Days Transcript Wednesday 1/22/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  1/22/03--Canada; 1/23/03--USA

By Eric


 Jennifer: Oh, the cake. That looks so good.

 Maggie: Doesn't it? And look at how the flowers...

 Shawn-d: The guy at the store said we wouldn't have a problem.

 Mickey: Uh...let's take another look at the owner's manual, huh?

 Shawn-d: You know, they should make all these controllers the same so you'd have a clue, you know?

 Belle: You know what? This happens to my dvd player all the time. Let me try. There you go.

 Mickey: Ha ha! The girl's a keeper! Thank you.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, thanks.

 Mickey: So, uh, I'm gonna go get an extension cord so we can set this up for -- 3E2EF885.JPG

 Shawn-d: You know, mickey, I'll grab it. Don't worry.

 Maggie: Like that. Yes. Well, I hope alice is sprprised. But she's such a fox. It's so hard to put anything over on her.

 Jennifer: Isn't she? I know. I can't wait to see her face when she sees our special guest.

 Abby: Mom!

 Jennifer: Oh, there she is. The princess has arrived.

 Maggie: Hi. Hi, abby.

 Jack: We're not late, huh?

 Maggie: Hello, jack. No.

 Jack: Hello. Good. Good. Hi.

 Jennifer: Can I ask you to help me with something in there? You, too.

 Jack: Sure. I'll follow you guys anywhere. You hold on to that. 3E2EF8A2.JPG

 Jennifer: Let me take your coats, too. We'll be right back.

 Maggie: All right.

 Jack: Good.

 Jennifer: Hello there.

 Sami: Jack.

 Jennifer: Thanks for coming.

 Sami: Oh, thank you. Hi, maggie.

 Maggie: Oh. Hi, sami. Oh, don't you look pretty.

 Sami: Oh, thank you.

 Maggie: Brandon, very "gq."

 Brandon: Thank you. You're beautiful yourself.

 Maggie: Thanks.

 Brandon: How you doing?

 Maggie: Oh, I'm excited.

 Brandon: Good. Here, let me take ose.

 Sami: Thank you.

 Maggie: It's too bad your dad couldn't make it.

 Sami: Oh. Well, you know, he's so busy working on the investigation. Um... sweetie, promise me that you will never become a cop, because obviously they don't have any time for their personal lives. 3E2EF8CA.JPG

 Maggie: Well, I don't think your dad did too bad in that department.

 Sami: Ahem. Well, anyway, my mom asked me to bring mrs. Horton a gift from her and john, and my grandma would love to have been here, but she's still taking care of my grandpa, you know, with his heart.

 Maggie: I understand he took colin's death very hard.

 Sami: Well, yeah, you know, the whole irish mafia thing.

 Maggie: Mafia?

 Sami: Oh. It's just an expression. I mean, you know, my grandpa is still so close to all the relatives back in ireland, but I think that he won't be so sad about colin's death when he finds out what a double-crossing, blackmailing slut colin was. 3E2EF8F0.JPG

 Maggie: Hmm. I didn't think a man could be called that.

 Sami: Oh, well, for him, I make an exception. Believe me, maggie, he deserved what he got.

 Hope: Aah! Get away from me, larry! I'll kill you!

 Bo: Hope! Hope, easy.

 Hope: Oh, my god, what am I doing? Brady, what's wrong with me?

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Hope's even more wacked ou than I thought. All she needs is one little push to send her into total breakdown. Say bye-bye to your happy life, fancy face. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Jennifer: Oh, will you look at this? Now, this is mommy with your great-grandma. Can you believe that? I was about your age. 3E2EF9E7.JPG

 Jack: Yeah, your grandma looks kind of young there, doesn't she?

 Abby: She still is young, daddy.

 Jennifer: That's right, baby. She is.

 Jack: Oh, right, right. Sorry. So sorry. Yes, right you are. She's -- don't look now, but here comes your favorite cousin.

 Abby: [ Groans ]

 Jennifer: Shh!

 Jack: Just a warning.

 Jennifer: Hey, hey, come on. Hello there, brother. How you doing?

 Lucas: Hey, sis, how you doing?

 Jennifer: Good. Hey, will.

 Will: Hi.

 Jack: Lucas.

 Lucas: Jack. You two back together now?

 Jack: We're -- 3E2EFA01.JPG

 Abby: They're getting along. Don't jinx it, uncle lucas.

 Lucas: Oh, right. Gotcha. Sorry.

 Abby: Hi, wL.

 Will: Hi.

 Sami: Hi! Hi, baby.

 Will: Mom!

 Lucas: "Baby." Don't call him "baby." He's a young man.

 Maggie: I need two children to help me with a special project in the kitchen.

 Jennifer: Oh, well, here they are.

 Will: I'll go.

 Abby: Me too!

 Lucas: There they go.

 Jennifer: So, uh... hey, brandon, how are you?

 Brandon: I'm doing fine, thanks. How are you?

 Jennifer: I'm great. Thank you.

 Jack: I'm good myself, not that you asked. 3E2EFA21.JPG

 Sami: Jack.

 Lucas: You know, what I don't get is what you're doing here, scami. You're not related to my grandmother, are you? No.

 Jennifer: You know, uh, we're going to go into thethther room. If you'll excuse us --

 Jack: We are?

 Jennifer: Maybe aunt maggie needs some more help.

 Jack: She does?

 Jennifer: Brandon, love to ask you about the hospital. I have a question for you.

 Sami: Look, one, don't call me that!

 Lucas: What, scami? Well, I think it's cute. It's real cute, and it fits.

 Sami: Look, will is a horton, okay? I'm his mother. Why shouldn't I be invited? 3E2EFA3F.JPG

 Lucas: I don't know, let's see. Maybe because everybody hates you.

 Sami: Right, like you're so popular. I grew up next door to dr. And mrs. Horton. I spent more time with her than you have.

 Lucas: Yeah. Too bad her good side dndn't rub off on you.

 Sami: Look, lucas, this is mrs. Horton's party. If you don't shape up, I will smack that goatee off your face! Don't think I won't!

[ Laughs ]

 Lucas: You're crazy.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Brandon: Hey, you all right?

[ Ring ]

 Sami: Yeah, I'M...

 Maggie: Good evening. Tuscany. May I help you? Oh, hi, lexie. Oh. Oh, that's too bad. Well, of course I understand. I'll tell alice you send your regrets. Listen, once you get through the first trimester, you won't feel quite so sick. Oh. Well, you're in your second. Well, then, let's just hope your energy picks up soon. 3E2EFA7B.JPG

B belle: Hey, sami. Hey, sexy.

 Brandon: Hey. Hey, does your boyfriend know you're flirting around?

 Belle: Like he'd care.

 Brandon: Oh, well, in that case, let's go --

 Sami: Hey! Brandon! Where is shawn?

 Belle: He said something about an extension cord, and then he disappeared.

 Shawn-d: I don't know what to do.

 Hope: I can't believe I was hitting you.

 Bo: Hey, you didn't hurt me.

 Hope: I could have.

 Bo: I don't think so.

 Hope: Bo, I said I was going to kill you.

 Bo: Yeah. That was a bit extreme.

 Hope: My god, what if I --

 Bo: Hope, wait. You thought I was larry. I mean, that's why you said what you said. You didn't mean it. 3E2EFAB6.JPG

 Hope: I can't trust myself anymore.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Yeah, bozo, who knows what hope might do?

 Hope: Sorry. Tonight's supposed to be a wonderful time for the family, celebrating gran. I don't want to ruin it for everybody.

 Bo: You're not gonna ruin -- look, mrs. H. Wants you to be happy. That's the important thing. That's more important than this party. We're gonna work on this thing together like I said before. You're gonna tell me how you're feeling, what's going on with you. You're not alo.. we're in this together. And together, we'll beat this thing. Come here. 3E2EFAE6.JPG

 Larry: [ Thinking ] I don't think so.

 Jack: All right.

 Jennifer: Just -- here, here.

 Jack: Right there? Okay.

 Jennifer: Thank you very much.

 Jack: You got 'em, and...

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Jennifer: Will you excuse me one minute?

 Jack: Uh, sure. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Deveraux here. What have you got for me?

 Hope: Where should we, um...

 Jennifer: Here. Just set it right here. That's fine. Are you okay?

 Hope: Let's just say I, um... I'm putting on a happy face for gran.

 Jennifer: Well, that's good. You know, that's good, 'cause we really should let her inspire us right now, you know? 3E2EFBC5.JPG

 Belle: Shawn.

 Shawn-d: Hi.

 Belle: You must have been in a really far-off place. Are you okay?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

 Belle: I got a little worried when you didn't come back.

 Shawn-d: Well, you don't have to follow me around, belle. I'm a big boy.

 Belle: Okay.

 Shawn-d: No, no. Hey, I'm sorry. Don't -- don't go.

 Belle: If you keep picking at that plant, you're gonna kill it. Shawn, what is wrong? Look at me. In the past, I may not have been as understanding as I could have been, but I'd like to think that I've grown up since then. You can tell me anything, and whatever you have to say, it won't freak me out. You can trust me. 3E2EFBF3.JPG

 Shawn-d: You're right. You're right. I need to talk to someone. I need to tell someone.

 Shawn-d: It's my mom. She's having this problem.

 Belle: What kind of problem?

 Shawn-d: Emotional, psychological. She's imagining things that aren't there. She's seeing things, almost like a bad dream, but she's awake. And then I think she blacks out or something, because she doesn't remember it right after it happens. Like this morning -- she threw a vase at me.

 Belle: What?

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Okay, it wasn't me. She didn't think it was her son. She thought it was someone else, someone she's afraid of. She was seeing larry. Okay, that's what this is all about. She's seeing larry. My mom -- she just needs our support to get through this. That's all. 3E2EFCB3.JPG

 Belle: Are you sure that's all that's bothering you?

 Shawn-d: Isn't that enough?

 Belle: Shawn, I just wanted to make sure that you don't have anything else to tell me.

 Shawn-d: New year's eve -- I'll never forget it, but not for the reason that I had hoped.

 Belle: You mean...

 Shawn-d: Us. It was the night we were supposed to be together. But, of course, it just totally got ruined.

 Belle: But not forever, right?

 Shawn-d: No, well, it just seems like something's always getting in the way.

 Belle: It's not a sign or an omen. I know we're probably feeling a little jinxed right now -- three tries, three interruptions -- but as long as we know that we're meant to be together, everything will be okay. 3E2EFCE2.JPG

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Oh, this is almost too perfect.

 Maggie: Listen, I'm going to go check and see...

 Hope: Nobody said we couldn't help ourselves to a few appetizers.

 Bo: And why are we whispering? I love you.

 Hope: It's funny how I never get tired of hearing that, brady.

 Bo: Mm.

 Hope: You know, poor zack -- I hope he gets over his sniffles soon.

 Bo: "Poor zack"? He's being spoiled to death by my parents. He's got them wrapped.

 Hope: I know. I just can't wait to hold him in my arms, that little guy.

 Bo: Whatcha thinking about?

 Hope: What happened before. With shawn, throwing the vase, then hitting you. Bo, I want you to know that I would never -- I know I wouldn't -- I would never hurt zack. 3E2EFD15.JPG

 Maggie: They're here! Quick, everyone hide! Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry !!

 Mickey: Turn out the light.

 Alice: Oh, look, it's lovely. Oh...

 All: Surprise!

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Mickey: Happy birthday!

 Hope: Gran!

 Mickey: Alice! Yay! Take a bow! Take a bow!

 Julie: Okay. Okay. All right now. Grandma, darling, tell me -- how surprised were you?

 Alice: Well, if you and doug hadn't been on either side of me, I think I'd have keeled over.

[ Laughter ]

 Doug: Well, alice, you better fasten your seatbelt, because tonight you're gonna have a night of excitement. 3E2EFE08.JPG

 Mickey: Woo-hoo!

 Julie: Yes, yes.

 Alice: What kind of excitement?

 Julie: There is going to be an appearance by a very special guest.

 Mickey: Right.

 Julie: Ooh, yeah. Who could it be? No, no, I'll tell you later, because first we're going to have testimonials of the life of alice horton from all the people who know you and love you best, starting with me.

 Jennifer: Okay, here you go.

 Julie: Okay. There we are.

 Doug: Thank you.

 Alice: That is a mighty big book.

 Doug: It's true, because you've had an action-packed life. 3E2EFE2A.JPG

 Julie: Yes. And it all started when alice grayson was born of the 23rd of january, 19--, uh...

 Alice: 14.

 Julie: 1914! Whoa!

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Alice: Start using your pencils now.

 Jack: That was the last century.

 Alice: Now you know.

 Julie: It was the last century, but you were the daughter of sid and abigail grayson.

 Jack: That's you.

 Julie: And when you were 21 years old, you met tom horton. Together, you had five wonderful children. Their names were tom jr., Addie -- my mom... hope's mom -- and mickey and bill, marie. Five in all. How did you do it? I think I know how you did it, but how did you manage it? And then, of course, along came the grandchildren to give you even more trouble, starting with me. 3E2EFE69.JPG

 Hope: And don't forget about me.

 Jennifer: I think I'm a little responsible for your white hair. I'm sorry.

[ Laughter ]

 Julie: And now we have our wonderful great-grandchildren. But no great-great-grandchildren yet. So, you have always had your hands full with your family, but you kept all of the rest of us very busy, too. Maggie, darling, you're up.

 Maggie: Thanks, julie.

 Julie: Okay.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Maggie: Ha ha. Well, the day I became a horton was the luckiest day of my life. Alice, you opened your heart and your home to me. She made me hers. And... I think if everybody that alice has helped through the years stood side-by-side, I think they would reach around the world. 3E2EFEA6.JPG

 Mickey: Oh, yeah.

 Alice: [ Laughs ]

 Maggie: In fact, the reason that you're enjoying this wonderful meal tonight -- oh, please tell me you're enjoying this wonderful meal.

[ Laughter and murmuring ]

 Maggie: Is because of the mentoring that I got from alice in food preparation. Her nurturing covers all the bases. It starts with our stomachs, and it ends up touching our souls.

 Alice: [ Laughs ]

 Maggie: I love you.

 Alice: Darling.

 Maggie: At a time when most people are retiring and playing bingo, alice and tom started a community center. Ran it out of their own home. So have I just about covered all of alice horton's many careers? 3E2EFEDA.JPG

 Doug: Oh, I don't know.

 Bo: Don't forget undercover ant.

[ Laughter ]

 Doug: Oh, hey, that's right.

 Bo: I'm gonna tell it. I'm gonna tell it. You started off -- roman was in jail on some trumped-up charges, and you decided to bust him out.

 Alice: I'm saving the holes for carrie.

 Bo: Okay, make sure she doesn't get anywhere near this -- or anybody else, for that matter.

 Alice: Oh, my lord, no. You got the stuff?

 Bo: Yeah, but I think you should let me do it. As a matter of fact -- oh, I got it here -- I think you should leave the kitchen. 3E2EFEFE.JPG

 Alice: You mean so I can say that I never saw it?

 Bo: Yeah, so that it will be my responsibility.

 Alice: Absolutely not. Either I am in this, or I am not.

 Bo: I know how you feel about the law. Why are you doing this?

 Alice: I don't believe in breaking the law. I've never believed in breaking the law. If a law is wrong, then you work very hard to change it.

 Bo: So, as you see, mrs. H. Was the original rebel with a cause.

[ Laughter ]

 Bo: I think that's where my wife got her gutsy ways.

 Jennifer: Oh, yeah.

 Bo: I mean, um, among other things, she chose to be a cop at a time when most women really didn't choose to go that direction. 3E2EFF24.JPG

[ Laughter ]

 Mickey: The horton women are -- and I'm searching for a word here -- uh...

 Maggie: Uh-oh.

 Jennifer: Oh, oh, uncle mickey, be nice, nice. Nice word.

 Mickey: No, no, I got it. I got it. Unique. How's that?

 Lucas: One way to say it.

 Mickey: That's what they are. Hey, and it all started with my mom. Alice horton, the matriarch of the horton family -- she was the love of my father's life. Although mom and dad were -- they were presented with a whopper of a surprise. After they had been married for over 50 years, it turned out that the marriage hadn't been legal. Whew! 3E2EFF45.JPG

[ Laughter ]

 Mickey: So, dad proposed again, mom accepted again. They did it right this time. I mean, the wedding. The marriage had always been perfect. And I had the privilege of witnessing my parents reciting the vows that they had lived out every day of their lives.

 Tom: And I say, entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee. For whither thou goest, I will go.

 Alice: I shall go.

 Both: And where thou lodgest, I will lodge. And thy people shall be my people...

 Alice: And thy god my god.

 Tom: Be my god. 3E2EFF7A.JPG

 Alice: I love you.

 Tom: I love you.

 Alice: When tom and i were married, on the front of our invitations, there was a drawing of a candle siining in a window, and underneath, it said... "someone to light the candle in the window." You remember that?

 Tom: I remember.

 Alice: And that's what I've always tried to be to you -- someone who is there for you, to welcomeou home.

 Tom: To light my way.

 Alice: To light your way.

 Mickey: And that's what you've done for all of us, mom, right from the very beginning. I mean, a lot of us wouldn't even be here at all if it weren't for you. I don't know if you remember, but -- 3E2EFFAE.JPG

 Julie: Are you kidding? Grandma never forgets anything. Curse the luck!

[ Laughter ]

 Mickey: Probably right, julie, but, hey, we gave you a special bouquet. Remember? To symbolize the life that you had given us.

 Alice: Oh.

[ Laughs ]

 Mickey: Oh, hey, mom, in the bouquet is one flower for each child, one for each grandchild, and one for each great-grandchild.

 Maggie: And this is for the rest of us who are just lucky enough to be a part of this family. We love you very much.

 Alice: You're going to make me cry.

 Mickey: Those flowers were beautiful, but, you know, there have been a few additions to the family since then. And two of these new members would like to present you with a new bouquet tonight, mom. 3E2EFFE3.JPG

 Alice: Oh.

 Abby: There are exactly 22 flowers altogether.

 Alice: Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, these are lovely.

[ Laughs ]

 Maggie: Oh, that's sweet.

 Alice: Did you smell them?

[ Crowd murmuring ]

 Mickey: Happy birthday, mom.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Hope: Yay, gran! We love you!

 Alice: Thank you very much. I sure am really very happy. Thank you. Oh...

 Julie: Everyone -- everyone raise your glasses. You too. Yes. To all the good times in my grandmother's life.

 Mickey: Hear, hear.

 All: Hear, hear. 3E2F00E4.JPG

 Bo: To all the good times.

 Maggie: Hear, hear. Oh...

 Mickey: That would be our good times, too.

 Julie: Now, this wouldn't be "this is your life, alice horton" without the appearance of that mystery guest. Everybody knows grandma has always been a great poetry buff, but did you know she was married to an accomplished poet? Oh, yes. Dear, dignified dr. Thomas horton loved nothing better than slapping a beret on his head and putting on a disguise and sauntering down to the beat bar to recite his poetical compositions. He did this under the nom de plume of norm de plume. 3E2F010E.JPG

[ Laughter ]

 Julie: Now, despite the name, the local television station wanted to do a feature on grandpa one time, and they taped him, but then in a fit of modesty, grandpwowouldn't let them run the tape. However, they kept it in the vaults. So, our great-grandson shawn brady the genius has transferred this videotape to dvd. Dr. Thomas horton is our mystery guest.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Julie: Okay... uncle mickey, hit it.

 Mickey: Da-dum

da-dum dum-dum

 Tom: Tonight I'd like to read a love poem -- a love poem to my wife. You can go years without realizing other people know things about you that you don'T. You could walk down the street and pass yourself without knowing who it was you passed. It's hard enough to catch up with yourself. And then it doesn't do you any good, because you don't know who it is that you've caught up with. The only one who really knows is the girl. The girl you first danced with. Keep dancing with me. Keep dancing with me, girl. Don't stop. Please don't stop. If you do, I can't stand. 3E2F016C.JPGI fall down. I tip over.

[ Cheers and applause ] I used to swimlike a fish.

 Doug: Alice, would you like me to get everybody's attention?

 Alice: Please. I'd like to see all of -- well, all the couples kiss.

 Mickey: Kiss? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! This is not a wedding, mom.

 Alice: This is my birthday, and that's what I wanted.

 Mickey: Okay. All right. Hey, get ready, baby! Mm!

[ All laughing and chattering ]

 Mickey: That worked much better now.

 Bo: You feeling better?

 Hope: Why don't you kiss me and find out? 3E2F022F.JPG

 Bo: Okay.

[ Mickey laughing ]

 Bo: Yeah, great. Wonderful...

 Hope: Oh, well...

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Bo: I think mrs. H. Has amazing...

[ Bo and hope chattering ]

 Hope: Just kiddG. Yeah. Just kidding.

 Jack: I'll never wash that cheek again.

 Mickey: Okay, all right. Hey, everybody, hey, it's time for the presentation of the gifts. Don't shake your head, mom. Don't shake your head. There's a pile of gifts on that table there from friends and from a few people who couldn't be here, but the family has decided to get creative and give you a gift that symbolizes your life so far. 3E2F0260.JPG

 Bo: A new doughnut maker?

[ Laughter ]

 Mickey: In honor of your birthday -- birthday, okay? We've made donations in your name to charities. Okay? Oh, wait a second. Where's -- I got...somewhere...

 Maggie: In your breast pocket.

 Mickey: Oh, thank you. Fellas, what would we do without our wives, huh?

 Maggie: Well, you better not try to find out.

 Mickey: All right, okay. Here it is -- donations c charity. First one -- habitat for humanity.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

 Mickey: Leukemia and lymphoma society.

 Doug: Right. Right. Remember that one. 3E2F0283.JPG

 Mickey: The make-a-wish foundation.

 Jack: Hear, hear. Very good.

 Mickey: The heifer project.

 Jennifer: Gram, abby -- she bought a goat for a family in guatemala so that they could have milk. Little abby.

 Jack: That's my kid all over.

 Mickey: All right, and last but not least, the horton center, for their continuing good work.

[ Applause ]

 Maggie: Yay.

 Mickey: Now, mom is not the only one getting a surprise tonight, because mom has decided to endow a trust at university hospital. It's going to be called the tom and alice horton fund, because mom believes in passing the torch to a new generation. So, she's asking... you, lucas, to administer the fund. 3E2F02AC.JPG

 Lucas: Me?

 Mickey: Yeah.

 Sami: Lucas?

 Lucas: Uh...

 Maggie: Why not?

 Mickey: So, if you choose to accept this responsibility, lucas -- and maggie and your grandmother and i hope that you will -- you will then be in charge of allocating resources among several worthy research and community outreach efforts that the hospital supports. So, will you do it?

 Jennifer: Come on.

 Lucas: I'm honored that you have so much confidence in me, gram. Really. So, yeah, of course I'll do it.

 Mickey: All right! Okay, now -- now, mom -- hey, it's a big job, so mom has appointed a couple of her favorite, favorite people to be co-chairpersons -- her granddaughters hope and jennifer. How does that sound, ladies? 3E2F02DC.JPG

 Hope: Uh, uh...

 Jennifer: Oh, my --

 Hope: Yes, I would love to. We'd -- we would love to, wouldn't we?

 Jennifer: Yes. University hospital has been wonderful to our family. We would love to.

 Mickey: Okay, all right, so the tom and alice horton fund is officially open for business!

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Bo: This is going to be good for you.

 Hope: Yeah, gran always knows what I need.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Jack: Well, madame chairperson...

 Jennifer: Oh, I just -- I hope that I can do it all, you know?

 Jack: You're kidding, right? I mean, you're your grandmother all over again. Same kind heart, same stubborn streak, same wonderful smile. 3E2F0305.JPG

 Jennifer: Well, that's just about the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me, jack deveraux.

 Lucas: So I guess we'll be working together at the hospital. Yeah, I'll be handing out money, and you'll be getting me coffee, right, sami?

 Sami: In your dr-- get out of here.

 Maggie: Everybody grab a partner. It's time to dance.

 Mickey: Dance? Okay. Excuse me.

 Man: I'll be loving you


with a love that's true


when the things

you've planned

need a helping hand

I will understand

always 3E2F0342.JPG


I'll be loving you


with a love that's true


when the things

you've planned

need a helping hand

I will understand



days may not be fair


that's when I'll be there


 Tom and alice: Not

for just an hour

not for just a day

 Doug: You know it.

 Tom and alice: Not

for just a year

 All: But always

 Man: Not for just an hour

not for just a day

not for just a year

but always

 Jack: On a roll here -- whoa! Okay, and again.

 Jennifer: I just ate one of those.

 Julie: Everyone, everyone, gather 'round. Here we go with another surprise.

 Alice: Oh, my word. What's this?

 Julie: Behold the alice horton quilt. 3E2F0437.JPG

 Doug: Ta-da!

 Julie: Grandma, it's your life in quilt squares, and we planned this even before we started planning the party.

 Maggie: We got everybody in the family to make a square as a memento of what you mean in our lives, and then the hospital quilters, which you organized way back when, stitched it together for you.

 Alice: Oh, well...

 Doug: Okay, you may sit.

 Julie: Oh, thank you.

 Maggie: Thank you. My goodness.

 Alice: Is this a doughnut?

 Bo: That's ours -- uh, no, close. It's a life preserver.

 Hope: It's for all the times you've saved our lives. Right, brady? 3E2F045B.JPG

Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Hope: We love you, gran. I love you.

 Alice: I love you, dear. Then, wait -- this is a doughnut.

 Julie: That's the doughnut.

 Alice: Yes.

 Doug: Yes, it is, and it is not.

 Julie: It is a circle, but it is the circle of life.

 Alice: Oh. And there -- "more precious than rubies." Oh, my ruby -- look. Look, darling.

 Belle: More precious than rubies.

 Alice: Yes.

 Bo: Youotot it.

 Alice: And what is that?

 Mickey: The gavel's for me, mom. I learned about right and wrong from you and dad, so I learned how important it is to give people a fair shake, and, you know, the benefit of the doubt, so what else could I be but a lawyer, right? 3E2F0484.JPG

 Julie: Aha.

 Alice: Yes, good for you. And th-- speaking of --

 Maggie: And the red dancing shoes...

 Alice: Oh, darling.

 Maggie: Are for me and melissa...

 Alice: Yes.

 Maggie: Because you showed us how important it is to do what you love.

 Alice: Yes.

 Maggie: Yes.

 Doug: And next we have this -- julie made this angel.

 Alice: It's addie.

 Doug: You've got it. It's for addie.

 Jennifer: Abby wants to tell you about the tree right there, gram.

 Alice: Oh, yes.

 Abby: The tree's for mommy, daddy, and me. I put daddy's name on it after we got here tonight. 3E2F04A8.JPG

 Alice: Oh, that's lovely.

 Jennifer: And, gram, the candle -- the next one --

 Alice: Yes.

 Jennifer: Well, you know what the candle's for, to -- to light your way.

 Alice: To light the way.

 Julie: But this --

 Alice: Yes.

 All: [ Laugh ]

 Belle: I was wondering what that was. It looked like a bone.

 Alice: A bone.

 Lucas: Well, you got the bone part right. That's a bone, but it's from my dad. He wanted me to let you know that he'll never forget all those archeological expeditions you two went on years ago.

 Alice: Well, neither will I.

 All: [ Laugh ] 3E2F04C7.JPG

 Will: That sounds cool.

 Lucas: Oh, it's way cool. Way cool.

 Mickey: Now, now, bill sent along a note with his square, so he says, "dear mom, if you're looking for a new hobby, you can always become a detective, 'cause lord knows, none of us could ever keep a secret from you."

 All: [ Laugh ]

 Jennifer: Oh, that's so true.

 Jack: Hey, you know, I never asked you this before when you first came to work for me, but did your grandmother inspire you to be a reporter?

 Jennifer: Well, uh, gram always said that I was nosy. Does that count?

 Jack: That's good. That's good. That's good. 3E2F04E8.JPG

 Jennifer: Actually, you inspired me, jack.

 Jack: I did -- to seek the truth.

 Jennifer: That's right. And as much as I hate the thought of constantly having to think about colin, and as much as I would rather just put him out of my mind, I know that we can uncover the truth about who killed him, because I really don't think I'll ever believe that he is dead and gone until we know who killed him.

 Jack: Right.

 Hope: Ahem. Oh, dad.

 Doug: Princess.

 Hope: Yeah.

 Doug: Are you all right?

 Hope: I'm fine. I'm fine. I just need a little air. It's a little warm in here. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back. 3E2F050E.JPG

 Doug: Sure. Okay.

 Hope: Larry is dead. He's dead and buried.

 Larry: Murderer.

 Hope: Oh! My god.

 Larry: You killed colin murphy. Don't you remember? Remember?

[ All cheering ]

 Bo: Here comes the cake!

 Mickey: Gangway! The cake is coming.

 Julie: Don't let the candles go out. Don't let the candles go out.

[ All talking ]

 Belle: Hey. Hey. Thank you for bringing me. I'm really glad I got to spend time with you.

 All: Happy birthday

to you

happy birthday to you 3E2F055A.JPG

 Shawn-d: I'm thirsty. I'm going to get a drink. You want something?

 All: Happy birthday

dear gran, alice

 Belle: No thanks.

 All: Mom, grandma

great-grandma, mrs. Horton

happy birthday to you

 Jennifer: Yay, gram!

 Alice: I've thought of my wish, so I'm going to blow out the candles right now and hope I get it. You can help me.

 Jennifer: Go, abby, go, abby, go, abby!

 All: [ Cheering ]

 Hope: [ Thinking ] Could it be true? My god, did I kill colin?

 Cassie: You want us to call you mom, don't you?

 Brady: I did it!

 Chloe: You did what?

 Brady: I hacked into the server. 3E2F0595.JPG

 Chloe: Is that legal?

 Tony: There's a breach of security.

 Bart: Oh, man.

 Hope: [ Gasps ] Bo.

 Bo: It's happening again, isn't it?

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