Days Transcript Monday 1/27/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/27/03--Canada; 1/28/03--USA

By Eric


Proofread by Linda

Sami: Jack, what are you doing here so early?

 Jack: Working.

 Sami: Oh, you mean, on Colin's murder investigation? Well, I hope you find evidence on Nicole, because she totally did it.

 Jack: Actually, I'm here about Tony Dimera. I need some info on his condition. Brady's too.

 Sami: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

 Jack: Hit-and-run. He and Brady were both hurt.

 Sami: Oh, my god. Is Tony okay?


 Marlena: Brady, hi.

 Brady: Hey, there.

 Marlena: I brought those things you wanted.

 Brady: Thank you.

 Marlena: Are you okay?

 Brady: Yeah. 3E35901E.JPG

 Marlena: Is he okay?

 John: Concussion, but it's not serious.

 Marlena: What happened?

 Brady: Hit it, dad.

 John: Our son was over near Salem place on his way to meet with Tony.

 Marlena: Why would that be?

 John: Um, let's, uh, just give you the facts first. Hang tight, kid.

 John: Sweetheart, this car came ripping out of nowhere, was headed straight for Brady, and Tony pushed him out of the way. He probably saved his life.

 Marlena: Really?

 John: I was there. I saw it.

 Marlena: Oh. And where is Tony? Has he gone home?

 John: No, he got injured in the accident. Craig thinks he may be paralyzed. 3E359057.JPG


 Lexie: Hi, Tony.

 Tony: Oh, damn it, I told the doctor not to call you.

 Lexie: He didn't. Abe did.

 Tony: Yes, but you're not feeling well. I don't want you upsetting yourself over me.

 Lexie: Tony, Tony, you are b brother. I've waited my whole life to have a brother. You can't ask me to back off when you need me the most. Now, let me see how you're doing.

 Tony: You don't have to doctor me.

 Lexie: I'm a doctor. I can't help it.

 Tony: It's not good, is it? Paralyzed. Not a fate I ever imagined for myself, but I may have to spend the rest of my life with it. And carry on the Dimera legacy -- my... that'll be up to you and only you. 3E3590A7.JPG


 Rex: Cassie.

 Belle: I don't get it, Shawn. Where is this coming from? You want to break up with me. Why?


 Marlena: Thank god Brady's going to be all right. That could've been so much worse.

 John: I told him not to go after Tony, but he's so damn hotheaded.

 Marlena: Where does he get it? I think he was trying to emulate you, you know, to be as brave as his dad, huh?

 John: Well, and I got to make him see that it's more than becoming a hero.

He goes off half-cocked, he might not be so lucky next time.

 Marlena: Lexie? I'm so sorry. How is Tony? 3E3590E7.JPG

 Lexie: He... needs surgery, but there's no guarantee he'll be able to walk again. I can't believe this has happened.

 Marlena: Honey, you've had so many blessings lately. Think about those, okay? You got back together with a,, you're expecting a baby...

 Lexie: Yeah. I-I have been blessed, I know that. Abe and I have been given a second chance, but it's just hard to forget all the sad things that have happened this past year, Marlena. I lost my father, my little boy, now Tony's accident... it just feels like too much to bear.

 John: Yeah. I know the feeling. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. 3E3591ED.JPG


 Tony: You feeling better?

 Brady: Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

 Tony: I can see you're still upset with me. Well, last night, you were on your way to have a meeting with me. Unfortunately, the meeting didn't take place. Perhaps we can have the discussion now.

 Brady: No, no, you're -- you're going into surgery. You need your rest. Tony, listen, um, I've been thinking about how I was going to say this. I guess the simple way is best. Thank you.

 Tony: Oh. Don't mention it. An uncle's duty to his nephew.

 Brady: Good luck with the operation.

 Tony: Wait. There is something I'd like to say. 3E35922C.JPG


 Marlena: I need to call Belle and make sure she doesn't hear about Brady's accident from somebody else. Excuse me.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

 Shawn-d: Belle, don't -- don't pick it up.

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 Shawn-d: I don't want to hurt you.

 Belle: And breaking up with me isn't hurting me? Giving me space -- what does that mean, anyway -- space? Is this what you want, Shawn? You want to break up with me? Because it's not what I want. And I know you. It's not what you want, either, so why are you doing this?

 Shawn-d: It's the best thing for you. 3E359274.JPG

 Belle: Why, because you're in a bad place right now, ha Shawn? You have been in a bad place for a while. Who wouldn't be with everything that you've been having to go through? But you think you need to protect me from that. You think I need some fairy tale life to make me happy. I don't. If you can't give me that much time right now because you're worried about your mom or whatever, that's fine. I won't ask you for more than you can give. Shawn, please, I just -- I just want to love you and be with you, please. God, this would be so much -- so much easier for me if I thought you didn't love me anymore, if I could look into your eyes and see that the love was gone. But it's not... so why are you doing this? No, no, no, you know what? Never mind. I don't want to know. I know I told you earlier that I wanted you to open up to me and be honest with me, but if you can't, you can't. That's fine. I will wait for you. I will wait until we can both be together again like we want to. 3E3592C4.JPG

 Belle: Shawn... Shawn, you made a decision before you came here, and I just made a decision, too. I'm going to be there for you.

 Belle: Hi. I'm going to check my voice mail.

 Cassie: Shawn, you didn't tell her anything, because that would be worse.

 Shawn-d: No! No, no.

 Belle: , , My god!

 Shawn-d: What, what -- what's wrong?

 Belle: My mom just called. Brady was hit by a car!

 Shawn-d: Wh-where?

 Belle: I don't know. It involved Tony Dimera.

 Shawn-d: I'll take you. You're too upset to drive.


 Rex: Do you think Tony was driving the car that hit Brady?

 Cassie: Oh, my god, I hope not. Rex, we need to go to the hospital. It's not because I'm following Shawn. We need to make sure that Tony's okay. 3E3592FC.JPG


 Brady: Tony, with all due respect, you are going into surgery, so why don't we hold the business until later, okay?

 Tony: Which is exactly why I want to clear this up. Now, you hacked into my computer files, and you found what you assumed was evidence of a hostile takeover of your father's business. Well, you assumed wrong. I was trying to make a major investment in your father's company. My family has an abiding passion with me, Brady. That's one thing you and I have in common. That's why we decided to meet. Because you wanted to confront me to defend your family.

 Brady: Wait a second. You weren't trying -- 3E359325.JPG

 Tony: Listen, I knew John would never accept an investment from me. That's why I tried to do it without him knowing. That's not possible now... along with my mobility.

 Brady: Well, look, I had a spinal cord injury myself a few years ago from a gunshot wound, and as you can see, there is hope.

 Tony: Yes, well, you must excuse me, I have a tendency to look towards the dark side.

 Brady: Me too... usually. But look, if you're going to lose the use of your legs because you tried to save my life, well, I'd rather not be in your debt, so I'm going to pray that you make a full recovery. 3E35935E.JPG

 Tony: If I don't make a full recovery, you certainly will pay that debt... with interest.


 Jack: "Is Tony okay?" I mean, I know that you two are close, but I got to ask, how close?

 Sami: We're just good friends, genius. Now tell --

 Jack: What?

 Sami: Mom!

 Jack: Listen, you haven't answered my question.

 Sami: Just give me a second. Mom, are you here because of the accident? Jack just told me.

 Marlena: Brady is going to be all right. Tony, however, may need surgery.

 Sami: Oh, my god. Is it serious? Mom, tell me.

 Marlena: Tony may be paralyzed. Sami, I need you to get Lexie a room where she can lie down somewhere, okay? 3E359415.JPG

 Sami: Well, I don't know if we have rooms. This isn't a hotel.

 Marlena: Sami.

 Jack: A little early for a catfight, Sami? Excuse me. Duty calls. Hold on.

 Jack: Hello, Harold, this is Deveraux. Listen, uh, get Jennifer. I got a story going here. I... what, she's home with the flu? All right, never mind, never mind.

 Sami: Where are you going? I thought you were so hot to get the story.

 Jack: I got the story. Besides, Sami, sometimes, there are things more important than work. Uh, Lexie, I'm sorry to hear about your brother.

 Lexie: Thank you. 3E35944A.JPG


 John: What are you doing out of bed?

 Brady: They're releasing me soon, anyway. I went to see Tony.

 John: Oh, son, I wish you hadn't done that.

 Brady: I feel responsible, da I kind of know what it's like to know you might not walk again.

 Belle: Oh, god, Brady.

 Brady: Hi, Belle. It's okay. I'm fine.

 Belle: Are you sure?

 Brady: Yes, I promise. Now give me a big hug this time.

 Belle: Oh, god. He's okay.


 Cassie: Tony, oh, my god.

 Tony: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't you cry.

 Rex: The nurse told us you were going to have

an operation. 3E359477.JPG

 Tony: So it seems.

 Cassie: Tell me, what can I do for you?

 Tony: You have done it already by coming to see me.

 Cassie: I can't believe that no one told us you were here. I mean, my god, you're our guardian. You're the one person in this entire world that cares about us.

 Tony: Well, that's not true. Belle and Shawn -- they've been very good friends to you. And Marlena -- she cares very deeply for you.

 Cassie: Yeah. Right.

 Rex: We went to see Marlena last night.

 Tony: Oh.

 Rex: Yeah, she wanted to meet with us to tell us that she couldn't be a mother to us. 3E359499.JPG

 Tony: I see.

 Cassie: Rex, upset him. Tony, I am sorry.

 Rex: No, I-I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have told you before the oper--

 Tony: No, no, listen to me. Listen to me, both of you. I didn't take up your guardianship on a whim. I took it because I care about you guys. I'm devoted to you, children. Now, I may be a poor substitute for the mother that --

 Cassie: No. No, you're wonderful.

 Tony: Don't say that yet... not until I've seen that all your needs are met. And that will happen. I swear on my father's ashes.


 Shawn-d: So, uh, Brady, I'm glad you're okay, man. 3E359569.JPG

 Brady: Thank you.

 John: Your mother left a message for you. Didn't she tell you that Brady was fine?

 Belle: Oh, um, I only listened to the part where she said Brady was in an accident, and I was outta there.

 Brady: Yeah, Belle, no offense, but you look kind of exhausted. Did you pull an all-nighter last night or what?

 Belle: Yeah.

 Woman: Good news, Brady. The doctor's going to come and check you out in a few minutes. If all your signs are good, you'll be going home.

 Brady: That is good news. Thank you.

 Shawn-d: I'm going to get going. 3E359592.JPG

 Woman: Mr. Dimera, I'm sorry for the delay. Your surgeon wants to consult with your hematologist.

 Tony: Oh. Well, that may be difficult unless he's an expert in communing with the departed. Dr. Colin Murphy was my hematologist. I'm sure you've heard about his tragic murder.

 Belle: Shawn, are you okay?


 Sami: You're right, mom. I should've gone to college. This job bites.

 Marlena: You're in a healing profession, Sami.

 Sami: Yeah, I'm not, mom. I'm barely even helping the healers. Let me tell you, it's boring.

 Marlena: Is that why you're hanging out with Tony, give yourself something to do? 3E3595C6.JPG

 Sami: Well, Tony is not boring, and he definitely gets me, which is a nice relief.

 Marlena: He gets you, eh? I thought you were seriously dating Brandon.

 Sami: I am.

 Marlena: So, why does Tony have to get you? You always say that Brandon understands you so well.

 Sami: What, is there a quota on friends? I'm only allowed to have one?

 Marlena: Tony's not good friendship material, Sami. He's got a darker agenda.

 Sami: Well, then why are you always hanging out with him and those freaky alien twins?

 Marlena: [ Gasps ] Are you just trying to shock me today, is that it? I asked you to get a room for Lexie because she's pregnant, because her brother is about to have surgery, and you drag your feet. Now, what is that about? That's an embarrassment, Sami. And I haven't once heard you express concern for Brady. 3E3595F8.JPG

 Sami: Well, Brady's fine. He's already being released, okay? And he wouldn't express any concern for me if the situation were reversed. And by the way, did you bust his chops for going to see Tony? He threatened him, which wasn't too smart.

 Marlena: Well, if he gets obsessed with Tony, then I'll talk to him, too.

 Sami: Mom, I am not obsessed. It's not like I'm Tony's groupie or anything. And you told me to be careful, so I definitely keep my eyes open when I'm around him. But he's been nothing but nice to me, even after he found out that I turned him in to the cops.

 Lexie: You claim to be my brother's friend, and then you turn him in? 3E359619.JPG

 Sami: Look, Lexie, he didn't do it, okay? What is your problem?

[ Telephone rings ]

 Sami: Look, I have to go back to my fascinating job.

[ Ring ]

 Sami: Nurses' station.

 John: Is everything all right here?

 Sami: Oh, my god. That's wild. No, his family is standing right here in front of me. Okay. Man.

 Marlena: Sami, what's going on?

 Sami: Um, well, that was the blood bank. Because Tony's going into surgery, they need to have blood standing by, but I guess he's got this, like, weird mutant blood type or something, so they're going to need to have someone donate -- probably a relative. Hello. 3E35963F.JPG

 John: What's his blood type?

 Sami: It's confidential.

 John: Is that Tony's file? May I see it, please?

 Sami: No, no, if you want to get screened, go down to the blood bank.

 John: Hello, Tony.

 Sami: What? John, give it back! Mom, you can't --

 Marlena: Quiet down. Quiet down.

 John: Oh. Type -- O.H., Bombay phenotype.

 Sami: What is it? Is that your blood type or something?

 Marlena: No. That's the twins'. Sometimes, you just want your home to smell fresh.


[ Door opens ]

 Jack: Oh. I woke you up.

 Jennifer: No, no, I-I wasn't asleep. 3E359745.JPG

 Jack: Is Abigail still here or what?

 Jennifer: No, she already left for school. She wanted to stay home and take care of me. It was very sweet.

 Jack: Well, you're stuck with me.

 Jennifer: Oh, you don't have to, Jack. I don't need --

 Jack: No, no, no, you're stuck with Dr. Feelgood.

 Jennifer: How did you even know that I was sick?

 Jack: Harold told me all about it. So, uh, I got you some nice warm ginger ale.

 Jennifer: Oh, that's nice.

 Jack: Oh, yeah, it will be.

 Jennifer: Well, thank you.

 Jack: Okay. He says, you know...

 Jennifer: Oh.

 Jack: You got to keep them fluids up. 3E359767.JPG

 Jennifer: Yeah. Thank you.

 Jack: And now the ultimate medicine -- this will cure what ails you. Matzoh balls in chicken broth. Soup.

 Jennifer: Thank -- thank you.

 Jack: Uh-huh. Harold tells me that you got the flu.

 Jennifer: I-I don't think it's the flu. I think that -- that I overindulged at gram's birthday party last night, that's all.

 Jack: You didn't touch a drop of alcohol. It couldn't have been food poisoning. Nobody else was sick that I'm aware of.

 Jennifer: No, I know. I just -- I haven't really felt much like eating lately, and then we got to gram's birthday, and there was that wonderful food everywhere, so, of course, I filled my plate up, and now I'm paying for it. I had a good time, though. 3E35979A.JPG

 Jack: Well, how could you not have a good time with my expert juggling going on? I mean, I don't know why you asked me to stop.

 Jennifer: Well, I mean, the dinner rolls -- that was darn good juggling...

 Jack: Of course.

 Jennifer: But when you grabbed aunt Maggie's silver candlesticks, you know --

 Jack: Oh...

 Jennifer: The look on her face -- she was --

 Jack: She has no faith. She has no faith. You have to have faith in the -- in the man juggling.

 Jennifer: Those were special candlesticks.

 Jack: Okay, well, these are special, too. Let me show you this. This is going to be very special. Okay, have faith. 3E3597B6.JPG

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Jack: Aah! Oh, ow. Okay.

 Jennifer: You know what? I think you're the only person who can make me laugh right now, Jack Deveraux.

 Jack: Just wait until we open them. You'll really laugh.


 Sami: So Cassie and rex both have the right blood type?

 John: Just Cassie. When they were still under government surveillance, we discovered that she had an extremely rare blood type.

 Marlena: O.H. Phenotype. Given that they're not identical twins, it's not so surprising that he doesn't have the same blood type she does.

 John: You know what I'm wondering. 3E3597DE.JPG

 Sami: What, that Tony's their real father?

 Marlena: That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

 John: Well, yeah, it would explain why Tony was so hot to become the twins' guardian.

 Marlena: Given that Tony and Cassie share the same rare blood type, it's quite likely they are related somehow.

 John: Just another secret he's been keeping.

 Lexie: Okay, just a minute. If Tony is related to the twins, if he is their father, I assure you, he has no idea.

 John: Yeah, right.

 Lexie: John, look, the only thing that matters is getting blood for my brother. Unfortunately, I don't have that blood type. 3E35980A.JPG

 Marlena: You couldn't do it anyway, Lexie. You're pregnant.

 Lexie: You're not. Or is giving blood to a Dimera against your moral code?

 John: Well, if giving blood would save a man's life, I'd do it. Even Tony's. But I'm not a match. So how rare is this O.H. Phenotype, anyway?

 Lexie: We probably won't find another person in Salem who has it. Cassie may be our only option. Will she do it?

 Marlena: Well, Cassie extremely needle-phobic.

 Lexie: Marlena, you're very close to the twins. They trust you. Will you talk to Cassie?

 Marlena: She's very unhappy with me right now. I-I could, uh, call the blood bank coordinator and see if she can help Tony out. 3E35983C.JPG

 John: Do what you have to do.

 Marlena: All righty then.

 Woman: Excuse us, please.


 Shawn-d: You know, I'm sorry. I should've brought you two here.

 Rex: It's okay. I'm glad your brother's okay.

 Belle: Thank you. Me too. What's wrong with her?

 Rex: Let me talk to her.

 Rex: Come on, Cassie, it's no time to be a drama queen.

 Cassie: I'm upset.

 Rex: So are Belle and Shawn, all right? They had a lot going on when she got that phone call, and you know it. And they have never hurt us on purpose, so don't guilt them into feeling worse than they already do.

 Cassie: I get too close to Shawn, you say stay away. I walk away, and you say I'm being selfish. How about you make up your mind? 3E35987F.JPG

 Rex: You're being unfair.

 Cassie: You are so clueless, rex. Belle and Shawn asked us to move into the dorm, and then when we did, they don't want us around. I think that is unfair. Oh, you know, maybe it's just me they don't want around. I know Belle doesn't.

 Rex: She's not stupid. She knows you like her boyfriend.

 Cassie: It's not just a crush. I'm taking a big risk to help Shawn.

 Rex: Help him with what?

 Cassie: You wouldn't understand.


 Brady: All right, looks like I'm ready to go home.

 Belle: You could've been killed tonight. 3E3598A5.JPG

 Brady: But I wasn't, so let's not go there, okay?

 Belle: Okay.

 Brady: You want to help me with my stuff?

 Belle: Yeah, I do. Um, I'll be back.

 Brady: You're awfully quiet, Belle. Is something wrong?

 Belle: My brother almost died. Cut me some slack.

 Brady: It's more than that. I've been sensing some uncomfortable vibes between you and Shawn. What's up with that?

 Belle: Shawn asked for space.

 Brady: He did what? I'm going to kick his ass.

 Belle: You know what, Brady? That's really going to help.

 Brady: Is he breaking up with you?

 Belle: Shawn loves me, Brady. He's just going through some really difficult things with his family right now, and he doesn't want to drag me down. He's doing this for me. 3E3599BA.JPG

 Brady: Ha ha. Sure he is. That's bull!


Cassie: Shawn. You look upset. I noticed you and Belle were having an intense conversation before. You didn't tell her that you killed Colin, did you?

 Shawn-d: No, but --

 Cassie: Okay, good. Because telling her would be --

 Shawn-d: Making her an accessory after the fact. I know. I know. I-I feel bad enough that I've already done this to you.

 Cassie: There's enough suspicion around me, anyway... being a Gemini twin and all. Besides, you didn't tell me. It was just a twist of fate that I was there and I saw it happen. Obviously, I was there for a reason -- so you wouldn't have to go through this thing alone. We're in this together... you and me. 3E3599F2.JPG


 Belle: Hey, look who's out of bed.

 John: Well, it's about time they let you out. Too much damn red tape in this hospital.

 Marlena: Well, we're trying to be careful, you know. Uh, have you seen rex or Cassie?

 Belle: Yeah. They're with Tony. Why?

 John: Tony has a rare blood type.

 Belle: Okay, how could Cassie and rex help? They're not related to Tony. Are they?

 Marlena: Well, all we know for sure is that Cassie has the same blood type.

 Belle: She can't be a donor. Cassie freaks out at the sight of a needle.

 Brady: Well, dad, you and Belle and I are related to Tony. Could we donate some blood? 3E359A1B.JPG

 John: No. We don't have that particular type, son.


 Lexie: Chances are nobody else in Salem has it. Um, I'm going to see Tony again before they take him to O.R. Would you please not mention this problem to him? I don't want him worrying when they take him into surgery.

 Sami: Um, Lexie, would you tell Tony I wish him the best?

 Lexie: Can I speak to you for a second in private? Do you really expect me to believe that you wish my brother well after you just admitted that you sicced the cops on him for Colin's murder?

 Sami: Look, if you know what's good for you, you'll lay off of me.

 Lexie: What's that supposed to mean?

 Sami: Never mind. Go to your brother and leave me alone. 3E359A47.JPG

 Sami: [ Thinking ] I'll protect you, Brandon. No one will ever know that you killed Colin.


 Marlena: Cassie, can we talk for a minute, please? Wait, wait. It's not about me. It isn't about you. It's about Tony. You care about him, don't you?

 Marlena: Could I talk to both of you, please?

 Cassie: Why?

 Marlena: It won't take very long. Uh, look, we have our coats. We could go on the terrace. Let's just do that, okay?


 Shawn-d: What's going on?

 Belle: I guess Cassie and Tony share the same rare blood type.

 Shawn-d: Just because they have the same blood type doesn't mean they're related, does it? 3E359B2B.JPG

 Belle: It could in this case. I guess only a few people in the world have it. If it doesn't matter that I'm related to Tony, why would you care if Cassie is?

 Shawn-d: I-it doesn't matter. It's just, uh... just weird that he's everyone's uncle Tony. I don't know, it's weird.

 Belle: It's weird because he's a Dimera.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I guess. I don't know. It's all too complicated.


 John: Son, I don't care what kind of song and dance Tony gave you about investing in basic black. The fact is, Tony never gives away anything, and he certainly isn't any role model when it comes to living in peace with his fellow man. 3E359B50.JPG

 Brady: Dad --

 John: I mean it. Colin Murphy found out the truth about Dimera the hard way. Tony took a Brady cousin, turned him into a Dimera operative, and then he turned on him and he murdered him.

 Brady: He's been questioned, dad. There was no evidence.

 John: Of course there wasn't any evidence. Work through the layers here. Tony didn't do the deed himself. In fact, he did everything except take out an ad in the spectator saying he was on a plane, out of the country the night Colin was killed.

 Brady: So you don't believe a word he says.

 John: I believe he was on a plane, but I believe he set up Colin's death, and so does every cop in the Salem P.D. Tony Dimera put a hit on Murphy. Someone on Dimera's payroll pulled the trigger. 3E359B80.JPG


 Rex: So Tony's our father?

 Marlena: That's one possibility... but it's almost certain that he's related to you in some way.

 Rex: Which means we're Dimeras.

 Marlena: That's likely, yes.

 Cassie: Well, if Tony is our father, then who's our mother?

 Marlena: Well, there, uh, there's no way of knowing that right now.

 Cassie: Are you sure?

 Rex: Cassie, let's take one thing at a time. This is what we've always wanted -- a real family, to belong to somebody. So many people take that for granted.

 Cassie: I know.

 Rex: If Tony's our family, we have to do this for him, don't we, Cassie? 3E359BA9.JPG

 Cassie: Not we -- me.

 Rex: I'll be there with you.

 Cassie: If Tony needs a blood transfusion and I give him my blood, then... I'll be really important to him. He'll care about me forever.

 Marlena: Cassie... he cares about you now. Very much.

 Cassie: I'll do it on one condition -- you give me the needle. And it shouldn't be hard. I already know that you don't mind hurting me.


 Belle: Shawn, um, I don't have to be here anymore, so...are you leaving or staying?

 Shawn-d: Well, you have an early class, right?

 Belle: Yeah.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, maybe you can get a ride with your parents 'cause I was going to hg around with Cassie and rex while Tony's in surgery, just in case they need me. 3E359C4A.JPG

 Belle: Oh. Okay. That's...really nice of you.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, you know, they've been really good friends to us, so...

 Belle: So Cassie's donating blood.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, well, she would probably do anything for Tony. I mean, he could be her dad.

 Belle: Shawn, are you okay?

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll see you.

 Belle: All right. I'll see you.

 Belle: I'm going to get my stuff and wait for you.


 John: All right, sweetheart.

 Lexie: Excuse me. Uh, John, they're taking Tony into surgery now.

 John: Uh, Lexie.

 Lexie: Yeah?

 John: Being a doctor, maybe you could answer a couple questions for me? 3E359C74.JPG

 Lexie: Yeah, yeah. What kind of questions?

 John: Uh, this blood type -- how would -- how would one rule out having it?

 Lexie: People who have it would test as type "O." They wouldn't discover this particular marker until they were cross-referenced for a transfusion. Its heredity is recessive.

 John: Recessive? I see. So just because I know that I don't have it...

 Lexie: That doesn't mean you're not related to the twins.

 John: Right. What if you had it?

 Lexie: Well, it would be almost positive it was passed on to me through my father, but I'm fairly certain that I don't have it, so that really doesn't tell us anything. 3E359C9F.JPG

 John: But are you sure?

 Lexie: [ Sighs ] I'll double check my records, but I could almost swear....


 Sami: [ Thinking ] Damn it. If Lexie figures out that I switched those paternity tests, she'll tell Brandon and I'll be screwed! Why do things always go wrong for me?

 Marlena: That pink chair is for you. Sit yourself down.

 Marlena: Coat off.

 Marlena: I need to pull up your sleeve. I'll tell you just what we're doing as we go along. There won't be any surprises. This is going to pinch your arm just a wee bit. Okay? This is going to feel... a little cold. Just cleansing the area. All right, Cassie, make a fist, please. Nice and tight. That's a girl. I want you to look away, okay? 3E359CED.JPG

 Marlena: Okay, we're ready. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. You'll feel a little pinch. That's good. We got it. All righty. The worst part over. Let your fist go. You're doing fine. Ha That's my girl. You're doing fine. Okay, this will take a few minutes. Just hang on.

 Marlena: That's a girl.


 Bo: Hope? Where the hell did she go?

 Hope: Oh, god, give me strength.

 Cassie: So, where's Belle?

 Shawn-d: She's gone, which is a good thing because I want to talk to you alone.

 Lexie: What the hell are you talking about? 3E359D2B.JPG

 Sami: I know what you did, and I know what happened because of it!



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