Days Transcript Monday 1/27/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/28/03--Canada; 1/29/03--USA

By Eric

Lexie: Brenda, would you mind pulling up some medical records for me?

Brenda: Count DiMeraís?

Lexie: Mine. I want to see if thereís any chance my brother and i have the same rare blood marker.

Brenda: It shouldnít be a problem.

Sami: [ Thinking ] The hell itís not. What if thereís something in Lexieís medical records that can tip her to the fact that Brandonís the father of her baby and not Abe?

Sami: Oh, no. Brenda, look, you canít touch that computer.

John: Aah.

John and Marlena: Whoa!

John: Ha ha ha ha. There you are. I was starting to worry about you.

Marlena: You need to take a look at these.

John: What is it?

Marlena: Possible answers to the questions we have been afraid to ask, at least until now.

John: About the DiMeras?

Marlena: No, about the twins. About who their parents might be.

Rex: I'm proud of you.

Cassie: Yeah, I almost passed out a couple times, but...

Rex: Here.

Cassie: Aside from that...

Rex: The nurse said to drink that.

Shawn-D: Hey. You up for visitors?

Rex: Sure.

Shawn-D: Well, I-I heard you gave blood. How you feeling?

Cassie: Okay. A little woozy, but fine.

Rex: Tony just went in for surgery, so it'll be a few hours before we know anything.

Cassie: Rex, you're not going to hover over me this entire time, are you?

Rex: I am until I know you're not going to pass out on me or something. The hospital wonít let her leave until they know sheís okay.

Cassie: How about you find us some breakfast and a couple magazines or something to kill time?

Rex: Sure. I wonít be long, so behave yourself.

Cassie: So whereís Belle?

Shawn-D: Sheís gone, which is a good thing, because I wanted to talk to you alone.

Bo: Hope? You down here? Hope?! Where -- where are you? Fancy face? What the heck? Where the hell did she go?

Hope: God. I canít go on like this. Itís not fair to Bo and the family. I have to go to the police station and tell them it was me. I'm the killer. Oh, God, give me strength.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Lexie: Sami --

Sami: Look, I am working on a project on that computer, okay? So I-I havenít saved it yet.

Brandon: What seems to be the problem?

Lexie: Your girlfriend, thatís what.

Sami: Look, I'm just trying to do my job without interference.

Brenda: Look, I saved whatever you were working on, okay? So relax, Sami. Iíll have what you need in a few minutes.

Lexie: Thanks, Brenda.

Brandon: Lexie , I, um... I heard about Tony. Anything I can do to help?

Lexie: No, just having your support is enough.

Sami: Um, Brandon, there is something that I forgot that I have to tell you in private.

Lexie: What now, Sami?

Sami: That is none of your business. It'll just take a couple of minutes.

Brandon: Can it wait?

Sami: No. No, Brandon, it canít wait. Look, you have a husband. Why donít you have him take care of your problems for you? Come on.

Marlena: John, you've been pushing me to try to remember if I have any connection to Rex and Cassie.

John: Mm-hmm, and you told me in no uncertain terms to back off.

Marlena: I was wrong.

John: Wow. So why the about-face?

Marlena: Uh, I donít know exactly. Maybe it was the look of fear in Cassieís eyes when I drew her blood. I just wanted to reach out and comfort her the way I would Belle. I have felt more of, uh, an emotional connection to the twins than I have been willing to admit. I felt it from the first moment I laid eyes on them. I thought maybe it was just because they were lost and frightened.

John: I see. But now you think that it may be more?

Marlena: Well, I think we have to consider the possibility. That was why I-I had the research done to see if... I'm Rex and Cassieís mother.

Cassie: What do you mean, you want to talk to me alone?

Shawn-D: Well, I've decided it canít go on like this. And donít try and argue with me, because I've made up my mind. I-I canít ask you to keep this a secret forever. Itís -- itís not fair.

Cassie: No, Shawn, it is fair. Itís what I want. I'm doing this because I want to. Itís my choice. And I already told you, I will do anything --

Shawn-D: Cassie? Cassie? Hey, ca-Cassie. Whoa. Cassie, what is it? Cassie?

Bo: Whoo. Boy. If you're going for a drive, why didnít you wake me up? We could grab Zack and go to breakfast or something.

Hope: This is something I have to do.

Bo: Alone?

Hope: I donít want you involved.

Bo: Okay, uh... what are you going to do?

Hope: I'm going to see Abe and Roman to confess to Colinís murder.

John: Thatís kind of a quantum leap, isnít it, doc? I mean, all this time you believed you had no past connection to the twins, and now you think you may be their mother?

Marlena: I think we have to consider the possibility.

John: Finding out that Cassie and Tony have this same rare blood type -- thatís whatís got you going, right?

Marlena: It made me face my fears and my concerns, yes.

John: What fears?

Marlena: I... was having memories of the island. They're vague, but they're real. I've been haunted by a-a sense of loss... overwhelming at times.

John: You never said anything.

Marlena: Well, when I was having memories, you were in the middle of finding out that you were Tonyís half-brother, and I didnít -- I didnít want to add to your pain.

John: Okay, so... add to it now.

Marlena: Some of this is, um, like a dream, you know? I-I hear a nursery rhyme, and I'm aware that the children are there, but we're separated... somehow. And when I first began analyzing it, I thought that it was my way of grieving for the time that I lost with Sami and Eric when they were young. The more it happened, the more I thought -- the more I was sure -- that there was more than that.

John: You're sure? Based on a rare blood type shared by Tony and Cassie? It just isnít on track.

Marlena: Well, thatís why I ran these -- just to see if we could find some answers once and for all.

Shawn-D: Are you okay?

Cassie: Yeah, I -- I just sat up too fast, but I'm fine.

Shawn-D: Well, relax. You're still kind of shaking, so listen. I'm going to go grab a nurse--

Cassie: No, Shawn! Donít go. I'm fine.

Shawn-D: All right. Well, I never should have even brought up the shooting with everything you're going through -- Tonyís in surgery and you're giving blood.

Cassie: I was happy to help him.

Shawn-D: Well, I know. I know it took a lot of courage with all those tests that they used to do when you were a kid. I know how you're really afraid of any type of medical treatment.

Cassie: I would do anything for Tony. Heís been like a father to me and re and it will be so amazing if he really turns out to be our father.

Shawn-D: And that is one --

Shawn-D: That is one reason why I canít keep quiet about what I did. Right now, Tony is the police departmentís number one murder suspect, and you and I both know that he didnít do it.

Cassie: Shawn, the police canít build a case against Tony. He wasnít even in Salem when Colin was murdered. Heís not in any danger, and heís not worried.

Shawn-D: Well, he should be b cause the whole departmentís convinced that he hired somebody to do it. And whether he put his finger on the trigger or not, it --

Cassie: Tony told me that they always blame him when something bad happens here in Salem, but heís always innocent and heís always proven to be innocent. It'll be fine. Come on. Colin was a bad man.

Shawn-D: Doesnít matter. Doesnít matter because I did something wrong, and now I need to face the consequences. I canít let you go on keeping this a secret forever.

Cassie: You're going to confess?

Shawn-D: I did the crime. I have to.

Cassie: You canít do that! I'm not going to let you!

Shawn-D: Listen. Listen to me. We cannot live our entire life keeping this secret. Itís going to hurt you, itís going to hurt me, itís going to hurt everyone we love. I mean, I've already hurt Belle.

Cassie: Did you break up with her?

Shawn-D: I tried. She wouldnít let me break up with her unless I can tell her that I donít love her, so when the truth comes out --

Cassie: But itís not going to come out, Shawn, if we just keep quiet, like we agreed we will.

Shawn-D: Secrets are no good. You always end up hurting those people that you're setting out trying to protect, which is exactly why I need to go to my father and tell him what I did. That way, he will help me do the right thing.

Cassie: Shawn, your father is a police detective.

Shawn-D: Okay, listen to me. I'm not going to tell him about you, okay? I promise. Take care of yourself.

Cassie: Shawn, wait. Donít go. I have to stop him!

Rex: Hey, you're not going anywhere until you're okay. All right? Now tell me whatís got you so freaked.

Bo: Anything you decide to do, you're not doing alone. We're in this thing together.

Hope: Brady, if you go with me, Abeís going to know you were involved in a cover-up.

Bo: It'll be okay, it'll be okay. Besides, I donít want to go down to the station in my jammies -- you know, barefoot and all. They're kind of frozen. Ooh!

Hope: I'll wait here while you get dressed.

Bo: Well, actually, I was looking forward to a little bit of breakfast, maybe some coffee.

Hope: Look, I want to get to the police station as quickly as poss-- maybe Julie can watch Zack.

Bo: Hey. There is no rush. Look at me. We have to be absolutely clear on what we're doing here. Now, the last time we talked, you said you were still a bit fuzzy on what was reality and what was fantasy.

Hope: This was real, Brady. When I heard Colin say that he was going to kill you that night, I was enraged. I would have done anything to stop him.

Bo: I understand that, but you're not the one who pulled the trigger on the gun.

Hope: You're my husband. Of course you want to believe that.

Bo: Everything I know as a detective tells me you didnít do it. Call it instinct, experience -- whatever. Come on, letís sit down.

Bo: Look, one thing I'm sure of is that the killer is someone we havenít even considered yet. They're the kind of person who will sit back and let someone like you or jack take the rap for a murder that they committed. That is why you're not going to make any kind of confession to anybody till I find this killer and put him away.

Hope: How do I live with the pain of these memories?

Bo: I know. Well, we'll just put the pieces together till they all fit and you know exactly what happened on that night. Trust me. Can you do that?

Zack: [ Crying ]

Bo: You go take care of the tiny man, okay? I'll start on breakfast. Okay?

Hope: Okay. Okay.

Brandon: What do you think you're doing?

Sami: I'm just asking for a few minutes alone with my boyfriend! Is that a crime?

Lexie: Whatís the emergency this time -- your manicure chipped?

Sami: Listen, why donít you pull your poor, long-suffering DiMera act on someone --

Brandon: Hey, hey, hey! Letís take a time out.

Lexie: Must you always make a scene when Brandon and I are together?

Sami: You're not together! You're with Abe, remember?

Brandon: Samantha, why donít you just tell me whatís so urgent?

Sami: I will, when we're alone.

Lexie: Brandon, you better watch it. Sheís going to watchdog you until all your friendships are gone.

Sami: Friendships? I donít have a problem with those. Itís what he had with you that is driving me a little crazy.

Brandon: Samantha.

Sami: Especially because of how it all turned out!

Lexie: What the hell are you talking about?

Sami: I know what you did, and I know what happened because of it!

Brandon: You are out of control, Samantha.

Lexie: No, what the hell are you talking about, Sami? Well?

Sami: Brandon was telling me that you two had a fight about your marriage. Everyone knows that Brandon doesnít think that Abe is fit to be a father to any kid.

Brandon: I donít believe this.

Sami: Look, I happen to respect him, okay? And, Brandon, I know you have a good reason and that you're not trying to hurt Lexie . But itís you, Lexie -- I mean, I canít for the life of me figure out how you can stand to be friends with someone who hates your husband so much -- the man you claim to love!

Lexie: Okay, Brandon has never been anything but a good, loyal friend to me -- a great support -- and Abe, because heíss such a classy, generous person, accepts my friendship with Brandon.

Sami: Oh, please! Abe would give you the moon if you asked it of him, especially now that you're pregnant.

Brandon: Damn it, Samantha, that is enough!

Sami: Especially you're using both of them with your "poor little Lexie " act!

Lexie: How do you think I feel seeing my best friend with a slut for a girlfriend?

Brandon: Would you two --

Sami: Oh, you're calling me a slut? Thatís almost funny.

Brandon: This is a hospital, so shut up! Both of you. Letís go.

Sami: Finally. I need some fresh air.

Brandon: I will check in with you later about Tony.

Lexie: Come alone.

Brandon: What is the matter with you?

Sami: Okay, all right, I'm sorry!

Brandon: You're sorry? Do you realize what you almost did in there?

Sami: Shh!

Brandon: No, I will not shh! Not until you make me understand what has gotten into you.

Sami: Lexie just makes me so mad!

Brandon: And you make me a whole lot madder!

Sami: Would you please keep your voice down?

Brandon: You promised me that you would never let it slip that you know that Lexie  and i slept together. The last thing she needs right now -- the last thing I need -- is for her to find out that you have the one piece of information that could destroy her marriage, not to mention her babyís future.

Sami: Here we go again -- Lexieís future, r babyís future! Could you please stop worrying about your relationship with Abe carverís wife and start concentrating on us for a change?!

John: These arenít proof of anything.

Marlena: Well, thereís -- thereís still a lock on the twins' dna, so the blood type was the best we could do. Look right, um... right here. Uh, I was hoping that if I combined Tonyís blood type and mine and the twins', that it would prove that I could not be the twins' mother. Uh...actually, the results are the opposite. The blood markers do prove that Tony and I could be the twins' parents.

Rex: Shawn ran out of here. He couldnít get away from you fast enough.

Cassie: Oh, no, he just had some family things to deal with, to take care of. Itís fine. We're closer than ever.

Rex: Come on, Cassie, tell me whatís really going on.

Cassie: Shawn finally realizes that we have something special and that we're meant to be together. As soon as he deals with Belle, we will be. You'll see.

Rex: Oh-ho-ho, your blood sugar must be low, 'cause you're hallucinating.

Cassie: Rex, you should be happy for me. Now you can be free to go and go after Belle.

Rex: Thatís not happening.

Cassie: Anything can happen now...anything you want. We could even be related to the DiMeras. Do you realize how wonderful our life will be if Tony is our father? We'll finally be a part of a real family.

Rex: Okay, I've been on my laptop researching, and statistics show that any number of people could have that same marker.

Cassie: Rex, itís obvious. We're DiMeras. We're finally being brought together after all of these years.

Rex: Look, I want a family as much as you do -- a real family, not some fantasy.

Cassie: This is a real family... and Alexandraís part of it.

Shawn-D: Dad?

Bo: Hey.

Shawn-D: You here?

Bo: Yep. Gotta be someplace.

Shawn-D: Thought you'd be down at the station.

Bo: Nah, giving the bad guys the morning off. And you?

Shawn-D: Um, I'm not doing anything.

Bo: What are you up to?

Shawn-D: Not a whole lot.

Bo: No classes today?

Shawn-D: Thatís later.

Bo: Just goofing off?

Shawn-D: Ahem. No, no. I, uh...

Bo: You what?

Shawn-D: What time are you going down to the station?

Bo: Is there something wrong?

Shawn-D: No. Why?

Bo: Well, you havenít cracked a smile since you got in here, and you're looking at me like you want me to be someplace else.

Shawn-D: Is mom here?

Bo: You're changing the subject again.

Shawn-D: Is she upstairs? 'Cause --

Bo: Yeah, sheís taking care of your brother while I fix some breakfast. You hungry?

Shawn-D: No.

Bo: Okay. I'm going to go get that breakfast scramble going.

Shawn-D: Wait, wait, dad...

Bo: Yeah?

Shawn-D: I do need to tell you something.

Bo: What?

Shawn-D: This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but I know itís -- I know itís right.

Bo: Okay. Take your time.

Shawn-D: I know I need to tell you...

Bo: Tell me.

Shawn-D: About the night that Colin Murphy was killed.

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Brandon: Would you think about someone else for a change? Lexieís brother is in surgery right now. He could end up paralyzed for life.

Sami: So you have to ride in on the white horse? Why donít you let her husband play knight in shining armor?

Brandon: I canít believe that you are so insensitive to a woman who is pregnant, trying her best to bring a healthy child into this world when her own life is chaotic.

Sami: What, are you saying sheís going to lose the baby? Brandon: No, I'm trying to make you understand why I feel so protective of her and why I want you to back off.

Sami: Me?! She is the one who is always picking fights. I'm just trying to do my job, and she acts like I'm out to get her. Canít you see that she is just trying to turn you against me?

Brandon: No, Samantha, I canít see that. All I can see is that you are paranoid about a whole lot of things, but especially about Lexie. Always suspecting that she has it in for you when itís just -- itís not true.

Sami: Okay, maybe she doesnít have it in for me specifically. Just anyone who takes you away from her. She canít stand the fact that you arenít at her beck and call anymore, and she sees me as the reason why.

Brandon: Well, I see you as the reason why I canít relax for one minute, why I have to be stressed to the max whenever Lexie is around or whenever her name is even mentioned, and I am tired of it, Samantha. This war between the two of you has got to stop. Thereís only one way to do it.

Lexie: Ha ha. Excuse me, I'm sorry. What exactly am I a part of?

Cassie: Our family.

Rex: Finding out that Cassie had the same rare blood marker as Tony made us think that we could be related.

Cassie: Well, you're a doctor. I mean, do you think that itís possible?

Lexie: Well, itís something we should research, definitely. Right now all I can think about is my brother on that operating table. What happened last night is so like Tony -- risking his own life to save someone else.

Cassie: You and your brother are really close.

Lexie: Mm. I'm very lucky to have him in my life, but itís funny -- in some ways, I donít know Tony at all. We didnít grow up together the way you and Rex did.

Rex: Tony had told us that for a long time, you didnít even know you two were related.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Cassie: Is it like what happened with Rex and I? I mean, did Tony just find you?

Lexie: Ha ha. Not exactly. Ha ha.

Rex: Then how did you learn you were a DiMera?

John: You know, none of this is conclusive.

Marlena: I know that, but it is a possibility.

John: Now, thousands of women could share the same hematology markers.

Marlena: If I am the twins' mother, can you handle that?

John: Sure, if you let me send them a one-way ticket to DiMera island.

Marlena: I'm serious about this.

John: I love you so much. I love you, and if we can survive the news that Tony is my half-brother, I donít think thereís anything I canít handle.

Marlena: You know how I feel about the twins.

John: Just donít ask me to feel the same way.

Marlena: Even if they're my flesh and blood?

John: Doc, doesnít it bother you that if you are their mother, they are also DiMeras?

Marlena: Everything about this bothers me -- everything. I donít know what happened to my body. I-I donít -- I donít know how I got pregnant. What if Tonyís the father? If heís not, what about -- what about the possibility of Stefano being the father?

Shawn-D: The night of the wedding, when mom disappeared and you sent me to go look for her, something happened.

Bo: Whatever it is, you can tell me.

Shawn-D: Well, I've waited this long because I was afraid to come forward.

Bo: Why?

Shawn-D: I didnít want mom to hear. Sheís got enough to handle, dealing with everything thatís happened to her.

Bo: Sheís taking care of Zack. What is it?

Shawn-D: When I couldnít find mom that night, I was sure something had happened to her.

Bo: Well, something did. She thought she saw Larry out on the terrace. She was terrified.

Hope: What are you doing? I thought you werenít going to talk about that.

Shawn-D: Talk about what?

Marlena: It was devastating enough to think that Tony was the father of the --

John: All right, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Donít do this to yourself. Itís just sheer speculation.

Marlena: You know how connected I feel to the twins.

John: Yes, because you're a loving, compassionate woman. Of course you would have maternal instincts towards Cassie and Rex.

Marlena: You think I'm making too much of this, hmm?

John: I just think thereís too many unanswered questions, thatís all. But if you -- you trust me, we'll get to the answers. Until then lets not jump to conclusions, all right?

Marlena: I do trust you with all my heart.

John: Fine. Then we'll get to the truth. I promise you that.

Marlena: I'm not sure I want the truth... not if it means that -- oh.

Rex: So, I mean, when you found out you were a DiMera, did you hate it the way John black does?

Lexie: I wasnít thrilled -- not at first, anyway.

Cassie: But you had finally found your family.

Lexie: I already had a family that I loved -- my mother, my husband, neither of whom were big fans of my father. But I love them all, and I am determined to make it work. Maybe having my baby will help. After all, he is a DiMera and a carver.

Cassie: Well, maybe Rex and I will be his cousins.

Lexie: Maybe. But if you are DiMeras, that also means that John black is your uncle, and I understand you donít get along with him.

Cassie: Well, we get along with Marlena and Belle. Right, Rex?

Lexie: Whatís wrong? I thought you were close to Belle and her mom.

Cassie: He just doesnít want Belle to be related to us because he likes her.

Rex: Oh --

Cassie: In a girlfriend way.

Lexie: Oh.

Rex: Donít listen to her. She doesnít know what sheís talking about.

Lexie: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: Why are you talking about Larry?

Bo: Itís okay. Shawn knows you've been having these visions.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I've been worried about you. I just wanted to make sure that you're okay.

Hope: Of course I am. I donít need you to worry about me, honey. What about you?

Shawn-D: I'm fine. Yeah, I'm doing fine. Is Zack asleep?

Hope: Yeah, he was just falling asleep.

Shawn-D: Okay. Well, you mind if I go look in on him?

Hope: No, go ahead. Yeah.

Bo: You wake him up, you take care of him.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I think I can handle it.

Hope: You werenít going to tell him about Colin, were you?

Bo: Why would I tell him something I donít believe myself?

Hope: I've got to protect him. The last thing he needs to find out right now is that his motherís a murderer.

Bo: Hey, stop that talk.

Brandon: I wonít put up with it, Samantha. Accusing me, attacking Lexie . You almost announced to the entire nurses' station that I slept with her.

Sami: They probably already know.

Brandon: What?

Sami: Oh, come on. The way she flirts with you, that smile that she has for you. Everyone can see that she has the hots for you.

Brandon: No, Samantha, you see it because you are jealous and angry and unfair, and it has to stop.

Sami: Fine. Tell her to stay away from me. I would like nothing better than to never set eyes on her again, but, Brandon, if she starts something, I'm going to finish it.

Brandon: How many times have I told you, Samantha, that I'm not going to let anyone or anything come in the way of our future? Why donít you see it the same way?

Sami: I do.

Brandon: Could have fooled me.

Sami: Brandon, this is the first time in my life that I have a real chance at happiness --

Brandon: Then donít blow it. Donít waste time on jealousy and anger. Itís only getting in the way.

Lexie: I'm going to go and see if thereís any news about Tony. Will you be here, or should I give you a call?

Rex: We're not going till we know how he is.

Lexie: Okay. It would be great if you do turn out to be family.

Case: Yeah, except maybe for you.

Rex: What do you mean? I'd be proud to be a DiMera.

Cassie: Well, there'd be a problem. Belle would be off-limits.

Rex: But sheís already off-limits.

Cassie: No, sheís not -- not if she and Shawn break up, which they will.

Rex: Oh, you are talking yourself into a big letdown.

Cassie: You know, you're just jealous. You donít want me to have Shawn because I've found my true love and you havenít. Rex, I didnít mean that. I know what you must be thinking, and if I thought that I couldnít have Shawn because we were family, then I would be just devastated. Iím sorry. I really am.

Lexie: Thanks, Brenda.

Brenda: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: I Hope this wasnít too much of a hassle for you.

Brenda: No. Is that all the information you needed?

Lexie: Yeah. It looks like I donít have the same rare blood marker as my brother. Well, I Hope Cassie giving blood for him will be enough.

[ Telephone rings ]

Brenda: Excuse me a moment. Third floor, nurses' station. Yes, doctor. Oh, already? Of course. I-I'll let her know. Dr. Carver, that was dr. Wesley. Your brotherís out of surgery.

Lexie: Oh, my God. So soon? Well, is he okay? Will he be able to walk again?

Shawn-D: Here you go. Itís okay, 'cause dookie bear is here. And mom and dad are downstairs, and your brotherís here to look out for you. I wanted to be a big brother that you could be proud of. Now I've done something that I wish you never had to find out about -- something bad. And... I've made it worse, bud, by keeping it a secret, and I have all these excuses in the world, mainly to... protect grandpa and mom. Basically, I was scared. But now I have to go on and try to make things right. And that might mean that... well... we may -- we may not see each other, bud. I'm going to have to go away for a while and... whatever happens, I love you, okay? And I'm sorry I let you down. I'm sorry.

Shawn-D: [ Sobbing ]

Lexie: Tonyís out of surgery. They're taking him to icu.

Cassie: Oh, my God. Is he -- is he okay?

Rex: Do they know if he'll be able to walk again?

Sami: Brandon, I'm sorry, okay? Please try not to be upset with me. It just -- I keep explaining to you about my insecuurities, and... I just never believed that I w worthy of being with a good man, and you're not just good, Brandon. You're the best. So itís hard for me sometimes to -- to believe that I deserve you. And -- and thatís why I just get crazy and -- and possessive and angry and... I hate making you mad. In fact, it was my new yearís resolution not to do that anymore, and here we are, not even a month into the new year, and I've already blown it. Brandon, I am so sorry.

Sami: Oh, God, this is all I want, Brandon to be in your arms knowing that you love me.

Brandon: Then stop obsessing about me and Lexie and what happened between us. The only meaning it has is the one you're giving it.

Sami: You're right. And now that itís out in the open, itís time for me to let go of the anger and -- and move on. I promise, I will try to trust in your love for me.

Brandon: I Hope so.

Sami: Brandon, itís just because I love you so much. Thatís the reason that I worry. And -- and now that there are no more secrets between us... oh, Brandon.

Sami: [ Sighs ]

[ Thinking ] Thereís just one secret -- one you can never find out. I love you so much, Brandon.

Brandon: And I love you.

[ Inking ] But you can never know why I'll always be tied to Lexieís baby. That has to stay my secret.

Bo: Hey, just got a call from Abe. He told us about the accident last night. DiMera saved bradyís life?

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, it seems that way, yeah.

Hope: Poor Belle. It must have been a terrible night for her, worrying about her brother. Is she okay?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Well -- I donít know.

Hope: Honey, is that whatís upsetting you? Something about Belle?

Shawn-D: Well, things have been kind of tense between us lately, you know, with everything thatís been going on with the family, so... we've had a hard time dealing th it. We've decided just to cool it for a while.

Hope: You two donít need to take on our problems. Sweetie, look, maybe if we sit down, we talk about this as a family --

Shawn-D: No, no, mom, thatís not going to help. I think -- I think Belle and I, we just need our space.

Bo: When you came in, you said you needed to tell us something about the wedding, the night of the murder.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Well, it -- just that thatís when all of our problems started, and, uh, we couldnít handle -- I-I just -- I wanted you guys to know, thatís all.

Hope: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I get the feeling that thereís more, something that you're not saying, honey.

Shawn-D: You know, I canít talk about this right now, okay? I need to take a walk. I'll be -- I'll be back.

[ Sighs ] I wouldnít do it, not with mom in there. I canít put her through the hell of knowing that her sonís a murderer.

Hope: At least Shawn doesnít know that it was me --

Bo: Hey, donít say it. Itís not true. I told you, I will find Colinís murderer, and I will personally escort them to prison. This whole nightmare will be over for all of us.

John: Well, I'm sure that you're not going to want to hear this... but until we're sure whether or not Stefano is or is not the twins' father, we need to be very careful in our dealings with them.

Marlena: I canít cut myself off from the twins. I couldnít do that.

John: We canít afford to put this off any longer, then. We need to find out who their parents are, and if we find out that it happens to be you and Stefano who are their parents, then, well, with the good lordís help, we'll just deal with it.

Marlena: I'll do anything.

John: All right. We need to start by reconstructing the past.

Marlena: Okay.

John: And seeing as how Tonyís laid up in the hospital, now is a perfect time to revisit the DiMera island. And this time, we are not coming home without the answers.

Rex: Why are you hurting her like this?

Shawn-D: You think I want to?

Rex: Then why donít you stop?

Shawn-D: Because Belle and I canít be together anymore.

Belle: Itís Shawn. I think I'm losing him.

Nicole: We just keep dancing around each other so that neither one of us has to come out and confess.

Bo: Confess to what?

Larryís voice: Murderer.

[ Echoing ] Murderer. Murderer.

Hope: Stop!

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