Days Transcript Thursday 12/26/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/26/02--Canada; 12/27/02--USA

By Eric

Craig: [British accent] Madam, breakfast is served. And we have for you french toast, blueberries, maple syrup, and...

[Normal voice] Fresh-squeezed orange juice right out of the carton.

Nancy: Is, um, Chloe joining us?

Craig: Well, I think sheís sleeping. What is it, Nancy?

Nancy: Craig, we cannot keep avoiding the subject.

Craig: I know, sweetheart, but, look, we can talk about this, but if you start to get upset --

Nancy: I need to know. Please, Craig. All these years, I thought that -- I was sure that Frederick Sykes was Chloeís father. How did you find out that he wasnít?

Craig: I tracked him down, Nancy.

Nancy: Sykes?

Chloe: You found my father?

Victor: Nicole?

Roman: Whoa! Whereís the fire?

Kate: At work, and I really have a million things to do, so if --

Roman: Well, do you have to do them right now? Because I was hoping we could talk.

Kate: Roman, could it wait?

Roman: No, it canít.

Kate: All righty then. Talk to me.

Roman: It has to do with Raymond Grantís murder.

Kate: You know something? You promised me that you wouldnít question me about that until after the holidays.

Roman: Check the calendar, Kate. Christmas has come and gone.

Kate: Yeah, and some holiday, wasnít it? Without a word, Philip enlists in the marines. Now we may be going to war. I'm still in shock.

Roman: And we will all pray that he stays safe. In the meantime, I'm dealing with a murder investigation, and it canít wait any longer.

Kate: So, obviously you're not going to back off from this until I confess. Fine. I killed Raymond Grant.

Tony: Where are you, Colin?

[Door opens, closes]

Tony: Oh, good. Itís about time.

Sami: Tony, we need to talk.

Tony: How do you get in?

Sami: Eliana. I need your help.

Tony: Oh, let me guess. Trouble with Brandon Walker? Hmm? What, did you frighten him off again?

Sami: It is not about Brandon. This is about Colin Murphy. I need him silenced -- permanently.

Jack: Whoo!

Jennifer: Oh, good morning.

Jack: Good morning. And a fantastic morning it is.

Jennifer: Come on in.

Jack: I'm coming in.

Jennifer: Whoo!

Jack: [Shivers]

Jennifer: You ran all the way here to tell me that? Whereís your car?

Jack: The end of the driveway.

Jennifer: Oh, it hasnít been plowed yet. I'm sorry.

Jack: No apology necessary. I'd hike over mountains to be here with you.

Jack: You know, I meant what I said last night.

Jennifer: Oh. Remind me again.

Jack: Oh, thatís right. You were asleep. I said I loved you.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, that.

Jack: Yes, that. That.

Jennifer: And I believe I said that I loved you, too. So very much. And I just wish...

Jack: You wish what?

Jennifer: I just wish that things could be really simple.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jennifer: And that we could focus on each other and be together.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: But I have to --

Jack: You have -- I know. You have to take care of Colin Murphy. Mm-hmm.

Colin: I didnít need this, damn it! I've got Tony, Larry, everyone breathing down my neck. I need someone I can count on. You canít be with Deveraux. You're worth a million of him, Jennifer. But I'll never have you as long as heís around.

Colin: Itís time I got rid of that bastard.

Chloe: You found my father? Why didnít you tell me?

Nancy: Because thereís something else you need to know.

Chloe: What?

Craig: Chloe, Sykes was here in Salem. I was able to follow him, and I got a DNA sample from him.

Chloe: And you tested it against my DNA?

Craig: Yes. Chloe, it wasnít a match.

Chloe: He didnít -- so heís not my father?

Nancy: Chloe, I'm as shocked as you are. I -- all those years, I was sure that he was the --

Chloe: Please, Nancy, I need to know. I need to understand.

Nancy: I was ashamed bec-- I was ashamed to tell you because... Sykes raped me.

Tony: You want me to kill Colin Murphy for you?

Sami: Oh, my God, no! No. Jeez! I just want you to make sure he doesnít badmouth me.

Tony: Why would anyone badmouth you, Sami?

Sami: Well, he found out something about me, something I did.

Tony: Something idiotic, I'm sure -- like another attempt to hang on to Brandon Walker.

Sami: It wasnít idiotic. I did the right thing.

Tony: Well, if you did it right, why are you so afraid of what Colin might say?

[Chuckles] What did you do, Sami?

Sami: No, itís not what you think, Colin.

Colin: I know exactly what you're up to, Sami.

Sami: Eugenia just wanted me to help her with some paper--

Colin: Save the excuses. I understand. You're doing what you have to do to hold onto your man.

Tony: What does Colin have on you, Sami?

Sami: Itís not important. Shutting him up is.

Tony: You come barging in here, begging me to help you, yet you wonít tell me what Colin has on you? Donít let the door hit you on your way out.

Sami: Excuse me. Who got you that stupid picture of the key? Who stole from her own sisterís purse to help you? You owe me.

Tony: I paid you back. I gave you those naughty pictures of Nicole and Colin.

Sami: Oh. Well, okay, fine. How about this? You help me now, and the next time you need a favor, here I am.

Tony: What are you saying, that if I take care of Colin Murphy, you'll be forever in my debt?

Sami: Exactly. I'll do anything. I swear.

Tony: Hmm. Well, I'll consider your request. I canít promise anything. Time for you to leave. You've wasted enough of my time. Come on, out. Scat!

Sami: Okay.

Tony: My, you've been a busy boy, Colin. I think itís time you got your priorities straight.

Jack: You know, I've been thinking about you going after Colin.

Jennifer: Jack, wait, I'm not going to be going after him alone. I'm going to be wired, and the minute he says something incriminating, the police are going to cuff him, and they're going to haul him off, Jack.

Jack: What do you mean, if he says something incriminating? The guy is crazy about you. Heís thinking about your body. Heís not going to be talking business.

Jennifer: No, not if I can get him to open up to me. If I can get him to spill his connection about the DiMeras, Jack --

Jack: If? He wonít do that.

Jennifer: Yes, he will.

Jack: No, he wonít.

Jennifer: Yes, he will. Jack, listen to me. He will. And then you know what? We can be together.

Jack: Letís cut to the chase and be together now. I'll cancel the meeting with Mike Merchand, and then --

Jennifer: Mike Merchand? We're supposed to meet him at .Com this morning, Jack. Abbyís not even up yet. She needs to get to her play date. We're never gonna make it on time.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, boss? I'll take care of Abigail. You go meet Mike Merchand at .Com. I'll meet you there later.

Jennifer: Thank you. Oh!

Jack: Ahem. Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: I love you, Jack Deveraux.

Jack: You know, I'm gonna expect you to say that every time you see me.

Jennifer: I think I can manage.

Jennifer: I love you, Jack Deveraux.

Jack: And I love you, Jennifer rose.

[Gun cocks]

[Cellular phone rings]




Colin: What?

Tony: Where the hell are you? We were supposed to meet here an hour ago.

Colin: I need to take care of something.

Tony: You take care of it later. You be in your room in 15 minutes. If you're late, I assure you, you'll regret it.

Colin: As soon as I get you alone, Deveraux, you're a dead man.

[Engine starts]

Jennifer: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, he must have seen me with Jack. Colinís going to kill him. W of our

Nancy: I thought that if I could just put it out of my mind, maybe I could forget about it. Maybe I could believe that it never happened. But I couldnít.

Chloe: But how could Sykes be a doctor? How could he be practicing medicine? Why is the government protecting him? He should be in prison.

Nancy: I never turned him in.

Chloe: Why not?

Nancy: Sweetheart, it was a very different time then. I thought that what he had done to me was somehow my fault. It took me a long time to stop blaming myself -- a very long time.

Chloe: So why were you so sure that Sykes was my father?

Nancy: One night I got sick, so my father took me to the hospital. They did the routine pregnancy test, and it was positive. So, they did a sonogram to find out when you were conceived. The doctor told me that I was six weeks pregnant. And six weeks earlier, I had been raped.

Craig: Obviously, the doctorís calculations were wrong.

Chloe: So, if Sykes isnít my father, then who is?

Roman: Come on, Kate, you did not kill Raymond Grant.

Kate: Well, clearly you want to connect me to the murder, so I just thought I would make it easier for you.

Roman: I know you had nothing to do with his death, but you did meet with him, and you did accept money from him.

Kate: I donít know what you're talking about.

Roman: Kate, donít lie to me. I saw you hide the check. I read the note, and I know the money came from Stefano. Now, do you know of anybody else that Raymond Grant might have been meeting with, especially on the day of his death?

Kate: No! Would you trust me? I had nothing to do with that man.

Roman: Damn it, trust me. I'm trying to help you.

Kate: I donít need your help.

Roman: I think you do. You've got some kind of tie to Stefano. So did grant. Look what happened to him.

Kate: Oh. And you think I'm going to end up that way?

Kate: Well, perhaps I will. But it wonít have anything to do with Stefano.

Roman: Then who?

Nicole: What are you doing at the Salem inn?

Victor: Business meeting. And you?

Nicole: This is, uh, strange. I almost feel embarrassed to tell you.

Victor: Go on.

Nicole: I've been thinking a lot lately about that terrible night when I was shot right here. Itís been bothering me and plaguing me. To think that I almost died without marrying you. And this -- this is where it all happened.

Victor: So, you've returned here to what?

Nicole: To face my fears so that maybe I could get over them, to be able to marry you without worrying that something else might come between us, hurt us. I'm sorry. Do you think I'm weak and se-pitying?

Victor: No. No, not at all. You're trying to work through this. Thatís a positive thing.

Nicole: Hold me. Please, victor, hold me.

Colin: How did you get in here?

Tony: Oh, donít worry. I avoided the crowded lobby.

Colin: I meant, how did you get into my room?

Tony: Ever so quietly.

Colin: Well, I see you've made yourself at home. Maybe you can fix me a drink.

Tony: I'm the one who gives orders around here, not the other way around.

Colin: Why, because you're Tony DiMera and you live in that big, scary mansion? I'm quaking in my boots.

Tony: Donít you dare mock me.

Colin: And donít order me around, damn it. I'm sick to death of it.

Tony: Oh, you're sick to death of it, are you? Are you? I'm sick --

Colin: Let me go.

Tony: Why didnít you show up today?

Colin: I told you. I had to take care of something.

Tony: The Horton girl?

Colin: She belongs with me. But Jack keeps getting in her face.

Tony: Perhaps she likes it. Perhaps she prefers Deveraux. Did that ever occur to you?

Colin: No, because it doesnít matter. Heís finished. Over.

Tony: Over?

Colin: Jack is going to die.

We will return for the second half of Days of Our Lives in just a moment

Chloe: Well? Whoís my father?

Chloe: Are you going to tell me, or just keep me in suspense?

Nancy: Chloe, the thing is that before Sykes, I was with only one other man. He was my first love -- and my only love. And he felt the same way about me.

Chloe: What happened?

Nancy: My father said that I was too young to know what love was, and that if I kept you, I'd ruin my life. Craig and I werenít together. He didnít know that I was pregnant, and I never guessed that --

Craig: That our love created a beautiful little girl.

Craig: You were -- you were born out of that love, Chloe.

Chloe: I was? You mean -- no...

Craig: Yes. I'm your father.

Sami: Excuse me, have you seen my boyfriend Brandon Walker? He works at university hospital. Tall, dark, incredibly gorgeous?

Woman: I'm sorry. I havenít seen him. And I'd remember if I had, believe me.

Sami: Great. Um, I'll just have coffee -- black.

Jack: To match your mood? I'm gonna cheer you up. I'm gonna buy you a -- a muffin. Blueberry. Chocolate chip. Okay, a cd, tape -- anything. My treat.

Sami: You are disgustingly cheerful.

Jack: Thatís because, Sami, I'm a man in love.

Sami: Still pining after Jennifer? Itís getting old.

Jack: Au contraire, my friend. The pining days are over.

Sami: You and Jennifer are together?

Jack: Well, this is not for publication, but itís going to happen...soon.

Sami: You know, I thought Jennifer was still hung up on Colin Murphy.

Jack: [Chuckles]

[Thinks] Not for long.

Tony: You pull yourself together, man. I will not let you do anything to compromise our operation. You just forget about Deveraux.

Colin: I canít.

Tony: Oh, yes, you will. Now, did you find out anything as far as who may have killed grant?

Colin: Not yet.

Tony: I suppose you havenít made any headway as far as finding Welchís body, either.

Colin: Give it up, DiMera. Heís probably drifted out to sea. No oneís ever gonna find him!

Tony: We donít know that! I want confirmation that that bastard is dead!

Colin: Now look whoís getting his knickers in a twist.

Tony: This is not a game, Colin. I want to know who killed grant. And once again, you've allowed your silly infatuation to get in the way of your business.

Colin: What I feel for Jennifer is real.

Tony: Oh, bull! Forget about her. Forget about Deveraux. What you concentrate on is the work we have together. Thatís what you're supposed to do, and donít you ever forget that! Now get your act together, Colin. Otherwise, I will do to you what you plan to do to Deveraux. Goodbye, Mr. Murphy.

Jennifer: Oh, Colinís going to hurt Jack. I got to tell him. I got to tell the police.

Colin: Sorry, Tony, but I'm gonna have to eliminate Deveraux now.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Colin: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, you're home. Oh, lucky for me. Do you have a minute?

Chloe: You're my -- but if the doctor told Nancy she was six weeks pregnant --

Craig: Well, obviously the doctorís calculations were wrong, sweetheart.

Chloe: And you just accepted what he told you?

Nancy: Chloe, I was young, and I was scared. If there had been any doubt whatsoever, I would never have giv you up -- never. I shouldnít have given you up no matter what. Oh, God, Craig, so many years lost, so much precious time.

>>: Itís okay. We have now.

Craig: Come here. Come here, sweetie. Ha ha ha ha. Baby... itís okay. Itís okay.

[Nancy and Chloe sobbing]

Craig: I got you.

Sami: You know Jack, I wouldnít get your hopes up. I have seen Jennifer with n, and sheís not dumping him anytime soon.

Jack: Maybe not, but Jennifer and i have a certain history. We have a beautiful little girl, and I like to think that our love has pulled us back from the brink many a time, and it will again this time. I'm sure of it.

Sami: Well, I hope you're right. It wouldnít bother me at all to see Colin get kicked to the curb.

Jack: You have a problem with cousin Colin?

Sami: Well, I canít stand him. I guess it all started when you and I teamed up to break up Jennifer and Brandon.

Jack: Ah, yes, I remember that well.

Sami: Well, cousin Colin got in the middle of everything. What a disaster.

Jack: Yeah, but happy for you, though. You and Brandon are happy together, arenít you?

Sami: Yeah, but I donít know how long itís going to last. I mean, people always seem to get in the way.

Jack: I know what you mean. But you got to have faith, Sami. Have faith.

Sami: Like you?

Jack: Like me. Thatís right. I'm not going to let anyone or anything get between my future with Jennifer -- least of all, the likes of Colin Murphy.

Sami: You know what? You're right, Jack. And I'm not going to just sit around and have faith. I am going to do something about it. Take it easy, Jack.

Jack: You too.

Sami: Thanks for the coffee.

Jack: Certainly. Ha ha ha.

Man: Jack.

Jack: Oh, mike, you're here. Ha ha ha. You're early.

Mike: Actually, I'm right on time. Whereís Jennifer?

Jack: Uh, well, I-I guess sheís just stuck in traffic, but she'll be here any minute.

Colin: I'm afraid itís not a good time for a visit, Jennifer. Thereís something I need to take care of.

Jennifer: No, wait. This -- this, uh... Colin, this canít wait, all right? I-I want you. I do. So many things have happened this past year, and I didnít make you a priority, and -- and that was wrong, and I am sorry, and I want to make it up to you.

Colin: Jennifer

Jennifer: No, listen to me. I want to be with you and only you.

Colin: Liar.

Craig: Itís okay. Oh, itís okay. You know what? Ever since -- ever since you came into our lives, I have loved you so much.

Chloe: I've always felt that love.

Craig: I-I wish I could say something, um, profound or even fatherly right now, but I -- the only thing I can think of is how blessed I am. I wouldnít ask for anything else.

Chloe: Neither would I. Thank you -- both of you -- for being you and giving me a real life.

Victor: Come on. I'm taking you out of here.

Nicole: No. I donít want to leave.

Victor: Why not?

Nicole: Because -- because I want to be with you right now.

Victor: What happened to waiting until our hon?

Nicole: How stupid was that? I was almost killed before I could be your wife. If I have learned anything, itís not to waste time. So letís check out our honeymoon suite now.

Victor: Why not?

Kate: Hmm. They're out for blood, those two -- my blood.

Roman: What are you talking about?

Kate: Oh, I guess I might as well tell you. In fact, you should know. Victor has promised Nicole a wedding gift. On the day they marry, heís going to destroy me and your daughter.

Jennifer: Do you think that I am lying to you? You have to know that I have very serious feelings for you, Colin.

Colin: You have very serious feelings for your ex-husband. I saw you with him. He was kissing you, and you werenít exactly pushing him away. I mean, itís obvious you're still in love with him.

Jennifer: No, no. Yeah, Jack was kissing me, and I was kissing him. You know, itís Christmas, and -- and the holidays affect me, and Jack, he knows that, and he uses that. He uses that to reel me in all the time.

Colin: So he does want you.

Jennifer: Doesnít matter. I donít want him. I want you, and I want to prove it to you.

Colin: How?

Jennifer: I just said to you that I want to be with you, and I do, in every sense of the

Colin: And I want that, too, but thereís some things I need to do right now.

Jennifer: No! Listen to me. Listen to me. Just -- just give us some time alone, okay? And I'll prove it to you, I promise.

Victor: Thank you.

Man: Thank you, sir.

Victor: So... changed your mind about waiting, have you?

Nicole: I thought I could handle it, but I canít. You're too irresistible.

Nicole: Mm. I need a bath.

Victor: Now?

Nicole: Mm. It'll relax me. Could you be a sweetheart and draw it for me?

Victor: Of course.

[Water running]

Nicole: You're just going to have to wait for this, Colin, and I have to make sure victor doesnít see it before you do.

Victor: There you go. Your bath is filling up.

Nicole: Ah, wonderful. Ha ha. Come on. Ha ha ha.

Roman: How do you think victorís planning to get to you and Sami?

Kate: I donít have any idea, heís plotting something, because he'd do anything for his monster bride.

Roman: Well, that explains why I keep seeing you and Sami together so many times lately. You're plotting against him.

Kate: Call it self-defense. It was hell trying to save ourselves, believe me.

Sami: It certainly has been hell. You just couldnít keep ig mouth shut, could you, Kate?

Roman: Sami, just take it easy, all right? I'm glad Kate told me because now I can help you.

Sami: What, donít you think that was her plan all along, to suck you into her little web so that you'd have to be the one to deal with victor instead of her?

Kate: Oh, come on. That is ridiculous. You know I can fight out my own battles.

Sami: Good, because I do not want my dad involved in this.

Roman: Why not, Sami?

Sami: Look, dad, Kate and I are big girls. We can take care of ourselves.

Roman: Look, I tell you what. Why donít we sit down and talk about this?

Sami: No, I, um, have to go. I'm meeting someone.

Roman: Who?

Sami: Just a friend, dad. Donít treat me I'm one of your suspects.

[Cellular phone rings]


Kate: Hello.

Tony: Kate. I hope I havenít caught you at a bad time.

Kate: Well, actually, I'm rather busy at the moment. How did you get this number?

Tony: Well, thatís not important. I really would like to see you. I'm at home.

Kate: How nice for you, but I told you --

Tony: What, you're too busy to talk to me about how you ended up in bed with my father? Perhaps your friends and your family would like to know.

Kate: I have to go.

Roman: Well, who was that? Kate.

Chloe: Okay, perfect. We have seven seconds.

Craig: Co on. Come on, come on.

Chloe: I'll have something to remember this day by for my baby sister. Okay, here goes. Smile.

Victor: Stay and soak. I'll call room service. What do you want?

Nicole: Champagne and caviar. What else?

Victor: Of course.

Victor: This must be the check that she had in the lobby. Colin Murphy. $5 million.

Roman: Yeah, Kate, this is Roman. Why did you leave like that? Listen, I meant what I said before. If you need help, come to me. Now, call me as soon as you get this message. Well, sheís going to get my help whether she wants it or not. I am not about to let victor and Nicole hurt my daughter and the woman I -- I'm not going to let them hurt her.

Kate: No, thank you.

Tony: Perhaps you'd prefer something stronger. You're looking rather pale.

Kate: Of course I am. You make stupid accusations about me and your father, enough to make me ill? I was never in bed with that man.

Tony: Perhaps not literally, but the two of you were connected at one point.

Kate: Ah. Here we go. This is about the sealed bequest, isnít it?

Tony: Why are you surprised about my curiosity? After all, it was given to you by my fatherís attorney.

Kate: So what? Itís still none of your business.

Tony: It is my business when that bequest is a lot of money, which I'm sure you stashed away in some Swiss bank account.

Kate: Ha ha. Have you been investigating me?

Tony: I didnít have to. Just an educated guess, and from your overreaction, I see I guessed right.

Kate: What do you want from me, Tony?

Tony: I want you to confide in me, Kate. I want you to tell me why my father took such good care of you. If you donít reveal your secrets to me, I will be forced to investigate you. Wouldnít you prefer me to hear the truth from you?

Kate: Thereís no truth to reveal. I have nothing to say to you.

Tony: Oh, but you do... and I intend to find out exactly what it is.

Jack: I-I'm really sorry about this, mike. Itís really -- itís not like her not to show up. Let me just try again. Uh-huh. Voice mail. Uh, hold on. I'll try it again. Hey, itís me. I'm still here with, uh, mike. We're still wondering what happened to you. Um, look, just give me a call as soon as you get this, all right? Itís not like her not to show up.

Mike: Sorry, Jack. I got another appointment.

Jack: Oh, look, no -- I'm sorry, really. We'll reschedule, all right? Where the hell are you, Jennifer?

Colin: You've kissed me before. It means nothing.

Jennifer: Nothing? How can you say that?

Colin: How can you prove you donít want Jack?

Jennifer: You want me to prove itís you that I want? All right, Colin, I will. I will prove it to you. Make love to me.

Jennifer: Do you understand? I love you and only you.

Brandon: Colin Murphy? $5 million?

Nicole: I think I may be in deep trouble with victor.

Bo: Happy birthday, fancy face.

Hope: Mm, I love you, Brady.

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