Days Transcript Wednesday 11/6/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  11/6/02

By Eric


[Brady playing "I'll be seeing you"]

[Knock on door]

[Brady stops playing]

Brady: Hi, chloe.

Chloe: Hi. I couldn't sleep last night. I was thinking about you, remembering what you said. After a while, I couldn't tell whether I was dreaming or awake, if it was true or I had imagined it.

Brady: No, you -- you didn't imagine it.

Chloe: Atady, you said you loved me, and I didn't say anything back. I want to say something now.

Victor: Are there any leads on hope brady? That's not good enough, nico. My grandson is in salem university hospital, and he's asking for his mommy. Right. Get back to me. 3DC97522.JPG

Nicole: I'm having the eggs benedict. How about you?

Victor: I'm not hungry.

Nicole: Victor, you need to eat something.

Victor: I can't think. You order for me.

Sami: Here I am, kate. What is so damn important?

Kate: Take a look. Her secretary told me they'd be here. I thought you did such an excellent job of impersonating nicole at the cheating heart, you should be here for the big payoff.

Sami: You know, I've got a lot on my mind this morning.

Kate: Oh, please. What could be more important than watching nicole crash and burn?

[Cellular phone rings] 3DC9754F.JPG

Victor: Is that mine or yours?

Nicole: Mine.


Nicole: I will take care of whoever this is, and then we will have a nice breakfast and discuss where we're gonna get married.


Nicole: Nicole walker.

Man: I've been dreaming about you, honey pie, shaking your booty up there on the bar. Ready for more tricking and treating?

Lexie: I'm so glad you're here.

Tony: Listen to me. They're gathering new information. It's new evidence against you. We got to act fast.

Lexie: No. No. I-I decided against it. 3DC97579.JPG

Tony: What?

Lexie: Running, planning an escape -- tony, I love you so much for wanting to risk this for me, but I can'T. I ran once before. I will not do it again.

Brandon: I have told you everything I know. You want me to make stuff up?

Abe: I want you to answer the question, damn it. Now, were you with lexie when she found hope's wallet in her car?

Brandon: When she found hope's wallet had been planted in her car. Yes.

Abe: And later lexie told you that she hadossession of hope's travel itinerary?

Brandon: Also planted without her knowledge.

Abe: When the accused was discovered with the kidnap victim -- zack brady -- you were nearby in salem place. 3DC975A8.JPG

Brandon: You ought to know. You were there, too.

Abe: Anything you haven't told me?

Brandon: Oh, yeah.

Abe: Well, now would be the time.

Brandon: You want me to give up lexie, okay lexie is guilty.

Bo: Hey.

Roman: How you holding up?

Bo: Any word from the lab?

Roman: Not yet.

Bo: Oh, come on, we sent that sweater down there for tests last night. What the hell's the hold?

Roman: I'll call and find out.

Bo: Thanks, bro.

Marlena: Bo. We heard the good news about zack.

Bo: Right.

Marlena: Take that as a positive sign, huh? 3DC975E1.JPG

Bo: Yeah.

Marlena: And you're most likely living on doughnuts, so I brought you some food.

Bo: Thanks.

John: Any news on hope?

Roman: I got through to the lab. They're faxing over the results of that bloodstain.

Abe: Now, is it your sworn statement that lexie kidnapped hope and zack brady?

Brandon: Not at all.

Abe: Then what are you saying?

Brandon: Lexie's only crime is one of passion. She fell in love with you.

Abe: Oh, for pity's sake.

Brandon: Lexie trusted you. She turned in all the evidence that was planted on her, even though she was terrified no one would believe her. She did it so that she could help find that little boy. It was a brave and selfless act. And what do you do? You use it against her. 3DC976D0.JPG

Abe: That's enough!

Brandon: You don't want to take the blame for anything, do you? No, see, you work it very carulully so that the people closest to you take the fall for your shortcomings.

Abe: That's absurd.

Brandon: My mother loved you, thinking you were strong, believing that you would protect her. And she paid for it. And now the same thing is happening to lexie.

Abe: You know, brandon, I know you feel like you have an ax to grind, but now is not the time or the place.

Brandon: You know, lexie could go to jail for the rest of her life. Why? Because she made the mistake of falling for a weak man, a man who wouldn't stand up for her, a man who couldn't give her the child she so desperately wanted. 3DC97702.JPG

Abe: You shut up! You don't care about lexie. You don't care about anybody. All you know how to do is hate. And sooner or later, all that rage inside your gut is just going to eat you alive.

Lexie: Tony, if I run, everyone will assume that I'm guilty.

Tony: They already assume that.

Lexie: That's exactly why I have to stay to defend my innocence. I want my name cleared. I want a full apology.

Tony: Don't be naive.

Lexie: No, when they find hope, she'll tell them.

Tony: Hope may never come back.

Lexie: Why do you say that?

Tony: Because, I told you, this new evidence they found, whoever planted it and set you up has planned a real bomb this time. 3DC9772F.JPG

Lexie: What is it?

Tony: A sweater, apparently matching one of hope'S. It was found in a dumpster between our house and salem place.

Lexie: Well, just a sweater? Nothing else?

Tony: There's blood on it.

John: What's this about a bloodstain?

Roman: A sweater was found, identical to the one hope was wearing the last time anybody saw her.

Marlena: Bo --

Bo: It's nothing, nothing. Just something else we have to check out.

Roman: From the lab. No dna results yet. They'll send those over as soon as they're cplplete.

John: What is it?

Bo: Blood type on the sweater -- same as hope'S. 3DC977C8.JPG

Kevin: Good evening.

Chloe: I don't know where to begin.

Brady: You don't have to say anything.

Chloe: Yes, I do. When I left you last night, I kept thinking about that moment over and over, and I cried every time.

Brady: I didn't mean to upset you.

Chloe: No, it was a good kind of crying, the best. Brady, you have been so generous with me, and always so understanding. So I'm hoping that you'll understand what I'm about to say to you now.

Brady: Sounds important.

Chloe: I want to tell you how I feel about you.

Brady: Okay.

Chloe: Can we sit down?

Brady: Yes. Yeah. 3DC97852.JPG

Chloe: Look, I've wanted to tell you for months. I'm not afraid of these feelings. I want to feel them, and I want to tell you. I want to tell the world. I'm just afraid of what will happen if I say it out loud.

Brady: No, please, go on.

Chloe: When I was growing up, whenever something good happened, when I actually got something I wanted, then immediately something bad would happen. It was as if there was a scale of cosmic justice. If there was good stuff on one end, then the other end was loaded with horrible stuff to balance it out. So now I have this illness. And, brady, I'm trying to stay positive, but the fact still remains I need a bone marrow transplant. And we haven't been able to find a donor. We haven't located my biological father. And my mother may be pregnant, but there's only a small chance that that baby will be a match. D d I have hope. I really do. It's -- it's just that it's slim, and I don't want to jinx that hope. 3DC978A1.JPG

Brady: So, what you're saying is if things go well for us, you're afraid they may go badly for your treatment.

Chloe: Exactly. If I tell you now how I feel, if I reach for that happiness, I'm asking for the ax to fall. Look, I know you think that sounds childish and paranoid, and you think that we should live in the moment, but --

Brady: No, that's okay. I understand. Chloe, you don't have to tell me now. I can wait. I can wait forever for you.

Man: Come and lasso with me, and I surely would love to tie you up.

Nicole: Excuse me, but how did you get my name and number? 3DC978E3.JPG

Man: You gave it to me last night at the cheating heart.

Victor: Who is it?

Nicole: Some idiot with a sales pitch.

Kate: Did you see that look on her face? I bet that was one of those cowboys from the cheating heart.

Sami: Great. But you know what, kate? I do have to go.

Kate: No, no, nonsense. Breakfast is on me. Besides, you did such a superb job of handing out all those business cards from nicole, I bet every one of those cowboys is going to be calling her within the next 24 hours.

Sami: Well, I have to say that I am very glad that it is paying off, but I have to go find brandon. 3DC9790E.JPG

Kate: Why?

Sami: He took off last night and never came home.

Kate: Oh. Wise move.

Sami: Look, just tell me what happens, okay?

Toby: Sorry I'm late. How's business this morning?

Man: The usual.

Toby: Yeah? What do we got?

Man: Go ahead.

Toby: Oh, baby, you look even hotter without the mask. This is my lucky day.

Kate: Ah, sami, sami, sami, you are missing this. The fun is about to begin.

Brandon: So you haven't got enough here to charge me, commander. So why don't you let me go before I make a big noise about my rights being violated?

Abe: Go on, get the hell out of here. 3DC97968.JPG

John: Can I see that?

Bo: You know, the fact that it's hope's blood type on that sweater -- it doesn't mean anything, you know? You know how many people have that type of blood. Millions. It's not like it's rare or anything.

John: Anything else to go on? Hair samples?

Roman: Lab's on it. I just wish they'd hurry.

Abe: You still here?

Bo: Get out of here, walker!

Brandon: Yeah, well, it sounds like someone is still planting evidence carefully chosen to incriminate lexie.

Bo: The woman is guilty.

Abe: Go!

Brandon: No way. I mean, someone's got to stand up for her before you all bury her under a mound of circumstantial evidence. 3DC9798E.JPG

Abe: Did you hear what I said?

Marlena: Brandon, I'd like to talk to you.

Brandon: Not now.

Marlena: Right now. Come with me, please. Abe, your office?

Abe: Whatever.

Marlena: Fine. Thank you.

Abe: So where are we?

Roman: This just came in.

Abe: Dear god.

Man: Phone for you.

Roman: Thanks. Brady here. And this was addressed to bo brady? Are you sure about that? All right, I'll be right there. Something I gotta check on. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Bo: All right. Check this out -- two types of hair were found on the sweater. 3DC979C1.JPG

Abe: Okay. I know what I have to do.

Lexie: Does the blood on the sweater match hope's dna?

Tony: They don't know yet.

Lexie: It can't, tony. Oh, god, please protect hope. Isaac can't lose his mommy. He's been through so much already.

Tony: What's going on? What are these men doing here?

Abe: Police escort. We're here to take lexie to the lab.

Lexie: Why?

Abe: We need a sample of your dna.

Chloe: You think I'm hopelessly superstitious, don't you?

Brady: No, not at all. I inink people from the beginning of civilization have felt the way you do. Like if someone's too happy, the gods would be jealous. So they would zap them with a bolt of lightning. Wham! Bam! "Take that, you happy people!" 3DC97ACB.JPG

Chloe: Right. Like the great myths in operas.

Brady: But there is one way to counteract that superstition.

Chloe: How?

Brady: Just say the opposite. For instance, if you have a really beautiful baby, you say, "oh, it's too bad that baby's so ugly." Or if you get a great new job, you say, "man, my new job is so horrible. They're working me like a dog, and I'm exhausted." That way, you don't seem proud, nobody gets jealous and hurls a bolt of lightning at you.

Chloe: Makes sense to me.

Brady: Chloe, you're so... nondescript. Horrible blue eyes, awful long lashes, not to mention a very low I.Q. No talent whatsoever. How could I possibly enjoy spending time with you, much less fall in love with you? 3DC97B0A.JPG

Chloe: Well, brady, you are such a dork. You know what? To put it politely, you are a big nothing. How could I possibly feel anything for someone like you?

Brady: You're just one big zero.

Chloe: I can't stand you.

Brady: I can't stand you more.

[Both laugh]

Brandon: I mean, lexie is not cable of harming hope. Or zack or anyone else, for that matter. I mean, I spend time with her, marlena. Her distress over this kidnapping is genuine. I mean, the tears, the sleeplessness. I mean, she's made herself sick over it. I'm wasting my breath. I mean, you're all out to get her, you and bo and -- 3DC97B46.JPG

Marlena: No, hold it right there. Nobody's out to get lexie. If I blame anybody here, it's stefano dimera. He set this whole thing in motion when he switched those babies at the hospital.

Brandon: Yeah, well, stefano doesn't make a very convenient target. He's dead.

Marlena: And now we can clean up the mess that he left behind. I'm not in the habit of giving unsolicited advice, but I'm gonna do it right now. You never got involved in stefano's schemes when he was alive. Consider yourself cky, and don't immerse yourself in this crisis here.

Brandon: Lexie's my friend. She needs me. 3DC97B66.JPG

Marlena: Then support her all you can, b d don't become her prime defender.

Brandon: Who else has she got?

Marlena: Her lawyers, her mother, enough money to hire whatever counsel she might need. She's not without resources...

Brandon: Yes --

Marlena: So don't make her situation worse by picking a fight with abe, or anybody else in the precinct, for that matter. Tensions are really high out there. Hadn't you noticed?

Brandon: I can't just sit back and do nothing.

Marlena: Well, you have a job. You've got a life. Sami tells me that you went to the station last night and didn't come home. She's worried about you. Sami needs you. 3DC97B90.JPG

Sami: I really do, brandon.

John: We're sending down a dna mpmple from lexie carver. Check it against the blood and the hair that were found on the sweater. Let us know right away if there's a match.

John: Food's a weapon. Marlena thought you were probably running on empty. Why don't you try getting it down?

Bo: Thanks.

Tony: You're railroading her. I insist you stop so I can call her attorney.

Lexie: Tony, it's okay. I want to have the test done.]

Chloe: Mm.

Brady: Ha ha.

Chloe: I thought I heard you playing the piano earlier before I came in. It was your mother's song, wasn't it? 3DC97C5B.JPG

Brady: Yes. I play it a lot when I'm alone.

Chloe: Will you play it for me now?

Brady: Last time I did that, you got upset.

Chloe: Well, last time was a really bad time for me, and I now know how wrong I was about you bringing up your mother. I thought you were trying to prepare me for -- please, brady, will you just play it?

[Brady playing "I'll be seeing you"]

Chloe: [Humming]

Chloe: She's here with us right now.

Chloe: I can feel your mother's presence, brady. Can you?


Chloe: She loves you so much.

Chloe: She's gone. 3DC97CB6.JPG

Brady: Not really. My mom will always be with me.

Chloe: Finish the song?

[Brady playing "I'll be seeing you"]

Marlena: I'm sure you two could use some time alone, hmm?

Sami: Thanks, mom.

Marlena: You bet.

Brandon: I'm sorry I didn't call you last night and tell you I was hung up.

Sami: What happened?

Brandon: Well, abe held me here for interrogation. He's doing his best to nail me.

Sami: For what?

Brandon: Accessory to the kidnapping lexie didn't commit.

Sami: Brandon, please, promise me that you are going to stay away from her until this is all over and lexie'S... 3DC97D01.JPG

Brandon: Put away for life? I can't do that. I can't let lexie pay for a crime she didn't commit.

Sami: Brandon, if you don't, you're the one who's going to be implicated. Look, you are wiped. Come home with me.

Brandon: No, I-I can't, all right?

Sami: You need to rest. Please, brandon.

Lexie: I'm happy to give a dna sample. I want to prove once and for all that I was nowhere near hope when she was abducted. I would never, ever hurt her.

Abe: Bo.

Tony: Do not come near my sister. Must I remind you there's a restraining order?

Bo: Chase, get her out h here. 3DC97D32.JPG

Brandon: What's going on?

Marlena: Lexie's going for a dna test.

Tony: Please. Please. I'll take care of my sister.

Sami: Come on, brandon. Let's, um, let's go.

Brandon: Hey, you know what? I am not the enemy. You want to protect your sister? Then go after abe carver.

Sami: Brandon, brandon, come on.

John: Let the department handle lexie. I've got a plan that's going to neutralize all the dimeras, starting with the number one son. I'm C.C. Buzzy's, a unique gift store on whyte ave. That specializes in local artists and crafters are having an open house tomorrow 10 am to 9 pm. Donations will be accepted during the open house for the norwood school reading program. For more info call 437-37-07.******The thorsby christmas elves are sponsoring a christmas sale of crafts and home based businesses. It's friday and saturday at the thorsby community hall. Over 40 tables. Something for everyone. Home cooked supper is availableon friday and lunch on saturday. For more info call 789-41-36.****** Edmonton's adults 55 plus are invid d to planning workshops to assist the edmonton task force on community services for seniors, create a new blue print for delivery of social and recreational programs and services. Five planning workshops will be held. To register call 423-55-10.****** Kirk united church women and 3DC97D99.JPGthe sunday school are having a christmas fair on saturday from 1 to 3:30 pm. Admission is $3 which includes dessert and a beverage. Check out the baking, preserves, crafts, new to you table, children's shopping table and more. The church is located at 135-35- 122 ave.******And the jasper place branch of the royal canadian legion is holding their remembrance day service on monday at the bill hunter arena on 92 ave.. and 163 st. Participants should arrive at 10 am, preliminaries will begin at 10:30. For more info call 484-68-81.*****That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your wed.

Toby: Hi, I'm toby. I'll be taking over for your waiter. If I can get you anything, let me know, okay? 3DC97E31.JPG

Nicole: Thanks.

Toby: Yeah. Ooh, allow me.

Nicole: Oh, oh, ha ha.

[Cellular phone rings]


Victor: Excuse me. Yeah? Oh, dr. Jaynes, thanks for calling me back. I was hoping you could give me an update on my grandson's condition. Zack brady.

Nicole: [Thinking] "Let's pick up where we left off last night. Meet me on the terrace in five."

Bo: I want to hear this plan of yours.

Marlena: I'm not sure this is a very good time.

Bo: This is a perfect time. Marlena, I will find my wife.

Marlena: I don't doubt that.

Bo: And that's not going to solve the bigger problem. I mean, even if lexie's in prison where she belongs, it's obvious the dimeras are trying to re-establish themselves here in salem. They can't continue to wreak havoc with our lives. 3DC97E70.JPG

John: I hear you.

Bo: So what are you going to do?

John: Well, marlena and i have uncovered some very interesting facts regarding tony's lost years.

Marlena: During a fugue state, he talked about a key that would open the door to his past and future.

John: It could be that blue key that's connected to the twins. We don't know for sure, but it could be.

Marlena: He also talked about a man in white that he had seen on an island.

Bo: Is this a real island or a dream island?

John: Well, it's a very real island. We found some satellite photographs in tony's house of an archipelago. Interesting thing is the layout of the islands is an exact match to the gemini constellation. 3DC97E99.JPG

Bo: Wow. Oh, the constellation that's on that pillow that stefano left you.

Marlena: Exactly.

John: We pinpointed the location. I'm going to fly out there and see what's going on. I want to see firsthand what stefano has in store for his heirs, and then I'm going to bring down the dimera legy y of evil once and for all.

Bo: When do you leave?

John: Today.

Marlena: John, you can't go now. There's too much going on. You can't possibly go now.

Bo: He's got to go, marlena. He's got to do whatever he can to stop the dimeras. If he's successful, it's going to help me and hope, the bradys -- he'll help all our families. 8s4w oaoaoawpwpwa 3DC97F6A.JPG

Brady: What are you thinking about?

Chloe: Nancy. The baby. The amnio. One minute I feel like I can't wait to hear the results, and the next minute, I just want to put it all off.

Brady: You know, chloe, about a million years ago, when I was trying out for varsity baseball, I couldn't wait to see if I had made the team. But on the other hand, I couldn't bring myself to look at the list when it was posted. So I had a friend of mine check to see if my name was on it.

Chloe: Was it?

Brady: Yes, it was. The turning point between knowing and not knowing is huge. It's what brings us from one chapter of our life to the next. 3DC97FA5.JPG

Chloe: Do you still play the know/not know game?

Brady: Every time I buy a lottery ticket.

Chloe: You waste your money on lottery tickets?

Brady: I know the chances are minuscule, but I have a gut feeling I'm going to win somay. I have that same feeling about you.

Chloe: What, you mean about finding a donor?

Brady: One day soon, your lucky number's going to come up.

Sami: Hey, brandon, why don't I, um, make breakfast?

Brandon: No thanks. I just need to close my eyes for, like, two seconds.

Sami: You know, I have to say, I really admire you. You're a really good friend. You'll go to just about any lengths to rescue someone in trouble. 3DC97FE1.JPG

Brandon: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure I did lexie any good going down to the precinct.

Sami: I remember in europe how you were there for me and will.

Brandon: That was a long time ago.

Sami: Why are you so into the rescuing business, brandon? 'Cause your mom -- 'cause you couldn't rescue her from your dad?

Brandon: Do me a huge favor, samantha -- don't try to analyze me.

Sami: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help. You know what? I have an even better idea. I love you, so, uh... why don't you forget about everything else and... be with me now? 3DC98019.JPG

Marlena: Wouldn't you rather have john close by in case you need him?

Bo: I can handle things here.

Abe: Lexie's back in her cell. The lab got a dna sample and a mouth swab, plus strands of hair.

Roman: I need to speak to bo alone.

John: Shall we?

Roman: I have something on hope.

Bo: What is it?

Roman: I just investigated a break-in at the final rest mortuary -- unauthorized use of the crematorium. I called in a forensics team to go over the place with a fine-toothed comb.

Bo: What's that got to do with my wife?

Roman: This was found at the scene, addressed to you from hope. Color of being good to yourself, 3DC980C8.JPG

Brady: After you've had your transanant, chloe, you're going to pick up right where you left off. Going to move to new york, study at juilliard... I'll come visit you, we'll go to the opera, we'll have a fabulous time. And I promise you, the ax won't fall.

Isabella: You've told her that you love her, brady. Now give her what she needs... to know her father.

Victor: Thank you, doctor. I'm very grateful. Sorry. I had to take that.

Nicole: How's zack?

Victor: He's doing well, thank god.

[Cellular phone rings]


Victor: Sorry.

Nicole: No. No, go ahead. It could be hope. I'm off to the ladies' room. 3DC9810D.JPG

Victor: Nico. What did you find out?

Nicole: Ahem. So... what's this about?

Toby: Baby, you were something else last night.

Nicole: Yeah?

Toby: Yeah, dancing on the bar in that sexy little getup. The mask was cool, too. Kind of created a sense of mystery. I didn't know what you looked like from the neck up, but I held on tight to your business card.

Nicole: Ha ha. Let me see that. It's a fake.

Toby: All of a sudden, you're playing hard to get? Come here.

Kate: Sami. 3DC98161.JPG

Sami: Look, this is not a good time, kate.

Kate: We just scored. Victor just caught nicole with one of her cheating heart cowboys.

Nicole: You're pushing your luck, sami -- you and kate both. You think you've set me up for a fall? Ha! Well, guess what -- it's not going to work.

Sami: Sorry, kate. You are going to have to handle that on your own. I have more important things to do.

Brandon: Lexie.

Lexie: [Groans]

Tony: I wish you hadn't agreed to take the test.

Lexie: No. I want abe to hold the results in his hands and read with his own eyes that I am innocent. 3DC981AA.JPG

Tony: Don't you get it? Somee has been setting you up. You can bet that this latest evidence has been tampered with. I'm sure it's going to incriminate you even further.

Lexie: Ah.

Tony: Alexandra, I know you want to take the high road, but if you tough it out all the way through, with this salem justice system, you won't stand a chance. Oh! Listen, do I have to call you a doctor?

Lexie: No. No.

Tony: You sure? You've been under the weather for weeks.

Lexie: No, it's -- it's -- it's just stress, that's all.

Tony: But how much more can you be taking?

Lexie: You're right. You're right, tony. This has to end. 3DC981D4.JPG

Tony: What are you saying?

Lexie: Upstairs, when I looked at bo and saw all that suppo surrounding him -- john, marlena, abe -- I knew then I'd never make it. No matter how good our defense team is, if this thing goes to trial, it'll be over before it begins.

Tony: Wait a minute. What are you saying? You're ready to listen to me?

Lexie: I'm done listening. I want you to do whatever it takes. Just get me out of here.

Tony: I promise -- I promise I will set you free.

Bo: "Dear brady, this is goodbye."

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