Days Transcript Thursday 11/21/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/21/02--Canada; 11/22/02--USA

By Eric

3DDD3B73.JPGBrady: I'm liking our history with fire.

Chloe: Yeah, who needs hollywood? We can have fun anywhere.

Brady: Whoa! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha. Well, if you thought today was something, as they say in hollywood... toots, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Ben: A daughter?

Craig: 18 years old.

Ben: That's just not possible.

Craig: She lives here in salem. She's been very sick this past year. Now, if you want to redeem yourself in any small measure, sykes, now's your chance.

Ben: I'd be more than willing to help, but there is no way I can be this girl's father. 3DDD3BCC.JPG

Craig: Listen to me, you lying bastard. You just admitted to raping nancy 19 years ago. Do the math.

Ben: I swear, I didn't get your wife pregnant. Now, what I did was unforgivable -- wait, wait, you say your daughter's 18?

Craig: That's right. That's right.

Ben: Well, then I can do the math. I am not this girl's father, and I can prove it.

Hope: Can anybody hear me?! Help! Anybody!

[Groans] Aah! Larry leaves me alone, but I'm still helpless. Oh, God. Larry must have brought me here because he's autut to take me away. No. He couldn't have killed lexie, even if he thought -- oh, my God. Oh, my God, what's going to happen? What if you're convicted, bo, and I never escape? What's going to happen to you and our boys? 3DDD3C1D.JPG

Shane: Bo.

Bo: Shane, hey. Any news?

Shane: Oh, well, I'm afraid I'm not here in any official capacity, just -- just as family.

Bo: Oh, okay.

Shane: How are you holding up?

Bo: Oh, forget about me. It's the kids -- they're all that matter.

Shane: Well, shawn and zack are staying with your parents, but I'm sure you guessed that.

Bo: Yeah, I thought mom and pop would insist on it.

Shane: I'm going to head over there later and see if there's anything I can do to help out.

Bo: Okay. And billie, how is she?

Shane: Uh, well, no new information. Roman's at the hospital now helping kate and the family get through this. 3DDD3C44.JPG

Philip: Doctor, are you sure there's nothing more you can do?

Man: I'm very sorry.

Kate: Do you think that we could wait a little longer? Because austin's on his way, and I think he deserves the chance to say goodbye to his sister.

Roman: I have to make a statement to the press. I'm captain roman brady. This is an update on the status of officer billie reed, who was shot by an unknown gunman.

Larry: [Thinking] I should have finished billie off the day I shot her in the head. She's my only loose end. But today, I'll make up for that mistake. The girl's a goner.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Can it be true? I've got to find john. 3DDD3C92.JPG

Tony: John. You've got to help me. No, don't go! Please, I -- I can't hold on much longer.

John: Good. And as you're falling, keep going all the way to hell.

Bo: Any new leads on who shot billie?

Shane: Oh, we just can't seem to catch a break. Oh, listen, bo, I should tell you, I, uh... I called kimberly, told her what was going on. She -- of course, she called kayla, and the two of them wanted to hop on the first plane out to salem. I told them there was no point. There was nothing they could do when they got here. 3DDD3D78.JPG

Bo: It's like an avalanche -- my whole family buried under what's happened.

Shane: Yeah, especially shawn. He just doesn't seem able to accept what's happened to you and his mother.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You're such a monster, larry. So are you, billie, for working with him. My God, when will you people be done? But not by dying. Oh, God, please... I don't want to see anyone else die.

[Reporters shouting]

Roman: Listen to me, all right? I said listen to me. Officer reed's condition is unchanged. She is on a respirator now, being kept alive by a machine. 3DDD3DA7.JPG

Harold: Captain, wait, wait. What are her chances for a recovery?

Roman: According to the doctors, not good.

[Reporters shouting]

Roman: That's all you need to know. That's all I got to say, all right? Look, I tried to give you --

Man: When are they going to pull the plug?

Man #2: Oh, so you think that there's a family...

Woman: So is she brain-dead, or do you have any prospects at this time?

Tony: John, help me. Oh.

John: Tell me where my wife is.

Tony: I-I -- please.

John: Now.

Tony: I told you, I don't know! I have no idea! 3DDD3DCD.JPG

John: Well, then I guess this just ain't your day.

Tony: Oh... no, john! You son of a bitch. All right, help me up. I'll tell you where she is.


Marlena: John?! I've got to find you. This letter -- it's going to change our lives... forever.

Chloe: What do you mean, I ain't seen nothin' yet? What surprise do you have planned?

Brady: Well, let's just say that your trip to bradywood is going to get a lot tastier.

Chloe: "Bradywood"?

Brady: Mm-hmm. That's where we are. Didn't you know that? You didn'T. Well, we are. Anyway, I've made reservations at one of bradywood's finest restaurants. 3DDD3EA7.JPG

Chloe: Oh, really?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Would that be near e e bradywood sign in the bradywood hills?

Brady: Ha ha ha. That's the one. Oops. We don't want to be late for our reservations, chloe. So I need you to scurry off into the bedroom and put on your fanciest duds. Come on, let's go. Wolfgang is not going to hold our table.

Chloe: Okay, okay. Bradywood.

Brady: Great, she bought the pitch. But how the hell am I going to pull this one off?

Craig: What proof could you possibly have, sykes? We know you're the father. There's no other possible -- 3DDD3ED6.JPG

Ben: No other possible father? Well, you better look a little further, because there is no way it can be me. I had a vasectomy.

Craig: You what?

Ben: 25 years ago.

Craig: Wait a minute. You've got a son.

Ben: He's my stepson. My second wife had him before she met me. You see, my first wife didn't want any children, and that's why I had the vasectomy, but... it's something I later regretted. But I have no biological children. Now, I don't know who fathered your daughter, but I can guarantee it wasn't me. 3DDD3F06.JPG

John: So, you're finally ready to make a deal, eh, tony?

Tony: John, help me up now.

John: No, no, no, no, no. Here's how we're going to play it. You tell me where marlena is, and I'll go get her, then I'll come back and help you if you're still hanging around.

Tony: No, john, the better idea is that you help me up first and then I'll show you where she is.

John: No, no, no, no, no.

Tony: No, john, don't do this to me! I'm falling down. Dot let me die like this! Please, john, I'm falling! John, please, help me!

Marlena: John! John!

John: Oh, my God, doc! Where did he have you? I've looked everywhere for you! 3DDD3F26.JPG

Tony: Oh, for God's sake, john, help me!

Marlena: What's going on? Is tony -- what is Tony doing here?

Tony: Help me, will you?

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, john, you've got to save him.

Tony: I can't hold on much longer.

Marlena: Hurry! You've got to help him.

Tony: I can't hold on. I'm falling!

Marlena: John, do something! Tony!

Brady: Mmm! Perfect.

Chloe: Brady, can I come out? I thought you said we'd be late for our reservation.

Brady: Yep. Yeah, I did. Hang on just one more second.

Brady: Okay, chloe, you can come out now. 3DDD4086.JPG

Chloe: I can't believe this.

Chloe: Oh.

Brady: [French accent] Bonsoir, miss lane. Your table is ready.

Chloe: This is incredible.

Brady: Welcome to chez rustica, the finest restaurant in all of bradywood.

Craig: Get up.

Ben: I can'T.

Craig: Get up!

Ben: No, I can't! Aah! I can't stand on my leg!

Craig: Let me help you.

Ben: Where are you taking me?

Craig: We're going to the hospital for a dna test.

Ben: No. No. It's too much of a risk. Now, you know I'm in the witness protection program. I mean, I'm not safe until my new identity is established. 3DDD40CD.JPG

Ben: What the hell are you doing?

Marlena: Tony? Take my hand.

John: Come on, come on! Up you go!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Are you all right?

Tony: Yes, I'm all right. Thank you.

John: I'd thank marlena if I were you. I don't know why she would help you after what you did to her.

Marlena: Tony didn't do anything to me. I was lost in some secret passageway. I didn't know he was here.

Tony: You see, john, I had nothing to do with her disappearance, yet you were willing to have me die for it! So much for the honorable john black! 3DDD40F5.JPG

John: Oh, relax, it's an honest mistake. Now, what happened to you? I looked everywhere.

Marlena: I'm not sure where I was.

John: Well, how did you manage to come through the fireplace?

Tony: The fireplace?

Marlena: John, I want to go home now.

Tony: Yes, I think that's advisable. I'm not in the mood to be playing host right now, thank you.

John: No, we're not going anywhere.

Marlena: Please, I need to leave here. I'm begging you.

John: All right. We'll leave. But I'll be back.

Tony: No. I'm afraid you won't be. 3DDD4144.JPG

Hope: Oh, God. What is this place? It smelled like fish and gasoline when larry brought -- waterfront. He must be taking me away tonight by boat. Oh, God, how am I going to stop him? I've got to find a way to stop him. But how?

Kate: I can't do this.

Philip: Lucas, stay with mom. I'll handle this. You don't have a family, do you, jerk?

Man: Hey, get off me.

Philip: No, of course you don'T. You're a bastard! A bastard who only cares about headliss and making money. Well, I got all the money in the world, and I can't save my sister! You know, it's bad enough that when my brother austin arrives, we've got to say goodbye to my sister billie and discontinue life support. But you want to rub that in. What kind of animal are you? 3DDD4181.JPG

Larry: When do you expect your brother to arrive?

Philip: Tonight.

Woman: Okay, so, what's your name?

Roman: Kate, I'm so sorry.

Kate: I have to let her go. My little girl.

Tony: They are heading back to salem? Excellent. Ha ha ha. Yes, thank you. Now the coast is clear.

Tony: Oh! What do we have here?

John: So, what's the deal, doc? We're in the air now. You said you would explain everything when we were off the island

our way back home.

Marlena: Please don't be upset. 3DDD427F.JPG

John: Well, confused is more like it. I mean, first you insist that you come along with me on this trip, and just when things are getting good, you insist that we leave the island.

Marlena: Something happened. I couldn't tell you what it was in front of tony.

[Telephone rings]

John: Yeah. Black here.

Shane: John, it's shane. I got your message. How's it going?

John: Well, it would've been a lot more successful if tony dimera hadn't shown up.

Shane: Well, it's unlikely that's a coincidence.

John: No kidding.

Larry: My, my, hope. You've been a busy girl. I guess, once a housewife, always a housewife. 3DDD42AF.JPG

Hope: Got a little stir-crazy waiting for you to come back.

Larry: Did you miss me? Well, maybe some good news will help cheer you up.

Hope: What kind of good news?

Larry: Well, I was at the hospital. It appears that billie reed is brain-dead, and the family's made the painful decision to go ahead and pull the plug. And speaking of dead people, uh, lexie's wake is being held tonight. The funeral's tomorrow, so it looks like the heat is off, the coast is clear. Anchor's away, we're out of here.

Hope: Wrong, larry. We're not going anywhere.

Brady: Mmm, good choice of the bubbly. Pop. 2002 -- a very good year.

Chloe: Oh. Thank you, monsieur.

Brady: Today, the chef has prepared the plate du jour. It is called brady black succoth.H. 3DDD43CE.JPG

Chloe: Wow, that almost rhymes.

Brady: Yes, there is definitely a very poetic quality to my cooking.

Chloe: Mmm. Delicious.

Brady: I could have prepared a, how you say, hot dog and beans. However, since miss lane is a vegetarian and the help could not find any buns --

Chloe: This is so perfect.

Brady: Bon appétit. Oh. I almost forgot. A very special feature at chez rustica is the wide selection of opera music played during dinner. Uh, tonight's featured piece is...

[Country music playing] 3DDD4404.JPG

Chloe: Ha ha ha ha. Ah, yes, um, early verdi, isn't it?

Brady: Um, actually, miss lane, uh, I believe this aria was, uh, commissioned for the king... elvis, that is.

[Singing with music]

She's got oklahoma plates

she's got her sunroof up

she's got her windows

rolled down

and you oughta feel

the ground shakin'

when she comes to town

Ben: Look, I'm sorry... I mean, about your wife. But, hey, it was a long time ago. People change. I have changed. But what I've been through, I've had to reevaluate --

Craig: Will you shut up? I'm not going to hurt you. Take off your jacket. 3DDD4439.JPG

Ben: Ampicillin. It'S...antibiotics.

Craig: Hurry up.

Ben: Yeah.

CraigI want you here when I get back.

B: : You're not leaving me here alone, are you?

Craig: Damn right I am.

Hope: [Yelling]

Larry: Drop it. Drop it! Now.

Larry: Nice try. Nice try. See, unfortunately for you, I knew you were up to something the moment I came ththrough that door. You see, doll, I account for everything.

Hope: Go to hell.

Larry: Uh, no thanks, but I'll be happy to take you there. Hope, you're never going to see your family again. And you won't see shawn graduate from college or get married... hell, if he can even lead a normal life. Then there's zack. Well, it may be a little easier on him since he's so young. He'll have no memory of you at all. 3DDD448D.JPG

Hope: I'm going to see my boys again. You underestimate my husband.

Larry: Oh, really. What is he, superman under that goatee?

Hope: He'll find a way to save me. I know it.]

Brady: Yeah, well, uh, thanks for letting us know. I understand. Okay.

Chloe: Was that the repair shop?

Brady: Yeah, um, it's closing time over there, and the parts that they need to fix the jeep haven't arrived yet.

Chloe: So, what does that mean? Are we stuck here in bradywood for just a little bit longer?

Brady: I could think of a worse fate. So, more opera? 3DDD456A.JPG

Chloe: Ooh... as in the grand ole? Sounds good to me. Ha ha ha.

[Piano music playing]

Maybe I

didn't love you

Brady: Hey, baby. Care to dance?

Quite as often

as I could have

and maybe I

didn't treat you

quite as good

as I should have

if I made you feel

second best

girl, I'm sorry I was blind

you were always on my mind

Craig: Let's see. This should be enough for now. Oral ampicillin, pain pills, some water here somewhere... I'm sure you know how much to take, I trust? 3DDD45BD.JPG

B ben: Are you going to leave me here to die?

Craig: I'm going to decide what to do with you once I get the answers I need.

Larry: Ha ha ha ha. You amuse me, hope. Bo's in jail, and he's never getting out. There's not going to be any daring rescue with a big hero this time. Lexie's in a coffin, they're going to pull the plug on billie tonight so there's no trail of evidence leading back to me, and everyone's accepted that you're dead, so I don't think anybody's going to come looking for you. And I'm going to enjoy my freedom while your family suffers a living hell. And as for you, you'll be mine in every sense of the word. And they say that there's no such thing as a perfect crime. 3DDD4602.JPG

Hope: [Thinking] Dear God, bo... hear me. Help me, please.

Bo: [Thinking] Talk to me, fancy face. Tell me where you are.

Shane: John, this line isn't secure. Tell me the rest when you get back, all right?

John: Yeah, you got it. Uh, listen, shane, how is everything going back in salem?

Shane: Well, a lot has happened since you left. I'll fill you in when you get here. Look, it'll be good to have you back.

[Reporters shouting]

Shane: John, I have to go. Safe home, all right?

John: Yeah, right.

Marlena: How is shane? What's happening at home? 3DDD4638.JPG

John: He'll give me a full report when we land. All right, right now I eded to know what sent you into such a full-blown panic that you insisted we leave the island.

Marlena: I found something when I was lost, but I couldn't tell you about it in front of tony.

John: Come on, honey, come on. Stst -- just tell me.

Tony: A perfect fit.

You were always on my mind

you were always on my mind

Brady: [Gasps] Wh-- mademoiselle, what are you doing?

Chloe: Helping to clean up? 3DDD4704.JPG

Brady: No. Chez rustica has employees to do that. Put that down.

Chloe: Brady, you've already done so much to make this day amazing.

Brady: Chloe, seeing a smile on your face is all the thanks I need. It's getting late. Why don't we, um, get some sleep?

Chloe: Yeah, you're right. Okay.

Brady: The fire I built in the bedroom should've made it cozy bnonow.

Chloe: Yeah, and that bed looked pretty comfortable, unlike this sofa.

Brady: Good night, chloe.

Chloe: Brady, if that sofa is as uncomfortlele as it looks, and since we might be in bradywood for just a little bit longer, maybe tomorrow night we should rethink our sleeping arrangements. 3DDD476A.JPG

Ben: What answers? Ow! What are you talking about?

Craig: There's enough blood on these towels to compare your dna with chloe's dna.

Ben: It won't match.

Craig: Really? We'll see about that. All right, give me the keys.

Ben: Huh?

Craig: The keys -- where are they?

Ben: Here.

Craig: That's to make sure you're still here when I get back. Oh, yeah, wait a minute. I almost forgot.

Craig: A condemned man should have a hearty meal.

Tony: It won't open. I must be close. The key... the phoenix. And whatever is indede will finally solve the mysteries of my past and my future. 3DDD47DF.JPG

Marlena: When I walked in and realized you were about to let tony fall to his death, I had to stop you.

John: All right, all right, so what does that have to do with what happened to you and what you found?

Marlena: Everything. Everything. John, tony is your brother.

Woman: Ms. Roberts --

[Reporters shouting]

Lucas: Hey, leave her alone.

Woman: How's the family holding up?

Man: It's time to sign the papers.

Kate: I don't think I can do this.

Shane: Kate. Kate, it's really nothing.

Woman: Can you tell me how you're holding up right now? 3DDD4807.JPG

Lucas: Oh, come on, give me a break.

Woman: Have you decided not to wait for your son?

Philip: Did you get that? You got your damn story. Now get out of here! Go!

Harold: I-I'm so sorry.

Lucas: Dr. Lamb, we'd like to stay here and wait for my brother austin, you know, so he can say goodbye to billie.

Dr. Lamb: I understand.

Kate: Oh, my God!

Woman: Oh, how's she doing?

Lucas: Get out of here!

Larry: It's time to say goodbye to salem... forever. Now turn around.

Larry: Put your hands behind your back, and don't move.

Hope: [Thinking] Please, God, help bo. Help him find a way to save me. Oh, God, I'm running out of time. 3DDD485A.JPG

Bo: [Thinking] Hold on, fancy face, hold on.

Roman: Bo.

Bo: Hey, roman.

Roman: How you doing?

Bo: It's hope. She needs me. She needs me now.

Roman: Do what you have to do.

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