Days Transcript Monday 10/14/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/14/02--Canada; Tuesday 10/15/02--USA

By Eric

Excuse me. I am waiting for my wife and son. They were suppose to be on that flight. 3DAB1446.JPG

I'm sryry, sir. But all passengers have disembarked snooferment bo: Are you sure.

H old is your son?

He's two.

There were no young children on board. Maybe your wife missed her connection.

Come in.



Where is belle?

I don't know. She said she would be out and that i could use her computer so I wouldn't have to fight for space in the lab. You look great. How are you feeling?

Clhoe: Great. Better than i have in a long time. Do you mind if i wait here for belle? I won't bringts you. 3DAB146C.JPG

I am dying for any reason not to be working. Anyhow, i believe we have catching up to do. You know, i have known brady since -- well, forever. And he seems all tough. Ki of like you. I love the pill philip. I am sorry you two couldn't work things out but we always knew it was going to be you and brady.

Colin. .. I hope you like italian.

Jennifer: I hope so too. My aunt peggy owns tuscany.

Colin: Are you sure your family doesn't mind if your family knows we're dating.

Jennifer: Why would i mind? I hope we don have this much trouble getting to date number 2.

Colin: I was beginning tonight was not going to happen that you didn't want it to. 3DAB149F.JPG

Jennifer: I was wondering the same thing.

Colin: Well, then, let's make tonight a night to remember.

Kate: Sorry, victor ferment there is an excellent reason you can't marry nicole. Tell him, lucas.

Lucas: You know what, mom? I really don't want to do this.

Kate: You will be doing him a favor. He'll thank you.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Sami: This better be good.

What was that?

Sami: I am just shocked. Poor nicole, i know what it feels like to have your wedding ruined.

Victor: All right, lucas. You have our attention. What is it your mother is so anxious for you to tell us? 3DAB14D2.JPG

Lucas: You can't marry nicole. I'm sorry, she's still married to me.

Nicole: Lucas, our so-called marriage was the worst nightmare of my life.

Lucas: Right back at you, sweetheart noochlt nicole: How the hell can we still be married. It can't be true.

Let me see those papers.

Read them and weep.

M i?


Thank you.

They got divorced ages ago. I don't get it.

How convenient it was for them to figure this all out tonight. Certainly was not a coincidence. Nor was it co incidentally you happened to be in the bar all night watching everything. 3DAB150F.JPG

You know what? You really had nothing to do with this. You have to tell me. Because if you did -- victor is going to kill you. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

To help me roll out the paper? so, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron

They were coming from cedar rapid so no connection.

This is a popular route. The e is another plane less than an hour behind us with security the way it is and if she's traveling with a small child. I am sure she just got delayed somewhere. The ticket agent will be happy to give you information on the next flight. 3DAB15F4.JPG

Bo: Thanks. Appreciate it. Why didn't you call, fancy face? Where are you?

C, hloe: What have you heard. You and philip broke up because you were with brady in dry gulch or wherever. What should i have heard? I always miss the good stuff.

Chloe: Which would be?

How should i know? Come on. I thought we were, well, can i say friends? The secrets. I think it is g great, you and brady make a perfect couple. What is the matter with you? If you are feeling so great, why don't you look happy?

Sami: Brandon, i had nothing to do with this. I really had nothing to do with this. Do you really think i would be on the same sides these two hateful people much less work with them? You are a hateful person, too. Sami. Maybe you three hate me more than you hate one another. 3DAB163D.JPG

Brandon, please don't blame me.

Brandon: I did see you and kate together at the hospital.

Sami: You don't want victor and nicole to marry. You can't even believe me. Wh

This is lucas and nicole robert divorce decree. Signed and notarized but it appears it was never filed. There's no stamp from the county clerk's office. I'll run a records check to make certain but, i am sorry, I have to tell you this. Apparently nicole and lucas are still legally married.

>>Icicole: If i kill him, we wouldn't be married would we.

Victor: Surely something you can do about this.

I wish i could, victor, sorry. I'll take these paper file them immediately. 3DAB1673.JPG

Mow more than a month.

Victor: That is entirely unacceptable.

I will do theesest i can. I will contact you in the morning.

Hey, dad, the wedding is off, I'm going to go.

Nicole.. who did y pay to make this happen.

Lucas: I didn't even know about this.

Nicole: If i have to tell you more pain skpfl more disgusting than bleeding all over the salem inn from a gunshot wound. Can

Philip. Hi.

Jennifer: Hi. What is going on in here?

If you want a nice dinner for two, you might think of going somewhere else. My dad, was going to surprise nicole by marrying her here tonight. But there was a problem and the wedding has been postponed or canceled, i hope. 3DAB16A4.JPG

Colin: Thanks for the warning.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Colin: I presume we're going here anyway.

Jennifer: I am a reporter and honestly i am very curious for one thing, i see family in there and i can tell you right now, she was not an invited guest. What do you think happened?

Sami was here. She has pictures of us together. She's going to use them to black male me.

You probably had all kinds of crazy deems.

Nicole: It was real. She decided to show them to victor.

Colin ferment. Damn you sami.

Gener: What did you say? Do you know this? 3DAB1783.JPG

Chloe: I am happy, extremely happy with life. I just don't like to talk about all of the personal stuff.

Well, you know, chlee, if you don't tell people what is going on in your love life. Everybody talks about it. I am giving you the chance to go on the record.

Chloe: On the record, brady is a great friend and i owe him aotot but i don't have a love life.

Really? How do you figure that?

Philip, what are you doing here.

He's actually staying here for a little while.

Chleo: About belle?

Hope brady. Yes. We have a record of your wife and son checking in at cedar rapids for flight 210. 3DAB17B4.JPG

That's the one that just landed?

But they never boarded the plane.

Colin: I wish my cousin sami would stay out of trouble.


Hi. Don't you look beautiful?

Thank you very much. Dr. Murphy,ororry to keep you waiting.

Jennifer: We heard what happened, sort of.

Colin.. a nice quiet dinner out of the fray?

Sure. Right this way.

Is there anything i can do for you.

Yes, go home.

We'll take you home, mom.

Yeah, let's go. Shall we. 3DAB17E0.JPG

Syou were not so anxious to leave. Now you are going to stay. Brandon it is about time you learn the truth about your lilittle concubine.

Brandon: Excuse me. I would be more than happy to take nicole's mother home.

Victor: I appreciate it, brady.

Just let me know when the new date is.

Victor: We'll let you know.

Good night.

Victor: Let me make it perfectly clear diluted enough to think otherwise. You have accomplished nothing. And as soon as the divorce is final and it will be soon, I'm going to marry nicole.

Sam: I am very happy for you.

Kate: We have to find a way to stall them. Sue for alimony or something. 3DAB180E.JPG

Lucas: Just stop it. Victor, i am sorry. No one is more sorry about this than i am. I didn't even want to do it. But my mother pointed out that I didn't have much of a choice.

Victor: Really? You know, i think have been uncommonly -- toward you. Not only through your illness but ever since.

Lucas: You have and i appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Victor: I think we understand each other.

Lucas. . Entirely. Victor: So if you had no choice other than to ruin my wedding. Why? And you better tell me everything. 3DAB18E8.JPG

Flight 4255 departed approximately 20 minutes ago. The passenger manifest may not reflect stand by passengers.

So they are probably not on it.

I can call the desk at cedar rapids and have ms. Brady paged.

Could you also get in contact with the flight in the air to see if theyor tla flight.

Bite time I manage that, the plane will probably have landed.

Bo: Please try.

Of course.

Thanks, man. Come on, fancy face. Pick up.

Philip, why are you staying here with belle?

Philip: My dad. Well, my dad through me out of the house. 3DAB191F.JPG

Chloe: Is that why you were so upset and started drinking and came over to my hse.

Philip: And crashed your party? Definitely part of it.

Chloe: I am so sorry. Why would your dad do that?

Philip: Because i didn't start the semester at colombia like I was suppose to.

Chloe: Because of me?

Philip: No. It was my decision. I still believe it was t right one for me.

Chloe: So you don't have many regrets.

Philip: I have so many regrets. You asked me once if i regretted going to dry creek. I do. Not because of what happened to us, chloe but because i couldn't stand if anything bad happened to you because of what I did. 3DAB1950.JPG

Chloe: We both made mistakes and I know why you did what you did. It's because you care about me. And I care about you, too. Still. How could I not? And I'm so worried about you. What are you going to do? You can't stay here with belle forever?

No, you can'T. There's really not that much to explain, victor. Really. Mom just happened to find the divorce papers and she realized there might be a problem.

Victor: She was thrilled she could cause a problem.

Some sort of gossip.

Colin: What ferk not. You asked aunt maggie for a quiet table. I got the impression you thought I was wrong for wondering what was going on with sami, nicole and victor. 3DAB1989.JPG

Colin: I didn't mean to sound that way.

Jennifer: I think it is natural to wonder. I have history with family and you have a history with nicole.

Colin: Right.

Jennifer: If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. You just have to tell me.

Colin: In fact, let's clear the air. I am certain that sami had something to do with this wedding interrupted especially by the way. The truth is nicole told me that sami has been blackmailing her.

Jennifer: She has. With what?

Colin.. photographs.

Jennifer: Oh. That explains it. Jack and i were there, we saw you kissing nicole. We saw the photographer take your picture. Sami did that, set you up. 3DAB19BF.JPG

Kate: I am telling you it was a complete accident that i came across these papers. I didn't even know that you were getting married.

Did you, sami. <>

> Regardless of the details, i fail to understand why you are perturb wide me because some county clerk or incompetent made an error. Lucas didn't everyone want to tell you. But i pointed out to him that we needed to tell you because otherwise you would have married nicole and would have been marry -- so we did you a favor, didn't we?

Victor: Let me do you a favor, kate. By warning you that i am aware yoare lying. And I am not pleased. I am still marrying nicole, and 10 times angrier than i was before. So both of you, be afraid. Be very afraid. Pizza hut's five-buck 3DAB1A10.JPG

deal is back.

Well if she's not answering her cell phone she's probably on the plane. They make you turn them off, right.

Bo: Tell me exactly what happened when you left them at the airport, when you last saw them.

She checked in her luggage, everything except the car seat at ticket counter. Then i walked her and zach as far as they allowed me to go.

Bo: The security checkpoint.

Yeah. I watched them go through and she had plenty of time before her flight.

Bo: Did she say anything to you, anything at all that might have given you a clue of where she went?

No. She was just really excited to see you and sean. 3DAB1AB1.JPG

Bo: Hey, listen. Would you mind hanging tight in case she tries to get in touch with you.

Ferk not. As soon as you find anything out, let us know.

Bo: Yeah, i will. Lu know what? Try not to worry. This is probably just some big mix up.

Yeah, hope so. Keep in touch.

Bo: Yeah, later.

What are you doing here?

Looking for my sister.

Looks like I'll never get my paper done.

You came to tell her to kick me out.

Pretty much.

Brady, philip doesn't have any place to go.

Well not belle's problem. I don't want philip screwing up her life the way he screwed up my own. 3DAB1ADD.JPG

Philip: Belle is my friend and I care about her just as much as i do. This isn't your bbs.

Chl, e: Belle is not even here right now.

Brady: You are right. I'll talk to her about it later.

Could you tell her i stopped by.

Sure. I'll see you later.

Philip, you look like someone just died. Chloe still cares about you. So does your dad. You were just at his engagement party, was that fun?

Sami.. victor, i swear i had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Lucas.. the last thing i want to do is cause problems. I really want to make this right. Just tell me how. 3DAB1B0E.JPG

Victor: My lawyer needs anything from you, he'll be in touch.

Lucas: Just so you know, nicole, i did not do this on purpose.

Nicole.. go to hell lucas and take your mother with you.

Your sister needs you.

I'll be back. I'll be right back.

I am going to get a soda.

Victor: Make the most of what time you have left, sami. When you see kate, tell her to do the same.

Overreaction to the fact that philip is staying with my sister in the dorm.

Chloe: I told philip, i didn't think it was a good idea. He's right. It's none of our business.

Brady: Let's change the subject. I have a gift for you. 3DAB1C2C.JPG

Chloe: Brady, you shouldn't have done this.

Brady: Why not.

Chloe: You have done so much already.

Brady: Don't get excited. It's really nothing. Open it.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: You are welcome.

Chloe: It's no nice to think so but I'm so much older than this baby. I wonder if I'll even be around at home to get to know him or her. And i worry, i mean, so many hopes and expectations on this baby already. If the bone marrow doesn't match, i don't ever, ever want my brother or sister to think that he or she came into this world as a big disappoint..

Brady: A you kidding? Do you have how luck this baby is to have you as a big sister? 3DAB1C71.JPG

Chloe: Do you remember before belle was born?

Brady: No. Not really. I was too young. However, i do remember trying to push belle out of her basinet.

Chloe: You didn't?

Brady: Are you surprised?

Chloe: No. Okay. A little.

Brady: Thank you. If you told me that when i first laid eyes on that baby, that i would grow to love her more than practically anybody in this entire world, i don't know. When it changed, you know, it just did.

Chloe: Why are you smiling?

I am smiling because i l love you and it sounds like in brady you have found someone you can love, too. Am I right? 3DAB1CB3.JPG

Brady: Chloe?

What is it? Are you okay?

It wasn't really an 18 gauge. Party.

But belle's note said that.

That's what i thought it was going to be. My dad decided to surprise nicole and marry her tonight.

Oh, I'm sorry, philip. I should have realized you are not too happy, are you

Philip: No. But it turns out things got screwed up and they didn't gt through with it anyway.

That's good, right.

Philip: No, because they still plan on doing it and soon ferment my dad thinks my lilife is a disaster. You know what? He's right.

I was incredibly lucky to find those papers tonight. But only going to buy us a little bit of time. 3DAB1CEB.JPG

Sarx ami. . Also made them mader than ever so i hope the next step to this plan.

Kate: Call girl.


Kate: I am just going to have to take the hit and deal with it.

Sami: So that means no plan?

Kate.. always your taped admission of perjury. I mean if that comes out. You will probably go to jail and this time you won't be coming out. You know something isn't the more i think about that, i think we should h have let that happen a long time ago.

Sami: I don't think so, kate.

Colin: On that day. I was telling her we couldn't see each other again romantically. She suspected that i had been using her to make you jealous. I had regrets about the way i treated her. I wanted to reassure her and that kiss was my way of -- ill-advised of letting her down easy. 3DAB1D32.JPG

Sami, we need a word with you.

Sami: Get in line.

Okay. That's fine. Maybe you would like me to tell victor what you did.

You know, philip, i think things don't seem like they're going great but it's not always going to be like this.

Philip: How do you know? I don't know how I'm going to go to college without money. I don't know how I'm going to get a college job without a college degree or a place to live without money. Chloe still doesn't have a bone marrow donor and still with brady. I don't know why i think things are going to get better. I only went to that stupid party to get meal. Wouldn't you know it, they canceled it before dinner was served. 3DAB1E07.JPG


That was rude.

That was terrible.

You still say thank you, philip and you are welcome for trying to be a friend. You know what I would do if i was a really good friend. I would tell you i am total lie sick and tired of you feeling sorry for yourself and so is everybody else. I had a trophy like this once, third grade talent show. I used to dream about going to juliard almost every day. And now, you know, i can't even bear to think about what I'm missing. It's funny when you realize how many things you want to do. Not even for myself so much as for the people i care about.

Brady: What are you waiting for? Chloe: If you had not gotten sick you wouldn't be holding back for anything. Why start wasting time when you just realized how precious it really is. If you want to hold on to your future, you have to see it. You have t believe it. Don't you want to start living again? Whatever life you want, right now. 3DAB1E69.JPG

What did i do?

Oh, sami, come on. I saw the photographer that you sent to take the black male pictures of colin and nicole.

Sami -- i didn'T.

Colin: Who else would have done it?

Jennifer: Did victor see those photos?

That why the wedding was stopped.

Sami: Do you think colin would be breathing. In fact, i don't even have the photos anymore. I gave them back to nicole.

Colin: Really? Then what did stop the wedding?

Sami: Lucas and nicole's divorce was never finalized. Kate found the unfiled papers. Can i never be an innocent bystander? 3DAB1E93.JPG

Jennifer: Maybe if you were not a bystander every time something bad happened i would believe the innocent part, sami:

Sami: Whatever.

Colin: I am sorry about that.

Jennifer: You can't help that she's related to you. I am just so relieved that victor did not see those photos.

Colin: You don't have to worry about m

Jennifer: How well do you know victor? You better be glad it is over between you and nicole. It was not so hard to tell me, was it.

Colin: I didn't see the point in upsetting you. Althgh the presumptions that you would be upset. After all -- 3DAB1EBD.JPG

Jennifer: There is one thing I am upset about. That you didn't tell me. You you weren't going to, were you?

Here gu.

Thank you. That's perfect.

What are you doing with that?

I am going to te it to victor.

Kate: I did it a hell of a lot more than victor.

Are you all right?

>>Oo, brandon, I'm not. I just got a call from my brother.

What did he say?

I'm so sorry to do this to you but I'm going to have to postpone our weekend. I have to go to colorado right now.

Thank you.

Victor: Did you know that colin murphy was here thi evening? 3DAB1EFC.JPG

Nicole: No. And i honestly don't care.

Victor: Do you know his presence is as co incidental as sammy's?

Nicole: If there is something you have to say to me, just say it.

Victor: I hate -- by making threats.

Nicole: You have already made a threat tonight. Several, in fact.

Victor: Kate and sami made a mockery of our wedding but the person that disrespects our marriage will indeed.

Bo: My wife and son were not on that second flight. Have you heard anything from cedar rapid ids.

The last time i called. The wife had not responded to any of her pages.

Global airline. It's cedar rapids. 3DAB1F37.JPG

Bo: Have they found them?

Isn't that this great you hate me now too.

I do not. I am just trying to get you to see that the only way things are going to get better is if you suck it up and stop blaming other people for your mistakes.

Philip: Brady this is all your fault. You hypocritical bastard. I spent months and months being chloe's friend and you were working on her. Trying to take advantage of her while she's weak. Turning her against me.

Brady: Philip. She's not a puppet. Her words are her own. I am not pulling her string.

Philip: Grif me a break.

Bra:: If you care for her the way you say you do, back off. 3DAB1FD0.JPG

Try not to be so stupid in the future.

Philip: Thank you.

Kp if you can control your negative thoughts for a couple of minutes, walk over to the, I'll buy you a cup of coffee and pastry to make up for the motor vehicles a mooched off of you.

Caffeine and sugar will make me a happier guy.

Notice he didn't mention the pleasure of my company. I would love a cup of coffee.

Thank you. I really do mean that. What you actually listen to me?

I listen to you when you make sense of course.

Those rare occasions.

I have to stop thinking about what happened and what i can change. There's so much i have to do. The future starts today, right. 3DAB2003.JPG


So if i close my eyes and conjure up all of my wishes, that can be my future. I can be well and go to school. Let's just skip to starring at the met part. No. I don't want to skip anything. I want every second that's due to me.

Brady: You are not the only one that is not guaranteed tomorrow. I could get hit by a bus on my way to work.

Chloe: If you ever went to work.

Brady: Fine. I could slip on a banana peel in my kitchen and break my neck. There's no point in waiting around.

Chloe: How am i just suppose to pick up and go to juliard. I am counting on getting a bone marrow transplt.T. That is -- i would have to stop in the middle of everything. 3DAB204F.JPG

Brady: I didn't mean just juliard. Okay.

TV Channel 8 Mon Oct 14 13:51:49 2002

Lots of things that you want to do, right. Remember, what you said in your speech during graduation ms. Valedictorian. Why don't you take your own advice and do the things that you want to do. Right here, right now. Today. Colin: I believe i tha i would tell you some day in due time when you becee fully convinced that i only have eyes for you.

Victor: Let's go.

Nicole: Go. I'm starving. Victor, i want you. The only thing i want to do is marry you. And since that can't happen tonight, at least you can cheer me up by telling me what you are going to do to kate and sami to make them pay. 3DAB209F.JPG

Victor: I would rather you be surprised. I guarantee you are going to love it.

Colorado. Did something happen to your grandma.

Nothing really serious but she's still not better. Eric is my twin and i know when he needs me and i think that there is something going on that he just didn't want to talk about over the phone.

Like what?

Well, i don't know. I didn't say i was psychic.

Relax. It was a simple question.

Oh. You are right. I'm sorry. I don't know why i always think you are not going to trust me. You do trust me, don't you, brandon? 3DAB20CB.JPG

Brandon: Of course i do.

This is a man with a degree in psychology.

He's going to need it.

Thank you for understanding.

Brandon: I have waited this long for you, samantha. I can wait a couple of more days but that's it. When you get back, we are having a celebration. I guess i better take you home so you can pk.K. Let me say goodbye to nicole.

Sami: Okay.

Hey, I'm out of here.

Nicole: Hey. You know the best wedding present you can give me, brandon.

Brandon: Anything to do, with sami. Don't say. You made your choice, i made mine. 3DAB2112.JPG

Nicole: Okay. Bye.

Kate: She's going to high tail it out of dodge and leave me to do the dirty work. Well, she better just give me the perfect way to get out of this. She's really going to hate it.

Bo: Did they find my wife and little boy.

Thank you. I'm sorry sorry mr. Brady. The clerk just wanted you to know that your wife's lug aning was taken off the plane when she failed to board. I can arrange for ship. If you would like.

Bo: Yeah -- what happened to you, fancy face? What happened?  (Then there was a shot of her gagged in the back of a car)

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