Days Transcript Friday 10/04/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/4/02

By Amanda

Jack: What about Lexie? Have you seen her around? I haven't seen her, um... don't talk much, do you?

Eliana: Neither of the dimeras are at home right now. Will there be anything else?

Jack: No, no, I guess not.

Jack: I really should be getting back to the hospital and work on my alien story, but since I suddenly find myself alone in the chez dimera, I should turn a liability into opportunity -- the old lemons into lemonade theory. I wonder if I'm on camera right now. I wonder if Tony would mind if I just, uh, ahem, tried a couple of keys on his computer. No? No alarms, no buzzers going off. Well, if I work quickly, I can dig up some very interesting dirt.

Colin: Tony. People are devouring this story.

Tony: "The truth about the aliens in the hospital basement." It's amazing, isn't it?

Colin: It's all anyone's talking about. Do something to put a stop to it, for god's sake.

Marlena: John, we've got plenty of room to take those kids in. That's what they need -- they need a home.

John: What they need does not concern me. I want to keep you safe.

Marlena: How are they going to hurt me?

John: They are connected to the dimeras. That means your life could be in danger.

Marlena: Oh, the worst they could do would be -- they'd run up a big phone bill. Come look at them. Come on.

Marlena: John, they're so gentle. They'd never hurt me. Come look at them. Just look at them.

Isabella: Why are you angry?

Brady: You're all-knowing. Why don't you tell me?

Isabella: You didn't find Chloe’s biological father.

Brady: Nope. Or brother. Or a sister. So forgive me, mother, if I don't thank you for sending me on that wonderful journey. It was a total bust. Absolutely nothing changed.

Isabella: Are you sure?

Brady: After going through hell in dry creek, North Dakota, we got exactly nowhere.

Isabella: No, you got somewhere very important... with each other.

Brady: How'd you know about that?

Isabella: All-knowing, remember?

Brady: Okay, fine, but it's not like it's going to save Chloe’s life or anything.

Brady: Hey, Brady. Who you talking to?

[Telephone rings]

Nancy: Having you home is such a relief. Craig and I missed you so much.

Chloe: Well, I missed the two of you.


Nancy: You know, not a moment went by that we weren't thinking about you, but you already know that. You're always on my mind.


Chloe: Shouldn't one of us get that?

Craig: Uh, no, let's -- let's let the machine pick it up. See?

Chloe: What if it's important?

Nancy: Nothing, sweetheart, is more important than what we have to tell you.

Chloe: Tell me? Wait a minute. Is this about finding me a bone marrow match?

Craig: Actually, it is. And now your chances just got a lot better sine a half-sibling is about to come into the picture.

Chloe: Half-sibling? I told you, Brady and I didn't find my birth father. Yes, there is a possibility that he had another child, but we'll probably never know now.

Craig: What your mom and I are talking about is more than a possibility, Chloe. In fact, it's a sure thing.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Nancy: You're going to have a little sister or brother. I'm pregnant.

Chloe: You're telling me you're pregnant? No. You can't be.

Craig: Why is that so hard to believe?

Chloe: It's not. I-I just didn't know you ever thought about having kids.

Craig: Well, we didn’t... not until you came and lived with us.

Chloe: Me? I've been nothing but trouble.

Nancy: There are some kinds of trouble that you can't live without.

Craig: Yeah.

Chloe: Was it an accident? Not an accident -- I mean, you know, was it a spur-of-the-moment "let's have a baby," or, um, have you been trying for a while? I'm sorry. I'm being awfully personal.

Nancy: That's okay, sweetheart? No one has more of a right.

Chloe: So, when is the baby due? Are you feeling okay?

Nancy: I've never felt better in my life.

Craig: Dr. Bader says she's doing just fine.

Chloe: Well, I can go with you to your prenatal visits. That's if you want me to. I can help coach. I'll be there at the birth.

Craig: I think she's excited.

Nancy: Oh, that's great, honey, and we'll talk all about that, but there's still a long way to go, and first, I have to get through the amnio. And they recommend one for anyone over 35.

Craig: And then we'll do another test at the same time and --

Nancy: And that one will tell us whether your new little brother or sister is a bone marrow match for you.

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Brady: Ha ha. It's, um, it's the curse of living alone. I have no one to talk to, so I tend to mutter to myself.

Bo: Not a problem. I do it myself sometimes. I think everyone in Salem does. You know, hope and I used to live in this pla-- as a matter of fact, we changed it from an old warehouse into this apartment.

Brady: Yeah, my dad actually mentioned that. He used to live here with my mom, too.

Bo: Yep. A lot of memories here. I like what you've done. It's a little more upscale than we had it.

Brady: Thank you. So, what's up, Uncle Bo? What can I do for you?

Bo: Got a call from Pete legrand -- the P.I. The Wesley’s hired to find Chloe’s birth father.

Brady: Yeah.

Bo: He said you're trying to do his job for him, and you messed up big-time.

Brady: I didn't mess up. I found Chloe’s biological father, okay? His real name is Dr. Frederick Sykes, but he's been living under the name Dr. Thompson.

Bo: That's exactly what I'm talking about. The guy's in the witness protection program for a reason. You can't go and blow his cover and expect him to hang around and chat with you. You might as well hang a bull's-eye on his back with a sign saying, "here I am, shoot me!"

Brady: That wasn't supposed to happen, okay?

Bo: Well, it did. Brady, it did. I know your intentions are good, you want to help out Chloe, but you're too emotionally involved. That's why you screwed up.

Brady: I didn't screw up. You've got your brother Philip to thank for that one.

Tony: I have everything under control. Jack's perky ex-wife took the bait. Now I can put the plan into action.

Colin: What plan?

Tony: Let's go inside.

Colin: Uh, I'll use the side entrance, in case jack is lurking inside.

Tony: Okay.

[Typing on keyboard]

Tony: Well, did you find anything interesting, jack?

Marlena: Honey, the work that I've done with rex and Cassie has given me a window into their subconscious. They're not lying. They don't know who they are; they don't know where they're from.

John: Okay. Let's say you're right and they are completely innocent. That still doesn't mean that they weren't programmed by Stefano to carry out some plan somewhere in the future -- programmed without their knowledge. I don't know, some kind of a pre-set trigger, something no one is aware of, including the twins. But, by god, it's going to go off all the same, and when it does, who knows what kind of damage it's going to create? Marlena, hope and I were both programmed. And living through those consequences put us all through hell, and I'm not doing it again.

Marlena: Are you saying you won't let me treat them?

John: I'm saying they're not going to live in our house. I'm not going to put your life at risk. I love you too much.

Marlena: Oh, john, j--

John: Damn it, doc, will you just stop? End of discussion.

Bo: All right, thanks for explaining that whole story, and you're right. Philip did mess up. He's got trouble keeping a lid on his emotions. He hasn't had real good role models. You do have to take some of the blame. I mean, you should've passed that information on to legrand, instead of following up yourself. And then maybe Sykes -- Thompson -- Chloe’s father -- would've come through for her instead of running off the way he did. I mean, now we'll never know.

Brady: Uncle Bo, I couldn't just hand it off to leg rand. For one thing, I don't trust the guy. And, quite frankly, I wanted to be the one to find Chloe’s biological father. It had to be me.

Bo: Then you're as immature as Philip.

Brady: No, no. Uncle Bo, it's complicated, okay? It has something to do with living here in this loft. See, ever since I moved in here, I've felt very close to my mom. I don't want Chloe to die the way she did -- so young and not having a chance to live life yet. And I feel very strongly that I need to be the one to help Chloe. It's almost as if I'm doing it for my mother. I know that must sound pretty weird.

Bo: No, no, not weird. I know what it's like to want to be the one to run to the rescue. I came here to read you the riot act for taking on too much responsibility, but... you know, go ahead. Do what you're doing, keep at it, and if you have any problems, you need some help, give me a call, okay?

Brady: All right. Thanks, Uncle Bo, I'll -- I'll call you.

Bo: Good vibes in this place. Well, I'm outta here.

Brady: All right, thanks, Uncle Bo, for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Bo: Yeah, good to see you.

Brady: You made him change his mind.

Isabella: I helped him listen to his heart.

Brady: The way you're helping me.

Chloe: It would be great; of course, if the baby was a match, but I'm just excited about having a baby at all right here in this house, right down the hall from my room. I have to tell Brady.

Craig: Uh... not just yet, okay?

Nancy: Sweetheart, it's still very early and we want to be sure of things -- well, as sure as we can be before we announce it to our friends.

Craig: You don't mind waiting a little while, right?

Chloe: No, uh, can I tell Brady that I'm happier about things in general? He's been so good to me.

Craig: Sure. Go ahead.

Chloe: This is so fantastic.

Craig: See? I told you she'd be happy.

Nancy: Oh, Craig, this baby --

Craig: Oh!

Nancy: Everything -- everything about it seems so right.

Jack: My laptop was acting up, and I had to send an e-mail to the paper. Hope you don't mind.

Tony: Ah, quite the ace reporter, jack. I've caught the lead story. Impressive. But tell me, how were you able to infiltrate such a top-secret operation at the hospital?

Jack: I never reveal my sources.

Tony: Ha ha ha. What was I thinking? And since you are such a crack reporter, you avail yourself to the opportunity of delving into my computer files. Tell me, what did you find to fascinate you?

Jack: Are you implying I was snooping?

Tony: Well, isn't that the definition of a journalist, sniffing out secrets, tracking truth?

Jack: Well, I don't need a computer to get the scoop on you, Tony.

Tony: You can deny it all you like, but I know that you came into my house with the hopes of unearthing some deep dark dimera secret, perhaps something to do with my physician dr. Murphy. I hate to be the one to break it to you, jack, but so far, you're a miserable failure.

Marlena: End of discussion? That sounds a lot like laying down the law. I don't even know what to do with that.

John: I don't care if you think I'm a Neanderthal. I will protect my family and that includes belle. And the way I see it, those twins have become far too attached to my little girl.

Russell: So, what did you two decide?

John: The answer is no way.

Russell: I see.

Marlena: We're still talking about it.

Russell: Well, I've got a meeting to go to. How about if I check back with you both in about an hour? Can you agree on an answer by then?

John: My answer will be the same. If Marlena wants to stretch this out, that's her choice.

Russell: Mm.

Marlena: The twins have been alone too long. I'm going to go check on them.

John: Sweetheart, I'm not asking you to stop caring about them. I just don't want them taking over our lives to the point that we become vulnerable to attack.

Marlena: I'm not giving up, john. Just letting you know.

John: I'm not giving up, either.

Marlena: Hi.

Rex: Cassie wants to go shopping at Salem place first.

Cassie: Rex wants to go to .Com -- big surprise. You know, there's more to life than computers. Actually, we don't care where we go.

Rex: Yeah, we just can't wait to get out of this room. We are yearning to breathe free.

Cassie: Salem, here we come.

Tony: You know, you must've had high hopes when you offered to move into my house -- hopes of laying bare the inherent evil that lies in the house of dimera.

[Chuckles] Jack, jack, jack, your failure was assured, not because of any lack of reporting skills on your part, but because I've always told you, there is no secret here to uncover. I've nothing to hide, no conspiracy with Dr. Murphy, no vendettas to be carried out in my father's name -- just your average, run-of-the-mill supremely wealthy family.

Jack: There's nothing run-of-the-mill about you, Tony.

Tony: I beg to differ. The dimeras are living the American dream, but you may end your stint as a guest in this house, effective immediately. I suggest you send for your things later. Run along and write your story on the dimera family. I trust we'll still rate the front page, even though you didn't get the exposé that you were so hungry for.

Jack: Thanks for everything. I'm, uh, sorry about the misunderstanding.

Tony: There was no misunderstanding, but if it comforts you to think so...

Jack: No hard feelings then.

Tony: Just close the door after you leave.

Jack: Take it easy.

Jack: Bart, um, could you pack up my things? I'll be back later.

Bart: Got 86ed, huh? Oh, by the way, if it turns out you're missing some of your stuff, it wasn't me who took it, but I might know who did.

Jack: Oh, yeah?

Bart: Oh, yeah. I saw that dingo Dr. Murphy with your cell phone the other day.

Jack: I knew it. Thanks, Bart.

Bart: No problem. Some people get away with too damn much, you know?

Jack: Totally.

Cassie: In the short term, rex and I just want to do Salem. You know, have lattes at java cafe, buy cds at .Com...

Rex: So, I guess we'll have to go there at least once.

Cassie: And then I want to go to the park and belle and Shawn’s school and Tuscany. It sounds so good.

Rex: Shawn says Tuscany is for people with money.

Cassie: So we'll make money. We're joining a capitalist society. We'll get jobs.

Rex: We need to find a place to live first.

Cassie: We know some kids our age live on their own, but, of course, it's important for us to be together.

John: And why is that so important?

Cassie: Because we'd be sad without each other.

Marlena: Because they're twins. Because they are each other's only family.

Cassie: When we were on our own before, we were scared.

Rex: That won't happen now.

John: And why is that? What's -- what's different?

Cassie: We have friends. Friends are all you need.

Marlena: John.

John: Look, you're going to have to wait until spector gets back, and then he will fill you in on where you're going. Excuse us, please. Marlena.

Brady: I have been listening to my heart, mom. But it hasn't gotten me any closer to finding a bone marrow match for Chloe.

Isabella: Have faith, Brady.

Brady: Faith in what? In god? In the future? In myself? What?

Isabella: You forgot one. Love.

[Knock on door]

Chloe: Hi, Brady.

Brady: Hi.

Chloe: That's the best you can do? A cute girl shows up at your door and all you can say is hi? Come on, cheer up. Put a smile on your face.

Brady: What happened to you?

Chloe: Oh, only the most amazing miracle in the world. >

Jack: Bo.

Bo: What --

Jack: We need to talk.

Bo: What's going on?

Jack: I just got kicked out of the dimera mansion.

Bo: Why?

Jack: Tony actually accused me of hacking into his computer.

Bo: Did you?

Jack: Well, yes. Yes, I did. I didn't get anything. He's just, uh, just a little too good at hiding the truth, so...

Bo: Get out of those. What, do you expect him to roll over and tell you all his secrets?

Jack: You're the one who told me to get back in there and get that information. Are you saying I didn't do a good job?

Bo: Maybe you did too damn good a job. Did I not tell you to lay off this story?

Jack: I got two words for you -- freedom of the press. Okay, four words! Look, I don't work for the police. I work for the people, and the people have been scared out of their gourds by the sensationalized crap in the "intruder."

Bo: Printing this was irresponsible.

Jack: Look, I gave you a chance to deny it. You didn't deny it. So I went ahead and I printed it. The people of this town deserve not to be scared and hysterical because they think there's little green men and aliens running around. You got a problem with that? I'm sorry. I got a problem, too. I still have no dirt on Tony dimera. After being in that mansion, the only thing I know is that there is definitely a connection between Tony dimera and your cousin Colin Murphy.

Bo: What makes you so sure?

John: You know that I love you, Marlena, and I would do... practically anything to make you happy. And, yeah, I can see that those kids have a gentle side. I understand why you're so attached to them. There's too much at stake here. I have to protect my family. Now, you love me, right?

Marlena: I do.

John: And I'm a pretty good guy as far as guys go, right?

Marlena: You're the best.

John: Thanks. But I can't forget when I was a cold-blooded killer. And all Stefano had to do was flip a switch and I would've fulfilled his mission for him. So as nice as those kids seem, I can't trust them. I can't do it. And I don't want you to trust them, either -- not now... not ever.

Craig: We're out of butter brickle, but I hope peppermint will do.

Nancy: Ooh, peppermint's my second favorite. What about the sauerkraut?

Craig: It's right here.

Nancy: Mmm, mmm.

Craig: Are you sure you like eating that with the ice cream?

Nancy: Mmm. You know how much I like sweet and sour --

[Gasps] Maybe we could order Chinese food for dinner. Sweet-and-sour shrimp. Mmm. Mmm. This is fabulous. You want some?

Craig: No, no. In fact, do you mind if I don't watch you eat right now?

Brady: Chloe, miracle? What -- what miracle? What are you talking about?

Chloe: You know when we were at the campsite; you said that you wanted to give me hope?

Brady: Yes.

Chloe: Well, that's the miracle, Brady. I feel hopeful about the future.

Brady: This comes out of the blue?

Chloe: Things happen like that sometimes. You know when you expect life to go one way and you put all your energy into making it that happen, but then life takes a detour? It's just funny, you know? We went all the way to dry creek trying to find my birth father, thinking that would change things for me. And we came home disappointed. But now that I'm back, I'm realizing that that trip was really good for me.

Brady: You don't think it was a waste?

Chloe: Let's just put it this way -- where there's love, there's hope.

Brady: That's what she said.

Chloe: Who?

Brady: If I tell you, you're going to think I have a screw loose. Plus, you're going to get upset when I mention her.

Chloe: Your mother.

Bo: You're not telling me anything new here, jack. I've been on to Colin since the day he got into town. What I need is proof that he's in bed with Tony.

Jack: All right. No doctor monitors his patient around the clock in his home. But at the mansion, every time I look up, here comes Colin through the front door to visit his good pal Tony without his doctor's bag more than once!

Bo: He'll just say that he's friends with Tony. Friends visit each other. We got nothing here.

Jack: Okay, how about this? Colin stole my cell phone.

Bo: What's that got to do with Tony?

Jack: It's got to do with Jennifer. He's trying to keep me away from her. Jennifer tried to reach me, but she couldn't because Colin purposely stole my cell phone.

Bo: Oh, jack, that's low.

Jack: It's an indication of what the guy's capable of! Look, look, it's not just my intuition. Maybe it's the fact that I hate the guy's guts, but I know he's up to something and I'm not going to stop until I find out what it is.

Marlena: These children don't have a mother. They've had to exist without the support of a family. I'd like to make a difference in their lives. John, I... I know we disagree very strongly about this, but that's always been one of our great strengths as a couple -- our ability to -- to work things out when it seems like it's completely impossible! Can't we find some common ground here?

John: Don't ask me to take them in.

Marlena: Maybe we can think of this as a preemptive strike. If rex and Cassie really are Stefano’s pawns, shouldn't we keep a close eye on them, just to make sure that the dimera plan isn't put into action?

Colin: Even though you're not aware of any personal connection between yourself and the Gemini twins, there's clearly a connection

your family. The phoenix tattoo makes that a given. And the key, which belle black says was in the boy's possession.

Tony: Identical to the one you bequeathed me, father.

[Chuckles] You old devil. I'm about to find out who the twins are. I'm closing in on the nature of their relationship to our family.

Colin: Oh, for god's sake, that's fantastic, Tony. How are you going to do it?

Tony: I don't want to spoil the surprise, Colin.

Bo: If the thought of Jennifer being with Colin gets you all worked up, why are you dating Billie?

Jack: Billie and I have been on one date. Don't go making it into a big deal.

Bo: So you're not dating her.

Jack: Why are you so interested? Are you missing her now that she's gone on to the mayor's detail?

Bo: Not funny, jack.

Jack: Well, neither is my love life, so we're even. Look, for the record, Billie and I are friends. She's funny, she cares about me, and I could see why it would be a problem for you to have her around. She's very decorative.

Man: Phone call from your wife on line three.

Bo: All right, thanks. Jack, get out of here before I find a reason to arrest you.

Jack: Oh, sure, I'm on my way. I've got a big story to follow, you know, about the, uh, those twins? Biggest story of my career.

Bo: Hey, hey, j-- get --

Jack: Thanks for the doughnut!

John: You know, you're right. Keeping an eye on those twins has got to be a priority. Where your thinking goes wrong is where we put those kids while they're being watched, and our house is out. Now, I don't really care how committed you are to making a difference in their lives. It's not worth risking your own.

Marlena: Cassie and rex would never harm me or our family. I know that.

John: You know, you may be right, but I'm not going to take the chance. The twins aren't going to live with us, and I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Russell: Brace yourselves. There's been a development, and you're not going to like it, either of you.

Brady: I guess it falls under the category of things you can't explain. I get this feeling where I feel like my mom is -- is with me, I mean, in the room, communicating with me like she's -- like she's trying to help me.

Chloe: I want to believe that things like that are possible, Brady. It's so comforting.

Brady: Well, at first, it freaked me out. I thought I was losing it, but... now I just -- I go with it. I-I let it in. I let her in. Like that thing you said about -- about hope and love, that's one of the -- the thoughts that -- that come to me.

Chloe: Through your mother's spirit.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Chloe: Before, when you talked about your mother, it scared me. I was afraid that it meant that you thought I was going to die the way that she did.

Brady: No, it's the exact opposite.

Chloe: I know. I see that now.

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: I was lucky. You know, my mother was able to find me and bring me home after all those years. And, Brady, if you feel like your mother is near you or watching over you, you deserve that. She passed that quality on to you, you know -- the watching-over thing. You do that for me. You give me hope.

Brady: Things changed for us on that trip, didn't they?

Chloe: I feel even closer to you now.

Brady: Me too.

Chloe: Brady, I feel a lot of things. For once, it's all happy.

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: Well, I-I should go. Um, Nancy and Craig are waiting for me.

Brady: Well, they're -- they must be very happy to have you home.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm -- I'm happy to be with them, too. Talk about changes.

Brady: Well... thank you for coming by. It means a lot to me that -- to see you so happy and doing well.

Chloe: Well, after everything you've done for me...

Brady: I haven't done anything.

Chloe: Brady, you've seen me through a really dark time in my life. I just wanted you to be the first one to know. I'll see you later?

Brady: Believe it.

Chloe: Brady, you put the future in my hands, and now that I'm home, I feel like I have the future in my heart.

Chloe: Bye.

Brady: See ya.

Chloe: Maybe we'll have a future together, Brady.

Bo: Hey, fancy face.

Hope: Hey, Bo. It is so good to hear your voice.

Bo: You just missed Mrs. H. She dropped off some doughnuts. She's taking very good care of us.

Hope: Oh, I miss you all so much.

Bo: I miss you, too. How's everything there? Is zack good?

Hope: Zack's great. He misses his daddy desperately.

Bo: I bought him the coolest toy. I can't wait until he sees it.

Hope: Uh-huh. I bet it's something his daddy likes playing with, too, huh?

Bo: Just breaking it in for him.

Hope: Ha ha ha ha!

Bo: How's J.T. Doing?

Hope: Bo, he's perfect -- 100%. And he is so sweet. You should see him with his little brother. He's an absolute riot. Glen Jr. Is like a mini J.T. He looks exactly like J.T. Did when he was born.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Uh, well, you give him my love, okay?

Hope: You can give a couple of us your love in person, soon.

Bo: Does that mean what I think it does?

Hope: Ha ha ha. I wanted to make it a really big surprise and just walk in on you, but then again, you know me, I can't keep secrets, so, um, hmm, we're coming home, Brady.

Colin: I heard what you said to jack.

Bart: He had a right to know you stole his cell phone.

Colin: Stop making trouble for me, barty boy.

Bart: Ooh, I'm shaking. It's not like you're a dimera, pal. Oh, Bart?

Bart: Yeah?

Colin: I'm just as dangerous. Remember that.

Jack: Hi, I'm here for my --

Eliana: Your things are ready for you.

Jack: Right.

Eliana: Good-bye.

Jack: Tony, Tony, Tony. You couldn't wait to get me out. You got to be hiding something.

Rex: Look, Dr. Marlena won't let anything happen to us. Don't worry.

Cassie: Rex, you know, I don't know how not to worry.

Rex: Yeah. Me neither.

John: Don't leave us hanging, Russell. What's this development we're not going to like? What the hell are you doing in here?

Tony: Oh, relax, john. I assure you, it's all on the up-and-up. I've got a court order to take the twins home.

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