Days Transcript Wednesday 1/1/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/1/03--Canada; 1/2/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Lindsay

Brady: Ha ha ha. You are so beautiful.

Chloe: And you are so...

Brady: Ha ha ha. Happy New Year, Chloe.

[ Fireworks popping ]


Cassie: Oh, Shawn...

Rex: Get a grip, Cassie.

Cassie: Give me back my mistletoe.

Rex: You could hold a whole mistletoe bush over your head. Shawn's still not gonna kiss you. Okay? He's with Belle. He loves her.


Bart: [ Sighs ] Uh, boss...

Tony: Well, Bart, out with it. What tidbit do you have for me this evening?

Bart: It's about Dr. Murphy, and you ain't gonna like it.


Victor: I want you to do a sweep of Colin Murphy's hotel room right now. Tonight.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nicole: Yes, Mr. Kiriakis. You want me to report right back to you? I don't want to mess up your wedding.

Victor: Believe me, you won't.

Henderson: Mr. Walker is here, sir.

Victor: Thank you, Henderson.

Brandon: Victor.

Victor: Brandon. The wedding's not for several hours.

Brandon: I want to see my Sister.

Victor: She's up in her room getting ready. Not that she's ever going to be ready for what I have planned for her tonight.


[ Knock on door ]

Nicole: Oh, hi. You're early. Ooh. You got anything for me?

Brandon: Like what?

Nicole: Like a vodka martini, tranquilizers. Just kidding.

Brandon: Nicky, I'm worried about you.

Nicole: Well, stop, okay? Look, Colin and I made our little swap meet. I gave him the $5 million, and he gave me the tape of me and him... doing the deed. And I'm getting married. See, I told you I could handle it. So there's no reason for you to go after Colin. Are we clear on that, Brandon?

Colin: So, the check is in my account. Is that right? I'm now officially $5 million richer? Excellent. Well done. The sex was good, Nicole, but the money is even better.

Colin: [ Thinking ] The new year is going to come in with a bang. Cousin Bo will be dead, that damn Larry Welch will finally be off my back... oh, and let's not forget Jack Deveraux. But Jennifer will ‑‑ once I make sure Jack's history and she and I are on a plane to Ireland.

Colin: That's right, Jack. Time to say goodbye.


Jack: Jennifer, you're a hard woman to get a hold of.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I, uh, I told you that I was dealing with something, and I just couldn't talk to you.

Jack: You know, I had a feeling that ‑‑ that we were coming to a good place, you and me. Was I wrong? You look like your world's falling apart. Now, how could that be when the man of your dreams is sitting across from you? What's making you so sad?

Jennifer: Uh... my cider's gone.

Jack: Well, I can get you some more. I ‑‑ Jennifer, tell me what is wrong.


Sami: Hey! I know what you're trying to do, so you can just forget it.

Bo: I don't know how long this wedding is gonna take, but we'll be by right after to pick up Zack.

Caroline: Well, I hope Victor knows what he's doing this time.

Bo: Well, Ma, somehow I don't see Victor and Nicole sailing off into the sunset together.

Caroline: Well, we should look on the bright side.

Bo: Yes, we should.

Caroline: Are you feeling all right, dear?

Hope: Yeah. I'm just a little tired, I guess. Too many parties. Would you excuse me just a minute?

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: I'll be right back.

Bo: Sure.

Caroline: Looks like she's been overdoing it.

Bo: Ahh, you know Hope. During the Holidays, her birthday, she goes all out. She just needs some time to pull herself together.

Caroline: Yeah.

Hope: Hi.

[ Door slams ]

[ Gasps ]

Hope: Keep it together, Hope.

Hope: He's not real. He's not real. Go away, Larry.

Larry: I'm not going anywhere.

Larry: [ Evil laughter ]

Hope: You're not here. You're not here, Larry. I wish I had killed you. You can't hurt me anymore. You're dead. You're dead. Larry's dead. He can't hurt me.


Roman: Ha ha.

Caroline: Hi.

Roman: Zack has got pop running hard up there.

Bo: I knew he would.

Caroline: He loves it.

Roman: Don't you have a wedding to go to?

Bo: Oh, yeah. A couple hours.

Caroline: I'll check on your takeout order, Roman.

Roman: Thanks, Mom.

Bo: Takeout? New Year's Eve? You're a class act.

Roman: Would you get off my back? Come on.

Bo: Oh, there's my beautiful wife. You know what? You got to take me home and help me get presentable.

Hope: Okay, and, uh, what are you doing for New Year's, huh?

Bo: Takeout. My big Brother ‑‑ the big spender.

Roman: Ha ha ha ha.

Hope: He's a big spender.

Roman: Yeah.

Hope: I'm sorry. You really are going to be spending it alone, aren't you?

Roman: No, I'm not going to be spending it alone. As a matter of fact, whoa ‑‑ right there is my date tonight.

Bo: Somehow I don't think Kate knows that she's going to be spending New Year's Eve watching the ball drop on TV.


Jack: You know, I keep asking myself, did Christmas night really happen, or did I just dream it? You and me saying that we still love each other ‑‑ I was kind of thinking maybe it was a new beginning, but I've just been chasing you ever since, so why don't you tell me what's going on, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Uh... it's Colin.


Colin: It's New Year's Eve. I'm celebrating, just like the rest of the Bradys.

Sami: Celebrating getting rid of Jack, you mean. That's why you want me to lure him to lookout point ‑‑ so that you can kill him.

Colin: You've been watching too many whodunits, Sami. All I'm asking you to do is to tell Jack the truth ‑‑ that you saw Jennifer come to my room at the Salem Inn, and that you know we made love.

Sami: No, okay? No way. Jack is an okay guy. I am not going to help you ruin his life ‑‑ or end it.

Colin: Do as I say, or I'll go to Brandon and tell him you switched the paternity results on Lexie's baby. What do you think he'll do when he finds out you as good as stole his own child from him?

Sami: Shh!

Colin: That's against the law, Sami. You won't just lose Brandon. You'll go straight to jail.

Sami: Well, what about you? I mean, you're an accessory or something. I'll testify that you knew all along and didn't tell anyone.

Colin: I can land on my feet. But you've used up your nine lives. Brandon's your last chance to be happy. Are you prepared to lose him for good?


Nicole: Leave Colin alone, damn it. I've handled it. I'm in the clear. In a few hours, I'm going to be Mrs. Victor Kiriakis.

Brandon: Nicky, you are absolutely crazy if you think this thing with Colin is over with.

Nicole: He walked away with $5 million. Colin is a happy man. And I have the tape, which means I can marry Victor with a clean slate. I'm starting over ‑‑ just not poor this time. Look, I'm going to be rich, Brandon, just like we dreamed about when we were kids.

Brandon: That was your dream. I only wanted to be happy.

Nicole: And you are, right? With your dream girl Sami Brady? Whatever shakes your maracas, huh?

Brandon: What if he comes after you again?

Nicole: I have the greatest insurance policy in the world against that. It's called power. The kind of power that comes with being the wife of a man like Victor. Everything's going to be fine, Brandon. Don't worry. Look, I am gonna go throw this on and go get some appetizers. I'm starved. Trust me.

Brandon: No one hurts my Sister and gets away with it.

Victor: Nicole, you have your orders. Why are you still here?

Nicole: Uh, I was wondering about an old order you gave me about targeting Sami Brady and Kate Roberts after the wedding. Is that still a go?

Victor: That was going to be my wedding gift to Nicole ‑‑ Kate and Sami's heads on a platter. No, I think we'll skip that, Nicole. My bride's not going to be getting her heart's desire. In fact, once we're pronounced husband and wife, Nicole's life as she knows it will be coming to an end. Born to get standing ovations.


Brady: Now tell me the truth. You don't really want to go to this wedding, do you?

Chloe: Well, it's not so much the wedding or the fact that your Grandfather doesn't like me very much. It's just that that house was the last place I saw Philip, and I'm afraid that being there might bring up some sadness.


Belle: I can't believe we went all the way back down to the lobby.

Shawn‑d: We were busy.

Belle: Uh, yeah, we were busy. Shawn, we have a wedding to get to. We have to get serious.

Shawn‑d: Yeah, well, let's hope it's a short wedding.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn‑d: Hey, I'm serious, okay? All I care about is being alone with you.

Belle: I know. In the entire time Victor and Nicole are exchanging vows, all I'll be thinking about... never mind.

Shawn‑d: Me? All you'll be thinking about is me and that room we have waiting for us over at the Salem Inn?


Brady: Well, Chloe, I don't think Philip would want you to start the new year feeling sad.

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Brady: What the hell?

Belle: Oh.

Brady: Belle.

Belle: Oops.


Tony: How in the hell did Colin Murphy get $5 million to deposit in a Swiss bank account?

Bart: I said all along he was 2‑timing you, boss. He's been 2‑timing you worse than any dame. And get a load of this. Murphy's booked plane tickets to Shannon Airport.

Tony: My, he has been busy ‑‑ romancing Nicole Walker and Jennifer Horton in the same hotel room. But Jennifer ‑‑ she's the one he's planning to take to Ireland with, isn't he?

Bart: Yeah, well, he's got a thing for blondes, all right. You want me to shoot down Romeo's plans?

Tony: No, no, no, please. I'll handle Colin Murphy in my own way. No one betrays the Dimera family and lives to tell about it.

Bart: Ix‑nay on the eats‑tray.

Tony: Ha ha.


Sami: All right, well, what if I go to the cops?

Colin: Hmm, that's it ‑‑ run to Daddy.

Sami: Oh, I will. I will. I'll tell him and Abe what you're trying to get me to do to Jack.

Colin: Oh, yeah? It'll be your word against mine. Frankly, your word's not worth much. You have lied too many times. But I've got hard physical evidence against you.

Sami: I saved four people's lives when I changed that paternity test. I'm not like you. I'm not out for myself just like you are.

Colin: Selfless ‑‑ Sami Brady.

Sami: Abe and Lexie really love each other, and that baby is bringing them closer together, all right? And Brandon and I have been through a lot. We all deserve to be happy.

Colin: Good God, you actually believe that crap? I mean, too bad your sob story won't persuade the judge. You are going to be facing criminal charges for tampering with Lexie's paternity test, which means you'll lose your job. Oh, you might just as well hand over full custody to Lucas right now. He'll get Will anyway when you're sent to prison.

Sami: Shut up.

Colin: And how do you think Dr. Marlena will react when she learns her Daughter's committed a felony? And your poor Father. Roman spends his life upholding the law, and his little criminal Daughter runs around smashing it to smithereens?

Sami: Stop it! Stop it!

Colin: But I've saved the best till last, Sami. Brandon.

Sami: No. No!

Colin: Oh, yes. Imagine his reaction when he finds out you kept his child from him. I think it's safe to say Brandon's love for you won't survive that bit of deception.

[ Sighs ] Was it something I said?

[ Chuckles ]


Roman: You know, I was going to say this ‑‑ you look like a million bucks ‑‑ but uh‑uh. It's 10 million bucks.

Kate: Oh. Well, I always believe in ringing in the new year in style.

Roman: Yeah, well, uh, about that...

Kate: So, where are you going to take me? The Penthouse Grill? Tuscany? Salem Country Club? You... but you're going to need a tie.

Roman: I was thinking of, uh, something a little less formal than that, maybe.

Kate: Oh, okay. Well, anything is fine with me as long as I don't have to watch Victor marry his bimbo bride.

Roman: Anything? I don't suppose that, uh, that would include eating takeout and watching the ball drop at my house.


Jennifer: What I'm saying is that ‑‑ is that you shouldn't be sitting here, because if Colin walked in ‑‑

Jack: Oh, to hell with Colin.

Jennifer: No, Jack, if he sees you sitting here with me, he will ‑‑

Jack: What? Do what?

Jennifer: You know I have to make him think that I still love him. That is the only way this whole thing is going to work.


Bo: Let's go. Come on. We got to go.

Hope: Jen, we'll see you later. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, Jack.

Bo: Yeah, Happy New Year.

Jennifer: Bo, listen, uh, before you go, um, I, uh, I'm researching a story, and, uh, I need some law enforcement perspective.

Bo: Okay, step into my office.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Bo: What is it? Jen?

Jennifer: Happy New Year!

[ Whispers ] I can't talk to you right now. Just, uh, have a great, great new year, all right?

Bo: Okay.

Jennifer: And, Jack, don't forget to pick up Abby in the morning. And Happy New Year, everybody.

Hope: Come on, people, let's go ‑‑ we've got to go. We've got to get ready. Jack, see you later. Bye. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, Colin. Happy New Year.

Jennifer: Well, what do you know? I mean, is this fate or what? I‑I was just about to call you and see if you wanted to ring in the new year together.

Colin: Sorry, Jen. That's not going to happen.

Colin: I'd like to be kissing you at the stroke of midnight, but unfortunately, duty calls.

Jennifer: Well, then, maybe we can get together later, after you're done saving somebody's life or whatever.

Colin: Ha ha. I'd like that.

Jennifer: [ Thinking ] Enjoy your freedom, Colin, because you are going away for a long time. And not to Ireland.


Kate: Ah, no wonder you like takeout. You have hardly anything in your refrigerator.

Roman: I hate to cook, for one.

Kate: Me too. Dinner is warming in the oven.

Roman: All right, I'll get the champagne.

Kate: Champagne? I was expecting beer and pretzels.

Roman: You were expecting what?

Kate: Ha ha ha. I love to tease you. Well, I guess I am a little overdressed, aren't I?

Roman: Not for long.


Tony: Come in, children. Well, Happy New Year.

Cassie: Yeah, it won't be unless we find Professor Putnam.

Rex: He has to help us protect the Dimeras.

Tony: Yeah, um... would you bring in Rolf immediately? Ha ha ha. This is a festive occasion. You wouldn't know that by the expressions on your long faces. And what's this about wanting to protect the Dimeras?


Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: Henderson, I told you I wanted privacy before the ceremony. What the hell are these people doing here so early?

Henderson: It's only family, Miss. Mr. Kiriakis gave his permission.

Nicole: Oh. Well, things are going to change around here after the wedding, got it? I'm going to be the Mistress of this damn house.

Fay: Nicky, can I help with anything?

Nicole: You can take the woman out of the diner...

Henderson: Excuse me.

Fay: What?

Nicole: Just once, can you forget that you serve french fries for a living? You're the Mother of the bride, for God's sake. If you can't have real class, then fake it.

Fay: Sorry. I'll stay out of your way.

Nicole: Thank you.

Brandon: Hey, don't treat her that way. What are you ‑‑ what's wrong with you?

Nicole: You're right. Sorry. I'm stressed out. It's not every day a girl marries a man like Victor Kiriakis.

Brandon: This is all your fault, Murphy.


Belle: Thank you.

Hope: No, thank you.

Shawn‑d: So did you get a chance to go to the Horton cabin yet?

Bo: Oh, uh, your Uncle Roman sent a couple guys out there, so if there's something going on, we'll find out real soon.

Hope: So what are you and Shawn doing after the wedding reception?

Belle: What are we doing?

Hope: Mm‑hmm.

Belle: Actually, we are, um... Chloe, you look beautiful.

Chloe: Thanks. You saw me earlier, remember, Belle?

Hope: If you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab something to eat.

Chloe: What?

[ Bang ]

Hope: [ Gasps ]

Larry: Scream. Go ahead. I'm going to get you, Hope, and nobody can stop me.


Colin: Hey, Sami. I thought you didn't like weddings.

Sami: Colin. What are you doing here? I know you weren't invited.

Colin: I'm here on business, but I plan to have a serious chat with Brandon.

Sami: Colin, you can't do that.

Colin: I gave you your chance. You blew it.

Sami: Oh, God. There's got to be a way to stop that guy.


Hope: [ Gasps ]

Bo: Hope? Hey. You okay?

Hope: I‑I just got a little lightheaded. I need some food.

Bo: Okay.

Bo: What's he doing here?

Hope: Obviously, he was invited. Nobody just crashes a wedding.


Nicole: Oh, my God.

Brandon: I'll get rid of him.

Nicole: No, Brandon, I'll go. The last thing I need tonight is more trouble from Colin Murphy.

Nicole: You have a hell of a nerve showing up to my wedding.

Victor: Well, it's my wedding, too, and I invited him. You have a problem with that, Nicole?


Caroline: I'm sorry your Shepherd's Pie took so long. It's hot, right out of the oven.

Jennifer: Thank you. You know, it's Abby's favorite, so I'm sure there won't be any left over.

Caroline: Okay.

Jennifer: Happy New Year, Caroline.

Caroline: Oh, Happy New Year to you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Bye‑bye.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Rings ] 

Jennifer: Jack.

[ Ring ]

Jennifer: Jack, what's going on?

Jack: I got a question for you. Do you know where Colin is?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. He's on duty at the hospital.

Jack: Really? In a tuxedo?

Jennifer: What are you talking about?

Jack: He lied to you, Jennifer. I've been tailing Dr. Devious ever since he left the pub. He went to his room at the Salem Inn, got all duded up, and arrived at the Kiriakis mansion for Victor and Nicole's wedding.

Jennifer: What? Well, why in the world would he ‑‑ listen, Jack, stay put, all right? Leave your cell phone on and do not go anywhere until I get a hold of you, okay?


Tony: Well, here you are. Now that we have some libations and we are comfortable, why don't you tell me why you said you need to protect the Dimeras? Because that's my province as head of the Dimera family. If protection is needed, it's up to me to provide it.

Cassie: Tony, I don't mean to be rude, but ‑‑

Rex: Um, what Cassie means is ‑‑

Cassie: I don't think we know what you're talking about.

Rex: Yeah.

Tony: You said ‑‑ excuse me.

Tony: Uh... where's Rolf?

Bart: He just pulled up.

Tony: All right, children, why don't you make merry? I'll be right back.

Rolf:: So... what is this big emergency?

Tony: What in blazes have you done to the children?


 Jack: Come on, Jennifer, hurry up.

Jennifer: Is this fast enough for you?

Jack: You're gorgeous. Why?

Jennifer: We're going to a wedding.

Jack: We weren't invited.

Jennifer: Since when did you stand ceremony? Put this on.

Jack: What, what, do you mean? Out here? I'll freeze my buns off.

Jennifer: Jack, just do it, now. Come on.

Jack: No peeking.


Victor: I wouldn't be marrying you tonight, Nicole, if Colin hadn't saved your life. Come to think of it, I owe our whole relationship to Colin. So be nice to Dr. Murphy. He's our guest.

Colin: You heard him. Be nice to me.

Nicole: That'll be a cold day in hell.

Colin: Yes, well, we'll both be there, won't we? In hell.

Bo: Surprised to see murphy here.

Victor: Why? He's your Cousin.

Bo: Is that why you invited him?

Victor: Enjoy the wedding, Bo.

Jack: Thank you, Henderson. Thank you. Ahem ‑‑ it's a good thing Henderson didn't ask to see our invitations, seeing as how we didn't have one.

Jennifer: Well, that's because we are here on business. Good evening, Victor. Hello.

Jack: Victor.

Victor: Jennifer, I didn't expect to see you here this evening.

Jennifer: Well, you know, we're covering the wedding for the "spectator." Uh, it turns out our society editor Stella Krupa, she came down with the flu, and she ‑‑

Jack: And since her assistant didn't own a tux, you got stuck with us instead.

Victor: Well, lucky me, and lucky you. This may prove to be a very interesting evening for us all.


Brandon: No one hurts my Sister and gets away with it.

Colin: Nicole's made some very bad decisions, and she's not the only one. Wait till you hear what your girlfriend did.

Brandon: You son of a bitch.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. This is a wedding, not a prizefight. Come on, break it up. Brandon, Brandon. Come on. You want to knock Dr. Murphy around, you wait till after the ceremony. Then you might have some company. Come on, Doctor. Let's go talk.

Brandon: I'm not through with you, Murphy.

Brandon: Samantha, why do you always keep me waiting?

Kate: [ Laughing ]

Sami: Oh, my g‑‑

Sami: [ Sighs ] Oh, great. One night I need my dad, and he's sleeping with the enemy again.

Colin's voice: You'll lose Will, you'll lose your Mother and your Father, and you'll lose Brandon.


Roman: Shh.

Kate: What's wrong?

Roman: I think I heard something downstairs.


Tony: That innocent boy and girl ‑‑ they looked at me and said they need to protect the Dimeras. Why? Why would they say that? Where would they get such a notion, and why would they say to me now that they denied even saying it? Why? Just answer me.

Rolf:: Well, they've been through so much, it's hard to know.

Tony: I can't stand this ‑‑ just tell me the truth, damn it!

Rex:: Colin Murphy threatened the Dimeras. You know what that means. We got to find Professor Putnam.

Cassie: You find Putnam. I have better things to do.

Rex:: Like what?

Cassie: Like finding Shawn.

Rex: No.


Nicole: Ahem. Victor... I'm going to change into my gown. I can't wait for the first day of my new life as your wife.

Victor: Her first day or her last.

Colin: [ Chuckles ] Brandon Walker's an animal. What's your problem, Deveraux?

Jack: What's going on with you and Jennifer?

Colin: Oh ‑‑ ha ha. Why torture yourself, Jack? Do you really want me to tell you?


Nicole: Smile, damn it. As soon as I say "I do," I'll be one of the richest, most powerful women in the world, and no one will ever hurt me again.

Victor: You look dazzling, Hope.

Hope: Why, thank you, Victor.

Victor: No one would know you've been through such an awful ordeal.

Hope: Uh, I'm trying very hard to forget that ever happened. Would you excuse me?


Bo: What's going on? Jack pull another stunt?

Jennifer: No, no, it's not Jack. It's, uh, it's Colin. Listen, I was with him yesterday in his room.

Bo: You were with him ‑‑ alone? Jennifer, we talked about this.

Jennifer: Listen, I overheard him say he was going to do something to Jack, all right? Something really, really awful, because he thinks that I want Jack more than I want him. Okay, so I had to do something. I had to do something to distract him, and I am telling you right now, I have a very strong feeling that he is planning some kind of action, and you were right ‑‑ he is so dangerous. So you've got to stop him. We have to stop him. We have to stop him tonight before he can carry out this plan, okay?

Bo: Well, we can't do much tonight.

Jennifer: No, listen to me. I‑I have gone this far. I am not going to stop now, so you need to wire me. Do what you need to do, and I will get him alone, and I will get him to say something incriminating.

Bo: Jen, it's a little late for that.

Jennifer: No, you don't understand. We are running out of time, and if we don't stop him tonight, he's going to hurt Jack, and that is something that I cannot live with.

Bo: Okay, okay. Calm down. Let's be a little specific here. What did he say he was going to do to Jack?

Jennifer: What do you think?

Bo: Jack have any idea what ‑‑ okay. You said you had to distract him. What'd you do? Jen, no. You slept with him.


Tony: I'll deal with you later. I have something far more pressing I've got to handle right now. You keep a close eye on the twins until my return, and do not let them out of your sight.

Rolf:: Where are they?


Jennifer: Listen to me. It was the only way that I could convince Colin that I loved him and not Jack.

Bo: I should never have let you get involved with this.

Jennifer: Listen, it's not your fault. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Bo: You're off the case.

Jennifer: What?

Bo: No wires, no nothing. You've been through enough. I'll handle Murphy tonight.


Colin: Jennifer and I spent the afternoon together yesterday... making love. For hours. It's an experience she'll never forget.

Colin's voice: "Dearest Nicole, congratulations on the wedding. I'm sure you'll be miserable with Victor. Unfortunately for you, the $5 million was just a down payment."

Brandon: Jack, do you know where Colin is?

Jack: I think he went outside.


[ Fireworks popping outside ]

Roman: It's fireworks.

Kate: Hmm. Well, who needs them? We're making our own.

[ Giggles ]


Hope: Good thing he has you, Belle.

Shawn‑d: Oh, I really wish this wedding would get started, don't you, Mom?

Hope: Oh, would you, uh, excuse me?

Shawn‑d: Yeah.

Colin: So we're all set. I'm going to kill Bo Brady tonight.

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