Days Transcript Monday 1/13/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/13/03--Canada; 1/14/03--USA

By Eric


 Bo: You ready to get out of here?

 Hope: We just got here.

 Bo: Well, we already paid our respects at the memorial seicice. You're exhausted. I didn't get any sleep last night.

 Hope: I did, I did. I'm okay, really. But if you want to leave, I mean, I completely understand.

 Bo: Well, colin doesn't deserve our respect, but pop would appreciate it if we hung out a little longer. I'll go get us something to drink.

 Hope: Thanks, brady.

 Belle: Hey, is something wrong?

 Shawn-d: I was just watching my mom, seeing how stressed out she is. Between the kidnapping and colin being murdered... 3E231B3B.JPG

 Belle: I know. I've been having nightmares about finding the body. How about you?

 Shawn-d: Not really.

 Belle: Shawn, you can't tell me that you're okay with this. I know that you're going through a really hard time, but does this have to do with colis s death, or is it something different?

 Bo: Here you go.

 Hope: Thanks, sweetie.

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Hope: Hey. Thank you.

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Brady: You okay?

 Chloe: Yeah, I feine.

 Brady: Chloe, you know what I mean.

 Chloe: I'd rather not be at someone's funeral today, if that'whwhat you're asking, especially not this one. Dr. Murphy was always so nice to me and really positive, unlike that cheerful oncologist I saw last night. "Yes, these symptoms are very concerning and indeed may indicate a relapse of your leukemia." 3E231B7C.JPG

 Caroline: Would you -- would you call your aunt molly and express to her our deepest sympathies? I'm sure your father would appreciate that.

 Roman: I can do that.

 Caroline: You know...

 Roman: Sure.

 Caroline: He promised to look after her son here in america.

 Roman: Well, pop can't blame himself.

 Caroline: Yeah, well, bo explained everything to him, but he just can't come to believe that colin had anything to do with the dimeras.

 Roman: Would he rather believe that jennifer and bo and I are crazy?

 Caroline: You know, colin was tony dimera's doctor, so that's working for the dimeras. Shawn would rather believe that innocent explanation. 3E231BA1.JPG

 John: Well, if colin was so innocent, why the hell would tony dimera want him dead?

 Tony: What are you doing?

 Rex: We found this very interesting book that seems to belong to your father.

 Cassie: But it's alally hard to read the writing. What's wrong? Is it something we're not supposed to see? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Tony: Where did you find that? Have you been exploring the house?

 Cassie: In the library. I'm sorry, I didn't realize the family bible was private.

 Tony: Family bible?

 Rex: We were looking at the old testament. 3E231C90.JPG

 Cassie: We were trying to read your family tree, but the writing is faded. Can you see what it says?

 Tony: Let me see.

 Cassie: There are a lot of pictures in there, too. We don't know who they are.

 Tony: Ha ha. Oh. Oh, these are some of my family. I don't recall all their names. Oh, history is so important, but what's more important is what we take from it -- the future. You know, my father's family is in the past, but still, their past is -- is part of who we are today. The new cannot replace the old. It builds on it. And in this household, you are part of this new covenant.

 Tony: [ Chuckles ] You're the future. 3E231CC8.JPG

 Caroline: Maybe I'm being dense, but if colin was working for tony, why would tony want to kill him?

 Roman: Well, it's just a theory, ma.

 John: With plenty of evidence to support it. Of course, tony wouldn't have pulled the trigger himself, but we feel certain he put a hit out on your nephew.

 Caroline: What if colin were double-crossing tony? Well, I mean, what if he was working as a double agent?

 John: We'd all like to believe that, but who was he working for? Not the salem P.D. Or the isa. Cia, fbi, no. And did he confide in your husband or your sons? No. What did he do? He wrote a letter saying that if anything were to happen to him, look no further than the bradys. 3E231CEF.JPG

 Caroline: Yeah. Why would he say that? Just don't tell your father any of this. He's pushed to his limit already. We were up before dawn putting the casket on the plane to his sister in ireland. I mean, I'm worried for his health.

 Roman: Yeah, is he ever going to come down and join us?

 Caroline: I better go up and check on him.

 Hope: Do you really think colin wrote that note?

 Bo: Well, I think it's a forgery, but it checked out as legit, yeah.

 Hope: Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything if the dimeras are involved.

 Roman: Yeah, it could -- it could still be smoke and mirrors. 3E231D15.JPG

 John: Tony's just simply setting up his enemies to take the fall for a crime he committed.

 Hope: Uh... would you excuse me a second? I'm feeling a little hungry.

 Bo: Okay.

 Shawn-d: The night colin died, I was having a hard time. You know that.

 Belle: I know. You were afraid something happened to your mom.

 Shawn-d: I was worried about her, okay? It's been really stressful for my family. What about that don't you understand?

 Marlena: How is hope doing?

 Bo: She says she's fine, but do you think she's fine?

 Marlena: Well, I think everybody's under stress today, don't you? 3E231D47.JPG

 Bo: Yeah.

 Marlena: Yeah, but what?

 Bo: You said she might have post-traumatic stress, and... I think that's exactly what's going on. Look, um... you're going to talk to her again, right?

 Marlena: See, anybody who's been through what she's been through, regardless of the symptoms they're showing, could benefit from therapy. Look, I can suggest that as a friend. I'd be glad to. I-I can't force her... and neither can you.

 Bo: I know, I know. Thanks.

 Marlena: Hope?

 Hope: Oh.

 Marlena: I'm sorry.

 Hope: No, I just -- 3E231D85.JPG

 Marlena: Didn't mean to startle you.

 Hope: Didn't see you. Didn't see you there.

 Marlena: How are you?

 Hope: I'm great. Yeah. I just wish everyone would stop treating me like a victim. The only thing that's wrong with me is that I feel like I'm under a microscope. Would you excuse me? I'm just going to bring the boys some food.

 Cassie: There must be a picture of your father in there somewhere.

 Tony: Ha ha. Actually, there is. Come, come, come, I'll show you. It's just over here. Uh... ah, there he is -- stefano dimera. The man I'll never be.

 Cassie: That's a good thing, isn't it? I mean, he wasn't exactly a man that was well-liked in salem. 3E231E48.JPG

 Tony: Hated is more like it. Oh, you are one for the books, you are, john. Not only are you wandering around my house, uninvited and unwelcome. Now you're barking orders at me? Don't even think about it.

 John: Why don't you knock the games off? How about being stigightforward for once in your life?

 Tony: How about the hell getting off my property?

 John: I see you found it.

 Tony: It?

 John: The dimera crest.

 Tony: Ah, yes, lo and behold.

 John: Hmm. So much for the new house of dimera, huh?

 Tony: Pardon?

 John: All that garbage you were spewing about being a changed man... all the lies and the intrigue -- you're stefano all over again, picking up where he left off. That's why you came back to salem -- finishing the projects that he started so many years ago. I mean, that would explain why you're here on this island, wouldn't it? 3E231E86.JPG

 Tony: [ Sighs ] But, unfortunately, people believe that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree -- well, that I am my father's son. Well, in other words, they think I operate like he did, which I don'T. But it's difficult to prove.

 Rex: We understand.

 Tony: I'm sure you do.

 Cassie: What about your grandparents? Did you know them?

 Tony: No. They died in ireland wh m my father was a little boy.

 Rex: I'm sorry. Shawn's family -- the bradys -- weren't they from ireland? I'd never guess they shared the same heritage.

 Tony: Yeah, in a manner of speaking.

 Rex: It's an interesting coincidence. 3E231EBD.JPG

 Tony: Yes, isn't it, though?

 Cassie: Is this you?

 Tony: Ha ha ha. That's very good. I don't think I was any older than 14 years old.

 Cassie: Who are the two other children?

 Tony: Oh... they were my father's adopted children. Their names were peter and -- and, uh, kristen.

 Cassie: They were?

 Tony: Yes. Kr sten was...lost.

 Cassie: You mean she died?

 Rex: Oh, we're sorry.

 Tony: Thank you.

 Cassie: She was beautiful.

>>Ony: Yes, she was. She was. She was once my wife, you know.

 Cassie: I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

Must have been so sad to lose her. 3E231EF2.JPG

 Tony: Well... she was stolen from me, is more like it, by john black.

 Cassie: Well, that's wrong.The bible says, u shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife."

 Tony: Yes, you're... absolutely right, cassie. It's wrong.

 Tony: [ Thinking ] Thou shalt not covet thy brother's wife, either, but you did, john. Now I'm going to take marlena fr you, and that is the new covenant of the house of dimera.

 Marlena: Cute girl. How's my girl?

 Belle: Hi, mom. I feel so weird being at a memorial service for a man I really had nothing to do with, except for the fact that I found him dead at victor's wedding and everyone here did hate him.

 Marlena: Hate is a very strong word. 3E231F35.JPG

 Belle: Okay, mom, but doesn't everyone think that he was working for the enemy? Jujust -- I feel like we're all hypocrites, walking around like we're celebrating his life, when really everyone's relieved that he's dead.

 Marlena: I'm not sure that anybody's going around saying that. I know chloe would tell you that he was a very good doctor. I certainly respected him as a colleague. And you know what? The most important thing is he was shawn's nephew. We love shawn and caroline, and so we're here to support them. We're here for our family.

 Belle: You'reigight. I know. I just think shawn -- I mean my shawn -- probably shouldn't be here right now. 3E231F62.JPG

 Marlena: Why do you say that?

 Belle: I'm not sure, but... I think something's really wrong.

 Shawn-d: Mom, why are you sitting over here by yourself?

 Hope: I'm not alone anymore, am I, sweetie?

 Shawn-d: I can tell soththing's wrong.

 Hope: Why do you say that?

 Shawn-d: You're not yourself.

 Hope: Hey, this really isn't the time, okay?

 Shawn-d: All right, well, tell me this, then -- why is it that zack is with one set of grandparents or the other, 'cause I know how much you were missing him when you were gone?

 Hope: What you are saying, that I should have brought him to the memorial service?

 Shawn-d: No, no, it's not just today. Look, mom, you have been through an awful lot. There's thing wrong with needing a little help. 3E231F97.JPG

 Hope: What about you? Hmm? There's nothing wrong with you needing a little help, either.

 Marlena: Why do you say something's wrong with shawn?

 Belle: He's just been acting really weird since new year's eve.

 Marlena: Okay, weird. How?

 Belle: Stressed.

 Marlena: Anything else?

 Belle: No, I guess not. Um, with everything his family's been through, he'll probably feel much better when they find out who did all of this.

 Shawn-d: Mom.... I am. Really. W-why don't you, um, tell me what you remember from that night?

 Brady: Craig said he thought it was a simple nosebleed.

 Chloe: I never got nosebleeds before I was sick -- not once in my life. When I was first diagnosed -- the minute that I found out that there were cancer cells pumping throughout my veins -- I swear, I could feel them inside me. It gave me chills. Now, I'm not trying to be fatalistic, brady, but it's my body, and I'm feeling those chills again. I can't help thinking... it's back. 3E231FE4.JPG

 John: Some wake, huh?

 Marlena: Mm. Depressing for all the wrong reasons. How are you?

 John: Me?

 Marlena: Yeah. Have you decided whether or not to exhume your mother's body?

 John: You were right. It's not going to happen.

 Marlena: So, you've accepted the fact that daphne is your mother?

 John: Yeah, intellectually, I know that it must be true. However, in my heart, I just can't believe it.

 Brady: Can't believe what?

 Cassie: How could you even talk to john black after what he did toou?

 Tony: Oh, it's very complicated... which is why I asked you for the favor of not repeating this conversation to belle or shawn or to marlena. They don't need to be reminded of the past, either. 3E2320BC.JPG

 Rex: Of course. Our job is to do as you say.

 Tony: No, no, no. Your job is to live your life to the fullest. I'm your guardian. I'll take care of you, I'll be here for you.

 Rex: We appreciate it. You make us feel like real dimeras.

 Cassie: When we go to see shawn, we n'n't say anything about this.

 Rex: We're going to see shawn?

 Cassie: Of course. He must need us. I mean, everything going on with his cousin dr. Murphy...

 Tony: Well, the family is gathered to mourn. I'm re shawn would appreciate your condolences, but their custom dictates that you don't intrude on their mourning. Um, I just thought of something. I have an appointment, so if you'll excuse me, I have to go. I will see you later? 3E2320E2.JPG

 Cassie: Of course.

 Tony: Good, good, good.

 Cassie: Bye. Tony's wrong. Shawn wouldn't think I was intruding. I'm going to see him.

 Hope: Why? Why do you want to know what I remember?

 Shawn-d: I was just wondering if you, uh, if you saw anything suspicious, but -- so, uhso you didn'T.

 Colin: It's all set. I'm going to kill bo brady tonight.

 Hope: No. No, I-I don'T. But I think it's best for everyone to try to forget that night.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah.

 Belle: Hey. Can I borrow him for a second?

 Hope: Sure. Absolutely. I might give his brother a call and see how he's doing, anyway. 3E232125.JPG

 Shawn-d: All right.

 Hope: See you later.

 Caroline: Your father's on the phone.

 Roman: With aunt molly?

 Caroline: Yeah. She's absolutely grief-stricken, and your father's as upset as she is.

 John: Well, you know that, uh, colin and your mother worked together at the hospital, and neither one of us can believe that he was affiliated with the dimeras.

 Brady: It's true, right?

 John: Seems so.

 Marlena: Brady, how's chloe doing? I'm sure going io o her bone marrow transplant, and then losing her doctor the way that she did must be very difficult.

 Brady: Yes. Yes, it is. Um, but actually, marlena, I was wondering -- 3E232153.JPG

 Chloe: Uh, brady, were you just about to ask dr. Evans to talk to me? Uh, it's very nice of you, but now is really not a good time.

 Marlena: Chloe, if you need anything at all...

 Chloe: Thank you. I'll call you if I do.

 Marlena: All righty then. Now that you've accepted the truth, I think we need to tell belle and brady that tony is your brother.

 John: Well, I think chloe said it best -- now is not the best time.

 Marlena: You can't put it off forever. And your dread is far worse than their reaction, I promise you.

 John: And you usual d don't make promises you have no way of ensuring.

 Marlena: Well, I know our kids. So do you. 3E232181.JPG

 John: I'll tell 'em. Just not here.

 Chloe: Were you just about to tell marlena what's wrong with me?

 Brady: Chloe, there is nothing wrong with you -- I mean, at least, not that we know of. I did not mention your blood work to anybody. I just thought you could use somebody to talk to, that's all.

 Chloe: Oh, so you're tired of listening to me complain. I'm sorry. I don't blame you.

 Brady: No! No, chloe, that's not it at all. I just think you're jumping to conclusions, and it's not good to be stressed out -- especially over nothing.

 Chloe: Well, if you think it's not good for me, think about what it could do to nancy. If something happens to her or my baby sister, I could never forgive myself. I couldn't all m myself to live, even if I have the chance. 3E2321B0.JPG

 John: Hey, son. I was wondering if, uh, if you would be free to, uh, come over to the penthouse when we're done here.

 Brady: Uh, well, actually, I, um, I kind of...

 Chloe: Yes, he's free.

 Brady: What is this about?

 John: It's, uh, it's just something we need to discuss as a family.

 Brady: Can't it wait?

 John: No, I 'm afraid not. Excuse me.

 Bo: Hey.

 Hope: Hey.

 Bo: Pop's on the phone with aunt molly. As soon as he's off, we're out of here. We're going to pick up zack and have some family time. Are you okay?

 Hope: How many times are you going to ask me that in one day, brady? 3E2321E4.JPG

 Bo: Okay, I won't ask anymore.

 Hope: I'm sorry. I'm fine.

 Bo: I love you. It's hard not to worry.

 Hope: I'm fine. As long as you're here with me, I am fine.

 Larry: Poor, departed colin. He died before he could kill you, bo. But rest assured... the next brady memorial will be yours. And unlike me, you'll never wake.

...People started singing itnot knowing what it was

 Cassie: Okay, listen to me, rex. Shawn needs me, and I'm going to see him.

 Rex: Belle is there for shawn.

 Rex: There they go again.

 Csisie: It's revolting, isn't it? 3E2322DD.JPG

 Rex: Why, 'cause you wish it was you he was all over like a cheap suit?

 Cassie: Why, isn't that a clever little expression.

 Rex: Then it would be awesome, wouldn't it? Just fabulous.

 Cassie: Yes, actually, it would be, and it will be.

 Rex: Oh, my, my, aren't we confident?

 Cassie: Yes, we are, because I'm going to make shawn fall madly in love with me.

 Rex: Oh, right. Any minute. I mean, it's obvious by the way he's kissing belle.

 Cassie: Don't you mock me. I'm going to make it happen. It will happen. No, I'm the only one that can help him deal with what happened.

 Rex: Why would you say that? You never told me what you were really doing when you disappeared on new year's eve. You've been lying to me, cassie. You've never done that before. Whatever it is, it's bad, isn't it? 3E23231D.JPG

 Cassie: I'm not lying to you, and I'm not going to argue with you now, either. I'm going to see shawn.

 Rex: Then I'm coming with you.

 Larry: Apparently, it wasn't meant to be quick and painless, bo. Now you're going to have to suffer a little more -- all of you.

 Hope: I'm anxious to see zack, too. It was awfully nice of my dad and julie to watch zack on such short notice so we could go tohe memorial service. Do you think your dad would mind if I left now to pick up zack?

 Bo: No, no. I'm sure he wouldn'T.

 Hope: Oh.

 Bo: There you go.

 Hope: Thank you. 3E23234F.JPG

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Hope: I love you, brady

 Bo: I love you, too. Drive careful.

 Hope: I shall. Hey, shawn, honey, I just wanted to say bye.

 Shawn-d: You're going?

 Hope: Yeah, I'm going to go, and I'm going to pick up zack. You were right. He belongs home with us. Thank you for being there for your family.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Hope: I love you, shawn-douglas.

 Shawn-d: I love you, mom.

 Hope: See you later, honey.

 Belle: Okay.

 Brady: Hey, belle? Did you get a chance to talk to dad?

 Belle: Yeah. Family meeting.

 Brady: And what is this about? 3E23236C.JPG

 Belle: I don't know, but he said not to worry.

 Shawn-d: Well, anyone want something to drink or eat?

 Chloe: No thanks.

 Belle: Well, I do, and I'll go with you.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Chloe: Hey, brady, I'm feeling kind of tired. Do you think you could take me home?

 Bra: Are you going to be able to sleep?

 Chloe: No.

 Brady: You've got to take care of yourself, chloe.

 Chloe: I know, I know. Look, if I were fighting this years ago, brady, I don't think I would have been as strong as I am now. I know that I have to try, and I want to get better so badly.

 Brady: Well, lean on us, chloe. We're there for you. We love you. 3E23239B.JPG

 Caroline: I'll walk you out. I have to go to the dumpster.

 Hope: Oh, I'll throw the trash out for you.

 Caroline: Are you sure?

 Hope: Absolutely. Of course.

 Caroline: I'll get the bag, then.

 John: You know, when I think about all the times that I was afraid I had stefano's blood in my veins... think about chloe's situation and the disease that is literally running through her veins.

 Marlena: We are so lucky.

 John: Yes, we are.

 Marlena: Honey... belle and brady will handle this just fine.

 John: I hope so.

 Marlena: Trust me, they will. And besides, you are not stefano's son.

 John: No, just the bastard son of an unknown father, and tony's brother. 3E2323D0.JPG

 Marlena: Honey, things will not always be the way they seem right now.

 John: Yeah, I know. The question is, will they be better... or worse?

 Hope: Larry? Are you there?

 Hope: Get away! Get away from me. You're not doing this to me again, larry. Just stay away and leave me the hell alone. Leave me the hell alone. Leave me alone!

[ Gasps ]

 Bo: The sign on the door says "closed."

 Tony: Not to those who knew colin best. I came here today to pay my respects over your loss.

 Roman: Aw, damn it, tony, come on. You're the one who did this.

 Tony: Certainly not. Why would you damn a man who did such a great favor to you? Aren't you all happy that your cousin is gone? I can assure you I'm not. He was my friend and my physician. He left his preconceptions and his prejudices against me aside. You see, he was a healer first, and you paid him back with disdain because he extended himself, because he wanted to make sure that I stayed in remission. But, you see, a man who is truly heroic will try to help anyone in need, not just those who are similar to him. So if you want healing in your family, if you want peace, I suggest you extend yourselves like colin did, too. 3E232534.JPG

 Roman: All right, you've said your piece, leave.

 Tony: I thought I told you not to come here.

 Cassie: We wanted to pay our respects. It seems like you decided to do it, too.

 Belle: Hi.

 Cassie: We just wanted to let you and your family know how sorry we are for your loss.

 Shawn-d: Thanks.

 Rex: Hohope this isn't an inappropriate time for us to be here.

 Marlena: You're here for your friends. What could be wrong with that?

 Belle: Let's get something to eat.

 Bo: Since you insist on staying, we've got some questions for you.

 Tony: So this is how you honor your cousin's memory -- by making his memorial into an interrogation? 3E232567.JPG

 Roman: Well, whatever we do to catch his killer -- that's the best way for us to serve his memory.

 Caroline: Please, please, let us be hospitable. Tony, can I get you something to drink?

 Tony: Ah, thank you very much. I am parched, but I'll do it myself. Thank you.

 Caroline: Oh.

 Bo: Make yourself at home.

 John: So what's he up to now?

 Roman: He's so damn sure we can't nail him for this homicide.

 Bo: Well, he might be right. But we are going to find out what happened to colin and why. We're going to have peace -- our way, not his.

 Cassie: So you found the body, huh, belle? 3E232595.JPG

 Belle: Yeah.

 Cassie: That's a bummer of a way to start the new year. You must have been stuck there the whole night answering the cops' questions.

 Belle: Yeah, I was.

 Shawn-d: I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? It's over. It's time to put it behind us.

 Caroline: Oh, shawn.

 Shawn: What the hell e you doing here, dimera? Huh?

 Hope: I won't let you do this to me again, larry. If you try, I swear, I'll kill you myself. I'll do it. I'll do it this time. I'll do it. What am I doing? What am I doing? I can't kill larry. He's dead. He's dead. He's dead. He's dead, hope. He's not coming back. He's not. 3E23266C.JPG

 Larry: [ Thinking t that's what you think, hope.

 Shawn: Wipe that smug look off your face and answer me, damn it. What the hell are you doing here?!

 Tony: What, I upset you that I've come here to pay my respects? I'm one of the few here present who actually have some to pay.

 Shawn: Huh. And that's why you murdered him in cold blood, is it, huh?

 Caroline: Shawn.

 Shawn: Huh?!

 Caroline: Don't get so upset, shawn.

 Roman: Ma's right. He's not worth it.

 Caroline: No, why don't we sit down? Come on. Let's sit down.

 Roman: Come on, pop. Come over here. 3E232691.JPG

 Rex: I had no idea things were so bad between tony's family and shawn'S.

 Belle: Yeah, well, things are only going to get worse.

 Cassie: You okay? Look, I didn't mean to make things worse for you today. I'm -- I'm sorry.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. You know, hey.

 Cassie: No, I mean it. Shawn, I know what you're going through, and I'll do anything I can to help you.

 Shawn-d: What -- what do you mean?

 Cassie: Well, I know how upset you are about your cousin being killed.

 Shawn-d: Well, of course I am. I mean, it's not like I was close to him. I didn't really know him until a year ago, but... besides my grandfather, no one in this room is really going to miss him. 3E2326C5.JPG

 Cassie: I understand. Colin was a bad man. He deserved to die.

 Shawn-d: Okay, well, why would you say something like that?

 Cassie: Well, he must have been bad. Otherwise, no one would have shot him.

 Tony: Oh, excuse me. John, before I go, may I have a word with marlena?

 John: Not now.

 Tony: Do you ever allow her to speak for herself?

 Marlena: Not now.

 John: Preferably not ever, 'cause we'd just like you out of our lives.

 Tony: John, let's not ask for the impossible.

 Shawn: You're still here, are you?

 Tony: Oh, well, for once, you're right. 3E2326F0.JPG

 Shawn: I want you to get out of my house and keep on going straight to hell.

 Tony: You want to see me dead? My, my, that's civilized of you.

 Shawn: And you can burn for all eternity beside your cursed father. That's where you belong, because you are the spawn of the devil himself!

 Tony: Do you feel the same way about my brother?

 Shawn: Which brother?

 Tony: I'm not surprised he hasn't told you.

 Tony: I was talking about john black.

 Belle: Oh, my god. My dad's a dimera.

 Hope: [ Sighs ] I've got to stop doing this. Larry is dead. So why do I keep seeing him in my head? Why can't I just forget what he's done to me? It's over, hope. You got to let it go. 3E2327B7.JPG

 Larry: She's nuts. She's gone completely nuts. She's haunted by my ghost. Ha ha ha. Oh, but how much more ominous is that ghost in the form of living, breathing me? Oh, I can't resist the most perfect torture of all.

 Shawn-d: No. No, john a dimera? No! No, it can't be true! No!

 Tony: No, well, john didn't want to believe it, either, but he has a dna test to prove it. Don't you, john?

 John: Shawn, we'll discuss this later.

 Brady: I'm taking you home. Belle, I'm taking chloe home. Tell dad I'll meet you all at the penthouse later, okay?

 Belle: Okay, okay.

 Brady: See ya.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. 3E2327E7.JPG

 Belle: Shawn, I am a dimera.

 Marlena: Belle, you ready to go? Okay.

 John: All right, you've done what you came to do.

 Shawn: No, john is one of ours just as much as colin was!

 Roman: Take it easy.

 Shawn: No, you won't destroy him, too! The bradys will fight you to the death! Aah! Aah! [ Gasping ]

 Caroline: Shawn!

 Bo: Is he okay?

 Caroline: Oh, god!

 Bo: He's having a heart attack.

 Roman: It's all right.

 John: Give him air.

 Roman: It's a heart attack. Somebody call 911!

 Shawn-d: I'm on it! I'm on it! This is the brady pub at 48 water street. My grandfather just collapsed. I think he's having a heart attack. 3E23280B.JPG

 Bo: Talk to me. Talk to me. Tell me where it hurts.

 Shawn: Here.

 Bo: You all right, hmm? You'll be fine. You're going to be fine. Help's coming. Help is on the way.

 John: Crush that aspirin up, doc.

 Bo: It's going to be fine. Hey, pop, wake up, wake up. Talk to me.

 Belle: Shawn, he's going to be okay. He has to be.

 Shawn-d: No, if you're a brady, you don't get a fairy tale ending.

 Bo: That bastard dimera.

 Roman: Yeah, he had to know what he was doing.

 John: If shawn doesn't win this battle, tony's going to pay with his life.

 Tony: Just wait.

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