Days Transcript Thursday 1/16/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/16/03--Canada; 1/17/03--USA

By Eric


 John: That was the last way I wanted you both to find out. I am so sorry.

 Belle: Dad, please, you've apologized enough. Now I want to apologize for giving you such a hard time before. You and tony being brothers, especially now that I know you're not stefano's son -- it doesn't change anything.

 Brady: It's not going to affect us, dad.

 Marlena: We won't let it.

 Belle: You're still thbest dad in the whole world.

 Brady: And a great person. I'm proud of you, dad. That's not going to change.

 John: Thanks. I needed to hear that.

 Belle: Aw.

 Brady: We love you.

 John: I love you, belle. I love you, son. 3E270F9D.JPG

[ Knock on door ]

 John: I got it.

 Cassie: We came to welcome you...

 Rex: To the dimera family.

 Sami: Aah! Put me down! Let me go! I've had enough of this! I'm telling you, I'm done!

 Bart: Here she is, boss...

 Sami: Aah! Let me go! Aah!

 Bart: Just like you ordered. Oh!

 Sami: God! What, you couldn't pick up a telephone?!

 Tony: Sami, you seem distressed.

 Sami: Yeah, I'm outside my apartment, minding my own business, about to get into my car, when this limo pulls up, and he jumps out and attacks me!

 Bart: Boss, it's a good thing you give health benefits, because miss happy face here almost scratched my eyes out when I tossed her in the limo. 3E270FD6.JPG

 Tony: Thank you, bart. I'll take it from here.

 Sami: [ Grunts ] God. What? Why did you have me dragged here against my will?

 Tony: I thought I would like to thank you in person.

 Sami: Thank me for what?

 Tony: Siccing the police on me, trying to nail me for colin's murder. I thought I should return the favor.

 Caroline: Hi, you.

 Shawn-d: Hi.

 Caroline: There's no need to tiptoe. Your grandfather is asleep like a log.

 Shawn-d: Okay. I could sit with him for a little while if you want to go do something. 3E27100A.JPG

 Caroline: Oh, thank you. That'd be so helpful. You come and get me if you need me, all right?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah.

 Caroline: Okay.

 Shawn-d: So sorry this happened to you, grandpa... but you're going to be okay. 'Cause you're strong. You're a brady.

 Shawn-d: I wish I could fix everything that I did... but I don't know how.

 Hope: [ Gasps ] No!

 Bo: Hope, hey. Hey, it's all right. Um, I brought you home. You fainted outside the pub.

 Hope: What happened?

 Bo: Well, uh, you were upset. I was questioning you about what was troubling you, and you decided to go pick up zack at your folks'. You took a couple of steps outside the pub, and you froze. You saw something that scared you, and you fainted. The thing is, there was nothing there, hope. What was it? What'd you see that caused you to faint? 3E271146.JPG

 Sami: Wait a second, tony. You can't possibly think that I -- that I told the police to go after you.

 Tony: Oh, sami, sami, sami, you are such a pathetic liar.

 Sami: Hey, look, you are the most hated man in salem, okay? So anything bad happens, then obviously, the police are going to question you, no prompting necessary.

 Tony: But they were prompted. You snitched to roman that I promised you that I would take care of colin murphy.

 Sami: He told you?! Oh, god. A-all right. Look, I'm sorry, tony. It's just that --

 Tony: Yeah, you should have considered the consequences bebefore turning on me.

 Sami: You have no idea what happened, okay? He made me. My dad said that I had to tell him everything about you and colin if I wanted him to forget about the whole stolen gun fiasco. 3E27116D.JPG

 Tony: Stolen gun? My, you've been one busy lady, haven't you?

 Sami: Wait. I didn't kill colin, if that's what you're thinking, okay? You kn, , I just wanted to threaten him. I-I wanted to scare him off, and -- look, the police have tests that proved that the bullet that killed colin didn't come from my father's gun. And anyway, I wouldn't have had to take it in the first place if you had gotten colin to -- off my back.

 Tony: Oh, I see. So it's my fault that you stole your father's gun, but it's his fault that you pointed your little finger at me for colin's murder. 3E271189.JPG

 Sami: In a way.

 Tony: You've got to take responsibilities for your actions... and I'm going to show you how.

 Sami: Hey, look, if you hurt me, my mom and john are going to come after you, not to mention my dad and -- and brandon. They already think you killed colin.

 Tony: Well, they're wrong. You're wrong. But I'm not going to... harm you, sami.

 Sami: Well, then what do you want from me?

 Tony: I want you to realize your full potential.

 John: Sorry, kids, but I'm not a member of the dimera family. Stefano was not my father. I have no dimera blood in me. Now, if you'llxcxcuse me, I'd like to spend a little time alone with my -- 3E2711B6.JPG

 Marlena: Rex, cassie, that was very kind. Please come in.

 John: [ Sighs ]

 Belle: The flowers are beautiful, aren't they, dad?

 John: What, did tony pick out the bouquet? I know he's got a thing for those kind of flowers.

 Marlena: John.

 Cassie: Why is your husband being so mean to us?

 Marlena: Honey, it's complicated.

 John: No, it's not complicated at all. The dimeras have terrorized my family for decades, so you will have to excuse me if I seem a little suspicious of any overtures from tony or his genetically engineered family.

 Rex: You talk about us like we're not human. We're just like you. 3E2711D8.JPG

 John: Hardly.

 Rex: Look at us. We have skin. We have eyes, all right? We need to eat and be loved, and the fact that we have years we can't remember and phoenix tattoos we can't explain makes us more similar to you than diffentnt, mr. Black. You know, belle's told us over and over that you're a fair man, that you don't judge, but you have judged my sister and me since the day we came to salem, before you knew a thing about us! Sure doesn't seem fair to me.

 Bo: What did you see? What scared you so much?

 Hope: I don't know.

 Bo: Hope, we got to talk about this.

 Hope: I don't remember what I saw, bo. 3E2711FC.JPG

 Bo: I think you do. You just wish you didn'T.

 Hope: Why are you being like this?

 Bo: Because I want my wife back. Hope, listen. When you were taken away... you were gone a long time, and when you finally came home, I thought that things would... you haven't been yourself ever since you were kidnapped by larry.

 Hope: Don't say that man's name.

 Bo: We got to talk about him. He's the reason this whole thing has happened, and it's just getting worse. Marlena said that you're not discussing this with me or her because you're in denial, and you don't recognize the symptoms. 3E271233.JPG

 Hope: But after one conversation, she does?

 Bo: Well, yeah. She's an expert.

 Hope: And what about you? You're an expert on me, brady. Do you think I'm sick like that?

 Bo: I think theenial is understandable. You're tining to protect yourself, but it's not working. Hope, I can't let you go on like this. You need help. You need to talk to some-- let me help you.

 John: You're right. I don't know either of you very well. But I knew stefano all too well, so every time I look at the two of you, all I can remember is the pain that he caused my family.

 Rex: But we're not responsible for any of that pain. Why is that our fault? 3E271308.JPG

 John: It's not. Look, maybe down the road, it'll be proven to me that I have misjudged you. If that's the case, I'm sorry. But right now, there's too many unanswered questions about your past, about what, exactly, stefano had done to you before you arrived in salem for me to let my guard down, let alone trust you.

 Rex: But --

 Cassie: Don't worry about it, rex. It's fine. We don't need belle's father to accept us as his family. We have tony and marlena. Tony told us you spoke, and that you agree that we should think of you as our mother.

 John: What? What the hell is she talking about? 3E271328.JPG

 Marlena: Belle, will you take the twins so I can talk to your dad, please?

 Belle: Okay, of course.

 Brady: Dad, don't worry about it. We're here for you.

 John: Yeah, yeah, I know. I-I can handle this.

 Belle: Okay, um, let's go. I'll see you later, mom.

 John: All right, honey, let's get this straight. Tony wants you to be a mother to those dimera clones?

 Marlena: They're not clones, john. Don't call them clones.

 John: Did you agree to be a mother to them or not?

 Marlena: No, I didn'T. Nyny and I both agree that children need a parental figure. I made it very clear I will not be a mother to them, but I think you need to know something. I feel very close to those twins. I have since the moment I first saw them. 3E271352.JPG

 John: I know you did, and we both know why.

 Shawn-d: Ever since I was a little kid, you and dad always taught me what was right. I remember our first man-to-little-man conversation. 'Cause I-I asked you, "how do I know what right is?" And I'll -- I'll never forget what you said, grandpa. You said that...

[ Imitating shawn ] "Shawn-douglas, you've been blessed with a brady heart. All you have to do is listen to your heart." A few days ago, grandpa, I -- I don't know. I didn't know what to do. I-I didn't have time to listen to my heart. I just acted, and I did something wrong... very wrong, grandpa. 3E271396.JPG

 Hope: I love you so much for wanting to help me. You've always come to my rescue when I've been in trouble, brady. And you're right. I am in trouble now. But more than that, I am really angry.

 Bo: At who?

 Hope: At myself for letting this happen to my life.

 Bo: Hey, it's just --

 Hope: How many times have I been separated from my family, taken away by people whwho want to control me?

 Bo: It's not your fault.

 Hope: But it keeps happening, brady. I need to understand why it keeps happening to me.

 Bo: It's not you. Larry welch had a vendetta -- 3E2713C1.JPG

 Hope: He's not the only one. I don't know what it is, but there is something about me that makes people think that I'm weak -- a perfect target, and that has got to stop right now. I have to take control of my own life.

 Bo: Is that why you haven't been talking to me about this, 'cause you're trying to take control?

 Hope: Brady, I don't know what's going on with me. But I have to handle it on my own.

 Bo: You're not handling it. You're scared, upset.

 Hope: You can't rescue me this time. I have to save myself. I have to know that I can do it on my own, because if I don't, I'm going to start seeing myself like they see me -- a helpless woman. Brady, can you understand that? 3E2713F3.JPG

 Bo: Yeah. The last thing I want to do is have to rescue you again.

 Sami: You want me to realize my full potential? What exactly do you mean?

 Tony: I think you could be much more than you are, achieve much more than you're achieving right now.

 Sami: Oh, great. Another father figure to patronize me. You know what? Two is enough.

 Tony: Father figure? No, I don't think so. I'm nothing like roman or john. They see you as this docile, boring creature living by the brady code of -- of low expectations and self-sacrifice. But that's not you. You want to rock the boat. You want to come in first. That's nothing to be ashamed of. 3E2714C5.JPG

 Sami: Who says I'm ashamed?

 Tony: But you feel you don't deserve what you want. That's what holds you back. And every time life offers you something that you've always wanted, you find some way of sabotaging it.

 Sami: You're just trying to pull a number on me.

 Tony: Ha ha ha. No, once you realize your true potential, well, I think you and I will... begin to trust each other a little more, and then I think this will be the start of something... well, a beautiful friendship.

 Marlena: Cassie and rex were lost, frightened children when they arrived here. They had no memory. They -- they needed protection. Of course I feel connected to them. 3E2714F1.JPG

 John: No, you felt connected to them because that is exactly what stefano and tony had planned. Think about it. Right after they shoup, we have the reading for stefano's will where you are bequeathed a sleeping beauty pillow with the gemini constellation on the back. Now, that pillow leads us where? To the gemini islands and the dimera compound, a place where you were drugged and held for years, and once we get to the compound, what do we find? That portrait of yours -- beautiful, serene, and very maternal. It's not a coincidence, doc. This is a dimera plot featuring the twins and you. I've connected the dots, and I know you have, too. 3E271524.JPG

 Shawn-d: The last thing you need to be doing is worrying about me. But I just wish -- I wish I could confide in you, so you could tell me how to make this right. But then, there's no way to make this right.

 Shawn: Shawn... there's always -- always a way.

 Shawn-d: Grandpa.

 Shawnshshawn, tell me what happened, huh? What is it that... you want to make right, huh?

 Bo: You're right. If you feel like a victim, you're not going to be able to move forward. You need to know that you can take care of yourself. And I just want you to help you do that. I am not going to rescue you. I'm going to stand beside you as you fight whatever demons it is you have to fight. And you will win. I know you will, and the victory will be all yours and no one else'S. No, look, before we go on here, I got to straighten something out. I'm not the only one in this relationship who does the rescuing. When we first met, I was pretty angry, a loner. I certainly didn't want to get close to anybody. And you changed that. You gave me an awful lot. Because of you, I have a beautiful wife 3E271599.JPGand family. Because of you I have a life. And to me, that's the biggest save of all.

 Hope: It's larry.

 Bo: What?

 Hope: It's larry. He's always with me. @

There she goes

 Belle: Hi, mrs. Brady.

 Caroline: Oh, belle, come in. Hi, cassie. Hi, rex.

 Cassie: How's your husband, mrs. Brady?

 Caroline: Oh, he's getting better every second. He's resting.

 Belle: Is shawn here?

 Caroline: He sure is. He's upstairs with his grandfather as we speak.

 Belle: Good. 3E271690.JPG

 Caroline: I'd tell you to join them, but, uh, the doctor said that grandpa shawn shouldn't have too many visitors tonight.

 Belle: It's okay. I understand. Um, we'll wait down here and clean up.

 Rex: Us too. We're good at cleaning.

 Caroline: Well, lucky me. Thank you. Well, that's great. It gives me a chance to call back kayla and kimberly, give them an update on their dad.

 Belle: Go for it. I know where everything goes, I think.

 Caroline: Great.

 Rex: All right.

 Belle: Um, rex, I know what my dad said upset you earlier. 3E2716B9.JPG

 Rex: He's never going to give us a break, is he, because of this.

 Belle: Just give him some time. He's been through a lot, you know, learning that he and tony share the same mom. It's kind of thrown him for a loop.

 Cassie: Oh, speaking of sharing mothers, are you sure that you're okay with rex and me sharing yours?

 Belle: Actually, I don't really think of it like that. Mothers are kind of designed to love a lot of kids at one time.

 Cassie: That's a nice way of looking at things.

 Belle: Yeah. It's not like girlfriends and boyfriends. That's an exclusive, no-sharing kind of thing -- like me and shawn? 3E2716DC.JPG

 Rex: Shawn's suffered through a lot since we've met him. Maybe he's used to it.

 Belle: No one ever gets used to suffering, rex. I mean, yeah, shawn's a really strong guy. But after everything atat happened the night colin was shot, shawn's seems kind of out of it, and nothing I do seems to help.

 Rex: Well, I'm sure you being there makes him feel better, belle.

 Belle: Thanks, but, um, I don't know. I'm kind of scared.

 Rex: About what?

 Belle: That shawn's shutting me out again, just like he did before. I mean, I know the circumstances are completely different, but I know how he looks when he's not telling me something, and I hate to think that he can't confide in me. I just don't want to see us hurt again. 3E271706.JPG

 Rex: Come here.

 Shawn: Wh-what is it? What is it, shawn? You know, my ticker may be on the fritz, but my -- my ears -- they be working just fine. Well, what is it, huh? I mean, what is it... you want to make right, huh?

 Shawn-d: I'm sorry, grandpa. I didn't mean to wake you. I was just -- when I said I wanted to make things right, I just wished that I could've protected you from the grief and the stress that made you have this heart attack.

 Shawn: I love you for wishing that, my boy. But listen, you couldn't have prevented colin's death.

[ Door opens ]

 Caroline: Oh, good, he's awake. It's kayla. She wants to hear her father's voice. 3E271744.JPG

 Shawn: Ha ha ha. Oh, hiya, honey. Oh, god... ho ho, how's my little girl? How are you? Oh... yeah. Oh, I miss you... I love you.

 Caroline: Belle is here. She's downstairs with cassie and rex. You -- you all right? You look upset.

 Shawn-d: I'm fine. Yeah.

 Caroline: If you're worried about your grandfather, don't .. if he takes it easy, doesn't get worked up about anything, he'll be just fine.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Shawn-d: Sorry. 3E27177A.JPG

 Bo: What do you mean, that larry's always with you? Hey... you can talk to me.

 Hope: When larry kidnapped me, the only thing that kept me from falling apart was thinking about you and our family. You were with me.

 Bo: I felt the same thing.

 Hope: When you shot larry, I thought I was free, that that nightmare was over, but it wasn'T. Because ever since then, it has been larry who has been with me all the time.

 Bo: How?

 Hope: At first it was -- it was just this feeling of his presence, like he was watching me. I thought it would stop, that I could handle it, but it had only gotten worse. And then one day, I actually... started seeing him, bo. And people I know would turn into him right before my eyes, even you. I kept telling myself that it wasn't real, that he wasn't real, that I was seeing things... 3E2717D1.JPG

 Bo: But it didn't work?

 Hope: No. I actually believed that he was right in front of me, that he was going to hurt me. He was following me everywhere -- when I went shopping, when I'd go grocery shopping, gegagas in the car. I couldn't go anywhere without him, and that's -- that's why I haven't taken care of the house or myself or zack, 'cause I've been --

 Bo: That's why zack's been spending more time with his grandparents.

 Hope: You know I hate being separated from him, but I'm so afraid. I'm afraid that he's not safe here with me...or larry.

 Bo: Hey, hey, hey.

 Hope: It's -- no, wait.

 Bo: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're going through this -- 3E271802.JPG

 Hope: There's more. Something happened the night that colin was murdered. 3E2718E4.JPG

 Marlena: John, I can understand why you're concerned about my relationship with the twins, but I think you're fixating on that because you're afraid to deal with your relationship with tony.

 John: Afraid to deal -- oh, come on, doc, all I've been doing is dealing with this insanity ever since we got back from -- from the island. Oh. And that's exactly what tony wants.

 Marlena: What? I don't understand.

 John: Is something burning in the kitchen?

 Marlena: Kitchen? Oh, my -- john!

 John: Diversion, doc. Diversion. Tony's game. You shift your focus, you become vulnerable, don't you see? We were so close to finding out what happened to you at the compound when you found that letter. The timing wasn't an accident. 3E27190A.JPG

 Marlena: So he revealed that you're half-brothers.

 John: Mission accomplished. Yeah, but it's not gonna work. Brother or no brother, I'm gonna interfere, and I'm gonna stop him.

 Marlena: Stop him from what?

 John: I'm gonna stop him from finishing stefano's plan that he put in motion. Doc, is it possible that somehow -- somehow -- you had contact with those twins during your miing years?

 Marlena: Why?

 John: Because tony is using cassie and rex to reel you in. I mean, stefano may have wanted to possess you, but tony wants a hell of a lot more than that. Tony wants -- he wants to create a whole new dimera family, consisting of those genetically altered twins and you. 3E27193C.JPG

 Tony: Sami, have I left you speechless? Does that mean you're considering my advice? Because if you are, I'd like to make one more suggestion, and that is, I think you should stop wasting your energy in chasing brandon walker. I think you can do so much better.

 Sami: Wait a second. Lexie put you up to this, didn't she?

 Tony: Lexie put me up to what?

 Sami: Manipulating me to dump brandon. Well, it's never gonna happen.

 Tony: My sister didn't put me up to anything. I'm just looking out for your best interests.

 Sami: The only interests you're looking out for are hers. She can go to hell just like you! 3E271964.JPG

 Tony: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, you don'T.

 Sami: What are you doing?

 Tony: I'm trying to stop you from sabotaging yourself again. You can do so much better.

 Brady: Sami. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jen, did you wear my black blouse last night?

 Tony: Well, hello, brady. Sami and I were just saying goodbye.

 Brady: Dimera, have you nothing better to do than mess with my family?

 Tony: Oh, is that why you dropped by? Want to check out where your relations rank on my to-do list? Shall I get my digital organizer?

 Brady: No. See, the only thing I need you to get is the hell out of my family's lives. 3E271A2B.JPG

 Sami: Look, brady --

 Brady: See, first you force the twins on marlena and belle, then you rob my father of my identity, and now you're obviously trying to pull something on sami here.

 Sami: Brady, what are you talking about, tony stealing john's identity?

 Brady: You don't know? Tony and my father are half-brothers.

 Sami: You're kidding.

 Brady: I wish I was.

 Tony: So do I. But unfortunately it's true. John's having a hard time accepting it, but I'm hoping that over time he and I will have a decent relationship -- like I believe our families will overcome its stale rivalry. Well, look at sami. I mean, she's extended herself to me. As a matter of fact, we'vgogotten quite close. 3E271A59.JPG

 Sami: Ahem.

 Brady: Oh, really? Sami, how exactly have you extended yourself to tony here?

 Sami: Tony, you're the best!

 Tony: Well, I don't hear that very often.

 Sami: Well, to me you are the best.

 Tony: You help me, I help you.

 Sami: You're asking me to steal from my stepfather.

 Tony: You're not interested in staying here overnight because you need company.

 Sami: Well, sure I am. Why else?

 Tony: You know precisely why else.

 Sami: No, I don'T. What are you talking about?

 Tony: Yes, you do.

 Brady: Sami, answer me! Exactly how close are you to dimera? 3E271A89.JPG

 Belle: Thanks, rex.

 Rex: You and shawn are going to be okay, belle. No worries.

 Belle: Shawn, hey, how's your grandpa?

 Shawn-d: He's hanging in there.

 R: : Belle's really concerned about her and shawn. But you probably think that's a good thing, huh? Chance to make your move... cassie, what's wrong?

 Cassie: I'm just worried.

 Rex: About shawn? Don't be. Let belle worry about him.

 Cassie: Belle doesn't know.

 Rex: Know what? Cassie, wh-what's going on?

 Cassie: It's none of your business, okay? Just leave me alone.

 Belle: You should have seen the look on my dad's face when cassie and rex showed up at our front door with flowers welcoming mm to the dimera family. I thought he was going to explode. Are you okay? 3E271ABF.JPG

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

 Belle: What were you just thinking?

 Shawn-d: Nothing. Nothing. Family stuff.

 Cassie: [ Thinking ] I know why you're suffering, shawn. I'm the only one who knows.

 Bo: Did larry appear at victor and nicole's wedding? I mean, you saw him?

 Hope: More than once. Even victor turned into him. I needed to get some air so I went out onto the terrace. When I opened the french doors, I saw colin on a cell phone.

 Colin: It's all set. I'm going to kill bo brady tonight.

 Hope: I heard him say he was going to kill you, bo. And then all of a sudden, colin was no longer there, and it was larry holding a gun. I panicked, and I ran back inside the house. And then shawn came up behind me. Aah! Aah! 3E271AF6.JPG

 Shawn-d: What's wrong?

 Hope: Shawn asked me if I was okay and why I was shaking. I told him it was cold outside, and I rushed off. I couldn't tell him, bo. I knew it was all in my mind, but, god, it -- it just -- it felt so real.

 Bo: Go on.

 Hope: Jennifer was upset about jack, so we went outside to talk and that's when it happened.

 Bo: When what happened?

 Hope: That's just it. I don't know. I can't remember. The next thing I knew, I was in victor's car, and I was on my way home. I-I must've seen larry again, and I blocked it out.

 Bo: Do you think you fainted?

 Hope: I don't know, but I'm scared. I'm really scared, brady, because I'm losing time now and I'm blacking out, and it's all because of that bastard and what he did to me. 3E271B31.JPG

 Bo: Okay, it's okay. You're talking about it now, and that's the first step. You will get through this with time.

 Hope: How much time? I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm so tired.

 Bo: I know, I know. You're very strong. You're going to make it through this. I know you will. But right now you need some rest. Think you can do that?

 Hope: I don't know.

 Bo: Can you try?

 Hope: Stay with me.

 Bo: I'm not going anywhere. Come on. I'll be right here.

 Bo: [ Thinking ] Damn you, welch. I didn't kill you after all. 3E271BD6.JPG

 Sami: Look, I don't know what tony's talking about -- extending myself -- it sounds like I'm doing yoga in his living room or something.

 Brady: I doubt that's what tony was implying.

 Sami: Look, I don't care what tony was implying. The only reason I'm here is to tell him to stay away from our family.

 Tony: Oh, she's such a pathetic liar. I told her so earlier. It's all right, sami. We know what our relationship's about, and that's all that matters. Now, if you'll excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm a very busy man.

 Brady: Of course you are. We wouldn't want to keep you from ruining more lives.

 Tony: Ha. It's been my pleasure. Ha. Ha ha ha ha. 3E271BFC.JPG

 Sami: Look, brady, I swear, tony is the one who is lying, okay? There's nothing going on between us.

 Brady: For your sake, I hope so. But I've got a sick feeling, sami, you're protesting too much.

 Sami: Brady! Brady!

 Tony: Well, well, well. It seems that the younger generation of bradys and blacks are becoming quite useful. Sami will help me woo her mother, and brady -- he'll help me get control of your stubborn father. Oh, my dear brother john. Mm.

 Marlena: John, you're overreaching. You are becoming paranoid.

 John: I don't think so. 3E271C25.JPG

 Marlena: Tony would have to be crazy to think that I would raise a family with him.

 John: That's a pretty fair diagnosis.

 Marlena: I'm not being reeled in. That could never happen.

 John: That's what tony wants, and he'll do whatever it takes to get it.

 Marlena: Oh, stop it. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

 John: No, we're going to talk about this if I'm going to stop him. We're going to talk about it.

 Marlena: Just stop it! Stop! Leave it alone. Just leave it alone.

 John: Yeah, you're scared, doc. You're scared because you know what I said is true.

 Hope: Colin. 3E271CBD.JPG

 Marlena: I want you to st separating me from my family, and I want that now.

 Jennifer: Colin murphy never existed. He never existed. Never.

 Bo: You're going to make it through this. We're going to get rid of that ghost together.

 Larry: Boo! Ha ha ha ha!

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