Days Transcript Tuesday 1/21/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/21/03--Canada; 1/22/03--USA

By Eric

3E246C73.JPGJennifer: All right, thank you. Okay. Let's see.

 Jack: So... what do you think?

 Jennifer: There's no focus.

 Jack: Agreed. So... hand the story over to somebody else?

 Jennifer: No. It's too important, jack.

 Jack: Look, you want to put this behind you? If we sit here working on this story day after day, bringing up his name over and over again -- 3E2F06AF.JPG

 Jennifer: Jack, listen, what happened between colin and me -- yes, I want to move forward with it. I do. I don't want it to hurt me or you anymore, but he was murdered. We're reporters, we need to be objective, we need to figure out a way to thread this story together regardless of how it affects us personally.

 Jack: Right.

 Jennifer: Right. I mean, we'd be thinking about him anyway, right? I mean, how can we escape it?

 Jack: Right.

 Sami: Brandon, look, I'm really sorry about everything that happened earlier and what I said -- you're right, I should -- I should try to have more faith in our relationship, so... I can't promise that I'll always have confidence, but -- but I'm willing to try if you'll help me. 3E2F06F5.JPG

 Brandon: Of course.

 Sami: So, what's in the news?

 Brandon: Uh, colin's murder. What else?

 Sami: Hmm.

 Brandon: I wonder when the crack salem P.D. Is going tzero in on the killer.

 Sami: I think they have a few ideas.

 Brandon: Yeah. And I'm one of them.

 Henderson: Welcome home, sir, mrs. Kiriakis. How was your trip?

 Victor: Wonderful. Nothing like a private cruise in the mediterranean to take your mind off your troubles.

 Henderson: Did you visit portofino?

 Victor: Well, mrs. Kiriakis visited the shops of ptotofino. I'm afraid we came back with more luggage than we left with. 3E2F0727.JPG

 Henderson: I'll have it brought in and see to the unpacking.

 Victor: Thank you, henderson. Well, isn't it wonderful to be home again?

 Nicole: One prison is pretty much the same as another.

 Cassie: I mean, not that I'm complaining, but tony got me so many new clothes for christmas I could hardly put them in my closet.

 Belle: I know. I saw that rex got a lot of new things, too. You know, it was so nice of your brother to help set up shawn's room.

 Cassie: Yeah, well, rex and i know that shawn would be here if he could. He's just such a great guy helping decorate for his grandma's party. You don't seem too happy about that. 3E2F0756.JPG

 Belle: No. No, I'm happy he's helping. I'm just, um, I'm worried about him.

 Cassie: You know, I don't blame you. With all that's gone on lately, iteeeems like the bradys are cursed.

 Hope: How's grandpa shawn? Would you give him my love? Uh, listen, um, I'll pick zack up after shawn and i have finished decorating for gran's party, okay?

 Larry: Hmm. Bo's at work, shawn and the brat aren't home, hope's alone. It's time for a little visit from the ghost of christmas past. Namely... yours truly.

 Hope: Caroline, thanks a million. Okay. Bye. 3E2F0791.JPG

[ Door slams ]

 Shawn-d: Mom, what are you doing?!

 Jack: Jennifer, I need you to know that, given the circumstances and what you knew about colin murphy, I believe you did the only thing you could.

 Jennifer: I-I know that you're saying that to try to help me --

 Jack: I'm saying it because it's true. You've been hurt enough.

 Jack: So... so where do we go from here?

 Jennifer: What do you mean?

 Jack: I mean that vern is champing at the bit to get me off his couch in the guest room. 3E2F0898.JPG

 Jennifer: Oh, jack, I-I don't think that -- I-I don't think it's a good idea for you to -- for you to move back in with abby and me -- I mean, not full-time. I think it's been great to have you there the past few nights, but...

 Jack: But I can't do that anymore.

 Jennifer: What?

 Jack: Move in, stay for a couple of days, move out -- I mean, that's no good for abigail.

 Jennifer: No, you're right, you're right. That's not good for abby.

 Jack: If I move back in, it's got to be forever.

 Belle: The bradys are not cursed, and I hate it when people say that about anyone. It's like saying that people deserve to have bad things happen to them. 3E2F08CF.JPG

 Cassie: Belle, it's not about deserving. It's just that's the way the cards are dealt, you know?

 Belle: No. I don't know.

 Cassie: Think of it this way. First, hope and zack were kidnapped, and then their cousin colin was murdered, and then last, shawn's grandfather was rushed to the hospital because of a heart condition.

 Belle: They've had a bad few months, that's all.

 Cassie: Well, I'm glad that their grandfather is doing better. Poor guy. He seemed to really love his nephew colin, huh?

 Belle: Apparently.

 Cassie: Do you think that they're going to be able to solve the murder? 3E2F08F4.JPG

 Belle: I hope so.

 Cassie: I bet that they're putting together all the clues as we speak, huh?

 Belle: Obviously. Ahem.

 Cassie: Do you know who their prime suspect is?

 Belle: Actually, I do, and you're not going to like what I have to say.

 Cassie: Tell me.

 Belle: Tony dimera.

 Cassie: No. Tony didn't do it. Tony would not shoot colin murphy.

 Belle: How do you know?

 Cassie: I just know that, okay? Besides, how could you even talk that way about your own uncle?

 Belle: It's still really hard for me to think of tony as family. 3E2F091D.JPG

 Cassie: Well, he still thinks of you as family. Why else would he have given you his mother's broach?

 Belle: I dndn't want tony to give me anything.

 Cassie: I didn't see you giving it back.

 Hope: Are you okay? Did any of the shards hit you? Are you okay?

 Larry: [ Thinking ] Damn kid. He never saw me. Careful, larry. Next time my ghost appears, I want to make absolutely certain that hope and I aren't disturbed.

 Hope: Oh, my god, sweetie I'm sorry --

 Shawn-d: Forget it. Mom, mom, forget about me. What is going on with you?

 Hope: It's larry.

 Shawn-d: Larry welch?

 Hope: Larry's here. He's come back for me, honey. 3E2F097B.JPG


why suffer through thick

glasses of metamucil

 Sami: Brandon, why on earth would you be a suspect?

[ Knock on door ]

 Brandon: Mom, hey.

 Fay: Hi.

 Brandon: Come on in.

 Fay: Thanks. Oh. Hello, sami.

 Sami: Hi.

 Fay: Oh. You haven't been, uh, returning my messages. Are you avoiding me?

 Brandon: No, I've just -- I've been really busy. Is something... important?

 Fay: Um, sami, would you excuse us? I'd like to talk to brandon alone for a moment, if that's okay.

 Sami: Oh, of course. Yeah, sure, no problem. I have some errands to run. I'll see you later. 3E2F0A1F.JPG

 Brandon: All right.

 Sami: I love you.

 Brandon: What's up?

 Fay: Well, nicole's, um, back from her honeymoon today.

 Brandon: Still married, huh? And they said it wouldn't last.

 Fay: Brandon, please don't --

 Brandon: All right, all right,inine, from now on, I will treat the subject of that union with the utmost respect.

 Fay: I actually didn't come here to talk to you about nicole and victor. I came here because I'm worried about you, brandon.

 Brandon: Well, why? I'm fine.

 Fay: Well, I just... can't forget how furious you were with colin murphy the night that he was, um, murdered, and I-I just, um...

 Brandon: You just what, mom?

G god, you think I killed him, don't you? 3E2F0A5A.JPG

 Victor: Are you saying you feel imprisoned in our marriage?

 Nicole: What do you think?

 Victor: Well, I took you on a very lavish honeymoon to some of the most mamantic spots on earth, and I certainly spared no expense.

 Nicole: You controlled my every move.

 Victor: Isn't a husband expected to dote on his new wife?

 Nicole: I couldn't even go to the restroom in a single one of those world-class restaurants without you stationing someone outside the door.

 Victor: N w, now.

 Nicole: You watched me like a hawk, victor. I couldn't so much as sneeze without someone taking note and reporting it to you. What, is that because you love me, because you trust me? 3E2F0A7B.JPG

 Victor: Should I trust you... mrs. Kiriakis?

 Shawn-d: If larry -- if larry isn't dead, then -- then where is he? Because, mom, I swear to god, I am gonna --

 Hope: No. Larry is dead.

 Shawn-d: But you just said that --

 Hope: What I meant is, I saw him. But it was only in my head.

 Shawn-d: Okay, like you -- a nap? Like you had a bad dream or something?

 Hope: No, no, it was more -- it's more like a waking nightmare.

 Shawn-d: Hold on. No, mom, I will get that. All right? You just...relax. Okay, you're shaking. Mom, come here. Come and sit down, all right? Just sit down. Please, just tell me what is going on. 3E2F0AAE.JPG

 Hope: This is really hard. I want so much to get back to normal, to make a home for you guys. All I want is for this to be over, and it isn'T.

 Shawn-d: Okay, I'm -- I'm not understanding.

 Hope: I may have -- it's possible that I'm suffering from something called post-traumatic stress.

 Shawn-d: Like -- okay, like what soldiers experience when they come back from war?

 Hope: Yeah, I guess.

 Shawn-d: What happens?

 Hope: I keep seeing larry in my mind's eye, but it feels like he's really here right in front of me. He just materializes out of the blue, and -- I n't know how to stop it. I talked to your dad about it. And marlena. I'm going to go into therapy with her. She thinks it's really important for me to open up to people, tell me what's going on with me instead of pretending that there's nothing wrong. 3E2F0AEE.JPG

 Shawn-d: Well, mom, I knew that you were tense, but why didn't you say something before?

 Hope: Because I didn't want it to be happening. I've put you through so much already.

 Shawn-d: No. Okay, hold on. You did not put us through anything. Larry did.

 Hope: It's affecting my memory. There are moments, gaps I can't remember where I was or what I did.

 Shawn-d: Mom, I wtt to help you get through this. You know that. I'll do anything.

 Hope: Can you tell me what happened the night colin was murdered?

 Jennifer: Okay, we need to get back to work. Let's talk about our suspects here, okay? Right here. You and me, we're eliminated. Who's left? 3E2F0BB2.JPG

 Jack: Well, we can eliminate our usual suspect -- tony dimera.

 Jennifer: Tony dimera. Yes. Who else has a motive?

 Jack: Who else? Did colin have anything on anyone?

 Jennifer: What, you mean blackmail?

 Jack: Possibly. Who was he making life hard for, other than yourself? Bingo!

 Jennifer: What? What? Who? Jack?

 Jack: Do you remember when we saw colin kissing ninicole walker in salem place? There was a photographer shooting pictures. Colin was using the photographs to blackmail nicole, and --

 Jennifer: No, no, he wasn'T. He wasn'T.

 Jack: No? Why not? 3E2F0BDB.JPG

 Jennifer: No, colin told me about those photos months ago when victor and nicole were going to get married at tuscany. It turns out sami hired that photographer.

 Jack: Sami? You're sure?

 Jennifer: Yes, I'm positive. I mean, I asked her and she didn't deny it. Colin thought she was going to use those photos to stop the wedding, but it turns out the ceremony fizzled because nicole was still married to lucas, remember?

 Jack: What happened to the photographs?

 Jennifer: Sami said she gave them to nicole.

 Jack: Colin made copies of those photographs. He made copies, then he used those --

 Jennifer: Oh, jack, what am I doing? I need to get out of here. I'm supposed to be at tuscany right now to finish decorating for gram's birthday party. I forgot. I got to go right now. 3E2F0C02.JPG

 Jack: All right, well, I'm gonna stay right here. I'm gonna do a little more digging, then I'll come over to tuscany, and I'll tell you what I know.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Jack: Okay.

 Jack: Right.

 Jennifer: I'll see you at tuscany.

 Jack: Right.

 Jk:K: All right, I'm looking for dirt on colin and nicole.

 Fay: Brandon, honey, I am not accusing you of killing colin murphy. I'm just afraid that -- well, by your actions that night, that other people might think that you were involved.

 Brandon: My actions?

 Fay: Honey, you said that you were going to take care of colin. You went for a walk, and you never came back. Then you were there when belle found the body, and then you took off just before the police arrived? 3E2F0C3D.JPG

 Brandon: Did abe carver put you up to this?

 Fay: No, of course not! How can you even think tha brandon? Honey... I am here because I am your mother, and I care very much what happens to you. Please, honey... just tell me you didn't do it.

 Sami: Oh, my god. Brandon took care of colin. If his mom has figured it out, it's only a matter of time before the police do. Oh, thank god I remembered to leave my phone on vibrate. Who is this?

 Jack: It's me. I'm over here at the "spectator." Can you get over here?

 Sami: This is not a good time, jack. 3E2F0C70.JPG

 Jack: You sure? I think I've got a lead on who killed your cousin colin.

 Sami: I-I'll be right there.

 Victor: Interesting.

 Nicole: What is?

 Victor: Well, there have been some developments in the colin murphy murder investigation since we left.

 Nicole: Really? You were on the web every day of our honeymoon reading whatever you could find.

 Victor: Yes, but none of those news services went into very much detail. And to think that it happened right here on our terrace.

 Victor: So who do you think?

 Nicole: Who do I think what?

 Victor: Murdered the good doctor, blew him away, put him out of business. 3E2F0CAC.JPG

 Nicole: How should I know?

 Victor: Well, the police are certainly going to want to question both of us. I hope you can account for everything you did that night.

 Nicole: Of course.

 Victor: 'Cause there are several things that certainly need to be explained.

 Nicole: Are you accusing me of killing colin?

 Victor: Not at all. But unless you can come up with an airtight alibi, I think there's a very good possibility the police are going to.

 Belle: The brooch was my grandmother's, and it would have been rude of me to give it back.

 Cassie: Well, at lea p part of you is willing to admit you're related to the dimeras. 3E2F0CD4.JPG

 Belle: Daphne was not a dimera. She was just unfortunate enough to marry one of them.

 Cassie: Well, you're connected nevertheless.

 Belle: I don't want to talk about this right now.

 Cassie: Fine. So what did, um, shawn get you for christmas?

 Belle: Something nice. A date... that had to be postponed.

 Cassie: Are you going to reschedule?

 Belle: Why?

 Cassie: I just know how excited you two were about spdiding some special time together.

 Belle: What are you trying to get at, cassie?

 Cassie: Nothing. I just think that you're really lucky to be spending any time with him at all, considering everything that he's going through. 3E2F0CFB.JPG

 Belle: You know what? It's getting really late, and I should head over to tuscany.

 Cassie: What for?

 Belle: I promised shawn and his mom that I would help decorate for his great-grandmother's birthday party.

 Cassie: Okay, well, I'll go with you.

 Belle: No, that's really nice, but --

 Cassie: No, I'm going to go because I want to help shawn, too.

 Shawn-d: What -- what about the night at the wedding? What does that have to --

 Hope: I saw colin on the terrace. He was on the cell phone. He said he was going to kill your father, and then all of a sudden, he was larry. He had a gun. 3E2F0D22.JPG

 Shawn-d: Are you sure he was larry?

 Hope: That's the whole point. Larry is dead, but it seemed as if he was standing right there in front of me on victor's terrace.

 Shawn-d: Okay, so what else do you remember?

 Hope: Talking to jennifer outside. Then there's a gap. The next thing I remember is asking victor's chauffeur to give me a ride home. This is so frustrating. Do you have any idea what I did before I left the wedding?

 Shawn-d: No.

 Hope: Are you keeping something from me?

 Shawn-d: Why would i do something like that?

 Hope: I don't know.

 Shawn-d: Okay, mom... look, I-I searched everywhere for you in that house, okay? And I was freaking out because I thought someone had snatched you away from us again, but at the end of the night, I found out you were here at home safe the entire time. 3E2F0D61.JPG

 Hope: No, I do remember your father coming home. He was so relieved.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. So, obviously, nothing happened. Okay.

 Hope: I wish I could be sure.

 Shawn-d: So, ma, you know, thinking about this is just stressing you out, so I think you just need to let it go, all right? Look at the time, okay? Maggie's going to be wondering what happened to us. We should get going.

 Hope: Okay, the decorations are in my car. Do you have a set of keys?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah, I got the keys right here. Let's -- let's -- let's go.

 Shawn-d: So, uh, what time does gran's party start?

 Hope: Um, dinnertime. Maggie closed tuscany so, uh, we could all have it to ourselves. 3E2F0D9D.JPG

 Shawn-d: Oh.

 Larry: Tuscany, huh? Yeah, the perfect place for hope to say arrivederci to her sanity. We will return for the second half of "days of our lives" in just a moment.

 Sami: Okay, tell me.

 Jack: First I need to ask you a couple of questions.

 Sami: Hey, wait a second. You think I did it? No way, okay? I've already been through this with my dad.

 Jack: Whoa, relax, relax, relax. No one's accusing you of anything.

 Sami: Oh.

 Jack: Except perhaps a little creative blackmail.

 Hope: Oh, boy. 3E2F0E8A.JPG

 Shawn-d: Aw, man.

 Maggie: Oh, here you are!

 Mickey: Did you think they'd forget mom's birthday party? Hey!

 Hope: Not in a million years. I thought dad and julie were going to be here.

 Jennifer: Oh, they are. They're just running some last-minute errands.

 Maggie: Okay, what do you think of tonight's menu?

 Mickey: We're having mom's favorites.

 Jennifer and hope: Chocolate cake.

 Hope: It'll be a perfect party.

 Jennifer: We're set.

 Maggie: There you go. Come on. Bring them in here.

 Hope: Yes, it's going.

 Maggie: Come on, honey.

 Belle: Hey, shawn. Uh, sorry we're late. 3E2F0EA7.JPG

 Shawn-d: Cassie, hey.

 Cassie: Hey. I wanted to be here for you. I hope that's okay.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

 Belle: Shawn, so, how's your...

 Csisie: How's your grandfather?

 Shawn-d: Better. He's better. He actually -- he's with zack, or zack's taking care of him. He has his doctor bag and everything. He's prescribing grandpa chocolate pills.

 Belle: Yeah, well, we all know chocolate cures everything.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, being with zack -- that'll put a smile on anybody's face.

 Belle: So what can we do to help?

 Shawn-d: Uh, let's go ask aunt maggie. 3E2F0EC3.JPG

 Jennifer: I hope I'm going the right direction.

 Hope: That jacket was really warm.

 Jennifer: Yeah? So how you been doing?

 Hope: Well, I, um... I think talking to you and marlena really helped a lot.

 Jennifer: Good, good. I'm glad.

 Hope: What about you? How are you doing?

 Jennifer: Fine, fine. You know, jack and i are hard at work on the murder story.

 Hope: And personally?

 Jennifer: Well, you know, we've always teamed up well. You know, we hypothesize, and we poke holes in each other's ideas just to make sure we're not missing anything. In fact, before I came here, we were going over some possible suspects besides tony dimera, of course. And you know what? I think we may have a lead. 3E2F0EEB.JPG

 Shawn-d: You know who murdered colin?

 Brandon: My own mother thinks I'm capable of murder. Thank you very much.

 Fay: That is not what I am saying.

 Brandon: You're afraid I'm turning into my father.

 Fay: I'm just saying if you add up the facts -- just fill me in, brandon. If you are innocent, why did you leave the scene?

 Brandon: Because I knew abe was on his way, all right? I knew that he would try to link me to the crime, and I was right. I went down to the police station to make a statement, and he -- he treated me like dirt.

 Fay: What do you mean?

 Brandon: The only reason carver let me go was because they didn't have enough evidence against me. He thinks I'm some kind of criminal, and apparently, so do you. 3E2F0FD1.JPG

 Fay: Honey, I'm just concerned. Sometimes you lose your temper, and when that happens --

 Brandon: All right, don't say another word. I don't want to fight with you, okay?

 Fay: Okay. No more.

 Fay: I love you. I just want you to be happy, honey.

 Brandon: I know. I love you, too.

 Fay: Okay, well, I -- I got to go, sweetheart.

 Brandon: All right.

 Fay: Bye.

 Victor: A bit early in the day to be drinking, don't you think?

 Nicole: Well, when you're brand-new husband insinuates you may have committed murder...

 Victor: Oh, I wasn't insinuating anything, just pointing out what t p police might think. 3E2F1031.JPG

 Nicole: Are you amusing yourself in some perverse way, victor? I mean, what is this, a game of clue? It's colonel mustard in the gazebo with his revolver. No, no, no, it's -- it's miss scarlet on the terrace with her blowgun.

 Victor: Now, who needs clues when there's tape of you making love to the deceased? The police thought that colin was blackmailing you. That would certainly be motive for murder.

 Nicole: Is that a threat?

 Victor: On the contrary. The tape is locked up in my safe, to which only my attorney and i have the combination. As long as it's in my possession, you'll be protected. 3E2F105B.JPG

 Nicole: And so will you.

 Victor: And just what does that mean?

 Nicole: That tape gives you a damn good motive to shoot colin -- jealousy.

 Victor: Come now.

 Nicole: Victor, everyone knows how possessive you are, and that tape shows colin as your rival. It gives you an excellenrereason to eliminate him. The only question is, who's the more likely suspect -- the unfaithful bride or the angry groom?

 Sami: That's absolutely ridiculous. I wasn't blackmailing anyone.

 Jack: You sure about that?

 Sami: Why?

 Jack: You recall a certain set of photographs of colin kissing nicole walker? 3E2F108A.JPG

 Sami: You think I had those taken?

 Jack: Jennifer does. As I understand it, she and colin confronted you about those photographs at tuscany the night that victor was supposed to marry nicole walker. You didn't deny it.

 Sami: And I'm not going to deny it now.

 Jack: So you were putting pressure on nicole.

 Sami: Well, she deserved it. She was pressuring me to break up with brandon.

 Jack: And where are those photographnonow?

 Sami: Well, as it turns out, she had more on me than I had on her, so I had to give her back the pictures, and she destroyed them.

 Jack: You didn't make copies? 3E2F10A7.JPG

 Sami: No. Look, I didn't have time, okay, jack?

 Jack: Right. Right. But what about colin? Could he have made copies? Is it possible that he used them to blackmail the blushing bride?

 Sami: I guess anything's possible. Wait a second. If colin threatened to tell victor that his bride-to-be was cheating on him, I mean, victor would definitely have called off the wedding. And I saw nicole have a major meltdown at the .Com. The day before. I mean, she was absolutely scared about something.

 Jack: So if nicole wanted to save her marriage, is it possible that she would've... 3E2F10CB.JPG

 Sami: Murdered colin to keep him quiet? Definitely.

 Sami: Of course nicole killed colin. He was a threat to her lifelong dream of being filthy rich -- the widow kiriakis.

 Jack: Are your privy to anything else besides those photographs?

 Sami: I also overheard colin tell nicole that he missed her between the sheets.

 Jack: Where were you, under the bed?

 Sami: Ha ha. Look, are you going to call the police or what?

 Jack: No, no, not until I have some solid proof.

 Sami: Well, I'll do anything to help you get it. I mean, if she killed my cousin, she deserves to pay. 3E2F11AB.JPG

 Jack: Well, don't say anything just yet. I don't want this to compromise my investigation.

 Sami: It's our little secret, jacko. Look, I have to get going. If I think of anything else, I'll call you.

 Jack: You're a pal, sami. And remember...

 Sami: [ Thinking ] Talk about killing two birds with one stone... colin is dead, so he can't tell brandon that I changed the paternity test, and if jack can sic the cops on nicole, maybe they'll leave brandon alone. That way, the two of us can be together forever while nicole rots in jail. It's perfect. Well...almost. It would've been better if I could've pinned it on lexie, but this is the next best thing. 3E2F11ED.JPG

 Larry: Alice isn't the only one who's going to be in for a big surprise tonight.

 Belle: Perfect.

 Maggie: That's great. Now, honey, don't forget to bring in the closed sign before your mom arrives, okay?

 Jennifer: Shawn, jack and i are working to together to crack this case.

 Shawn-d: Well, do you, uh, have some new evidence?

 Jennifer: No, we don't, but -- but we're looking.

 Shawn-d: What I meant was, um, isn't it the police department's job? I mean, if they haven't found anything, then... how would you guys have come up with anything?

 Jennifer: Well, you kw,w, we're just -- we're following the story, and we're going to see where it leads. Sometimes, you can find a clue where you least expect it. 3E2F1214.JPG

 Shawn-d: Yeah, right.

 Hope: Shawn, why -- why are you so interested?

 Shawn-d: Mom, because colin's my cousin, and I was there when he was mur-- murdered -- well, you know, I was at victor's house when it all happened. Why are we talking about this? This is so creepy. We're supposed to be getting ready for a party.

 Cassie: I love parties.

 Belle: Um, ahem, is shawn okay?

 Hope: He's been very worried about his grandpa.

 Belle: Yeah, about you, too, but, um, he won't talk to me about it.

 Hope: Sweetie, come here.

 Cassie: I understand.

 Shawn-d: You understand what? 3E2F1245.JPG

 Cassie: I know what's bothering you. (Cat owner) when I brought alice home...

 Sami: Brandon!

 Brandon: Right here.

 Sami: We have to hurry up and get ready for mrs. Horton's surprise party -- what happened?

 Brandon: Well, a little accident.

 Sami: How did your visit go with your mom?

 Brandon: It went all right.

 Sami: What did she want?

 Braonon: Just to let me know that nicole was back from her honeymoon. I should call her, see how it went.

 Sami: [ Thinking ] Call her while you can. With any luck at all, nicole will be in jail soon.

 Jack: Nicole had to have the means. She had the opportunity and the motive. All I need now is some solid evidence. Careful, jack, careful. She is the latest mrs. Victor kiriakis. Even though he's been fairly benign the last couple of years, victor can be just as ruthless as the dimeras. I'm sure he'd do anything to protect his new bride. 3E2F133D.JPG

 Victor: Did you forget who you were talking to?

 Nicole: Why, do you think you're above the law?

 Victor: Nobody's going to believe that I killed colin.

 Nicole: Why not?

 Victor: And even if I were accused, don't forget a wife can't be forced to testify against her husband.

 Nicole: That works both ways, dearest.

 Victor: Well, thank you for pointing out an excellent reason why we should stay together. Till death do us part.

 Shawn-d: Cassie, what are you talking about?

 Cassie: Well, you're worried about your mother.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, but she seems like she's doing okay. And anyways, we have to get these decorations finished before gran shows up. 3E2F1376.JPG

 Cassie: I'll help you.

 Shawn-d: Okay, sure.

 Belle: Oh, you know what? Cassie, it's all right. I can take care of that.

 Shawn-d: Belle.

 Belle: Hey.

 Shawn-d: Belle, hey.

 Belle: You know, um, I don't want to be rude, but this is a party for the horton family and friends.

 Cassie: I'm a friend.

 Belle: Yeah, but you weren't invited, and they're not really planning on you for dinner and everything.

 Shawn-d: Um, cassie, I-I appreciate your help, but belle does kind of have a point.

 Belle: Yeah, um, you really shouldn't be here.

 Cassie: Well, that's fine. Yeah, that's great. I'm going to go. 3E2F139E.JPG

 Shawn-d: Well, that -- that, um, that wasn't exactly subtle.

 Belle: I wasn't trying to be subtle because I'm starting to think subtle doesn't work with cassie.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Larry: Come on, hope. The spirits are getting restless.

 Maggie: Are there any more of those satin ribbons?

 Hope: Uh, actually, you know what? I have some in the car. I'll be right back. I'll get them, okay?

 Maggie: Oh, thanks, hope.

 Shawn-d: All right, I cannot do this.

 Belle: It's okay. Your mom went to go get some more. Um, are you okay? You want to talk to me about it? 3E2F13D6.JPG

 Shawn-d: No, and I wish everyone would stop pushing.

 Hope: Oh!

 All: Surprise!

 Shawn-d: I-I need to talk to someone. I need to tell someone.

 Bo: You're not alone. We'll beat this thing.

 Larry: [ Thinking ] I don't think so.

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