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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/13/02--Canada; Monday 9/16/02--USA

By Lynnette

Chloe: Brady, look, you have gone through enough because of me.

Brady: Chloe, I'm in this till I find your father.

Chloe: There's just one thing I don't understand. Did they not take you to jail right away? I mean, when did you have time to send me this note?

Brady: Note? What are you talking about?

Chloe: The desk clerk brought it to me after you disappeared.

Brady: Hmm.

Brady: I didn't write this. But I sure as hell know who did. You forged my handwriting, didn't you, you little bastard? You had me arrested. You set me up!

[Cellular phone rings]


Philip: Uh... you gonna get the phone?


[Hangs up phone]

Chloe: I want to know the truth right now. Did you write this note?

Philip: Yes, I wrote it.

Craig: Still no answer, huh?

Nancy: I don't want to drive her crazy leaving messages, but she's got to know that we're worried.

Craig: Nancy, you know chloe. She's probably dragged philip to every show on broadway. No cell phones in the theater, remember?

Nancy: I know it, but I just wish she'd call.

[Knock on door]

Colin: Pardon me. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Craig: No, not a problem. What is it?

Colin: Good news. Nicole walker's out of her coma. Thanks for your assistance in surgery.

Craig: That's a very good outcome. Is she experiencing any cognitive deficits?

Colin: Not that we've noted, but she's been too exhausted for a full neuro exam. Um, I have an appointment shortly, and I was wondering if...

Craig: If I could check in on her for you? Not a problem. I was actually thinking of checking in on her later myself.

Colin: Actually, I haven't seen chloe lately, and I take it she's feeling well?

Craig: Yes, she'S... having the time of her life in new york city.

Colin: That's wonderful.

Craig: It is. It is. I love you.

Nicole: I -- I know... about sami. I ha-- I have to tell you all about sami.

Brandon: All right, but you're going to get yourself upset, nicky. Maybe you should just rest right now.

Nicole: No. You asked. You need to hear the truth about sami.

Sami: How can you say that you won't help me after I stole from my sister's purse?

Tony: Ah, we're talking about a piece of paper.

Sami: I also broke into my mom's penthouse. You are sitting here with the one thing that can save my life, and you're not going to give it to me?

Tony: Oh, sami, let's not be overly dramatic. We're talking about your quasi-boyfriend brandon, not your life. And have you held up your end of the bargain? Why, no. But I'll tell you what. It's your lucky day. I'm going to give you a break.

Sami: You are? Tony, thank you so much.

Tony: Not so quickly. You have to meet one more condition before I help you.

Sami: I am running out of time here, tony. There won't be a bargain if nicole talks to brandon before I can stop her.

Tony: So be it.

Sami: Okay. I'll do anything. Just tell me what it is.

Brandon: Okay, I'm listening.

Nicole: Sami --

Craig: Well, welcome back. How you feeling?

Nicole: I am trying to have a conversation here.

Brandon: You know, nicky, craig's one of the doctors who helped save your life.

Nicole: I don't need a doctor. I need to talk to my brother, and it can't wait.

Maggie: Hi, nancy.

Nancy: Oh, god.

Maggie: I'll get this. Here.

Nancy: Thank you.

Maggie: Are you all right?

Nancy: Yes! Sorry. Not really. I, um... how can I let a few papers falling on the floor upset me like this? But lately, the little things seem to upset me more.

Maggie: Well, it's perfectly natural. You are under a lot of stress.

Nancy: But I'm trying to keep busy and occupy my mind and do --

Maggie: Well, it must be difficult, because you're here at the hospital day in and day out.

Nancy: It is. Thank you so much for saying so. I, um, I come in and I see my husband giving families sad news, and I watch them grieving, and I think, "will that be us someday?"

Maggie: Oh, honey.

Nancy: But then I -- I see the lucky ones -- the little boy with the kidney transplant who got to go home. But I think, "why can't that be my chloe?" It's so hard to like yourself, maggie, when you're jealous of someone else's good fortune.

Maggie: Let's get some coffee. Can you try to stop being so hard on yourself? I mean, look at you. Look at all of the things you're doing for other people, as well as chloe. You've thrown all of your energy into this bone marrow drive, light the night walk. Decaf?

Nancy: Thank you. But so have you. I mean, I can't thank you enough for recruiting at tuscany.

Maggie: Well, which reminds me, that's why I'm here. I need some more sign-up sheets.

Nancy: Already?

Maggie: Mm-hmm. The response has been overwhelming. Not do people just want to walk, but they want to pledge. It's been wonderful.

Nancy: Oh, it is, maggie. It is wonderful.

Maggie: I do think it's because jack and jennifer's articles in the "spectator," they've struck a chord. Chloe is so special to a lot of people.

Nancy: Thank you.

Maggie: It's hard to see something good coming out of all of this, but hopefully one day none of us will have to deal with this terrible disease.

Nancy: Yes. But for chloe, there is no bone marrow match in the registry. We were trying -- we were thinking that a sibling might -- if we could just -- if we could just find her biological father or some other relative -- I'm trying so hard, maggie, to be positive for chloe, but realistically now, what we really need is a miracle.

Chloe: Philip, how could you do this?

Philip: Well, chloe, you were so worried. You weren't sleeping and you weren't taking care of yourself. I didn't want you to get sick. I thought... if you knew brady was okay, you'd feel better.

Chloe: Well, I don't feel better now. I was sick, but now I'm in remission. I don't need to be protected or treated like a child.

Philip: Chloe --

Chloe: Brady was here in town all along in a jail cell. If you hadn't forged that note, I would have realized there really was a problem. I could have gone to the sheriff, and none of this would have dragged on for so long.

Philip: I had nico out there looking for him.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. What a great job he did. Brady, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Brady: You know, chloe, it's -- don't worry about it. It's not your fault. And don't be upset with him on my account. I probably would have done the exact same thing.

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Parents and kids are asked to be on guard after a man approached two children in a city park.

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Chloe: Brady, you would not have done the same thing. You'd understand that I needed to know the truth.

Brady: Chloe, all I'm trying to say is we want you to get healthy again. That's the most important thing. And it's no use getting upset about all this. It's not like philip knew I was rotting away in some local jail cell.

Philip: Well, of course not.

Chloe: This whole time, I could have been looking for brady, and then we could have been looking for my father.

Philip: Oh, and the blame comes back to philip.

Brady: Why is everything about you?

Philip: Brady, I know you told chloe a million times that it was my fault her father ran away. Look, I'm sorry for what happened, but if you guys had just told me what was going on --

Chloe: Stop it! You said you didn't want me to get upset, but now I am upset, and nothing is going to change that unless we find my father! Do you know how this feels? He's gone... maybe forever. And if that's true, then I'm going to die.

Craig: Nicole, as soon as I've examined you, you can speak to brandon. But right now I'm a little concerned about your irritability. It's probably nothing significant, but I do need to examine you to rule out physical cause.

Brandon: It's okay. I'll wait right outside.

Nicole: No!

Craig: Uh, the longer you argue, nicole, the longer it will be before you can speak with brandon.

Brandon: It's all right. I love you.

Nicole: You'll be right back?

Brandon: Have I ever broken a promise to you? When I come back, you can tell me everything.

Tony: Now, during your usual hours of leisure on your shift at the university hospit, I want you to do a little exploring for me.

Sami: Blood tests, patient charts -- you name it.

Tony: I want more information about a covert operation at the university hospital.

Sami: I don't know anything about a covert operation.

Tony: That's because it's covert.

Sami: If it's so covert, then how am I going to find anything out?

Tony: It involves your mother.

Sami: What about her?

Tony: Oh, I don't know, but somehow she and john are involved.

Sami: Well, that doesn't help -- you know what? I don't want to know. I am not spying on my mother.

Tony: Very well then.

Sami: Okay. Okay, I'll see what I can find out, but only if I can have the pictures right now, because otherwise it will be too late. They won't be worth anything to me, and I certainly won't be helping you.

Tony: Well, I thought you'd see things my way. But expect consequences if you do not live up to your end of the bargain.

Tony: Goodbye, samantha. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Colin: What was that all about?

Tony: [Chuckles] I was just getting what I want. As I always do.

Philip: Chloe, you don't ever say you're going to die. All right, we are going to find your father. And I know you said we've lost time, but that's not true. Nico's out there looking, and he's got to be a lot better at this than we are. He's a professional.

Brady: Hold on a second. Did you just say that nico is out there looking for sykes?

Philip: Yes. I'm just trying to help chloe.

Brady: Philip, sykes is in the witness protection program. The more people that come after him, the further underground he's going to go.

Chloe: Oh, my god, I didn't even think --

Philip: Hey, chloe, nothing bad is going to happen. Nico will be totally discreet.

Brady: Nico is a thug, for crying out loud! Chloe is dr. Sykes' daughter. There's no way in hell he's going to be afraid of her. We were doing just fine until you showed up.

Philip: You know, if you want to blame somebody, you blame yourself! You're the one who wanted to be the big hero and do it all on your own! I ruined it for you -- that's what you're really thinking.

Brady: You know what, philip? You're projecting. For me, it's only about chloe. And why the hell are we wasting time arguing about stupid stuff? There is much to be done. And shouldn't you be in school or something?

[Knock on door]

Sheriff: I believe there's something we have to settle.

Tony: So, marlena is working for this government agent?

Colin: Mm, it appears so. Those two and john black had their heads together today at the hospital. Any idea why?

Tony: Unfortunately, no. But sami's looking into it.

Colin: No key yet?

Tony: No. But sami managed to find this in her sister's purse.

Colin: Belle black? Why did she have it?

Tony: A little surveillance should tell us that.

Colin: Well, if john black finds out you're tailing his daughter --

Tony: He won'T. Now sami tells me that the hospital basement has been sealed off.

Colin: Yes. There's been ongoing construction to the pathology lab. But it's never been off-limits before, nor was it crawling with security. And craig wesley is far too preoccupied to provide a serviceable cover. I'm sure whatever's going on down there would be of interest to us.

Tony: Yeah. What with marlena and john black and a government agent. Hmm. Perhaps sami will be able to enlighten us.

Colin: No offense, but I don't believe it's wise to send a little girl to do a man's job.

Victor: Brandon, what's going on?

Brandon: How is she?

Craig: Oh. Uh, amazingly well, considering. Nicole's neurological exam is essentially normal. She could be out of bed as soon as tomorrow. Barring complications, as soon as she can tolerate solid food, she could be home recuperating.

Brandon: That's great. Is she calmer at all?

Victor: Why? Was she upset? What about?

Brandon: She just got out of a coma, victor. She might need some help dealing with what she's been through.

Victor: Well, whatever she needs. What do you suppose is the root of the problem?

Craig: What brandon is trying to say is that nicole doesn't seem herself because the coma has left her quite agitated. She may need some time to psychologically recover.

Victor: But she is going to make a full recovery?

Craig: I have every reason to expect it.

Brandon: I promised her I'd get right back in.

Victor: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Craig: Sure.

Brandon: Hey. Dr. Wesley says you're doing great.

Nicole: I told you I was fine. You have to listen.

Brandon: Okay. I'm listening. Is this about samantha?

Nancy: Thank you, maggie. You really are an angel.

Maggie: Not at all. Listen, to be able to do something that you know can make a meaningful difference in people's lives, I -- whew, I'm just grateful to have the opportunity. I'm just so sorry that it's because chloe is sick.

Nancy: I know.

Maggie: You know, alice horton has fed at least 10,000 of that special recipe cookie to hospital volunteers and patients for years. Dessert is a great joy.


Nancy: It certainly is.

Maggie: 'Cause it's baked with all that love and good stuff. It meant a lot to alice that she was able to donate her contest winnings in chloe's name.

Nancy: Well, it meant a lot to us, too. Oh, and when I think of how competitive I was with alice horton, of all people, thinking I could whip her butt in that contest.

Maggie: Oh, I'm sure your cookie recipe was wonderful, too.

Nancy: Well, I certainly did work hard enough on it.

Maggie: Oh, I'll bet you did.

Nancy: I mean, I spent endless nights wondering about the merits of four times sugar versus 10 times sugar --

Maggie: And tasting.

Nancy: And chopped raisins versus -- I tend to get very passionate about things.

Craig: You? Really? Excuse me.

Maggie: Well, there is nothing wrong with passion.

Craig: Unh-unh. You can say that again.

Nancy: Unless you're, um, passionate about the wrong things. I was just remembering when all I could think about was getting you elected the chief of staff. And -- and now, even kning how I behaved through all of that, alice horton is able to extend herself to us in this way.

Maggie: Look, I know that things haven't been the rosiest between our families, but you would do the same for us in a time of need.

Nancy: Would I? Sometimes I wonder. Excuse me.

Craig: Excuse me.

Sheriff: Brought your car keys. Jeep's in the lot behind my office.

Brady: Thank you. Well, let's go get it then.

Philip: Yeah, I'm going to come wi you guys.

Sheriff: Hold on, young man! First you're talking to me.

Tony: You know, if you want to find out what's going on in the hospital basement, by all means. But sami has an inside track with john and marlena. I'm not pulling her out yet, nor do I understand why you would ask me to.

Colin: You're the boss. I just know that trouble follows sami wherever she goes, and I prefer to stay clear. Are you all right?

Tony: Have a look at the pattern of these stars.

Colin: Mm-hmm.

Tony: Look at this. It's the same. The gemini constellation.

Colin: The significance being?

Tony: I don't know.

Colin: How did you come to have this?

Tony: Well, marlena returned it to me. I'm sure you understand why.

Colin: "Sleeping beauty."

Tony: Mm. You know, john wanted to call our philanthropic work "the gemini project." Did he know what it meant? I mean, was he trying to gauge a reaction from me to possibly pick up a clue? I have no idea.

Colin: Gemini -- adaptable and versatile. Cunning and inquisitive.

Tony: What are you, an astrologer now?

Colin: Amateur. I've known a few geminis in my day. The twins -- not so ominous a sign as, say, the scorpion.

Tony: The twins... gemini twins. Damn it. What was my father trying to tell me?

Brandon: What is it? Are you in pain?

Nicole: No. Uh, I'm just...tired all of a sudden.

Brandon: Well, maybe you should rest right now. We can talk later.

Nicole: Yeah.

Brandon: Hey, you sure you're okay?

Nicole: Craig said that this would happen.

Brandon: Okay. Well, whatever you wanted to tell me, you just keep me in suspense, okay? I'll be back. Love you.

Craig: Hey.

Nancy: I don't know what's wrong with me lately, craig. I feel like I could just jump out of my skin. You probably don't want to be in firing range.

Craig: So you're going to hide out in my office?

Nancy: Well, I don't have an office of my own, not anymore.

Craig: Nancy, that's not what I meant.

Nancy: Or a meaningful way of spending my days, unlike some people.

Craig: That's not true, nancy.

Nancy: Having chloe was the one thing I've done in my whole life that really mattered.

Craig: So what are you saying, that, what, the first 15 years or so of our marriage was a waste?

Nancy: No. I'm just saying that there's always been a hole, a longing for the baby that I lost! Wait, I can't say lost. Abandoned.

Craig: Nancy.

Nancy: Craig, she could be going through this and I wouldn't even know it -- all by herself.

Craig: She's not.

Nancy: When she first came to us, she blamed me for everything that was wrong in her life. God help me for saying this, but there were times that I wished she had never come.

Craig: Of course you did. It was -- it was hard on all of us.

Nancy: But, craig, how could I say that about my own baby? When I think about if she'd never come, what our lives would be like. I can't ever be that person again.

Craig: Chloe's touched our lives forever, nancy. She'S... she's changed us.

Nancy: My daughter and i have had three years together. And, yes, that's more than I had ever hoped, but it is not enough. Without her, craig...

Craig: Mm-hmm?

Nancy: I don't think I could go on.

Philip: You guys should get out of here. Go ahead. I'll catch up.

Chloe: We're not leaving you. What's the matter?

Brady: Chloe, I think that philip's right. We're on a mission here, and I think he can handle this by himself, so, uh, let's go.

Sheriff: What's the matter with you, son, huh? Think we're just a bunch of know-nothing hicks here?

Chloe: What's going on?

Sheriff: Blow into town, break the law, do whatever you want? You got some explaining to do.

Philip: I didn't do anything wrong.

Victor: Brandon, I thought you were with nicole.

Brandon: She got tired, needed some rest.

Victor: Well, craig wesley says that's the best thing for her. Yeah, well, I'm going to catch up on some paperwork, but I'll be back in to see her later.

Victor: Brandon, before you go, there's a question I'd like to ask you.

Brandon: What is it?

Victor: Did nicole say anything to you about sami?

Brandon: Why do you ask?

Victor: Well, your sister said something to me, and I'm not sure exactly what she meant.

Brandon: Well, what was it?

Victor: "Don't let sami get away with it."

Brandon: With what?

Victor: I don't know. Why do you suppose that sami was the first word out of her mouth after she got shot?

Brandon: Samantha was right there when the shooting happened. She could've been sly hurt, too. She didn't have anything to do with this, victor.

Victor: And the fact that nicole's vital signs went haywire when sami just stopped by the room -- all coincidences? I don't think so. Do you?

Sami: Not feeling well, hmm? Poor baby.

Nicole: Shut up.

Sami: Well, I know you're supposed to be getting your beauty rest. God knows you need it. But I think that this nightmare is going to keep you awake a while longer. Do you recognize these? Not particularly photogenic for a former model, but I don't think victor is going to be taken by your beauty, regardless. You don't want to give him another stroke, by the way. You can't imagine what fresh hell your life is about to become.

Nicole: I might give you a stroke.

Sami: No, you're going to give me what I want. You're going to call off the dogs -- that's you and victor. I get to be with brandon, and you can have your reward -- the old man.

[Gagging] Yuck.

Nicole: I am victor's fiancéE. That means you do not threaten me.

Sami: I don't need to say another thing. A picture's worth a thousand words.

Nicole: I only need two words -- think again.

Nancy: I've talked to, um, other mothers of cancer patients, and they're almost always convinced that if they had done something differently... fewer dental x-rays, maybe if they'd lived in a different house. Or if not that, maybe it's genetics -- something that they passed down. Of course, we know that's ridiculous. But, craig, I don't even know what chloe did for the first 15 years of her life. All I know is that I wasn't there and she suffered because of it. And now I can't help thinking that I'm getting my just punishment.

Craig: You're being punished? You're being punished? Nancy, chloe is the one who is sick. Do you think she is being punished? What do you think she did to deserve this?

Nancy: Oh, my god. Nothing.

Craig: You know, nancy, if you're failing chloe, so am I.

Nancy: I-I don't really mean that, craig.

Craig: Sweetheart, it's so easy to say "what if, what if?" What if you and I hadn't broken up in college, hmm?

Nancy: Chloe wouldn't exist.

Craig: Yeah, and what if I would've diagnosed her sooner? Do you think it would've made a difference? No. I live with that every day. I'm a doctor, and I can't help her!

Nancy: Craig, I am so -- I'm sorry, sweetie.

Craig: You know, sometimes, I think that you forget how important she is to me and how much I love chloe, too.

Nancy: No. I don't forget, craig. I know, and so does she.

Craig: You know, I have seen thisappen so many times with families. Having a very sick child... it can put a marriage to the test, you know? It either bonds you closer or it... rips you apart.

Nancy: I have never loved or needed you mo, craig wesley. Look at me. Nothing will separate us, any of us.

Sheriff: You wasted taxpayer money getting us to house your friend in jail all those days for something he didn't do.

Philip: You want me to pay for that, too? Here! Here, have some more money.

Sheriff: You trying to bribe me, son?

Philip: I tried to tell you we're innocent.

Sheriff: No, you tried to tell me you were innocent!

Philip: I never said brady was after drugs.

Sheriff: You told me he was an habitual offender. You laid all the blame on him and turned him over to me, and then you changed your entire story in court! Now, that's obstruction of justice, not to mention extreme irritation of a law officer who was made to look foolish!

Philip: I'm sorry.

Sheriff: I'm just wondering what's behind all this. Did you maybe rat out the other guy because you're the guilty one? Start talking, sonny! I want to know what's going on here!

Brady: Exactly what we want to know.

Philip: Oh, man.

Nicole: Victor knows about colin, sami.

Sami: Oh, really? But you can see the date on the "spectator" in the picture. Does he know that you were playing kissy-face with colin after you were back together with him?

Nicole: But before I was engaged. Victor swore he would protect me for life. How do you think he'd feel -- how do you think brandon would feel when they hear you tried to kill me? Not once -- twice!

Sami: I did not!

Nicole: You pushed me in front of the bullet.

Sami: You pushed me first. I was just ducking.

Nicole: You used me as a human shield.

Sami: Oh, please.

Nicole: Now, I would have believed it was an accident if you didn't turn around and try to pull the plug. That's right. Sami, I saw you. I remember.

Colin: Well, I should get back to the hospital and try to find out what's going on with marlena.

Tony: Yes, before you go, is there something you'd like to tell me about what's going on with you?

Colin: What do you mean?

Tony: Well, my sources tell me that you secretly met with raymond grant, the executor of my father's will. Is there something you need to tell me?

Raymond: Now, this was bequeathed to you by stefano dimera. My instructions were to wait until now to give it to you.

Colin: Hmm. Silver bullet. How intriguing.

Raymond: It's engraved.

Colin: Pardon me... an engraved silver bullet.

Raymond: Do you understand?

Colin: Yes. I know what I have to do.

Raymond: You'll receive a signal when it's time.

Tony: You work for me. This would not be a good time to keep secrets from me, dr. Murphy.

I'm jill mcalister.

A cocaine ring busted in regina yesterday landed 6 people in court today with another two expected next week. Fletcher kent digs up more details on the police sting that brought it all to an end.

Also, a disturbance early this morning at the regina correctional centre sends one inmate to hospital.

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Brandon: Why are you talking to me about this, hmm? If you want to know what happened, ask nicole.

Victor: I intend to. I just wonder whether or not you'll be able to hear the truth.

Nicole: You need to hear the truth about sami.

Brandon: What is this obsession you have with samantha? My sister is the one who's sick.

Victor: And you think this isn't about nicole? Look, if I find out that sami did anything to hurt or to upset her, god help sami brady. And I would hope as nicole's brother that you'd feel the same way.

Sami: Listen, I did not try to pull the plug on the respirator thingy or whatever it is. I was just making sure that it was plugged in tight.

Nicole: Was I breathing? Then it was in.

Sami: Look, I had accidentally knocked it. I was just making sure.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, sure. I'm sure everyone will believe you. So, what were you doing in my room?

Sami: Look, nicole, I don't care if you believe me. Buven try to tell victor or brandon your twisted version of events, I'll make sure that victor sees these.

Nicole: Victor almost lost me, sami. He's not going to care about a stupid kiss in a public place. It's not like we were in... some hotel room alone.

Sami: I dare you to find out.

Nicole: Don't ever dare me.

Sami: Ditto. You sure got quiet after you saw these pictures when you were talking to brandon. You were scared then. You're scared now. And you know why? Because without all of victor's money, you might as well be dead.

Nicole: And what's your excuse for living?

Sami: Well, I love my parents, I love my son, and I love your brother. You're 0-for-3. You know what, nicole? I'm going to give you some time, let you think about it. Oh. Don't worry. I'll be back. It might not be enough. I've got to figure out something else.

Nicole: Damn you, sami. How will victor react? Okay... not well. So, do I sacrifice my whole future to keep my brother away from you?

Colin: Mr. Grant is an attorney. My meeting with him has nothing to do with you or your father. I do, in fact, have my own life.

Tony: Certainly you do now. Colin, you've earned my trust. Breaking it would be a major mistake.

Colin: I don't make mistakes.

Tony: Ha ha. I do hope that's true, dr. Murphy.

Colin: Some assignments are not to be shared with anyone.

Craig: I think we need a little relaxation. Stress is the enemy, remember? What do you think about a nice little massage, hmm?

Nancy: I, um, I know we were thinking about having a baby before chloe got sick, but now especially I feel like love is such a powerful thing, and only together we can help chloe. We can do it, craig.

Philip: Just let me explain.

Sheriff: Good luck talking your way out of this one. I think you'll be getting your due punishment. By the way, I wouldn't believe a word he says.

Brady: You've been lying this entire time, haven't you, philip? I can't believe you did this to me, you did this to chloe! You bastard!

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