Days Transcript Monday 11/4/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/4/02

By Eric

you guys were up here. How did nancy's amnio go? 3DC6D1CC.JPG

Chloe: What are you doing here?

Nancy: You're fine, nancy. You're just -- it's just cramps. No need to worry.


Craig: Nancy. What is it? What's wrong?

Tony: You mean to tell me that my father has risen from the ashes in the form of these twins?

Rolf: No. Sadly, the twins are not stefano dimera in another form. However, they are stefano's creations. They were brought into being in the hope that they would come to salem one day and fulfill the dimera legacy.

Tony: How dare he try to take away my birthright. I am stefano's son. That's why I came back here, to carry on his legacy! 3DC6D202.JPG

Rolf: Then you are going to need this.

Tony: How did this key... how? How did you get this key away from him?

Rolf: From him? From whom?

Tony: John black.

Rolf: What are you tal-- I did not get this from mr. Black. Though I would be most interested to know how friend john managed to secure his own key.

John: All right, now, I'll just run these satellite photos through the atmos database and we'll see what we got. We should have our answer in about... two minutes.

Marlena: Nice to have something concrete to go on, isn't it? 3DC6D236.JPG

John: Mm-hmm. All thanks to you, doc. Or should I say... la femme marlena?

Marlena: Our mission was successful.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: In spite of the fact that you nearly blew my cover.

John: I... was worried about you.

Marlena: I was fine, fine, fine.

John: Yeah, I don't care. I know. You made your point. You were fine, you were okay. You could've done it without me. You could've done it all by yourself with one hand tied behind yr r back. In your sleep.

Marlena: You're not going to end our partnership, are you?

John: Our partnership is forever, and I will make sure of that. 3DC6D255.JPG

Marlena: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

John: You distract me so. Ahem.

Lexie: Oh, sweetheart, I'm here. Oh, baby, I'm right here, I'm right here. Are you all right? Yeah, yeah? Everything's going to be okay, okay? All right. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come on. Let's get you out of here.

[Pounding on door]

Bo: Lexie, open up! We know you're in there!

Abe: Open up!

Lexie: This can't be happening.

Bo: Lexie, open this damn door!

Abe: Lexie! Come out! Hand over the baby, lex! 3DC6D291.JPG

Lexie: Bo? Thank god you're here.

Bo: Hand over my son. And where's my wife?

Lexie: No, stop, stop, you're going to frighten him.

Zack: Daddy.

Bo: It's okay. It's okay, zack. I'm right here. I'm right here. I'll... never leave you alone again.

Lexie: Abe, look, I know how this looks, okay? But I didn't take him, I swear. I found him just a minute ago. I heard him crngng for his mommy, and I... abe, you know that I'm being framed. You know I didn't do this! Please, somebody, believe me.

Abe: Is he all right? 3DC6D2B8.JPG

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Hey, it's abe. Want to say hi to abe? Where is my wife, damn it? Tell me where hope is! Now! Lexie! Daddddd

John: Interesting. According to the database, it doesn't look like any of the islands where you were held.

Marlena: So it wasn't under surveillance by the dimeras, eh?

John: Evidently not, and that could be a good thing.

Marlena: Any guess what they're looking for?

John: I don't think we're going to have to guess. We are about to find out for sure. 3DC6D39C.JPG

Rolf: It is crucial that john black not discover the secrets this key unlocks.

Tony: Well, let's discuss those secrets, dr. Rolf. Please sit down. Please sit down and tell me exactly how you found this key.

Rolf: It -- it was hidden in belle black d dormitory room.

Tony: I had her room swept immediately after she moved in.

Rolf: Oh, well, that was several weeks ago. Perhaps it wasn't there at the time, count dimera. The important thing is, that it's now in our hands. But what about this other key, the one that stefano had in his possession?

Tony: My father gave to me in his final moments. He told me that this key was the secret to my past, as well as my future. And then john black stole it. 3DC6D3C9.JPG

Rolf: And he must answer for that.

Tony: You said something earlier, that I would need this key to carry on the dimera legacy.

Rolf: That is correct, count, for you hold in your hand the power to unleash the twins' very special talents.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. But, dr. Rolf, what are these talents, and how might they be used to service the dimera family?

Bo: What have you done with hope? Answer me!

[Zack crying]

Bo: I'm sorry, zack. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Abe: It's all right.

Bo: It's okay. It's okay, buddy. It's okay. It's all right. It's okay. 3DC6D3F5.JPG

Lexie: Abe. Oh, no!

Abe: You have the right to remain silent.

Bo: Like hell she does. My wife is missing. She knows where she is, and you're going to tell us, you understand?

Abe: Bo, you need to get a hold of yourself. We're going to do this by the book to protect our case.

Bo: You think I care about the book? I care abo f finding my wife. Zack is here. She would never have let him go. Tell us what you did with her, lexie.

Lexie: Bo, I don't know where hope is. If I knew something, I would tell you. Abe, you know I'm telling the truth. 3DC6D420.JPG

Abe: [Dialing cell phone]

[Telephone rings]

Roman: Captain brady.

Abe: Roman, it's abe.

Roman: What's the word?

Abe: Zack's safe. We found him.

Roman: Well, thank god for that.

Abe: Still no sign of hope. We're bringing in lexie. Now, I want every available officer out there to do an immediate sweep of this area.

Roman: L l right, we're right on that, partner.

Abe: All right, let's try this again.

Lexie: Would you bring my purse, please?

Abe: You have the right to remain silent. If you wish to give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you... 3DC6D45A.JPG

Abe: All right, excuse me. Out of the way here. Excuse me! Pardon me. Out of the way.

Brandon: Zack! Great, you found him. Where's hope?

Abe: Ask lexie.

Lexie: Brandon, you know I wouldn't do anything to hope or isaac. Why won't they believe me?

Brandon: Don't worry. It's going to be all right.

Abe: Move, move, move!

Brandon: I'm right behind you, lex.

Brady: Look, chloe, I know you said you didn't want to have a serious talk tonight because you were worried about nancy's amnio, but I realized this is just too important to wait, okay? You and I are in a life-and-death fight right now. We're in it together. We have to trust each other, right? You told me that the one thing that this illness taught you was how important it is to face up to your feelings, to say what you need. Also, that time is precious and not to waste it. Well, it's taught me those things, too. I can't pretend with you, chloe. I can't even try. So please don't ask me to. 3DC6D49D.JPG

Nancy: It's just cramping from the amnio, I guess.

Craig: Okay, well, that's -- that's not unusual. Are you having any other symptoms? Are you dizzy? Do you have a headache?

Nancy: No. Nothing.

Craig: Okay, okay, you know what? Let's sit you down. Let's just get you up here, and sit down for a second, okay? All right.

Nancy: Oh!

Craig: Easy, easy. There you go. There you go. It could be the baby's just doing flips, sweetie.

Nancy: Craig, I think something's wrong.

Chloe: Maybe this isn't the best place to talk. 3DC6D569.JPG

Brady: Okay. So, since nancy's okay, do you want to come home with me?

Chloe: Craig, is something wrong?

Craig: No. Uh, dr. Bader just needs to exam nancy before she gets discharged, that's all. Excuse me, would you?

Brady: Go.

Chloe: It's going to be okay.

Nancy: Yes, it'll be just fine.

Roman: Billie, where in the hell you been? We've been short two uniforms. I've been paging you at least a dozen times!

Billie: My battery went dead.

Roman: Your battery went -- what the hell is that all about? Whatever it was, don't ever let that happen again, do you understand that? 3DC6D5A7.JPG

Billie: Yeah.

Roman: Zack!

Billie: [Gasps] Zack! Thank god! Where's hope?

Bo: We don't know. Not yet.

Lexie: Give me a lie detector test. I'll prove it. I am innocent. I don't know where hope is. God, look at all this time you've wasted with me when you could've been out there looking for hope!

Bo: What about the time you've wasted, not telling abe about hope's wallet or itinerary, not telling your soon-to-be ex-husband you know where hope is.

Roman: Yeah, I'll tell you what -- let's take this into private, all right? Lexie, you can make your phone call. 3DC6D5C7.JPG

Bo: Yeah, let's guess who that's going to be, too. Big brother tony?

Abe: Come on, lex, let's go.

Rolf: Well, I'd better start at the beginning.

Tony: Oh, yes, please do. And do me a favor -- get to the end. I want to know where the twins are from, I want to know who the parents are, and how exactly my father was involved.

Rolf: Well, it was all handled at a secluded fertility clinic in europe. The twins' genetic material was...gathered from anonymous sources.

Tony: Who gave birth to them?

Rolf: That I do not know. Stefano arranged it.

Tony: Oh, really? But certainly my father would have confided in you, his right-handanan. From what I hear from bart, stefano told you everything. 3DC6D5F4.JPG

Rolf: Ha ha ha ha. Come now, count. You seriously believe a man as powerful as stefano would've told any of his employees everything?

Tony: Continue.

Rolf: Unfortunately, dna testing on the twins is impossible due to their genetic makeup.

Tony: Great. Now, cut to the chase. Is there any chance that cassie and rex are dimeras?

Rolf: No, absolutely not. Surely, count, you don't believe that stefano would ever have resorted to such dramatic experiments on his own flesh and blood?

Tony: So, what's the bottom line? What are they engineered to do?

Rolf: They were stefano's pawns. And now they belong to you. And although it took years of work to get them to this point, they are still in the infancy of their training and indoctrination, and since the twins suffer from amnesia, I will have to mold them from scratch. 3DC6D62A.JPG

Tony: Let's get something straight right now. From this moment forward, you are to do nothing unless I tell you to, is that clear?

Rolf: Well, as I was about to say, I will mold them into whatever you wish, and I will assure you, count, that unlike john black -- a product of old technology, a pawn who went over to the other side these twins will be unfailingly loyal, incorruptible.

Marlena: When was the last time we worked together?

John: West virginia.

Marlena: Oh. You were looking for clues to your past. That's when you left the isa to spend more time with the family, about the time I went missing. 3DC6D65D.JPG

Marlena: It's obvious to me you're back with them in some capacity. You don't want to tell me so you can protect me. So just tell me.

John: Doc...

Marlena: Are you calling in favors from your old contacts? Hmm? Is that what you're doing?

John: Hmm.

John: Doc? What's wrong? P 8 p p p

Brandon: Right. He seems to be okay physically and emotionally, but I would get him checked out by a doctor.

Bo: Yeah, right, I will. Hey, first, I'm going to get you something to eat. How about we go to the break room and see what we can scrounge up, huh? 3DC6D73A.JPG

Billie: Well, why don't you let me take him down there? That way, you can deal with lexie and... I'll jusb be down the hall.

Bo: Okay. Hey, zack, this is billie.

Billie: Hi.

Bo: Go with her, and I'll come and get you a little later, okay?

Billie: Come on.

Bo: See ya.

Billie: Let's go get some yum-yums.

Bo: Bye-bye. That was quick.

Roman: No answer at the dimeras.

Lexie: Look, we can't just stand around here all day waiting for tony to get my message. So I don't have a lawyer. Big deal. The sooner you give me a polygraph test, the sooner you'll all realize this was a terrible misunderstanding, and you can focus all your energy on finding hope. 3DC6D762.JPG

Bo: A lie detector test -- right. Former cop, former doctor... always a dimera. Like you can't beat one of those things.

Abe: Lexie, hope's life is on the line, so whatever you know, you veve to tell us.

Lexie: Abe, you're my husband. You promised to love me forever, and yet you can look into my eyes and still think that I'm lying?

Abe: Lexie, after all the lies that you've told me, I don't know anything except I can't trust you.

Brandon: I was with lexie when she found hope's wallet in her car. She had no idea how it got there. The only reason she didn't come to you sooner was that I told her not to. I told her you wouldn't believe her. I was right. 3DC6D78B.JPG

Abe: But I did believe her. And of all the lies she told, that's one I most regret believing. If the delay in this investigation means that hope --

Bo: If you've harmed my wife in any way, we won't have to worry about the law taking care of you, because I will.

Abe: Look, lexie, I'm going to get you a lawyer. You need legal representation. Who do you want?

Lexie: Cameron.

Abe: Fine. Fine. And when she gets here, we're going to take you into that interrogation room and we are going to grill you as long as it takes. You're not getting away with this this time. You are not getting away with what you've done. 3DC6D7C0.JPG

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha. I'm fine. I'm fine.

John: No, you're not.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: What just happened? Are you feeling ill?

Marlena: No. No. No, I -- no, I just felt strange for a second, that's all.

John: Let's talk about earlier at tony'S. You said you felt a little disoriented?

Marlena: Yeah.

John: And?

Marlena: Yeah, it was that same kind of feeling, wasn't it? But... it's gone now. And you're trying to change the topic. Don't do that.

John: No, don't you change the topic. Let's not blow this off. It's important. Talk to me. 3DC6D7E5.JPG

Marlena: Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Who's the doctor here?

John: Why, you are, and you have always taken care of both of us. But right now I think I know exactly what happened to you.

Tony: If this key is supposed to unlock my past and my future, how does marlena tie into it?

Rolf: Why would you ask that?

Tony: Because of the after-effects of this illness -- I'm sure you must've expected -- fugue states, to be specific. I've been known to murmur marlena's name under certain circumstances. I need to get my memory back -- all of it. It's of paramount importance to me.

Rolf: Look, certainly, I will do everything I can to help count dimera. However, I will need time to familiarize myself with your recent medical history before I can be of any use. I'm shocked to hear of these fugue states. Shocked. But, despite my ignorance, I do have one answer you are okoking for. I can tell you exactly how marlena is linked to your past and your future. 3DC6D8E7.JPG

Nancy: What are you doing now?

Dr. Bader: Monitoring the uterine contractions. Everything seems just fine.

Nancy: Well, I might've overreacted. It's just that you -- you said that I might experience minor cramping --

Dr. Bader: It is a bit unusual, but some women do experience more severe pains, so...

Craig: Better safe than sorry, hmm?

Nancy: Oh. Could I see chloe now? I'm sure she's worried.

Dr. Bader: Oh, of course, of course.

Chloe: How is she?

Dr. Bader: Mother and baby are just fine.

Chloe: Oh, thank god.

Nancy: Sweetheart. 3DC6D918.JPG

Brady: Um, mrs. Wesley, would you mind if I took chloe out with me for a little while?

Nancy: No, of course not.

Chloe: I should stay here with nancy.

Nancy: No, honey, I'm in good hands here. Go. Please?

Rolf: Marlena's link to you, your past, and your future is quite simple -- john black. For a time, he was stefano's mercenary, his loyal pawn. But no longer. And it was marlena's love that turned him against the dimeras.

Tony: So marlena's the key, and john must have her in order to win. And if he doesn't have her, if I banish her from him, he'll be destroyed. He'll be utterly destroyed. 3DC6D956.JPG

John: These, uh, pictures -- these pictures could be -- could be triggering some memories of when you were held on this island.

Marlena: I'm not sure what memories I have. And, unlike you, I've never felt a need to delve into my missing years. I'm just not sure there's anything there.

John: You know that we have been tiptoeing around this subject because it scares the hell out of both of us, but we need to acknowledge... the sleeping beauty pillow, tony's fugue states where he whispers your name, your visceral reaction when you first saw that key. There's something going on there -- a connection, some... some history that you have with the dimeras that you don't remember. You want to find out what it is? 3DC6D994.JPG

Marlena: Until now I never... really wanted to know. I never needed to know. Now we do need to know, for the safety of our family, what tony's up to.

John: You helped me find out everything I could about myself. And when I couldn't find out any more, you helped me live in the present. That's what I want to do for you now.

John: We can get through this. We can get through this together, I promise you.

Abe: There are no other options here, lexie. Now, you've violated the conditions of your probation when you had contact with zack.

Lexie: What was I supposed to do, abe? He was calling for his mommy. He was all by himself. Poor little thing. Should I have just left him there? 3DC6DAAD.JPG

Abe: Then give us something to go on. Who did this to you? Who's trying to set you up? Give us a suspect, and we'll go after him.

Lexie: I don't know!

Abe: Of course you don't, because you have blood on your hands.

Bo: Stop playing games.

Brandon: Hey, back off. She hasn't been feeling well.

Lexie: It's okay. It's okay. I'm okay.

Brandon: You all right?

Lexie: Yeah, I'm all right, brandon. Yeah.

Billie: Bo, I'm sorry. He just keeps asking for his mommy.

Bo: That's okay. That's all right. Hey, buddy.

Zack: Mommy.

Bo: He's not calling for you. He's calling for his mommy -- hope. And if you care for this little boy at all... 3DC6DAD8.JPG

Zack: [Babbles]

Bo: Yeah. It's okay. Where did you see your mommy, huh? Where is your mommy?

[Cellular phone rings]


Larry: Yeah.

Billie: It's me. I've got good news. I'm at the station right now. Zack is with bo, and lexie carver's been arrested.

Larry: Yeah, that is good news.

Billie: Well, they were trying to page me when I was -- no, no, ha, that's okay, yeah. I'll talk to you later. Bye-bye. Ha.

Tony: I just had a thought. If marlena's counseling cassie and rex, might not that compromise your influence on them and their allegiance to the dimera family? 3DC6DB0E.JPG

Rolf: Mm. No, I shouldn't worry about that. It's best to give dr. Evans the full sense that she's making progress. And now that I have control over the minds of those two, I can counteract anything she does with them.

Tony: Yes. And they'll be my entrée in maintaining a close relationship with marlena... for whatever purpose I desire.

John: I love you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Lucky me.

[Computer beeping]

John: "No matches." How can that be? Oh, my god. The gemini.

Brady: Do you want anything to drink? Let's see what I got here. Uh... ketchup... lemon juice. What do you think? 3DC6DBEE.JPG

Brady: Chloe, you okay? You're worried about nancy.

Chloe: As if it isn't stressful enough for her just to be pregnant, there's all this stuff you have to worry about, like, will the baby be normal? Will the pregnancy go smoothly? How much weight to gain, what you can and can't eat and drink. And for nancy, there's all this added pressure with the bone marrow match, all thanks to me.

Brady: Thanks to you? Chloe, she loves you.

Chloe: But she doesn't need this. Neither of them do. She and craig were happy before. They didn't plan on having kids, not until this happened to me. And now their lives have gotten so complicated. Brady, I hate this. I hate that I've done this to them. 3DC6DC1C.JPG

Brady: You hate it? Is that your way of distancing yourself from it? Being angry with yourself, not acknowledging the fact that whatever craig and nancy are doing for you, they're doing because they want to, because they need to. Don't push them away, chloe. It'll be too cruel to them and to you.

Chloe: Brady --

Brady: Chloe, I know that you're going to die... a long time from now. Me too. We're all going to die. We just can't be sure when. So if you think that you're protecting me by putting this distance between ... don't you understand it would be too painful? At least for me, because of what happened to my mom. 3DC6DC50.JPG

Brandon: Hey. Hey. You know, zack, your mommy misses you very much. Yeah. She was so glad you were there to keep her company. Hey, what did you guys talk about when you were with her? Hmm? What did mommy say to you?

Zack: "I love you."

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah, that's right, zack. Mommy loves you very much. She wants to see you again, but we need to find her first. Where was mommy when she said "I love you"?

Zack: Sleeping.

Brandon: Mommy's sleeping?

Zack: Sleeping.

Craig: Would you look at that?

Nancy: I don't know how I'm supposed to wait a few days for the amnio results. I don't know, and five months to meet this little one. 3DC6DCFE.JPG

Craig: Ha ha.

Nancy: Oh, look, craig, is that --

Craig: That's the umbilical cord.

Nancy: Oh.

Craig: But look. See? The baby is sucking his or her thumb.

Nancy: Oh. Well, I hope he or she is comfortable with the accommodations.

Craig: Hey, I know that you feel like you're carrying two lives inside you -- this baby's and maybe chloe's, too, but... I want you to know that there's three precious lives here for me.

Nancy: Well, speaking of accommodations, why don't you take me home and spoil me rotten? I'm going to get a little bell, and I'm going to ring it anytime I want. 3DC6DD2D.JPG

Craig: Anything, right? Right. Okay, you sit still, and I'm going to get your discharge papers. Okay.

Brady: Chloe, when my mom died, the hard thing wasn't that I loved her so much. The hard thing was that I hadn't loved her enough. See, I was just a baby when she died. I never had a chance to love her, at least not in a conscious way, in a way that I could remember. And I have been ieieving that lost relationship my entire life. But, you see, loss -- loss is a part of life. And the one thing that I can't live with

r regret. So whether I say it or not, the way I feel is not going to change. 3DC6DD78.JPG

Brady: Come here.

Chloe: [Sniffles]

Brady: I love you, chloe.

Roman: Hey. Hope is still alive, bo. You got to believe that.

Bo: I do. I can feel it in my heart that she's alive. But the thing is, roman, she -- she would never leave zack. I mean, she wouldn't go to sleep while he was awake, unless she was hurt or sick.

Roman: Yeah. Well, listen, I know you want to stay here and interrogate lexie, so why don't you let me call shawn, the rest of the family, give them the news. Then if you want, I can take zack down to the hospital and get him checked out. 3DC6DDB7.JPG

Bo: Okay, that's great.

Roman: All right.

Bo: Hey, zack, come here. You're gonna go with uncle roman for a little bit, okay?

Roman: Come on, partner. Here we go.

Bo: I'll see you soon.

Roman: Attaboy.

Bo: Hey, roman, um... don't tell shawn what zack said about hope, okay? Bye-bye.

Abe: Officer reed, please take lexie through booking.

Billie: Yes, sir.

Lexie: Abe, no. Please.

John: That's amazing. Look at that shape. It's almost exactly like the pillow stefano gave you except... this archipelago has a couple of extra islands. I wonder if I were to... 3DC6DE32.JPG

[Taps keyboard]

Marlena: A perfect match.

[John typing]

John: It says here these islands are remote, privately owned, uninhabited according to the atlas. You know what? Some of these islands aren't in the computer database. That's probably why the computer couldn't find the match initially. Hmm.

Marlena: Who are you calling?

John: I'm just gonna lay some groundwork for when I take off for this area.

Marlena: When we take off for the area?

[John hangs up]

John: For when i take off for this area, doc. It's not a good idea --

Marlena: I have to go. I need to. Not for myself, for our family. And I know you understand that. 3DC6DE62.JPG

John: And I know you understand this -- in his will, stefano gave you a pillow with a map to these islands. And on the flip side, it said, "the beauty asleep in the wood." I'm not gonna put you in danger anymore. I'm gonna look at hope and zack. I will not put you in harm's way. Don't ask me to do that.

Marlena: I understand what you're saying.

John: Thank you. I love you. Now, you just relax, okay? I'm gonna make us a drink.

Marlena: I'm t t letting you do this by yourself.

Tony: When marlena was here earlier, she lapsed into a fugue state herself.

Rolf: Really?

Tony: She said, "stefano needs me to save the future." 3DC6DEA3.JPG

Rolf: Hmm. It's exactly as I told you. I wonder what prompted marlena's fugue state.

Tony: I don't have a clue, but when I walked in, she was clutching a pillow that my father bequeathed her. Do you think that that pillow has some kind of connection to the surveillance pictures of the islands? And could it be that my father planned to reinstate marlena as his queen of the night?

Rolf: Well, I don't know what stefano's intentions were, though I do think I may understand what yours might be.

Tony: I prefer not to disclose those specifics. But I tell you, I do have the power over john. I do have the advantage. I have you. I have all this knowledge... 3DC6DED2.JPG

[Taps keyboard] At my fingertips.

Rolf: And the twins, count. They are your secret weapons.

Tony: John stole from me the woman I loved, my one chance to have a great happiness. I loved kristen very much. He didn'T. She died of a broken heart, and, in essence, so did I. But that's all changed now, you see. I've been given a second chance, and I will do to john as he did to me. I will get my revenge.

[Taps keyboard]

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