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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/3/02--Canada; 12/4/02--USA

By Eric

Chloe: I'm dreaming, right?

Brady: No. This is better than any dream I've ever had.

Nancy: Please, God... please let her be okay... for Chloe's sake. For all our sakes. I'll lie here stock-still for the rest of my pregnancy... if you'll just let her be okay. I promise. I'll do anything, anything.

Craig: Hey.

Nancy: You fell asleep.

Craig: Yeah. How about you?

Nancy: No. I feel too worried. But please don't scold me. It's nothing I can help.

Nancy: What are you doing?

Craig: I'm just checking your pressure.

Nancy: Oh. Well, it should be lower, right? With the medication.

Craig: No, it's the same. 97 over 115.

Nancy: Oh, my God. Craig, Craig, you've got to do something. Please, you've got to do something. You've got to save our baby, okay? Craig, please --

Craig: Nancy, Nancy. Shh.

Nancy: Please, Craig. Please.

Bo: Hey, Kim, I'm here to interview that victim from the gang shooting. You know where he is?

Kim: Wait here. I'll check.

Bo: Thanks.

Hope: Planning to slip out of town?

Billie: No. I have just cleared my desk out. I turned in my badge. I-I'm on suspension. I Hope when I get my hearing I can prove to you and everyone else I had nothing to do with your kidnapping. All I tried to do was help.

Hope: Such a convenient lie.

Billie: I'm sorry that you think that.

Hope: The truth is, you wanted Bo -- plain and simple.

Billie: That is so unfair.

Hope: And with the help of Larry Welch, you almost succeeded.

Billie: Hope, let me just --

Hope: But almost doesn't count, does it, Billie? Because, much to your disappointment, I'm sure, I'm here, alive and well... and you are going to pay for what you did to me.

Larry: I'll bet you never guessed you'd be loaning me your cabin, huh, Alice? The bed is comfy. You've kept the pantry and the medicine cabinet well-stocked. No nosy neighbors. In fact, you have provided me with the perfect hideout. Thanks, old girl.

Larry: You think you've won, Brady? Ha ha. It was only round one. You never could see the big picture, could you? You never had the stuff. Here's my insurance, the key to my future... and to Hope and Boís dead end.

Hope: With Larry out of the way, you -- you can say anything you want. Sure! You can just shift all the blame to him, Billie. "Oh, your honor. Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I was fooled!" But you just wait until the judge gets a look at your history. You are going to be spending a very long time behind bars.

Billie: Larry is dead. You can't unload on him, so you've come after me.

Hope: Oh, you bet I'm coming after you! I'm coming after you with everything I've got! I'm going to make sure you are never in a position to hurt me or my family eve again.

Kim: Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Kim: We've got the shooting victim stabilized. He's in 452.

Bo: Oh, great. Thanks.

Colin: Um, cousin, we need to talk.

Bo: I'm working. It'll have to wait.

Craig: That's a girl. Slow breathing now. That's my lady. There you go.

Karen: How's the patient?

Nancy: Besides nausea, sleep-deprivation, possible toxemia, and high blood pressure, how do you think I --

Craig: Shh. Nancy, slow down, slow down.

Karen: I've delivered a lot of babies whose mothers were fighting some tough uphill battles. I need you to trust me, Nancy.

Craig: We need you to trust both of us.

Nancy: I will trust you... if you swear that the baby is going to be all right, that you're not holding anything back.

Chloe: [Sighs] So how is this better than any dream -- being with me?

Brady: Well... your skin is softer... your toes are warmer.

Chloe: That's it? Okay, never mind. Don't explain. We both just know it. We feel it. That's enough.

Brady: Just lying here next to you -- that's enough for me.

Chloe: Brady, I've never been so happy before. That's all I'm gonna say -- except that I love you.

Brady: Whoa!

Chloe: [Giggles]

[Telephone rings]

Brady: Ha ha!


Brady: Hello?

Brady: Yeah. Thanks for letting us know.

Chloe: What is it? Who was it?

Brady: Brace yourself for some very bad news.

Hope: What's the matter? Afraid this story's going to get around and everyone will know how you betrayed your fellow officers, how you made a mockery of the Salem P.D.?

Billie: I'm outta here.

Hope: Oh, no, you donít. You're not going anywhere. We're having it out, here and now.

Billie: Fine. Then let's at least do it in private.

Hope: I saw you, Billie. I saw you with my own eyes scheming with Larry Welch while I was locked up in that horrible room.

Billie: I never denied that I worked with Larry, but I had no idea you were in the next room, and I had no idea he had taken you --

Hope: You're a liar!

Billie: No! I believed he was Agent Ross with the ISA. He had authentic documentation. At least, it looked like it. I believed we were collaborating on something else entirely.

Hope: Mm-hmm. I suppose you didn't plant that sweater in the dumpster either, did you -- the one you oh-so-conveniently found later while you were on duty?

Billie: No!

Hope: It had my blood on it, and strands of Lexie's hair. You set her up to take the fall for you.

Billie: Larry set her up. Larry planted that evidence. I was trying to help find you. I worked overtime to try to bring you home.

Hope: Oh, I bet you did. You were probably putting on a very good show of it for Boís sake.

Billie: I was not and am not after your husband.

Hope: Since when?

Billie: Since I let go.

Hope: Oh, Billie reed... Bo Brady is the be-all and end-all of your existence. You've proven that time and time again. You know, at first, I thought you actually loved him, and then I came to see it as a neurotic obsession, and I felt sorry for you. When you first came back to Salem, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I know you for the true criminal that you really are. You'd actually kill to get him back.

Billie: I was nearly killed. Have you forgotten? I took a bullet in the head. Larry shot me when he realized Shane and I were onto him. Now, would he do that if I was on his team?

Colin: Cousin, got a minute?

Bo: I got to get back to the station.

Colin: This is important.

Bo: Okay. What?

Colin: I just want to say how sorry I am about everything Hope and Zack have been through. Will you please give her my best?

Bo: Sure.

Colin: And I was impressed by the way you flushed out Larry Welch.

Bo: Thanks.

Colin: I wish you had thought to include me in the family powwow. I would have been glad to help.

Bo: Yeah, well, there's nothing you could have done to help.

Colin: You really don't trust me, do you?

Bo: No. I bet that you had a smile on your face when you found out I was in jail, facing a death sentence. Probably made your day, right?

Nancy: You're hiding something from me.

Craig: No.

Nancy: Craig, I can see it in your eyes -- both of you.

Craig: Chloe...

Craig: Chloe, I need to, um... I need to tell you -- I have to tell you something. You're... y-you're... you're my -- you're my... you're my daughter. You're -- you're my flesh and blood.

Karen: Craig, could I talk to you for a moment outside?

Nancy: What? What can't you say in front of me?

Craig: Nancy, just relax, okay? We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

Craig: Yeah.

Karen: I know you want to tell her your good news, Craig -- whatever it is -- but I have to remind you, any excitement, good or bad...

Craig: Can make her blood pressure shoot up higher than it already is. I know.

Craig: I can't take that risk.

Chloe: Brady, what -- what bad news?

Brady: The rental car is ready.

Chloe: Oh! You scared me.

Brady: What? That is bad news. Think about it. The rental car leads to the airport, the airport leads to an airplane, and that airplane leads back to Salem.

Chloe: I see your point.

Brady: Besides, I want to stay right here -- in this cabin, in this bed, with you -- forever and ever.

Chloe: Well, I would love that, too, but there are other things in life besides what we've been doing.

Brady: Like what, eating and working? I've given those up to make more time for this.

Chloe: Well, we can't give up on family. My little sister will be arriving in a few months, and we have to be back in Salem for that.

Brady: You're right. That is a very good reason to go home.

Chloe: Except I don't want this moment to end.

Brady: Well, it doesn't have to right away. I mean, the rental car's not going to be here for a couple more hours.

Chloe: A couple more hours? Let's go outside.

Brady: Wh-why? Memories can't really be made out there.

Chloe: Ha ha. Come on. I'll show you.

Brady: Wait -- but --

Chloe: I love you, Brady black!

Brady: I love you, Chloe lane!

Chloe: Whoo!

Brady: Yeah!

Brady: Whoo!

Chloe: Whoo!

Brady: Yeah!

Chloe: Aah!

Nancy: Craig, please! Oh, you can't keep me in the dark. What is it?

Craig: Nancy, Nancy, I swear, there is nothing about your present medical condition that you aren't fully aware of.

Nancy: Well, what was that conference all about?

Craig: It was something entirely different. Now just -- look... I want you to take my hand, and I want you to try a little experiment, okay? Are you with me? Are you with me?

Colin: I assure you, cousin, I derive no pleasure from your troubles. I just wish someone had clued me in to the plot to find Hope. I would have been glad to help.

Bo: Why would I want your help? Don't you think your involvement with the DiMeras might make me a little skeptical about where your loyalties lie?

Colin: My involvement with Tony DiMera is about to come to an end. I'm looking for another doctor to take over his case. It's not easy. His blood disorder is quite rare and I'm one of the few doctors in the world who have experience in treating it.

Bo: What a coincidence.

Colin: Well, I can deal with your prejudice against me, as long as you don't pour poison into Jennifer's ear. But even if you do, fortunately for me, she has a mind of her own.

Bo: And you don't deserve her.

Colin: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me I'm not the first member of the Brady family to be deemed unworthy of a Horton woman. But...look how well it worked out for you. Hope's made a new man of you, cuz. Perhaps Jennifer might do the same for me.

Bo: Never happen.

Billie: If I was Larry's partner in crime, why would he try to kill me?

Hope: Larry is a psychopath. Have you forgotten? Sure, I can believe he'd turn on a partner -- try and dispose of you the same way he was planning to dispose of me.

Billie: Welch had a vendetta against you and Bo for the last 10 years. This was his grudge, not mine. I'd moved on. I'd gone to Paris. That is where he contacted me with this whole ISA story. He targeted me! Don't you see? Because of the history I had with Bo!

Hope: I cannot believe you are trying to make yourself out to be the victim here. That's proof enough to me that you are lying through your teeth. No, I'm never going to believe your story, and I'm going to make damn sure the rest of the world never does, either.

Larry: 10 years in prison... while you Hortons were enjoying your cabin by the lake, your family get-togethers, your damn sunsets. You think you took something away from me? Wrong. I'm a rich man, and a very powerful one. My ace in the hole. Poor old Raymond Grant doesn't know I have this, but with Stefano DiMera's help, nothing can stop me.

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Billie: Okay, fine, you're never going to believe my story, so you probably won't believe what I'm about to say, but I need to say it. I'm sorry. The last thing I ever wanted to do is hurt Bo, you, or your family. I am so sorry that I was ever part of this whole nightmare, especially since it involved you and your little boy. The pain you must've felt not knowing whether you'd ever see him again... I lost a child once. I understand.

Hope: You would bring that up.

Billie: What's that supposed to mean?

Hope: You're a disgrace. Pathetic -- trying to get my sympathy about that now?

Billie: My little girl died. Forgive me if it reminds you of the relationship I once had with Bo.

Hope: It also reminds me of what a liar you are. I am sorry that you lost a child -- terribly sorry for the loss of any child. It was a tragedy. But you used that tragedy. You exploited it, Billie. You lied to Bo, pretended that baby was still alive so you could hang on to him. You didn't have the decency or the dignity to let him know that she was gone, and now you bring it up as if it makes you somehow a better and more caring person. All you gave a damn about was stealing my husband away from me. And you're still at it.

Billie: That is so untrue.

Hope: You know what? Get the hell away from me.

Craig: Now, it's a beautiful day, and you're sitting by a lake, and you're feeling very, very peaceful.

Nancy: Peaceful. Right.

Craig: Yeah. Now, can you hold on to that feeling while dr. Bader checks you out?

Nancy: I'll try.

Craig: Okay. Okay.

Karen: Go.

Craig: Hmm?

Karen: You should get some coffee.

Craig: Mind if I step out for a second?

Nancy: Sure. Enough of this lake stuff.

Craig: Okay. I'll see you in a second.

Nancy: Bye.

Brady: Chloe. There's something that I want to tell you.

Brady: Never forget that I love you. But in case you do, I am hereby putting it on record.

Brady: Here. This is a token of my pledge. I know it's not from tiffany's or anything, but, hey, as long as this stone has been around, that's how long my love for you is going to last. Volcanoes can blow their tops and glaciers can come and go, but... Chloe, I'm going to love you forever.

Chloe: This... is the nicest thing anyone has ever given me. I just wish I had something to give you.

Chloe: Here. This is full of seeds, you know. There's a whole forest inside this one cone. Whenever I'm with you, things are always unfolding and growing and flourishing. Things I never even knew existed. And I want to thank you for that, Brady, for bringing that into my life. I love you, too.

Brady: Yep, that's it. Thank you. We are confirmed on the afternoon flight back to Salem.

Chloe: I sure will miss this place.

Brady: Yeah, but we'll be back someday.

Chloe: Oh, yeah?

Brady: Yeah. For our honey--

Chloe: For what?

Brady: Ahem. Uh, hon-- 100th anniversary of you beating this illness, you know? Healthy.

Chloe: Yeah, that'll make me 118, right?

Brady: Yeah, but you'll still be younger than me.

Chloe: True.

Brady: And still a babe.

Chloe: Yeah, right, I'm sure.

Brady: Listen, I got to head out to the road and flag down the rental car guy. He's going to miss the driveway if I donít. I'll be back soon.

Colin: Here's a cup of coffee.

Craig: Oh, thanks, Colin.

Colin: How's Nancy?

Craig: Still no change.

Colin: Is there anything I can do -- make a few phone calls, update her family?

Craig: No, no, her family's not aware of the crisis.

Colin: Really.

Craig: Mnh-mnh. I don't think Nancy would actually want her family rushing to Salem. It would just make her more anxious.

Colin: Isn't she close to her parents?

Craig: Well, yeah, but, uh, you know families. Always complicated.

Colin: Yes. Yes, that's true. And sometimes, no matter how hard we wish it were different, we find that just because we're related doesn't mean we don't find ourselves pitted against each other.

Craig: What are you talking about?

Colin: Families. How things can go so wrong... tragically wrong.

Bo: What the hell is going on here? Are you okay?

Billie: I didn't mean to.

Bo: Haven't you caused enough damage already?

Billie: It was an accident.

Hope: Yeah, right.

Billie: No. I-I mean, she -- she pushed the box at me --

Hope: I handed you the box. I didn't push you.

Billie: All right. Let me just set the record straight here. I was cleaning out my desk. Did I think Hope was going to come in here and rake me over the coals?

Bo: Honey, I asked you to stay out of this.

Hope: Are you defending her?

Bo: No, I'm not. Get out of here, Billie. Stay away from me and my wife.

Bo: Did you sprain your wrist?

Hope: I don't know.

Bo: Well, let me look at it. Does that hurt?

Hope: Ow. I'm fine. It's okay. What hurts is my head. I don't like feeling hatred for anyone. I try not to, Bo, but this -- this... I can't control. I saw her in this office and I just -- I-I hate her! I hate her. I hate her face, I hate her voice, the way she looks at me, that smug conniving -- just keep her away from me! Don't ever let Billie reed near me. Just keep her away from me, Bo! I just --

Larry: And you think that all this time you've been working for Stefano DiMera. What a surprise it'll be, dr. Murphy, when you find out you've been working for me.

Craig: Is this about Bo?

Colin: I beg your pardon?

Craig: Well, just the way you were going on just now about how things can go tragically wrong with families. I thought maybe you were talking about your relationship with the Bradys -- Bo, in particular.

Colin: No, no, no, no, no. I was just making a general statement. Although, much to my dismay, Bo and I have had our disagreements.

Karen: Dr. Wesley. If you could step inside, I would like to speak to you and Nancy together.

Craig: Excuse me.

Colin: Sure.

[Telephone rings]


Kim: Trauma center. Uh, yes, uh, he's right here. Hold, please. Dr. Murphy, phone for you.

Colin: Uh, tell him I'll be right there.

Karen: Craig, Nancy, I have to admit, I am somewhat discouraged with Nancy's blood pressure. I keep hoping that it's going to go down, but as you both can see, there's been no improvement, even with the medication.

Craig: Yeah, well, it hasn't been that long.

Karen: It's been long enough. My first concern has to be your health, Nancy. You're my patient, and I have to tell you that if we continue with this pregnancy, it becomes extremely risky for you.

Nancy: Well, that's all right. I'll take any risks.

Karen: Maybe I'm not stating myself strongly enough, and I-I Hope you don't think I'm being an alarmist, but... if we don't take the baby now --

Nancy: No!

Craig: Nancy --

Nancy: No!

Karen: Please hear me out.

Nancy: No, I will not hear you out!

Craig: Listen --

Nancy: I know that she is going to tell me that I could die, and I don't give a damn.

Craig: Nancy, just try --

Nancy: Craig, I promise you, and I promise you, dr. Bader, I don't care about me.

Karen: I don't think --

Nancy: Listen, don't interrupt me! It is too early to take this child from me. You know she will not survive! And under normal circumstances, this would be unbearable for me, but this is just not about my baby's life, it's about my other daughter's life, too, and I would rather die than sacrifice either one of them. Do you understand me?!

Craig: Easy, easy, easy.

Brady: Ooh! It is my solemn duty to report that the rental car has arrived. So did you lock up tight?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. I wrote the people who own this place a note. Listen -- "we've never met, but we owe you a special thanks. These few days in your beautiful cabin have transformed our lives." Is it too much?

Brady: It's not even half the story.

Chloe: Oh, I have to thank the guy who brought us here.

Brady: You know, Chloe, I'm so glad we didn't make it to Los Angeles.

Chloe: Thank heavens for forced landings.

Brady: For happy accidents.

Chloe: And for you.

Brady: You know, it's funny. Sometimes, things happen much better than you ever could've planned.

Nancy: So don't try to

Nancy: So don't try to calm me down, scare me, or talk me into anything. I am carrying this baby to term, or at least until it's safe enough for her to be born, and that is the final word on the subject.

Craig: Okay. Okay, then I'm going to change the subject, and I'm going to suggest that you try and get some rest, all right?

Nancy: That I will do.

Craig: I love you.

Nancy: You too.

Craig: I think it's time to let Chloe in on what's going on. I'm going to go try and call her.

Chloe: So, did you pack the videotape we made?

Brady: Yes, it's in a carry-on bag.

Chloe: Goodbye, sweet cabin.

Brady: Are you sad?

Chloe: A little.

Brady: Don't be. The best is yet to come.

[Telephone rings]




Colin: Hello? Who is this? Is anyone there? Hello?

Larry: Who is this?

Colin: I don't have time for games. This is dr. Murphy. Hello?

Larry: You don't know me yet, but I'm sure you know of me. We have mutual friends...

Colin: What?

Larry: As well as mutual enemies. I think if we get together, we could help each other out.

Hope: That image of Billie chatting it up with Larry Welch outside of that room where he had me stashed -- Bo, it's burned into my brain.

Bo: And I understand, but it's over. You're home now.

Hope: No, it's not over. It's never going to be over until Billie Reed is behind bars and out of our lives. Do you hear me? Out of our lives forever!

Billie: It's me -- Billie. I need a favor -- a really big favor.

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