Days Transcript Tuesday 10/22/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  10/22/02

By Eric


Brady: Hi.

Chloe: Hi. What are you listening to?

Brady: Uh, "Carmen," actually.

Chloe: Too sad. I don't need that right now.

Brady: You heard about Shawn's mother and brother, huh?

Chloe: Yeah. It's really terrible. I mean, after everything the brays went through last year, now this.

Brady: Yeah. Well, they're going to find them as soon as possible. We just have to stay positive for Shawn's sake.

Chloe: You're right. Positive.

Brady: There's something else, isn't there? What is it? 3DB5A063.JPG

Chloe: Brady, this isn't going to work. I'm not going to make it.

Jennifer: Yes. I e-mailed the photos of hope and zack to your paper. All right, well, okay, what about the other Iowa newspapers? Have they received them? All right, great. Look, I'm just hoping that with this missing person piece that -- you're going to put it on the front page? Oh, that is so great! Thank you. Yes. And I'll let you know if I have any more news. All right. Goodbye.

Harold: Any leads?

Jennifer: No. No. Any word on jack?

Harold: Still missing in action, I'm afraid. I'll let you know the second I hear. 3DB5A089.JPG

Jennifer: [Groans] Jack, where are you? We really need your help with this investigation. It is so obvious who is behind this kidnapping, but how are we ever going to prove it?

Colin: Talking about the dimeras, I assume?

Lexie: Oh, there has to be something in here, some clue that'll lead us to Isaac.

Brandon: All right, lexie, you need to stop now.

Lexie: I have to find my baby.

Brandon: Lexie, we have been over the contents of hope's wallet more than once. There is nothing in here that can lead us to Isaac and nothing to tell us who left the wallet in your car. 3DB5A0B0.JPG

Lexie: What are you doing?

Brandon: Our fingerprints are all over this.

Lexie: So what? Why are you looking at me like that?

Brandon: It's possible the person who left this wallet in your car is someone very close to you.

Lexie: Oh...

Tony: If you gentlemen are quite finished --

Bo: Hmm. We're not. Not quite.

Abe: You know how to operate these computers?

Tony: I haven't got a clue. Custom-designed by my father's assistant.

Abe: Well, tell Rolf he's wanted for questioning.

Bo: For the kidnapping.

Tony: Well, Rolf's no longer

e employee of this family. As a matter of fact, we haven't heard from him in months. 3DB5A0D8.JPG

Bo: Bull.

Tony: Well, ask anybody in this household.

Abe: Well, I'm going to bring in a computer expert to examine the contents of these systems.

Tony: Oh, please be my guest. Nothing to hide.

Bo: Yeah, right. Your whole life is a shell game, but you're not going to win. You're going to prison.

Tony: Hmm. Well, you've searched this house up and down and found nothing to incriminate me or my sister. I'm sorry, but we had nothing to do with the disappearance of your loved ones.

Bo: They didn't disappear. They were kidnapped. Where are they? Tell me where my wife and son are, you psychopath! 3DB5A1BD.JPG

Brady: Okay, hang on a second. What do you mean you're not going to make it? You're feeling okay, aren't you?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sorry I made you think -- this has nothing to do with my health.

Brady: Oh, my god. What does it have to do with, then?

Chloe: College. I just finished my first class at Salem U., And I was completely lost in the lecture. Brady, I should've never signed up this late.

Brady: Yes! Nice!

Chloe: I'm failing, and you're celebrating?

Brady: Why wouldn't I be? Look at you -- the old Chloe lane is back, alive and well. 3DB5A1DB.JPG

Lexie: No, Tony did not put hope's wallet in my car.

Brandon: I didn't say he did.

Lexie: Do you really think my brother could be that cruel? That he would actually kidnap hope and Isaac and set me up to take the fall? No. No way.

Brandon: You were just as convinced that your father wasn't responsible for the baby switch. But he was, and he lied to you about it. This whole year has been tough for you, lexie. You've had to deal with so much -- too much.

Lexie: Yeah, but I've come through it without your help. You've stood by me, Brandon. You've protected me.

Brandon: And I'm going to stand by you now, no matter what. So you can tell me -- where were you when hope and Isaac disappeared? Can you account for all your time? 3DB5A206.JPG

Lexie: Why is that so important to you?

Brandon: The only way I can go on protecting you is if you're honest with me -- and yourself.

Lexie: Brandon, I told you. I don't know how hope's wallet got in my car. I had nothing to do with her disappearance. I swear! You said you believed me!

Brandon: I want to.

Lexie: But you don't. You think I'm crazy, don't you? You think that I'm the kidnapper, that I set up this whole terrible scheme.

Bo: Tell me where they are!

Abe: Back off! Back off, Bo!

Bo: Your father couldn't destroy the brays, and neither will you!

Abe: That's enough, Bo. We're getting out of here now. That's an order. 3DB5A233.JPG

Bo: You're going to prison where you belong.

Tony: You keep threatening me, and your search for your wife and child will come to a very abrupt end.

Jennifer: So, what do you know about dimera's connection to hope's disappearance?

Colin: Nothing. I swear. I wish to god I did. I know how much you care about hope and her son.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. I stayed up all night, and I spoke to every newspaper editor in Iowa, and I am going to make sure that they stay focused on this crime.

Colin: We don't know for sure that a crime has been committed.

Jennifer: No, the police are pretty certain it was a kidnapping, Colin. 3DB5A2FF.JPG

Colin: And you suspect the dimeras.

Jennifer: Don't you?

Colin: Well, I may be the only person in the Brady family who's not absolutely convinced of their guilt.

Jennifer: Protecting your patient?

Colin: I'm a Brady first. I'll do whatever I can to help my family.

Jennifer: I am more interested in why you're helping Tony.

Colin: He has a rare blood disease.

Jennifer: He's in remission.

Colin: And I want to keep it that way.

Jennifer: Why don't you just hand him over to another doctor? Tony can certainly afford a specialist to come to Salem to monitor his condition. You could help him find one. 3DB5A31D.JPG

Colin: Is that what it will take to get you to trust me?

Jennifer: It would help.

Colin: Then that's it. It's over.

Jennifer: What -- what's over?

Colin: I'm going to tell Tony to find another doctor. I'm leaving the house of Dimera for good.

Lexie: You think that I kidnapped hope and Isaac. Admit it.

Brandon: It's possible you were involved in the disappearance without realizing what you were doing.

Lexie: Hold on. Now who's talking crazy, huh?

Brandon: Lexie, last spring you had a mental, emotional breakdown.

Lexie: My baby had just been taken away from me, Brandon.

Brandon: That was a tremendous loss. Now divorce means another loss. 3DB5A344.JPG

Lexie: No, Brandon, listen to me. Look at me. I had nothing to do with this. I have not had a nervous breakdown, and I am definitely not insane. Please tell me you can see that.

Brandon: I see a friend on the edge.

Lexie: Okay, you listen to me. The little boy that I raised and his mother may never be seen again. I am upset. I am as upset as I have ever been not knowing if they're safe, if they're hurt. But I know that Isaac's home is with the brays, not with me anymore. I did not abduct him in some crazed state. You know what? If you don't believe me, to hell with you. 3DB5A378.JPG

Brandon: Hey, hey, don't shut me out, Lexie. You may have nowhere else to turn.

Lexie: Yeah? Oh, no?

Brandon: Where are you going?

Lexie: To find out who's trying to frame me.

Brandon: Look, you can't do this alone.

Lexie: Yeah? You watch me.

Brandon: Half the Salem P.D. Is tailing you.

Lexie: Brandon, I don't care! I am innocent!

Brandon: Well, if they find you with that wallet, you'll be on the express bus to the state psychiatric prison, and trust me, lexie, that's a place some people never leave.

Lexie: Oh, so now you're threatening me?

Brandon: I'm trying to help you. Stay, don't run. Let's fight this thing together. 3DB5A39C.JPG

Bo: Nothing is gonna stop me from finding my wife and child, and I'm gonna make your life a living hell until I do.

Tony: You attack me again, and I'll press charges, and then you'll end up in prison. And that'll end your ability to search for your wife and child. Is that what you want?

Bo: Don't you threaten me, you --

Abe: Bo. Bo! Now let's get out of here. We got work to do. Bo?

Bo: I wish I could slap the cuffs on him right now.

Abe: I want that, too, but we don't have enough evidence to make an arrest stick.

Bo: Well, let's tear this place apart until we do. 3DB5A3C4.JPG

Abe: The only place you're going right now is home.

Bo: No way.

Abe: When's the last time you slept?

Bo: Since before they were kidnapped.

Abe: Well, you need some rest, at least a few hours.

Bo: Right, like that's gonna happen. My wife and child are out there somewhere being held against their will, frightened, unprotected.

Abe: Bo, listen to me. Now, I'm your friend. I'm zack's godfather. You and hope are like family to me, and I'm gonna stay on this case while you get the rest you need.

Bo: We gotta keep hammering away at the dimeras.

Abe: I want to go at this using different tactics. 3DB5A3E5.JPG

Bo: What do you have in mind?

Abe: I got a strategy in mind to nail this kidnapper, to bring hope and zack home. I just need you to trust me to do the right thing.

Chloe: What do you mean, "the old Chloe is back"?

Brady: You're obsessing over everyday things, just like you used to do. You're taking chances and believing in your future.

Chloe: I don't know about that. Juilliard is still a million miles away. I may never get there.

Brady: Oh, you'll get there. Chloe, you're gonna do it all. And, hey, if you need me, I'll be there to help you. I'm really proud of you, Chloe. I know Juilliard and new York city may seem impossible right now, but you know what? You're making the most out of what you can do right here in Salem, like sweating it out over grades and tests. 3DB5A4C4.JPG

Chloe: Well, thanks for the pep talk, but I have a midterm in a week, and I still don't know my way around campus.

Brady: When you start obsessing over clothes and what you're gonna wear to class, then I'll know you're really on your road to recovery.

Chloe: Uh, it took me an hour to get dressed this morning.

Brady: That's a good start.

Chloe: Obsessing is good?

Brady: Getting back into living is good.

Chloe: Well, I hope you're still saying that when I'm driving you crazy worrying about things like, "will the professor think I'm an idiot if I ask for help on an assignment?" Or "should I wear more jeans and fewer skirts to class?" 3DB5A4EA.JPG

Brady: Chloe, I want you to drive me crazy. In fact, I think you already have, actually.

Chloe: I'm sorry about that.

Brady: Don't be sorry. I love it. I I love you.

Jennifer: Are you serious? You're willing to end your relationship with Tony?

Colin: Well, maybe I've only been hanging on to him as a patient out of professional pride. I mean, find a miracle cure for his mystery disease and win the Nobel prize -- that sort of thing. But you're right. Right. He's in remission. There's no reason why I can't refer him to another specialist.4

Jennifer: Well, it's just the dimeras are very controlling people, and Tony is not going to appreciate you stepping aside. 3DB5A513.JPG

Colin: Well, if he's the one thing standing between you and me, then he has to go. Don't you know by now how much I want to win your heart?

[Cellular phone rings]


Colin: Sorry. This could be the hospital.


Colin: Hello? Dr. Murphy.

Tony: It's Tony. Get over to this mansion right now.

Jennifer: Uh, that was quick.

Colin: Yeah. I have to go, I'm afraid. To be continued?

Jennifer: Yeah. Colin, look, if you even suspect that the dimeras have anything to do with hope's disappearance...

Colin: I'll see what I can find out. Both hope and zack's disappearance affects both our families. It's made me realize what really matters. 3DB5A550.JPG

Jennifer: That's good. I'm glad.

Colin: You still don't trust me.

Jennifer: You walk away from the dimeras, and then we'll talk.

Colin: I'm not going to give up until I win your trust and your heart. You mean the world to me, Jennifer.

Colin: Am I involved with the Dimera organization? I'm an outsider, jean. Even within my own family, my cousin Bo doesn't trust me. And most of Salem thinks because I'm treating Tony Dimera for his illness that I'm involved in whatever nefarious activities he's got going. But I'm not, Jennifer. I'm a physician. I heal the sick. That's the extent of my relationship with Tony Dimera. God. I hope you believe me. It kills me to see doubt in those beautiful green eyes. Trust me, Jennifer, and I will never keep the truth from you again. 3DB5A59D.JPG

Harold: Still no word from jack.

Jennifer: What? Where -- where is that irresponsible, self-involved --

Jack: Scoop deveraux at your service.

Jennifer: Well, it is about time. Where the heck have you been?

Jack: Would you excuse us, Harold?

Jennifer: Well, you better start talking, deveraux.

Jack: Was that the blunder from down under I saw wandering out of here on my way in?

Jennifer: Do you have any idea what has happened in the past 24 hours? Do you have any idea at all? Do you even care?

Jack: Maybe this will answer your question.

Jennifer: Jack, why didn't you tell me? 3DB5A5CF.JPG

Lexie: And why would you want to help a nut case like me?

Brandon: Would you stop? You know I don't think that. Look, it may not seem that way, but in my own way, I'm trying to protect you. Please don't leave.

Lexie: You really want to help me nail whoever's trying to frame me?

[Knock on door]

Abe: Open up, walker!

Brandon: It's Abe.

Lexie: What are we gonna do?

Brandon: Get rid of that wallet, and I'll get rid of him.

Lexie: Yeah.

Brandon: What do you want, carver?

Abe: Figured you'd wind up here.

Lexie: : Abe, it's not what you think.

Abe: We need to talk... alone. 3DB5A5FE.JPG

Bo: Hey, how you doing? I know your heart's with your mother and brother, but you got to keep your head in your studies. No, no. I didn't find out anything. But I will. You gotta believe that. I will find them. Okay, I love you. Talk to you soon.

Bo: [Thinking] Shawn never leaves the door unlocked, and the cops sure as hell wouldn't.

Chloe: What did you just say?

Brady: You heard me.

Chloe: I mean, about love.

Brady: I meant I love that -- having the old Chloe back. It reminds me of the first summer that we met. Satisfy my curiosity, Chloe. Why do you let them talk to you like that? 3DB5A6FB.JPG

Chloe: What options do I have? It's not like I can rearrange matt's face.

Brady: You can stick up for yourself, though.

Chloe: It'll just make it worse. If I don't react, they eventually get bored and they leave me alone. Now, I appreciate you standing up for me, but trust me, I'm used to being treated badly. With all the different foster homes I lived in, I was always the new kid at school, the new weird kid.

Brady: Oh, come on, Chloe, you're not weird. They are. They're beginning to get a clue about how pitiful the rest of their lives are going to be, while you are going to be the toast of the metropolitan opera. 3DB5A71D.JPG

Chloe: I thought you hated my singing.

Brady: I'm expecting some major improvements as a result of your newly broken heart, and with a little help from me. All right, now your turn. Take your shirt off. Ha ha ha. No, no, I'm just kidding. Try to get by me.

Chloe: Okay. Let's see what you got.

Chloe: Ooh!

Brady: Ooh! Aah!


Chloe: [Laughing]

Brady: Here.

Brady: Like I said before, having the old Chloe back -- joking around, looking forward to what's around the next corner. How could I not love that?

Chloe: Yeah, you're right. I'm back, and ready to crash and burn on my midterm. 3DB5A756.JPG

Brady: You know, you need a major dose of moral support.

Chloe: Well, keep telling me that I'm not going to fail, and maybe I'll believe you.

Brady: And one lone voice is not going to do it, so... attention, .Com shoppers.

Chloe: Brady, what are you doing?

Brady: Trust me. This beautiful young lady here has just enrolled in Salem university -- first year.

[Crowd murmuring]

Brady: And she started the semester just a tad late, so with midterms coming up and all, she needs a major vote of confidence. So, what do you all say? You think she can do it?

Crowd: Yeah!

Brady: All right. You see that? The votes are in. You got it made. 3DB5A77D.JPG

Chloe: Well, thank you. And thank you.

Brady: Lattes are on me, everyone. Help yourself.

Crowd: All right!

Chloe: You're certifiable.

Brady: And you're beautiful. Or have I already told you that today?

Jennifer: I mean, I just can't believe it. You went all the way to cedar rapids? I can't believe it.

Jack: Why wouldn't I, Jennifer? Not only is it a great story, it's your family. I know how close you and hope are.

Jennifer: Jack, hope is like my sister.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Jennifer: And that little baby -- I mean, if anything happens to them -- 3DB5A7A1.JPG

Jack: Look, nothing is going to happen to them. We're gonna find --

Jennifer: This is so unprofessional.

Jack: You're telling me. But I didn't tell anybody. And for the record, I'm not giving up, either.

Jennifer: Will you promise me something?

Jack: Name it.

Jennifer: No more flying solo. I want us to work together -- again -- on everything.

Jack: Are you saying I'm back on the payroll, boss?

Jennifer: Well, you're on probation, but, yes, you are still gainfully employed.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Harold: All's well that ends well.

Jennifer: Now, I want you to go home, and I want you to get some sleep, because you don't look good. 3DB5A7CD.JPG

Jack: Nope. You're not getting rid of me that easy.

Bo: Gomez?

Alice: Oh! He's in the kitchen, Bo.

Bo: Oh, hey, mrs. H.

Alice: I'm so glad you're home.

Bo: Who let you in?

Alice: Sid from the fbi.

Bo: Oh.

Alice: Gomez and he are eating the pizza pie that I brought for you.

Bo: Oh. Sorry, I'm -- I'm jumping at shadows today.

Alice: I'm sorry I startled you.

Bo: No, no, that's okay. I'm glad to see you.

Alice: Any leads?

Bo: No, there's nothing. I mean, I know the dimeras are responsible for this, but I can't prove it. I got to find them, mrs. H. I got to find them. 3DB5A802.JPG

Alice: Now, remember, hope is strong, and she's a fighter, and wherever she is, she's using her wits to keep herself and zack safe.

Bo: You're right, yeah. Of course you're right. I know that, but... sometimes fear takes over.

Alice: I know, dear. I know.

Bo: Abe is out there looking for them right now, and I should be with him instead of sitting around here doing nothing.

Abe: Don't get in the way, walker.

Brandon: You don't call the shots here, commander. Unless you have a warrant, leave.

Abe: All I want is a few minutes alone with my wife. 3DB5A82F.JPG

Brandon: See, a while ago, you were trying to nail lexie with a crime, treating her like a suspect. Which is it, commander -- felon or wife?

Abe: Look, I'm doing my best to find hope and her son. And, yes, mistakes have been made.

Brandon: By you?

[Chuckles] Could this be an admission of guilt from our righteous police commander?

Abe: Look, walker, I just want to talk --

Lexie: Brandon, it's okay.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: I can handle it. Let him in.

Brandon: [Scoffs] There is no way you are getting into this house.

Abe: You heard lexie.

Brandon: Yeah well, I need a word with her first.

Lexie: What are you doing?

Brandon: What are you doing? You can't let him interrogate you again.

Lexie: Brandon, he just wants to talk.

Brandon: You believe that after the way he accused you at the mansion? It's because he called you his wife, isn't it? Lexie, don't fall for that. 3DB5A94A.JPG

Lexie: Please, I'll be all right.

Brandon: If you're determined to do this, let me call Cameron Reese. You should have your attorney present before you talk to the police.

Lexie: No, I don't need Cameron. Abe and I will just be together for a few minutes, okay?

Brandon: Hey, don't leave. Stay here. Use the loft. I'll wait in the lobby. If you need me, call my cell phone. I'll come right back up here.

Lexie: Thank you.

Brandon: Remember, this could be entrapment. You have to be careful of everything you say.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, I will.

Brandon: Don't do anything to upset her. 3DB5A976.JPG

Lexie: Come in.

Abe: We need to get a few things straight.

Lexie: Mm. No, Abe, what are you doing?

Abe: Well, I'm just -- just moving it so we'll have a place to sit down.

Lexie: Ahh.

Abe: I didn't mean to upset you.

Lexie: No, no, it's okay. I'm just a little on edge, that's all. I guess we all are. So, what is it you wanted to say?

Jack: What's all this?

Jennifer: Well, it's a sugar fix.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Since you won't go home and go to sleep.

Jack: Doesn't look like you've had much shut-eye, either. 3DB5A9AB.JPG

Jennifer: No, I stayed here last night. Your mom looked after Abby.

Jack: Does Abigail know?

Jennifer: Well, yeah, I had to tell her. You know, before it came out all over the media.

Jack: And, uh, how did she take it?

Jennifer: You want to know what she said? She said that she knew that god would bring J.T. Back to Bo and hope even after we thought that he had drowned. And then she said that she knew god would help us again. She is... such an amazing little girl.

Jack: She's a lot wiser than either of her parents most of the time.

Jennifer: You know, I just -- I can't stop worrying about Bo and Shawn, and, you know, they're waiting and they're wondering, and they're probably so afraid. 3DB5A9DE.JPG

Jack: Well, I don't know what I would do if that ever happened to you or Abigail. All the way to cedar rapids I kept thinking about her every time that I ever left the two of you alone and how I wasn't there, and I just -- I am so, so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: I believe you. And I am so sorry for -- for presuming the worst about you when I couldn't find you and I didn't hear from you.

Jack: So, why does it take something like this to --

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know. Why does everything have to come apart before you realize what really matters, before you realize what you have to lose? 3DB5AA1D.JPG

Tony: Took you long enough.

Colin: What's the problem?

Tony: You know, Bo and Abe, they arrived here with a warrant and went through this house as if I was some damn criminal. I will not be interrogated, threatened, or physically attacked by anyone in this house.

Colin: You were attacked?

Tony: Your cousin threw me against the wall. Tried to use me like a punching bag. But I'm not going to be the one suffering for this. I'm telling you, your so-called family and this lynch mob here in Salem are going to pay for what they've done to the dimeras.

Colin: You knew you and lexie would be prime suspects.

Tony: We've been condemned for nothing! No matter what happens in this town, they come after us! Well, no more. I'm going to take our plan to a new level and the action begins now. 3DB5AA50.JPG

Colin: Count me out.

Tony: What did you say?

Colin: I want out of the game, Tony.

B Brady: You know, it's hard to believe that someone could be so sick as to kidnap a mother and her child. I mean, you hear about it all the time, but you never think it can affect your life.

Chloe: Poor Shawn. Not knowing -- that's the hardest part. It leaves you feeling so powerless. I know that feeling too well... ever since I got sick. It's the not knowing.

Brady: Well, Chloe, it's only a matter of time before you find the bone marrow donor that you need and Shawn's mom and brother come home. 3DB5AB10.JPG

Chloe: We can pray for miracles, but that's no guarantee.

Brady: Well, I can make you one guarantee right now.

Bo: God only knows how far away they've been taken, or where. Don't you have one of those magic wands you can wave and they would appear here at home, safe and sound?

Alice: Unfortunately, I don't have a wand, but... darling, there's magic in prayer. So pray for them.

Tony: You want out of the game? What is that supposed to mean?

Colin: Everything has changed since I signed on to work with you. I've changed.

Tony: Oh, spare me the self-reflection, would you? 3DB5AB5B.JPG

Colin: When we started our arrangement, I admit, I was anxious to get in on the arrangement.

Tony: And the Dimera money.

Colin: Well, that, too. And I've been paid handsomely. But I have new priorities now.

Tony: Jennifer, isn't it?

Colin: I'm resigning, and that's all you need to know.

Tony: I trusted you.

Colin: And I've produced. I just can't do it anymore. That's all. I mean, why is that so tough for you to understand?

Tony: It's the damn timing!

Colin: Well, I can't help that.

Tony: What, did she put the screws to you? Don't answer that. I understand it's because of her that you're betraying me.

Colin: It's not a betrayal. 3DB5AB86.JPG

Tony: Well, it is where I stand! Now let me tell you something. I will give you a counteroffer. You stick with me through this, and I'll make sure you win the fair maiden. You turn tail and you run, you will lose her forever. I promise you. And you know I can do that. So take your time. Decide in haste, repent at leisure.

Chloe: I stopped believing in miracles early on in my life, or that anything good could happen to me. In some weird way, having leukemia has given me back my faith in all good things, good people. 3DB5AC33.JPG

Brady: Yeah, like the people who came out to university hospital for your bone marrow drive. They didn't even know you. Or when belle told us about the light the night walk. All those people, coming together to try to make something good happen. I can't help but believe it will.

Chloe: I wish we could do something like that for Shawn -- a search party or something.

Brady: Yeah, the cops and the fbi have that covered, not to mention my dad and the people working for him. The only thing we can do for Shawn right now is be there for him, help him live each and every day. Going to class, seeing what he can do for his dad, and never giving up. 3DB5AC60.JPG

Chloe: Hey, thanks for leaving work and meeting me here.

Brady: Yeah.

Coe: And I promise I won't bail on my class. I'll hit the books and make it through somehow.

Brady: You're going to ace it.

Chloe: Well, if I do --

Brady: When you do.

Chloe: You will get the credit.

[Cellular phone rings]

Chloe: Oh, that could be belle right now.


Brady: If it is, tell her I need to talk to her, please.

Chloe: Okay. Hello? Philip, hi. Is there a problem? You know you can count on me. I'll be right there. 3DB5AC86.JPG

Lexie: Uh, you didn't come here to interrogate me, did you?

Abe: No.

Lexie: Ha ha. I knew it when you called me your wife.

Abe: I came to find you to, uh.. to apologize.

Tony: Well, time's up. So what's it going to be? Are we still in business or not?

Colin: There's no choice. I'll stick with you, help you get control.

Tony: Wonderful. Now... today's events have made me realize that in order to get control, we got to change our strategy. No more mr. Nice guy with the brays and john black. This passive-aggressive dance has not worked for me. I think it's time that the people of Salem -- our good citizens -- will learn what real power can do. 3DB5ACC8.JPG

Colin: What have you got planned?

Tony: I spin a web, draw them in, starting with john's beloved Marlena. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jennifer: You know, coffee's getting cold.

Jack: Well... caffeine's bad for you. Stunts your growth.

Jennifer: You know, I really have a lot of work I need to do.

Jack: Yeah. So, uh, let's do it together.

Jennifer: Yeah. I am so glad that you're here.

Jack: Seems like old times.

 Bo: See you later, mrs. H. Thanks for coming by. I'll call you if I hear anything.

Hope's voice: I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you, and I love you. 3DB5AD44.JPG

Bo: I love you, too, fancy face. Dear god... bring hope and zack home safe. Keep them safe. Watch over them. Hope?

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