Days Transcript Tuesday 1/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/7/03--Canada; 1/8/03--USA

By Eric

Marlena: ready for a second cup? Oh. I guess colin's murder is headline news, hmm?

 John: Ooh, I'll say. "Dr. Colin murphy murdered." 3E1B31FA.JPG

 Marlena: Will shane keep on investigating for the I.S.A.?

 John: Oh, yeah. After last night, even abe and roman are convinced the guy was a dimera agent.

 Marlena: Colin was tony's doctor, but I never thought that he was really involved in the family business.

 John: Well, look at it this way -- colin had a connection to the dimeras, and he takes a bullet. W,w, how could those two things be unrelated? 3E1B3224.JPG

 Tony: You're supposed to get the door.

 Tony: That -- that is the last time I shall step onto a commercial airliner again. The security checks, the queues -- I know they're there for a good reason, but agonizing nonetheless.

 Bart: Homelansesecurity in action. Don't sweat it, count D. It's all good. Now the police can't nab you for bumping off the aussie doc, 'cause you weren't even in the country when he got whacked.

 Tony: Well, my exit out of salem has been fully documented, along with passenger roster and security videos of me in my socks.

 Bart: Hey, dig this. Murphy made the headlines. 3E1B3253.JPG

 Tony: Well, the good doctor finally has his 30 seconds of fame.

 Rex: Hold it.

 Cassie: What's your problem?

 Rex: I've been up all night looking for you. Where'd you disappear to, hmm? Answer me, cassie. Where the hell were you?

[ Knock on door ]

 Shawn-d: Thank god.

 Belle: I had to see you.

 Shawn-d: I-I've been calling your phone since before the sun came up.

 Belle: Well, my cell phone battery died. I forgot to charge it. Are you okay?

 Shawn-d: Are you?

 Belle: I am now.

 Shawn-d: I was worried about you all night. I need you so much.

 Abe: Billie, I have some official news, and I thought kate might like to be here for the announcement. 3E1B3290.JPG

 Billie: Oh, this better be good.

 Abe: The district attorney's dropping all the charges against you. The I.S.A. And internal affairs, they're dropping their case against you.

 Bo: You're back on the force.

 Abe: So I expect you to report for duty tomorrow, officer reed.

 Kate: Well, you hear that, billie? You won.

 Billie: Yeah, I heard that. Listen, mom, can you leave us alone for a minute?

 Kate: I sure will, sweetie. Looks like justice was done in spite of you.

 Abe: Is there a problem?

 Billie: Let me start by telling you what you can do with your job. 3E1B32BE.JPG

 Roman: I want forensics to run these gloves through the lab as soon as possible.

 Man: This evidence connected to the shooting last night?

 Roman: Could be if the gloves test positive for gunpowder residue.

 Man: I'll take care of this myself and let you know.

 Roman: Damn it, sami. What have you done now?

 Kate: Is that daughter of yours kicking up her heels again? Ooh, what a surprise.

 Hope: Jen, none of us believe that jack shot colin. Why is he confessing to a murder he didn't commit?

 Jennifer: I don't know. He and colin may have fought, and maybe that's when the gunenent off.

 Hope: Fought about what?

 Jennifer: About me. Um... at the wedding, I told jack something. 3E1B32F4.JPG

 Hope: Tell me, honey. What did you tell him?

 Jennifer: I told him that -- at colin and I, um... that...

 Hope: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I don't have to know now.

 Jennifer: Yes, you do. I mean, if I can live with it, surely I can say it, right?

 Hope: Okay, tell me. What did you tell jack?

 Jennifer: I told him that I had slept with colin.

 Jack: Mickey, we've been through this so many times. I've confessed. What -- what's taking them so long?

 Mickey: Look, either you start leveling with me, or you're looking at murder one. Is that what you want, jack? Death by lethal injection? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.  3E1B33F0.JPG

 John: Mm-hmm. Yeah, you too. I'll tell her, shane, yeah. Well, shane wishes the both of us a happy new year.

 Marlena: It certainly isn't off to a great start. What has he learned?

 John: Tony spent new year's eve as far away from salem as he could get. Even flew commercial so he has an alibi. All he had to do was set up the hit and leave the country.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 John: [ Sighs ] I'll get tt.T. Yeah.

 Man: Mr. Black?

 John: That's me.

 Man: I was told to deliver this to you personally.

 John: Yeah, yeah, I was, uh, kind of expecting that. There you are. Don't go away. Have a good one. 3E1B341E.JPG

 Marlena: Oh, my goodness.

 John: Mm-hmm.

 Marlena: What did you get, a belated christmas present?

 John: Well, I was kind of hoping I could get this upstairs before you saw it.

 Marlena: Mm-hmm.

 John: So... there you goopopen it up.

 Marlena: It's the portrait that tony gave me. What's going on? Why is it here?

 Rex: You went to the salem inn last night looking for belle and shawn, didn'touou?

 Cassie: I was at the inn last night, but not for belle or shawn. There were some kids from school, and they were going to a party in the ballroom, so I just caught a ride with them. 3E1B3452.JPG

 Rex: Why can't you be straight with me?

 Cassie: I didn't see belle or shawn, I swear. They didn't even stay at the inn.

 Rex: Yeah, right.

 Cassie: I asked at the front desk. They never checked in.

 Rex: Well, if you didn't stay at the inn, where'd you sleep last night?

 Cassie: Here.

 Rex: Busted. I checked your room. You weren't there.

 Cassie: Okay, I came home, and I had no keys, and the doors were locked, so I just stayed in the barn.

 Rolf: Oh, you found her. Thank goodness.

>>Asassie: Did you tell the whole world that I didn't come home? 3E1B346C.JPG

 Rex: No, the professor's the only one I called.

 Rolf: Your secret's safe with me.

 Rex: We got to come up with some kind of story before the household staff tells tony you went out last night.

 Rolf: Well, you could tell count dimera you were with me. I'm sure he'd be fine with that.

 Bart: Hey, kids. The count's been asking about you. Who's your friend?

 Rol p professor putnam, salem university.

 Bart: Oh, right. Professor putnam. Pleased to meet you. This way.

 Cassie: Hey.

 Tony: Oh, well. I was wondering where you two were. 3E1B349B.JPG

 Cassie: Well, you're not the only one who can keep secrets around here.

 Tony: Secrets?

 Cassie: You can't fool me. I know what you did.

 Billie: What, no "welcome back, billie" posters or well-wishers? Any handshakes?

 Abe: You know we want you back, billie. You were a -- you are a valuable member of this force.

 Billie: Well, you know what? I'm flattered by that, commander. Somehow, I don't know -- it just rings kind of hollow to me, you know? Since not one of you stood by me or gave me the benefit of the doubt through that whole larry welch fiasco. Yeah, I screwed up big time, fell right into his trap, but you know what? It could have happened to any one of you, and it just might someday, so lots of luck. You make me ashamed to wear these. 3E1B3584.JPG

 Belle: The only terrible thing that could happen would be not having you in my life. Shawn, if we are together, wewe can get through anything.

 Shawn-d: We wer supposed to be together -- really together -- on new year's eve, but instead, my cousin got shot.

 Belle: You're still freaked out about the shooting. We both are.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I can't handle it anymore. I can't -- I can't stand the thought of losing the people I love. If something were to happen to you... I couldn't take it. I couldn'T.

 Kate: I couldn't find billie anywhere.

 Roman: Why don't you call her cell phone? Use my desk. 3E1B35AC.JPG

 Kate: Okay. Thank you.

 Abe: Bo.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Abe: I need to see you in my office.

 Bo: Okay. You'll be here?

 Hope: Of course. I'm not going anywhere.

 Jennifer: I just can't believe any of this is happening rig n now.

 Hope: Jen, can you tell me how this happened between you and colin? I mean...why? I'm sorry, sweetie. If it's too painful to talk about it --

 Jennifer: No, I knew what I was doing. I knew what I was doing. I slept with colin because he was going to kill jack. I know that. He was going to kill him. 3E1B35D1.JPG

 Hope: My god, does jack know that?

 Jennifer: No. I don't think he heard a word I said after I told him... hope, if you could've seen jack's face -- the hurt on his face... and I have never seen him angrier before, and that's when he disappeared and then they found colin dead.

 Hope: He may have had motive, but he's no murderer.

 Jennifer: Then why is he confessing?

 Hope: I don't know.

 Jennifer: I mean, unless he's guilty. It doesn't make sense. It doesn'T.

 Kate: No answer. You don't think billie would do anything foolish, do you?

 Roman: She's hotheaded, not self-destructive. 3E1B3604.JPG

 Kate: Oh... you know, I was never behind billie getting involved in a dangerous business like this, but... she loves it. She has a gift for it.

 Roman: Yes, she does. And if she wants to stay in law enforcement, I'll see what I can do to help.

 Kate: Thank you. You know, I'm sorry that, um, our new year's eve plans were cut short.

 Roman: Thanks to my daughter showing up uninvited.

 Kate: Well, there's always tonight. Maybe we could, um, pick up where we left off.

 Roman: Well, let's see, that was, um, in my bed with you in my arms, except you weren't there when I woke up. 3E1B3631.JPG

 Kate: I was taking a shower.

 Roman: Oh, that's right. It's all coming back to me now.

 Kate: Do you think we're ever going to be able to get through one whole evening without worrying about our daughters?

 Roman: Not likely.

 Bo: Before colin was shot, jack found out that jennifer and colin had slept together.

 Abe: I see. So we can add motive to opportunity.

 Bo: Jack's not our man. The evidence doesn't fit his confession. The real killer is out there somewhere.

 Billie: I don't know why you're doing this to yourself, jack.

 Jack: Billie, I appreciate your concern, I really do, but I have to tell you -- 3E1B3705.JPG

 Billie: You're innocent. Nothing you do or say will make me doubt that.

 Jack: Bile,e, thank you for your help, but I really don't want to talk right now to anyone.

 Billie: Not even to say goodbye?

 Jack: What? What do you mean?

 Billie: Well, as of today, all the charges have been dropped against me, and... the salem P.D. Has reinstated me.

 Jack: Well, that's great. So why are you saying goodbye?

 Billie: Well, I turned in my badge. I can't be somewhere where I'm lookedown on and I'm not trusted. I'm going back to paris and my old life. 3E1B3728.JPG

 Jack: But wait a minute this has all happened so quickly. Why don't you just take a day or two, stop, think about it --

 Billie: No, I'm not going to change my mind, jack. I'm leaving salem.

 Jack: I see. Well, I'll miss you.

 Billie: Well, come see me when you get out of here.

 Jack: Don't count on it.

 Billie: Oh, for god's sakes, jack!

 Jack: Billie, I know what I'm doing. I know.

 Billie: What? What are you doing?

 Jack: I'm going down for a murder that I committed. That's it. End of story. Let it go, my friend, please. Please. 3E1B375B.JPG

 Marlena: This was in the guest room, so how did this end up in somebody else's hands?

 John: But, honey, I told you, I was going to take it to the I.S.A.

 Marlena: Why?

 John: I wanted the lab to check it out. Come on, it came from dimera. It could've been booby-trapped.

 Marlena: Is it?

 John: Well, according to shane's phone call, it's negative -- no poison, microchips, surveillance bugs, nothing.

 Marlena: Hmm. To see me here -- thwaway I look in this painting -- anybody would think that I was happy and at peace. But it can't be true. I was being held captive away from people that I loved. There needs to be some fear, some sadness in my eyes. Why isn't it there? 3E1B3793.JPG

 Tony: So, what's all this about keeping secrets?

 Cassie: Rex and I found out about you from professor putnam.

 Tony: Really? And what exactly did he tell you?

 Cassie: That you are the reason that he came to salem, to help us remember who we are. We're really grateful to you.

 Rex: Yeah, the professor's a true friend, like you and dr. Marlena.

 Tony: You've made quite an impression on the young people, professor.

 Rolf: We, uh, we do have a special bond, yes.

 Rex: Can the professor stay and have breakfast with us?

 Tony: Oh, absolutely. But just give us a few moments so I can catch up on your progress, and then I'll -- I can't wait to hear about what you did last night. Your evening attire gave you away. But we'll discuss it at breakfast. 3E1B37CC.JPG

 Tony: I'd kill my hairdresser if I were you. What the hell is this disguise, and what are you up to?

 Rolf: Well, the twins invited me. What could I do?

 Tony: Every move you make is to be cleared with me, is that understood?

 Rolf: Yes. Absolutely.

 Tony: And these mind games with t t twins -- they stop immediately. I will not accept any kind of insubordination, rolf. I just won'T. And dr. Murphy -- he failed to take my orders and tried to work behind my back. Let his demise be a warning

y you.

 Billie: Mom, wait up.

 Kate: Oh, sweetie, I thought you had left.

 Billie: I had to say goodbye to jack first. 3E1B37F7.JPG

 Kate: Goodbye?

 Billie: I didn't want to tell you. I've decided to leave salem.

 Kate: So, where are you going to go?

 Billie: I'm going to go back to paris, back to countess wilhelmina. I know, it's not very excitingorork, but at least the people there respect me. And I have friends there. You can come visit me any time you like.

 Kate: Oh, sweetie... how soon before you leave?

 Billie: As soon as I get my luggage, and I have to say goodbye to lucas and will. Can you take me to the airport?

 Kate: Of course I will. I'll go get the car.

 Billie: Okay. I'll meet you out front. 3E1B382B.JPG

 Roman: Oh, hey. I got some of your things inside. I was going to give them to kate. I, uh, thought you'd be long gone.

 Billie: No, uh, my flight to paris doesn't leave for a couple of hours. Thanks.

 Roman: That, uh, must've hit kate pretty hard.

 Billie: She has you to help her through it. At least I hope she does.

 Roman: Count on it.

 Billie: So I guess this is, uh, goodbye.

 Roman: Not so fast. Billie, I want you to know -- I talked to shane donovan. There is a job waiting for you in london if you want it.

 Billie: With the I.S.A.?

 Roman: Uh-huh. Shane and I both agree you'd make a damn good agent. 3E1B385C.JPG

 Abe: If jack's guilty, why won't he turn the murder weapon over to us?

 Bo: Something weird is going on here. The killer is out there walking around free. We got to find him before he or she strikes again.

t tony: I don't want to see those young people hurt. They're still in an extremely fragile condition -- mentally and emotionally.

 Rolf: No one understands them better than I.

 Tony: Yes, but the difference is, I don't risk their lives using them as some scientific experiment.

 Rolf: Mm. I should've realized you would be protective of them. It was to be expected.

 Tony: What's that supposed to mean? 3E1B390F.JPG

 Rolf: Well, you are legally responsible for them.

 Tony: And as their guardian, I order you to tell me how you keep them under your control.

 Rolf: Very well. I have used this training device on the twins since they were children.

 Tony: The key.

 Rolf: Yes. It opens these bracelets. Until recently, they wore them 24/7. They were used to monitor their brainwaves and their vital signs while they were cryogenically frozen and transported to salem. John black removed the bracelets when the twins were in government custody.

 Tony: Using the key that he stole from me. 3E1B393A.JPG

 Rolf: Yes.

 Tony: If these were under government custody, how on earth did you get your hands on them?

 Rolf: I called in a couple of favors.

 Tony: So they're more than monitoring devices.

 Rolf: Yes. They can also be used to reprogram the twins.

 Tony: To do what?

 Rolf: To protect the dimeras. I thought you understood. That is my mission.

 Belle: I won't let anything make me afraid of being with you. And you can't, either, shawn. I need you too much.

 Shawn-d: I'm always going to be here for you -- always.

 Ble: You know, our parents didn't let stefano destroy them. 3E1B3967.JPG

 Shawn-d: Is that your way of telling me that if they can do it, so can we?

 Belle: We can.

 Shawn-d: But you don't -- you don't see my mom when she's vulnerable and fragile, or my dad when he doesn't know where my mom is every minute.

 Belle: But they fought through their fears together, and we can do that. I know we can.

 Shawn-d: Well, maybe there is a way I can make sure that nothing happens to my family or to you.

 Belle: What are you talking about? Shawn, tell me.

 Roman: So, if you decide you're up to the challenge, here are shane's I.S.A. Numbers in london. 3E1B3997.JPG

 Billie: Wait a second. Did I just hear you right? You said I would make a "dn good agent"?

 Roman: Billie, I haven't forgotten what we did in paris, how well we worked together. So, yes, I do believe you'd make a damn good agent. Now, clearly, salem is not the place for you right now, but, uh, ifhere is anything else I can do, let me know.

 Billie: There is. There is. You could do one thing for me. If you end up with my mom, I want you to know that it is fine with me.

 Roman: Thanks. That means a lot.

 Kate: Hey, hey, hey, enough with the long goodbyes, I'm double-parked in a loading zone. 3E1B39C5.JPG

 Billie: I'll be right back. Just a second.

 Billie: Hey, open up in there.

 Abe: Billie?

 Bo: What's going on?

 Billie: Bo, I just want you to know, you were right. I should never have come back here to salem. It's not the place for me. You know, it's like they say, you really can't go home again. I've really learned that lesson.

 Billie: Maybe you'll never believe this, but, uh, I never came back to salem for bo or to hurt you or your family. Anyway, what you two have -- it can't be broken up. It's the real thing, but I guess you know that. I just want to wish you the best always.

 Hope: I hope we never have to see her again.

 Bo: It's okay. It's over.

 Hope: Is it... really? Honestly, bo... will things ever be as they were before billie brought larry welch back into our lives? 3E1B3AF9.JPG

 Bo: You look kind of pale.

 Hope: I just didn't get a chance to eat anything before I left the house.

 Bo: Come on, let's go get you something.

 Hope: No. You have work to do. I'll get it.

 Bo: All right.

 Jennifer: I, uh, I just need to speak to you for a minute.

 Bo: Okay, come on in.

 Jennifer: Uh, I know that -- that you saw jack earlier, and I was just wondering --

 Bo: Yes, he's sticking to his story.

 Jennifer: Look, bo, look, you haven't told anybody what I told you about colin and I, right?

 Bo: Yes, I have. Abe had to know. 3E1B3B2F.JPG

 Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

 Bo: Jen, it's evidence.

 Jennifer: Yeah, but d-don't you see that atat can make it seem that jack had a motive?

 Bo: He does.

 Jennifer: Bo, we have to do something to help him. He cannot go to trial for murder. I love him, and I am -- I am so afraid for him.

 Tony: Are you mad? You can't program cassie and rex to do your bidding. They're human beings, not robots.

 Rolf: Yes, but, count, if you understood your father's plans --

 Tony: I don't care what his plan was. It's as dead as he is. Now, you do the right thing by those twins. Otherwise, you are going to end up in an urn up there on the mantel next to daddy. Now, when those twins come down, you're going to buckle those bracelets on them and undo the damage you've already inflicted so far. 3E1B3B62.JPG

 Rolf: You don't mean deprogram them?

 Tony: Just delete everything. Just get rid of those things. Hey, won't you come in? The good professor has something to tell you.

 Cassie: What is it?

 Rolf: Yes, uh, we've, uh, we've been discussing your future.

 Tony: Yes, and he is come up with the idea that possibly he can help you remember who you are, and he'd like to try it now if it's okay with you.

 Rex: Yeah.

 Cassie: We would do anything to remember.

 Rolf: Yes, well, uh, just have a seat on the couch, make yourselves comfortable, and, uh, close your eyes. That's it. That's it. Just, uh, just focus on your breathing. Nice and easy. When you open your eyes, you will, uh, forget all previous information. Are you sure -- 3E1B3B92.JPG

 Tony: Get on with it.

 Rolf: Cassie, rex, this is the end of an era and the start of a whole new life.

 John: Honey, are you okay?

 Marlena: I know how the twins feel about not being able to remember their past. I wonder if that's why I was so...drawn to them in the very beginning. I can't give up on them, john. If we are to undanany of the harm stefano has done, I've got to keep on working with them. They're making progress. They really want to learn.

 John: Doesn't the fact that they have phoenix tattoos on their wrists send up some signals to you --

 Marlena: It makes me curious. 3E1B3BD3.JPG

 John: Yeah, does it?

 Marlena: About their genetic engineering.

 John: And what?

 Marlena: And I wonder if they are related to dimera somehow, by blood, then perhaps they're also related to you.

 Tony: Are they all right?

 Rolf: Well, I'm not sure that deprogramming them this quickly was wise. With all the post-hypnotic suggestions erased, we'll have to watch them very closely.

 Tony: Yes, well, I'll see to that. Just get them out of the trance, whatever that is.

 Rolf: Yes, of course. Cassie, rex, open your eyes.

 Tony: Are you all right?

 Rex: Great. 3E1B3CA1.JPG

 Tony: Why don't you go upstairs and just take it easy? I'll have eliana send you up breakfast. I'll be there in a few minutes. Okay, give me those bracelets and your bag of tricks. You won't be needing them any longer.

 Rolf: Yes. Yes, of course, count.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Tony: Ah -- damn visitors.

 Rolf: I'll, uh, I'll send them away.

 Tony: Am I doing the right thing by those twins?

 Rolf: It, uh, it was only a messenger.

 Tony: This is outrageous. He won't get away with this.

 Abe: You know, if the D.A. Finds out that jack knew about colin and jennifer...

 Roman: Well, that gives jack a motive, all right, but it does the same for jennifer. 3E1B3CF5.JPG

 Bo: So, I'm not the only one who thinks he's covering for her?

 Jennifer: I just... you know, bo told abe and -- and everybody else about colin and I.

 Hope: Jen, he didn't have a choice.

 Jennifer: Yeah, but it makes things look so much worse for jack. Hope, I have to see him. I have to tell him to take back this confession.

 Hope: Honey, until after the interrogation, they're not going to let you near him.

 Jennifer: Look at you. I... I wish that I had your strength. I mean, after everything that you have been through, you never gave into fear.

 Hope: The worst is over for me. I have to believe that. I mean, billie's gone -- no more reminders of all the hell she put us through. 3E1B3D33.JPG

 Kate: You know, honey, I'm really glad to see that you and roman left things in a good place. At least, I hope you did.

 Billie: Yeah, we did.

 Kate: What were you talking about?

 Billie: I told him I'd break his legs if he didn't makyou happy.

 Kate: That's such a ladylike thing to say.

 Billie: Thank you. You know what? I need to get caught up on the beauty biz. I better get an armload of fashion magazines before I go.

 Kate: No, no, no, honey, wait a minute. I'll go get them for you. It'll be kind of like a bon voyage present, hmm? 3E1B3D4F.JPG

 Billie: Thanks.

 Woman: Hi, how can I help you?

 Billie: I'm holding a ticket to go to paris, and I'd like to change it and fly to london instead.

 Woman: Okay.

 24,000 tons of toronto garbage each week. This michigan dump will take it. The question now: How long can the neighbours take it?

 I think they need to keep their own trash.

 It's toronto's garbage, but michigan's raising the stink. Tonight's "global national".

 Belle: Let's make a pact just for today -- let's not talk about colin or the dimeras or anything scary.

 Shawn-d: It's a deal.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Shawn-d: Uh-huh. Apparently, you didn't tell the rest of the world about our deal. 3E1B3DF9.JPG

 Belle: You should probably get that. It could be your mom.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Hello.

 Bo: Hey, how soon can you get down to the station?

 Shawn-d: Right away. Wh-what's wrong?

 Bo: It's nothing to worry about. We just need a statement from last night -- you know, what you remember from the wedding?

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, no problem. Um, I'll be right there. All right, bye. Well, uh, it looks like I'm going to have break that pact. But it was really good while it lasted.

 Belle: It's okay.

 Shawn-d: No, it will be. I promise you that. 3E1B3E26.JPG

 Rexnono one's around.

 Cassie: I need to call shawn.

 Rex: First, you're going to tell me exactly what happened when you disappeared last night.

 Cassie: Rex, shawn needs me.

 Rex: He has belle.

 Cassie: No, you don't understand!

 Rex: Level with me. Did your disappearance last night have anything to do with shawn?

 Cassie: I told you, shawn and belle were not at the inn last night.

 Rex: Why won't you tell me? You've never kept anything from me before.

 Cassie: [ Thinking ] Sorry, rex, no one can ever find out what I did last night, not even you.

 John: Come on. You can't possibly believe that I am related to cassie and rex. 3E1B3E50.JPG

 Marlena: The three of you all have the phoenix tattoo. Knowing stefano, that's got to mean something.

 John: No, no, no, no, n I can't -- I can't even deal with that. I've got --

 Marlena: John --

 John: No, no, I got to get some air on that one. There's no way that's -- no way.

 Tony: Excuse me, but... you can't get away with this.

 Marlena: What are you talking about?

 Tony: This. I will not allow john -- no way in hell is he ing to dig up my mother's grave.

 Kate: Sweetie, be happy.

 Billie: Oh, I will mom.

 Kate: I love you.

 Billie: I love you, too. I'm going to miss uu like crazy. I'm even going to miss that funny little cramped apartment. 3E1B3E8E.JPG

 Kate: Oh, sweetie, come on, you have to get on that plane before I just lose it. Ha ha.

 Billie: Oh. Bye.

 Billie: [ Thinking ] Goodbye, mom...salem. Goodbye, bo. I'll always love you.

 Abe: Jennifer, we need to ask you some questions about colin's murder.

 Jennifer: All right, well, can it wait? I would really like to see jack.

 Abe: This won't take long, and we need to do it right now.

 Man: I have the lab results, captain.

 Roman: All right, um, let's talk inside.

 Roman: All right, what do you got?

 Man: Autopsy report on colin murphy.

 Roman: He was killed with a .45 caliber. All right, what about the gloves I gave you earlier? 3E1B3EDD.JPG

 Man: Still running those. I'll get back to you.

 Roman: Thanks.

 Roman: .45 caliber. It could've been my gun. It could've been sami. What the hell am I going to do now?

 Jack: I'm doing the right thing. I'm not running away this time. I love you, jennifer. I'm not letting you down... I promise. I promise.

 Sami: Here is the woman you should be interrogating. 3E1B3F2B.JPG

 Roman: Sami --

 Sami: Well, you probably seduced my father so you could commit murder!

 Mickey: Jack, no -- for god's sake -- guards!

 Man: Settle down!

 Tony: I protected my mother when she was alive, and I will protect her now.

 Marlena: From whom did you have to protect her? Was it stefano?

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