Days Transcript Friday 7/26/02



Days Transcript Friday 7/26/02

By Amanda 

Philip: You think itís dumb, donít you? I should have known.

Chloe: I think itís the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Philip: You know, that -- that treeís been here for 50, maybe 100 years, so it should at least last that much longer. So in 100 years, people will look at that tree and know how much I loved you.

Philip: Back then, I wanted everyone to know how I feel. Now I just want you to know. I'll love you forever, Chloe -- forever.

Craig: We're supposed to track your temperature every day, not every minute, Nancy.

Nancy: [Unintelligible]

Craig: Nancy, I canít understand a word you're saying.

Nancy: I have heard that some women do not ovulate till their 14th or 15th day, but if I go by this Book, then --

[Doorbell rings]

Nancy: Oh, my temperatureís normal.

Craig: Be right back. Brady.

Brady: Dr. Wesley, hi. I have a question for you, and if you answer the way I hope you do, it can save Chloeís life.

Shawn-D: Okay, so I'm thinking after we get the video from Kevin, we find Brady, maybe we can go get some lunch or see a movie. Hello, earth to Belle. All right, that was a poor choice of words, huh?

Belle: You think?

Shawn-D: Listen to me. Those kids were kids, not aliens.

Belle: Thatís not what you thought the first night, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Yeah, but there was a lot going on, okay? Between the accidents and the meteor shower, we had --

Belle: And the spaceship burning up right in front of our eyes.

Shawn-D: Can we just drop it, please?

Belle: Shawn, I want to, for your sake, but honestly, I donít think I can.

Jack: I canít believe that judge. I can think of about 100 reasons why Stefano DiMeraís death would be an item of compelling public interest.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know, Jack, but the big question is the will. Why did he name so many enemies? Enquiring minds want to know.

Jack: Exactly.

Jennifer: And they're going to find out from us, exclusive.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jennifer: I know someone on the inside, and heís going to tell us everything we need to know.

Jack: "He"? Who, exactly, is he?

Jennifer: Sorry, I never reveal my sources.

Colin: I'll help you. We're in this together.

Tony: We havenít got time, though.

Colin: Excuse me, Tony.

Colin: What do you think you're doing?

Jennifer: I, uh... I just -- I came here to see you, and the nurse told me that you were in there.

Colin: So you thought you would barge in on an examination with a patient.

Jennifer: No. I mean, I was going to knock, and then you came out --

Colin: You appear to be eavesdropping on our consultation.

Jennifer: Thatís not true. Besides, I didnít even hear anything that you were saying, and I didnít even know that was the particular room that you were in until you came barging out breathing fire at me.

Shawn: Whatís the matter, love? You look like someone walked on your grave.

Colin: Maybe someone did.

Shawn: I know just how you feel.

Billie: Fuller said that you wanted to see me, sir.

Roman: Yeah. I want you to run this down to the lab. Anything they can tell me, I want to know, but I'm especially interested in how it was made and when.

Billie: Well, it is weird. I mean, I can see the rationale in Stefano leaving your dad this Boat, because he is a fisherman, after all, but a baby doll? What does it mean?

Roman: Thatís what we need to find out. But I'll tell you this -- if itís a warning, and that son of a bitch Stefano is coming after the Bradys again, I'll --

Billie: What, kill him? Itís too late. Heís already dead.

Roman: His son isnít.

Billie: Maybe thatís what Stefano had in mind -- to pit the two of you against each other. Think about it, Roman. He left you a gladiator in his will -- someone who fights every battle to the ddeath.

Roman: I'll do whatever it takes. I'll stand up against anyone who threatens my family, and I mean anyone.

Bo: Well, why is it that even with Stefano dead and gone, the DiMeras make it top priority to torture our family? Ha ha. Yeah, all right. Okay. All right, I'll see you later. Kiss Zack for me. All right, bye-bye.

Bo: [Thinking] Speaking of family, whose side are you on, Murphy? The DiMeras... or the Bradys?

Hope: Oh!


That is from your daddy, and this...


Zack: My giraffe.

Hope: Is from your mommy. You want to look at the giraffe? There you go. Hey. What do you say we surprise your daddy for lunch? What do you think about that?

Zack: [Babbles]

Hope: Hmm? Hmm? You know what? I completely agree with that. You know what? Mommyís going to pick up a little bit, and then we're going to go.

Zack: Not yet.

Hope: Not yet? Canít leave the house messy. I'll be right back.

Hope: "Keep your eyes open despite the darkness." What do you suppose that means, huh, Zack? Hmm?

Zack: Blocks. Blocks. Blocks.

Hope: And why does it scare me so much, honey? Stefano almost took my life away once. Your daddy and I fought him, and we won. But if he tries to do that a-- I'm not going to let him. I'll keep my family safe... always.

[Knuckles crack]

Brady: Dr. Wesley, I was on the internet all day long, and I kept going to all these medical sites -- oh, hi, Mrs. Wesley. Anyway, I kept reading everywhere about a much higher likelihood of a sibling match for a Bone marrow donor, and I've always thought of Chloe as an only child, but it just occurred to me this morning that Chloe just might have some siblings. Her biological father could have had some children. That means that Chloe does have siblings, and one of those siblings could be a match, and -- how lame am I? Here I am, coming into your house and talking about medical stuff I read on the internet. You're a doctor, and you, Mrs. Wesley, are Chloeís mom. I'm sure you've read every Book there is to read on the subject. How stupid am I?

Nancy: Brady, we appreciate it. We know you're just trying to help, but... well, we also know that Chloeís best chances for a transplant are with a sibling, so we -- we're doing everything that we can to... to help her get that transplant.

Jack: Jennifer, when are you going to meet Colin?

Jennifer: I-I'm sorry. Meet who?

Jack: Not funny?

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, will you stop acting like I'm risking life and limb? You and Bo are the ones who think that something is going on between Tony DiMera and Colin. Now, I am the only person that Colin is likely to open up to, which means I have to be the one to talk to him.

Jack: While pretending to date him, knowing he'll do everything he can think of to get you into bed.

Jennifer: I donít have time for this.

Jack: Fine, fine, see you around. I-I'm merely on my way to the parking lot.

Jennifer: Jack, you're concerned, and I appreciate that, but the only possible source of trouble is you, because if Colin finds out that we are working him --

Jack: Not to worry. I wonít do anything to jeopardize your mission or mine.

Jennifer: Our mission? Suddenly you're tom cruise? Or Austin Powers.

Jack: Shagalicious, baby.

Jennifer: Listen, Jack, to say that you're not going to do anything to jeopardize this mission doesnít mean that you're going to do something else, so what are you planning?

Jack: Merely to relax, sit back, and have lunch.

Jennifer: And what else?

Jack: Workin' that mojo, baby. Workin' that mo.

Jennifer: Yeah, you work it somewhere else, Jack. Man, if you blow this for us, you're going to lose your mojo.

Billie: Listen, I know what your brother thinks -- that I have nothing better to do with my life than dedicate it to getting him back. I thought you, at least, trusted me.

Roman: I would really like to, Billie.

Billie: Well, whatís stopping you?

Roman: I'm just saying people who work together shouldnít sleep together.

Billie: Well, I have every intention of keeping my work life and my love life separate. Now, if you'll excuse me --

Roman: Does that include Bo, too?

Billie: I donít mean to get all technical, sir, but according to my manual, itís against regulations for a senior official to coerce a subordinate into a sexual conversation against her wishes.

Roman: Why donít you want to answer the question, Billie?

Billie: Well, if the question is will I maintain the highest personal ethics in the job, well, the answer is of course I will, sir. Now let me ask you a question.

Roman: You go right ahead, ma'am.

Billie: Did you ask your brother the same question? And if so, were you satisfied with his answer? And if you were, why are you so worried about me?

Bo: Hey, pop. Things back to normal?

Shawn: No. If I never hear that word DiMera again, then... I'd better get back to work.

Bo: Okay. Talk to you later.

Jennifer: Bo, what happened at the service? I heard Stefano left a lot of weird stuff to people. What was the weirdest?

Bo: Talk to Colin. He knows more about who got what than I do.

Jennifer: All right, I will.

Bo: Be careful.

Jennifer: I know. I can handle Colin.

Bo: I Hope you can, Jen.

Kevin: Not exactly Spielberg, but I did my best.

Mimi: Chloeís going to love it.

Belle: I keep thinking how hard it must be for her to be so alone, but at least she can see us on tape, right?

Shawn-D: Hey, donít worry. It'll help. It has to.

Philip: Hey. Guess who I just saw -- aliens.

Belle: Shawn.

Philip: Not that kind. Those jerks who hang out on the pier. Jerk number one was relieving himself in the fountain by baronís.

Shawn-D: All right, I am more sure now than ever it has to be those two. They're part of the gang.

Mimi: Excuse us. Emergency girl talk.

Belle: What?

Mimi: Why do you think they're for real?

Belle: I didnít say that.

Mimi: But you do. You -- you think you really did see teenage aliens. Tell me why.

Shawn-D, Philip, and Kevin:

[Talking quietly]

Shawn: When I saw the Boat, I just -- I thought my heart would stop.

Colin: Exactly what did it remind you of, uncle?

Shawn: Uh, not now. Hello, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hi.

Shawn: Itís good to see you, lass. What'll you be having?

Jennifer: Uh, I'll have an iced tea, please, and maybe a few moments alone with Colin.

Shawn: You got it.

Colin: Why so late?

Jennifer: Oh, deadlines, you know, and I still havenít managed to get a decent story on Stefanoís will.

Colin: Hmm. As it happens, I caught the whole thing.

Jennifer: Really? Would I be able to get a quote?

Colin: Oh, that depends.

Jennifer: On?

Colin: What are you willing to give me?

Jack: Why so grim, Officer Brady? Jenniferís a Horton -- tougher than she looks. She'll get the job done.

Bo: If you're so sure, why are you following her around?

Jack: I'm not. I'm meeting someone for lunch.

Bo: Here? Just by chance?

Jack: This is her favorite place.

Bo: "Her"?

Jack: The she is now.

Jack: Scusi.

Billie: Am I late?

Jack: Darling, you're right on time. Right this way.

Craig: Brady, Chloeís father has a sister, but they donít keep in touch, and she doesnít think that he ever married or had other children.

Brady: Yeah, but she canít be sure.

Craig: Right. Still, our P.I. Is -- is searching, and that could take some time.

Brady: Dr. Wesley, Chloe doesnít have time.

Craig: Brady.

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm trying to tell you that I want to help, and all I do is say dumb things.

Nancy: You're just frustrated. We all are. But right now, we're doing everything we can.

Brady: Right. Listen, I got to go. Belle and Shawn made a tape for Chloe to cheer her up, and I promised them I'd drop it off at the hospital today. So let me know if you hear anything from that P.I., Okay?

Craig: Of course.

Nancy: Brady... thank you for caring so much. I really canít tell you what it means to me.

Craig: You know... I took the rest of the day off work.

[Door closes]

Nancy: You really didnít have to do that.

Craig: Oh, didnít have to do that? This from the lady whoís been checking her temperature every five minutes and staring at a calendar? Hmm? Hmm?

Nancy: I'm not going to do that anymore, Craig.

Craig: What?

Nancy: I've changed my mind. I donít want to get pregnant.

Roman: Yeah, I need you to come down here, pop.

Shawn: Any particular reason?

Roman: I'll explain when you get here.

Shawn: Well, I'll be on my way. I'll be back.

Woman: Okay.

Bo: Hey. Pop.

Shawn: Come on. I'm sorry, I'm in a rush.

Jennifer: Thank you. Colin, thank you. This will stuff is great. I am so excited.

Colin: As long as you donít attribute any of it to me.

Jennifer: No, of course not. I mean, that was the deal, right? I-I just have one more question. What was -- what was that little Boat about? Why would Stefano give mr. Brady a toy?

[Pager beeps]

Colin: Sorry. Duty calls.

Jack: It all looks so good. We'll let you know about the rest.

Billie: In 1,000 years, I never thought the "spectator" would let you darken their door again.

Jack: Excuse me, but I used to own that door.

Billie: Must be tough coming back as a peon, huh?

Jack: I'm nothing if not flexible.

Billie: Do you remember that time that you wrote that book and you made me pretend that I did to impress Jennifer?

Jack: Well, it worked like a charm, didnít it?

Billie: If itís meant to be, Jack, it will be.

Jack: Really?

Billie: Mm.

Jack: Tell me, are we talking about Jennifer and me or you and Bo?

Jennifer: What was that about Bo?

Jack: Uh, well, we were just talking about work. You know that Billieís a cop now, right?

Jennifer: Hope told me. I do.

Billie: Hi.

Jennifer: Hello. How are you?

Billie: So good to see you.

Jennifer: Itís so good to see you.

Billie: You look great.

Jennifer: Look at you.

Colin: Uh, Jennifer, the waitress needs -- arenít you...

Billie: Billie reed. Nice to meet you, Mr....

Jennifer: Murphy. Dr. Colin Murphy.

Colin: Pleasure to meet you.

Billie: Oh, I love the accent.

Colin: Um, shall we?

Jennifer: Yes. Uh, I will call you. We need to go to dinner.

Billie: I would love that.

Jennifer: Okay. Bye-bye.

Jack: Ha ha ha. So... you've met Colin Murphy before, havenít you?

Billie: Our paths crossed. Letís just leave it at that.

[Knuckles crack]

Hope: Okay, sweetie, we are all set to go.

[Telephone rings]

Hope: Right after this phone call. Hello? What do you mean? Wh-- whatís going on? Oh, my God.

Belle: I donít get it. Bradyís never this late.

Mimi: Maybe something came up. Kevin, we have to go shopping now. Bye, guys.

Kevin: Sorry, kids.

Belle: Bye, Meems.

Philip: See ya.

[Cellular phone rings]

Philip: Hey, dad. Yeah, okay, I'll be there in five minutes. Itís a father/son lunch day. I was hoping to go for a steak downtown. Looks like I'm going to have to settle for mall food.

Brady: Oh, please, stop or I'll cry. Sorry I'm late, guys. Belle, do you have the tape?

Belle: Yeah. Tell Chloe that I Hope it helps a little.

Brady: I will.

Philip: Well, my fatherís waiting. Keep an eye out for the aliens.

Brady: Yeah, I should, uh... I should probably go, too. Thanks for the tape. Chloeís going to love it.

Belle: You're welcome.

Brady: See ya.

Shawn-D: See ya, Brady. Okay, before you say anything, yes, I still think they're trouble.

Belle: I donít believe it, Shawn. They might not be from outer space, but they're not kids like you and me -- not by a long shot. Now buy me a coffee.

Shawn-D: Yes, ma'am.

[Crowd murmuring]

Woman: Excuse me, miss! You canít do that in the mall. Miss?

Jennifer: Well?

Colin: What? Well, what?

Jennifer: I got the distinct impression that you and Billie reed recognized each other.

Colin: Did you? I believe I have seen her before. I just canít think where.

Jennifer: You know, I need to check in with the office.

Colin: Feel free.

Jennifer: Outside. I can never get a signal in here.

Jack: You're going to love this stuff.

Billie: Well, I canít believe they have buffalo chicken wings. I am so addicted.

Jack: Good. I'll buy you a whole truckload if you can tell me where you met dr. Colin Murphy.

[Pager beeping]

Billie: You better get that.

Jack: Uh, no, this can wait. So you tell me, where did you meet him? Was it --

Billie: Apparently, it cannot wait.

Jack: I --

Billie: Jack, go get it.

Jack: Okay, okay, all right. Okay, I'll go use the pay phone. Be right back.

Colin: Now I remember you. Why'd you leave the hospital before I could check you out? What were you running from?

[Telephone rings]

Jennifer: Jack, itís about time.

Jack: Wh-- Jennifer? Where are you? What are you up to?

Jennifer: Look, I'm outside. What are you doing? What are you doing in there with Billie reed?

Billie: Look, I canít explain now. Things are just a little too complicated. But please donít tell anybody about that night, okay? Just keep my secret.

Colin: Donít worry. I wonít say a word. But if you need anything, call anytime.

Bo: Hope should have known.

Billie: Known what?

Bo: That no matter where you go, you bring two things with you -- secrets and trouble.

Jack: I brought Billie to make it look good. Besides, I like Billie.

Jennifer: Oh, what do you mean, you like Billie?

Jack: Sheís a close friend, and I'm enjoying getting to know her again.

Jennifer: Just how close, Jack?

Jack: Is this a problem for you, Jennifer?

Jennifer: No. No, not at all. Just donít blow my cover, okay?

Jack: I wouldnít dream of it.

Jennifer: All right, I'm hanging up.

Jack: Oh, wait, wait.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Uh, uh, you know, if, uh, Colin says anything about, you know, later going back to his place, what are you going to do?

Jennifer: I guess whatever I have to do.

Bo: So why lie? Why run from the E.R.? What do you have to be afraid of?

Billie: I didnít come home to get famous for driving into a meteor crater.

Bo: Oh, yeah, thatís right. You had that great entrance planned. You wanted to see the shock on everybodyís face.

Billie: No, I had an exam to focus on, and I needed time to prepare.

Bo: I wonder what Abe would say. A rookie cop obstructing her own force in an investigation.

Billie: Well, technically, I wasnít a cop that night.

Bo: I donít think Abe would care.

Billie: You're not going to tell him.

Bo: How do you know?

Billie: 'Cause I wouldnít do it to you, not after all we've been to each other.

Hope: Oh, thank you. All right, sweetie, letís see if we can find your daddy in --

Zack: Daddy.

Philip: Hey, you mind if we make this quick, dad? I want to go check on Chloe.

Victor: Later. Right now, thereís something I need to tell you, Philip. Itís important.

Man: What the hell?! I-I'm calling the cops. You hear me? I-I'll have you little perverts locked up!

Joey: Look, the freaks from the docks.

Boy: Letís get them.

Man: Security! Security!

Belle: Shawn, what was that?

Shawn-D: I'm guessing they know.

Man: Didnít you see them? They were naked, and stealing just about everything that wasnít locked up. What are you still standing there for? Go get them!

Belle: Did you hear that? It has to be them.

Shawn-D: Yeah, so add shoplifting to the rap sheet. Are you finally convinced I was right about those two?

Belle: Itís starting to look that way.

Shawn-D: Starting? Come on, Belle, I just Hope that this time, they get whatís coming to them.

Roman: Here we go. Well, pop, the lab ran every test in the Book.

Shawn: And?

Roman: Turns out it was a Boat -- a toy Boat. Donít fall down, now.

Shawn: And thatís what you dragged me down here for, huh?

Roman: Pop, when you saw that Boat, you thought it was a Bomb. No reason I could see. But obviously, you saw something different. I'd like to know what that was.

Roman: Now what? Damn it, pop, what the hell are you hiding now?

Billie: You know, itís true, Bo -- I would protect you. I always did. Canít you do the same for me, just this once?

Hope: Hey, daddy.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Billie: Hi.

Bo: Hey, Zack.

Hope: Hi, Billie.

Billie: Hello.

Hope: I donít believe you've met our son.

Billie: No.

Hope: This is Zack.

Billie: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Hope: So how do you feel about buying me a nice, big, fat, juicy burger with some fries? Or are you too busy with department stuff?

Bo: Oh, no, we're all done here, unless you had any more questions about that case.

Billie: No thanks. You gave me what I needed.

Bo: Great.

Jack: Hey, Hope.

Hope: Hi, Jack.

Jack: And Zack, the big man. You -- Billie, your soupís getting warm. Itís gazpacho. You're supposed to eat it cold.

Billie: Oh, yeah.

Bo: Ha.

Jack: Excuse her.

Billie: See you later.

Bo: Yeah, all right. Sorry about that. I know itís rough seeing her.

Hope: Look, we have much more important things to worry about right now, Bo. I just got news.

Bo: Good or bad?

Hope: Glen called. J.T.ís having surgery.

Bo: No.

Hope: Itís not an emergency or anything like that, just a follow-up on his heart operation, but even still, Bo, Glen and Barb are really worried, and, frankly, so am I.

Bo: Yeah. And you want to be there for J.T., Donít you?

Jennifer: Well, Colin, thank you again for the scoop.

Colin: You'll get your chance to repay me.

Jennifer: What?

Billie: [Laughing]

Jack: It was good, wasnít it? It was the -- it was the best they had.

Colin: He seems to be enjoying himself.

Jennifer: Thatís fine with me.

Colin: So... are you ready to let him go, finally?

Jennifer: Thatís why I'm here.

Colin: Good. Then have breakfast with me.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? Itís almost dinnertime.

Colin: I mean tomorrow. I want to take you home tonight, Jennifer. Will you let me?

Joey: There they are. You thought you burned us with the cops. So, babe, can you spell payback?

Belle: [Whispers] Shawn.

Joey: So, who wants to go first?

Belle: Shawn, we canít let those creeps hurt them.

Brady: Excuse me. I have a present for Chloe lane. Can you make sure that she gets it, please?

Brenda: I'm sorry. Didnít -- didnít anyone tell you?

Brady: About Chloe? No. What is it? What happened?

Belle: Shawn, we have to do something.

Shawn-D: Let them work it out. After all, they're part of the same gang.

Belle: Since when do members of the same gang turn on each other?

Shawn-D: What am I, an expert? I donít know the drill, and I donít want to.

Belle: Okay, Shawn, maybe you're right. Maybe they are human just like you and me, but they're still outnumbered, and they're in trouble, okay? Maybe you can turn your back on them, but I canít. I'm going to do something about it.

Philip: Well, what can I say? If you want to be with Nicole, good luck.

Victor: Look, Philip, I donít expect you to jump for joy, but you could at least try to be a little happy for us.

Philip: Look, no offense, dad, but Nicoleís not my idea of a good person. And there she is, getting what she wants in the end.

Victor: Why do I get the feeling this has nothing to do with Nicole or me?

Philip: You have no idea what itís like to care so much and not be able to help, to just stand there and watch her suffer.

Victor: As a matter of fact, I know exactly what itís like.

Philip: Dad, I'm sorry. I-I donít know what I was thinking.

Victor: You're in love. You're afraid. I understand that. Philip, if you need me for anything -- if Chloe needs anything -- all you have to do is ask. I Hope you know that.

Philip: You know what is ironic? Chloeís sick, and she needs so many things, and I'm going nuts because I donít have the power to give them to her. Itís like only God has that power, right? But what I need, only she can give.

Victor: She cares about you. I never doubted that.

Philip: She cares about him, too. I mean, Bradyís in love with her. If she gets better --

Victor: When she gets better.

Philip: I'll do whatever it takes. I'll get Chloe back, and if Brady gets in my way, Brady can go straight to hell.

Craig: Nancy, stop. Hey. Look at me. Look at me. Tell me whatís wrong.

Nancy: Craig, we canít count on this, and I have got to stop obsessing, stop wanting it so much, because it may not happen, especially at my age. We Both know that itís harder to conceive after age 35.

Craig: We can beat the odds, sweetheart. Hey, come on. You know... we have to think of this as a great gift if it happens, and if it doesnít, then -- then we've done everything humanly possible. Thatís all we can do. But to think that we even have the possibility to give your daughter back her life, and then at the same time, make a life thatís part of you and part of me and... how much we love each other -- sweetie, you have to put aside all your doubts. You have to put them aside, and you have to believe. You have to believe, and you have to trust in our love, okay? Come on. Come on, sweetheart, come on.

[Telephone rings]

Craig: Oh, hold on.


Craig: Dr. Wesley. When? Okay, we're on our way. Thanks.

Nancy: Craig, what is it? Is it Chloe?

Craig: Yes, itís Chloe.

Brady: What about Chloe? Is she all right, or is she sick? I mean, what is this all about?

Brenda: Well, let me put it this way -- you could give her that tape yourself.

Brady: What do you mean?

Brenda: Well, her roomís right there. Go -- go see for yourself.

Brady: Oh, my God. Chloe.

Shawn: Damn DiMera! Heís in his grave, and he still canít leave us alone.

Roman: Pop, what does that Boat mean?

Shawn: I have been a fisherman all my life, huh? I suppose that Stefano thought it was shameful, being common.

Roman: That still doesnít explain why you acted the way you did or why there was a baby doll in that Boat.

Shawn: Your brothers, your sister, your mother, you... I'd give anything for -- for any of you. I mean, no sacrifice wouuld be too big. I know what I'd do for my family -- for you.

Roman: Pop, what does that mean? Did Stefano know something, something about you? Pop.

Shawn: Son, please. No more questions.

Billie: You know what I think?

Jack: What?

Billie: Some people are just stuck with each other, like it or not.

Jack: You know, I think that women love to talk about touchy-feely subjects like relationships, but men donít. Men, they -- they donít want to talk about it. They want to do it. Uh, that didnít come out right.

Billie: Well, the sad thing is itís true, at least with the guys I meet.

Jack: Thanks.

Billie: Lately. I'm going to go fix my lipstick.

Jack: Mm. Uh, do me a favor, would you?

Billie: What?

Jack: Spit a little something on my Boy Colin on the way back, would you? Thanks.

Jennifer: I-I donít know what to say.

Colin: "Yes" would be nice.

Jennifer: Colin, please donít think I'm playing games. Itís not that, and itís not that I donít want what you want. I just think that I need to take it slow. Can we do that?

Colin: Of course, but I have to warn you.

Jennifer: About what?

Colin: Well, sometimes when two people are alone together, time moves quickly.

Jack: Not to worry, Jennifer. I'll be there. You'll be safe. I promise.

Hope: Hey, if you could get the time off, I'd say letís Both go.

Bo: Yeah, I would love to go see J.T. I miss that little guy a lot.

Hope: So do I. You know, I hate to even say this, because I know you feel exactly the same way, but... just the -- just the thought of leaving Zack behind, Bo, I --

Bo: I know what you're going to say. You've already missed too much time with him already.

Zack: Yeah.

Hope: So have you.

Bo: Yeah, well, he needs you more. So you take him. Donít worry about us here.

Hope: Do you know how many times I have said to myself, "I cannot possibly love this man any more than I already do"? And then you go ahead and you do --

Bo: Call the airline, Book seats for you and this little guy here, next flight to Iowa.

Hope: Come here, Brady. Give us a kiss.

Billie: I couldnít have planned it better myself.

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