay? And you're going to throw away your whole life for someone who really won't appreciate it? Brandon, just this once, can't you save our future instead of your sister's?

 Marlena: I don't want to speculate further, okay? 3E3ADC53.JPG

 John: Even if the truth can hurt us? Hey, what if we go looking for answers and we prove that the twins were created to be stefano's pawns? Are you willing to accept that possibility?

 Marlena: Whatever our problem with the dimeras, we can't blame the children for it. It's not their fault, nor is their training their fault.

 John: No, you're right. It's not their fault, but that doesn't mean that they're not dangerous.

 Marlena: I'm not going to do this.

 John: Baby, come on! We don't who they are. We don't know what they're capable of. Listen, sweetheart, I have spent my entire life trying to find my family, and you know what I found? Just because someone is your blood -- 3E3ADC7F.JPG

 Marlena: Doesn't make you love them, doesn't make you care for them? Do you want me to turn my back on the cldldren?

 Jennifer: I can't believe that hope would kill a man, either, unless it was in self-defense, unless he was physically threatening her, bo.

 Hope: What's taking you guys so long? Hey.

 Jennifer: Hey.

 Hope: Is everything okay?

 Jennifer: Yeah, we -- we couldn't find the tea.

 Hope: Oh. Well, just ask me. Anything else I can help you with?

 Bo: Nope, fine.

 Hope: Okay. Are you feeling okay?

 Jennifer: You know, actually, I'm -- I'm not feeling too good. I'm going to head on home. 3E3ADD63.JPG

 Hope: I'll be right back. Have you seen a doctor yet?

 Jennifer: No, I haven't even taken a pregnancy test yet.

 Hope: Well, then maybe it's nothing.

 Jennifer: Maybe, but, you know, this is the exact same symptoms I had when I was carrying abby.

 Hope: Jen, you have to make sure.

 Jennifer: I will, I will, and if I am, I'm going to have to tell jack.

 Hope: He loves you. Just let him be there for you. That's all he wants.

 Nicole: Eat those words, deveraux. My brother did not kill colin. Hehe couldn't kill anyone.

 Jack: You better tell that to austin. Your sweet and loving brother nearly hammered him to death in that boxing ring, and that was before he hated him. 3E3ADD8E.JPG

 Nicole: He was defending himself.

 Jack: Is that what you're going to say on the witness stand?

 Nicole: My brother is innocent.

 Jack: I'm sure he'd appreciate the sisterly support, but the fact is, pushed hard enough, nearly anyone --

 Nicole: Is capable of murder. Yeah, yeah, I know. I've heard that before, but I think it's a load of crap.

 Jack: Is it? The fact is, colin murphy blackmailed you, slept with you, put you in a very sticky situation with your new husband victor kiriakis, all the while, lusting after another woman. So you see, you really haven't convinced me of anything, have you, nicole? 3E3ADDB1.JPG

 Nicole: Don't you watch "law & order," jack? Whodunit is never who you think.

 Lexie: I'll tell you what -- let me see if tuscany will let me order takeout. How does veal scallopini sound?

 Tony: Very wonderful.

 Lexie: Okay, I'll go work my wiles on maggie horton.

 Tony: Ha ha.

 Tony: Close the damn door.

 Rolf: Ah. You are looking we,, count dimera.

 Tony: Am I? I feel like pulling your bloody head off. So when did you intend to tell me that I sired cassie and rex? But let me take a guess -- never.

 Rolf: Ha ha. Count, I assure you, your father swore to me that the gemini twins were not dimera offspring. 3E3ADDFD.JPG

 Tony: Liar. You knew my red blood type. You also must have known about cassie'S.

 Rolf: Well, yes, but statistically, it's far from certain that you and she are related.

 Tony: Dyoyou remember father's words, rolf? The key to the past and the future. You knew about that. You said nothing.

 Rolf: Because there was nothing to tell.

 Tony: I may be paralyzed, but I'm as formidable as ever, probably because I am so angry, but supremely motivated.

 Rolf: Count, I would never make the mistake of assuming that your physical infirmity has in any way diminished your power. Why, your condition here -- 3E3ADE29.JPG

 Tony: Just cut the crap. What else have you lied to me about? And what did my father plan r r cassie and rex to do? And who is their mother?

 John: Doc... I would never, ever ask you to abandon your children.

 Marlena: That's what you are asking me to do.

 John: No, it's not. I'm just -- I'm asking you to be careful.

 Marlena: Careful? Of what?

 John: I can't deny you your flesh and blood, but you cannot deny me you. Now, I want you to be happy, but, damn it, I want you to be alive.

 Jennifer: I cano o this. I know I can. I can -- I can do this.

 Jennifer: Hi.

 Jack: Oh, jennifer, you're here. Uh, look, we have a visitor. It's, uh... 3E3ADF4C.JPG

 Nicole: Well, well, well, if it isn't the prodigal reporter.

 Jack: Never mind her. She's more than a little drunk.

 Nicole: If I find out that you and your ex have been working together, I will put your beloved "spectator" out of business, so mind your own business and stay out of mine. Excuse me.

 Jack: Goodbye, nicole.

 Jennifer: What was that all about?

 Jack: Nothing. She's just blowing off a little steam. You can forget it.

 Jennifer: Gram...

 Jack: Uh, alice --

 Jennifer: I'm sorry that youawaw all that.

 Alice: Oh, darling, I was upstairs with abby. 3E3ADF6B.JPG

 Jennifer: Oh, good. Is she okay?

 Alice: She's fine, but... how are you?

 Jennifer: Oh, gram.

 Alice: Oh, darling.

 Hope: How's zack?

 Bo: Julie says he's still asleep. Didn't have the heart to wake him.

 Hope: Oh, gosh. You know he's going to be up all night.

 Bo: You know what? I'll take the 2:00 A.M. Shift. You need your sleep more than I do.

 Hope: I don't think that's going to be a problem anymore.

 Bo: Why is that?

 Hope: Well, the prescription that marlena gave me for my anxiety, which I'm assuming is to help me sleep. I haven't even filled it yet, I'm happy to say. 3E3ADF94.JPG

 Bo: You're feeling that much better.

 Hope: Yeah, actually, I am. I don't know, maybe it's the thepypy, maybe it's finally knowing what's wrong with me, but life is feeling pretty darn good to me right now. You know that "victim" sign around my neck? I ripped it off and threw it away.

 Bo: I'll drink to that.

 Hope: So will I.

 Larry: Dr. Marlena evans... hmm. Dr. M. Evans. Yeah.

[ Taps pen ]

 Larry: What were you thinking, dr. E.... when you prescribed this very bitter pill for poor hope to swallow? 3E3AE07D.JPG

 Sami: Okay, listen, if the situation was reversed, and I was the one who was in trouble, you would do everything you could to protect me, right?

 Brandon: I wouldn't go behind your back.

 Sami: Even if you were desperate?

 Brandon: Why, samantha? Why do you always make the choice that makes things worse? Not only for you, but for everyone else around you.

 Sami: You're saying I make everything worse for you?

 Brandon: I just think that if you would make smarter decisions --

 Sami: Oh, and now you'reayaying I'm stupid?

 Brandon: I'm saying that you are impulsive. And you know what? Just because you hate your sister carrie doesn't mean that I hate mine. 3E3AE0A0.JPG

 Sami: Don't talk to me about love in my family, okay? Eric and I are as close as two people can be, and it is thanks to your adorable sister that he's thousands of miles away, where I never get to see him.

 Brandon: Oh, yes, she drove him out of salem. She has that kind of power over him.

 Sami: Yeah, actually, she did. And she was trying to ruin us, in case you've forgotten. But then, even though she's done all these terrible things, you still love her more than me.

 Brandon: Are you saying that I have to choose between you and my sister?

 Sami: Yes, you do.

 Marlena: Honey, you -- you said tony told you the twins don't need me after all. Was that what he said? 3E3AE0CB.JPG

 John: Not quite like that, no, but what are you getting at?

 Marlena: He's their guardian. He could keep me from seeing them.

 John: Oh, sweetheart, that's not going to happen in a million years. Come on. Reverse psychology. And you want to know something? You are responding exactly the way he wants you to.

 Marlena: I do understand reverse psychology, john, and I will not let him make one single decision for me.

 John: Can you be sure of that?

 Marlena: Are you shortchanging me just a bit here?

 John: No, doc, I'm saying that tony has had a plan since he came to salem. He wants to get a hook into you. 3E3AE0E6.JPG

 Marlena: I don't care what tony wants. I really don'T. I don't care what he wants or thinks or needs, even if we share children. You are my husband. You're the one I want to share the journey with. Are you with me?

 John: All the way.

 Rolf: Look, count dimera, I swear to you, I know nothing of the twins' maternity.

 Tony: Well, here's something you must know. You said to me that the twins are trained to almost do anything. What did that encompass -- psychic healing, murder, what?

 Rolf: Whatever you wish.

 Tony: What I wish? What I wish -- and please take a mental note of this -- isis that the twins lead normal lives, as normal as they possibly can after what's been done to them. But I swear to you, if my children are ever used for nefarious purposes, a tragic fate will visit those involved. Understood? 3E3AE127.JPG

 Rolf: Certainly, count dimera.

You're a cavity fighter, huh?

 Brandon: Damn it, samantha --

 Sami: Brandon, please, I have had -- look, I'm -- I'm just in -- aah!

 Brandon: [ Grunts ] Get out. Get out!

 Sami: Look, brandon, I didn't mean for you to --

 Jennifer: Bye, gram. Be careful.

 Jack: Really, drive -- yeah. You know, she would have stayed. If you're still not feeling well, she would have stayed right here with us.

 Jennifer: No, it's okay. I, uh... whatasas nicole doing here, anyway? I can still smell the alcohol fumes. 3E3AE1CD.JPG

 Jack: Well, she's extremely nervous about colin's murder. It's made me want to just dig deeper and harder and look past the obvious suspects in the case.

 Jennifer: You know what? I think that we should just leave it alone. I think we should just let the whole thing go.

 Jack: No. You never do that with a story. You never let it go, especially when it means something to you.

 Jennifer: It doesn't, though. It doesn't mean anything to me anymore, all right? Let's leave it up to the police. It's their job.

 Jack: Jennifer, I-I --

 Jennifer: No, listen to me. We'rgoing to get in way over our heads, and it is no good. Do you understand me I can't face it, all right? Can you understand that? 3E3AE1ED.JPG

 Jack: No. What's going on here, jennifer? What aren't you telling me?

 Hope: Mm. I could just fall asleep here, brady.

 Bo: No anxiety?

 Hope: Mnh-mnh, none.

 Bo: Good. I'm going to make sure it stays that way. I'm going to go have that prescription filled.

 Hope: No, brady, really, honestly, I don't think I need it.

 Bo: Well, just in case. You don't have to take it. I won't be gone long. I'll clean this up.

 Hope: Mr. Perfect, huh?

 Bo: Yeah, and don't you forget it.

 Hope: I never forget it.

 Hope: "Self-defense in six days." Well, it doesn't hurt to keep practicing just in case. I'm going to get my life back. I'm going to get better... take back control. 3E3AE245.JPG

 Bo: Hey, is this a bad time?

 John: No. No, not at all. What's up?

 Bo: Well, I need a 24-hour lab that can do a dna test on the Q.T.

 John: Yeah? Why?

 Bo: Well, nothing I can talk about right now.

 John: All right. Your man is dr. Christopher dunn, the wetzel labs, jefferson street. Just tell chris I sent you.

 Bo: Thanks, man. I owe you. I got to do it, fancy face, to prove you're innocent.

 Larry: A prescription for death... for bo and hope brady.

 Marlena: What did bo want?

 John: Not exactly sure. A favor. 3E3AE28A.JPG

 Marlena: Did he mention hope?

 John: No. We got to get going.

 Marlena: No, john --

 John: We said we were going to find some answers today.

 Marlena: We said we'd do it together. Right now, hope needs me, and belle's having a mighty hard time with shawn.

 John: Listen, I'm not convinced we're going to find the answers about cassie and rex here in salem. The books on genetic engineering, the medical equipment, your memories are all --

 Marlena: I know, I know. They're all on the island. What if that's not the only place they are? What if we never do find them?

 John: Never say never. I suppose we don't have to leave today. You take care of belle and hope. And tony -- he's not going anywhere anytime soon. 3E3AE2B5.JPG

 Lexie: Ta-da!

 Tony: Mmm, smells wonderful. I just wish I had more of an appetite.

 Lexie: When's the last time a doctor was in here?

 Tony: Just a few moments ago, actually.

 Lexie: What'd he say?

 Tony: Oh, the usual -- wait and see. No one's even bothered doing neurological tests on me.

 Lexie: Well, they don't want to push you, and they don't want you disappointed if the results are poor because it's too soon.

 Tony: Alexandra, the only way I'm going to improve is if I leave this hospital. I need to be with the twins. The only thing I feel in this god-awful place is anger and resentment, and that's certainly not going to be helping the healing process, is it? 3E3AE2DA.JPG

 Lexie: Well, what do you want me to do, tony?

 Tony: Well, you -- you're a doctor. Why don't you give a test? Check my response to pain stimuli.

 Lexie: No, I-I don't know.

 Tony: Please, just -- just one test. I mean, if I could feel this pin against my -- my foot, that could be so encouraging. Please. Alexandra.

 Lexie: Okay. But if you don't feel anything, that doesn't mean that things are hopeless, okay? It just means that you need more time to heal, right?

 Tony: I understand.

 Lexie: Okay.

 Lexie: Okay.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! You felt it. 3E3AE314.JPG

 Tony: Ha ha ha ha. Oh, my god.

 Lexie: Ha ha ha ha.

 Tony: That hurt like hell.

 Both: [ Laughing ]

 Shawn-d: So you're really, uh, you're really going to go, then.

 Belle: Is there any reason I shouldn't?

 Cassie: I hate marlena for lying to me, and I will always hate H.. I will never forgive her.

 Rex: Do you know what you've done? Do you have any idea of the hell you're putting her through?

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