Days Transcript Friday 1/10/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/10/03--Canada; 1/13/03--USA

By Eric


 Jack: Jo, I'll explain everything later, okay? Right now, I just need to come by and pick up abigail. Really? You wouldn't mind? Well, that -- that'd be great. Thank you. Well, I'll see you soon. Bye. Jo and vern are going to bring over abigail.

 Jennifer: Oh, that's nice. That's really nice.

 Jack: Yeah.

 Jennifer: You know, I'm sorry I didn't have anything else to eat. That's all I had. I mean, I rely need to go to the market, but the market wouldn't even be open right now. I mean, there's that 24-hour deli, though. I could go over there. It's only 10 minutes away. I wouldn't hit any traffic, so I could just get over there and just get right back. 3E1F2699.JPG

 Jack: Jennifer, please, just -- please, just --

 Jennifer: What?

 Jack: Sit down over here, please. We need to talk before abigail gets here. We need to -- we just -- we cannot pretend that nothing happened.

 Jennifer: No, you're right. Yoyou're right. Uh... things aren't the same between us.

 Jack: And they never will be.

 Nancy: Sports page, crossword puzzle...

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Nancy: Craig! Doorbell!

 Craig: I'm coming.

[ Ring ]

 Craig: Hold your horses.

 Nancy: You don't have to yell. 3E1F26CC.JPG

 Craig: I'm not yelling. It's -- to them, who's ever at the door.

 Chloe: Isn't somebody going to get the door?!

 Craig: Yes. I'm getting the door. Brady, come in.

 Brady: Dr. Wesley, hi. That's a new look for you.

 Craig: Watch it.

 Brady: Ha ha. Hi.

 Chloe: Hi.

 Brady: How you doing?

 Chloe: Good.

 Brady: Hey, mrs. Wesley. How you feeling?

 Nancy: I'm feeling pampered, thank you very much. I couldn't ask for better care. Where are you two off to?

 Chloe: Oh, we haven't decided yet.

 Nancy: I'm afraid you haven't had much fun over the holidays. First me in the hospital, and then that dreadful shooting at your grandfather's wedding. 3E1F26F6.JPG

 Brady: Yeah. Luckily, we got out of there before it all went down.

 Craig: Yeah, it's -- it's a shame. And the paper says there's still no leads for the police on who shot colin.

 Chloe: Poor man. He devoted himself to saving lives. Who could have possibly wanted him dead?

 Marlena: Oh, loren, hi.

 Loren: Hi.

 Marlena: I'm looking for bo brady.

 Loren: He's in a meeting right now.

 Marlena: Okay. I'll wait.

 Loren: Have a seat. I'll let him know you're here.

 Marlena: Thanks.

 John: Doc.

 Both: I've been calling your cell phone. 3E1F271D.JPG

 Marlena: Oh.

 Both: Sorry. You go ahead.

 Marlena: No, you -- you first.

 John: I called your office to apologize for storming out of the penthouse like I did. I'm sorry about that.

 Marlena: You okay now?

 John: Yeah, I'm a lot better, knowing the police brought tony in for questioning. You don't seem surprised about that.

 Marlena: Tony came by the penthouse after you left looking for you. While he was there, he got a call from roman asking him to come down to the station.

 John: I assume tony was trying to hunt me down because he received the court order. 3E1F2741.JPG

 Marlena: He's determined to stop you. He feels that exhuming daphne dimera's body would be disrespectful to her, and also a waste of time.

 John: Yeah, well, I don't give a damn what tony thinks. The law's on my side.

 Marlena: I'm not. Honey, I think tony's right.

 Bo: No, that letter's got to be a fake.

 Abe: Well, you know, forensics is analyzing the handwriting as we speak.

 Bo: Why would murphy do this to the whole brady family? I mean, he hated me. He made that very clear when he was alive. So that letter, I mean -- it would just be redundant. What about pop? He loved his uncle shawn. Why would he do this to him? 3E1F276E.JPG

 Roman: You know, tony made sure he was out of the country when the murder was committed. He could have had that letter planted to deflect suspicion from himself and cast blame on the bradys.

 Abe: Of course, they're the last people in the world who would have anything to do with this crime. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

There she goes

 Jennifer: I-I know. I know that, um... that colin is always going to haunt us, jack.

 Jack: No. No.

 Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, you just said that it's never --

 Jack: Nothing is ever going to be the same, but... maybe in a positive way. I-I do owe you my life, jennifer. 3E1F2858.JPG

 Jennifer: Oh, jack, will you stop it? Please, you can't just try to make this all right. You can't pretend that it didn't happen and -- and just go on and accept it.

 Jack: Let me finish, okay? Just -- what -- what happened with you and colin --

 Jennifer: Will you say it? Just say it. I mean, I slept with him. It's worse if you can't even say it.

 Jack: Your sleeping with him, your sleeping with him, what -- I mean, when that happened, you -- you did it because -- because you wanted to -- to keep him from getting to me, from killing me.

 Jennifer: What? Jack, I had no business being in that hotel room. What did I think I was doing? Did I think that I could single-handedly turn colin over to the police? I mean, you would think that the past would have taught me something, right? 3E1F2882.JPG

 Jack: I'm telling you, colin never let you see the violence that was inside him -- not until it was too late. You were a pawn in all this, jennifer. You were a pawn, and he victimized you. He victimized you the same way that lawrence a-- the same way that lawrence alamain did. Colin made you think there was no other way out, didn't he? He did that, didn't he? Just like lawrence alamain did. And I've just brought it all back now, haven't I?

 John: Doc, I thought you understood how important this is to me.

 Marlena: The dna test shows you are a match for tony's mother. You're not a match with stefano. The connection has to be with daphne dimera. Seems to me you've got two choices here. You can accept the dna results, learn to live with them, or you can let this search consume you the rest of your life, at which point, there will never be enough proof to satisfy you. So where does it all end? 3E1F28C8.JPG

 John: When I'm satisfied I'm not living a lie and I have no doubts about who I am.

 Marlena: John, I'm a doctor. I studied those dna results, and I think they're authentic. Don't you think you owe it to your mother to let her rest in peace?

 Loren: Forensics just sent this over.

 Abe: All right, thank you. This must be the handwriting analysis. Yeah, well, this says it's murphy's handwriting. His latent prints are all over it.

 Roman: He could have been coerced into writing that by dimera.

 Bo: So where do we go from here?

 Carson: You're not going anywhere, because the brady brothers are officially off this case. 3E1F29A0.JPG

 Nancy: To happiness, health... and new beginnings in 2003.

 Craig: Hear, hear.

 Brady: Hear, hear.

 Chloe: Hear, hear.

 Craig: Mmm.

 Chloe: Mmm, I don't know about everyone else, but I am starving. I'm going to go get dinner started.

 Craig: Oh, no.

 Nancy: No, don't you go near the kitchen. Craig and I can manage just fine.

 Craig: That's right, you two go enjoy yourselves outside. Go take a walk along the river or something.

 Nancy: T this weather? She'll catch her death of cold.

 Chloe: I'll be fine.

 Craig: She'll be fine, nancy. You don't get sick from cold weather. You get sick from germs. It's an old wives' tale. 3E1F29BF.JPG

 Nancy: Who are you calling an old wife?

 Brady: Okay, I think we're outta here.

 All: [ Laugh ]

 Craig: Get out of here, you two.

 Chloe: All right, bye.

 Craig: Bye, honey.

 Brady: See ya.

 Craig: I'll go get dinner ready, okay?

 Nancy: Craig?

 Craig: Mm-hmm?

 Nancy: I saw your face just now. Something's bothering you. Craig... whatever it is, I can handle it, except not knowing. Please, honey, tell me. Whatever it is, tell me.

 John: It's ironic, isn't it? The closest blood relative I have wants to take away the woman I love and the only family I've ever known. 3E1F29F1.JPG

 Marlena: It doesn't matter what tony wants. No one is coming between us.

 John: Just the thought that dimera and i share the same blood... I don't know what to do with this. I don't know how to be his brother. I don't want to hate him. I don't want to hate anybody.

 Abe: Don't tell me how to run my department.

 Carson: I want a conviction in this case, commander. Now, so far, you've made only one arrest -- deveraux, and even he had you hoodwinked. Now, I'm not saying it's deliberate, but are you sure your relationship with the, uh, brady brothers isn't influencing this investigation? 3E1F2A20.JPG

 Bo: Where do you come off telling us how to do our job?

 Abe: That's all right. That's all right. I'll handle this. You want to file charges against me or this department? Then you go to the commissioner. I'm going to conduct this investigation just as I would any other. This department wants a conviction as much or more than you do.

 Carson: You --

 Abe: And I'm not going to base it on this fabrication.

 Carson: You cannot ignore what's in that forensics report.

 Bo: Do you seriously think murphy knew he was going to be gunned down, so he wrote a letter to pin it on his family?

 Carson: You add that letter to the animosity between the two of you and dr. Murphy? Yes. Yes, I think I can build a case around it. 3E1F2A4A.JPG

 Roman: Well, think again. I wasn't even at the wedding.

 Bo: Yeah, every move I made is accounted for. Read the damn police report.

 Carson: What about the other bradys? I suppose they have alibis.

 Roman: Well, you're damn right they do.

 Abe: Look, we all know you have it in for the bradys, and me, for that matter, because we didn't clue you in on the plan to rescue hope when she was kidnapped.

 Carson: Or maybe I am just fed up with the brady brothers' vigilante justice.

 Roman: Oh, come on! This from the guy who railroaded sami for a crime she didn't commit?

 Abe: That's enough. That's enough! That's enough from the two of yo now, we all want the same thing here, so let us continue with our investigation so you can build your case. 3E1F2A75.JPG

 Carson: I am going to be checking every move this department makes, and if there's even a hint of impropriety, I will have every one of you up on charges. And if it turns out that someone in the brady family killed dr. Murphy, I will not cut a deal. They will pay to the full extent of the law.

 Roman: Well... I guess dimera isn't the only one who has it in for us.

 Jennifer: You know, jack, you -- you were the first man that I ever made love to, and I really thought that there would never be anyone else. And when -- when lawrence raped me, I really thought that that was the most terrible thing that could ever happen in anybody's life, you know? And then I -- then I find myself in this situation with colin, and I'm thinking -- I'm thinking that I'm sleeping with the man who wants to murder the man that I love, anand all the shame and the self-blame that I felt after lawrence raped me is so much worse now, jack. It's so much worse, because this time, it was my fault. 3E1F2B72.JPG

 Jack: Don't talk to me about fault. Don't -- you -- you -- you didn't think that you had a choice.

 Jennifer: But what if I d? I should have called you. I-I should have called bo. I mean, how? How, jack? How did I let this happen?

 John: What's up with him?

 Bo: John, marlena.

 Marlena: Abe.

 Roman: Doc.

 John: The D.A. Doesn't look very happy.

 Abe: Well, he's not. We brought tony in for questioning. We had to let him go.

 John: Ah, lack of evidence, huh?

 Roman: He's still our prime suspect.

 Bo: But not the D.A.'S. He's out to convict one of the bradys for colin's murder... preferably one of us. 3E1F2BA8.JPG

 John: Yeah? Based on what?

 Abe: A letter colin supposedly wrote. In it, he said that if something happens to him, the authorities should go after the bradys.

 Marlena: That doesn't make sense. Colin was a brady.

 John: Also a dimera operative. Looks like he put the dimeras in front of the bradys and paid the price.

 Marlena: I can't believe he was capable of that kind of betrayal.

 Bo: He was, and more. He was planning to kill jack so he could run away with jennifer without any interference.

 Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

 John: How did you find that out? 3E1F2BC8.JPG

 Roman: Sami.

 Marlena: Sami?

 Roman: Yeah, she got in the middle of something. Colin used it to threaten her.

 Marlena: She got involved in the middle of what?

 Roman: Well, let's just say she got in over her head. She went to tony for help.

 Marlena: So why didn't she come to one of us?

 Roman: Well, she was scared, not thinking straight. Tony told her he'd take care of it. She trusted him.

 John: And you think he did take care of her by killing colin or having him killed, right?

 Roman: It looks that way.

 Abe: You know, we need to keep this confidential. If tony finds out that sami told us about their arrangement, she could be in danger, too. 3E1F2BE9.JPG

 Marlena: Tell me our daughter's going to be all right.

 Roman: Well, we can give her police protection if she needs it, but I think right now, she needs her mother's support more than anything else.

 Marlena: Of course. I'm glad you told us.

 John: Now do you understand why I want you to stay away from tony? He's going after the bradys. He's going to destroy our family one at a time.

 Roman: It's the brady family, john, not yours.

 John: Anybody who attacks the bradys attacks me, 'cause in my soul, I am a brady.

 John: So whatever trouble sami's in, let me help.

 Roman: Well, john, we appreciate that, but it's been handled. 3E1F2CC4.JPG

 John: Has it?

 Abe: Maybe you should stay out of this, john.

 John: Look, I knowowow dimera operates. If he told sami that he would take care of colin, he's got something on her, and he's going to use it, maybe even force her to move against the bradys.

 Marlena: Sami would never turn against her family.

 Bo: Well, she could be so scared of dimera, she'd do whatever he says without thinking of the consequences.

 Roman: Well, let's not jump to the worst possible conclusions about our daughter.

 John: We're just trying to help, roman. We've all suffered because of dimera. We d't want to see sami go through the same thing. 3E1F2CDF.JPG

 Marlena: Sami's childhood was ruined because of stefano. Those memories could make her vulnerable to tony right now, especially if he has something that he knows that he can hold against her. Does he, roman?

 Abe: Might as well tell her.

 Roman: Colin was threatening sami because of something sami saw involving two other people. She was scared enough to steal my revolver for protection to scare colin off.

 John: Did she use it?

 Roman: She fired the gun accidentally in the salem inn parking lot. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

 Bo: Forensics checked out the gun. Her story's good.

 Marlena: She must have been desperate. What could make her do such a thing? 3E1F2D05.JPG

 John: That doesn't really matter. She's safe now, and that's all that counts, right?

 Roman: That's right. Nothing's going to happen to our daughter, doc. I promise you that.

 Marlena: It already has. All those years I lost with her because of stefano -- she's paying for them now. I missed so much time with her and with eric. My twins.

 Craig: Nancy... as much as I've tried to get past it, sweetheart, and to be thankful for everything that we have right now -- and, god knows, we have -- we have so much -- I just can't get over how many years we missed with chloe. It still bothers me. And I know that we've talked about it in the past already, but I really think that we need to investigate what happened to you during your pregnancy with her. 3E1F2D3C.JPG

 Chloe: So you want to see the hospital records?

 Craig: And the obstetrician records. Everything that pertains to your prenatal care, and to do that, I need your signature.

 Nancy: But what good would it do now? I mean, you're not planning on suing the hospital or the doctor -- or are you?

 Craig: I just want the truth.

 Nancy: The truth is that I never suspected that chloe was your baby. If I had, I would never have given her up for adoption.

 Craig: Okay, nancy. I know. I don't blame you. You're not to blame for any of this. I just think that what happened to you needs to be made right, and maybe if we had those records from the hospital, maybe we could just, I don't know, finally be freed from the past. 3E1F2D6A.JPG

 Nancy: If it means that much to you, yes, of course, I will sign them.

 Craig: Thank you.

 Nancy: Now, you know what you can do for me in return?

 Craig: What?

 Nancy: You know that massage that you promised me? Remember it?

 Craig: Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. I'm ready.

 Nancy: [ Giggles ] Good. Now turn around.

 Craig: What do you mean?

 Nancy: Turn around. It's my massage. I can have it any way I want it.

 Craig: Oh, okay. Ha ha.

 Nancy: Oh, craig. You're so tense. I mean, your shoulders -- they're all locked up.

 Brady: It's freezing out here. Whoop -- look, look. A shooting star. 3E1F2D9C.JPG

 Chloe: Make a wish. It's good luck.

 Brady: I got mine. What's yours?

 Chloe: Gray hair.

 Brady: You wished for gray hair.

 Chloe: Yeah. Well, actually, I wished that I'll live long enough to actually see it happen.

 Brady: Chloe, please. You're going to get your bone marrow transplant in just a couple of months.

 Chloe: Yeah -- so near, yet so far.

 Brady: You're still upset about colin murphy.

 Chloe: Why wouldn't I be? I mean, there he is, celebrating a wedding, and suddenly, it's all over. He was dead without any time to prepare. At least I've told the people I love how I feel. It makes me realize how precious life is each day. 3E1F2DDA.JPG

 Brady: It is -- more so all the time.

 Chloe: It's hard to believe that my life is finally going right for me. I mean, this last year with you has been the best year of my life. Well, the best and the worst.

 Brady: Gee, thanks.

 Chloe: No, I didn't mean it the way that it sounded. I just meant -- I wonder which way this year will go for us.

 Brady: What?

 Chloe: The tree. It's gone. That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your thursday.

 Bo: Must have been a shock to find out about sami like that.

 Marlena: It's better to know. That way, I can help her. Although sami isn't always the easiest person to reach.

 Bo: Yeah. Well, she's very lucky to have a mother who takes the time to understand her.

 Marlena: Thanks. It isn't always easy to be objective about your own family, especially a child. 3E1F2EF9.JPG

 Bo: Yeah.

 Marlena: It's even tough with friends. Take hope, for instance. Sometimes I worry more about her than I would if she were a patient.

 Bo: What do you think's going on with her?

 Marlena: You said that her behavior has changed since the kidnapping, but she can't or won't admit that there's anything different.

 Bo: Yeah, she just says she's tired all the time.

 Marlena: Well, she could be in denial. It is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. Tell me about some of those changes.

 Bo: The most disturbing thing is her reluctance to be with zack. He's spending more and more time over at ma and pop'S. It's like she doesn't want to be with her own son. And believe me, that's not hope. 3E1F2F23.JPG

 Marlena: Well, if she's having some fear or some uncertainty about herself, maybe she's trying to keep some distance between herself and zack, to keep -- keep him safe, to keep anything from happening to him.

 Bo: Well, that would make sense. You see -- at the beginning, it wasn't anything major. You know, she'd forget something, or talking to her, and she'd space out. Then we're decorating the tree at christmas, she went down in the basement to get an extension cord, and all of a sudden, I hear this bloodcurdling scream. I run down there, and she's scared to death of a mouse. Obviously, it was something more than that, but she said she was fine, and she looked okay, and so I forgot about it till later. 3E1F2F54.JPG

 Marlena: Why? What happened later?

 Bo: At the wedding, she just disappeared. E e didn't say anything to anybody. It scared the hell out of me. I looked all over for her, and finally found her at home, and she said she was fine. She just had to get away from the crowd, but obviously, she was hiding something. She hasn't been herself since, and -- and that's why I called you.

 Marlena: Is it possible she saw something at the wedding that she couldn't handle and she had to run away?

 Bo: No, no. If something like that had happened, she would have told me.

 Roman: John, believe me, I know you mean well, but I can take care of my family. 3E1F2F83.JPG

 John: In other words, butt out.

 Roman: Well, more or less, you got it.

 John: Can't do that. Like it or not, roman, you and I share a past that bonded us once. I don't think either one of us can completely walk away from that.

 Roman: Yeah, but, uh... you're not the one who had to walk away from the woman you loved.

 John: You know, roman, when everything blew apart back then, I'll admit, I could have handled things a lot better. But I'm not the enemy -- never have been, never will be. It's always been dimeras -- first the father, now the son. 3E1F2FB5.JPG

 John: And marlena is in as much danger from tony as she was from stefano. That's why I'm hoping you and i can put the past behind us and work together for her sake. So what do you say? Can we do that?

 Jennifer: Do you realize how lucky we are... to be here so safe, and knowing that our little girl is going to walk through that door any minute?

 Jack: I do now.

 Jennifer: It's just, I really -- I want to be able to trust myself again, jack, and I couldn't see who colin was until it was too late.

 Jack: How -- how can I help you?

 Jennifer: I don't think you can. 3E1F2FFD.JPG

 Jack: I think it's time for me to go.

 Jennifer: No, no. I-I don't want you to go. Please. Please don't go.

 Chloe: What could have happened to this tree that was here before?

 Brady: I don't know. Um, well, we had that -- that thunderstorm a couple weeks ago. It took a lot of trees. Did this one have some kind of special meaning to you?

 Chloe: When philip and i were in high school, he carved our initials into it. "P & c 4-ever." You know, I hate the word "closure," but seeing this -- this finally made me realize that that chapter in my life is truly over. And not only my relationship with philip, but everything -- who I was, and all my fears about my illness. Being here with you feels so right, so sure, and I feel so strong. You know, I feel like I can do anything now, that I can even get through all the scary stuff, and that's all because of you, because of everything you've taught me. 3E1F305A.JPG

 Brady: Well, chloe, whatever this next year has in store for us, I know it's going to be the best because we're together.

 Brady: God, I am really freezing. I don't know about you.

 Chloe: Yeah, me too.

 Chloe: What?

 Brady: Chloe, you're bleeding. Classico welcomes you to genoa where they make the best pesto in all of italy.

 Marlena: Let the family know that hope needs their support right now, and if she feels more comfortable with caroline or julie staying with her and zack, I'd encourage that.

 Bo: Okay. What about some kind of counseling? 3E1F313F.JPG

 Marlena: I can suggest that, as a friend.

 Bo: I'd appreciate that.

 Abe: All right, here are the crime lab photos from the murder scene, and a list of everyone who attended the kiriakis wedding.

 Marlena: I'll move on and let you get your work done.

 Bo: Oh, um, thanks for everything.

 Roman: Doc, don't worry about sami. Nothing's going to happen to her. I promise.

 Marlena: All righty.

 Abe: So what's wrong, bo?

 Bo: I hope colin getting shot at victor's wedding is just a coincidence, nothing more.

 Roman: You think victor had something to do with the murder? 3E1F3167.JPG

 Bo: Well, yeah. If victor found out atat colin was working for the dimeras, it's very possible. I mean, victor believes the dimeras put a hit out on him because he helped us keep lexie from kidnapping zack.

 Abe: Well, when victor and nicole get back from their honeymoon, we need to bring them in for questioning.

 Bo: Oh, man. I do not want to find out my father had something to do with this. Right now, he seems happy with his life.

 Chloe: Okay, I think it stopped.

 Brady: Chloe, we got to be sure.

 Chloe: See? No blood.

 Brady: Positive? 3E1F318E.JPG

 Chloe: Yes.

 Brady: How do you feel?

 Chloe: I feel fine. Don't look so worried.

 Brady: Who's worried? Come on.

 Chloe: You know, don't tell nancy about this, or she's going to give us a real "I told you so."

 Brady: Well, she was right. Looks like the cold night air gave you a plain old nosebleed. What?

 Chloe: That's what craig said the first time that this happened, last year, before I knew I was sick.

 Brady: Okay. Well, let's just take you home. He might want to check you out.

 Chloe: You are worried.

 Brady: It'll just take a few minutes. It's -- it's your call.

 Chloe: Okay, sure. I-I might as well, right? 3E1F31B3.JPG

 Brady: All right, well, please put these gloves on, 'cause nancy will kill me, and it took me forever to get on her good side.

 Chloe: [ Thinking ] There's no such thing as forever.

 Jack: You know, I think I can still hear the new year ringing in. Those bells and whistles and... people wearing the funny hats. I even feel the confetti coming down. I'll tell you something -- bringing in the new year together, I think it's an omen. For 2003, I think it means that we could very well be seeing a lot more of each other.

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Jack: I think.

 Abby: I'm home! Bye, grandma! Bye, grandpa!

 Jack: Uh... happy new year. 3E1F3205.JPG

 Jennifer: Hey there.

 Jack: It's the little princess. Happy new year. Cocome on, come on, come on. Come to me. Oh, there you are. Happy new year. Happy new year.

 Abby: Everybody here made their new year's resolutions yet?

 Jennifer: Oh, well, you know, we're working on it.

 Jack: Yeah, we're working on it.

 Abby: I know ne. It's already happening. I saw you two hugging.

 Jack: That's right. That's right.

 Jennifer: Let's get your jacket off, sweetie. How was, uh... how was your time with -- with jo and vern? 3E1F3225.JPG

 Abby: We went ice skating. Grandpa vern fell down a lot.

 Jennifer: O ( ha ha ha.

 Jack: Well, I think he gets an "a" for hitting the ice.

 Abby: Hitting the ice -- good one, dad.

 Jennir: Oh.

 Jack: It was unintentional, I assure you.

 Abby: Grandma jo told me dr. Murphy died.

 Jennifer: Yeah. He -- he did.

 Abby: Is at the big story you and daddy were covering for the paper?

 Jennifer: Yes.

 Abby: I know you liked him. Are you sad?

 Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, we're very sad.

 Abby: I'm glad we're together.

 Jack: We are, too. We are, too. 3E1F324E.JPG

 Abby: Can daddy sleep over? It's really late...

 Jack: [ Coughing ]

 Abby: And he'll have to go home all alone. Can he, mommy? Please? Akes strength to knock thedaylights out of signs of aging.

 Craig: Okay, magic fingers, ready for some pasta

la dr. Wesley?

 Nancy: Craig, what happened to the chinese takeout?

 Craig: No chinese takeout for you -- way too salty. Hey, just in time for dinner.

 Brady: Uh, we think the cold air got to chloe, gave her a nosebleed.

 Craig: Sweetheart, are you okay? Is everything all right?

 Chloe: Yeah, I'm fine. It was just kind of déj vu, remembering how it all started.

 Craig: Well, uh, I'll tell you what -- why don't we get you another blood test, just to put your mind at ease, huh? 3E1F32EB.JPG

 Chloe: Okay, whatever you think.

 Craig: Okay, um, I'll tell you what -- I'll take care of your mom. You head over to the hospital, and I'll tell her I got to check on a patient, and then I'll -- I'll be over there at the hospital to meet you, okay?

 Chloe: Okay. Thanks. All right, brady, now I'm really worried.

 Brady: Chloe, this is a new year. No carryovers from the past, okay? You're healthy and strong. As great as you feel and look, believe it. I do.

 Jennifer: Uh, well, it's okay with me if daddy wants to sleep over. I mean, if he does. 3E1F331A.JPG

 Jack: I think he does.

 Abby: Yes!

 Jennifer: Yes! Well, run upstairs and put your P.J.S on. I'll be right up, okay?

 Jack: All right. Oh, you mean her.

 Abby: I love you.

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha. I love you, too, baby.

 Abby: Race you upstairs.

 Jack: Oh, okay, right.

 Jennifer: Oh, here we go.

 Jack: Okay, on your marks...

 Abby and jack: Get set, go!

 Jack: Oh, I'm going to win! Here we go! I'm in front! I'm in front! Uh-oh. Okay. I'm in front again! I'm in front again! Here I go. I'm winning! Here we go. Oh, I'm in the way. Oh, I'm in front again.

 Abby: Hurry, mommy! 3E1F3336.JPG

 Jack: Hurry! Aah!

 Jennifer: Thank you.

 Marlena: We have agreed...

 John: Mm.

 Marlena: We will always solve our problems together as a family.

 John: Way ahead of you. The thing is, I'm just not sure I'm ready to tell belle and brady that I'm a dimera.

 Marlena: They will see the same man they've always known and loved -- john black. Nothing has changed about that. You just are who you are. You're my husband, you're my hero, you're my partner, you are the man I will spend my life wH.

 John: My god. What would I do without you?

 Roman: Why in the hell does pop want to have a memorial service for dear cousin colin? 3E1F337F.JPG

 Bo: Family is family.

 Abe: Well, I've ordered surveillance on the pub. You know, with that many murder suspects under one roof, who knows what may happen?

 Roman: You think tony might show up to, uh, pay his respects?

 Bo: Oh, man, I hope not. You know what? The more we narrow this list of suspects down... the more it looks like tony did it.

 Abe: Shouldn't victor's name be over there under tony's?

 Bo: Yeah.

 Abe: Anybody else?

 Bo: No, no. Not at the moment.

 Chloe: I'm feeling those chills again. I can't help thinking it's back.

 Belle: I know that you're going through a real h hard time, but does this ve to do with colin's death, or is it something different?

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