Days Transcript Monday 1/6/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/6/03--Canada; 1/7/03--USA

By Eric


Nicole: Where could it be? Where the hell could colin have put that videotape? Okay, start with the obvious -- his hotel room. I'll look there first.

Victor: Going somewhere, my dear?

Roman: These all-nighters used to be a whole lot easier.

Bo: Yeah, tell me about it. Hey. Your safety snap's open. Don't want to lose your gun.

Roman: Well, how in the hell did that happen? Hammer's all the way down. I always keep it half-cocked for safety's sake.

[ Sniffs ]

Bo: What?

Roman: This gun has been fired, and not by me. 3E19E0B7.JPG

Sami: Poor colin, huh? Just like that -- murdered. One day, he's walking around without a care in the world --

Brandon: All right, sami -- samantha -- you don't care any more than I do. We're both glad he's dead.

Jennifer: Aunt maggie, thank you so much for being here.

Maggie: Oh, well, mickey told me that jack had confessed to killing colin. Oh, honey, honey, honey, I'm so sorry. Oh...

Jennifer: It's just I can't even believe that any of this is happening right now.

Maggie: But he couldn't have done it, could he? Jack couldn't have murdered someone.

Jennifer: Jack loves me, aunt maggie. He would do anything to protect me. 3E19E0E3.JPG

Maggie: Protect you? From what?

Abe: Okay. All right, now, for the 100th time, how about some details, huh?

Mickey: Hey, and I'm telling you for the 100th time, my client's not going to be making any further statements.

Jack: I confessed. What more do you need?

Abe: How about a murdereaeapon, a piece of evidence, some specifics about what went down?

Mickey: Not another word, jack. Now, come on, I mean it.

Jack: I killed him.

Mickey: Jack!

Jack: I killed colin murphy. No one else could've. End of story. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Why do your floors look clean 3E19E1EA.JPG

Bo: How could someone fire your gun without you knowing it?

Roman: When I got home last night, I... I put my holster on the back of a chair in the living room, and it was still right there when I got the call to go to victor's mansion.

Bo: Who else was in the house or had access?

Roman: Just kate... and sami.

Bo: Jack confessed to the murder.

Roman: And that doesn't smell right to either one of us.

Bo: You think kate or sami? Hey, look, you want me to handle this?

Roman: No, I'll take care of it.

Bo: You're close to this. 3E19E210.JPG

Roman: I said I'll take care of it.

Sami: You don't think I had anything to do with colin's murder, do you?

Brandon: No more than you think I did.

Sami: [ Scoffs ]

Brandon: He did something to hurt you, didn't he?

Sami: He hurt everyone. He was a bad man. May he rest in peace.

Brandon: All right, cut it out, samantha. I talked to him at t w wedding. I know.

Sami: You what? You --

Brandon: Yeah, he started to tell me the whole story. He -- he didn't finish. He got distracted, and...and then he got killed. So now I want you to tell me, what did he do to you?

Sami: I can't, brandon. 3E19E235.JPG

Brandon: Samantha, there's nothing to be afraid of. He's dead. He can't hurt you anymore. So what was it?

Nicole: Victor, I can't stay in the house right now. I didn't sleep at l last night. I just need g get some air.

Victor: We can walk the grounds.

Nicole: The grounds are the murder scene. Cops are poring over every inch. I just -- I need to go somewhere where I can clear my head for a few minutes.

Victor: Bause you're so upset about dr. Murphy's murder.

Nicole: Yes, of course I'm upset about it. It's tragic. He's so young. He had everything to live for, and it completely ruined our wedding. 3E19E25B.JPG

Victor: Perhaps. But then that's preferable to having him ruin our marriage, don't you agree?

Nicole: Victor, why are you playing this game? How many times have I told you there is -- there was nothing going on between me and colin, so if you're finished, I'm going out.

Victor: There's no need.

Nicole: I told you --

Victor: I have what you're looking for... right here.

Jennifer: Jack knew that I was seeing colin, and, um, and he didn't like it, and he didn't trust him, and he was convinced that I was going to get hurt. Bo, I-I need to see jack. I need to talk to him.

Bo: I'm sorry, jen. 3E19E28A.JPG

Jennifer: Bo, please.

Bo: He can't see or talk to anyone until after he's been arraigned.

Jennifer: You're really going to charge him with murder?

Bo: Yeah.

Jennifer: No, you can'T. Bo, you have to do something. I am bgiging you.

Bo: Jen, he confessed. What do you think was going to happen?

Maggie: Oh, honey.

Jack: Colin murphy was involved with my ex-wife, and I couldn't stand it.

Mickey: Jack, did you hear anything I said?

Jack: Sorry, mickey. I just want this over with.

Carson: And so do I. Now, he confessed, he had motive, he had opportunity. That's enough for an arraignment. 3E19E2AF.JPG

Abe: Just hang on! You know, wee still searching the grounds. There were other people at the kiriakis mansion that may have seen something, that may know exactly what happened.

Carson: Good. Get me their statements and anything else I can use if we go to trial.

Hope: Okay, shawn, I went to the station to see your dad. Zack's with pop, and there's plenty of food in the fridge.

Hope: Oh!

Larry: You're not going anywhere without me, hope.

Hope: Just stop it. Leave me alone.

Larry: Never. No, I'm taking you someplace where no one will ever find you, somewhere where you'll never see your precious faly again. 3E19E390.JPG

Sami: Colin didn't do anything to me, all right? There was nothing going on between us, nothing at all.

Bndndon: You're lying, samantha. You're hiding something.

Sami: All right. We agreed to be completely honest with each other. It's not worth ruining our relationship over something so inconsequential. The truth is, colin had a little something on me.

Brandon: So he was blackmailing you, is that what you're telling me?

Abe: Carson, I need specifics.

Mickey: Abe, you need 'em badly enough to violate his constitutional rights to meet with his attorney? What kind of a case are you going to have then? 3E19E3C0.JPG

Abe: All right. Confer with your client. We'll continue this later.

Mickey: Okay, jack. Now, uh, it's just us, okay? Anything you say is protected by attorney-client confidentiality, so tell me the truth.

Jack: I have. I killed him, mickey. I am the murderer.

Bo: Jen, there's nothing you can do here. Go home. Get some rest. I'll call you.

Jennifer: I'm not going home. No, no, I'm not going home. I'm just going to call and check on abby. She's at jo and vern'S. Why do these stupid batteries always go out on these --

Bo: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Use this phone right here. 3E19E3FA.JPG

Jennifer: Thank you.

Maggie: Does it really look that bad for jack?

Bo: Yeah. He's not doing a damn thing to save himself.

Jennifer: Hello? Hi. Hi, baby. Oh, oh, I miss you, too, sweetie. Did grandma make you a good breakfast? Good. Good. I love you so much. You know that, right? Good. And you know daddy -- he sends you big hugs and kisses, all right, honey? Okay, I-I'll call you later. Let me talk to grandma. Okay. Jo, hi. Thank you so much. Llll, it looks like jack's going to be arraigned. I don't know. I don't -- listen, don't -- don't let abby watch television or see any newspapers, okay, because jack's story hasn't broken yet and colin's has, and she knows him really well. I just want to be the one to tell her that he's dead. Thank you. 3E19E43D.JPG

Maggie: Jack deveraux, a murderer? I won't believe it.

Bo: One thing I've learned -- given the right circumstances, extreme emotions -- fear, hate, anger, jealousy -- people are capable of most anything.

Maggie: Even murder?

Bo: Yeah. Things build up, something happens, they just snap.

Hope: You'll never get away with this.

Larry: I already have.

Hope: Go away. Go away.

Hope: It's just my mind playing games. It's a horrible nightmare, but it's over. It's over.

Larry: Wrong, hope. You see, the nightmare is just beginning. 3E19E489.JPG

[ Laughs evilly ]

Hope: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

Nicole: Why wld you think I was looking for a videotape?

Victor: Aren't you?

Nicole: No. I don't even know what's on it. Do you?

Victor: No, not yet. I haven't watched it, but I'm going to.

Nicole: What's the point? It's probably some garbage sent by one of your enemies.

Vtotor: Isn't that an interesting theory, nicole? Why wouldn't you think it was sent by a friend wishing us luck on our marriage?

Nicole: Right now I don't really care what it is. We had our wedding last night. Why would I want to spend this morning watching some boring video? So, why don't we go back upstairs to bed? 3E19E571.JPG

Victor: Aren't you at all curious as to where I got this?

Nicole: Not at the moment.

Victor: You should be. It was found in colin murphy's hotel room last night just before he was murdered, before the police sealed the room.

Nicole: Is that a fact?

Victor: Yes. That's made me awfully curious. Why don't we watch it together right here, right now?

Nicole: I'd rather go back --

Victor: Shut up. Get in the living room. Now!

Victor: You know, I really have no idea what's on th t tape, but considering what happened to dr. Murphy last night, it should prove to be a very important piece of evidence. 3E19E5B2.JPG

Sami: See, what happened was I saw jennifer and colin having a little tryst at the salem inn.

Brandon: What? All right, no, jennifer would never get involved with colin like that.

Sami: Well, I saw her. It's true.

Brandon: All right, so how was colin using this against you?

Sami: Colin wanted me to tell jack that I had seen him and jennifer together so that jack would stop trying to get jennifer back, but I wasn't about to break jack's heart like that. But colin wouldn't let up. I mean, he kept putting pressure on me.

Brandon: With what? What did he have on you?

[ Knock on door ] 3E19E5DB.JPG

Sami: I'll get that. Dad.

Roman: Sami. Brandon walker, you're wanted for questioning in the murder of colin murphy. Officer keating will escort you down to the station.

Brandon: Am I being arrested?

Roman: Not unless you refuse to go voluntarily. So, what it's going to be?

Brandon: I'll answer any questions you have.

Sami: I'm going to go with him.

Roman: No, you won'T. You'll stay right here with me.

Sami: But, dad --

Brandon: I'll see you later.

Sami: Okay. Why wouldn't you let me go with him?

Roman: Because we're going to have our own little talk, sami, about why you took my gun last night and about why and where you fired it. 3E19E60D.JPG

Mickey: I need to know the details, jack, so I can prepare some kind of a defense. So -- jack -- jack, where did you get the gun?

Jack: Um... on the street. One of my sources turned me on to a dealer.

Mickey: Wh-what caliber was it?

Jack: I don't know. Does it matter?

Mickey: Jack, the medical examiner's digging a bullet out of colin's corpse. I need to know whether it matches your gun or not. Tell me, what caliber was it?

Jack: I said I don't know about calibers.

Mickey: Okay, then what kind of gun was it? 3E19E638.JPG

Jack: It's the kind that you pull the trigger and it shoots.

Mickey: Jack! Jack, we're on the same team here. Give me a little help, please. Wh-where did you hit him?

Jack: I don't -- I shot him, and he went down. I don't know. I didn't stick around to examine the body!

Mickey: Then how did you know he was dead?

Jack: I just did! I did!

Mickey: But wh-what happened to the gun, jack?

Jack: I got rid of it.

>>Icickey: Where?

Jack: Where no one would ever find it.

Mickey: Why?

Jack: Why -- because that's what you do after you murder somebody. You get rid of the gun. 3E19E660.JPG

Mickey: Not when you're this hell-bent on going down for it, jack. Why not just hand the police the gun with your fingerprints on I a and then statesville will be a slam dunk, you might even be able to get yourself a lethal injection!

Jack: You're right. Mickey, you're right. I messed up. I should've held on to the gun, but, you know, it's been so long since I killed somebody, I wasn't thinking straight!

Mickey: Jack, wait, w-- tell me, jack, where -- where did you dump it?

Jack: It's gone, mickey. It's gone! It's done! This conversation is over. I killed colin murphy. I'm ready to take my punishmen

Hope: Hey. 3E19E68D.JPG

Bo: What are you doing here?

Hope: Why didn't you tell me about colin's murder?

Bo: I didn't want to upset you.

Hope: I'm not a child.

Bo: You haven't been sleeping well, you've been on edge.

Hope: Bo, I am fine. Now tell me about the murder. Do you have a suspect? Who is it?

Bo: It's deveraux.

Hope: Jack? No. There's no way. It's not possible. He's not capable of murder, bo.

Bo: Well, he confessed. He's been in interrogation all night. Hehe hasn't changed his story.

Hope: Where's jennifer?

Bo: She's inside with maggie. She's been here all night. She's been worried sick.

Hope: Do you blame her? 3E19E6AD.JPG

Bo: Hey. Do me a favor. Get her to go home, then I want you to go home, too.

Hope: Jen. Jen, oh, sweetie.

Jennifer: Hope.

Hope: Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

Jennifer: They're not going to let me see him.

Maggie: I think he's going to be arraigned.

Jennifer: Listen, if jack is not going to help himself, I have to help him.

Hope: Sweetie, there's not much you can do right now.

Jennifer: Listen, did you see colin last night?

Hope: Just briefly. He left before the ceremony even started.

Jennifer: Listen, there has to be some piece of evidence somewhere -- something that can at least create reasonable doubt, don't you think? 3E19E6DC.JPG

Hope: Why are you looking at me like that?

Bo: Hope, look at your hand. It's bleeding.

Jennifer: What? What is it? Do you remember something?

Abe: Well, thank you for coming.

Brandon: I didn't exactly have a choice. Should I call a lawyer?

Abe: Only if you have something to hide.

Brandon: Let's get this over with.

Abe: You were seen touching colin murphy's body after the shooting.

Brandon: I was taking the man's pulse to see if he was alive or dead.

Abe: And then?

Brandon: And he was gone.

Abe: So you took off.

Brandon: That's all there is. 3E19E7A5.JPG

Abe: You do anything else to compromise the crime scene?

Brandon: I didn't compromise anything.

Abe: You know, you knew the police were on their way. Why didn't you wait around to make a formal statement?

Brandon: Because I knew you'd peg me as your prime suspect.

Abe: So instead, you acted like one. You just took off, and in my book, that says "guilty."

Brandon: Is that the same book that found lexie guilty of kidnapping hope and zack?

Abe: You leave my wife out of this.

Brandon: You're not. You're looking for any way to pin this on me because you think if I'm in statesville, all your troubles will be over. 3E19E7C4.JPG

Abe: I'm looking for the truth.

Brandon: Yeah, well, the truth is, you hate my guts just like I hate yours, and you'd do anything to toss my ass in jail.

Roman: Sami, I left my gun in my holster on the back of a chair in the living room last night -- the same chair you were standing behind when I found you right before I got the call about colin's murder. And this morning, I discovered the safety strap was unfastened and my gun had been fired.

Sami: No wonder you're upset.

Roman: The only people that were in the house last night, sami, were you, me, and kate. Kate was with me the entire time. So I want to know what you know about what happened to my gun. 3E19E7F5.JPG

Sami: I --

Roman: And it better be the truth, sami.

Nicole: Victor, we really should be getting ready to leave for our honeymoon.

Victor: I said shut up and sit down.

Victor: Phew... I would say this is a pretty compelling motive for murder, wouldn't you, nicole?

Sami: Dad, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't take your gun, I-I swear. Oh, my god. You think that I killed colin murphy?

Roman: I didn't say that, sami, but as long as you brought it up...

Victor: Yes, indeed. The police might find this very interesting viewing.

Nicole: You can't show that to the police. If they see it, they'll think that I -- 3E19E92B.JPG

Victor: That he was blackmailing you and you killed him to shut him up.

Nicole: I didn't kill him, I swear!

Victor: But he was blackmailing you with this, wasn't he?

Nicol I I'm sorry. But, please, I'm your wife.

Victor: For better or for worse... and what could be worse than this?

Nicole: What could be worse is the whole world finding out. Your enemies, your stockholders, the press... besides, this tape gives you as much motive to murder colin as it does me.

Victor: Well, then I guess we'll have to make sure the police don't see it, won't we? 3E19E94E.JPG

Nicole: Exactly. So why don't you just give me the tape, and I'll make sure it's destroyed?

Victor: No, I don't think so, my beloved. That would be too easy. I have other plans for this tape and for you.

Carson: Oh, detective. I know you and abe and your brother have personal relationships with deveraux, but you are paid to be the best cops you can be.

Bo: Well, deveraux is not getting any special treatment.

Carson: Well, I certainly hope not, because I want specifics from that S.O.B. And I want them now.

Bo: Okay. I'll do the best I can. 3E19E981.JPG

Mickey: Okay, so, you killed colin because you were jealous because he was going after jennifer.

Jack: Exactly.

Mickey: Okay. So it's a crime of passion, and we can build a defense around that --

Jack: I don't want a defense, mickey! I don't want a trial! I am guilty. How many times do I have to say it?! We're wasting taxpayers' money here! Just put me away, damn it! Damn it.

Bo: Mickey. I need to talk to jack alone.

Mickey: Whew. I don't think that's a good idea.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no, relax, mickey, relax. Bo's like family. 3E19E9A2.JPG

Bo: Yeah, well, I'm not here as family. I'm here as a cop.

Jack: Well, I'm here as a murderer. Makes it a perfect relationship.

Mickey: Jack, legally, you don't have to say anything...

Jack: Any more than I already have. Duly noted, counselor. Duly noted. I'm choosing to ignore it, so you can choose to leave us alone for a little while, or I'm going to have to fire you.

Mickey: I guess I need a cup of coffee.

Jack: Pull up a chair.

Jack: Well, this is something. I haven't played the staring game since I was a kid.

Bo: You know, don't you? 3E19E9DD.JPG

Jack: I know what?

Bo: Jennifer and colin slept together.

Jack: W told you?

Bo: I'll take that as a yes. Jack, that gives you motive. We're going to have charge you with murde

Jack: Well, it's about time.

Bo: I understand the jealousy, the rage. Maybe you did kill colin.

Jack: No "maybe" about it.

Bo: What I don't understand is w you're so damned eager to take the rap for it.

Jennifer: What? What is it? Do you remember something?

Hope: Nothing that can help jack, but... you know, it was odd. I, um... I cut my finger, and I didn't even realize it until I saw the blood. I-I'm sorry. No, I-I haven't, and I... but I'll keep trying. But in the meantime, maybe we should get you home so you can get some rest. 3E19EA26.JPG

Jennifer: No. You can -- you can go if you want, hope. I'm not leaving. I'm staying.

Hope: Then I'm not leaving, either. I'm staying here with you.

Maggie: Well, then if hope is staying...

Jennifer: Thank you so much. You must be exhausted.

Maggie: Oh, no, it's not that. It's -- this news about jack is going to break at any time. I don't want alice hearing about it on the radio or tv. I want to tell her in person.

Jennifer: Oh, gram -- I forgot gram. Thank you.

Maggie: I love you, okay? I'll be in touch.

Jennifer: Okay. Thank you.

Maggie: Take care.

He:E: Okay. 3E19EA4F.JPG

Jennifer: Okay, how's jack?

Mickey: Well, he won't let me help. He -- he insists that he killed colin in a jealous rage.

Jennifer: Uncle mickey, he couldn't have, I'm telling you.

Mickey: He's giving them all the motive and opportunity that they need to charge him. He's determined to be convicted.

Jennifer: I need to see him.

Mickey: Not possible.

Jennifer: Until after the arraignment, I know. I know that, but can't you just pull some strings, please?

Mickey: Sweetie, I... wish I had better news, but... right now it just doesn't look good.

Jack: Bo, how did you find out what jennifer did with colin? 3E19EB1F.JPG

Bo: She told me. She also told me why she did it. Colin saw the two of you together. He was furious. He threatened to kill you to get you out of the way. She...was with him to save your life, to convince him that she was over you.

Jack: Who else knows?

Bo: Nobody.

Jack: Well, nobody else -- bo, you can't tell anybody else. You can do whatever you want to me, but don't drag what jennifer did into this.

Bo: Jack, I can't do that for you. The only reason abe and palmer don't know is I had to find out what you knew first.

Jack: Well -- uh... oh... do it for her. Do it for jennifer. I mean, think about what she's been through with colin. Think about... helping her to forget him and forget me, and to put this whole nightmare behind her. Just -- please... go on, do this. Do this. Do this for me, please, as a friend. Please. 3E19EB67.JPG

Bo: That's why you didn't want this to go to trial, why you were so eager to take the rap -- and why you couldn't give us any other details.

Jack: Mickey's right. I shouldn't be talking to you. This conversation is over. You've got my confession. Charge me with murdering colin.

Carson: That is exactly what we're going to do, mr. Deveraux.

Nicole: What are you going to do?

Victor: Well, the first thing I'm going to do is put this tape away for safekeeping.

Victor: Oh, as my wife, you should know that my attorney and i are the only ones that have the combination to this safe. Oh, and it requires a thermal hand scan. 3E19EBB5.JPG

Victor: There. Now that that's taken care of, we can move on to what I intend to do to you.

Abe: All right, let's stick to the business at hand.

Brandon: Fine.

Abe: What was your relationship with colin murphy?

Brandon: We worked together.

Abe: And?

Brandon: And I didn't like him. Not many people did.

Abe: Can you think of anyone who would want him dead?

Brandon: Just about everyone who knew him.

Abe: Including you?

Sami: I didn't kill colin, dad, and I didn't take your gun.

Roman: Sami, if you're lying, I'll find out. Mine won't be the only fingerprints on that gun, plus you'll have powder residue on your hands -- or your gloves, if that's what you were wearing. 3E19EBE9.JPG

Sami: Why are you doing this to me?

Roman: Because I want to find out who in the hell shot my gun, a right now you're my only suspect. So if you've got something to tell me, this would be a very good time.

Sami: Well, I don't, okay, because there's nothing to tell. Now, are we through?

Roman: For now.

Sami: Okay, good, because I have to get ready for work, dad. Look, I love you, okay? I'll see you later.

Sami: I've got to get rid of the evidence.

Victor: Nicole, look at me. I said, look at me. Now pay very close attention, because I don't want there to be any misunderstandings. As I told you, I am not going after kate or sami. I'm not fighting any more of your battles, not destroying any more of your enemies. You're on your own erere they're concerned. Is that clear? Good. Now, your bags are in the limo. Get your coat. We're going on our honeymoon. 3E19ECAD.JPG

Nicole: You still want to go?

Victor: We were married last night in front of friends and family. You are my wife, and you will remain my wife. And under a whole new set of rules -- my rules.

Brandon: I didn'tilill colin murphy, and I don't know who did.

Abe: No one can corroborate your alibi.

Brandon: And you've got no evidence against me. So what's it gonna be, commander? Are you going to arrest me based on your own personal prejudice? You know, my lawyers and the press could have a field day with that.

Abe: All right. You can go for now, but don't leave town, and keep yourself available for further questioning. 3E19ECE1.JPG

Brandon: Go to hell.

Carson: Your client is being charged with the murder of dr. Colin murphy. He'll be held in custody while the police continue building their case against him.

Jennifer: Jack, please!

Mickey: You have no evidence that he did this.

Carson: He confessed, and there is no evidence contradicting him. Now, I've got a press conference to get ready for.

Mickey: But --

Jennifer: Jack.

Bo: Take him to a holding cell.

Man: Let's go.

Bo: Jack is lying about killing colin.

Mickey: Yeah. Yeah, great, but why?

Bo: He's covering for someone, and I know who. 3E19ED7F.JPG

Jennifer: This can't be happening. This can't be happening. Jack cannot be convicted of murder.

Hope: He won't be. I know that jack didn't kill colin.

Rex: Where'd you disappear to? Answer me, cassie! Where the hell were you?

Hope: What did you tell jack?

Jennifer: I told him that I had slept with colin.

Mickey: Look, either you start leveling with me, or you're looking at murder one. Is that atat you want, jack -- death by lethal injection?

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