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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/19/02--Canada; 12/20/02--USA

By Eric


Shawn-D: Ready to go upstairs? All right. Just follow my lead.

All the world is ours and this world is...

Caprice: You know, parties are a lot more fun if you join in.

Penny: I know, and I will -- in a few minutes.

Belle: [Whispers] Shawn, we can't do this -- not now.

Shawn-D: What? Why not?

Belle: Caprice is on the stairs. She's going to know.

Shawn-D: So what?

Belle: So what if -- what if she feels she has to stop us? What if she feels like she's obligated to tell my mom? 3E0225A5.JPG

Shawn-D: Hey, hey, hey, stop. If you don't want to do this, you don't have to. We can wait.

Belle: No. No, I'm ready. I love you, and I want to be with you. It's just --

Shawn-D: Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Why don't we just stay here for a little while and wait for caprice to leave, all right?

Belle: Thank you.

Us together and through it all one thing will always...

Rex: If you go to college to learn things, why is everybody celebrating the end of classes?

Cassie: I think it has more to do with this whole Christmas thing. 3E0225C5.JPG

Rex: Yeah, well, either way, it's no fun just watching them.

Cassie: Then let's do something about it.

With each moment the moments passing by will be memories

Mimi: Getting homesick already? You don't leave for new York till next month, right?

Philip: I was just remembering the first big snow we had last year. I took Chloe to the woods to see the -- something that was special to us, and she fainted. We didn't know it then, but it was the start of her getting sick.

Mimi: Philip --

Philip: No, Mimi, I promised I'd be here for her.

Mimi: Hold it. Why does that promise still hold if she doesn't even want you to be there for her? And didn't you and I just have a conversation about how you're moving on, how you finally got that it is over between you and Chloe? 3E0225FD.JPG

Philip: If Chloe -- when Chloe gets the transplant that she needs, it's not going to be the end of it. She'll be fighting for her life, Mimi, and she cannot do that alone.

Mimi: Well, Philip, she won't t be alone. She has her family, her friends... and she has Brady.

Philip: Brady is not helping her. Chloe needs a special kind of support, and she's not going to get that from Brady. Can't you see? He can't help her the way I can. He's only making it worse.

Chloe: What -- what was that for?

Brady: It's called fun, remember?

Chloe: Please just leave me alone. 3E02263A.JPG

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't do that. Chloe, you're shivering. Why didn't you bring your coat? What, do you want to catch pneumonia or something? Here.

Chloe: What difference does it make?

Brady: It makes a big difference. You know, you're not the only one hurting, and when you act like you're giving up, it makes it worse for everybody else.

Chloe: You act like I have a choice.

Brady: You do. You can stop being so damn selfish.

Colin: Dr. Wesley.

Craig: Oh.

Colin: I was about to page you.

Craig: Colin, you know, whatever it is right now, could it just wait, please? 3E02265B.JPG

Colin: I'm afraid not. I received an offer from overseas totally out of the blue, but one I can't turn down. I wanted to tell you right away so you can start thinking about a replacement.

Craig: Okay. Um... should we consider a counteroffer?

Colin: I don't think so.

Craig: I see. Uh, well... I'll be sorry to lose you, especially since you're Chloe's -- Chloe's doctor

Colin: If there's any way I can help...

Craig: There is. You could do me a really big favor.

Jack: Excuse me. Bo, where's Jennifer?

Bo: She said she wanted to meet me here. 3E022689.JPG

Jack: Me too. She sounded upset. Did she say anything?

Bo: No.

Jennifer: Oh, great. There you are.

Jack: Jennifer.

Bo: Hey, what's up?

Jennifer: All right, I got the proof. Colin is working for the dimeras.

Jennifer: So, Bo, I broke into Colin's room. I mean, I didn't -- I didn't break in. The hotel manager let me in. I told him that I was going to drop off some Christmas decorations, and then I gave him a few dollars to go around the corner to buy a Christmas tree so that I could snoop around in the room, but while I was snooping around, Tony and Colin came down the hallway, and I heard them talking, so I had to run and hide in the closet really quick. 3E022764.JPG

Jack: Wait a minute. You promised that you wouldn't do anything dangerous.

Jennifer: I didn't know it was going to be dangerous. Colin was supposed to be at the hospital.

Bo: What happened?

Jennifer: Tony called a meeting with Colin to discuss Raymond grant's murder.

Jack: Did they implicate themselves?

Jennifer: No, they don't know who did it or why, but Tony ordered Colin to find out.

Jack: Ordered. Ordered. Well, this sounds like the blunder from down under is definitely on the Dimera payroll.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. There's no doubt about it. He admitted it.

Jack: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bingo. 3E02277E.JPG

Jennifer: And I'm telling you something else -- they are really worried about what the police are going to find in that office.

Jack: Something incriminating, no doubt.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, for the dimeras and Colin, I'm sure of it.

Jack: Well, Jennifer heard it from the horse's mouth, so you're going to arrest them now, right?

Bo: Wrong.

Jack: Wrong? What --

Jennifer: Bo, I have proof.

Bo: I'm sorry, Jen. You got squat.

Chloe: This morning, you said I wasn't being selfish. You said that I was only thinking about Nancy and the baby.

Brady: What's selfish is not taking care of yourself, especially now, when Nancy is fighting for her life to save yours. 3E02279D.JPG

Chloe: Did I ask her to? Why isn't she taking care of herself? Why is she making my life more important than hers?

Brady: Because, Chloe, she's your mother.

Chloe: I'm not worth it. Why don't you get that, Brady? Why doesn't anyone? I'm bad news.

Brady: Nancy's in the hospital holding onto life because of you. Chloe, she is fighting with every single cell in her body, but you, you're not fighting at all. You're giving up. You're letting her down. So Nancy is going through all of this for nothing.

Chloe: You don't know how I feel.

Brady: No, I don't, but I sure as hell know how I feel, and I got a pretty good idea how Nancy and Craig feel, because we all love you, and we're going to do whatever it takes to help you. 3E0227C8.JPG

Chloe: And that's why I'm going to hurt you.

Brady: The only way you're going to hurt us is by giving up, because then you're going to slip away, and none of us will ever be the same again.

Mimi: Chloe hates more than anything is feeling like she's hurting other people.

Philip: I know.

Mimi: Well, every time she sees you, she knows you're suffering, so how are you supposed to help her?

Philip: I-I can make her think there's a future.

Mimi: By putting your own life on hold? By throwing away your relationship with your father? By working as a busboy at .Com? You want to make Chloe believe in the future? Have one of your own. Be an example. Go to Columbia. Live. 3E0227F4.JPG

Philip: New York is so far away, and it would just make it that much easier to drift apart.

Mimi: Tell me about it. Kevin and I have been in long-distance limbo all semester -- him at Stanford and me here. Kind of together, kind of not. I've been counting the days till he'd be home for Christmas break, and now his parents have decided to take him to Mexico.

Philip: He didn't want to take you with him?

Mimi: I didn't expect him to ask or anything. Okay, maybe I hoped, but the point is, sometimes first loves work out and sometimes they don't, and then you have to move on.

Cassie: Hey, Shawn, Belle, I locked myself out of our room, so if you could let me in, that would be really nice. 3E02281D.JPG

Belle: Here you go. Let yourself in.

Mimi: If you really want to help a friend, get cassie out of here before she ruins Belle and Shawn's special night.

Philip: Special night? Wait, they're going to, uh... tonight?

Mimi: I'm so not answering that.

Philip: Your secret's safe, okay? Come on. I'll take care of cassie. Hey, you're not going up to your room yet, are you?

Cassie: Yeah, I am.

Philip: Aah, come on. The night is young. Let's go for a walk. I'll teach you how to make snow angels.

Cassie: Snow angels?

Philip: Yeah, it's a blast. You'll love it. 3E022847.JPG

Mimi: Can't say no to those dimples, can you? Have fun. Make a snow angel for me.

Rex: Mimi. You got rid of my sister on purpose. Why?

Belle: The coast is clear.

Shawn-D: It's the shortest day of the year. You know what that means.

Belle: Yeah. It's also the longest night.

Ooh, yeah


a all the special times

Mimi: I didn't get rid of cassie. I just thought -- well, Philip's been having a rough time lately, and I thought cassie could help him.

Rex: By making snow angels? 3E022914.JPG

Mimi: Well, Philip needs to realize there are other women out there besides Chloe, and, frankly, cassie needs to realize there are -- well, other men out there.

Rex: What about me? What do you think I need?

Shawn-D: Hi.

Belle: Hi.

Belle: It's beautiful.

Shawn-D: As perfect as a moonlit beach in Puerto Rico.

Belle: No, no. The beach and the moon -- they were just there, but... you did all of this for me.

Shawn-D: For us.

Belle: I thought I was ready back then. I didn't think I could love you any more than I did, but... I do, and I'm so glad we waited, because I know I'm ready now. 3E022965.JPG

Shawn-D: I think that this is how it's supposed to be.

Belle: Do you like it?

Shawn-D: It's beautiful. You're beautiful, and I love you so much.

Jack: Squat? You heard Jennifer. Colin admitted he was working for the dimeras.

Bo: As what, their personal physician, gardener, their psychic friend?

Jack: We all know what.

Bo: That's not enough, jack. Would you write a story based on "we all know"?

Jack: Well --

Bo: Never mind. Did they say anything specific?

Jennifer: Look, Bo, I'm telling you right now, they are really concerned about what the police are going to turn up in grant's office. 3E0229A8.JPG

Jack: W-what did they find, anyway -- files, forensics, phone logs, what?

Bo: Off the record -- you don't print this, you keep your mouth shut.

Jack: Agreed, agreed.

Bo: The only documents pertaining to Dimera were the ones about his will. Forensics turned up nothing. Whoever shot this guy knew what he was doing.

Jack: Dimera's got to be behind this somehow.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. Then why would Colin and Tony be so interested in who the killer is?

Bo: Do you think Colin knows you were in his room?

Jennifer: Yeah, of course he does. After they left, the hotel manager came back with the Christmas tree, so I had to decorate the whole room and I left this whole note -- 3E0229CB.JPG

Jack: Wait a minute. You wrote him a note and left it for him?

Jennifer: Yes, jack, I had to keep going with this. This isn't just about a story anymore or finding out the truth. This is about putting this man behind bars who is a threat to our family!

Jack: Agreed, but you are not the one to do it.

Bo: Yes, she is.

Jack: What, now you've both lost your mind?

Bo: She's the one with access. You're the one that has to bring him down.

Bo: We don't have a choice. Colin knows Jennifer's been pursuing him, and he's suspicious it wasn't purely romantic.

Jennifer: That's right. So if I back out now, he's going to know that I have something on him, and then it's going to be really dangerous, jack. 3E022A90.JPG

Jack: Wait a minute.

Jennifer: I mean, besides, we have spent months getting me perfectly positioned to do this.

Jack: Positioned for what? What if he hurts you?

Jennifer: He's not going to hurt me.

Jack: Tell me, is the man dangerous?

Jennifer: Yes, he's very dangerous, but I know that by the way he looks at me, he's not going to hurt me.

Jack: Well, you look at me right now. Listen. One person's been murdered already. Even if Colin didn't pull the trigger, there is not going to be another one.

Jennifer: You know what, jack? Thank you for wanting to protect m b but you can't. I am the only one who can do this, and I am going to do this to protect our family. I am going to bring Colin Murphy to justice. 3E022AB6.JPG

Nancy: Pretty crafty sending in dr. Murphy. He's very impressive, but he didn't change my mind.

Craig: Nancy --

Nancy: Craig. Every day I carry our little girl, the better her chance for life and the better the chance that she'll save chloe's life. How long have we been talking to her and telling her that she's the answer to all our hopes? How could I think of ending her life? I have to protect her.

Craig: Who's going to protect you, hmm?

Nancy: Craig, we prayed for a miracle, and we got one. Now we just have to believe.

Cassie: Hey, uh, thanks for the talk, but I need to go inside. I'm freezing. 3E022B06.JPG

Philip: Yeah, yeah, sure.

C ssie: Okay? Good luck.

Chloe: This is exactly what I was afraid of, that I'd let you love me and then I'd wind up leaving you the same way that your mother did.

Brady: Let me worry about that, okay?

Chloe: Brady, you've spent your whole life protecting yourself against getting hurt again -- the same way that I did. And now you finally decide to take a risk... and I can't do this to you, brady.

Brady: Then, chloe, stop fighting me and start fighting the leukemia. You told me that you loved me. Chloe, what we have -- it's changed forever. There's no going back, and I don't want to, regardless of what may or may not happen in the future. I don't have one regret about our relationship. Can you honestly tell me that you do? 3E022BFE.JPG

Jack: Ha ha ha. This is great. Jennifer, you have been playing games with colin for months. You haven't gotten word one out of him. Why do you think it's going to be any different now? Why?

Jennifer: Why is it going to be diffenent? Because I'm different, that's why. I have been so stupid about colin murphy. He knew what I felt for him, and he took advantage of it and he played me. And he is not going to play me anymore. You know why? Because I have the upper hand now, and I am going to take advantage of his feelings for me, and I am going to nail him!

Jack: All right. Ahem. Sign me up. Count me in. How can I help? 3E022C1D.JPG

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jack: Well, I still think it's very dangerous, but there's obviously no point in talking you out of it.

Bo: Okay. I'm out of here. You guys go home. Try to stay calm. Call me if anything changes.

Jennifer: Okay.

[Bell ringing]

Larry: Merry christmas, everybody! Merry christmas! Merry christmas! Thank you! Merry christmas! Ho ho ho!


Larry: It seems like you need a lesson in following orders. I told you I'd be in touch with you.

Colin: The deal's changed.

Larry: Oh, really? Have you forgotten that santa has a special christmas present for the police that spells out your involvement with the dimera family and another for tony dimera detailing your disloyalty to his family? 3E022C5B.JPG

Colin: I've got as much on you as you do on me. You're wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder. Plus, I'm 99.9% sure you're the one who offed grant. If I turn you in, how long till the police prove it? So... here's the new plan.

Mimi: Hey, penny.

Penny: Hi.

Cassie: Hey, cynthia. Um, have you seen shawn and Belle?

Cynthia: Uh... I'm busy.

Cassie: But they're missing.

Man: Hey. Get lost.

Cassie: Hey, caprice.

Caprice: Hey.

Cassie: Um, have you seen shawn and elle?

Caprice: The last time I saw them, they were dancing.

Cassie: I know, but they've disappeared. 3E022C9C.JPG

Caprice: Mm.

Mimi: Looking for Belle and shawn? I think they went outside.

Cassie: Well, I didn't see them out there.

Mimi: Well, it's a big campus. Caprice, could you come here for a second?

Caprice: Oh. Want a chip?

Cassie: You know something.

Rex: Uh...

Cassie: Rex, tell me. Rex.

Rex: It's just -- shawn asked me not to stay in the room tonight. He said I should use Belle's bed.

Cassie: What? Do you know what that means that they're doing?

Rex: Uh... sex? 3E022CC2.JPG

Cassie: What's wrong with you? How could you not tell me?

Rex: Hey, don't yell at me, cassie. We don'telell at each other.

Cassie: I need to get outside.

Mimi: As long as you stay outside.

Caprice: Hello, hello. Excuse me. How about expressing your affection in a more private place, huh?

Cynthia: Whatever you say, caprice.

Caprice: Mm.

M man: Wait here. I got a 6-pack stashed in the snow.

Cynthia: Hey, hey. I'm sorry about before. It's just alec's really hot. Did you find shawn? 3E022CF7.JPG

C cassie: I think he's upstairs with Belle. And if he is, I think they're having sex.

Cynthia: Well, you better hope you're wrong. Look, if that happens, Belle is going to be in shawn's life in a whole new way -- a way that can never be undone.

Cassie: Never? Are you sure?

Cynthia: Look, if you really want shawn, you better put out that fire... assuming it's not too late.

Belle: You thought of everything, didn't you?

Shawn-D: Well... I tried my best. I just hope I didn't overdo it with the... all these candles. I don't want to be setting off the fire alarm. 3E022D35.JPG

Belle: Ha ha ha. Well, if we do set off the fire alarm, it won't be because of the candles.

Colin: All right, welch. I will take care of bo brady, but in return, I get your complete dossier on me -- every copy. Otherwise, santa's going to be wearing a whole t t more red this christmas.

Larry: Okay. All right, fine. All right, you got the dossiers, but you don't get the $2 million.

Colin: I'll be in touch when the deed's done. And for the record, we've never met.

Larry: You know, you're a piece of work, dr. Murphy. You're willing to murder your own cousin in cold blood and not even get paid for it. Ho ho ho! Merry christmas! Merry christmas! Thank you! Thank you very much! Merry christmas. 3E022E59.JPG

Colin: I don't need your $2 million when I can get $5 million out of nicole walker -- the whole world and jennifer horton, too. Lucky, lucky me.

Larry: Merry christmas!

Jack: Okay. When I get you home, you're going to lock the doors. You're going to keep 'em locked. I don't feel safe having you and abigail there alone.

Jennifer: Colin is not going to hurt us, jack.

Jack: Oh, because there's something in the way that he looks at you?

Jennifer: You know, we, uh, we need to talk. Why don't we sit down?

Brady: Well?

Chloe: You must be freezing. We should go inside.

Brady: Not until we finish this, chloe. You keep saying you don't want to hurt me. 3E022E92.JPG

Chloe: I don'T.

Brady: Then please stop pushing me away. Tell me that you'll -- you'll let me help you through this. Tell me that you can -- you can turn to me and count on me, because you can... always, nono matter what. Chloe, I love you. When we were in colorado, when we made love, our lives changed forever, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Chloe: Brady.

Craig: Nancy, you're making a decision that is not all yours to make, and... you and chloe and this baby -- you're my family, you know?

Craig: You're my life. And -- and what about chloe? Don't you want to make up for abandoning her all those years ago? Doesn't she deserve a mother? 3E022EDE.JPG

Nancy: Ofourse she does. You just don't understand, craig. You didn't bring her into this world. She's not your flesh and blood. You don't underst...[Gagging]

Craig: Nancy.

Karen: Her kidney and liver functions suggest multiple organ failure. Her B.P. Is still sky-high. I want a head C.T. To rule out any permanent neurological damage.

Craig: My fault. I-I shouldn't -- I shouldn't have gotten her so upset.

Karen: She's a time bomb, craig. We all knew that.

Craig: To hell with the C.T. I want you to prep her for surgery. We're going to take the baby now. 3E022F87.JPG


I'm not the first

to say goodbye

to a love

I thought would never

pass me by

and I'm not so good

at giving in

but I know

when I have tried my best

and still can't win

next year, I swear

I'll be a better man

with a better plan

for gettin' out of here

but each time I find

nothing really changes

but I still say

it's been a good year

and I won't pretend

to answer why

we are never at the place

we thought we'd be in time

but I'm not angry anymore

you go do your thing

you do your thing 3E022FF6.JPG

I won't hd d you back

Chloe: Forever.


but next year, I swear

I will be a better man

Philip: It's over.

With a better plan

for getting out of here

Brady: Chloe, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. Not just to me. You've got so many reasons to live. You got to believe that.

Jennifer: You know, uh... over and over again, you have been questioning my motives in this investigation.

Jack: I'm not fighting anymore, jennifer. We don't have to go through this.

Jennifer: Yeah, we do, because you were right. I was infatuated with colin, and this whole iesestigation was not about me being a good journalist. I used it to get closer to him, and I finally figured out why. 3E02304F.JPG

Jack: You know, I really -- I don't think it's really safe for us to be out here sitting together --

Jennifer: Jack, I found the wrong man on purpose.

Jack: The story of your life?

Jennifer: No. The story of my life after you. You see, deep down, I wasn't trying to prove that colin was right for me. I was trying to prove that he wasn'T. And I did -- I didbibig time.

Jack: Well, I could have saved you a lot of time and trouble.

Jennifer: I know.

Jack: But you couldn't trust me.

Jennifer: Look, jack, it's not just you. I have a hard time trusting anybody, even myself, ever since I was a little girl. And you know that. You know that when they -- they took my mother to the sanitarium, it was like the whole foundation of my world just crumbled, jack, because -- because I thought, you know, if I could losmymy mother, then, really, how could I be sure of anything? And that's why all of these years I have spent just second-guessing myself, second-guessing everybody, but I'm realizing that that's not the way to live, is it? I mean, jack, when we were together, our whole life was one crazy risk after another. I mean, we were falling off cliffs and sinking ships and -- and it was 3E0230A3.JPGthe best time of my life.

Jack: Me too.

Jennifer: So right now, I'm about to take another really big risk. And as many times as I've turned you down, I don't even have the right to ask you this question, but I'm going to anyway. I was just wonderingayaybe if -- if we could start over again.

Jack: No.

Bo: Colin.

Colin: Bo. I was hoping I'd run into you. I'm truly sorry for what I'm going to have to do.


Cassie: This should put out their fire.

Cassie: Please don't let me be too late. Ooh!

Philip: She doesn't need my help. She doesn't need me at all.

Next year, I swear

I'll be a better man

with a better plan

for breakin' out of here

Philip: Chloe!

But each time I find

nothing really changes

but I still say

it's been a good year

Karen: We can't take the baby, craig.

Craig: The hell we can.

Karen: Nancy drew up legal papers. Her wishes are clear.

Craig: Nurse, I want you to prep my wife for a crash c-section. I'll scrub. 3E0231AC.JPG

Karen: You can't operate on a family member. It is against hospital procedure and policy.

Craig: I don't care, karen.

Karen: Nancy signed that order fully knowing what she was doing.

Craig: I have to do something.

Karen: What would you do if she was any other patient?

Craig: She is not any other patient! She is -- karen, she's my wife. I-I've got to do something. Look at her.

Karen: Craig, this isn't about procedures anymore. This is about acceptance of your wife's wishes and of what will be.

[Cellular phone rings]


[Ring] 3E0231E0.JPG


Chloe: Hello.

Craig: Chloe, it's craig. Nancy doesn't seem to be doing too good, and I think it would be a good idea if you got down to the hospital right away, okay?

Chloe: I can be there in 10 minutes.

Brady: Whoa, what is it?

Chloe: You were wrong, brady. Nancy's not hanging on. She's dying, and I have to get there.

Brady: Well, let me go with you.

Chloe: No. I have to do this alone.

Jack: I don't want to start over again. I can'T.

Jennifer: Well, I-I understand.

Jack: Because there is no such thing. I mean, you -- you can't pretend that the past has never happened. I mean, even if you could, I don't want to because... I don't want to forget all the good times that we've had or what we've learned from the bad ones. 3E02321B.JPG

Jennifer: A-are you saying... um, does that mean that --

Jack: It means first things first. It means before we can think about the future, let's get this clear and prest danger of yours in the past.

Jennifer: Jack, I am so afraid that I have put you in danger, too. And abby. I don't even know how I could have let all this happen.

Jack: It's not your fault that colin turned out to be one of the bad guys.

Jennifer: It is my fault, because I turned to him, and I knew deep in my heart that you were the one that I should have been trusting. And it all goes back to that second-guessing every time, jack. 3E02323B.JPG

Jack: You just thought you were being careful, that's all. You were being cautious, and you need to be cautious now more than ever. I'd better get you home.

Jennifer: Listen, jack, I-I know that I need to be careful, and I don't think this would really be suspicious, given that you're abby's father and I was planning on asking you this question anyway. Abby and I were really hoping that maybe you would like to spend christmas morning with us.

Jack: Wild reindeer couldn't keep me away.

Jennifer: Great.

Jack: Let's go.

Jennifer: Okay.

Colin: I got a one-way ticket out of this town. I'm heading back to ireland shortly. 3E02326C.JPG

Bo: Aw. I thought you enjoyed being here in salem with the bradys.

Colin: Ha ha. An offer came up -- one I couldn't refuse. I do hate to leave just as I'm finally getting to know the family. Uncle shawn will certainly be disappointed, though I doubt you'll lose much sleep over my departure.

Bo: What about jennifer horton? You guys are getting pretty close.

Colin: Ireland's only a plane ride away. I'm confident things will work out precisely as they're meant to.

Bo: Me too. Good night.

[Bell ringing]

Colin: As soon as my ducks are in a row, it'll be a permanent good night to you, bo brady... and to anyone else who gets in my way. 3E0232A1.JPG

Brandon: There is no way abe carver is going to raise my kid.

Lexie: This is his baby.

Colin: Your future's in my hands W.W. Don't forget that.

Mimi: Last night -- was it everything you dreamed of?

Billie: Guess it's time to see if I'm telling the truth or not.

Hope: And we know the answer to that.

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