Days Transcript Wednesday 1/29/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  1/29/03--Canada; 1/30/03--USA

By Eric

Proofread by Linda


 Cassie: John black shouldn't be in there. And Tony needs his rest. You said so yourself. And if any person should be at his side, it should be people that love him, like his children.

 Lexie: Cassie, I didn't find my biological parents until I was an adult, so I know how hard it for you -- not knowing where you came from, wanting a family.

 Cassie: But now I have one.

 Lexie: Just because you and Tony share the same blood type, that doesn't prove --

 Cassie: You're jealous. You don't want to share him.

 Lexie: Okay. If you and rex are Tony's children -- 3E383ACB.JPG

 Cassie: Okay, there are no ifs. We are his children. Tony accepts this. Why don't you?

 Lexie: All I'm saying is that you and Tony both need to slow down a little. Wait until you have some kind of proof.

 Cassie: Well, we have plenty of proof. Beyond the blood types, we both have the phoenix tattoo. Tony had the key that unlocked our bracelets, and on top of all of that, when he first saw us, he saw himself in our eyes. That's what he said. He knew, you see? That's why he loved us from that first moment.

 Lexie: Oh, sweetie. When we want something to be true, we see signs and omens everywhere we look. 3E383AF3.JPG

 Cassie: All I've wanted is to belong, and now I finally do... just like you. Please. Lexie, please don't take that away from me. I need my father in my life, just like you did. Just like your baby will need his father.

 Tony: I don't know who the twins' biological mother is, but I don't want to concern myself with that question. I want to focus on my relationship with them -- with my children.

 John: Yeah, right.

 Tony: You have a problem with that, john?

 John: I don't believe for a second this is all about you and the twins. You're going to want a mother for them. 3E383B1B.JPG

 Tony: Perhaps eventually.

 John: No, that's what you want. That's what you've always wanted. That's why you pressured Marlena so hard to be, well, a mother to the twins. Well, you can take that master plan and you can shove it, because you're not going to suck Marlena into this. She is the last person who will ever be part of your newly created family.

 Nicole: Victor, I'm bored. I'm going to change and go out for a little while.

 Victor: Where to?

 Nicole: I told you -- out.

 Victor: I don't want you driving.

 Nicole: My ever-so-thoughtful husband. Fine. I'll find someone to chauffeur me around.

 Bo: Things seem a little tense. 3E383C1D.JPG

 Victor: We're fine. She's just had a little too much champagne, that's all.

 Bo: Mm. Yeah, your marriage didn't get off to a good start.

 Victor: Yes, well, we would have preferred there wasn't a murder smack in the middle of it.

 Bo: Yeah. Why was Colin invited in the first place?

 Victor: He was her doctor. He saved her life.

 Bo: Yeah. But they were also seeing each other at one point.

 Victor: They dated for a while, then she came back to me. End of story.

 Henderson: Beg your pardon, sir, but Mr. Gough is calling from London.

 Victor: Ah. I have to take that, Bo. I won't be a minute. 3E383C41.JPG

 Bo: Yeah.

 Bo: Answering machine. Why aren't you picking up, fancy face?

 Cassie: Belle, hey. Hey, Tony came through the surgery really well. Isn't that great? Dr. Wesley's optimistic. He thinks he'll be able to walk again, but that's not even the best news. The best news is we found out that he and I share the same rare blood type, which means he's our father -- mine and Rex's. We finally know who we are and where we come from. What's wrong? Aren't you happy for us?

 Belle: It's not that.

 Cassie: Well, what is it?

 Belle: You know, I don't want to talk about it right now. I just -- I can't. 3E383C80.JPG

 Rex: I know. Come here. Come here.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 John: You know, I'll go to Vegas with a bet that you knew all about your blood connection to Cassie. You were just waiting for the right moment to spring it on us, kind of like the big news about us being half-brothers. So now you got all your family ducks in a row. You got Cassie, you got rex, you got brother john here. Just one more piece to go, right? Marlena.

 Tony: Actually, no, it's not. You see, I've had a change of heart. I don't want Marlena to be involved. I've decided the twins don't need her after all. 3E383CC2.JPG

 Shawn-d: Dad, what's up?

 Bo: Do you know where your mother is? I told her not to leave the house. I just called there --

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah, dad, easy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're at the hospital. We're at the hospital.

 Bo: The hos-- what happened?

 Shawn-d: She was upset. She wanted to come here, wanted to talk to Marlena.

 Bo: Is she with Marlena right now?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. We dropped Zack off with grandma and grandpa. Dad, she's gonna be okay.

 Bo: Okay, I'll talk to you later. Damn it! She's gonna tell Marlena.

 Hope: Marlena, what is it? What's wrong? 3E383CDF.JPG

 Marlena: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

 Hope: No, wait, no. Please, what is going on?

 Marlena: It's nothing. Continue. It's nothing at all. What are you afraid is going to destroy your life with your husband and your children? What is it?

 Hope: Some- something I did the night of victor and Nicole's wedding. Y, it's me.

 Cassie: What's that about?

 Shawn-d: I asked rex to take care of belle. We broke up.

 Cassie: My god, that must have been so hard. Don't worry. Rex will take care of her... like I'll take care of you.

 John: Come on, Tony, Tony, you were working far too hard to get Marlena to be a mother to those kids just to let it drop now. 3E383DC1.JPG

 Tony: Oh, you're right, I was, because I didn't believe I could give them what they needed. But once I found out I was their father --

 John: You mean you suspect you were their father.

 Tony: No, it's more than just a suspicion. Cassie, rex, and I have an indisputable blood tie, and when I found that out, everything changed. I don't need anybody's help, because I can and will take care of my own children. So Marlena's completely off the hook.

 Marlena: Hope, what did you do the night of victor and Nicole's wedding?

 Marlena: I can help you, but you must trust me.

 Hope: I s-- I saw -- I saw larry before I left my house that night. Not just once. I saw him several times. And then I saw him again at victor's -- right before the ceremony. 3E383E12.JPG

 Marlena: It's okay. It's okay. Take your time.

 Hope: I knew -- I knew he wasn't real, but... I tried to just focus on the people at the party, and I kept telling myself that if I could concentrate enough on someone else, then, you know, I could push -- I could push him out of my -- my mind. And that's when I saw Jennifer, and she was upset, so I took her outside.

 Marlena: And?

 Hope: That's just the thing. The next thing I remember was asking victor's chauffeur to drive me home.

 Marlena: So you think something might have happened during that time in between? Is that it?

 Hope: I don't know. I don't know. But a few days ago, I started -- I started remembering bits and pieces. Some went together, and others... 3E383E69.JPG

 Marlena: Hope, tell me about the bits and pieces you do remember. Tell me about how those might fit together.

 Hope: I --

 Bo: Hope, no. Don't do this.

 Victor: I'm sorry. That took longer than I -- Bo?

 Nicole: Ahem. Ricardo is getting the car, and then I'm leaving.

 Victor: Don't get too drunk, my dear. You might let something slip that could ruin your life.

Nicole: Oh...

 Nicole: [ Muttering ] Oh... why couldn't you leave me alone, Colin? Why? Why couldn't you leave me alone? 3E383F36.JPG

 Hope: Bo, please. I'm having a session with Marlena.

 Bo: Yeah. I can see that.

 Marlena: Bo, what's the matter?

 Bo: I need to speak with hope... immediately. In private.

 Marlena: All right. Why don't you two talk, and you can give me a call later if you want.

 Hope: I will. I'll call you. I promise.

 Marlena: All righty. In the meantime, I'm going to write you a prescription that should relieve this anxiety.

 Bo: Thank you. We'll get that filled right away.

 Marlena: You know what? On second thought, why don't you just stay here, and I'll go see if I can catch up with belle. Just make sure you close the door when you leave, okay? 3E383F69.JPG

 Bo: Okay.

 Hope: Marlena, thank you.

 Bo: Yeah, thanks. See you. What are you doing? What did you say to her?

 Hope: I didn't say anything about the shooting.

 Bo: But you were going to, weren't you?

 Hope: Brady! It's getting worse.

 Bo: What?

 Hope: I'm hearing larry again. Bo, we can trust her. She's a doctor. There's confidentiality.

 Bo: Confidentiality can be waived, hope. Listen to me. You can't tell anybody, not even Marlena.

 Cassie: You did the right thing, Shawn.

 Shawn-d: I can't handle this. I can't handle anything anymore. 3E383F9E.JPG

 Cassie: Where are you going to go?

 Shawn-d: See if my mom's ready to go, then I'm going to the one place where maybe I can get the answers I need.

 Rex: Are you okay?

 Belle: I know what I have to do now -- what I have to do to help me get through what's going on between Shawn and me. I have the answer.

 Rex: Well, what is it?

 Belle: You. You know what? Let's go back to the dorm and talk.

 Lexie: Oh, john. Sorry, but Tony needs his rest.

 John: Yeah, well, I was just leaving. Hang in there, bro.

 John: Oh, hey, doc. 3E383FD4.JPG

 Marlena: Ooh. You're still here? You've been with Tony all this time?

 John: Yeah, pretty much.

 Marlena: How is he?

 John: Well, they're optimistic about the spinal surgery, but there has been another development. Tony is convinced that he is the twins' father. He has embraced them as his children, and he wants to raise them as Dimeras.

 Marlena: What does he see as my role in that?

 John: He swears that he will not need your involvement in any way, shape, or form.

 Marlena: What does that mean?

 John: It means he's up to something, which means we got to get to the Dimera compound on the double. We got to find out who the twins' mother is while Tony's still laid up. 3E383FF6.JPG

 Marlena: I can't do that. I can't leave Salem, leaving the twins in their new father's care.

 Bo: Hope, I'm going to prove to you you're innocent. Listen to me. You got to hang in there till I do.

 Bo: You got to trust me. I am not going to give up until I nail the bastard who killed Colin.

 Belle: You live life for yourself. Can you teach me how to do that?

 Shawn-d: You shouldn't have followed me here.

 Cassie: I was worried about what you might do.

 Bo: Stop it. You're blaming yourself for a crime you didn't commit. But it's gonna be okay. We're gonna make it through this. 3E38402B.JPG

 Larry: Boo! Ha ha ha ha ha! I even scare myself.

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