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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/29/02--Canada; 12/2/02--USA

By Eric

Chloe: I love you, Brady, and I want to show you how much.

Chloe: I want to make love with you.

Brady: Chloe, Chloe... we canít.

Dr. Bader: Craig, I got your page. What happened?

Craig: She suddenly lost consciousness in my office. Her B.P. Is 187/115, her temperatureís 98.9, and her pulse is 80.

Dr. Bader: All right, letís get her into cubicle one. I want a cbc, chem 23, and a code panel. Just start an I.V., Ringers, get her on a fetal monitor, and prep her for an ultrasound.

Craig: I'm going to help.

Dr. Bader: You know what? Thatís up to you, but you're pretty upset yourself, and I'd hate for Nancy to wake up and see panic staring back at her, okay? We're going to take good care of her.

Tony: Fire reveals the truth. The truth is frozen in time. Come on. Yes.

[Door opens]

John: Donít even try to stop me, Eliana.

Tony: Oh, John, this is not a good time.

John: Well, I worked through all your lies and all your stunts, and I figured out what your agenda is, DiMera -- you want my wife. Donít turn your back on me. Oh, you want to get rough?

Hope: You know...

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: I know that I say this just about every year, but this really is the best Thanksgiving ever.

Bo: I agree.

Hope: You know, at first, I wasnít really all that excited about going to Tuscany I really wanted everyone here like we'd originally planned, but it was so much fun, wasnít it?

Bo: It was great. You're great.

Hope: I missed you so much.

Bo: Good. Hey, you're shaking.

Hope: I'm okay. No, I'm better than okay. I'm in my husbandís arms. Oh, I wish I could stay here forever, Brady.

Bo: You're not going anywhere, fancy face. No oneís going to take you away from us ever again.

Chloe: We canít do this? Okay.

Brady: No, Chloe, I do want to make love to you more than anything.

Chloe: You said that you loved me, that we were meant to be together. If you really believe that --

Brady: I do. I do, Chloe. Thatís why I said -- this is a very big step for both of us, but especially for you.

Chloe: Because itís my first time.

Brady: It has to be the right time.

Chloe: And why wouldnít it be? Because I'm sick?

Brady: No. No, Chloe, when you got sick, I held back for a very long time from showing you how I really felt, but I donít want you to think it was because I didnít want to be with you.

Chloe: I know that.

Brady: I just -- I wanted you to focus all of your attention on getting well.

Chloe: I did, and I am, but I might not be for too long.

Brady: No, see, I'm not thinking that way, okay? If something were to happen to you, and we'd wasted all this time together --

Chloe: Then I donít understand what the problem is. Are you afraid of hurting me? Brady, you could never do that. Then why else wouldnít the time be right? Are you afraid that I'm rushing into this? Because I'm afraid that if I wait... Brady, I know it may seem like we havenít been together for that long, but, really, ever since the first second I saw you, I knew back then.

Brady: So did I.

Chloe: You're the one that said that fate brought us together alone in this beautiful place. I'm sure. Arenít you?

Hope: Is Zack still asleep?

Bo: You know what? He didnít want to go to sleep in the first place, 'cause that meant he had to lose sight of you.

Hope: Mm. I know the feeling.

Bo: Me too.

Hope: Do you think heís okay? Heís only 2 years old, and heís already been through so much, Brady.

Bo: Like you said, heís only 2. All he'll remember from this is that his mom came back to him.

Hope: Sit down.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Ha ha. Ohh. You realize this is the first time we've been alone together...

Bo: Mm-hmm. I do realize that.

Hope: I love just -- just being like this.

Hope: I love you, Brady.

John: Aw, come on, man. I didnít hit you that hard.

John: All right, time to wake up, DiMera.

Tony: You know, I should call the police and have you arrested for assault.

John: And I should have let you die on that island.

Tony: But you didnít, because your wife begged you to save me.

John: Enlighten me. When you decided to rise up like Dracula, where did you choose to make your most unwelcome appearance? Thatís right, our anniversary party. Your intentions were clear from the beginning. You were the cuckold once upon a time, so, what, now you think itís my turn?

Tony: Is that how you see your wife -- as a pawn in a game? If she loves you that well, what matters what my intentions are?

John: You keep playing these games, someoneís going to get hurt. It wonít be Marlena, and it certainly wonít be me. So save yourself the trouble. You will never have Marlena.

Tony: Oh, rest assured, I'm not pining after your wife.

John: Then what do you want with her?

Tony: She saved my life. I know a man like you would be suspicious of such courteous behavior, it being so foreign to your nature, but the least I could have done is sent her some flowers.

John: She doesnít want your flowers. She doesnít want anything from you.

Tony: Why do you feel it necessary to speak for your wife?

John: I think she spoke for herself when she handed back the Gemini pillow.

Tony: The pillow was a bequest from my father. It had nothing to do with me.

John: Right, just like the Gemini twins have nothing to do with you? Mm-hmm. I want you to follow along with me for a second. You come to town, the twins come to town. They're found by my daughter and Bo Bradyís son, out of all the people in Salem. My wife feels compelled to step in as their counselor/protector. You petition for guardianship, and voil, my wife is in your house on a regular basis. In the meantime, you have solicited her to help treat you for your fugue, or should I say fake states, and when she refuses, what do you do? You stage your little episodes in front of her, whispering her name, insisting she is the only one who can help you unlock your dreams.

Tony: You know, for a man whoís on such shaky psychological ground when it comes to his own past, you really shouldnít be tempting fate by deriding another manís medical condition.

John: Tony, come on. If you're saying that you have no memory of your fugue states or the hints that you've dropped to Marlena about the island, am I to assume it was a coincidence you showed up there the same day we did? Come on, man. You wanted her there. You set it up so she'd get lost in that damn hidden room where your old man had her all those years ago. You know, you have the same sick obsession he had.

Tony: Just because you are so obsessive a man doesnít mean the rest of the world is, but I do believe you knew what you were doing when you married a psychiatrist. You are projecting now, John, as the good Dr. Evans would say.

John: Thatís right, she is good. She doesnít deserve to suffer, so if you have a need to dole out punishment, do it man to man. Leave her out of it.

Tony: Suffer? Is something wrong with Marlena?

Brady: Chloe, if you decide... if it doesnít wind up happening tonight, I want you to know that itís okay.

Chloe: Brady, I'm sure.

Brady: I'm an idiot for not remembering, but, uh... I donít have protection. We're -- we're going to have to wait.

Chloe: No, we donít.

Dr. Bader: If we can just get her B.P. Stabilized and control her symptoms so the babyís viable, thereís still Hope for a good outcome for both of them.

Craig: I know sheís got to be scared to death for the baby and for Chloe, but... does she have any idea what kind of danger sheís in? With all the stress, no wonder her blood pressureís so high. I should have known.

Dr. Bader: You're not clairvoyant.

Craig: No, but... I-I'm going to see her.

Craig: Karen... before Nancy collapsed earlier, I was going to -- I was going to give her some news about her daughter, about -- about our daughter Chloe, and, um... I know this news would make her really happy, but I also think it would really shock her. This news also means that thereís more riding on this pregnancy than we had realized. This baby may very well be the only potential donor for Chloe.

Karen: You're asking me if I think you should tell her? I think you just answered your own question.

Craig: I'll wait till her blood pressure comes down. Hey.

Nancy: Craig, I'm sorry.

Craig: Itís okay, sweetie.

Nancy: Whatís happening to me? Whatís happening to our baby?

Craig: Nancy, Nancy...

Brady: Chloe, I am not going to put you at risk.

Chloe: Brady... I know, and believe me, I want to be safe, too, and we will be. I saw something in the bathroom, in the cabinet.

Brady: You did?

Chloe: See? Meant to be.

Brady: I'll be right back.

Chloe: Find what you were looking for?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Whew. I feel so lazy just sitting here.

Bo: What?

Hope: I got a lot of catching up to do. I havenít started my Christmas shopping.

Bo: Well, you never do till December 23rd.

Hope: I donít, do I?

Bo: Mnh-mnh.

Hope: I need to make up for lost time with my husband.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: Mm. Now this is productive.

Bo: Very.

Hope: Mm-hmm. And with my boys. I canít get used to the idea that Shawn does not live here with us anymore. You know, I havenít even met his roommate. You know, what kind of a name is Dozer, anyway?

Bo: Oh, Dozer is no longer his roommate. Itís Rex.

Hope: Rex?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: What kind of a name is that? Wait a minute. Isnít that the genetically engineered human being formerly known as the alien living in our garage?

Bo: Thatís the one.

Hope: We have a lot of catching up to do.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Wait a minute. My baby is rooming with a genetically engineered human?

Bo: Your baby?

Hope: Yes. Oh -- donít you ever tell him I said that, Brady, please.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: You're okay with this, this Rex thing?

Bo: Well, I wasnít thrilled about it at first, but things seem to be working out. Since our baby is no longer living at home, I thought I'd butt out, unless, you know, he made a bad decision or he wanted me to help him, but heís been doing great. You'd be proud of him. I mean, when -- when you were missing...

Hope: Yeah?

Bo: He really buckled down, tried not to miss a class. Did it for you. He knew thatís what you'd want. Didnít miss a party, either.

Hope: Because he knew thatís what I'd want, right?

Bo: You should have seen him at Halloween. James Dean.

Hope: James Dean, hmm. Who do we think he takes after, huh?

Bo: The rebel?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Bo: I donít know. His mom?

Hope: So what happened to this dozer? Tell me.

Bo: Ahem. Alcohol poisoning.

Hope: Oh, my God. Is he all right?

Bo: Yeah, fate intervened before he drank himself to death. And now Shawn -- he doesnít have to put up with a party in his room every night.

Hope: A party in his room every night?

Bo: Yeah. He escaped to Belleís room.

Hope: Oh, you're making me feel much better by the minute. I'm telling you that right now. I guess I didnít get home a moment too soon, did I?

Bo: No, you didnít.

Hope: Mm, come here. Ohh, Brady.

Bo: What? Whatís wrong?

Hope: Every time I start closing my eyes... itís like he was here, bo.

Bo: Hey. Larryís gone. He'll never hurt you -- I shot him through the heart. Heís dead.

Hope: His body hasnít been found.

Bo: Come here. Larryís where he belongs -- in hell.

Larry: [Coughs] Somebody up there was looking out for me. Nice shot, Brady. Very nice shot.

[Laughs] Oh, talk about irony. This must be the cabin you never wanted to bring me to -- the Horton cabin. Well, here I am. Itís destiny, Hope. Itís just destiny. And you and I will be together again soon.

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John: You know, for a mere acquaintance, you certainly are concerned about my wife.

Tony: I never said I was a mere acquaintance. A former relative.

John: Relative? And how is that?

Tony: Oh, how quickly we forget. I was Carrieís stepfather.

John: Oh, gee, I canít believe that would slip by. I see. So you shared a stepdaughter. That makes you and Marlena what?

Tony: In-laws, of course.

John: Ha ha ha. Man, you're really stretching now. All right, in-laws. In-laws, outlaws, we both know you have no respect for any law.

Tony: Said the man who had me murdered, said the man who coveted my wife the moment he saw her. You destroyed my wife and my marriage, my whole life as I knew it.

John: Bingo. Hit the nail right on the head, didnít I? You're after my wife, and all for one reason -- revenge, right?

Nancy: Craig, answer me! Oh. Oh, God, you're worried. You think our babyís not going to make it.

Craig: Nancy... I promise you, as much as a doctor can predict the future, that little baby -- our little girl is going to make it, okay? Okay?

Nancy: Okay. Oh, Craig, thank God.

Craig: Now, whatís this about you avoiding taking aspirin? Have you been experiencing headaches and dizziness?

Nancy: Well, morning sickness. I remember having it when I was pregnant with Chloe.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Nancy: Oh, they were warning signs, werenít they?

Craig: No, no.

Nancy: Oh, Craig, I'm so sorry. I just was starting to feel like such a hypochondriac, running to you with every little complaint.

Craig: Nancy, itís okay. You're right. Headaches and dizziness donít mean anything all the time, but from now on, after all, you are married to a doctor, okay?

Nancy: Okay. So you want my entire litany of complaints. You've got it. Oh, starting right now, with the hiccups. Feel that? Chloe had the hiccups all the time, too. They say that they continue after you're born. I remember wondering if Chloe... I feel you in there, little one. And donít you worry. Mommyís here, and I'm going to take good care of you -- now and all your life.

Craig: I want you to get some bed rest right now, 'cause we're going to find room for you upstairs soon, okay? I'll see you in a little while.

Nancy: I love you.

Craig: Is she responding at all to the meds?

Karen: Not nearly as well as I'd Hoped. We'll give it a little more time, and then I'll try a new protocol.

Craig: If she asks for me, just -- tell her -- tell her I'll be right back, okay?

Karen: Of course.

What if I never knew?

What if never found you?

I'd never have

this feeling in my heart

how did this come to be?

I donít know how

you found me

but from the moment

I saw you

deep inside my heart

I knew

baby, you're my destiny

you and I were meant to be

with all my heart

and soul

I give my love

to have and hold

and as far as I can see

you were always meant to be

my destiny

Craig: I know I donít, um, I donít make it down here all that often. I think last time was a, um, was a patientís funeral. I guess. And I donít usually -- I donít usually ask you for anything. I never -- I never really needed to. I've got the best wife and the best daughter, and my work is fulfilling, and every day I get to help people save lives. But now... now I just feel like the skills you've given me are just useless. When Nancyís amnio results came back and we found out that the baby was healthy and was a perfect bone marrow match for Chloe, that w a miracle, God. It felt like a miracle because...the odds -- they just -- they seemed so -- and, of course, now I understand why, because Chloeís my daughter, too. I just -- I keep thinking -- I just keep thinking you wouldnít give us something -- so many things to be thankful for with so much Hope to just take them away. Would you? Every day -- every day, I... I see families left asking, "why? Why us?" But when Chloe was diagnosed, God, I-I never asked you why. Not once -- not -- I just felt somehow, somewhere, it was going to all work out, but now I'm -- I'm just not so sure, and I donít know how much good it does to pray for Chloe or Nancy or our daughter who doesnít even have a name yet. But I have to ask you -- I have to ask you to help us and me. Please, God, no matter what happens -- no matter what is meant to be -- just give me strength, please. Just give us our strength. Give us strength.

Bo: Better?

Hope: Mm. Much.

Bo: Right. You know, we got to do something about that nasty picture you have in your brain, so that Larry doesnít haunt you the rest of your life. You know, all our memories associated with him arenít bad.

Hope: Howís that?

Bo: Well, when we first knew old Larry, you and I were just getting together. Remember?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: I was the punk your dad wished would go away.

Hope: Mm. And I thought you did.

Bo: I may have been working undercover, but I was not going to let that scheming Larry Welch marry you. We got to thank him. We -- we do, because he helped us see how much we love each other, how much we worked to be with each other.

Hope: I guess thatís a way of looking on the bright side of things.

Bo: Well, itís true. When I say Larry Welch, whatís the first thing you think of?

Hope: You. How much I love you.

Bo: Good. So thatís all you got to remember. No matter what Larry did or said, we were together. Thatís the way it was, thatís the way it always will be. So... just believe in that, and Larry will never haunt you again.

Larry: Know this, Bo and Hope, I'm not going to be the one who winds up dead.

Tony: So, John, do I take this as an admission that you've done me wrong? Well, of course you did, and donít forget it. But Kristin, alas, is dead. Thereís no redress for that, but I'm not interested in tit for tat -- my wife for yours. But Marlena -- yes, I do admire her. Her professional competence, her intelligence... but more than anything, it is her compassion. Thatís why I'd Hoped that you would assist me. Now that we've found out about the fugue states, that somehow it connects she and I to our pasts. I donít know how, but if you and Marlena are not interested in the truth, well, thatís your prerogative. However, both of you decided you want to help Cassie and Rex. You gave her your blessing to come into my house.

John: We all make mistakes. You know, your father insinuated himself into her home once. He believed that he could come to...possess her, that her reflected goodness would somehow grant him immunity from the law, save him from justice, but, you know, Stefano knew his limitations. He just didnít understand that his mere presence corrupts, corrodes... well, look at yourself.

Tony: You know, I remember Kristin when she was a little girl -- innocent, idealistic... until she met you. Thatís when she became corrupted. But why should that surprise us? After all, you are part of the family.

John: "I fear that Tony and...John will keep fighting each other until one or both die, never -- never knowing that they're brothers." Let us get one thing clear. I'm not a DiMera.

I wanted someone like you

someone that I could

hold onto

and give my love

until the end

of time

but forever was just a word

just a word

something I'd only

heard about

but now you're always there

for me

when you say forever

I'll believe

baby, you're my destiny

you and I were meant to be

with all my heart and soul

I give my love

to have and hold

Chloe: I love you.

And as far as I can see

you were always meant to be

my destiny

Craig: Is there any chance that sheís going to respond to the change in protocol?

Karen: Well, thereís always a chance. But she has so many weeks to go, I'm -- I'm afraid the risk of stroke is imminent.

Craig: Okay. Honest question, honest answer. Do you feel that Nancy should continue with this pregnancy?

Karen: I know Chloeís life is also at stake, but if we donít see some response soon -- I hate to even say it, but I do feel that we need to seriously consider taking the baby.

Hope: Itís getting pretty late.

Bo: You must be ready for bed.

Hope: Oh, yeah.

Bo: I meant, you must be tired. You havenít slept in a couple of days.

Hope: I'm not that tired. Are you?


Hope: Mmm. I want to show you just how much I missed you, Brady.

Bo: Okay.

Larry: The phoenix wonít rise again, but thanks to Stefano, I will.

Tony: John, this isnít news to you. You became one of us when my father trained you as one of his pawns. Thanks to my fatherís training, you became as soulless as you claim the rest of us to be. Thatís why you latched on to Marlena, because you thought her goodness would protect you. Thatís why you probably guard her and your marriage so jealously. Well, your fear is, that if you lose her, you're going to lose who you are -- the heroic John black. The man, God forbid, you would become -- one of us again.

John: I'll never be one of you. Donít mess around my wife. If you hurt her, I'm coming after you, and I will stop you, no matter what it takes.

Tony: Very DiMera-esque. Nonetheless, I'd appreciate if you'll leave the DiMera premises now.

John: No matter what it takes.

Tony: Well, did you hear what he had to say? Heís going to fight to the death to hold onto you. May the best man win. Yes...Pandoraís box. Information of my past, I Hope. Or Marlena. Tell me, will Marlena be destined to be part of my future? Oh, my God.

Chloe: Brady?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: For the first time in my life, everything is right. Everything is perfect.

Craig: There is no chance the baby could survive if we delivered her now?

Karen: No. But if we donít, we risk losing Nancy and your baby.

Brady: Everything is perfect, Chloe... and itís going to stay that way.

You were always meant to be

my destiny

you're my destiny

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