Days Transcript Friday 11/8/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/8/02

By Eric

Woman: Dr. Wesley, this is for you from dr. Bader. It's the results of mrs. Wesley's amniocentesis.

Craig: Thank you.

Colin: Craig. Is everything okay?

Craig: It's nancy's test results.

Colin: May I?

Colin: I could call nancy and chloe, if you'd like.

Craig: No, no, they're, um... they're in my office waiting.

Colin: You're going to tell them.

Craig: Absolutely. They're not going to hear this news from anyone bumeme.

Rolf: A-a-ahem.

Rolf: Um, what happened to our, uh, study of the history of genetics and science?

Rex: Sorry, professor putnam. I couldn't concentrate.

Cassie: I can't memorize another book. I'm too worried about shawn brady. 3DCC1846.JPG

Rex: His mother's missing.

Rolf: Yes, I, uh, I read about the case in the newspapers.

Rex: You know, we'd like to help him.

Cassie: We want to help him the way that he helped us when we were alone and scared. We just -- we don't know how.

Rolf: Well, may I make a suggestion?

Rex: Yes, please.

Rolf: Forget about your studies for now. Go and be with your friend. Comfort him.

Cassie: Well, how? What can we do?

Rolf: Just be yourselves -- your own unique, special selves.

Belle: Philip, hi.

Philip: Tell this guy I'm not dangerous.

Belle: It's okay. He's family. 3DCC1870.JPG

Sid: Okay. Your identification's in order.

Philip: Thank you.

Belle: Thanks.

Philip: Has there been any news?

Belle: He's talking to his dad right now.

Shawn-d: I can call back if he's busy. Yeah, yeah, I'll hold.

Bo: Yeah?

Woman: Your son's on 2, detective.

Bo: Thanks.

Bo: Hey, shawn. Everything okay?

Shawn-d: Any news about mom?

Bo: Um, you know, I'm just on my way home. I'll tell you when I get there.

Shawn-d: Wait, wait. Why can't you tell me now?

Bo: I'll see you in a few.

Belle: What'd your dad say?

Shawn-d: He's coming home. 3DCC189E.JPG

Philip: Have they found your mother?

Shawn-d: Well, if they have, it can't be good news. Otherwise, he would have told me over the phone.

Hope: This has got to work.

Hope: If I could just get this open, ybe I could find out where the hell I am. Oh! Got it. Billie? Oh, my god, how could she do this to me?

Colin: If you need me, just page.

Craig: Thanks.

Nancy: Craig, we wondered where you'd disappeared to. A-are those my test results?

Craig: Yeah. 3DCC19B9.JPG

Nancy: I-is there something wrong with the baby?

Craig: No. No, there's, um... there's no genetic defects. She's fine.

Chloe: "She"?

Nancy: "She"?

Chloe: The baby's a girl.

Nancy: A daughter. And, uh...

Craig: And she's a perfect match for chloe.

Nancy: Oh, craig!

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Brady: Yes! Yes!

Nancy: Ha ha ha.

Chloe: I'm so happy for you.

Craig: Come here, you.

Chloe: I'm happy for us.

Craig: Ha ha.

Bo: Hey, roman. How'd it go?

Roman: Lexie hasn't cracked. She still swears she was framed. I tried everything -- threats, anger, cajoling. 3DCC19F0.JPG

Bo: Give me a shot at her. I'll get the truth if I have to chokitit out of her.

Cameron: Still making threats against my client, detective?

Bo: If it isn't the ambulance chaser.

Cameron: Ha ha ha. You go anywhere near lexie carver, and that restraining order will kick in hard.

Bo: My wife has been kidnapped, may be dead. Lexie's the only one who knows the truth.

Cameron: Listen, I'm very sorry about what's going on with you and your family, but my job is to protect my client. You go within 10 feet of lexie, and she'll sue, not only you, bo, but the entire salem police force. 3DCC1A16.JPG

Bo: You think I care?

Roman: Bo! No.

Shawn-d: Um, th-thanks for coming by. I hope you understand.

Philip: Oh, of course I do, man. You need time alone with your dad. Hey, you take care of yourself, okay?

Shawn-d: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Philip: You too, belle.

Belle: Bye.

Philip: See you guys.

Rex: Look, you can't stop us. We're going in.

Sid: Not without proper identification, you're not.

Philip: It's okay. They're friends of belle and shawn's from the university.

Cassie: We have to see shawn. It's important.

Philip: Look, you guys can't stay long, okay? Shawn's dad's on his way home from the station. 3DCC1A3B.JPG

[Knock on door]

Rex: Belle, you all right?

Belle: Yeah. What are you doing here?

Sid: The e two say they know you.

Belle: It's okay. Come on in.

Bart: Mission accomplished, rolfsky. The twins are in. What's next? Works for me. Oh, yeah, I know the drill. It's good to have you back, mastermind. The phoenix is flying high again.

Rex: I checked the latest news on the internet, and the report said shawn's little brother had been found.

Belle: Yes, last night.

Shawn-d: Yeah, he's upstairs sleeping.

Cassie: Oh, shawn, I am so glad your little brother is home safe. 3DCC1A70.JPG

Shawn-d: Yeah, thanks.

Rex: Man, we were worried about you, especially after the report on the news we just heard.

Shawn-d: What report? About my mom?

Rex: No, about count dimera's sister.

Cassie: They just arrested her.

Shawn-d: You're damn right they did. She kidnapped my mom and brother and tony helped her do it.

Rex: You can't believe that.

Shawn-d: What?!

Rex: Well, there's no way the dimeras could have anything to do with your mother's disappearance. It's not possible.

Hope: Larry and billie. She's in on this.

Billie: This has to end soon.

Larry: It will. Now... get back to work. 3DCC1AB1.JPG

Larry: Billie, billie, billie -- thought she had the stomach for this, but apparently not. Oh, well. One thing I learned in the slammer -- the only good cop is a dead cop. Ha ha ha. S wonderful stuff.

Chloe: A little sister.

Nancy: And a match for you.

Chloe: I can't believe it.

Craig: Oh. Ha ha ha ha.

Chloe: You know what? I want to celebrate. Let's start with hot fudge sundaes. Okay, how does that sound? Brady and I cagogo get them, and we'll bring them back.

Brady: You got it.

Craig: I'll tell you what -- why don't you two go ahead and let your mom and i have a little alone time? What do you think? 3DCC1B7B.JPG

Chloe: Are you sure?

Brady: Yeah.

Nancy: Absolutely. Go on. Have fun. We'll have plenty of time to celebrate together now.

Chloe: Okay. You should probably take it easy anyway, nancy.

Craig: Yeah.

Chloe: Come here.

Nancy: Oh, I'm so happy.

Chloe: This is the best news, the happiest news ever.

Craig: Oh, sweetie. Hey, um... listen, I, um... I want to give this back to you. It's -- it's the picture of sykes. I made a copy of it.

Brady: Ha ha. Well, I guess we won't be needing sykes anymore, huh?

Craig: No, but you did some great detective work, though. Thanks. 3DCC1BA3.JPG

Brady: Thank you.

Chloe: Ready when you are.

Brady: All right. Let's get out of here. Dr. Wesley, mrs. Wesley.

Chloe: Bye, nancy. Bye, craig. See you later.

Nancy: Bye, sweetheart.

Craig: Well, we certainly are blessed, huh?

Nancy: Oh, craig. In a few short months, we are going to have two daughters.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Nancy: Happy and healthy. Where's that report now? You never really showed it to me.

Craig: I dropped it. I was -- I was so excited. Here. It's right here.

Nancy: Where does it say baby girl?

Craig: Um... third line down, right there. 3DCC1BD2.JPG

Nancy: Baby girl. What does this mean?

Craig: That's the test for down syndrome, which is negative, and then these indicate other aspects of the baby's development. They're positive.

Nancy: It just goes on and on. Now, what are these numbers?

Craig: Well, I didn't even realize there was a second page. Um... it's -- it's just lab language for blood type fluids, that's all. Dr. Bader will go over all of it, okay?

Nancy: Ooh, ooh, not so fast. I want to keep this.

Craig: This goes in your file. I'll make a copy for you, okay? Hey, um, I tell you what -- let me tidy up here, get some things done, and then I will take you home, okay? 3DCC1BF9.JPG

Nancy: All right. I'm going to go down to the lounge and call my parents. They've been so anxious for us. Oh, craig, they are going to be thrilled.

Craig: You give them my best, okay?

Craig: Yes, will you, uh, tell dr. Bader that dr. Wesley needs to see her as soon as possible? I'll be in my office. Thanks.

Roman: Bo, don't!

Bo: Roman, she'll destroy my family.

Roman: We'll get her, bo! We got to do it by the book.

Cameron: And I would listen to him if I were you.

Bo: The only reason you got a restraining order was to keep me from getting a confession out of lexie. She talks, you're off the dimera payroll. To hell with justice or morality. 3DCC1C46.JPG

Cameron: Rein him in, roman, or I'm going to press charges against you myself.

Bo: Press whatever you want.

Roman: Bo! Bo! Listen to me. The law is on her side.

Roman: Look... you need to get out of here for a while.

Bo: Oh, roman. What I need is some answers -- anything at all -- so I don't have to tell shawn about that letter that his mother wrote, so I can give him some reason to hope.

Roman: When are you going to break the news to him?

Bo: I was going home right now.

Roman: Do you want me to be with you?

Bo: No, no, I -- I got to do this. 3DCC1C79.JPG

Shawn-d: You think lexie and her brother are innocent? Well, you don't know what you're talking about.

Rex: Count dimera and his sister aren't the kind of people that could do something to hurt your mother.

Cassie: They welcomed us into their hom when nobody else would, and they paid for us to go to college.

Shawn-d: Well, your heroes hate my family, okay? They've been out to destroy us ever since I can remember, okay? Brainwashing, mind control -- nothing is too crazy for the dimeras.

Rex: How can you say that about people who are only trying to do good?

Shawn-d: You want to know why? You want to know why? Because of this. I used to swimlike a fish. 3DCC1D3D.JPG

[Knock on door]

Craig: Come in.

Dr. Bader: Is there a problem?

Craig: I was -- I was looking at the second page of nancy's test report, and, um... I-I saw the notations on the blood pressure.

Dr. Bader: Nancy was under enormous stress when she had the amnio. Of course her blood pressure shot up.

Craig: Okay. And the excess fluid was due to the elevated B.P.

Dr. Bader: Yes, and we will be monitoring that closely from here on out.

Craig: Okay. Okay.

Dr. Bader: Maybe we ought to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis, too. 3DCC1D61.JPG

Craig: I-I know. I know. Be the dad to this baby, not the physician, I know.

Brady: Ha ha.

Chloe: Thank you. And you kept me going. Brady, do you know what this means?

Brady: Yes, I do. That your whole future's ahead of you, that juilliard is not going to know what hit them when you show up.

Chloe: Well, maybe I'll decide to stay in salem.

Brady: Hey, no giving up on your dreams.

Chloe: That works both ways. You don't give up on your dreams, either.

Brady: I haven'T. I won'T.

Cassie: Why are you so angry at us? 3DCC1D96.JPG

Rex: Look, we only want to help you.

Belle: Shawn, they don't understand.

Shawn-d: I want you to go now.

Cassie: Shawn thinks we're cursed by the man that put the phoenix on us, doesn't he?

Belle: No.

Shawn-d: Yes, I do. They have to know the truth about dimera sometime.

Rex: We know stefano dimera's a bad man.

Shawn-d: The list of stefano's crimes would go on all day, and his son and daughter are exactly like him! Lexie stole my brother when he was born. She lied to us, she kept him from us, and she ran away with him once before. And this time, with tony's help, she actually thought that she was going to get away with it. And you know what? God only knows what she did with my mother! So watch out. You two could be next. 3DCC1DBE.JPG

Cassie: No.

Rex: We will always be your friends.

Cassie: You and belle saveusus. We will never forget that.

Belle: We know, and we believe you. This is just a really upsetting time for all of us right now. Come on, cassie. I'll see you later at the dorm, okay? Let's go.

Rex: See you, shawn.

Belle: Amam so sorry. I should never have let them in. This is completely my fault. Are you okay?

Bart: There they are, there they are. Hey, why so glum, kids? It looks like you lost your skateboards.

Rex: Change of plans, mr. Bart. 3DCC1DFE.JPG

Bart: You're not going back to the mansion?

Rex: No. We're not riding in the dimeras' car, either.

Bart: Whoa, wait a minute! Let's negotiate here! We'll get ice cream! The boss man's not going to like this.

Billie: Whew.

[Thinking] This isn't what I bargained for -- not even close.

Roman: Officer reed, you got some explaining to do. In abe's office, now.

Billie: Is there a problem, sir?

Roman: You want to keep wearing that badge, you'll tell me what you were up to today, and I want the tth.

Bo: Belle, will you excuse us a minute? 3DCC1E3B.JPG

Belle: Yeah. I'm going to go check on zack.

Shawn-d: It's mom, isn't it?

Shawn-d: You've heard something.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I can't give up. There's got to be some way out of this damn place.

[Locks clicking]

Hope: Ooh! Hey, watch it. What's your problem?

Larry: My problems are over. Yours, however, are just beginning. It's official, mrs. Brady -- you're dead.

Brady: Hey, what do you say we go find someplace a little less...

Chloe: Public?

Brady: Yeah, and get that ice cream we've been talking about.

Chloe: Okay. Let's go. 3DCC1F5B.JPG

Brady: After you. Ha ha.

Philip: Damn you, brady.

Nancy: Philip, did you see chloe? Did she tell you the good news?

Philip: What, the good news about her and brady? What, you think it's good that he's finally stolen her away from me?

Cassie: Rex, I can't keep running.

Rex: Okay. I think we lost him.

Cassie: Why didn't you want us to get -- get in the car with mr. Bart?

Rex: We have to be careful of everyone until we figure out what's really going on.

Cassie: With the dimeras.

Rex: Yeah. Shawn was so angry when we talked about them. I've never seen him like that. 3DCC1F8E.JPG

Cassie: Well, how can we live with count dimera if we don't trust him?

Rex: We have each other, and if he invited us to live with him so he could use us for some evil purpose, then it's -- it's --

Cassie: Is that possible?

Rex: There's only one way to find out.

Billie: You know where I was. I called in. Mark and I were on patrol.

Roman: So you and your partner were together the whole time.

Billie: Well, we were -- we were separated for a few minutes.

Roman: That's when you sent mark on a coffee run.

Billie: Yeah. We both wanted coffee. Come on, you know how it is. You're out there, you're feeling tired -- I-I didn't exactly send him. 3DCC1FB3.JPG

Roman: Not the way he tells it.

Billie: Oh, and obviously, everybody tells it like it is except for me.

Roman: All right, billie, where were you when mark came back with the coffee? He couldn't find you.

Billie: Well, I heard a noise and I went to check it out. I was gone a few minutes. I came right back. Why are you keeping tabs on me? What, was there an incident, something mark didn't tell me about? What?

Roman: Billie, I'm keeping tabs on you because of this, and that's why I will keep watching you.

Billie: Hope's sweater?

Roman: That you just happened to find in a dumpster. 3DCC1FD9.JPG

Billie: Look, I know I'm not officially a part of this investigation, but --

Roman: But you just can't stay away, can you? Why is that, billie? Why are you so determined to stay on this case?

Bo: Let's sit down.

Bo: The test results came back on your mom's sweater. The blood was hers. There was also two types of hair found -- your mom's and lexie'S.

Shawn-d: Yeah, but she could be alive somewhere, right? Just -- just injured.

Bo: Well, there was a letter.

Shawn-d: From mom?

Bo: Yeah.

Shawn-d: Can I see it?

Bo: It's down at the station. Forensics is going over it.

Shawn-d: Are you sure it's hers? 'Cause, I-I mean, the dimeras, they could have that forged. 3DCC200C.JPG

Bo: Shawn, it was your mother's handwriting. It was written on a page torn from lexie's date book. It was found at the crematorium.

Shawn-d: What?

Bo: The funeral director there discovered it along with some ashes.

Shawn-d: No. No.

Bo: Yeah, shawn --

Shawn-d: No, dad, no.

Bo: Shawn, it's all right. It's okay.

Nancy: Philip, sweetheart, everything that we have been hoping and praying for has happened. I'm pregnant with a little girl, and she is a perfect match for chloe. Chloe's going to get the bone marrow transplant that she needs.

Philip: Oh, my god. That's amazing.

Nancy: I know she wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't wait. 3DCC2119.JPG

Philip: No, no, it's okay. I'm happy for you and for dr. Wesley. I'm sorry that it came across that I wasn't --

Nancy: It's all right. But just be happy for chloe.

Philip: I am.

Philip: I am. God, she's going to live... but not with me.

Chloe: Ha ha ha ha.

Brady: Yuck.

Chloe: Okay, you owe me a chocolate sundae.

Brady: Why? It's not my fault you decided to wear the thing.

Chloe: It is, too. You were the one who swerved the jeep.

Brady: Yeah, to avoid the dog.

Chloe: Oh, what a mess. I probably should've gone home and changed my clothes.

Brady: Believe it or not, this place does ha running water, a towel or two, and clean shirts up in the closet, so, please, help yourself if you need it. 3DCC214A.JPG

Chloe: Thank you. Will you make us some hot chocolate with a double shot of marshmallows to make up for this?

Brady: Whatever your heart desires.

Chloe: Really.

Brady: Really.

Chloe: I'll be back.

Brady: I'll be here.

Brady: Oh! Mom.

Isabella: Don't worry. I'm not here to chaperone. I had to come to congratulate you and chloe.

Brady: It's great, isn't it?

Isabella: I'm very happy for you both. I'm also very proud of you for the way you've helped chloe, but you can't stop now. Your journey is far from over.

Billie: I want to stay on this case until hope is found. Everyone in this department feels that way. 3DCC218C.JPG

Roman: You know what, billie? You did some pretty good police work, but that doesn't buy you a place in this investigation. You are officially off this case, no exceptions. You break those rules, you'll be suspended without pay. Is that clear?

Shawn-d: No, no, there's no way. Just look around, everything is here, waiting for her to come home. How could lexie do this? She's got to be insane, dad.

Bo: She's a dimera. All they know is hatred and vengeance.

Shawn-d: I don't believe it. I don'T. The whole thing about the crematorium -- that could be faked. You don't know for sure. And, I mean, you were never able to prove that dimera's ashes were his, so how do you know that these ashes -- 3DCC21B3.JPG

Bo: It's the letter, shawn. It's the letter. In it, your mom said that lexie was going to kill her. She was writing to say goodbye.

Shawn-d: You have -- you have to make lexie talk. You got to make her tell the truth.

Bo: Yeah, I tried. Her attorney got a restraining order against me.

Shawn-d: You don't believe that mom is dead, do you?

Bo: The evidence says yes. But, no. In my heart, no.

Shawn-d: We have to find her, dad.

Bo: We will. We'll find her soon and we'll bring her home.

Shawn-d: I'll do anything. You just have to let me help you. 3DCC21E2.JPG

Bo: We'll work together, shawn. The whole family -- we'll all work together.

Zack's voice: Mommy, mommy! Mommy!

Hope: So you've decided to kill me for real. Is that it?

Larry: No, no, killing is much too good for you. But back in salem, bo's spreading the tragic news that hope's gone -- ashes to ashes and all that funeral mumbo jumbo.

Hope: He'll never believe I'm dead. He'll never believe it.

Larry: My sources tell me that there's been a steady stream of family and friends, all gathering at the bradyomestead. You know, I can see it now -- bo with his arms around his sons, tearful words, the usual period of mourning. Soon you'll be nothing but a memory, hope, just a photograph on a coffee table gathering dust. 3DCC2214.JPG

Hope: Love doesn't work that way, not that you'd know anything about that.

Larry: Oh, wouldn't I? I knew love once, and I paid the price. Never again.

Hope: You'll never get away with this.

Larry: I already have. So, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequently of th here. Your cruise director, ron

Philip: Oh, chloe...

Chloe: You don't mind I borrowed this shirt, do you?

Bdydy: Mind? No. No, not at all.

Chloe: And I got a stain on my skirt, too, so I guess you're stuck with me for a while. 3DCC22DE.JPG

Brady: Yeah, that works for me. Listen, I have something for you, something I've been saving. A gift.

Chloe: Brady, you've already given me so much.

Brady: Nah. I bought this fothe day you found a bone marrow donor.

Chloe: I should be giving you something.

Chloe: Oh, my god, brady, it's beautiful. It's like the one your mother had.

Brady: Yeah. Same collection, actually. I found it on an internet auction site.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: She's the italian symbol for hope -- "in love, there's hope," remember? You said that the day you told me nancy was pregnant and the baby might be a bone marrow match. 3DCC2328.JPG

Chloe: I remember everything.

Zack's voice: Mommy. Mommy.

Bo: Naptime's over.

Belle: You know what? He was just asleep.

Bo: That's okay. I'll go check on him.

Shawn-d: My mom's alive. I-I know it. I can -- I can feel it.

Billie: Captain, please, I care about the bradys. I was part of your family once, and that is an asset, not a liability. I will work 24/7 until hope is found.

Roman: You're excused, officer reed.

Billie: Yes, sir.

Billie: At least we k ow the perpetrator is behind bars, and we know who did this to hope and zack. 3DCC237C.JPG

Roman: Do we?

Your next air canada flight. There's the ticket. The restriction charge. And some other excuse for a new fee.

It means a $99 fare is actually a 2-to-300-dollar fare.

Air canada: We get you comin' and goin'. Tonight's global national.

Philip: Oh, chloe... oh, god, chloe.

Isabella: You can't give up yet, brady. You must find chloe's birth father before it's too late.

[Knock on door]

Rolf: Uh, just a minute.

Rolf: Uh, come in.

Rex: We're in trouble, professor putnam.

Rolf: Was, uh, was there some problem with your friend? 3DCC2465.JPG

Rex: Going there was a mistake.

Cassie: Shawn acted like he couldn't trust us.

Rex: Yeah, because we're connected to the dimeras. He said they kidnapped his mother and his little brother and that they're bad people.

Cassie: And that we're bad, too, because of these. If we could just find out who we are and why we were sent here, I know people would not be suspicious of us anymore.

Rex: Look, can you tell us anything about our genetic makeup, uh, how we were engineered, and why?

Rolf: I, uh, I believe there is a way I can help you discover the truth about yourselves. Would now be a good time? 3DCC249A.JPG

Billie: Lexie was caught in that warehouse with zack. I thought it was an open-and-shut case.

Roman: Nah, billie, way too easy. The dimeras are much more clever than that. No, billie, I'm starting tohihink that somebody else is involved -- someone we haven't even considered yet.

Belle: Zack came home safely, and I know your mom will, too.

Shawn-d: Even when all the evidence says it's impossible?

Belle: Nothing's impossible as long as you have faith.

Bo: Hey, there's mommy right there, huh? Mommy. You want to grab it? Get her. And mommy is in your heart, too. I'm going to bring her home very, very soon, I promise. Yeah. 3DCC24D9.JPG

Hope: You can't even be sure bo got that letter you forced me to write.

Larry: I know for a fact that it was delivered to him personally by his loving brother captain brady. So by now, they're throwing the book at lexie for your murder and planning a memorial service in your honor. And you and I are free to make our travel plans. Your island awaits... milady. Just like old times.

Hope: Let go of me. Let go of me! Aah!

Larry: Listen to me. I'm calling the shots here, not you. And when I'm finished with you, you're going to wish you were dead, trust me.

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