Days Transcript Wednesday 10/02/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  10/2/02

By Amanda

Mimi: Hey. So did you guys go to the hospital? How are the twins? Are they, like, totally freaked out by all the hoopla and the press?

Belle: Actually, uh, we didn't get to see them.

Shawn-d: Yeah, reporters were is even allowed to visit.

Caprice: Hey, belle, Mrs. Wesley called. The birthday party for Chloe starts at 7:00.

Belle: Ooh, great.

Philip: Chloe's back?

Chloe: Who was that?

Brady: I was just, uh, checking my messages at basic black.

Chloe: You're lying.

Brady: Excuse me?

Chloe: Was that the private investigator? Is there news about my biological father? Brady, something's happened to him, hasn't it?

Nancy: Ooh, let's see, I still have to ice the cake, put up the balloons, the decorations... where's the stepladder?

Craig: No stepladder for you, lady mother-to-be. I want you to just sit down and take it easy.

Nancy: Take it easy? It is my firstborn's 18th birthday, and I intend to make sure she has the time of her life.

Abe: Mm, Fay, you know what? We don't have to eat here. Ha ha, I can take you to the Brady pub --

Fay: Abe, I'm so sorry, but I may have to cancel.

Abe: Is something wrong?

Fay: Yeah, um, it's Nicky. She was supposed to be released today, but apparently, there's some complications.

Abe: Well, sit down. Tell me about it.

Fay: Because of the shooting, Nicky may not be able to have children.

Brandon: Nicky, I am -- I am so sorry.

Nicole: About what?

Brandon: The test results.

Nicole: Oh. That. Who cares? I never wanted to have kids, anyway.

Brandon: Come on, Nicky, you don't to pretend with me.

Nicole: I'm not pretending. In fact, it's the best news I've had all week. I'm going to use it to get exactly what I want.

Lexie: No.

Celeste: Alexandra, darling, no, no, no. No. Don't do this, Alexandra.

Abe: How's Nicole taking this?

Fay: I haven't seen her yet. The doctor tells me that she shows no emotion.

Nicole: Have I ever been maternal? Did I play with dolls? Did I ever mention that I wanted some snot-nosed rug rat underfoot?

Brandon: Nicky, come on, Nicky, look at me. I know you. Whenever you get all tough and snappy, usually it means that you're hurting inside and trying to deny it.

Nicole: Give it a rest, counselor.

Brandon: Your chart says this complication was due to some kind of physical strain. How exactly did it happen? Was it when you went after Samantha and gave her that black eye? You were upset about my seeing her again. You were determined to protect me. My god, is this what it all led to?

Nicole: I don't think you should be with Sami. She's going to end up hurting you.

Brandon: You're not answering my questions.

Nicole: I told you already. I never wanted any children, but you can't tell victor. This is between you and me.

Brandon: I feel responsible.

Nicole: Well, don’t. When victor found out about the infertility thing, I could tell by the look on his face that he was counting on me to have his baby. But I am just hoping that he doesn't dump me now because I can't manufacture any more heirs apparent.

Brandon: You'd sell yourself into a loveless marriage just for the money?

Nicole: Yeah. Don't forget about the nice jewelry and the power, of course. That is very attractive.

Brandon: Nicky, Nicky. You're scared to death of loving anyone, of really giving yourself to a husband or a child.

Nicole: Spare me the clichés.

Brandon: I don't care how it sounds. Without some kind of love in your life, you have got nothing.

Brady: Chloe, relax. It was your stepfather.

Chloe: Craig, oh. Brady, I-I'm sorry. I've just been so worried. What did he want?

Brady: Said your mother was very anxious to see you.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I wish we had some good news. All that time in dry creek and nothing to show for it. Brady, we were this close. I can't believe Philip showed up and ruined everything.

Brady: Well, you handled him very well in the end. Any regrets?

Chloe: Even before Philip made a mess of everything, I was beginning to accept the fact that things were over between us. Now I know my feelings were right.

Brady: Well, come on, let's take you home.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: For what?

Chloe: For being so good to me, for sacrificing so much time and energy to help my find my father.

Brady: Chloe, being there for you is never a sacrifice.

Mimi: So, have you talked to Brady since he and Chloe got back?

Belle: No, but I can't wait to hear his version of what happened.

Philip: What, my word's not good enough?

Cynthia: Hi there. Will I be seeing you at the big game tomorrow? Here you go. Don't forget the party here afterwards. Heartbreaker ballots are due in by midnight, all right? Bye.

Dozer: You got my vote.

Cynthia: Thanks, but the balloting is supposed to be secret.

Dozer: You're a sure thing. You're totally babe-licious.

Cynthia: Well, I would be certainly honored --

Mimi: Give it a rest, cyn. No freshman's ever won the Hartley house title. Get over it.

Belle: Philip, I'm not taking sides. I care about all three of you. I just want to hear what Brady and Chloe have to say.

Philip: Oh, your brother's been dissing me with Chloe for months.

Belle: From what you've told me, you've done a pretty good job of messing things up all by yourself.

Caprice: Ooh, it's 6:30. If you guys want to sing "happy birthday" to Chloe, you'd better leave now.

Shawn-d: Yeah. Belle? Let's go.

Philip: Don't mind me. Have a great time.

Belle: I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

Caprice: Come on, let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Cynthia: Are you all stocked up for the party?

Dozer: Got a whole case of brewskis chilling for tomorrow.

Cynthia: Do me a favor, huh? Come here.

Celeste: No, look, listen to me. No. Now, I know you're trying to win Abraham back, but making a scene in a public place -- how in the world is that a good idea? Now, please, Alexandra, control yourself.

Lexie: No, no. That two-bit waitress is trying to steal my husband.

Celeste: No, no, listen to me. Now you listen. Shaming them is only going to make things worse.

Lexie: All right. All right. I'll lay off for now. I came here to find Brandon, anyway. If I'm going to make up with Abe, I'll need Brandon’s help.

Fay: You look tired, Abe. How's everything going with Lexie?

Abe: You know, she's determined to fight the divorce.

Fay: Can she?

Abe: Not for long. I'm going through with it whether she likes it or not. Hey, I don't want to talk about Lexie. What I really want to do is spend time with you.

Fay: You do?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Fay: All right, well, um, maybe after I visit Nicole, we can still have that dinner.

Abe: It's a date.

Nicole: Love? Ha ha ha. You want me to hold out for true love? Oh, like the kind our mother had with that monster she married?

Brandon: Okay, so we didn't have the best role models.

Nicole: Face it, Brandon. We're scarred. When our radar tells us it's love, it's probably a warning sign to turn around and run the other direction.

Brandon: I'm not giving up, and neither should you.

Nicole: Look, I'm just being practical. I look at marriage as an insurance policy. As Mrs. Victor kiriakis, I will be the most powerful woman in Salem, and I will use that power against my enemies.

Brandon: Like Samantha?

Nicole: At least with victor, I know exactly what I'm getting.

Brandon: What, a bunch of high-priced toys -- yachts, mansions? Will that keep you warm at night? Will it make up for what you will be missing on mother's day? I don't mean to hurt you. I just want you to wake up.

Nancy: Oh, sweetheart! I am so glad you're back! Oh! Ooh, I guess you heard that I passed out when Philip came home without you. They had to rush me to the hospital.

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Nancy: Oh, yeah, you know me, overly emotional.

Craig: We ran some tests. Everything checked out. Hi.

[Knock on door]

Craig: The door was open.

Brady: Hey there.

Chloe: Hi! Oh, my god, all of you! How are you?

Mimi: Happy birthday.

Chloe: Oh, you remembered. Thank you.

Mimi: How are you?

Craig: All right, gang. Welcome to birthday land.

Nancy: Happy birthday.

Belle: Oh, wow!

Chloe: Nancy, Craig... you shouldn't have. This must've taken forever.

Belle: Wow.

Chloe: Oh, my god, it's beautiful. Thank you so much.

Cynthia: Go.

Dozer: Anything for you, babe.

Dozer: Man, you look like road kill. You want another beer?

Philip: Sure, but I think caprice would take my head off if she sees me.

Dozer: Come on up to my room. We'll break out a new six-pack. And, uh, what say we start off with a little shot of tequila?

Philip: Why not?

Dozer: Why not?


what's aggravating?

Chloe: A vegetarian cookbook?

Belle: Shawn and I picked it out.

Chloe: Thank you. You guys are the best.

Mimi: Hey, and this goes with it. Not what you'd call finger-lickin' good, but it's the healthiest food on the planet.

Chloe: Broccoli! Thank you so much!

Mimi: You're welcome.

Chloe: This is perfect!

Nancy: You know, Chloe, if I'd known when you were coming back, I would've rented out the ballroom at the Salem inn and invited the entire town.

Chloe: I'm really glad you didn’t.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha.

Nancy: Okay, open this one now.

Chloe: From you?

Craig: Ahem!

Nancy: And Craig. Um, not too original, but I think you'll like it.

Chloe: "Carmen" with my favorite singers. Are you kidding? This is amazing. Thank you.

Craig: See? I told you it would be a hit. Thank you, thank you.

Nancy: Okay, y'all keep partying; Craig and I will be right back. Sweetheart, follow me. I need some help in the dining room.

Craig: She needs me everywhere.

Chloe: Thank you all for being here. I can't believe you guys stayed. What made you not go away to college? I hope it wasn't because of me.

Belle: That was part of it.

Shawn-d: Mama Belle needed to watch after her twins, too.

Belle: Oh.

Chloe: The aliens?

Mimi: Yeah, it turns out they're human, after all.

Chloe: No.

Mimi: Disappointed?

Chloe: Yeah, I was kind of hoping they were from mars.


Shawn-d: So are a lot of reporters.

Craig: Yeah, well, a lot of fallout from that "intruder" article. Those reporters are vultures, roosting at the hospital with their laptops.

Belle: Well, did you ever find out who leaked that story?

Craig: I wish. Mmm, that's good. Dig in, guys.

Chloe: Thank you. So, tell me all about your dorm.

Shawn-d: Oh, Hartley house?

Mimi: Also known as heartbreak house.

Belle: It's amazing. Shawn got us both rooms.

Shawn-d: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Highly convenient for a couple who's dating.

Belle: Speaking of couples, should I ask the question we've all been too polite to ask?

Mimi: If you don't, I will.

Belle: Are you guys ready?

Chloe: I'm not sure I am.

Mimi: Will you ask already?

Belle: Okay, fine. So, what's up with you guys?

Brady: You mean us guys as in the two of --

Belle: Yeah, you know, the two of you -- you guys, you and Chloe --

Philip: Hey, Chloe!

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday

to you

Happy birthday

Beautiful Chloe

Happy birthday

to you

Lexie: Brandon. I've been looking all over for you. Can we talk?

Brandon: Not the best time.

Lexie: Please, it's very important. Please come outside with me?

Lexie: Well, you seem upset, and I can certainly understand why. Abe and your mom holding hands in the cafeteria like a couple of teenagers.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Yeah. So, um, I'm sure neither of us wants to see this relationship go any further. So will you help me?

Brandon: How?

Lexie: Please swear to me that you won't tell Abe or anyone else that we slept together. Look, Brandon, it was a big mistake, okay? So can't we just agree that it never happened?

Craig: What's going on?

Philip: Okay, so maybe I wasn't invited.

Craig: Are those from my front yard?

Philip: Uh, yeah, I think they are.

Brady: I've had it --

Craig: No, no, no, okay, Philip, out, out --

Chloe: Wait, please, stop. Wait one minute. Listen, all of you, yes, it's true, Philip and I aren't together and we've been going through a rough time. Philip has made some mistakes, which I'm sure he feels bad about, but if he's here to say that he's sorry, then I'm willing to accept his apology. Life's too short to hold on to anger and negative feelings. That's what I've learned this past year.

Philip: I'm sorry. I always seem to do the wrong thing, don't I?

Nancy: Yes, you do.

Craig: Nancy, cut the cake.

Philip: I mean to do the right thing. I swear, but... somehow it gets all screwed up, you know? I don't know, maybe because I act before I think -- I think before I act. It's a stupid, stupid habit... like picking these flowers from your front yard, Dr. Wesley. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Craig: Forget it. We're here to celebrate Chloe. That's all that's important.

Philip: Absolutely. Totally true. Chloe, Chloe is -- she's an amazing person. She's -- she's forgiving and brave and... and sweet and... and perfect. She's like a perfect person. I respect her with all of my heart. I do so much. Oh, and those blue eyes -- those big blue eyes -- I don't know what I'll do if you don't take me back, Chloe!

Chloe: Please stop.

Brady: What the hell are you doing? Get the hell up!

Philip: I am not finished!

Brady: You are so finished!

Philip: Brady, this is none of your business! There are things that I need to explain!

Brady: Listen to you! You're smashed!

Philip: Maybe just a little, but --

Brady: All right, listen to me. This is Chloe’s birthday. We are here for her, and you are not going to ruin it. Do you understand me?

Philip: Cake. Nobody's getting out of here without any cake.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey, easy with that.

Philip: Take me back

take me back

take me back

take me back

take me back

take me back

Philip: That's my wish, anyhow.

Belle: Okay, you know what? Why don't we give Dr. Wesley the cake, Philip --

Philip: No, no.

Shawn-d: : Okay, Philip, we're taking you home.

Philip: I don't have a home!

Shawn-d: Okay, we're going to the dorm. Let's go.

Philip: Chloe, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Chloe.

Shawn-d: Philip, be quiet. You're going to regret what you say.

Celeste: Good evening, Miss Walker. I'm glad to see you're better.

Nicole: They look like more trouble than they're worth.

Celeste: Oh, no, darling, having a child is a great gift.

Nicole: I can't have a child.

Celeste: Oh, I am -- I am so sorry.

Nicole: Don't be. It's probably a good thing. At least I won't have to deal with any of this.

Celeste: If I am not, uh, speaking out of turn, can I give you some advice?

Brandon: Look, I'm not going to advertise the fact that we made love. No, wait, we didn't make love. We had sex -- meaningless.

Lexie: Okay, now you're being cruel.

Brandon: I'm being cruel? You're the one who made a joke of it, Lexie. Two minutes and you told me how much you regretted it. That had to be some kind of record, don't you think? I mean, I've heard of people realizing that it was a mistake in retrospect or whatever, but not immediately. I mean, I would've been downright insulted if I didn't realize right then and there that you were nuts!

Lexie: Why are you going on like this, Brandon? What's your point?

Brandon: There is none. So you go and work on getting Abe carver back, the man who turned his back on you and made a fool of you. Go on. Chase after him. I wish you luck.

Lexie: Then you'll keep our secret?

Brandon: If it gets out, it won't be because of me.

Lexie: Thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Oh.

Brandon: Come on, let's, uh, ahem, let's go inside.

Lexie: Okay.

Mimi: Great party. I just hope Philip didn't ruin it for you.

Chloe: Thanks again for the broccoli.

Mimi: Hey.

Chloe: And for being here.

Mimi: Happy birthday, okay?

Chloe: Thank you, Mimi.

Mimi: I'll see you all later.

Brady: Drive carefully, meems.

Mimi: Bye, Brady.

Nancy: So, um, I want to hear all about your trip to New York.

Craig: You know, Nancy, maybe they're too tired. They look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to me. Chloe?

Chloe: I'm fine. It's just... well... after I got sick, a big part of me couldn't face up to how scary it really was. And Philip was the same. He never wanted to talk about my illness, and I just fell into this fantasy world that he created with all those gifts.

Nancy: Like the tree

Chloe: And planted it in our yard. And he kept insisting that what we had but nothing does.

Craig: Chloe, life is about change.

Chloe: And I've been through some huge changes -- physically, emotionally... and I didn't want to be in denial anymore. That's why I couldn't be with Philip. Brady helped me see that. I didn't want to hear it at first, but he wouldn't let me off the hook. Brady, you said things to me that I didn't want to hear, but deep down, you've supported me in so many ways.

Nancy: Chloe... are you and Brady together now?

Philip: Where's dozer? I could use another shot of tequila.

Shawn-d: Dozer's the one who gave you the booze? Calm down, man.

Belle: Look, Phil, we know you don't have enough money to buy the alcohol yourself.

Philip: Dozer's my bud.

Shawn-d: All right, easy. I am going to deck that S.O.B.

Cynthia: Too late. He's already passed out in your room.

Shawn-d: Great. The guy snores like a chain saw. How am I supposed to get sleep around here?

Belle: I think dozer has a problem with alcohol.

Cynthia: Well... duh.

Shawn-d: Hey, Phil, since you and dozer are buds, why don't you just, uh, crash in my room, huh?

Philip: I like belle's room. Ha ha ha.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, forget about it, okay? I'm going to take you upstairs so you can pass out on my bed and sleep this off.

Philip: Aw.

Belle: Hey, Shawn, where are you going to crash?

Shawn-d: Um... don't go too far. I'm just going to sleep on the couch.

Cynthia: Hello? I happen to be writing an essay here.

Belle: Well, um, you could crash in my room on the empty bed.

Shawn-d: Are you sure you can trust me?

Celeste: I had to give up my little daughter in order to be with a very rich and very powerful man.

Nicole: He didn't want her?

Celeste: Well, I'm sure he would have had he known she existed. But I didn't want Stefano to have influence over Alexandra. Unfortunately, late in his life, he was able to claim her, infect her with his poison. Today I am especially aware of all the mistakes that I have made over the years. Darling, I look at you, I see myself.

Nicole: Victor kiriakis is no Stefano dimera.

Celeste: In some ways, no, but in others...

Nicole: Victor's an okay guy. He wants to give me the best that life has to offer. What's so wrong with that?

Celeste: Nothing, as long as he truly loves you and you love him. Look, I'm not saying that a beautiful woman can't fall in love with a -- a wealthy older man. It happens, darling, yes. But if the relationship is strictly financial, sooner or later, one feels one's a prisoner.

Nicole: I can take care of myself.

Celeste: I'm sorry if I've gone too far. All I ask is that you think

Lexie: Abe, hi.

Abe: Why are you ignoring Mickey Horton’s calls?

Lexie: Oh, I-I don't recall getting any messages.

Abe: Bull. You and your attorney are doing everything you can to obstruct and delay this divorce, and I've had it.

Brandon: Hey, this is a hospital, carver, not a battleground.

Abe: You stay out of this.

Brandon: You're on my turf, and lexis’s my friend.

Abe: You know, I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to use Lexie against me, and it's not right.

Lexie: Oh, for heaven's sake, Abe, didn't you hear Brandon? He's a good friend. That's all.

Abe: Oh, really? Well, was that a friendly hug I noticed a few minutes ago, or were the two of you clinging to each other out on the terrace like a couple of lovers?

Brandon: You know, you're right. It was a lot more.

Brandon: Of course lexie's more than a friend to me. She's like family. I care about her. I think she's crazy to want to reconcile with you, but unfortunately, she won't listen to my advice. At this point, all I can do is wish her luck.

Lexie: Abe... would you look at me, please?

Abe: The man's a time bomb. I just hope you're not around when he goes off.

Lexie: Then prove him wrong, Abe. Tell me you still care. Forget about the divorce. Just give me another chance.

Fay: Hello. How you feeling?

Nicole: Oh, god. Did Brandon send for you?

Fay: Honey, listen to me. I know this must be very hard on you --

Nicole: Don't, please, don’t. Oh, don't, all right? Don't get all weepy over me, okay? God. You know, no tears, no long-suffering smiles. I can't take it, all right? I can't take that phony crap.

Fay: If it makes you feel any better, go ahead and vent your anger.

Nicole: Oh. Is that what you used to say to my father, huh, when he'd raise his hands to you? "Oh, whatever makes you feel better, Paul. Go ahead and whack the living daylights out of me. Or better yet, why don't you smack little Brandon around, huh? You're the man. You're the man, baby. You got the right."

Brandon: All right, stop it. What the hell is going on?

Chloe: Brady is an incredible friend. He's taught me how to face reality and shown me that there's still hope. We may still find a donor.

Nancy: Brady is so right.

Craig: Again, thank you, Brady, for everything you've done.

Nancy: You know what?

Craig: Hmm?

Nancy: I am going to relight your candles so you can make your wish.

Craig: Great idea. Great idea. Come on.

Chloe: You know, four is better than one, so why don't we all wish together?

All: [Laugh]

Craig: Very well done.

Nancy: Happy birthday, baby.

Chloe: I wasn't looking forward to this one, but you've all made it

Philip: Excuse me.

Cynthia: Can't sleep?

Philip: Nah, Nah. Dozer's snoring too loud. Ugh. This room is spinning. You know, this is all your fault.

Cynthia: How do you figure that?

Philip: You and dozer are the ones that got me started on those beers. The last thing I needed to do was get drunk and go to the Wesley’s' tonight.

Cynthia: Poor baby. Chloe broke his heart again. How is he ever going to pick up the pieces?

Belle: Here. You're probably going to need this. It gets pretty cold in here around dawn.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I haven't spent the night with you in the same room since we were 4.

Belle: Yeah, and you put that slimy plastic frog in between my sheets.

Shawn-d: And you screamed

Belle: Yeah. Ha ha.

Belle: Good night, Shawn.

Shawn-d: Good night.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn-d: Hi. I forgot to kiss you good night.

Belle: Oh, yeah. X To proceed with the divorce. So you can waste your time and money fighting it, but it will go through with or without your cooperation.

Fay: Sorry, I -- I didn't mean to interrupt.

Abe: No, no, Fay, Fay, we're -- we're done. So, uh, how's Nicole?

Fay: She's, um, not too bad. Brandon's with her right now.

Abe: Well, good. Let's go and have dinner, huh? I'm just starving.

Fay: Sure.

Lexie: I'll get you back, Abe, no matter what it takes.

Brandon: Look, I know you're going through a rough time right now, but that doesn't give you the right to take it out on mom.

Nicole: You always have to defend her, don't you?

Brandon: She's worried sick about you.

Nicole: Well, I think she's on the make again.

Brandon: Shut up.

Nicole: So stop worrying about me and concentrate on mommy, who's snuggling up to your worst enemy.

Brandon: That is never going to happen.

Nicole: How are you going to stop that?

Brandon: I don't know, but I will find a way.

Nicole: And I will find a way to keep you and Sami apart.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn-d: Yeah... I'm leaving.

Shawn-d: Um, I-I'm going back to my bed now.

Shawn-d: Okay, here -- here I go.

Belle: I love you, Shawn.

Shawn-d: I love you, too.

Philip: I don't even want to hear you say her name.

Cynthia: Chloe. Chloe.

Philip: Hey, you are the reason we broke up last time.

Cynthia: You always have to blame someone else, don't you? Well, guess what -- Chloe broke up with you. You, because you messed up. So you just need to get over it and move on.

Philip: Where to?

Cynthia: You are so blinded by opera girl that you don't even know other women exist.

Philip: I do so know other women exist. For ex-- for example, belle. She exists, and she's a woman. She's cool.

Cynthia: And what am I?

Philip: You're a bitch.

Cynthia: Look who's talking. You have no place to live, no school, no money, no future, no girlfriend. Who would have thought Philip kiriakis would end up a loser?

Nancy: Brady, can I get you another slice?

Brady: Oh, you know what? Thank you, but I really have to get going. So, uh, good night, Dr. Wesley, Mrs. Wesley.

Craig: Good night, Brady.

Nancy: Good night.

Brady: Thank you.

Craig: Drive carefully.

Nancy: I have changed my mind.

Craig: About what?

Nancy: About telling Chloe about the baby. I think she needs all the hope she can get.

Craig: Let's tell her tomorrow; let her get some rest, hmm?

[Crickets chirping]

Chloe: Tell me something -- did you purposely wait till I was 18 to kiss me?

Brady: That kiss -- it just kind of happened, right? I mean, neither of us are projecting anything.

Chloe: Right.

Brady: You looked especially beautiful tonight.

Brady: Happy birthday, Chloe. with Rachel and Tracy."

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