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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  12/4/02--Canada; 12/5/02--USA

By Eric



Kate: Damn you, nicole, and damn you, victor. Damn the dimeras for not helping me. I wish they were all dead.

Rolf: From now on, your mission in life is to protect the dimeras at all costs. Whenever you detect a threat to the dimeras, you must take action.

Belle: Cassie, rex. Hey, are you guys okay?

Kate: You've got to be kidding. I just charged this thing. Oh, come on, roman. I have to get to the pay phone to check on billie.

Roman: Sorry, kate. You're not going anywhere.

Celeste: Can't stop thinking about her, right?

Celeste: Well, now, the question is what are you going to do about it? 3DEE5F3C.JPG

[Cellular phone rings]


Lexie: Hello.

Brandon: Lexie. Hey, it's brandon. Are we still on for later?

Lexie: Oh, yes, we're definitely on, and I have a few choice words for you, my dear friend.

Brandon: What the --

Sami: Remind you of anything, brandon? A hotel suite? Hearts and flowers? I guess not. What's wrong?

Brandon: Lexie just hung up on me, and I think you're the reason why.

Marlena: Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

John: All righty. Here you go. Doc? 3DEE5F88.JPG

Marlena: Oh.

John: What's wrong?

Marlena: It's beginning all over again.

Tony: It's all blank. Damn you, father! but away from the city there is beauty pea

Shawn-D: Cassie? What's up with you guys?

Belle: Is everything okay?

Cassie: Everything's fine.

Belle: Shawn and i are on our way to a movie, but we stopped by to get some hot chocolate.

Shawn-D: Hey, you want one? I got it.

Cassie: With marshmallows?

Shawn-D: All right. You're on. And, uh, some whipped cream for the lady, right? 3DEE60B1.JPG

Belle: Yep.

Shawn-D: All right. Rex, you want anything? Okay, never mind.

Cassie: Oh, I'll go.

Belle: So, rex, you look like a man on a mission. I bet I know what it is.

Kate: You know, I don't need a babysitter. Why are you doing this?

Roman: Because something's bothering you, and I wouldn't be much of a friend if I let you go out of here upset. So, you want to tell me what's got you in such a foul mood?

Abe: Well, there's nothing I can do, celeste. When you accuse your wife of murder and kidnapping, apologizing just doesn't cut it.

Celeste: Yes, well, you were in a difficult position, abraham. Besides which, alexandra hadn't been herself for quite some time. 3DEE60EF.JPG

Abe: No, she hadn't, and maybe my suspicions were justified, but that doesn't stop me from wishing it had been different, wishing I'd believed her.

Celeste: Because you love her.

Abe: I never stopped.

Celeste: And she loves you.

Abe: Still, there's been so much damage, hurt.

Celeste: Look, you're both forgiving people, deeply loyal. Now, you can repair the damage, and your love can be stronger for having worked through this.

Abe: Yeah, I just wish I knew how to -- how to approach her, how to start repairing.

Celeste: Oh, you just leave that to me. 3DEE6122.JPG

Lexie: Tony, what's this?

Tony: Have a look at the cover.

Lexie: The phoenix. How did you -- did father's executor give you this?

Tony: No, raymond grant has no idea that it exists. While you were playing dead, I took a trip on one of the dimera island compounds. It was hidden in a safe. Look through it.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Father's journal. Tony, this could tell us so much.

Tony: Oh, yes, it could tell us everything, even father's deep, dark secrets, maybe even reveal my past and my future. Yes, it could be glorious. The whole thing could be a blessing, if the damn pages weren't blank. 3DEE614E.JPG

Lexie: What?!

Tony: Yes, he's playing another trick on us. He's driving us crazy -- certainly driving me crazy.

Lexie: Wha-- unless...

Tony: Unless what?

Lexie: Okay, tony. Forget the journal. I know a better way that you can get exactly what you wt.T.

John: Doc, we're making progress. Look, I know this is difficult, but I can promise you this --

Marlena: What can you promise? That it's all going to be fine, that we'll go back to normal?

John: Look, the isa is examining all the intelligence we gathered on the compound. They're going to have a lock on the fingerprints, the -- the surgical implements, and maybe some info on that portrait. 3DEE6184.JPG

John: Aren't those the flowers tony gave you? I thought I threw them in the trash. What are they doing on the floor?

John: Marlena? What were you doing with the flowers tony gave you?

Marlena: I don't know. $ 4

Rex: Why do you think I'm on a mission, Belle?

Belle: It's kind of obvious. You're christmas shopping, right? Since you're very new at this, maybe I could help you out, especially with cassie. I mean, I bet I know what she likes. Do you want me to?

Rex: Yeah. Sure, that'd be great.

Kate: Fine, I'll talk, but if you so much as mention stefano dimera's name, I'm out of here, and my car is parked right around back. 3DEE6262.JPG

Roman: All right, I tell you what -- let's make a deal, okay? For the rest of the night, our pasts are off-limits, but the present -- now, that's a different story. Why don't we just both lay our cards out on the table? Can you do that, kate?

Shawn-D: Hey, extra whipped cream. It's going everywhere.

Caprice: Hey, everybody.

Shawn-D: Hey, caprice.

Belle: Looks like you were out helping the economy.

Caprice: Yeah, I'm doing my best. What are youll up to?

Shawn-D: Belle and i are going to a movie.

Cassie: So are rex and me. Right, rex?

Rex: Uh, actually, I have to take care of something. 3DEE6285.JPG

Caprice: Is he okay?

Belle: Rex is on a mission -- very hush-hush.

Caprice: Okay.

Rex: Perfect. That should eliminate the problem.

Sami: Brandon, what is lexie trying to say to you?

Brandon: Would you take it easy?

Sami: No, lexie is a liar, and all she cares about is getting what she wants, and right now, that's abe.

Brandon: Then why is she moving ahead with the divorce?

Sami: Don't tell me you actually believe that.

Braonon: Yeah, I do, and I also believe that you erased all the messages from my answering machine.

Lexie: When father fled salem before you came home, he left me in very capable hands. 3DEE62BC.JPG

Tony: Dr. Wilhelm rolf.

Lexie: Yes. I can't say I trusted the man at first, but he did take very good care of me, and now that father's gone and you're head of the household, rolf's loyalty is to you. That's if you can find him. I haven't seen him in months.

[Cellular phone rings]

Lexie: Oh. Excusee.E.


Lexie: Hello.

Celeste: Hello, darling. I need to see you right away.

Lexie: Mom, what is it?

Celeste: Meet me at .Com. I'll explain when you get there.

Lexie: I'm on my way. Something's wrong. I've got to run.

Tony: That's okay. I'm going to stay. Go. 3DEE62E1.JPG

Lexie: Okay. Bye-bye.

Tony: Dr. Rolf is closer than y t think, alexandra, not that I trust him. But since my future depends on it...

John: Forget about the flowers. Whatever happened last night, that'll come to you in time.

Marlena: That's not good enough. I need to know now.

John: It'll come to you in time.

Marlena: What did tony say last night when you confronted him?

John: What he always says. "I'm innocent, I'm misunder -- " listen, forget about tony, will you? I'm going to make sure that he doesn't harass you anymore. Just forget him.

Marlena: It's too late. He's already in my head. What if it happens again? What if tony comes after me the same way stefano did? But away from the city there is beauty pea 3DEE63E8.JPG

John: You know, it's been my biggest fear all along that tony was sent here to salem to continue his father's reign of terror, but... the sooner the isa can analyze results of all their tests, the sooner we can uncover his plan and stop him, okay?

Marlena: John?

John: Hmm?

Marlena: What if that letter ththat I found on the island was telling the truth? What if you are tony's brother? What then? And how many more awful secrets has stefano taken to his grave?

Tony: Would you shut the damn door? It's freezing.

Rolf: My apologies, count dimera. You wanted to see me. 3DEE641D.JPG

Tony: Yes. Up until now, I've been rather cautious about asking for your assistance, but I've just stumbled on a certain mystery.

Rolf: Please, say no more. I will do whatever I can.

Tony: Good. Explain this.

Lexie: Mom, what is it? What's wrong?

Celeste: Oh, well, um...

Lexie: What is this?

Abe: Lexie, we need to talk.

Lexie: You set me up.

Celeste: Ooh, uh, now, darling, you ow, the least you can do is hear what abraham has to say, and now, if you both will excuse me...

Lexie: Okay. You have five minutes.

Kate: You know something, roman? I'm sorry, but I've reconsidered. I'm not going to talk to you about my past or my present. Ahem. 3DEE645F.JPG

Roman: What, are you afraid to let your guard down? Afraid of letting me in? You know, kate, over the past few months, I've come to realize just what a remarkable woman you are.

Kate: And I'm realizing what a -- what a shockingly bad judge of character you are, because remarkable, I'm anything but.

Celeste: Not so fast. I want to know exactly who you are and how you know me.

Kate: [Screaming]

Roman: Come on. It's all right.

Kate: [Coughing]

Roman: Are you all right?

Kate: Oh, my God.

Woman: I saw the whole thing. Are you hurt?

Roman: No, no, we're fine. We're fine, we're fine. I think the wind must have destabilized the scaffolding. All right, secure the area, get an inspector down here asap. Find out if everything was up to code. 3DEE6568.JPG

Woman: Yes, captain.

Roman: I'll take ms. Roberts' statement. Kate, are you sure you're all right?

Kate: Take me home, please.

Roman: All right. Come on. Come on.

Belle: Christmas is a time when we feel more hopeful than usual. I think that's what shawn meant to say, right?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: So it kind of seems like anything's possible.

Belle: Hey, mission man. How'd it go?

Rex: Very well, I hope. The jury's still out.

Caprice: Frankie, if only you knew how much we have in common, including a certain man.

Lexie: You've already wasted one of your minutes, abe. 3DEE659E.JPG

Abe: Lexie, look, you and I have wasted too much time in our marriage not appreciating what we have, hurting each other. Lexie, it wasn't your innocence that changed my feelings about you. It was being on the roof of the hospital imagining that I'd lost you forever.

Lexie: But you knew that I was alive.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, but even -- even pretending, I just -- I just felt so empty. Then the -- the night after hope had been rescued, seeing that you were genuinely happy that hope was safe and with her family... I-I saw someone that I thought I'd lost forever. I saw my wife, the woman I married, and that moment, I realized -- I realized how much I had missed her, how much I always loved that woman. So, uh... so I'm here to -- to ask you, will you come back to me, lexie? 3DEE65F5.JPG

Sami: Brandon, you're right. You know me too well. I did erase lexie's messages from your answering machine, but only because I thought that you --

Brandon: I know, somewhere in your head you thought you were protecting me.

Sami: Exactly. I --

Brandon: You really were protecting yourself.

Sami: Well --

Brandon: You've been hurt, samantha, a lot, and you're afraid now to -- to give your heart to someone, to really trust in another person.

Sami: To trust myself. Brandon, sometimes I feel like this is too good to be true, and I'm so afraid I'm going to mess things up.

Brandon: Come here. Samantha, I didn't give you this bracelet and get it engraved because I thought infinity meant next week or two years from now. Our love will last forever if you trust in us. Can you do that? 3DEE662C.JPG

Sami: Definitely.

Rolf: Yes. Yes, I remember it distinctly. Your father chronicled his every thought in this journal. Ha, if the isa were to get a hold of it --

Tony: They'd be bored to bloody tears. Read it.

Rolf: It's blank.

Tony: Ah, yes. Excellent observation. Tell me, what are you good for? Get out.

Rolf: But, count dimera --

Tony: Get out.

John: Thanks, shane. That's a start. Keep in touch.

Marlena: Are the results in? Does the isa know if you're tony's --

John: Tony's brother? No. Not yet. They're waiting for the dna information to be fully analyzed. 3DEE6677.JPG

Marlena: All right. What about the fingerprints?

John: They've identified some of the prints as those being yours and stefano's and tony'S.

Marlena: What about the others?

John: They're running the rest through an international database. There's no matches yet.

Marlena: Where does that leave us? What else can we do?

John: What you're going to do is you're going to sit right here and relax, take care of yourself, and I'm going to go back to that damn island and find every secret that man's got hidden there.

Marlena: No, no, john. You can't do that.

Marlena: John, it's too dangerous. What if tony is setting a trap?

John: I'll be careful.

Marlena: No, not for you. For me. What if he's doing all this to lure you down to the island so you leave your family alone and vulnerable? Honey... the holidays are coming up. I want you home, and your family needs you here.

John: All right, fine. I'll -- I'll -- I'll -- I'll postpone my trip for a while, okay?

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Yeah. Ha ha.

Tony: Thank you ever so much, john black. You may have given me the final clue I need to carry on my father's legacy... and begin one of my own. 3DEE67AD.JPG

Roman: All right. There you go. Scotch, neat, just like you like it.

Kate: Thanks.

Roman: Feeling better?

Kate: Yes. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm, um, 100%.

Roman: Good. You know, I have to admit, though, that I was a little surprised when you asked me to take you home, that you meant my place.

Kate: Not as surprised as I am.

Roman: Really? Well, then, uh... why are you here?

Cassie: I'm getting really excited now, you know, after everything that shawn said. It's no wonder everyone makes such a big deal about christmas. Rex. 3DEE67DC.JPG

Rex: I'm sorry. What?

Cassie: I was talking about christmas.

Rex: Right. Christmas.

Cassie: I mean, isn't it cool, getting everything that you wish for? Shawn didn't mean it literally. He was just saying that it's a time when great things can happen. There's endless possibilities.

Rex: And what is it you want to happen?

Cassie: I'm going to keep that a secret for now, but I don't just want it to happen. I'm going to make it happen.

Belle: That girl has quite the crush on you.

Shawn-D: Who?

Belle: Who? Don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about. But I'll give you a hint anyway. She's staring at us right now as we speak. 3DEE680A.JPG

Shawn-D: Cassie? She does not have a crush.

Belle: Oh, no? Then what do you call it?

Shawn-D: She's just not used to being around other guys. Other than her brother, that's all. Maybe she just finds me interesting.

Belle: Interesting. Right.

Shawn-D: That's not possible?

Belle: Come on, shawn. Don't act naive. First of all, cassie's not interested in every guy, and second, she would be all over you if she didn't think that I would strangle her first.

Shawn-D: You'd strangle her?

Belle: Yeah. Did you notice how she just invited herself to the movies just now? Poor rex has to play along with it. 3DEE682B.JPG

Swnwn-d: All right, okay, time out. What is the story with rex today? Because he is acting really strange.

Belle: Is, isn't he? First I thought he was having a hard time christmas shopping, but... now I'm not so sure.

Abe: You know, you don't have to answer me right away. I-I -- I'd just like to know if there's even a chance.

Mickey: Abe, hi.

Abe: Hey, mickey.

Mickey: Lexie. I, uh... I wanted to talk to you, but, uh, I guess maybe this is not such a gootitime for it.

Abe: Why not?

Mickey: I, uh, guess lexie hasn't told you. 3DEE6853.JPG

Abe: Hasn't told me what? Boy named teter was once sorely pained

Brandon: So... you don't have to feel threatened by my friendship with lexie. Okay, you have nothing to worry about.

[Pager beeps]

Brandon: All right, I have to go. I'll see you later.

Sami: Okay. You're right, brandon. Lexis s the one who should feel threatened... by me.

Mickey: Cameron reese contacted me earlier.

Abe: And what did cameron reese have to say?

Mickey: Lexie is no longer contesting the divorce. She wants to move ahead as quickly as possible.

Abe: I knew that. 3DEE692A.JPG

Lexie: I veve to go. I'm late meeting someone.

Mickey: Hey, are you okay?

Abe: Aside from feeling like a fool?

Mickey: You're never foolish to love.

Abe: Well, that's where you're wrong, mickey. Dead wrong.

Shawn-D: Uh...

Cassie: Rex wants to go to the movies now, too.

Abe: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Belle: That's great. Let'S...go.

Shawn-D: Okay.

Man: Sorry, kids. Can't go out this way. The alley's closed.

Shawn-D: Why? What happened?

Man: Well, it seems the scaffolding outside collapsed.

Cassie: I think rex knows what happened. 3DEE6967.JPG

Kate: I asked you to take me here because I didn't want to be alone.

Roman: That's a good reason.

Kate: You didn't figure that out, that I wanted a friend?

Roman: Well, I finally qualify as a friend.

Kate: You'll do in a pinch.

Roman: Bet you haven't had many male friends in your life, have you?

Kate: Why would you assume that? I get along really well with men. I count many as my close friends. It's just when things get romantic, that's when things tend to go downhill.

Roman: Ha ha. Isn't that a fact. Romance is just a whole lot more complicated. 3DEE6992.JPG

Kate: It's rare to find a man who could be a good friend and a lover, who could satisfy the emotional and the physical. It's never happened for me.

Roman: Bad luck.

Kate: No. That man doesn't exist.

Roman: Want to bet?

Kate: Ha ha. You? I don't know whether I should be disgusted or, uh, turned on.

>>O oman: Let's find out.

Kate: Just how big is your... ego, roman? Because it's never going to happen. I wouldn't sleep with you if --

Roman: "I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last man on earth." Whew. That is such an overworked cliché, kate. And you know what? I notice that women usually say that right before they end up sleeping with whatever man they happened to have uttered that very cliché to. 3DEE69C8.JPG

Kate: You think you're clever, don't you?

Roman: And I'm going to respond to that with another cliché.

Kate: Oh, what I couldn't say?

Roman: I just might be the last man you ever need.

Kate: Talk is cheap, captain.

Roman: Who said anything about talk?

Tony: All right, father, I'll play your game.

Rolf: No! Stop!

John: That's it. That's it. Just sleep. Get some sle..

Man's voice: Sleep. Sleep, marlena. Sleep.

Brandon: Lexie. Hey, I'm glad you came by.

Lexie: Why, so you can see how well your plan is working? 3DEE6ACB.JPG

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Lexie: Cut the bull, brandon. I know you've been using me.

Brandon: Using you?

Lexie: Yeah, and to think I actually believed that you cared about me, when really, our relationship was just a way for you to get back at abe, huh?

Brandon: You know, you are way off base. Where did you get an idea like that?

Cassie: Rex, you went out back earlier. Did you see anything?

Rex: No. I mean, I just remember the wind blowing.

Abe: Yeah, it looks like it was an accident, but you should notify the owner. A storm's headed this way, and that parking lot's a mess. 3DEE6B01.JPG

Man: Okay.

Cassie: Okay, well, case solved. Let's -- let's go to the movies. It's going to start without us.

Man's voice: Sleep, marlena. Sleep.

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: Doc?

John: You okay?

John: Any block? Honey, come on. Talk to me. Come on.

Marlena: Stefano. Stefano.

Tony: Oh, go away, rolf.

Rolf: What are you doing? You -- you can't destroy the diary.

Tony: I have no intention of destroying this diary. Now get out. Now.

Tony: [Thinking] Fire reveals the truth. The truth is frozen in time.

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