Days Transcript Thursday 10/10/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/10/02

By Eric

Bo: Well, let's see. I'll have the red carpet rolled out, the band will be playing, the crowds will be cheering. 3DA5CE4C.JPG

Hope: I love you, Beauregard Brady.

Bo: I love you, too, fancy face. And you really are missed around here. Shawn keeps asking me every other second when you're getting home.

Hope: I have to admit, I was having a difficult time thinking of him all the way out in California.

Bo: Get on that plane. I am really sick and tired of this long-distance stuff. I want you where you belong -- in my arms.

Hope: Don't you worry, Brady. I am on my way.

Bo: Good. See you soon. 3DA5CE77.JPG

Bo: Uh-oh. I better get this place cleaned up before Hope gets home and grounds me. Okay...

Maggie: Oh, hello, Philip. You here for your father's party?

Philip: Yes.

Maggie: Well, you might want to straighten that tie. Your dad has reserved the best table in the house to surprise Nicole.

Philip: What, you mean we all know she's getting an engagement party and she doesn't?

Maggie: Mm-hmm, something like that. Follow me.

Maggie: Well, isn't this cozy? You young people can keep each other company.

Brady: Yeah, until the grownups get here, right, Maggie? 3DA5CEA7.JPG

Maggie: You know what I mean, Brady. Enjoy your evening.

Brady: How you doing, uncle Phil?

Philip: Yeah, you had to be here, huh? Just my luck. Like my life doesn't already bite.

Fay: Sweetie, are you sure you're feeling up to this?

Nicole: Up to what, dinner? Yeah, I think I can handle it.

Victor: I checked with Nicole's doctor, Fay. He gave us his blessing.

Fay: Well, thank you for inviting me to come along.

Victor: Well, Nicole and I love having our family around, isn't that right, Nicole?

Nicole: Hmm... nothing can spoil this evening for me, not even you, mom. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I'm thrilled! Why wouldn't I be? I'm engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. 3DA5CED9.JPG

Victor: And just as soon as we're husband and wife, I'm going to give you the greatest desire of your heart.

["The wedding march" playing]

Kate and Sami: [Muffled screaming]

Man: And now for the vows.

Victor: Nicole, I promise from this day forward to love, honor, and annihilate for you.

Kate and Sami: [Muffled screaming continues]


[Gong clangs]

Nicole: And I'm going to hold you to that promise.

Sami: So, how soon can you get away from this boring engagement party?

Brandon: Well, like I said, I have to make an appearance, wish them good luck and all.

Sami: I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't rush you. It is your sister's big night. It's just I am dying for us to start our big night. 3DA5CF21.JPG

Brandon: Mm. Me too.

Sami: Brandon, you make me so happy. Do I make you happy?

Brandon: Hey, as long as you are honest with me, you will always make me happy.

[Cellular phone rings]

Sami: Ahh.


Sami: Hello?

Kate: Oh, god, I am losing my mind. The detective didn't come up with any dirt on Nicole, so I've been searching the public records myself and coming up empty. If there is a smoking gun, I can't find it, which means Nicole is going to be able to marry victor, and we won't be able to stop her. And do I have to remind you what will happen to you and me then? 3DA5CF50.JPG

Brandon: Who's on the phone?

[Knock on door]

Caroline: Oh!

Bo: Hey, ma!

Caroline: Let me guess. Hope is on her way home.

Bo: Uh-huh. And you raised a bum.

Caroline: Oh, well, I raised a responsible man who is clueless about keeping house.

Bo: Got that right.

Caroline: But, you know, since I did the laundry instead of teaching you, let me help you get this place in shape. Come on, put her there, partner.

Bo: Oh, thanks, ma. You're the greatest.

Caroline: I know.

Bo: You know, one thing I miss about living on the boat -- once you have everything picked up, you just hose it down. 3DA5D026.JPG

Caroline: Bo, dear, if it's all right with you, let's use the vacuum cleaner, hmm?

Bo: Okay. Where might that be? Probably out here.

Sami: Hang on. It's Lucas. He just dropped will off for a sleepover, and, uh, he wants to give me the number so I can call will and say good night.

Brandon: So take a number and get off. I want your full attention.

Sami: And you'll have it when we're alone and in private.

Maggie: Good evening, Nicole.

Sami: Your party is here. You better go. I love you.

Brandon: Be here when I get back?

Sami: Definitely. Go. 3DA5D056.JPG

Sami: You didn't get anything to keep them from getting married? What's your problem?

Kate: I am doing my best. What's going on over there?

Sami: Old king Kiriakis just showed up with his bookend blondes.

Kate: Well, who's the other one?

Sami: Nicole's mother. Victor has that look on his face like he's got the best secret in the world. It's giving me the creeps.

Brandon: Feeling good, Nicky? You look good.

Nicole: Thanks. Let's eat. I'm starving.

Victor: They don't serve Nicole's favorite caviar at the hospital.

Nicole: Ha ha ha ha.

Maggie: Would you follow me, victor? Your other guests have arrived. 3DA5D076.JPG

Victor: Thank you, Maggie. Shall we?

Nicole: Other guests? What's going on?

All: Surprise!

Nicole: Surprise? For me?

Victor: Well, of course, darling.

Nicole: But why? It's not my birthday or anything.

Victor: I've invited our families to help celebrate our engagement.

Nicole: Oh! What a wonderful thing to do.

Sami: Ew, gross! Nicole is playing kissy-face with that old geezer! They look way too happy, and that is bad news for us. So keep digging, Kate.

Kate: I will! But you keep on top of things there, and you call me if anything strange starts to go down. 3DA5D0A1.JPG

>>Sami: Yeah, all right. "Call me if anything strange starts to go down."

Man: What are you having?

Sami: Oh, uh, club soda, please.

Man: Okay.

Sami: And then a bottle of your best arsenic for Nicole and victor.

Victor: Brady, Philip, thank you for attending this evening. I assume that means you've worked out your problems with each other.

Gene: Good evening, victor.

Victor: Gene.

Gene: Nicole, I'm glad to see you looking so well.

Nicole: Thank you. Have you met my mom? Uh, Fay walker... gene Briscoe.

Fay: Ahh.

Nicole: This is victor's lawyer. 3DA5D0CB.JPG

Fay: Nice to meet you, Mr.. Briscoe.

Gene: Gene, please, and believe me, the pleasure is entirely mine. It's all been arranged.

Nicole: What's been arranged? Victor, you're not going to ruin this night by making me sign a prenup.

Caroline: Okay, that's good.

Bo: Okay.

Caroline: That's good.

[Telephone rings]

Caroline: Oh.

Bo: Brady.

Hope: I couldn't wait to call you from the airport, so I'm calling you from the car. Glen's driving.

Bo: Say hi for me.

Hope: Bo says hi.

Glen: When's he coming out to see us?

Bo: Tell him first chance I get. 3DA5D199.JPG

Hope: Next vacation. I'm coming home, Brady. We've had such a wonderful visit here, but Zack and I have really missed you and Shawn so much.

Bo: Yeah, well, you tell Zack he's spending the night with grandma and grandpa, and he'll see his big brother soon.

Hope: Oh, yeah? And what are we going to be doing? And don't tease me about that hot tub stuff.

Bo: There is such a thing as having access to one, along with a big, soft bed, room service, champagne, a late supper.

Hope: Mmm, even later breakfast.

Bo: Get here, would you?

Hope: Hey, Brady, I called the airline. My flight's on time, so I'll see you in a couple hours, okay? 3DA5D1C5.JPG

Bo: And I'll be there early.

Hope: I can't wait.

Gene: Prenup? No, no, no. Hardly. No, I was referring to something altogether different.

Victor: No, Nicole and I don't need a prenuptial agreement. Do we, Nicole? We're both clear on what we're agreeing to.

Gene: Victor, I have mayor shepherd here with me.

Victor: Ahh.

Gene: I know he'd like to say hello.

Victor: Excuse me.

Mayor: Hello, victor.

Man: Gentlemen, here are your menus.

Philip and Brady: Thank you.

Man: I'll be back to take your order.

Brandon: What was that about being clear on what you're agreeing to? That sounded like a threat. 3DA5D1F3.JPG

Nicole: You're suspicious of everything that victor says. All right, marriage is a commitment till death do you part. Of course, in victor's case, "till death" may not be all that long.

Fay: Nicky, what a thing to say.

Nicole: I'm just being realistic, mom. Excuse me. I'm going to go freshen up.

Philip: Okay. I have something to say.

Brady: Should I make an announcement?

Philip: This is serious. It's about Chloe. Look, I know you two have been getting closer, not that it's a big surprise. I always knew you were after her.

Brady: Philip, if you're going to say that you're angry and bitter, I kind of figured that. 3DA5D222.JPG

Philip: What, did you think I'd be happy, Brady?

Brady: I'm concerned with Chloe's happiness.

Philip: What I was going to say is what I did to you in dry creek was lousy. I was way out of line.

Brady: Is this an apology?

Philip: Yes, it's an apology. I'm sorry. I totally messed things up for Chloe.

Brady: Well, you'll be happy to know that Chloe is doing okay -- better than okay, actually.

Philip: Why, 'cause she's with you? Man, you just can't resist rubbing it in my face.

Brady: All right, you know what, Philip? I'm trying to be a friend here, but you're not worth it. 3DA5D252.JPG

Maggie: Oh, yeah. Now come on.

Victor: Excuse me, Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, yes, victor.

Victor: Pardon me.

Mage: I will take care of it right away.

Sami: [Thinking] Nicole's acting like she just won the lottery. Some lottery, when the prize is sleeping with that old coot for the rest of her life. Trouble is, the minute Nicole marries victor is the minute my life comes to an end.

Brady: Sami. Are you here to screw things up for my grandfather?

Kate: Oh, god. A lying tramp like Nicole has to have some dirt somewhere. This is so infuriating.

[Door opens]

Lucas: Ha. Mom. Uh, this is my apartment. You don't live here, remember? 3DA5D28D.JPG

Kate: Lucas, just shut up. I'm trying to stop victor from marrying Nicole.

Lucas: I'm sorry, I cannot let you do that.

Kate: What?!

[Sighs] God.

Kate: Why are you taking victor and Nicole's side over mine?

Lucas: I'm not taking anybody's side.

Kate: Do you know what he's trying to do to me? Do you?

Lucas: What are you talking about? Just calm down, okay?

Kate: Nicole is systematically trying to destroy my reputation as a businesswoman, and if she marries victor, there'll be no stopping the little bitch. Is that enough for you? 3DA5D34F.JPG

Lucas: Mom, I'm not you, okay? I'm not. I'm sorry. And victor's been pretty good to me.

Kate: Well, you know something? I am your mother, okay? I have been saving your butt how many times?

Lucas: You didn't get me joint custody of will. Victor did that. I'm sorry, he's the one who threatened Sami, and it worked. Now I can spend as much time with will as I want, anytime I want, so victor's okay by me. What? What are you so hot to find right now?

Kate: Ammunition to shoot down Nicole.

Lucas: What kind of ammunition? 3DA5D370.JPG

Kate: Anything, anything that will get victor to throw her out like the trash she is. But all I have so far is your marriage license, forwarded from Chicago. Wait a minute.

Lucas: What? What, did you find something?

Kate: Oh. Oh, if it's there, I'm out of luck. If it isn't, I've hit the jackpot.

Caroline: Bo, how do you think hope will feel about being back?

Bo: She had a bit of a run-in with Billie before she took-off, but other than that, she's been cool.

Caroline: Oh, well, let's hope it stays that way, huh?

Bo: Well, it should, because Billie isn't working at the precinct anymore. She got reassigned to the mayor's security detail. 3DA5D3A3.JPG

Caroline: Did you have something to do with that?

Bo: No, ma. I did not. But it got me off the hook. Abe and roman, too. Things were getting a bit tricky dealing with her. But these days, the way things stand, we hardly ever see Billie.

Maggie: Everything is under control, victor.

Mayor: I could eat here every night. Food's great. Is there a problem?

Samuels: It's officer reed.

Mayor: Billie. Terrific cop. Where is she, by the way? I haven't seen her all day.

Samuels: Well, that's the problem. She didn't show up for her assignment at the fundraiser last night and wasn't at roll call this morning. 3DA5D3D6.JPG

Mayor: Did you try to call her?

Samuels: Yeah. No answer, no forwarding number.

Mayor: I know she didn't want to work my detail at first, preferred to work at the precinct. If she keeps this up, officer reed may just get her wish.

Sami: Look, keep it down, okay? I don't want anyone to know that I'm here.

Brady: Why? What the hell are you up to?

Sami: Nothing. I'm here with Brandon. Well, I'm waiting here for Brandon. Once that party of the year is over, he and I are out of here, and I don't want anyone to know I'm here because I'm not exactly victor and Nicole's favorite person. 3DA5D3F9.JPG

Brady: Sami, you're not anybody's favorite person.

Sami: All right, fine, I know you hate me, but could you please keep it quiet anyway?

Brady: Fine. But only because I don't want to ruin my grandfather's special night with his fiance.

Sami: Whatever. You know, when you look at the special couple, don't you think it's a little odd that she's closer to your age than his? I mean, a lot closer?

Brady: You can't tell people who to be with.

Sami: A lot of people do. Well, I guess you never know who you're going to end up with.

Brady: Yeah. It kind of surprises you, all right. 3DA5D417.JPG

Sami: I mean, here I am with Brandon. Right after I met him, he beat Austin to a bloody pulp, and now here we are.

Brady: Yeah. Well, it won't last long. I'm sure you'll do something to screw it up.

Sami: [Thinking] Boy, are you ever wrong, Brady. This time, I'm catching the brass ring. A nice gold band, too, while I'm at it. Brandon and I are going to live happily ever after.

Man: Champagne?

Sami: Who's buying?

Man: Mr. Kiriakis is treating everyone in the restaurant.

Sami: Really?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Victor and Fay: Ha ha ha.

Man: Champagne?

Fay: Ah, I'd love a glass. Thank you. 3DA5D442.JPG

Brandon: Thank you.

Fay: What a wonderful evening, victor. Thank you.

Brady: Cheers.

Fay: Cheers.

Philip: Congratulations, dad. Um, happy engagement or whatever. I'm bailing on dinner, though.

Victor: I don't want you leaving this gathering.

Philip: Look, I showed up. I made an appearance. What do you want?

Victor: I want you here for the rest of the evening.

Philip: Well, it's too bad you don't want me living in your house. You know, it's not my fault being homeless puts me in a bad mood.

Victor: Apparently, nothing is ever your fault, but for once, you're going to do exactly as I ask. 3DA5D464.JPG

Philip: You mean as you order.

Victor: Whatever. Sit back down.

Brady: Hey, Philip. So, uh, did you -- did you get kicked out?

Philip: Yeah, it's been a great week.

Brady: So, uh, who you staying with?

Philip: Actually, I'm staying with belle.

B Brady: In her dorm?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Brady: What the hell is the matter with you, man? It's not enough that you -- you hurt Chloe, you got to ruin my sister's life now?

Philip: Belle is my friend. I'd never hurt her.

Brady: You claimed that you loved Chloe, and look what happened to her.

Philip: I still love Chloe, damn it. 3DA5D486.JPG

[Glass clinking]

Victor: Excuse me. Can I have everyone's attention for a moment? Correction -- I'll, uh, I'll need more than a moment. I need time to tell everyone how deeply in love I am with this wonderful woman by my side. Nicole walker is one of the world's great beauties, but that's not all she is. She's a brilliant business partner, a caring sister, a loving daughter, but her greatest role is yet to come, because she and I are going to tear it up as husband and wife. So, world, take warning -- there'll be no stopping victor and Nicole Kiriakis.

Man: Hear, hear. 3DA5D4AE.JPG

All: [Laugh]

Victor: And that's why... that's why I've arranged to put an end to all the waiting. This party isn't the only surprise that I had for Nicole this evening. I hope this won't be too much of a shock for you, my dear, but I want to marry you right here, right now, tonight.

Caroline: You have time, you know, before hope's flight gets in.

Bo: I know, I know, ma. I just miss them. It seems like they've been gone a year.

Caroline: Well, hope needed time to satisfy herself that J.T.'S in a good, loving home, and now that she's done that, she can throw her life into you and the children. 3DA5D596.JPG

Bo: Yeah, I realize that, but I'm going nuts here. Hope being gone, and Shawn, he's away at college in the dorm. You know, I did not get married and have a family so that I could live my life as a bachelor.

Caroline: Well, he's settling in, and he's spending time with belle.

Bo: Yeah. But you know something? Between you and me, I think the kid might be a little homesick.

Caroline: Did he say that?

Bo: No, but I recognize the symptoms. You know what? I never said this to you before, but, uh, those first couple of weeks at merchant marine... 3DA5D5BA.JPG

Caroline: Mm-hmm?

Bo: Kind of rough on me.

Caroline: Missed my cooking, huh?

Bo: Oh, yeah, that's it. Hey, you think Shawn's okay with the fact that I'm taking his mom the first night home, he won't see her much?

Caroline: I think it's good that he sees his parents are still romantic.

Bo: Yeah. He did seem impressed I was taking her to green mountain lodge.

Caroline: Well, so am I.

Bo: Yeah. You know what? I knew you wouldn't have a problem with babysitting Zack overnight. You and pop, you're always saying you don't get to see the kids enough, and you see them all the time. 3DA5D5DC.JPG

Caroline: We need all that time to spoil them rotten.

Bo: The kids are real lucky to have you and pop. Hey, you know what? This is a great -- why don't -- this weekend, why don't we have a big party here at the house, the whole family? Kind of a like a -- a welcome home party for hope and Zack. That's a good excuse for awn to come home. Oh, man.

Caroline: Oh.

Bo: I better -- you know what? I got to go take a shower and change before I pick up hope at the airport.

Caroline: Well, here, take this with you -- and your clean underwear is in there, hint, hint. 3DA5D5FF.JPG

Bo: Ma, come on, please. Thanks.

Lucas: Mom, stop it. Stop it. Just tell me what you're looking for. You're making a mess.

Kate: Uh, yeah, well, why should I tell you? So you could rush to victor, your great protector, rat me out? If you're not going to help me, just get out of my way.

[Telephone rings]


Kate: Hello?

Sami: Mayday, mayday!

Kate: Oh, god, is that you?

Sami: Victor's marrying Nicole.

Kate: Oh, well, I know that. Why do you think I'm searching like a madwoman?

Sami: Now. He's marrying Nicole here at Tuscany tonight. Maybe you're not too young to die, but I sure am, so get your butt over here and stop this damn wedding. 3DA5D62E.JPG

Kate: [Sighs] Dear god. Oh, dear god.

Lucas: What? What? What is going down, mom?

Kate: Your pal victor, the patron saint of child custody, is about to marry your ex-wife tonight.

Lucas: Well, she's going to make him miserable.

Kate: That's not the point, Lucas.

Lucas: Well, who was that on the phone, huh? Who told you the great news, Nicole's P.R. Agent?

Kate: Ugh. Sami.

Lucas: Oh, my god. Excuse me, I can't believe you're working with Sami. Why are you doing that?

Kate: Because, because we're both trying to stop the wedding for very different reasons. 3DA5D650.JPG

Lucas: All right, enough. Get out of there. That's enough.

Kate: Damn it, Lucas, you have every gentlemen's magazine in existence.

Lucas: Thank you.

Kate: Why can't I find your legal papers?

Lucas: You won't find them. You won't find them, I'm telling you.

Kate: Why not? Where are they?

Lucas: They're ashes, mom. They were destroyed when victor's mansion burnt down.

Victor: Is it too much, so soon after your release from the hospital?

Nicole: Well, um, I'm surprised, but I've been known to be impulsive myself. I would love to marry you tonight, victor. It's about the most romantic thing I've ever heard of. 3DA5D67C.JPG

Fay: Nicky, sweetheart... are you sure you're feeling up to this?

Nicole: Yes. It's what I want, mom.

Brandon: What about the marriage license?

Gene: Already taken care of. I have the paperwork right here. Arthur? Mayor shepherd has agreed to waive the necessary waiting period.

Victor: Thank you, Arthur.

Mayor: Anytime, victor. Ha ha ha.

Victor: The mayor's going to marry us. Isn't that an honor?

Nicole: It's fantastic.

Mayor: Anything to help an old friend.

Brandon: Ahem. I'll, uh... I'll be back in a minute, okay?

Nicole: Okay. Well, wait. Isn't this exciting? 3DA5D6A2.JPG

Philip: My own father didn't even tell me.

Brady: He probably knew how you'd react, Philip.

Philip: Well, you don't like the idea y any more than I do.

Brady: Well, what I think does not matter, as long as granddad and Nicole are doing what they want.

Philip: Nicole's going to be my stepmother. My life's a total joke.

Sami: I have got to come up with a plan. I can't wait for Kate to get it together. She's been completely useless so far. I have got to stop this wedding.

Brandon: We just hit another major snag.

Sami: I heard. Methuselah is tying the knot with your sister. 3DA5D6C8.JPG

Brandon: Yeah, I don't get why the big rush, but it's not up to me. Thing is, I won't be able to leave for a while. Can you wait for me?

Sami: Of course. I will be right here.

Brandon: Good. It will all be over soon.

Sami: Ain't that the truth. As soon as Nicole and victor say "I do," Kate and I will be swimming with the fishes.

Caroline: There we are. Oh, Bo, dear, it needs to be higher on this end.

Bo: Over here?

Caroline: Yeah, that's it. That's it. Oh, she's just going to love that.

Bo: Ahh. Hey, thanks for putting out the flowers. 3DA5D7C8.JPG

Caroline: The flowers are just beautiful. And Zack's going to be crazy about his new trike.

Bo: Yeah, he'll be zooming around like a wild man.

Caroline: Yeah, like somebody else I know. Are you going to let him ride a motorcycle when he gets older?

Bo: Heck no.

Caroline: He'll be strong-willed and independent like all the Bradys, and you will just have to live with it.

Bo: Yeah, well, if I do half as good as you and pop did... what did I do with hope's present? Oh, it's in the car.

Caroline: What did you get her? 3DA5D7EC.JPG

Bo: I'll let her show you, but I think she's going to be happy with it. I even washed her car.

Caroline: You're acting like this is your first date together.

Bo: Well, it kind of feels like a first date, she's been gone so long. I think maybe I'm nervous.

Caroline: Well, that won't last long.

Bo: Yeah. As soon as I see that beautiful face of hers. So, uh... think the place looks okay?

Caroline: Yeah, it looks great, and even if it didn't, hope has missed you as much as you missed her. She doesn't care about the house. She wants to be with her husband. So go already. Go. 3DA5D80D.JPG

Bo: Well, thanks for coming over and helping me out today. I appreciate it. And, um, thanks for refolding the laundry.

Caroline: What do you mean?

Bo: Oh, come on. I'm onto you.

Caroline: Phooey. Well, you know, men don't know the first thing about folding laundry. Will you go? Just go.

Bo: All right.

Caroline: Don't lock up. I'll double-check everything, all right?

Bo: Yeah, thanks.

Caroline: Okay. Oh, gosh.

Kate: Your papers did not burn up in the fire.

Lucas: All right, fine. I haven't seen them since I've been out of the coma, though. 3DA5D838.JPG

Kate:, honestly, Lucas, if you had just bothered to ask, I could have told you they were in the fireproof lock box. Now, where is it?

Lucas: Lock box?

Kate: Lock box. Yes, lock box. I asked Henderson to bring it over here with the rest of your things when you came out of the coma. Now, where is it?

Lucas: Oh. Oh, oh, yeah. I got that box. It's in my bedroom. All right, I'll get it. Sorry, I just didn't think to look in it, okay? Sheesh.

Kate: You didn't think to look in it? Oh, honestly, I -- I don't even have the time to deal with figuring out how you're mine. Now, where's the key? 3DA5D860.JPG

Lucas: What key?

Kate: Aah! Go-- ooh. I don't want to think about it. I don't even want to think about it.

Lucas: What careful.

Kate: Careful. I'll show you careful.

Brady: You look great.

Victor: Thank you.

Maggie: Well, everything is just about set, Nicole. I suppose Brandon is going to walk you in.

Victor: We're going to skip that formality, Maggie. It's such a small wedding.

Maggie: But the bride has to have a maid of honor. Victor has a best man.

Nicole: Right. Um, are you offering?

Victor: She's joking, of course. Her mother will stand up for her. 3DA5D890.JPG

Nicole: My mother. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? Hey, mom, get over here.

Mayor: Everyone, victor and Nicole, shall we get started?

Victor: Where do you want us?

Mayor: How about you right over here, victor? Nicole, right next to him. The maid of honor. cellular phone rings]


Sami: Tell me you've got something figured out.

Kate: I'm coming over. What's going on over there?

Sami: The damn mayor's here, and gene Briscoe.

Kate: Oh, that snake in the grass.

Sami: There's no wedding march and no aisle to walk down, but other than that, it looks like this wedding is going to happen. 3DA5D8BD.JPG

Kate: Listen, I'm on my way, but I can't fly. You have got to stall them.

Sami: That's easy for you to say.

Kate: Sami, listen to me. I don't care what you do. You take off your clothes and you yell "fire." You just don't let victor and Nicole say "I do" before I get there. You hear me?

Mayor: I think we're ready. Gene, do you have the ring?

Gene: I have the ring.

Mayor: Okay. Time to start.

Sami: Oh, the question is, how desperate am I? Totally. 7x

Bo: Hi, excuse me. The monitor says the flight from cedar rapids came in 15 minutes ago. Where is everybody? 3DA5D993.JPG

Man: Don't worry. They had to wait in line to taxi to the gate. They'll be here any minute.

Bo: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Man: Guess you missed someone a lot.

Bo: Ha ha. Yeah, my wife and little boy -- most important people in the world to me.

Man: You'll see your family soon, sir.

Bo: Thanks. Can't wait.

Mayor: We're gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love. Old friends and dear family members, we join together to offer our best wishes to the happy couple -- victor Kiriakis and Nicole walker. It's been my privilege and pleasure to have victor as a friend for many years. I'm honored and touched that he asked me to preside over this ceremony. And before we start, I'd like to say a few words about what a gracious -- 3DA5D9D4.JPG

[Dishes clatter]

Victor: What the hell? Take care of it.

Maggie: Oh, I will. I'm sorry. Pretend like nothing happened.

Philip: I think it's an omen.

Victor: Let's try it again, shall we, Arthur?

Mayor: Okay, victor.

Maggie: Sami, what are you doing here?!

Sami: Uh...

Brady: I knew she was up to no good.

Philip: You knew Sami was here, and you didn't tell my dad?

Victor: Sami, get over here!

Sami: Ha ha.

Brandon: Don't blame Samantha. I told her to wait at the bar.

Victor: You knew how I feel about her. Is this your way of trying to ruin your sister's wedding? 3DA5D9F8.JPG

Brandon: Not at all.

Victor: Get out.

Sami: Wha--

Victor: Get out of the restaurant. Get out of my sight.

Brandon: If she goes, then I'm going, too. I'm sorry, Nicky.

Victor: Fine with me.

Nicole: Brandon, wait. I want her to stay. Please, victor. If Sami's going to be a part of Brandon's life, then she's going to be a part of mine, too. That's how much I love my brother. Please join us, Sami. I want you to help celebrate the beginning of my new life as Mrs.. Victor Kiriakis.

Sami: Nicole, you have no idea how much this means to me. 3DA5DA28.JPG

Nicole: Oh, I think I have some idea.

Sami: You know, it really is time for us to bury the hatchet.

[Thinks] Wish I could bury it in your skull. Because in spite of our differences, all I really want is to see you...

[Thinks] Dead. Happy.

Victor: Are you sure you want her here?

Nicole: Yes. It'll be handy for later. As soon as we're married, when you squash her like a bug.

Victor: Arthur.

Mayor: Uh, uh...

Victor: Let's see if we can make it to the end this time, shall we?

Mayor: Yes, victor, uh, if anyone knows any reason why these two shouldn't be united in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. 3DA5DA60.JPG

Sami: [Thinks] Hurry up.

Kate: Stop! Stop the wedding.

Victor: S r row that woman out.

Kate: Oh, t I heard my cue -- "speak now," et cetera, et cetera, and I've never been a woman to hold my peace.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Kate: This wedding needs to stop now. That's all.

Victor: How did you even know Nicole and I were getting married?

Lucas: Sami told her.

Nicole: What?

Maggie: Sami?

All: [Murmuring]

All: [Murmuring]

Kate: Sometimes my son -- well, he talks too much, but, as it happens, Lucas called Sami about will, and while they were on the phone, he asked her where she was. You know how it is with cell phones. You never know where anyone is anymore. And she said she was here, and that victor and Nicole were having an impromptu wedding ceremony. So, of course, I felt it was my duty to rush right over. 3DA5DB14.JPG

Victor: And why is that?

Nicole: Damn it, who cares why? They're all just trying to get back at me. Can't you arrest them for disturbing the peace or something?

Kate: Sorry, victor, but there's an excellent reason why you can't marry her. Tell him, Lucas.

All: [Murmuring]

Lucas: Mom, I really don't want to do this, okay?

Kate: Oh, believe me, you'll be doing him a favor. He'll thank you for it.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Sami: Whatever this is, it better be good.

Brandon: What was that?

Sami: I'm shocked. I mean, I can't believe this. Poor Nicole. I really know what it feels like to have your wedding messed up. 3DA5DB3E.JPG

Victor: All right, Lucas. You have our attention. What is it your mother is so anxious for you to tell us?

Lucas: Victor, you -- you can't marry Nicole because, uh... she's still married to me.

Philip: What?

Gene: Married to you?

Maggie: Oh, my god.

Gene: Well, I know nothing about this.

Mayor: Are you sure?

Gene: No, I checked the divorce...

Nicole: I can't believe this!

Fay: Honey, oh, my lord.

Bo: Where are you, fancy face? <

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