Days Transcript Friday 8/9/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/09/02

By Amanda

Kate: [Groans]

Roman: You know, one thing I hate -- I mean, it just breaks my heart -- see a good-looking woman having dinner all by her lonesome.

Kate: Maybe some of us are complete in ourselves.

Roman: Well, I don't buy that for one second, Kate. Because I don't think that you would put on that particular dress so you could be "complete" in yourself. What happened, Kate? I mean, some, uh, some guy stand you up?

Hope: Bo, so it's right there in the video?

Bo: Yep. The names on the baby bracelets magically changed. Brady to carver, carver to Brady. Only it wasn't magic. It was DiMera. It had to be.

Hope: My god.

Bo: Yeah. We showed the tape to Lexie. She was shocked, of course.

Hope: Well, maybe now she'll finally accept that the baby switch was no accident that her father was behind it.

Bo: We have proof of that now.

Man: The sting's about to go down, Bo.

Bo: Okay, we better get going. I got to run. Um, I'll call you a little later tonight, okay? Give Zack and J.T. My love. And I love you.

Hope: I love you, too.

Barb: I finally got J.T. Down. He resisted for a while, but once I started rubbing his back, he just couldn't keep those little eyes open another minute. Hey. You okay?

Hope: That was Bo. They have proof that Stefano DiMera was behind the baby switch. Now, if -- I should feel relieved, right? I --

Barb: No, no, why wouldn't you be upset? I mean, it brings back all the pain.

Hope: Just hearing that it was deliberate, I --

Barb: But now, even though I know it's still hard, you have your baby, and we have ours. We've all moved on, right?

Hope: Yeah. You're right. We have so much to be thankful for.

Bo: Magic mike's arrived at the warehouse?

Man: Oh, yeah. You know, I've been trying to bust this scum for six months. We get him, the local cocaine trade implodes.

Bo: I know. About time you got here.

Woman: Oh, I知 ready. All I have to do is change.

Bo: Well, do it. Meet us at the warehouse.

Billie: Maria. Come here. Are you the front?

Maria: Yeah. My lucky day, right?

Billie: Maybe we should talk.

Maria: No time.

Billie: Wait, Maria. Don't put what you love at risk. You'll regret it for the rest of your life.

Sami: Ooh, hey, Emily. Emily, wait up. Have you seen Brandon Walker?

Emily: Excuse me. There's a patient hemorrhaging down the hall.

Sami: No, just give me a second. Has he checked in?

Emily: Uh, he called, took the night off.

Sami: Perfect. I can get started on the Brandon project.

Caroline: The Brandon project?

Sami: Oh! Hi, grandma. What are you doing here?

Caroline: I-I was visiting Marie. She's the organist at church. And -- her asthma is acting up. What's the Brandon project?

Sami: As of tonight, Mr. Walker has himself a secret admirer.

Abe: Lexie, uh, is there anything -- anything you need to tell me?

[Cellular phone rings]

Abe: Uh, I think I知 going to have to take that. That could be the station. Yeah. All right, all right, what do you got, Bo? Uh, hang on, hang on just a second. Um, I was right. This is confidential stuff, so I'll be right back.

Lexie: Okay.

Abe: Yeah. Bo, go -- go ahead.

Lexie: How can I tell Abe that I've known about the baby switch for over a year? He'd never forgive me.

[Doorbell rings]

Brandon: I saw your car.

Lexie: Brandon, you --

Brandon: Tell me you're not running back to Abe.

Lexie: Look, you can't be here.

Brandon: I know about the tape. I know how hurt you must be by what your father did. There's no reason to patch things up with your control freak husband. Look, Abe didn't stand by you when you needed him most. He turned on you. He'll do it again, Lexie. Don't give him the chance. Come with me. Now.

[Thunder crashes]

Kate: I have not been stood up. I am merely the first to arrive. Thank you very much.

Roman: Well, what the hell is wrong with this man? I mean, he's not gentleman enough to pick you up at your front door?

Kate: For your information, even though I don't know why I知 telling you, I am meeting a very influential man who's en route from a business meeting. Why are you here?

Roman: Well, it just so happens I知 meeting somebody myself.

Kate: Oh. Let me guess. Must be family, because I haven't seen you out with a woman in a dog's age.

Roman: I didn't know you were keeping track of my social life, Kate.

Kate: [Grunts]

Man: A gift for you, Ms. Roberts.

Kate: Ah. Has Mr. Kildahl arrived?

Man: No, ma'am, it's from an admirer.

Kate: Hmm. How lovely. I'd like to return the favor.

Man: Bottle of the same?

Kate: Yes.

Kate: Maybe if you play your cards right, someone will buy you a Shirley Temple.

Roman: Kildahl. Kildahl -- yeah. Isn't that the C.E.O. that Nicole Walker stole out from under you?

Kate: Ken briefly considered moving to titan, but after this evening, he'll be back in the arms of basic black.

Roman: From the way you're dressed, I'd say the man has no choice.

Kate: It's a business meeting, Roman.

Roman: Plunging necklines -- school of business. Ooh, very effective, Kate.

Kate: Are you sexually harassing me, Roman?

Roman: Unh-unh. No, I知 flirting with you, Kate.

Kate: Well, cut it out.

Roman: How can I when you're responding so Enthusiastically?

Kate: I知 not responding. I知 ignoring you.

Roman: Seems to me that you're enjoying that champagne I sent over.

Roman: Why, Kate, how thoughtful of you. I didn't know you cared.

Roman: I think this calls for a toast. To us.

Sami: I owe you a big thanks, grandma. You're the one who inspired me.

Caroline: Really? How?

Sami: Well, I知 going to love Brandon selflessly -- selfless love. I知 totally stoked.

Caroline: Wait a minute, Sami. I remember I advised you not to get involved with anybody until you got to know yourself better.

Sami: Well, I am going to love Brandon from a distance.

Caroline: How? What do you mean?

Sami: Well, come here. Let me show you. I got all sorts of stuff for him, like, um, licorice whips and raging bull and "gq," and I知 going to put it for him, fine, you know, like in his office, in his message box, maybe even mail some to his apartment. And then every time he sees a surprise, he's going to think of me and think how important I am to him, and then he's going to come after me, of his own free will.

Caroline: You just don't get it, do you?

Sami: Get what?

Caroline: Once again, you're making it all about you. You're tricking Brandon into giving you his attention.

Sami: Grandma, you are twisting this around.

Caroline: I am not!

Sami: Hey, hey, this is a hospital.

Caroline: I知 leaving. I've got to get some fresh air.

Sami: Fresh air. And where does Brandon go when he needs a breather? He's going to love this.

Brandon: You've got to leave this house tonight.

Lexie: No, look, I can稚.

Brandon: You can't go back to your old life and expect it to be any different.

Lexie: Brandon, I love him.

Brandon: Well, he doesn't love you -- not the way you need. He's not capable.

Lexie: Look, you have to go, okay? Abe's on the phone in the next room. He'll be back any minute, okay?

Brandon: I知 not leaving you alone with him.

Lexie: I知 sorry, but you don't have a say in this. If you don't leave now, I'll never forgive you. Do I make myself clear?

Brandon: Fine. You've made your bed. Don't come crying to me anymore.

Abe: So, who was that?

Man: All right, there's a guy on the roof. There's another one guarding the back alley. Magic mike is inside waiting to make the deal soon as Maria gets here.

Bo: You know what, frank, I知 worried about sending her in there.

Frank: I thought we settled that already.

Bo: Yeah, well, she just got married, her mind's elsewhere. I should do it.

Frank: Here she is. All right, we can't keep the man waiting any longer, detective.

Bo: You know what? We should -- what the hell --

Billie: Hey, I know what I知 doing here.

Hope: I知 sorry.

Barb: For what?

Hope: I come to Iowa, to your home, so Zack and I can offer you some comfort before J.T.'S surgery, and what -- you end up comforting me.

Bart: Oh, I don't mind.

Hope: No, honestly, I am sorry. I-I apologize.

Barb: Hey, it's okay. I mean, you just got some shocking news.

Hope: Actually, not so shocking. We all suspected that Stefano was behind the baby switch. It's just, somehow, hearing it verified, I It took me back to the day my baby was born, and I thought he was little J.T.

Barb: Until glen and I came to Salem, turned your lives upside-down.

Hope: No, Barb, it was meant to happen. I see how much you love him and what a wonderful life he's going to have with you. He's a very lucky little boy.

Barb: Well, it means a lot to hear you say that. Thanks.

Hope: What I regret, though, is not knowing for two years that I was raising someone else's baby -- not that I ever could've known.

{Barb flashes back to her scene with Lexie and her old ways}

Lexie: Here. Take your money and get out of my sight.

Barb: Ooh, now, that's what I call fast service. But you're not going to get rid of me until I get everything I came for.

Lexie: What more do you want, Barb?

Barb: You're kidding, right? You expect me to be satisfied with a piddly five grand? I want a million -- cash. Unmarked bills.

Lexie: No.

Barb: What? Don't look at me so shocked. You've lied and cheated ever since you brought that baby home from the hospital. Put a million dollars in my hand and I'll let you keep him.

Lexie: I don't have a million dollars. My husband's a police officer.

Barb: Your dad's got half the money in the world. Tell him you need a million, or you're going to lose your kid.

Hope: Barb?

Barb: Oh.

Hope: What is it? What's wrong?

Abe: I thought I heard a conversation. So, who was at the door?

Lexie: Oh, it was just a neighbor. He was concerned about the storm and asked if we had an extra flashlight, so I gave him one.

Abe: Now, Lex, uh, you know, as I said before, I need to know I can trust you.

Lexie: What do I have to do, Abe, swear on a stack of bibles?

Abe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, where did that come from, huh?

Lexie: You want to talk about trust? When we got married, I thought I could trust you. I thought that you would stand by me for better or worse, but you haven稚. You know what? You're not making things better now. I don't need this. I知 gone.

Abe: Lexie, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What did I say? Lex, come on, come on, just hang on here for just a second.

Sami: Well, Hopefully, this storm will hold off for a little while. This is the perfect spot to hide the first gift. It'll be like a treasure hunt. Hide the bag, and then I will leave a note in Brandon's box telling him to come up here. And then in a couple of weeks, when he's totally curious, I will set up the final treat.

[Romantic music playing]

Brandon: "Brandon. Welcome to our farewell dinner. For the past weeks, I've tried to think of everything you love, everything you crave, everything you could possibly desire. My joy is only in your pleasure. I ask nothing for myself but your smile and you behold these humble gifts. After tonight, I will trouble you no more. Goodbye, my dearest. All my love. Your secret admirer." This is not goodbye. This is Hello.

[Door opens]

Sami: Brandon.

Brandon: Samantha.

Sami: Sorry that I was late. I just got your message. I was in surgery, holding the hand of this frightened little girl who was having her tonsils taken out.

Brandon: Always thinking of other people.

Sami: I must look terrible.

Brandon: It's you, isn't it? My secret admirer.

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about.

Brandon: All these heartfelt presents Who else knows me so well?

Sami: You must be mistaken.

Brandon: I shouldn't have turned my back on you. I promise I will never push you away again. I love you.

Can you help me?

Tell me why you want

to leave

baby, help me

'cause without you

my whole world

is falling apart

and without you

[Door slams]

Brandon: Gaah! I shouldn't have turned my back on her.

Abe: Oh, don't go. Don't go.

Lexie: Oh, Abe, I知 so confused. How did we ever get to this point?

Abe: Step by step. Every time we weren't honest with each other. But I love you, Lexie. And I'd give the world to get back what we once had.

Lexie: So would I.

Abe: And there can't be any more lies. If you're withholding anything else, you have to tell me now.

Lexie: All right. I will.

Bo: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Billie: I知 taking Maria's place, Bo. The girl's still a newlywed.

Bo: Tell me something I don't know.

Billie: Well, she doesn't want to risk it.

Bo: Well, you can't opt out at the last second here.

Billie: Well, it didn't hit her until after you left the station. I mean, have a heart.

Bo: What do you two think you're doing, playing a game of tag?

Billie: It's not a problem, Bo, so don't make it one. I can do this.

Bo: This is not your decision.

Frank: All right, can it -- both of you. Our perp is not a patient man. A couple more minutes, he's out of here.

Bo: Frank, she's a rookie.

Billie: I can handle this.

Frank: You know, neither one of us can afford to blow this. I say we let reed go in.

Billie: Thank you. You won't regret it.

Bo: No way.

Frank: Don't make me pull rank on you, Bo. Now, did Maria brief you?

Billie: Yes, I have a wire. I知 ready to go.

Frank: Then go.

Mike: Emily?

Billie: That's me, baby.

Mike: Take off the glasses.

Mike: Nice. Nice. Now let's see the money.

Billie: Where's the product?

Mike: Oh, it's beautiful stuff Just like you. Count this. But the price -- well, it just went up.

Billie: That's everything I got, mike.

Mike: No, it's not everything.

Billie: Mike, I知 not part of the deal.

Mike: But we'll see about that.

Bo: Damn it.

Brandon: How could I walk away? I will never forgive myself.

Sami: Brandon, I forgive you.

Brandon: Samantha --

Sami: Well, I知 not going to hold a grudge.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Sami: Actually, the timing is amazing. I came up here to plan a surprise for you.

Brandon: Would you get a life?

Sami: What?

Brandon: I don't want any surprises from you. I don't want you following me.

Sami: But you just said that you were sorry you turned --

Brandon: I wasn't talking about you!

Sami: Well, then -- Lexie.

Brandon: It's not your business.

Sami: How can you still be hung up on her? What are you, a glutton for punishment? She's gone back to Abe!

Brandon: But she won't stay with him.

Sami: You don't have a vote!

Brandon: Would you just get out of here? Go!

[Thunder rumbles]

Hope: Are you feeling better?

Barb: A little. I was just dizzy. It's been happening every once in a while, you know, because of the pregnancy, but I知 fine now.

Hope: Are you sure?

Barb: No.

Hope: Barb, tell me, what is it?

Barb: You have been so good to me since you got here. I mean, you came to see J.T., I know, but - still, you've acted like -- like we're long-lost best friends or something.

Hope: I Hope we are friends.

Barb: No. No, it's not right. I don't deserve your friendship.

Hope: Why do you say that?

Barb: I've kept something from you, and it's been eating at me. You know, I have started a letter to you so many times, and then before I get to what I really want to say, I tear it up because I don't want you to hate me and I don't want you to feel worse about what's happened than you already do.

Hope: Barb, please just-tell me what you're talking about.

Barb: The baby switch. I knew about it long before you did, and I wasn't the only one.

Lexie: My father swore to me that he had nothing to do with the baby switch, and I believed him, Abe. I-I wanted so much to believe that he had my best interests at heart, but That was my big mistake. I am so sorry. I acted like his daughter and not like your wife. And in that moment, well, I-I betrayed our wedding vows.

Abe: So that's it? There's nothing else?

Lexie: Nothing else.

Abe: You sure?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah. From this point on, no more lies, I promise.

Abe: I believe you. I believe you.

[Thunder rumbling]

Mike: I'll tell you what. I'll refund the money, and we'll make this a personal exchange.

Bo: Get her away from that pig. Let's go.

Frank: Everybody in!

Bo: All right -- police!

Mike: I have a gun! Drop the guns!

[All shouting]

Roman: All right, Sami, I知 sitting here at the penthouse grill. I知 waiting for you. Maybe you forgot the dinner date. Give me a call on this cell phone when you get this message. Okay, thanks.

Kate: Thank god for small favors.

Roman: Pardon me?

Kate: If Sami had shown up, that would really have been the last straw.

Roman: Why don't you have another glass of champagne? It'll improve your mood, Kate.

Kate: Did you really send it over?

Roman: Yes, I did.

Kate: Well, you needn't have bothered.

Roman: Oh. I think so. Very, very important here, Kate.

Kate: Why?

Roman: Well, I知 taking you on a date. Don't you remember that? And I think it's time for me to start to, uh, soften you up a little bit.

Kate: I don't soften.

Roman: We'll see.

Kate: And I am never going out on a date with you.

Roman: Oh, never say never, Kate.

Kate: Never, never, never, never, never.

Roman: That is five nevers, Kate. You must really like me a lot.

Kate: Oh, god, you're really starting to bore me.

Roman: You know, instead of champagne, maybe I should've sent you kippers.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Roman: You know what? You're very good at covering up your emotions, except when the fear runs through you every time I bring up Stefano DiMera.

Kate: Now, why would I be afraid of Stefano? He's as dead as the cubs' shot at the pennant.

Roman: I知 a white sox fan. So, tell me something, Kate. Were you two ever involved?

Sami: The door is jammed!

Brandon: Sure it is.

Sami: You must've broken it when you slammed it shut!

Brandon: Anything to stick around where you're not wanted. Don't you have any pride?

Sami: Okay, muscles, you try it!

Sami: You know, we could be electrocuted out here, and it's all your fault.

Brandon: Call security on your cell phone.

Sami: I don't have it on me. Where's yours?

Brandon: It's in the car.

Sami: Great. For crying out loud, what good are you? All you do is work out, and you can't even open the stupid door!

Brandon: Somebody open up!

Sami: You know, they're not going to hear you. There's no one in the stairwell. We are stuck here until someone comes up for air!

Brandon: Yaah!

Mike: You put your guns down nice and easy, boys! Put 'em down! Quit horsing around! Put 'em down!

Billie: [Yelling] stay down!

Mike: Aah!

Frank: Good work, reed.

Billie: Thanks.

Frank: All right. Here. All right, okay, cuff 'em up, cuff 'em up. Now stand up. Stand up. Let's go. Come on, come on, come on! Hands behind your back. Let's walk. If you guys are okay, we're out of here.

Bo: Yeah, we're fine. Get 'em out of here.

Frank: Come on!

Bo: We'll be in the station in a minute. Reed and I are going to have a little talk.

Frank: Let's go.

Billie: What happened to your timing, Bo? You almost blew it by showing up early.

Bo: You're lucky you're still alive.

Billie: Relax. I had mike under control.

Bo: I let you in here because I had no choice. You made sure of that. You not only subverted my authority, you put this entire operation in jeopardy.

Billie: Well, you can't argue with the results, now, can you?

Bo: What do you want, a standing ovation?

Billie: No, just the normal credit.

Bo: Well, you can forget it, 'cause I知 writing you up. And if I had my say, you're losing your badge.

Brandon: Hey, open up!

Sami: What -- ow! What are you doing?

Brandon: Do you have any sense? You're standing in that puddle.

Sami: What do you care? If I got hit by lightning, then at least you wouldn't have to deal with me anymore.

Brandon: Good point.

Sami: Yeah, well, you'd still have to deal with Abe, wouldn't you?

Brandon: Would you shut up?

Sami: You know, why do you only go after women who really aren't available to you? Me and then -- and then Jennifer and then -- and then Lexie. And they mess with your mind, and then they dump you!

Brandon: Why don't you go stand in that puddle again, see if I stop you this time?

Sami: You know, Lexie carver -- she's a married woman who -- who needs rescuing. What if you did get her? It wouldn't change anything. It certainly wouldn't change the fact that Abe had an affair with your mother. It won't change the fact that your father found out about it and took it all out on you!

Hope: Barb, you knew? How? How did you find out about the babies being switched?

Barb: It was right after glen and I took J.T., Thinking he was Isaac. Glen had a D.N.A. test, and I You know, I-I wasn't thinking straight in those days. I mean, I know it's no excuse, but I was afraid that having a kid wasn't the best thing for glen and me, and with J.T. Being sick and all, I didn't think we could give him the kind of care he needed, so I did some stupid things.

Hope: Barb, I understand your reluctance to take J.T. But what I also know is that you don't feel that way now. Okay? So go on. Tell me how you knew about the babies.

Barb: When I got the results back on the D.N.A. test and learned glen was J.T.'S dad, I didn't tell glen. I didn't tell anyone. I just threw the results away. But still, it didn't take a genius to figure out that there had been a switch, so I went to Lexie. When I told her, she wasn't surprised in the least.

Hope: Barb, what are you saying?

Barb: Lexie knew about the baby switch before I came to her. She knew all about it.

Abe: Oh Oh It feels so good to have you in my arms. I prayed this moment would come.

Lexie: I love you.

Abe: That sweet face you know, you look just as you did on the day I married you. I knew then that I could trust you with my heart and soul. I still do.

Lexie: Wait, wait. Um, Abe, I知 not the same person you married.

Kate: Were Stefano and I ever involved? Oh, my darling, I was his right-hand woman. Stefano, poor devil -- he was really getting on in years, you know. He kept on repeating himself, and it was up to me to come up with all the fresh new mayhem. Didn't you ever suspect that? Oh, Roman, I知 really kind of disappointed in you. Maybe you should retire from the police force, hmm? After all, it was me who kept on bringing Stefano back from the dead, time after time after time, until things got too hot for him here in Salem and we decided to switch places. A little nip here, a tuck there, and voil -- I知 Stefano. Don't you think it's a vast improvement?

Roman: Are you always this entertaining, Kate?

Man: Pardon me. There was a message for you from a Mr. Kildahl.

Kate: Yes.

Man: His private jet had to turn back to Chicago. It couldn't land in the storm. He will call to reschedule.

Kate: Nice. Nice and dandy.

Roman: The lady will be joining me.

Kate: This lady is out of here.

Roman: Send me both bills.

Kate: Would you leave me alone?

Roman: Just doing my duty, ma'am -- escorting you safely to your vehicle.

Kate: I can get to the damn car myself.

[Thunder crashes]

Kate: Oh! What next?

Roman: Well, you had to ask.

Kate: Oh, just tell me we're not stuck.

Roman: Well, I would if I could, but I can稚.

Kate: Oh, god, what did I ever do to deserve this? Oh

Sami: All right, fine! I知 cured, all right? I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore! I hate you!

Brandon: No, you don稚.

Sami: Well, fine, you hate me. You're certainly looking at me like you could kill me!

Abe: Lexie, Lexie, I知 not sure I understand.

Lexie: Abe, I wish I were that same person that you married, but so much has happened. I've changed.

Abe: In what way?

Lexie: Well, I lost a child. I've lost my father and the trust that I had in him. I'll never be quite the same, and I can't go back.

Abe: You know, we won't have to. Now that everything's out in the open, we're free to move forward with our lives, starting here and now.

Lexie: Ooh. Come. Come, come.

Hope: Wait a minute. Lexie knew about the babies being switched months before anyone else figured it out?

Barb: Yeah. And that's not all. When I told her I knew, she was willing to pay me to shut up, to keep it from all of you.

Hope: Oh, my god, I've got to call Bo.

Barb: Right now? Well, what's he going to do?

Hope: Oh Damn it, it's the voice mail. Bo! Bo, it's me, please, as soon as you get this message, call me. I need you, Brady. I need you.

Billie: You can't take my badge. You owe me.


Billie: The whole damn force owes me. I nailed magic mike for you.

Bo: Listen to me, you are a rookie.

Billie: So I saved your butt!

Bo: The first thing a rookie learns is to take orders. This is about teamwork, not one person going off and showboating. And if you don't know that by now, maybe you're in the wrong place.

Billie: You're not going to bounce me off this force. It's not going to work because I知 staying put!

Bo: What the hell --


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