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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/22/02--Canada; 11/25/02--USA

By Eric

Öand realized you were about to let Tony fall to his death, I had to stop you.

John: All right, all right. But what does that have to do with what happened to you and what you found?

Marlena: Everything. John, Tony... is your brother.

John: Now, I'D... have to say you're making that up, but you're serious.

Marlena: Take a look. It's a scrap torn from a letter. I don't know if it was by accident or on purpose. But it's signed by Daphne DiMera.

John: "I fear that Tony and...John will keep fighting each other until one or both die, never -- never knowing that they're brothers."

Woman: You can't keep me out.

Man: You want to bet?

Man #2: I'm a friend of the family.

Man: You're a reporter from the "Intruder."

Man #2: Yeah, but I was invited.

Woman: Take your hands off of me!

Shane: Thank you very much. Celeste, I'm so sorry.

Celeste: Thank you.

Shane: Abe, how are you doing?

Abe: Hanging in there. I finally reached Lexie's brother Tony, and we'll have the funeral as soon as he gets back in town. Would you like to pay your respects?

Shane: Yes, thanks.

Brandon: You did this. Lexie is dead because of you.

Larry: Just keep your mouth shut if you know what the hell's good for you. Damn fog is so thick I can't see my own hand in front of my face. Where is that boat? Where the hell is it? It should've been here by now.

Bo: You're not going anywhere, Welch.

John: So, where'd you find the letter?

Marlena: In a small room, a storage room down one of those passageways, when I was trying to find my way back to you.

John: What kind of storage room? What was in it?

Marlena: Well, there was a cabinet filled with all kinds of medical equipment -- everything from tweezers to, uh, surgical equipment. But what really was odd to me was there was a painting, a portrait... of me. I-I don't know what that means.

Marlena: It was just so odd to see myself staring back at me from the canvas.

John: Did you find anything else in this room?

Marlena: Uh, well, there was a vanity -- vanity table with a mirror. That was where I found the letter. I was so shocked, but I-I read it. And I didn't know what to think, but I knew that I had to -- had to find my way back to you. When I walked in, I saw you standing over Tony who was about to fall to his death. I knew I had to stop you. I couldn't let you do something you might come to regret. I had to make sure you read the letter.

John: The letter. You know what I think about the letter? It's a fake. It was planted there. He knew that one of us would find it. It goes back to spy school, doc. Remember the importance of diversion? Nothing but a diversion to get us to quit the investigation, because there is no way in hell I am Tony's brother.

Shane: Now, come on, this isn't helping anything.

Abe: Let him talk.

Shane: Abe, you don't need this.

Abe: Nothing is going to stop him --

Brandon: Why should I stop? Lexie's dead. And for what? Why, huh? She's not a murderer. Lexie never kidnapped anybody. If you really loved her, you would've known that. God knows why she loved you, but she did. And you pushed her away. Instead of protecting her, you left her open, made her a target for Bo Brady's insanity. You ought to be in jail right along with him. You're just as responsible.

Sami: No, Brandon, stop --

Brandon: It might've been Boís hands around her neck, but you killed --

Shane: Back off! That's enough. Now back off!

Brandon: Sure, I'll back off. God's going to take care of you, Abe. Yeah, you may have gotten away with it in this life, but I'll make sure you pay in the next. You're going to spend eternity in hell.

Bo: It's over, Welch.

Larry: What the hell is this, an optical illusion? You're in jail for murder.

Bo: I got out.

Larry: Oh, sure you did. from nobody, huh? Cops look after their own. Talk about corruption. How the hell did you find us?

Bo: I didn't come here to chat. Let her go now.

Larry: Mm, sorry, no can do. See, uh, I think our boat's just coming in. Let's go, beautiful.

Bo: Change of plans.

Larry: Oh... I see. It's Bo Brady to the rescue -- the sequel. Well, not this time. Sorry. I know you went to a lot of trouble. You got your knight in shining armor suit out of mothballs so you can ride in on your charger and reenact a daring rescue of Hope Williams from the clutches of the evil Larry Welch. Well, this time you're out of luck, Bo. You're looking at this all wrong. Right now Hope is alive. Drop your gun, and she stays that way. Don't drop it, she dies. It's up to you.

Shane: I'm sorry, walker, I just can't let you do this.

Sami: Brandon, please. Please.

Brandon: Damn him. He always gets away with it.

Sami: I know you're upset, okay, but you can't blame Abe.

Brandon: Don't you defend him to me. Not ever, you hear me.

Sami: Just calm down.

Brandon: She was an incredible woman. She loved him, and he destroyed her.

Sami: Look, you're upset, all right? Now, come on. It's okay. I'm here with you.

Celeste: Abraham? You know, I know that Brandon is a hotheaded young man, but Alexandra considered him a loyal friend.

Abe: Well, she was the kind to take in strays. She had a big heart.

[Cellular phone rings]

Shane: Excuse me.

Abe: Mm-hmm.


Shane: Yeah. Donovan. Okay. Yeah, thanks. Abe.

Abe: Yeah, what is it?

Shane: That was Roman. Bo has escaped.

Abe: Let's go.

Celeste: Brandon. Excuse me. Would you like some time alone with my daughter?

Larry: I'm not kidding around, Bo. Lay your gun down carefully, or I blow Fancy Face away. Go.

Larry: I knew you'd listen to reason. Now kick it into the water.

Larry: You take orders very well.

Bo: I love my wife.

Larry: Ask me if I care.

Bo: I know why you're doing this. Revenge.

Larry: Ha ha ha ha. Aren't you the bright boy? Unh-unh. Let's see. I had a clear shot to the white house. I had all the money lined up, I had the party behind me. All I needed was a first lady that America could fall in love with, and I thought I'd found her. Hope Williams. And she turned on me. Didn't you? But humiliating me at the altar wasn't enough. Oh, no, she had to stay on my case until I got sent to prison. Right, Hope?

Bo: You know what? I was there helping her every step of the way. So why don't you just let her go and take your revenge out on me?

Hop no!

Larry: Oh, please, you lovebirds are breaking my heart.

Hope: The boys need you, Bo.

Bo: They need their mother more.

Larry: Shut the hell up, both of you! Jeez! Look, as touching as your offer is, Bo, I'm not taking it. See, you were just an accessory. Hope is the one who was out to get me, and you did. Prison's a hell of a payback, you know that? As you're soon to find out. Okay. No? Well, since we seem to have missed our boat, looks like sailing away is out. And since you tracked us down, the only way to keep you quiet is to kill you. So I guess I'll just -- well, I'll have to kill you both.

Bo: No, no. Let Hope live.

Larry: I'll consider it. But first you've got to do something for me. Let's see if you're still good at taking orders.

John: So that's why you begged me to save Tony's life? He was just about to drop out of our lives forever down his own freakin' trapdoor. But because you believed --

Marlena: I'm not sure what I believe, John. But I know I wanted us out of that fort and off the island in one piece, without blood on our hands.

John: I can live with Tony's blood on my hands. Damn it. He did it. He scared us off. We went all that way to get incriminating evidence, and we left the island without it. I'm turning this jet around.

Marlena: John, no.

John: Yes! We never should've left the island. It was a big mistake.

Marlena: I can't go back there.

John: You're not going to go back there. I'm going to parachute in. The jet's going to take you home.

Marlena: No, that's too dangerous.

John: I'll take the risk. If I don't get that information, DiMera wins.

Marlena: There's one more way to get the information. Get it from me. Use my repressed memories.

John: Now, how am I going to do that?

Marlena: Take me back in time.

Brandon: Thank you.

Sami: Brandon, I'll go in with you.

Brandon: Samantha, I think it's -- I should do this alone.

Brandon: Lexie, I'm so sorry. I should've been there. I would've done anything to protect you. There's so many things that I'm never going to be able to tell you now. I think you knew -- I Hope you knew -- how much I cared about you.

Brandon: There was something between us from the first time we met. I think you knew it, too. And maybe it's because we both had to fight to belong in this world, to find our place. It sure wasn't easy for either of us to... find someone to love us the way we deserve. That night we were together, you showed me... I didn't have to be alone. I want you to know, Lexie, that... I don't regret that night that we slept together.

Larry: All right. Now go start the motor.

[Motor starting]

Larry: You hear that sound? That's my freedom calling me. You -- get off the boat. Get back away from the boat. All right, you, hop on.

Larry: Sit down. You -- untie this rope. Don't do anything.

Larry: All right, now, go untie the other one. Go on. I'm watching you, man. Hey, you're real good at that. You're a real sailor.

Hope: Aah! Bo! Bo!

Larry: Goodbye!

Hope: Bo! Bo!

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Jennifer: Abe, what is going on? I mean, I talked to Jack. He's upset. No one would let him in to see Bo, and Roman's the one who told him to come dow-- oh, my gosh, where? What? What do you mean you can't tell me? Okay, fine. Well, you know what? I'm not going to stand around here and just wait. I'm going to go find out where this thing is going down.

Brandon: I Hope you've finally gotten some peace, Lexie.

Brandon: Sweet dreams, beautiful lady.

Sami: Poor Brandon. How are you doing?

Brandon: I don't have words to... I can't believe she's gone.

Brandon: I'm sorry, Celeste.

Sami: Well, you sure had your secrets, didn't you, Lex? Like sleeping with my boyfriend. Everyone knows you believed in taking what didn't belong to you. First, Bo and Hope's baby, and then the man that I am in love with. You know, Brandon and Abe and your damn mother can cry all over you, but I say you got what you deserve. What goes around comes around, and you sure got yours, Lexie. First, you kidnap Hope, and then you murder her. You had sex with my man. How long after you got into his apartment did it take you to get naked? Never mind, I'm not even going to think about that. It doesn't matter now anyway. You're no threat. You're dead. No more fun and games for you, Lexie. One more thing -- rest in peace... if there is such a thing in hell.

Brandon: Samantha, what were you doing?

Sami: I just wanted to say goodbye to Lexie.

Hope: Bo! Oh, God, Bo...

Larry: Cut it out!

Hope: Bo!

Larry: Cut it out!

Hope: Bo!

Larry: You know, years ago, when I thought you loved me, the sight of you crying your heart out might've moved me, but you know what? I don't give a damn now.

Hope: Bo!

Larry: I can't concentrate when you're carrying on over your husband like this.

Hope: [Shouts] Bo! Let go of me! Let go!

Larry: Oh, yeah, I've got plenty of bullets in this gun. You want to join Bo at the bottom of the river?

Hope: Aah! Bo!

Larry: Aah!

Hope: Aah! Oh, my God!

John: Are you under?

John: Yeah, you're under, all right. All right, doc, here we go. I'm going to take you back in time. I know you don't want to go there. It could be painful. You've been fighting it, but it's important that you try. I want you to -- I want you to, uh, try remember an old Spanish fort. 18th-century architecture, big tower. It was a period of time that was marked by the sound of crashing waves.

John: Yeah... crashing waves. That's what I want you to remember. Think about that. Let's go back to a period of time years ago, when all you could hear was the sound of crashing waves on the shore. Crashing waves. Where are you?

Marlena: I'm in my bed.

John: You're in your bed. That's good. Where's your bed?

Marlena: In the hideaway.

John: Ohh, the hideaway. Yeah. And describe the hideaway to me. What do you remember?

Marlena: The walls... are stone. It's very high up. It's -- it's a tower.

John: Oh, yeah, the tower. Take a look around. Tell me what you see.

Marlena: I can't see much.

John: Really? Why can't you?

Marlena: The room is all hazy. It's all foggy. I'm so sleepy. I'm so...

John: Hazy? Foggy? Sleepy. Why is that -- uh, mosquito netting, or were you drugged?

Man: Sleep, Marlena... sleep. Sleep, Marlena... sleep.

John: Come on, Marlena. Come on, you can do it. Were you drugged?

Marlena: There's a man. He's going to make me go to sleep.

John: Who's going to make you go to sleep?

Hope: Bo, look out!

Bo: Back up. Back up! It's over, Welch. Hope, you okay?

Hope: Bo!

John: Sweetheart, who is the man who's telling you to sleep? Can you see his face? Come on, who is he? Tell me who the man is.

Man: Sleep, Marlena... sleep.

Marlena: No, I canít. No more sleep, please. more. That will break and fall. Don't make me sleep. It will break and fall.

John: Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong, sweetheart? Why are you crying?

Marlena: Breaking and falling.

John: Breaking and falling?

Jennifer: My -- my car is right there!

Jack: Okay.

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Jack: What am i doing here? What are you doing here?

Man: Can it, both of you. Now, who are you?

Jennifer: Who am I? I'll tell you who I am. I am Jennifer Horton, Editor of the Spectator. Hope is my cousin.

Jack: Jack Deveraux, reporter for the Spectator. Hope Brady used to b my cousin-in-law, not that that has anything to do with anything as far as I can see. What the hell is going on here?

Jennifer: I spoke to Abe Carver, all right? He told me about the whole stakeout.

Jack: Stake-- what stakeout?

Jennifer: Could you just once in your life mind your own business, Jack? Just once!

Roman: I could say the same thing to you right now, Jennifer. Did Abe ask you to come down to the docks?

Jennifer: No, he didn't, but he told me that something was going to go down, and I wanted to make sure that I was a part of it.

Jack: Part of it? P-part of what? Somebody please tell me what's going on here.

Roman: How did you figure out where to go?

Jennifer: I just called my connections.

Roman: Yeah, well, you shouldn't be here. You have no idea what kind of danger you could be in.

[Cellular phone rings]


Jack: What connections?

Roman: Yeah? All right, got it. Coast guard's closing in on the Fancy Face.

Jennifer: What? Oh, my gosh.

Jack: "Oh, my gosh" what?

Roman: Get back to the docks right now. And you two get your butts outta here right now!

Jennifer: Roman, do you -- okay, I'm going.

Jack: Wait a minute.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: You tell me what the big mystery is.

Jennifer: I can't tell you. Just go home, okay? Please? Go home -- now!

Jack: Damn it!

Bo: You're shaking. Are -- are you cold?

Hope: Don't let me go, Brady. Whatever you do, just don't do it.

Bo: I wonít. I wonít. I've got you. It's over now, huh? You're safe.

Man: Vessel Fancy Face, this is the United States Coast Guard. Please fire flare to identify your position and prepare to come alongside.

Bo: Hold your ears.

Hope: Okay. Oh!

Bo: Hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay.

Hope: I love you, Brady.

Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: Kiss me.

John: Hi.

Marlena: Hi. I'm a little confused. We're --

John: On my jet, yeah. We're heading home from the DiMera island.

Marlena: Oh, oh. Hmm.

John: Hey... it worked just like you said. I hypnotized you, and you -- you just came out of a trance. How do you feel?

Marlena: A little out of it. Did I remember anything, anything important?

John: Well, y-you know, I wasn't so sure at first that you were going to remember anything, but then I-I mentioned the fact of crashing waves, and something seemed to click 'cause you went right -- right back to the time when you were -- when you were held there on the island.

Marlena: Are you sure that's what I was talking about?

John: Oh, yeah. You described the room you were in, and let me tell you something -- it was a dead-on description of the tower room behind the fireplace, dead-on.

Marlena: John... did I say what happened to me there?

John: Well, you -- you, um, you were forced to sleep.

Marlena: Forced to sleep? You mean --

John: Drugged. Yeah, you were drugged. Some guy with a syringe.

Marlena: Who was it?

John: Well, you couldn't see his face clearly, but he talked to you. He told you to sleep, and you fought him. You were afraid of doing that.

Marlena: How did I fight him?

John: Well, you -- you said you were afraid of -- of something... breaking and falling.

Marlena: Breaking and falling.

John: Yeah. Does that ring a bell?

Marlena: No --


John: What's the problem? What, are you thinking about -- are you remembering something? What is it?

Marlena: Oh, I just had a -- had a feeling... e kind of feeling that I had when I saw my portrait in the tower.

John: Come here. Come here. I know. Hey, it's all right.

Marlena: It's like a feeling of some kind of dread, like something awful is going to happen.

John: No, nothing's going to happen. Nothing's going to happen to you, and nothing's going to happen to the kids. That's why I'm here, okay? Now just forget about it, okay? Just forget about the fort, forget about the DiMera Island, the tower, and everything that goes with it. Just -- just let go of all those feelings of that time, okay? Let it go. Just let it go. That a girl. Good girl.

John: [Remembering] "I fear that Tony and...John will keep fighting each other until one or both die, never -- never knowing that they're brothers."

Sami: It's very tragic. I'm sorry for your loss.

Celeste: Thank you.

Brandon: The funeral is tomorrow, right?

Celeste: Yes.

Brandon: I'll be there.

Celeste: I appreciate that.

Sami: Are you ready -- ready to go? I -- my purse. Oh, I, um, left it in the other room. I'll -- I'll be right back.

Sami: You had Brandon first, and I will always hate you for that. Why should I freak out about it? It's not like I'm going to have any competition from a cor

Sami: Brandon, I am so sorry. You look so sad. Let me take care of you tonight. Come on, let's go.

[Cellular phone rings]



Celeste: Hello?

Abe: It's over. Bo cornered the kidnapper and rescued Hope.

Celeste: Oh! Oh, thank God! Where is she? I want to tell her.

Abe: I've already taken care of that.

Shane: Well, now, you, uh, think you can handle some good news? Larry Welch is history, and Hope is safe with Bo. She's alive and well, just like you.

Billie: Oh, really? Oh, that's great news.

Roman: Come here, you.

Hope: Ha ha ha ha.

Roman: I was praying to see that beautiful face again. You too.

Bo: Who you calling beautiful?

Roman: Come here.

Bo: Thanks for letting me handle Welch.

Roman: Yeah, no problem. Wasn't easy. I mean, uh, holding back's not exactly my style. Then, when I saw you getting knocked off the dock into the water, I thought it might be over for you.

Bo: Aw, what's a little knock on the head? Grabbed ahold of that rope there and had a little tow out into the middle of the river.

Hope: Ha ha ha ha.

Bo: When Welch thought he had won, I jumped up on the boat and turned that bastard into fish bait.

Roman: Well, I am damned proud of you, little brother. You made the rescue of a lifetime, and you saved this wonderful woman here.

Jennifer: Oh, I was so afraid I was never going to see Hope again.

Jack: Well, considering she was dead, it is quite a shocker. I-I don't get it. Bo was in jail for killing Lexie, and now here is Bo hugging Hope and Roman is hugging the both of them, and no one is pulling out the handcuffs. How does an accused murderer escape from jail and get a whole S.W.A.T. Team to help him save his wife who, after all, is not dead? And t was that about Larry Welch? What was that all about?

Jennifer: Jack, I promise you, I will explain all of this to you later.

Jack: What does that mean?

Jack: You knew about all this. I don't believe it. You knew.

Hope: Oh, God, I don't ever want to let you go, Brady.

Bo: Not even to see the kids?

Hope: Where's the car?

Bo: I knew it.

Roman: How about an ambulance first?

Hope: Roman, please. I want to go home.

Roman: You will, but we're going to get you checked out first, and we got to get this cowboy into some dry clothes before he turns into an ice sculpture.

Hope: Yeah, okay.

Roman: I want to go check to see if they found Welch's body yet.

Bo: Oh, yeah. Thanks, Roman. You know what?

Hope: What?

Bo: I knew I'd find you.

Hope: Did you?

Bo: Yes. 'Cause I could feel you with me always. I knew you were out there waiting for me.

Hope: I knew you'd come for me, Brady. I knew it.

Bo: I'm sorry it came down to the wire like this, but you're safe. Ha ha. Glad to be home?

Hope: Ha ha. You know it. Oh, Brady.

Bo: Ooh!

Hope: What?

Bo: I almost forgot. I hope it's still here. Yeah. Got something for you.

Hope: You have? My wedding ring.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Wait, wait. Larry took it from me. I never thought I'd see it again. How did you find it?

Bo: Well, that is a long story, which I will tell you later, but right now I'm going to put this ring where it belongs -- on your finger.

Bo: Hope... I promise to love you always, as long as there is breath in me.

Bo: You are my life... and I'll love you for the rest of my days.

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