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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/15/02


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Man: That's right. Each suite has its own unique theme.

Brandon: Whoa.

Sami: Oh, man, this place is so cool. It's just like in the picture. Oh, Brandon, this place is perfect for us to have our first time together.

Brandon: Ha ha. Uh...

Sami: Ahem.

Brandon: Ahem. Here you go.

Man: Enjoy your...stay.

Brandon: Yes.

Sami: Ha ha! Oops.

Brandon: You definitely are not shy, Samantha Brady.

Sami: Ahem.

Brandon: So, is there, um... any particular reason why you chose this room for our now-publicized first time together?

Sami: Well, I thought the theme of this room was perfect for us -- star-crossed lovers. 3DD552AE.JPG

Marlena: Oh. So, this is it.

John: The DiMera island compound.

Marlena: And it's so easy to get to.

John: Hey, all we had to do was get the jet to land on a bigger island.

Marlena: Yeah, and get a small boat, sail across, avoid the reefs...

John: We only scraped the hull a couple times.

Marlena: Drop anchor, and then swim in.

John: That's why I didn't want you to come with me.

Marlena: Well, I'm here now.

John: If anything were to happen to you, I would never --

Marlena: I know, I know. I know about your fear. I know about that. Come on. We've got work to do. Let's get started. 3DD552DA.JPG

John: Let's see what we have.

Marlena: Looks like nobody's home. No lights on, no movement.

John: No, hold on. Don't touch that gate until I test it. Could be booby-trapped.

John: Whoa.

Marlena: Oh!

John: It's just as I thought. If you would have touched that gate, you would have been electrocuted.

Harold: What about Lexie Carver? Jack, it's so good you're here.

Jack: Well, what's going on? Just tell me!

Harold: I was covering the Carver escape like everyone else, until we got kicked out of the E.R. a little bit ago. Something big is going down!

Jack: Oh, okay. We got it. We're here. Don't worry. 3DD55311.JPG

Shawn-D: I have to get in there and see my dad.

Man: My orders are only to let in people needing emergency care.

Shawn-D: This is an emergency! Uncle Roman!

Man: Captain Brady --

Woman: Captain --

Roman: I tell you what. Hey, let these four come in. Nobody else.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jack: Roman, is it true that Lexie escaped from the hospital?

Shawn-D: Is my dad here? He left the pub. Was he coming after Lexie?

Roman: He's upstairs.

Shawn-D: Can I see him?

Roman: Not right now, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Why? Something happened to him, huh? Is he okay?

Craig: Two of you on her, and the other two over here. 3DD5534A.JPG

Abe: Oh, Lexie. Hold on, huh? Hold on, Lexie. Hold on, please.

Craig: Abe, I'm sorry.

Abe: No, no, no, don't. Don't. Don't leave me, Lexie! Don't leave me! Don't leave me!

Craig: I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do.

Abe: Then do something, damn it! You're a doctor! Do something! Give her CPR!

Craig: Abe, listen to me! When she was strangled, her neck was broken. I'm sorry.

Abe: No, Craig.

Craig: I'm sorry.

Abe: I...Lexie... Lexie.

[Sobbing] Lexie?

Craig: Who did this?

Bo: I did.

3DD55442.JPGJohn: All right, that should do it. Let's work on the lock. Have you got my listening device?

Marlena: Got 'em right here.

John: Good job.

John: That's classic DiMera.

Marlena: What's that?

John: This lock system. Very sophisticated. But then again... so am I.

Marlena: Ha! I'm so glad I married a man who's handy. I'll pack that up for you.

John: All right. I want you to be careful. If this gate is any indication, there are going to be traps everywhere, so let's see what we got.

Marlena: This place looks like it might have been a Spanish fort. 3DD5547A.JPG

John: Judging by the architecture, I'd say 18th century.

Marlena: What does that do?

John: Shoots an infrared beam. If this place is rigged with lasers, we're going to know all about it. Voila. Shall we? Nice and easy.

John: Here we go.

John: It's lower down here.

John: All right, here's where it gets tricky. Stay right here.

John: That's how you do it. Nice and easy, Doc. Low, low. All the way down. Let's get earthy. Come on. Clear your backpack. All the way down. You're doing fine. All right. Next step. 3DD554EF.JPG

John: All right. It's not wired. No traps. Need some light, doctor.

John: [Grunts] We're in.

Marlena: This place certainly has been decorated since the 1700s, hasn't it?

John: "To those invited, welcome. To intruders" -- ha ha ha -- "beware."

Shawn-D: I'm right, aren't I? Something happened to my dad.

Celeste: Where's Alexandra?

Roman: We found Bo and Lexie on the roof. She was trying to escape into a helicopter.

Shawn-D: What? Did Dad try and stop her?

Celeste: Man, what happened?

Roman: I am very sorry. Lexie was just pronounced dead. 3DD5555A.JPG

Celeste: Oh, God, no. No.

Shawn-D: Did Dad --

Celeste: [Sobbing]

Shawn-D: Did he --

Roman: There was a struggle. It got out of control.

Celeste: No!

Roman: Bo choked her to death.

Celeste: No! Oh, God. Why? Alexandra.

Craig: Nurse, send up two orderlies with a gurney.

Shane: Abe... I'm so sorry. I'm very sorry.

Abe: Everybody's so damn sorry, except for you. Except for you, right, Bo?

Bo: She was going to escape.

Abe: Look at her! Look what you did!

Craig: This way. This way.

Abe: No, don't -- no, don't touch her. Don't touch her. Don't touch her. I need some more time with her. I need time with my wife. I need more time. I need time. I need some more time. Oh! 3DD55648.JPG

Brandon: So we're, uh, star-crossed lovers, huh?

Sami: Why? What's funny?

Brandon: Uh, those weren't stars, Samantha. That was you. I mean, hello, remember Austin?

Sami: Oh, okay. Well, point taken. But I'm talking about all the stuff that happened after that.

Brandon: You mean after your 10 years of teenage obsession.

Sami: Yes, all right, after my 10 years of teenage obsession, I grew up, fell in love with you, and there were still things that kept us apart.

Brandon: Yeah, like what? My sister and Victor?

Sami: And those stupid tapes.

Brandon: Yeah, well, I'd say those still aren't stars, Samantha. Those are man-made problems, and we survived. And nothing... and no one... will ever keep us apart again. 3DD5567A.JPG

Sami: Brandon, what about Lexie?

Marlena: Looks like this place has been deserted for years.

John: Well, what have we here?

Abe: Oh, my love. I'm not going to let them take you. I'm going to protect you like I should have protected you before. I've got to keep you safe. I'm so sorry. [Sobbing]

Craig: Abe. Abe. We have to take her away now. Okay? Come on.

Abe: Sweetheart, they're -- they're going to take care of you, I promise. I promise.

Craig: Easy. 3DD557CD.JPG

Brandon: Samantha, I told you, Lexie and I are just friends.

Sami: Just friends, okay.

Brandon: Yeah.

Sami: I know.

Brandon: Well, I thought you believed me.

Sami: I do. Brandon, it's just that I can't stop thinking about what you told me the night that Lexie went to jail about -- about your attraction.

Brandon: That's over, long ago.

Sami: But when you say "over," that makes me think that there's something more to it than just -- than just an attraction.

Sami: Well? Am I right?

Brandon: Samantha, I know what you're doing. 3DD557F9.JPG

Sami: What are you talking about?

Brandon: We're so used to things going wrong, people interfering. Well, you can't accept that you and I -- that this is actually happening, so you're making up problems when there are none.

Sami: Are you sure?

Brandon: Look into my eyes. Can you see my love for you? Because it's been there since the day we met, probably before. Probably since those stars were born.

Sami: Ha ha.

Brandon: So you see, Samantha, the stars are on our side. We were meant to be.

John: Well, the crest confirms it. This is DiMera's compound, all right. 3DD55881.JPG

Marlena: Why did you do that?

John: They know we're here. The door wasn't rigged. They want us inside.

Marlena: And who is "they"?

John: Good question. All I can say is when we find out and they make their move, I'm ready.

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: No!

Harold: Can you confirm that Lexie Carver was killed trying to escape?

Man: No comment.

Man #2: Is it true she was strangled by detective Brady?

Man: No comment!

Woman: Is there anything you can tell us?

Jack: Roman, was it an accident or self-defense? Did Bo know what he was doing?

Shawn-D: Does it matter? Lexie killed my mom. She deserved it. 3DD558A6.JPG

Roman: Shawn.

Shawn-D: Take me to my dad, 'cause I want to see him.

[Reporters shouting]

Shawn-D: Dad --

Man: You, stand back.

Shawn-D: He's my father!

Bo: Shawn, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Dad.

Bo: I'm sorry.

Shane: Roman, we have to take him in.

Celeste: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh. Oh, look at her. No.

Abe: It's all right, it's all right.

Celeste: This is my -- is this Alexandra?

Abe: Yeah. Yes.

Celeste: [Sobbing]

Roman: Bo.

Celeste: Oh!

Roman: I don't want to do this. 3DD558D0.JPG

Celeste: Oh, God, no!

Bo: You've got to.

Celeste: Oh, God, no.

Roman: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to an attorney...

Marlena: Aah! 3DD559F8.JPG

John: [Grunting] Hold on, hold on, hold on.

[Grunts] Come on, come on, come on.

Marlena: [Grunting] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

John: Come on, 1, 2, 3.

Marlena: Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you.

John: Are you falling for me?

Marlena: [Laughs] You just keep saving me, don't you?

John: I don't want to have to do that again. That's why I didn't want you come with me. This is too dangerous. Do you understand now?

Marlena: I-I do. I do. I'm not as skilled as you are or as experienced as you are, and being here does put me in jeopardy, but if I can find anything out about my missing years -- 3DD55A2F.JPG

John: And I know that you want to unearth the secrets the DiMeras have hidden in this compound --

Marlena: I need to be here. I need to be here. I've got to find out from Tony what he meant by destiny when talking about the destiny in the fugue state. I've got to unlock my mind. It's been closed for too many years.

John: All right, all right. I understand. Here's the we will unlock those doors together. Together. But I don't want any more surprises like what just happened here. So here's what you're going to do. You're not going to run around freely unless I check the area out first. Do you understand? Is that a deal? 3DD55A55.JPG

Marlena: Yes, yes. Well, how far does it go down?

John: I don't know. I can't see the bottom. Just stay put. I'm going to find something to cover the hole. Stay right there.

Celeste: Oh. Oh, God, my baby. Oh, baby.

Jennifer: I can't take this anymore, Jack.

Jack: Wait, Jennifer, wait. Jennifer, wait, wait!

Shawn-D: Get your hands off me!

Belle: Shawn!

Shawn-D: They can't do this to you, Dad, they can't!

Bo: Shawn, it's all right. I'm going to be okay.

Shawn-D: No!

Roman: Forget procedure. Let him go. Get back. 3DD55A87.JPG

Bo: I didn't want this to happen. Lexie was going to escape. After everything she's done to us, I -- I just lost it. I was wrong.

Shawn-D: No, no, Dad. You did the right thing. You had to.

Bo: Shawn, I do not have the right to take another person's life.

Celeste: You -- you killed my daughter, you murderer! You murderer, you killed my baby! Oh, God.

[Sobbing] Oh, Alexandra! Oh, Abe.

Jack: Jennifer --

Jennifer: This is a quiet place for you to work, okay?

Jack: How about you talking to me first?

Jennifer: What, Jack? There is no time. There is less than an hour for the deadline for the morning edition to come out. 3DD55B87.JPG

Jack: What about your leave of absence? What about me watching your back here and looking after things?

Jennifer: What is wrong with you? Every single day, you hound me for a huge story. Here it is.

Jack: You think I can better explain why Bo did what he did?

Jennifer: I want this story told right, for Bo and for Shawn and for Hope.

Jack: And if I do that, will you just take it easy?

Jennifer: Being here is taking it easy for me, all right? Come on, Jack, you have work too. Start writing. Come on.

Jack: Right. 3DD55BB4.JPG


[Reporters shouting]

Celeste: I knew something terrible was going to happen to her. I felt it in my bones, but I wasn't able to stop it.

Abe: I swear, I just -- I just pray -- I pray she's found some peace. I just --


Bo: Shawn, listen to me.

Shawn-D: This is wrong.

Bo: You got to go to the pub and be with Zack.

Shawn-D: No!

Bo: Your brother needs you right now.

Shawn-D: He needs you, too, Dad.

Bo: Well, I can't be there for him -- not anymore.

Shawn-D: Yes, you can. You just have to go.

Bo: No, I can't, Shawn, not for a long time. You got to be his brother and his father. 3DD55BE2.JPG

Shawn-D: No.

Roman: It's time.

Shawn-D: Please, no.

Woman: Oh, here they come.

Man: Did you murder Lexie Carver?

Harold: Detective Brady, did she deserve it?

[Reporters shouting]

Shawn-D: I love you, Dad.

Bo: I love you, too, Shawn.

Woman: We want to be able to know what's going on. We have to report this!

Man #2: Come on, watch out. Watch out.

Woman: What about these murder charges?

Brandon: What do you think would happen if the entire universe experienced what we just experienced?

Sami: World peace? Ha ha. Let's stay here just like this forever. 3DD55CBC.JPG

Brandon: You mean live here, in the room for star-crossed lovers?

Sami: Yeah. That's what 24-hour room service is for. That beautiful pool, those mountains we could hike in every day. We could get an adjoining room for will.

Brandon: Yeah, too bad we'd have to win the lottery to make that happen.

Sami: Ruin my fantasy.

Sami: You know, what really matters is that we're together forever.

Brandon: Hold that thought.

Sami: Where are you going?

Brandon: Yeah, well, I got a little surprise for you.

Sami: You do?

Brandon: Mm-hmm. Open it.

Sami: Oh, my gosh. Ha ha ha. 3DD55CED.JPG

Brandon: Yeah. Will helped me steal it back from you, and we had it engraved.

Sami: Our initials.

Brandon: Mm-hmm. With the infinity sign connecting them.

Sami: It's beautiful. Thank you, Brandon.

Brandon: We are forever, Samantha.

John: This should do it.

John: You cold? Hmm?

Marlena: Must be a draft from the fireplace.

John: How's that? Hmm?

John: You like that painting?

Marlena: I can't take my eyes off it.

John: Ah. The DiMera library. Well, I wonder what the book of the month is. Let's see what we have here. Two... whoa. Surprise, surprise -- a book on genetic engineering. Mm-hmm. 3DD55D75.JPG

John: I don't know much about gene coding or DNA mutations, but I got to say, this book pretty much covers the genetic engineering he must have done on Rex and Cassie.

[Waves crashing]

John: "A Tran humanist is noted by a desire to transcend human limitations." Hmm.

[Waves crashing]

John: This is so wild. Doc, let me read you this about post-superhuman-- Doc?

John: Doc?

Man: I assume you two don't need any help popping the cork.

Sami: Ha ha. I think we can handle it.

Sami: Thank you.

Man: Thank you. 3DD55E50.JPG

Sami: See ya. Mm, the bubbly has entered the building.

Sami: Expecting a call?

Brandon: No. I was just seeing how they overcharge you.

Sami: Ha ha. I know you, Brandon Walker, better than ever. You are worried about Lexie.

Brandon: Samantha --

Sami: You want to make sure that the jail food isn't killing her. Call her Mom. Call whoever. It's okay.

Brandon: Come here.

Brandon: Tonight, it's just about you and me. No one else.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh. That's good, Jack. That's real good.

Jack: It's a rough draft. It's broad strokes. I'll flesh everything out later. 3DD55EBD.JPG

Jennifer: No, I know. I know you will. All right, that's good. It's a great start. Just make sure to go to the press ASAP.

Jack: Yeah, uh, Jennifer...

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Where are you going?

Jennifer: To get some air. I'll be back.

[Door closes]

Jack: And when you return, which Jennifer will you be -- the one who needs me or the one who's shutting me out? There's something strange going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is.

Craig: Hi. Uh...

Abe: Celeste. Celeste.

Craig: Can I prescribe anything for you, Celeste, to make you feel better, anything? 3DD55EE8.JPG

Celeste: The only thing that's going to make me feel better is if my daughter were still alive.

Abe: Celeste, why don't we go to the chapel and say a prayer? Let's go.

Craig: Abe... I'm truly sorry about this.

Woman: Would you like to make a comment?

Celeste: No.

Shane: All right, Shawn, let me get you back to the pub. I'm afraid we're going to have to go through that mess, but I'll go first. You stay close, all right?

[Reporters shouting]

Shane: All right, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Man: Can I get a picture, please?

Woman: Shawn Brady, how are you handling all that's happened tonight? 3DD55F12.JPG

Shawn-D: My father killed the woman who killed my mother. I'm still alive, but I feel dead.

[Reporters shouting]

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