Days Transcript Monday 9/9/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/9/02--Canada; Tuesday 9/10/02--USA

By Lynnette

Philip: Morning, beautiful. I tried to find you a rose.

Chloe: It's too late for roses.

Philip: Well, I don't know about stuff like that. I just wanted to find you a flower. But it wasn't easy. They don't call this town dry creek for nothing. There's no florist, either. Here. Hope you like it.

Chloe: It's pretty, but you shouldn't be out looking for flowers, philip. We have to find brady.

Brady: Sykes -- no, please, don't go. It's chloe's life. Life and death. No, please! No!

Brady: Let me out of here!

Billie: Hey, partner.

Bo: Don't call me that.

Billie: Why not? According to the commissioner, that's what we are.

Bo: Don't get used to it. Abe. You got to get me out of this. I can't be partnered with billie. I won'T.

Brandon: I'm pretty sure victor is the reason samantha doesn't want anyone finding out about us. I mean, he's got something on her, nicky, and he's using it. I mean, it's the only thing that makes sense, because even though I know samantha loves me, when we're in public in front of other people, she acts like I got the plague. I just wish I knew what that old bastard was up to.

Victor: Ahem.

Sami: Oh, wow. It's so cool.

Roman: Ah, man, I love this. Will, what do you think about all these people showing up to support your hometown?

Will: Yeah, cool.

Sami: You know, will has a donation, too.

Roman: Really? I didn't think you were going to break into that piggy bank of yours until it was time for college.

Will: Get real. I was a kid when I said that.

Roman: Well, what are you now? You all grown up, or what?

Will: I'm in fourth grade. That's practically grown up. My school took up a collection. It was my idea.

Roman: Well, good for you, will. I'm proud of you.

Sami: We've all done our part. Look how cool this shirt is that I got.

Roman: It's been quite a year, hasn't it?

Sami: Yeah, it sure has, dad. Right, will?

Will: Mom!

Lucas: Hey, hey! Pretty cool day we're having, huh, buddy? Yeah.

Will: Dad, can I have some money for ice cream?

Lucas: Sure thing. Yeah.

Sami: Um, will, I said no ice cream until after lunch, remember?

Lucas: Come on, don't tell me you're going to pull that I'm-spoiling-his-appetite routine. We got a tradition this summer, don't we, kid? We eat our dessert first. Otherwise...

Will and lucas: You might not have room.

Lucas: That's right. All right. You want ice cream? All right, you got it. Cup or cone?

Sami: Do you see what I am dealing with, dad? Lucas has no idea how to be a responsible parent. I mean, he just gives will whatever he wants.

Kate: Lucas is making up for lost time with his son -- time that you stole from him, sami.

Sami: TimI stole from him? You cannot be serious.

Roman: Sami, just hang on there, okay? Today's not a day to air dirty laundry. Today is a day to remember some very special people.

Sami: Well, will is very special to me, da though I guess it shouldn't surprise me that lucas is a terrible parent. After all, look who his role model was -- kate roberts, the worst mother on the planet.

Kate: Why don't you just shut up?

Sami: Overreact much, kate?

Jack: Ahh! Oh, my gosh.

Jennifer: I don't think you're ever going to get tired of doing that, huh?

Abby: Can I go get a t-shirt?

Jack: Yeah, sure you can get a t-shirt. And we'll share. Here. Um, just remember, I'm here to work today, okay? You understand that, right?

Abby: That's okay. As long as we're all together.

Jack: Okay. Good. Well, she handled that pretty well, didn't she?

Jennifer: Well, you explained it very well.

Jack: Thank you. Speaking of work, here comes one of my big stories.

Lexie: I never should have let you talk me into this. No one wants to see us here. Let's just go home.

Tony: No, no, no, no. We can't do that now, lexie, not when you have such a marvelous surprise for the people of salem. ()

Lexie: Tony, salem doesn't want a surprise, okay? Not if it carries the dimera name.

Tony: Trust me. They'll be thrilD.

Sami: Tony, tony, I have got to talk to you for a second.

Tony: She's so impulsive. Excuse me, excuse me, what -- do you have the key with you?

Sami: No, but I will get it soon, I promise. Tony, look, I am breaking out right now about nicole waking up from her coma.

Tony: Nicole's woken up?

Sami: Well, no, but she could wake up at any moment, and when she does, that's it for me. Nicole and victor are going to ruin my lif

Tony: [Laughing]

Jack: Sami certainly seems upset about something.

Jennifer: She looks really mad at tony dimera. What is that about?

Jack: I'll scope it out.

Brady: Hey! Let me out of here! Sheriff! Somebody! Anybody! I'm too young to die! Hello!

Sheriff: Hey! I got two problems with you, boy. You're too loud, and you're not funny.

Brady: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I am in a jail cell, haven't been formally charged with a crime, and I haven't been allowed to contact my father or an attorney.

Sheriff: Hmm. Well, sorry about that. Phone's still out.

Brady: What, dry creek hasn't heard of a cell phone?

Sheriff: Well, heck, what do you expect from a backward hick town?

Brady: You confiscated mine.

Sheriff: Oh. Battery's dead. I'll see what I can do about getting you charged -- with a crime, that is, since you're in such a big hurry. Me? Well, I want to throw the book at you, and the judge and me, well, we think along the same lines most times, so, uh, put that in your pipe and smoke it, city boy. Mr. Cell phone. I'm going to get my rear in gear just for you, as a special favor, so you can get started on that long prison sentence.

[Laughing] σ! I'm jill mcalister.

The city of weyburn is realling from news their mayor has been charged with assault.

The charges stem from an incident at a city hall meeting.

Also, funding allows agencies to plan for more child care space.

And stretching out for the first ever "C.I.B.C. Run the cure" in our city.

That's coming up on global news at 5:30, then watch global national at 6:00 o'clock with kevin newman.

Victor: Old bastard, huh? I'm not surprised that that's what you think of me. I'm a little disappointed, though. I do love your sister, and she loves me. Is that really that hard to believe?

Colin: I have some news you'll both be happy to hear. I've got nicole's lab results. Looks promising.

Brandon: You mean she's coming out of the coma?

Colin: Not yet, but her latest tests indicate an increased level of brain activity. I predict it won't be long before we have nicole walker back with us again. I'm thinking good thoughts for a full recovery.

Brandon: You sound more like a friend than a doctor.

Colin: Well, I care about nicole very much. I'm not about to hide it, regardless of who's in the room. Now, we need to do some blood work. Both of you, please step out.

Brandon: Yeah, I hate to leave her, but that ceremony in the park is supposed to start soon. I need to be there.

Victor: Yes, so do I. You better take damn good care of her.

Colin: Well, it won't be me personally. I'm required to put in an appearance at the ceremony as well. I'll probably see you over there.

Victor: And who's going to be looking after nicole?

Colin: Only the finest staff of nurses in america. I've given them strict instructions to page me if there's the slightest change in her condition.

Brandon: Wake up soon, okay, nicky? We've got a lot to talk about.

Tony: I really hate to see you so distressed, sami.

Sami: Well, then help me.

Tony: Well, all you got to do is get the key from john and bring it to me, and then I'll set things in motion for you and brandon to be together.

Sami: What if I can't get the key?

Tony: What? A resourceful girl like you? Nonsense. I have the utmost confidence in your ability to sneak around.

Lexie: Tony, as long as we're here, we might as well take a tour.

Sami: You know, we're in the middle of something important here, lexie.

Lexie: Did anyone ever tell you you're a nuisance, sami? Excuse us.

Roman: I understand women like a man in uniform.

Kate: I'm not in the mood to flirt with you, roman.

Roman: Kate, why don't you let me help you? Why don't you just explain to me what's got you so upset lately?

Kate: I'm not upset. Why don't you find some other woman to bother, huh?

Mickey: Mayor shepherd.

Mayor: Hey, mickey, how are you?

Mickey: Remember maggie?

Mayor: Maggie, you look beautiful.

Maggie: Oh, well, thank you very much. I am very proud of our city today.

Mayor: I think we all are. Hey, I want you to meet kyle stokes. Kyle. He's an emt worker, one of the people we're honoring today.

Mickey: Hey, pleasure, kyle.

Mayor: Kyle, these are dear friends of mine -- mickey and maggie horton.

Maggie: You're the young man that saved nicole walker's life.

Kyle: I was just doing my job.

Mayor: And modest, too.

Mickey: Yeah, right.

Mayor: Hey, speaking of modest, have either of you seen bo brady?

Mickey: Uh... no, I haven't, but -- maggie?

Maggie: No, I haven't seen him anywhere.

Mayor: Well, I'm giving him a commendation today, and I hope he shows up.

Mickey: Uh-huh.

Maggie: Oh, he will.

Mayor: Good.

Bo: You and roman swore to me I wouldn't have to work with her. I trusted you.

Abe: Billie's an officer in this precinct. So what do you want me to do, build a wall around her to keep her out of sight?

Bo: Don't make me the bad guy here.

Abe: This is not my idea. It's not roman's, either. The commissioner wants it this way.

Bo: Well, the commissioner can take a flying leap.

Abe: Can I quote you?

Bo: This is my life, abe. I'm not going to have her messing with it again.

Abe: My hands are tied on this, bo. Now, I won't go against direct order -- not and keep my job. And I assume you want to keep yours, too.

Bo: Not if it means I have to work with her. Now, you could do something. Find a loophole or something.

Abe: You know, I didn't break the rules when lexie begged me to. I'm not going to break them for you, either. End of discussion. I'm sorry. Look, I know this is hard on you, bo, but we have to separate our personal lives from our work. It's never easy.

Abe: I'm due at the park for this ceremony -- not that I feel like celebrating.

Bo: Yeah, I got to go, too.

Abe: Ride with me.

Abe: Reed. You're expected at the park.

Billie: Yes, I know. Thanks, commander.

Billie: It's me. What do you want me to do?

Philip: Hey, how are you? Uh, yeah, me and my girlfriend are going to be coming down in just a minute, and she's probably going to ask you about that other guy she checked in with -- you know, brady. Yeah. Do me a favor -- don't let on that you helped me with that letter I forged, okay? She wouldn't get the joke. Yeah, especially since that guy was thrown in jail. Yes, I'll give you another $50. Might as well, I'm in so deep now, anyway. Hey. Um... do you need anything?

Chloe: Yeah, uh, could you get my hair back for me?

Philip: Oh, you're beautiful, chloe.

Chloe: And you're blind, but that's okay.

Philip: You know, I'm kind of worried about you running around looking for brady like this. Are you sure you're strong enough?

Chloe: I feel fine. Besides, the best thing for my health right now is to find brady... and my father. Are you ready?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, I'll help you find brady.

Brady: Going up in front of the dry creek judge. Wish I could shave.

Brady: Aah!

Philip: Aah!

Chloe: You guys, stop it! Oh, my god!

Brady: [Thinking] Why did they stick me in the slammer? I mean, philip didn't get arrested. He's still out there somewhere with chloe. Is that a coincidence?

Colin: Well, hello to you, too.

Tony: No time for pleasantries. How have you been faring with marlena? Have you insinuated yourself into her life yet?

Colin: That's fairly impossible, given the fact that I have no idea where the woman is.

Tony: Find her.

Colin: I'm trying.

Tony: Try harder. Try lurking outside her office door.

Colin: She hasn't been near her office for quite some time, which isn't to say she's not at the hospital. The pathology lab has been made off-limits to everyone on staff, and a government agent is posing as a doctor.

Tony: A government agent?

Colin: Mm. I saw him with marlena and john before she went into hiding.

Tony: Aren't you full of mysteries today? Why don't you try solving one?

Colin: Why don't you? Keep your shirt on. I'll get back to sleuthing once this ceremony's over. I'm due to put in a shift at the hospital booth -- free screenings. Checked your cholesterol lately?

Roman: Take it you heard about billie.

Bo: How can you tell?

Roman: I didn't have anything to do with this. You know that.

Bo: Yeah. Abe says his hands are tied, too, so I guess I'm stuck with her.

Roman: Hope is not going to be real thrilled about you being partnered with billie.

Bo: You think?

Billie: Look, I'm not the kind of woman that just blends into the woodwork. It's hard for me to keep a low profile. Well, I could just not go to the ceremony, but that would be pretty stupid, if you ask me. I came in this morning wearing my dress uniform. I've been told to attend. If I don't show up, I'll really call attention to myself, and not in a good way. I can't control what the media says about me. What can I say? I'm a good cop -- which is why you sent me, isn't it? Now, listen, about bo -- I knew this would be a good thing. And what I have to tell you is really going to make your day. It looks like bo and i are going to be spending a lot of time alone together. G x ρΡΡ o

[Door opens]

Brady: All right, sheriff, I'm ready to see the judge.

Brady: Who are you?

Virgil: Name's virgil dawson, your court-appointed lawyer.

Brady: Lawyer?

Virgil: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Well, things are looking up. I was beginning to think that dry creek was less than law-abiding, if you know what I mean.

Virgil: [Laughs] Uh, can't say as I do, no.

Brady: Okay. Anyway, listen, I'm very grateful to see you, so the first thing I need you to do is call my father and ask him to send money to get me out of here.

Virgil: Get you out?

Brady: Yeah. Bail money. How much do you think the judge is going to ask for?

Virgil: Ooh, couldn't say.

Brady: I guess I missed a step. Anyway, I'm innocent. Whatever they said I did, I didn'T.

Virgil: You mean you didn't cause any damage in the clinic?

Brady: But not on purpose. You see, my...friend showed up, and we got in a fight and started throwing punches. And, listen, whatever's broken, my dad will cover it.

Virgil: Oh, so that's how it is? You get yourself into a scrape, and daddy gets you out.

Brady: What -- no. Listen, this is very important. I came to dry creek looking for someone. Now, if I find this person, it could save a girl's life. But things got really messed up, and I've been framed.

Virgil: [Chuckles] Heard that before.

Brady: No, it's true! I don't know who did it or why, but the upshot is the judge has it in for me.

Virgil: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey now! Don't be talking trash about the judge. He's my brother-in-law!

Chloe: That's not the nurse who was here before.

Philip: That's too bad.

Chloe: Hi. Excuse me. I'm looking for dr. Thompson.

Woman: Sorry. He was due to work this morning and never showed. I can get you in to see doc jasper instead. What are you down with -- a cold, flu?

Chloe: No, actually I'm not sick right now, but I would like to speak to the doctor if he'll see me.

Woman: What about?

Chloe: I need some information on dr. Thompson, so if you could please ask dr. Jasper if he'll see me.

Philip: You know, chloe, I could do the talking if you need me to.

Chloe: Philip, you showed up here uninvited, and as a result, you ended up scaring away dr. Thompson. I will do my own talking, thank you.

Philip: Okay.

Dr. Jasper: I'm dr. Jasper. Are you the young lady who was asking to see me?

Chloe: Yes. I'm looking for dr. Thompson. I'd appreciate anything you could tell me about him.

Dr. Jasper: Oh, shoot. I was hoping you could tell me where he is. This is supposed to be my day off, but I get a call to get my butt in here because thompson went awol.

Chloe: Maybe he's at home.

Dr. Jasper: No. I swung by there on the way in. Nobody came to the door. The place looks deserted.

Chloe: Well, what about the nurse who was here? Could I speak to her? Maybe she knows where dr. Thompson is.

Dr. Jasper: Well, she would, seeing as she's mrs. Thompson.

Chloe: You mean she's dr. Thompson's wife?

Dr. Jasper: That's right. And they've both disappeared. I'm sorry. I can't help you, ma'am.

Philip: You know, that's okay. We'll just --

Chloe: Wait, wait. We're looking for someone else. His name is brady black. He's tall with blond hair, blue eyes. Has he come by here today? He's 21 years old.

Dr. Jasper: I haven't seen him. Emily?

Emily: No. Sorry.

Chloe: Well, if you do see him, could you please tell him that chloe lane was looking for him?

Emily: Sure will.

Sami: Lucas, what are you doing letting him eat stuff like that?

Lucas: Relax. It's a party. Let him live it up a little.

Sami: That is pure junk food, and he's already had ice cream, thanks to you.

Lucas: Hey, will, tell you what, buddy. Why don't you take some money, go play some games? Have yourself a blast, okay?

Will: Cool.

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: Thanks, dad.

Lucas: No problem.

Will: Kill, mom. Today's supposed to be fun.

Sami: Hey, will, listen, you don't get to --

Lucas: Hey, hey, hey. Lay off, lay off, all right? He's a kid. He's my kid, and ever since I saw you kiss brandon up on that roof against victor's orders --

Sami: Hey, shut up!

Lucas: No, you shut up. Let me tell you something once and for all. Ever since I saw that kiss, I have power over you. It's put me in a very interesting position. Oh, mickey.

Mickey: Hey. Hey. Hey. Lucas, sami, how you doing?

Sami: Lousy.

Lucas: I'm doing great, myself. I actually wanted to have a meeting with you. Sami and I have agreed to share custody. Isn't that right, sami?

Mickey: Oh, good for you, sami. Hey, a boy needs his father.

Lucas: That's right.

Bo: I did talk to hope about what went down at the salem inn.

Roman: And?

Bo: Well, she's just glad we all got out safely.

Roman: Well, after everything you and hope have been through, she trusts you. You're a lucky man.

Mayor: There he is. Congratulations, detective brady.

Bo: Thank you.

Mayor: This your partner here?

Roman: You mean billie? Let me introduce you.

Mayor: Well, is this the rookie I've heard so many good things about from commissioner samuels? Top cadet in her class at the academy?

Roman: That's right. Billie, this is the mayor -- arthur shepherd.

Billie: Oh. Pleased to meet you, sir.

Mayor: Likewise.

Jack: Excuse me, mr. Mayor. Jack deveraux, "salem spectator." I wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions about the launch of your new security task force.

Mayor: One of my favorite subjects. Basically, we've set up two different...

Roman: The mayor wanted to meet you.

Billie: Oh, well...

Craig: This is nice. Nice. Shall we head on over to the hospital booth, see if we can lend a hand?

Mickey: Attention, everyone. Attention, please. I'm mickey horton, and it's time to get this show on the road. So, please, put your hands together to welcome salem's fearless leader -- mayor arthur shepherd!

[Audience cheering]

Mayor: Thank you, mickey. Thank you, everyone. Great day, isn't it? Great day to be alive to honor the heroes who sacrificed their lives one year ago. It's been a year. Can you believe it? New york city, washington, D.C., Pennsylvania -- they took the hits for america last september. It was a day of so much suffering, still hard for many of us to take it all in. But now, one year later, all over this beautiful country, people are gathering together just like we're doing here in salem to pay tribute to the courage of the american people.

Mayor: I've asked you here to celebrate the heroic spirit of all those who lost their lives. They left behind a legacy of courage, determination, and self-sacrifice. And as we remember those that died september 11, 2001, let us also celebrate the people in our own community whose actions everyday echo the dedication to humanity displayed by those that died at the world trade center, the pentagon, and on those doomed airplanes.

Mayor: I'd like to start off this celebration by paying tribute to one of salem's very own -- alice horton.

[Audience cheering] G

Alice: Please, please, all of you- you're all so kind, but I really did not do anything special. It's our god-given duty, all of us, to help our fellow man. Both my husband dr. Thomas horton and i made a pact when we married that we would always reach out to others. We found our happiness in offering to help those in need, and we had fun doing it. So thank all of you for this honor.

Mayor: We have a slew of new traditions starting this year, like the upcoming light the night walk, and I want to thank the "spectator" for heading up the funding and dr. Craig and mrs. Nancy wesley of university hospital for their very, very generous contributions. We're all looking forward to that. People have really been inspired to reach deep into eir pockets. Two locally-based international corporations have come forth with a huge donation in support of university hospital and a new trust for the families of salem's fallen police officers. I understand john black couldn't be here today, but we have kate roberts of basic black and victor kiriakis of titan enterprises, and we thank both of you very much.

Mayor: I'm sorry, I-I don't see the next people I intend to tha-- oh, there they are. Tony dimera and alexandra carver.

Tony: Well, mr. Mayor, I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were supposed to be here on stage. So if you don't mind, I'd like to say a few words. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the dimera family, my sister alexandra and i would like to present the city of salem and the aforementioned worthy causes a check for the sum of $200,000.

[Monitor beeping]

Brenda: Oh, my gosh.

Mayor: Thank you.

Tony: Thank you.

Mayor: Thank you both very much. Commander carver, captain brady, would you step up here, please? Abe and roman have a very special announcement to make. Abe?

Abe: Mr. Mayor, thank you. There's been a lot of talk over the last year over what we can do right here in salem.

Roman: We took all of your suggestions and, working with the mayor's office, we came up with a memorial dedicated to the members of the salem police department, the salem fire department, and salem's emergency service.

Abe: I have a list here -- a long list -- of people who have given their lives in the line of duty. Men and women of every race going back many years into the history of salem. They'll all be listed on this memorial so we'll never forget their sacrifice.

Roman: The memorial, which we are about to unveil here, will be built in this beautiful park so we can all stop by and pay our respects as we go on about the business of our daily lives.

Abe: It is particularly meaningful to me that my brother theo carver will be on that list. If I may, I would, uh... I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank the contributors to this memorial fund and to the fund for the families of the victims. You've made a meaningful difference to families who have lost so much.

Mayor: Well said, abe. Thank you. Thank you, roman. As part of our celebration, we honor the men and women in uniform who make a choice to serve our city every day. We commend them for their willingness to lay their lives on the line every time they show up for work. The badges they wear symbolize courage and idealism. Thank you. Thank you, one and all, for placing the safety of others ahead of your own. Salem is eternally grateful to you. Thank you. Abe, roman, could you do the honors, please?

[Audience cheering]

I'm jill mcalister.

The university of regina brings in some heavy equipment to make room for new development.

Jason morton finds out what they plan to do with 240 trees that have to be cleared out.

Also, more money means more space for children in our city. And running for a breast cancer cure.

That's coming up on global news at 5:30, then tonight at 6;00 o'clock watch global national with kevin newman. Te. Start without me.

Chloe: I don't know what to do.

Philip: I do.

Chloe: What, go to new york? Is that what you were going to say, philip? I can'T.

Philip: Chloe, come on.

Chloe: I'd rather fly home. I'd feel better waiting for brady there.

Philip: Okay. Well, let's start packing. If we're going to go, let's do it now. Let's not waste any time. I'll pack brady's stuff, you pack yours, huh?

Brady: What, are you letting me out?

Sheriff: You're not going free. You're going before the judge.

Brady: So do you have a defense strategy for me?

Virgil: Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. Plead guilty, throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

Mayor: Next I'm proud to present the following citations for extraordinary bravery to detective bo brady and officer billie reed.

Mayor: These two officers foiled the plans of a criminal who came to salem with the intent of murdering one of our most prominent citizens. The hit man was stopped in his mission by their heroic efforts. As a sign of the tremendous respect I have for their bravery, I'm creating a special task force which they will head.

Mayor: We can all be proud of our women and men in uniform as well as the citizens who give of their time to volunteer and those who donate money to support our many fine helping institutions. The people of salem are making a difference. God bless this wonderful country.

Mickey: Congratulations.

Jennifer: Billie, congratulations. Really, I'm so proud of you.

Billie: Oh, thank you.

Jennifer: Wonderful.

Jack: Can I polish your badge, officer?

Billie: Not while it's on me.

Jack: I am impressed, seriously. So, uh, that's officer william reed, isn't it?

Billie: Hey, you print that, and I'll have to have you arrested.

Colin: I heard you applauding tony.

Sami: He's my friend.

[Cellular phone rings]

Colin: Yes? What? I'll be right there.

Sami: Colin, what is it?

Colin: Victor, nicole's coming out of her coma. Where's brandon?

Brandon: I'm right here. Let's go. I'll drive.

Sami: Tony, did you hear that?

Tony: Oh, yes. Nicole's waking up.

Sami: Well, you have got to help me.

Tony: Oh, I promise. I willto action the moment you bring me the key.

Sami: Oh, god. All right. All right, I'll do it. I'll do it right now.

[Thinking] Mom, john, I hope you can forgive me, but I have got to get that key away from you. If I bring him the key, tony will fix it so I can be with brandon again, and I will do anything to make that happen -- anything.

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