Days Transcript Wednesday 12/11/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  12/11/02--Canada; 12/12/02--USA

By Eric


Celeste: Excuse me. Alexandra. Darling.

Lexie: Ohmomom. Thanks for meeting me here.

Celeste: Of course, darling. What did you want to talk to me about?

Lexie: Ahem.

Celeste: Are you?

Lexie: Yes. I'm having a baby!

Celeste: Oh, darling. Oh, that's wonderful!

Nicole: Oh, goody! Does this mean I'm going to be an auntie?

Cassie: Let's get out

h here.

Rex: Now? We'll be early. Professor putnam might not be in his office yet.

Cassie: So, we could go back to the dorm. Maybe shawn and Belle are finished...studying. 3DF799AA.JPG

Rex: You don't think that's what they're doing?

Cassie: If shawn wanted to study, he would've asked me, like before.

Rex: Maybe he doesn't need your help.

Cassie: Yes, he does. He said so.

Kate: Damn the dimeras for not helping me. I wish they were all dead.

Rolf: From now on, your mission in life is to protect the dimeras at all costs. Whenever you detect a threat to the dimeras, you must take action.

Billie: I was halfway home when you called.

Kate: Oh, honey, thank you. Well, thank you for coming back.

Billie: Where were you last night? I called a dozen times. Didn't you go home? 3DF79A05.JPG

Kate: You know, honey, I... I was so tired yesterday I turned the ringer off the phone so I could get some sleep. I didn't get your messages till this morning. I'm sorry. But you know something? Ateaeast we connected. Now, how are you doing?

Billie: How do you think? I've been suspended from a job that I love, I'm being investigated by internal affairs for something I did not do...

Kate: Any chance that you'll be cleared?

Billie: Mom, I honestly thought larry welch was with the I.S.A. Hope refuses to believe me, and bo only believes what hope does.

Kate: Sweetie, I think that you should quit. I think you should just walk away. 3DF79A30.JPG

B billie: And do what?

Kate: Well, as a matter of fact, basic black is opening a new cosmetics division, and we are looking for someone with experience and talent and style and taste. And the pay is really great, and you'll meet really important people, and you can't beat the scenery.

Billie: The scenery? What, here in salem?

Kate: No, not here in salem. In rome.

Hope: Okay, a little to the left, a little to the right... back a little bit -- a little back. There. There, there, there, there. That is perfect.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: And you know what, honey? After christmas, we are going to plant that tree in the backyard so we can celebrate the holidays all year round. 3DF79A5B.JPG

Bo: And years from now, all the pine cones in the backyard will remind us of this christmas. Hey, zack, come here. You want a christmas cookie?

Zack: Christmas.

Bo: Christmas cookie. Go get one, okay? Okay, what's wrong?

Hope: Last ye,, we didn't really get to celebrate the holidays, you know?

Bo: Oh, come on, do we really need to talk about that right now?

Hope: You know, come to think of it, we've missed so many christmases together, brady.

Bo: And we have our whole lifetime to make up for it.

Hope: Just so much time wasted.

Bo: Hope, it'S... can we think about something else right now? 3DF79A85.JPG

Hope: You know, all those memories, I... I didn't get to share in all that happiness lost, bo.

Bo: It's okay, it's all right. It's over now. You're safe.

Hope: I'm sorry. I don't know. I don't know what came over me. I was just so happy a minute ago, and where'd I go?

Bo: I don't know. You should be happy because this is an amazing time of the year. We're going to be celebrating with family and friends. We're happy. We always wi b be.

Hope: Really? Because every time we seem to make these promises to ourselves, something always seems to happen that changes everything. 3DF79AA9.JPG

Bo: That something is stefano dimera, and he's not going to change anything because he's gone. He's dead, hope.

Tony: Ahh... I knew you were around somewhere -- the ubiquitous dr. Rolf.

Rolf: Well, I-I thought you might be upset, count dimera.

Tony: So u just hang around just in case you need to hold my hand, is that it? You're so kind. I can assure you, I'm absolutely fine.

Rolf: So, you have read stefano's diary in its entirety, and, uh...

Tony: I ran into marlena in the park. She gave me such great comfort. The tone in her voice, the look in her eye. I felt the compassion, the understanding. 3DF79ADA.JPG

Rolf: You shared the contents of the diary with her?

Tony: Absolutely not. I'm not ining to share it with you, either, rolf, if that's what you were about to ask. Now, my sister -- she'll be enlightened by the life-altering information I gleaned from my father's diary about my family -- the twisted branches of its tree. The one thing you should know -- after reading that diary, I'm more determined than ever to destroy john black and all the bradys. But away from the city there is beauty peam 3DF79BB7.JPG

Hope: Stefano may be dead.

Bo: He is.

Hope: Bo, think about what he left me in his will.

Bo: I don't want to think about it.

Hope: It's as if he knew that I would be kidnapped.

Bo: The blindfold was meant to upset you, peri.. even in death, he's trying to torture us. We can't let him do that.

Hope: There's still billie. I know what you're going to say, that she'll never come between us. But she has.

Bo: Hope, come on --

Hope: Even if her involvement was unintentional, which I will never believe, she's just as responsible for my kidnapping as welch.

Bo: Okay, can we talk about something else? 3DF79BD3.JPG

Hope: Do we even really know that he's dead?

Bo: I shot him in the heart.

Hope: So why is --

Bo: Even if the bullet didn't kill him, he couldn't survive the water.

Hope: So why hasn't his body been found then?

Bo: Because of the current -- it carried him out to sea. What?

Hope: I was just thinking...

Bo: Marlo?

Hope: That was christmas, too, bo. Her body was found in our backyard in a canal. Which brings us back to stefano. Marlo was the beginning of the nightmare with the baby switch with J.T.

Bo: This little guy is the end of the nightmare.

[Kisses zack]

Bo: Two years ago, christmas eve, you and I got married. We're still here, stronger than ever. Stefano couldn't hurt us... in life. He's not going to hurt us in death. Give mommy a hug, okay? 3DF79C1B.JPG

Hope: Come here.

Rolf: Your father would be very proud of you for continuing the fight against the bradys, for avenging that terrible tragedy that happened so many years ago -- whatever it was.

Tony: Subtlety is not one of your finer points, is it, rolf?

Rolf: Oh, I understand that you're not going to reveal the details of said tragedy, count dimera, but I was hoping you might shed some light on the doll your father bequeathed to the elder shawn brady in his will. The doll in the boat.

Tony: Oh, I know what doll you're referring to, rolf. I know how insanely curious -- you're hoping I'll blurt out some information. Well, I won't, so give it up. 3DF79C4D.JPG

Rolf: Well, I-I simply thought that I might be able to serve you more effectively if I know everything you know.

Tony: You want to serve me better? Put your curiosity to better use -- to scientific use.

Rolf: The legacy project.

Tony: The twins.

Kate: So, what do you think?

Man: All right, what can I get you guys? Okay, when you get back from jupiter, give me a holler.

Nicole: What's the matter? Can't take a joke? Yeah, right, you and my brother -- in your dreams.

Celeste: Alexandra, you are happy about this baby, yes? 3DF79C81.JPG

Lexie: Of course I am.

Celeste: Darling, is this abraham's child?

Lexie: Mom.

Celeste: Well, I'm sorry, alexandra, but, I mean, you were so determined to sever all ties with him -- I mean, this just isn't the reaction that I expected from you.

>>Exexie: Do you know how long abe and I prayed for this after we lost isaac? Mom, this baby is our miracle. Our child is going to bring us together again, and this time it's going to be forever.

Billie: Rome? As in italy, as in across the atlantic, as in thousands of miles away?

Kate: As in a fresh start in a city that you love. 3DF79CA8.JPG

Billie: Well, I already had a fresh start in paris. Two years with no contact with bo.

Kate: Honey, this isn't ababout bo. It's about you, and what makes you happy.

Billie: Well, being a cop makes me happy, and I thought my being here made you happy.

Kate: It does.

Billie: Well, then why do you want to get rid of me?

Kate: Oh...

Roman: What an unexpected pleasure. Gpts X

Hope: Little sleepyhead. He went out the minute his head hit the pillow.

Bo: Yeah, all this excitement over christmas tired him out. 3DF79D81.JPG

Hope: I suppose shawn won't be helping us trim the tree, huh?

Bo: Well, he did say something about coming by once he finished his study. How's it look?

Bo: You're not even looking.

Hope: At what?

Bo: The tree.

Hope: Mm.

Bo: Maybe you'd better come over here and lend me a hand.

Billie: Roman, can I have a word with you for a moment?

Kate: Listen, take your time. I'm going to go place an order.

Roman: If this is about your I.S.A. Case, there's nothing to talk about.

Billie: Well, what about my side of the story? You know, hope wouldn't even be here if I hadn't told you where larry's hangout was. Have you ever thought of that? 3DF79DC4.JPG

Roman: You let yourself be used because you were after bo. When are you going to be honest about what your real motives were?

Billie: Oh, gee, I don't know. Maybe when you're honest about what your real motives are with my mother.

>>Roman: Whoa, stop right there. Back off.

Billie: When you started seeing her, I thought you just wanted the scoop on stefano to find out why he left those kippers to her in his will.

Roman: Well, do yourself a favor and don't think so much.

Billie: Is this all some under the covers case for you, roman? 3DF79DDE.JPG

Roman: I would never go to bed with a woman under those pretenses.

Billie: So you're sleeping with her?

Roman: What if I am?

Billi did you do it to make me jealous?

Roman: What the hell are you talking about, billie?

Billie: As if I would be. I know what's bugging you, roman. It's not this whole hope thing. You wish I had come back to salem for you and not your little brother.

Woman: Decaf skim latte -- extra strong.

Kate: Yes. I'll be in the second booth. Thank you.

Nicole: Hey, kate. Victor and I are getting married new year's eve, and this time you won't be able to stop us. Happy new year, kate. 3DF79E16.JPG

Kate: You know something, nicole? I don't quite understand why you would put yourself through the misery of marrying victor when you already have $5 million.

Nicole: Maybe because I love him.

Kate: Oh, right. You know something, when you cheat on him, and you know you will, he's going to leave you. He already gave you back the bribe money. He's not going to give you a cent more. Honey, you really are such an idiot.

Nicole: Hmm. Funny, the only idiot I see had victor and lost him.

Kate: Oh...

Colin: Hello, nicole. 3DF79E38.JPG

Nicole: Buzz off.

Roman: Well, I, uh, think you ought to know. Billie figured out we slept together last night.

Kate: Oh...

Rolf: The legacy project is going very well. I have the twins' complete trust.

Tony: What I want are their memories. Who are they, and what is their purpose?

Rolf: Understood.

Tony: No harm is to come to them, rolf.

Rolf: And none will. Excuse me.

Kate: Billie knows? Oh...

Cassie: She's the one who said bad things about the dimeras. She'll be punished. But away from the city there is beauty pea 3DF79F46.JPG

Tony: So this is .Com.

Lexie: Yes. Isn't it fun?

Tony: I'll let you know.

Lexie: Ha ha ha. Thanks for meeting me here. I know it's a bit out of the way.

Tony: Well, it sounded important.

Lexie: Yeah.

Man: All right, what can I get you?

Tony: Oh, I'll have what she's having. Thank you.

Man: All right, you got it.

Tony: Well, what's the big news?

Lexie: Okay, um, let me see if I can tell you without bursting into tears -- of happiness. Ha ha ..

Tony: Well, don't keep me in suspense.

Lexie: Tony, you're going to be an uncle. 3DF79F6D.JPG

Nicole: What now?

Colin: Mind if we talk?

Nicole: Not here.

Colin: Fine.

Kate: So, how did billie just happen to figure it out?

Roman: Well, first of all, it's not that big a deal. She obviously suspected something. I didn't think it was a state secret. Sami already knows.

Kate: Yeah, which means the whole world knows.

Roman: And is that such a terrible thing?

Rex: Cassie, look.

Cassie: I like it.

Rex: And kate will never be able to say another word against the dimeras.

Cassie: Die, kate. Die.

Bo: I think we just introduced a new christmas tradition. 3DF79FB5.JPG

Hope: Yeah, you know what? Maybe we should introduce it for new year'S...

Bo: Ooh, yeah.

Hope: Easter, arbor day... how about every day? Ouch.

Bo: What?

Hope: I thought you made the earth move for me, but I guess I was just rolling around on some of these, huh?

Bo: On what? Oh.

Hope: Ha ha. I hope I didn't break any.

Bo: Yeah, me too. Man, they're kind of tangled. I hope the bulbs are okay.

Hope: Hey, you know this new tradition we just started?

Bo: Yeah?

Hope: I want to start another one.

Bo: What?

Hope: I'm so lucky in life. So many blessings. I want to give something back. 3DF79FD6.JPG

Bo: You already do. You're an amazing mother, incredible wife, terrific friend... let me hit the list.

Hope: I'm not so sure. But even so, I want to help people in need, bo. You know, volunteer a few days at the women's shelter or maybe go back to school and get my degree in social work or psychology.

Bo: Why don't you do it? Zack's going to be hitting preschool pretty soon. Shawn's in college. You got plenty of time.

Hope: Yeah, but preschool's only a few days a week.

Bo: You still have time to volunteer, take some classes... ow.

Hope: Yeah, I guess. Maybe you're right. 3DF79FFD.JPG

Bo: Hey. The future's looking brighter already.

Hope: Yeah. That can't be good.

Bo: Ah, just need a longer cord.

Hope: I'll go grab an extension cord, okay?

Bo: No, it's okay, I'll do it.

Hope: Oh, no, you stay here, start stringing the tree where I can't reach them, and I'll be right back, okay?

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Aah!

Larry: Hi, doll. Miss me?

Hope: Aah! Aah! Bo! Bo! Bo!

Bo: Hey, hey! What? What is it?

Hope: Over there, over there! Over there!

Bo: What, hope? What? Hope, what is it? 3DF7A0CF.JPG

Hope: I-I thought I saw... a mouse.

Bo: A mouse?

Hope: You know how I'm scared to death of mice.

Bo: It's okay, it's okay. We'll get a trap. That should take care of it.

Hope: No, no, it's okay. I just, um, I mean, it was just, uh, this -- one of shawn's old toys. It's silly. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Bo: It's all right, it's all right. I'm just glad you're okay.

Hope: Yeah, let's just go back upstairs, though, okay?

Bo: Okay, come on.

Nicole: This is nuts. What am I doing here?

Colin: I just want to talk.

Nicole: Right. First thing you think about when you see me is how can I get her alone so we can chitchat? 3DF7A105.JPG

Colin: I just want to make sure you're doing the right thing about marrying victor.

Nicole: Right. You're so concerned, aren't you? And this is your business becaus....

Colin: Are the walls starting to close in?

Nicole: These walls are. Look, I'm getting out of here.

Colin: No. Don't go.

Nicole: Leave me alone.

Colin: I just want to help. Who else can you talk to honestly, nicole? Who else do you have in your life who really understands you?

Nicole: Well, let's see, there's my cat. She doesn't talk much, but she certainly gets what I'm going through. 3DF7A12B.JPG

Colin: Marry victor, and you'll be spending the rest of your life in a gilded cage.

Nicole: Doesn't sound so bad. It keeps me out of trouble, right?

Colin: But you love trouble.

Cassie: Hey. How many drops do you think are going to be enough? Three or four?

Rex: Just not too much that she can taste it in her coffee.

Cassie: Yeah.

Tony: An uncle? Oh.

Lexie: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Tony: Then you're...

Lexie: I'm pregnant, yes. Abe and I are having a baby.

Tony: Really?

Lexie: Yeah.

Tony: You and abe?

Lexie: Mm. Don't get too excite y you might just bursa blood vessel. 3DF7A161.JPG

Tony: Oh, I'm excited. Just surprised. I mean, you and abe have been trying for years.

Lexie: Yeah, and now we've finally been blessed.

Tony: And you're sure?

Lexie: That I'm pregnant? Yes, tony.

Tony: No, no, you had mentioned something about you and brandon. I'm just wondering if you're sure that it's abe'S.

Celeste: What?

Kate: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Roman: Well, I think maybe we ought to talk about it, kate.

Kate: I'd rather talk to my daughter. Ah. I'm very glad you're back.

Billie: Well, I never left. I just went outside for some air. 3DF7A18B.JPG

Roman: I'll leave you two alone.

Kate: Honey, I am sorry. I-I should've said something before.

Billie: Roman is my boss. If you hurt him, mom, he's going to get even by hurting me more.

Kate: Billie, believe it or not, this is not about you.

Billie: Oh, you sure about that? Sure you didn't suddenly just come up with this job in rome to get me out of the way?

Kate: You think I want you to go?

Billie: I can't help thinking about the last time I left. A man came between us, mom. I just don't want that to happen again.

Kate: Sweetie, that was a completely different situation. I mean, it's not like you and roman have ever had a relationship. 3DF7A1CA.JPG

Cassie: "Decaf skim latte -- extra strong." It's kate's order.

Rex: Kate must die. I'm C.C. Christmas is fast approaching and the christmas bureau needs your help. If you can help with fund raising or as a team leader or donation desk clerk call 413-62-33.***** The society of student artists are hosting a silent art auction fundraiser on friday. The event will run 7 to 11 pm at 101-54-103 st. The work at the auction is from their members who are local emerging student artists, along with work from well established local artists in edmonton. For more info call 707-83-05.***** The edmonton and district square dance assoc. Is hosting their 38th annual toy dance on saturday at the northgate lions centre on 75 st. And 139 ave. Level of dance is mainstream and rounds. Call the information line for details at 468-18-46.***** There will be a middle eastern dance recital on sunday at the provincial museum of alberta auditorium. The performance begins at 7 pm. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Call 488-07-06.***And the valley zoo presents birds of prey: Masters of the sky on sunday at 2 pm. Owls, hawks, falcons and eagles are beautiful yet powerful birds. Come discover them for yourself. Call 496-87-87.*****That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your wed. Zx=wqoktspeq q qqqqqq !Op@9aa? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3DF7A2BE.JPG

Billie: Being a cop is who I am. It took me a long time to realize it, but I can't imagine doing or being anything else.

Kate: So, I guess I'm not going to be able to convince you to take that job in rome, am I?

Billie: Sorry.

Kate: No. No, I'm sorry, because you thought I was trying to get rid of you. Honey, all I want is for you to be happy. And when you're sad and when you're lonely, I feel that way. Don't you know that? You are my sweet daughter.

Billie: Thanks, mom.

Kate: I'll be right back.

Billie: Okay.

Rex: Hello, tony.

Cassie: It's so good to see you. I'm so sorry! Oh, my goodness. 3DF7A2F5.JPG

Tony: Oh, no harm done. It's okay, it's okay. So this is the big hip teenage place, is it -- .Com?

Rex: It's cool, isn't it?

Cassie: Yeah, you know, I'm sorry, but we have to go.

Rex: Yeah, we have an appointment with professor putnam.

Tony: Yes, of course.

Cassie: Okay, well, we'll see you later.

Lexie: Look, like I just told both of you, this is abe's baby. Why can't you just be happy for me?

Tony: Well, of course I'm happy for you, and I'm certain your mother is happy, as well.

Celeste: Yes, darling, very, very happy.

Tony: I was just expressing concern, that's all. 3DF7A318.JPG

Roman: Well, nice little corner over here. How are things going, tony?

Tony: Going a lot better if you went back to your table.

Lexie: Tony...

Roman: Tony, come on, what's your problem?

Tony: My problem -- well, maybe the fact that you accused my sister of kidnapping hope brady and her son, and then you threw her into jail. Consider yourself fortunate that I didn't sue you for false arrest.

Roman: Well, consider yourself fortunate that I don't throw you in jail just for being a dimera.

Bo: What else do we have here?

Hope: Let's see what else daddy -- oops. Ah, hey, zack, what's this? What's this in the box? Mommy's never seen this before. 3DF7A345.JPG

Bo: Mm. New ornament.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Open it up.

Hope: Let me take a look, honey. "Happy anniversary."

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Mm... it's beautiful.

Bo: I was going to have the date painted on there, but, um, we have a couple of wedding anniversaries to celebrate, so... I did something else. Turn it around.

Hope: "For eternity."

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh, brady... thank you.

Nicole: Stop.

Colin: Afraid of victor?

Nicole: No. Yes. No. 3DF7A402.JPG

Colin: Make up your mind, girl.

Nicole: I won't live in fear, not me. It's not who I am. I need to feel free... alive. Make me feel alive.

Hope: All right, boys, let's see what else we have in here. Oh, wait a minute, look at this, honey.

Bo: Ooh...

Hope: Zack.

[Gasps] Ooh...

Bo: Pretty.

Hope: Now, this was made for your big brother in a place called esperanza, guatemala.

Bo: Esperanza. It means hope.

Zack: It means hope.

Bo: Yes. Want to put it on the tree? Let's put it on the tree. 3DF7A439.JPG

Hope: Come on, mommy and daddy will help you. All right, sweetheart, let's put it somewhere high so everybody can see it. How about right...

Bo: There we go.

Hope: There?

Bo: That's great. Look at that.

Hope: It's perfect.

Bo: Yes.

Hope: Everything is perfect.

Zac t there it goes.

Bo: There it goes.

[Knock on door]

Rolf: Ah, you're right on time. I, uh, trust you're both well?

Cassie: Oh, whahad a lovely afternoon at .Com.

Rex: Yeah. Cassie listened to music, and I read a book.

Rolf: Excellent. Music, reading... nourishment for the soul. 3DF7A46C.JPG

Rolf: As usual, you will remember nothing that goes on here. Is that clear? Good. So, tell me everything you've been up to since we last met.

Rex: Kate tried to hurt count dimera, so I loosened a wing nut on some scaffolding and tried to kill her.

Rolf: You what?!

Rex: But my mission failed. The scaffolding didn't hit her.

Cassie: And we saw her again and poisoned her coffee, but it went to count dimera instead.

Rolf: My God. Did he drink it?

Cassie: I knocked it away before he could.

Rolf: Well, did anyone see you do this? Was anyone suspicious? 3DF7A49B.JPG

Celeste: Now, alexandra, listen to me. You mustn't reconcile with abraham unless you're certain you're carrying his child.

Lexie: Yesterday you couldn't wait for me to get back together with him. Why do you always think the worst of me, mom? This is abe's baby.

Celeste: But, darling, I hope you're right. Look, we'll talk -- we'll talk. We'll talk.

Caprice: Hello, frankie.

Celeste: For the last time, who do you know who calls me that name?

Caprice: Sorry, can't tell you that. Excuse me.

Caprice: [Thinking] He must've given her those earrings 3DF7A4D4.JPG

Kate: So, is everything all okay?

Billie: Everything's okay. Oh, I love you, mom.

Kate: I love you, too, sweetie.

Billie: I'll see you later.

Kate: Okay.

Roman: You and billie work things out?

Kate: Yeah, it looks like that.

Roman: Good. I'm glad. Besides, that means that, uh, maybe you and I got a shot.

Kate: Don't count on it.

Roman: Really.

Lexie: When did that happen?

Tony: Who cares?

Lexie: I t t sami does, and roman would never upset daddy's little girl unless...

Tony: Unless daddy dearest has an ulterior motive. 3DF7A507.JPG

Lexie: Mm-hmm. Father did give kate those kippers.

Tony: Raymond grant admitted he also left a silver crest to kate.

Lexie: What was father's relationship with kate roberts?

Tony: I imagine roman brady would like to find out. But we're going to find out first. Ou wear boxersor briefs?

Rex: No one saw us put the poison in the coffee.

Rolf: Are you sure?

Cassie: Positive.

Rolf: I need to fine-tune my process here. Cassie, rex, thank you. I will give you more explicit instructions in the future. But for now you are not to act without checking with me first. Is that clear? 3DF7A5AA.JPG

Rex and cassie: Yes, we understand.

Rolf: And you must never harm count dimera or his sister or kate.

Cassie: Kate must not be harmed?

Rolf: No. No. Under no circumstances. She is a friend... a very good friend.

Kate: I should have you arrested for assault.

Roman: Yeah, then why did you kiss me back? Never mind. You have my number.

Lexie: Tony, what are we going to do?

Tony: You worry about the baby -- the next generation of dimeras. I'll take care of kate roberts.

Lexie: The next generatio of dimeras.

Tony: Kate. 3DF7A5F6.JPG

Kate: Hello, tony. You know, billie and i were talking earlier. She was telling me how you helped her through a very difficult time.

Tony: Oh, yeah. When you two were on opposite ends. I hope you don't hold that against me.

Kate: No. On the contrary, I'm grateful to you because, well, she needed a friend, and you were there for her.

Tony: Yeah. Well, in that case, perhaps we can have a drink tothther some time, celebrate the holiday cheer.

Colin: So, when will I see you again?

Nicole: You won'T. That's it. The end. 3DF7A620.JPG

Colin: Until you need to feel alive again.

Nicole: I'll find another way.

Colin: There is no other -- not for you.

Nicole: I'm late meeting victor.

Colin: Ooh... better hurry. Can't keep him waiting.

[Cellular phone rin]]


Colin: Hello. Dr. Murphy.

Larry: Hello. C'est moi.

Colin: Who the hell are you?

Larry: I am me.

Colin: And I'm hanging up.

Larry: Go to raymond grant's office first thing tomorrow morning.

Colin: Why?

Larry: Because I told you so.

Colin: We'll see. Raymond grant. I guess it's time to pull the trigger on dear cousin bo. 3DF7A667.JPG

Hope: Okay.

Bo: What?

Hope: Where's zack?

Bo: Oh, he was doing the old head-bob thing, so I took him upstairs. I haven't heard a peep out of him, so he must be asleep.

Hope: I was hoping he'd string popcorn with us, and I wanted to show him the crush --

Bo: He saw it. I told him the baby doesn't go in the manger till christmas eve.

Hope: Well, one day he'll understand what a miracle it all was.

Bo: Just like we did when we had our little miracle, our baby boy.

Hope: We are so blessed.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You know what? You're right, brady. This is going to be a great christmas. 3DF7A6A4.JPG

Bo: Whoa. What is it? What's wrong?

Belle: Shawn, I can't do this.

Tony: Are you loyal to the dimeras?

Rex and cassie: We pledge allegiance to the dimeras.

John: How can you say that?

Marlena: Because if you and tony are brothers --

John: It'll change everything.

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