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Man: How'd it go?

Billie: The wife calls hysterical, but when we get there, she doesn't want us to arrest the guy, says she loves him.

Man: Happens all the time. You'll get used to it.

Billie: I don't know. Hey, is Commander Carver in?

Man: Out. Said he wouldn't be back until late this afternoon.

Tony: Well, thank you all for coming. I thought the service went very well.

Sami: Tony, yes, it was beautiful.

Abe: Lexie, take care of yourself, huh?

Lexie: I'll feel better after you leave.

Abe: I'm sure you will.

Tony: You know, my sisterís not herself right now. Perhaps I should talk to her, have her soften towards you.

Abe: Lexie and I don't need you as a go-between, DiMera. We can take care of our own problems.

Lexie: I wish you could stay for the reading of the will, but only those people mentioned in it are allowed to be present.

Brandon: I understand.

Tony: You know, the way to make Brandon jealous is to pay attention to me, do you remember?

Lexie: Well, we tried that, and it didnít work. But I have another plan. Wish me luck.

Sami: Watch out, Brandon. I am an accident waiting to happen.

Hope: I really wish Lexie and Tony would get this show on the road. Where are they, anyway?

Marlena: Well, they're seeing people to the door.

Bo: Let's check it out.

Tony: Well, you finally arrived. It's been an excellent service. Everything just went smoothly.

Bo: Well, this makes the day perfect. Why the hell did it take you so long to show up?

Tony: If you don't mind. Please, come in.

Bo: Anything to do with DiMera, you're right there. So, what did you do for Stefano? What role did you play?

Tony: Well, Dr. Murphy is here at my invitation, Bo. He is my personal physician. That's why he's here. So, Colin, whenever you're free, please comes into the living room. Thank you.

Colin: Thank you.

Bo: He's smooth, but I don't believe him.

Colin: That's your prerogative... Detective.

Bo: I'll be watching you... Doctor.

Tony: Could I just see that for a moment? Thank you.

Hope: What happened to Bo?

John: Oh, Colin showed up.

Hope: Colin?

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Colin was in Stefanoís will?

John: No, no, but Tony invited him in case he was in need of his physician.

Marlena: Well, he looks fine, except for those spells he's having.

John: Mm-hmm.

Tony: Bo, we're ready to begin. Would you please all be seated? We're ready to read the will.

Raymond: Thank you all for attending this reading. The last will and testament of Stefano DiMera. "I, Stefano DiMera, being of sound mind and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be my last will and testament. I am well aware that as you listen to my last words, most, if not all of you, are still cursing me, despite my death. I am not offended. However, a word to the wise. Raging against a dead man is a waste of time and energy. Any injuries suffered at my hands are in the past. Let sleeping dogs lie, and look to the future. I hope this document will inspire you to do just that. In this, my last will and testament, I bequeath not only my fortune and assets. I have also directed that certain tokens be distributed to those in attendance -- Items connected to the future and to each of your destinies. To Kate Roberts, I will always remember your insatiable appetite, Kate, your hunger for love. That hunger may finally be satisfied soon. While you're waiting for your love to be returned, I leave you the gift of a food you've been craving." My instructions are to distribute these gifts.

Kate: Should I open it here? [Gasping]

Roman: Kippers? What the hell is that about?

Kate: Oh, God, who knows? It's from the demented mind of Stefano DiMera. I don't know why the hell I even came here.

Marlena: Maybe I should go get her.

John: No, no. I think she needs a minute alone.

Marlena: She seems awfully upset.

John: I'll talk to her later.

Tony: You may resume, Mar. Grant.

Raymond: "My Dear Celeste, I have never forgotten your great beauty, as well as your devotion to our lovely daughter. In order to repay you, I bequeath to you something you may have missed more than you realize."

Celeste: Should I be frightened?

Lexie: Paper dolls?

Celeste: Yes. Your father, he liked his little mysteries. There's something on the other side here.

Tony: What does it say?

Sami: Don't be a was, Sami. Just keep driving. You'll be fine. Ah, man, what is taking so long? Aah!

[Tires screech]

Sami: [Sighs] Way to go, Sami.

[Car approaching]

[Car door opens]

Brandon: Samantha! Oh, my God! I saw a car go off the road. I didnít know it was you.

Sami: Brandon.

Brandon: Are you okay?

Sami: I don't know what happened. I couldn't steer, and then I couldn't stop, and I couldn't control --

Brandon: Your tire blew. Are you hurt?

Sami: I think I hit my head on the steering wheel.

Brandon: Let me see. Well, you don't have any swelling. That's lucky. Did you black out at all?

Sami: Stop acting so sympathetic. I know that you don't care about me.

Brandon: Samantha --

Sami: I'm fine. Just leave me alone!

Brandon: Samantha, I need to know. Did you lose consciousness?

Sami: Stop playing doctor, okay? I know you're acting, and cut it out. I know you don't care about me. You made that quite clear at the DiMera dungeon, so that's fine with me. I don't care if I never see you again.

Brandon: Samantha, you could have a concussion, for God's sake. Let me take you to the hospital.

Sami: Not if you were the last man on earth! Look, I'm just fine, okay? I can take care of myself.

Brandon: Samantha, I am not going to leave you here. Come on.

Abe: Did you hurt her? Take your hands off her. Don't worry, Sami. I'm here. I'll take care of her.

Brandon: Like hell you will.

Hope: Why are you staring at me?

Bo: Mind if I take a look at that? Thanks. "We must reclaim our youth." "Reclaim our youth." Sounds to me like DiMeraís admitting he's responsible for the baby switch, not the hospital.

Lexie: Bo, you are hearing what you want to hear. To you, "DiMera" and "evil" are interchangeable.

Celeste: No. No, Stefanoís message has nothing to do with the babies. There's another meaning here... which will be revealed to me when the time is right.

Raymond: Shall I continue with the reading?

Tony: Yes, that would be best, thank you.

Raymond: "To Roman Brady, keep up the good fight."

Roman: Easy for him to say, now that the law can't touch him anymore.

Roman: No mystery here. Roman Gladiators fought to the death, something Stefano hopes happens to me real soon.

Raymond: "Shawn Brady Sr., I want you to think back to your childhood in Ireland. No carefree childhood years for Shawn Brady. I bequeath to you a gift from the DiMera clan that will always remind you of your past as you brave the troubled waters of your familyís future."

Caroline: Are you sure that you want to open it here, Shawn? Maybe you'd better wait till we get home.

Shawn: I wasn't afraid of DiMera when he was alive, and I am not afraid of him now! It's a bomb!

[All screaming]

Roman: Don't touch it.

Marlena: Stand back.

John: Quiet, quiet.

Bo: It's okay. It's not a bomb.

Hope: Thank God.

Shawn: Are you sure?

Bo: Yeah, Pop, I'm sure. It's -- I'm sure.

Marlena: [Sighs]

Bo: Whew.

Celeste: What Is this?

Hope: Gosh.

Colin: Uncle Shawn, are you all right?

Shawn: Huh? Uh, I need some air.

Caroline: Oh, dear.

Bo: Pop, you sure you're okay?

Shawn: Listen; look -- look up -- look after your mother and Hope, boys, all right? I'm going to step outside and clear my head for a minute.

Roman: All right, Pop.

Colin: I'll come with you.

Caroline: Yes, do that, do that.

Tony: Well, I was hoping Father's will was going to give everyone some peace of mind. Obviously it's had the opposite effect. My apologies. Really, I'm sorry.

Raymond: If I may?

Tony: Yes, please, let's finish this.

Raymond: "Hope Brady, while you carry on with your life as Mrs. Bo Brady, proud mother and loving wife, I urge you to keep your eyes open despite the darkness."

Hope: What does that mean?

Bo: Oh, give me that thing.

Hope: It's a scarf.

Bo: Looks harmless.

Marlena: What is that on her scarf?

Hope: That's not a scarf. It's a noose.

All: [Muttering]

Abe: I said I'm going to take you home. I'll send somebody out to tow this car. Brandon, take a hike. You're not needed here.

Brandon: I'm taking care of Samantha just fine. You take a hike.

Abe: I'm not going to say this again. Leave the scene.

Brandon: It's not an accident scene. You don't have to play police commander.

Abe: I'm not playing anything. Now, I've known Sami all of her life. I'll get somebody to take care of the car; I'll get her home. There's no need for you to stay.

Brandon: You feeling frustrated, Abe? Can't control your wife, so you try to control everyone else?

Sami: He's just trying to help, Brandon.

Brandon: Bull. He's got it in for me, but it won't work. I'm in control with Samantha and with Lexie, too.

Abe: You leave my wife out of this.

Brandon: She won't be your wife for long.

Sami: Brandon, that's enough.

Abe: You stay away from Lexie.

Brandon: I will when she asks me to. Now, you'll wait for that a long time, 'cause Lexie needs me. I keep her together. I understand her.

Abe: You shut up.

Brandon: You arrested your wife for trying to keep her child. You expect her to come running to you after that?

Abe: I had no choice.

Brandon: Well, there's always a choice. You just keep making the wrong ones. I'm giving Lexie what she needs. I'll be with Lexie as long as she needs me; so don't hold your breath.

Abe: You son of a...

Sami: Abe, stop It! No, Both of you cut it out! Stop it, Abe! Brandon! You're going to be all right.

Tony: The reading of my father's will seems to have put us all in a morbid state of mind. But, you see, it's just a scarf... And a lovely one, at that.

Hope: Words... Stefano said to keep my eyes open despite the darkness. It sounds like a threat.

Tony: Well, the darkness can refer to many things. Maybe he's urging you to be safe, take care of yourself.

Caroline: Bo, I hope your father is all right. He and Colin have not come back.

Colin: Uncle Shawn, when John picked that doll up off the floor, you looked right at me. Why?

Shawn: I was just -- just rattled, that's all. That's all. Just rattled.

Colin: Is it I? Something to do with my childhood?

Shawn: Will you leave it is, Colin? Just leave it be!

Colin: Well, here comes my shadow.

Bo: What does this mean?

Colin: The doll?

Bo: Yeah.

Colin: I have no idea.

Bo: I think you do.

Colin: You're as wrong about this as you are about most things. I'm going back in, if you want to follow me.

Raymond: "And now to the beautiful and dramatic Marlena Evans Black. I say 'dramatic' referring to the many roles you have played -- some of them against your will, I'm afraid. However, your days of role-playing are not entirely ended."

John: Would you like me to open this for you?

Marlena: No, I can do it. Just, please, stay close.

John: I'm right here.

Marlena: I have a message, also. "La belle au bios dormant."

Bo: My French ends at Cafe Au Laity.

Hope: It means "A sleeping beauty in the wood." It's in one of those fairy tale books I've been reading to Zack.

Caroline: Is there anything on the other side, Marlena?

Marlena: I'm almost afraid to look. Oh. The stars... And a sleeping beauty. I-I don't, uh, I don't see a connection.

Hope: Marlena, In the sleeping beauty story, remember, a princess is born and her parents have a big party to celebrate, but one of the fairies isn't invited, who becomes very angry and puts a curse on the princess.

Roman: What's the curse?

Hope: That she pricks her finger on a spindle and sleeps for 100 years.

Raymond: "And finally, to John Black -- John, how can I put into words how much I admire you? I can pay you no compliment higher than to say you are a gifted player in the game of life. Therefore, I bequeath to you my special chess set."

John: [Chuckling]

Roman: What's so funny, John?

John: Oh, Stefano always said one thing and meant exactly the other. I'm not a player to him. I'm just his pawn. [Chuckles] Well, I got news for you, DiMera -- I'm not your pawn anymore. None of us are. And with that, we're outtalking here.

Tony: Uh, not quite.

Raymond: There's a further note to you, Mr. Black. "The game's not over, John. Prepare yourself for checkmate."

Brandon: You want a piece of me? Come and get it.

Sami: Brandon, stop it.

Abe: Damn you, Walker. You've had it now!

Sami: Wait, Abe, listen to me, okay? I am fine. I am okay. Please, please, I can handle Brandon. You don't have to help.

Brandon: Stay out of this, Samantha! Abe's a big time police commander. He can take care of himself.

Abe: Yeah. Look, this guy's a real hothead, and I don't want to leave you alone with him.

Sami: No. I won't be alone for long, okay? I already called the tow company and I'm going to be fine, Abe. I think it would be better if you would go, please.

Abe: You have my cell phone number. If you need anything, if this guy gives you any trouble...

Sami: No, I'll be fine. Abe, I'm going to be fine, okay? You just go. Just go on. Brandon, put that knife down. Listen to me! Abe Is gone, Brandon, okay? He's gone. Give me that knife. Oh, Brandon. Oh.

Brandon: I came so close to -- I had a knife in my hand. I could have killed him.

Sami: But you didnít. Abe is gone now, you dropped the knife. It's okay, Brandon. You're okay.

Brandon: I'll never be okay as long as that man's free to hurt other innocent people.

Sami: Brandon, I know you think that he and your mom had something going on and that it caused problems for your family --

Brandon: I didnít make it up. They had an affair. It did things to me. Changed me.

Sami: Brandon, I want to help you, but I -- I don't understand. So maybe you can explain it to me. Help me to understand what you're talking about.

Sami: Brandon, talk to me, okay? What hurt you so badly when you were a kid? You can trust me. Please just talk to me.

Brandon: I canít.

Sami: Well, at least let me comfort you.

Raymond: "As to my children Anthony and Alexandra, I have left them the bulk of the DiMera estate -- its assets and holdings." Mr. DiMera wished that the details of his bequest be shared with the two of you in private. "My dearest Alexandra, my heart breaks to hear of the terrible losses you have suffered. I grieve at my inability to prevent your sadness. However, be assured that your life will take a turn for the better if you simply embrace the prized family heirloom which I have willed to you."

Lexie: Thank you. It's the DiMera family crest.

Raymond: "Hold the crest to your heart, and I will speak to you."

Lexie: Oh, Father.

Raymond: "To my son Tony, how I regret all the years you lost to illness. However, you've been cured, and as a result, you've been given a second chance at life. Pursue your dreams, my son, and house them where they belong."

Tony: I must say I... I know what's there. It's too heavy for you to lift up. I took a sneak peek at the contents earlier on and saw the remarkable item my father has intended for me.

Tony: All right.

Lexie: Oh, Tony. This is incredible. It's just like this house, like Father's house.

Tony: Yes. Father's dreams were for his family. And I will take up your dreams, Father, and make them my own. And I will make this mansion a home for the DiMera family now and forever.

Tony: Aah! It's hot!

Celeste: It's the feather of a Phoenix. Bubo. On my friends.

Brandon: Ahem. I'm, uh, I'm sorry I did that to you, Samantha.

Sami: Don't be sorry, Brandon. You have been there for me so many times. I am not a fragile flower. You can lean on me, too, sometimes. I'd like that.

Brandon: Well, I guess I just like to be the strong one -- typical guy.

Sami: Well, guys are human, too. It took me a long time to figure that out. Listen, Brandon, anytime you want to talk or blow off steam or whatever, I mean it, I'm here for you... Anytime.

Brandon: I should get this tire changed.

Sami: No. Uh, you know what? I'll just call Aura.

Brandon: Well, you told Abe you already had.

Sami: Well, I just trying to get rid of him.

Brandon: Well, they can take hours to come sometimes. I can fix this, no problem.

Sami: No. You know what, you don't want to get your clothes all dirty.

Brandon: Oh, come on, Samantha, I'm already dirty.

Sami: Well, I know, but, you know, you don't want to...Mess everything up. Maybe somethingís wrong with the tire, and they need to fix it, so you don't want to waste your --

Brandon: Samantha, don't be so concerned. It's no problem, really.

Sami: Well, maybe we can't even do it with the jack. I mean, who knows?

Brandon: There's a gash in this tire.

Sami: Oh, well, maybe I... drove to close to a fence or something.

Brandon: You --

Sami: What's -- what are you doing?

Brandon: Getting away from you. You're a real nut case, you know that? You slashed the tire yourself.

Sami: I did not.

Brandon: How dumb do you think I am, Samantha? You left the mansion ahead of me. You timed it perfectly, so I'd come along right after your little accident and rescue you. Sick. For one thing, you could've gotten hurt.

Sami: It was worth it. Brandon, you care about me. You were worried about me. Why can't you admit it?

Brandon: I'm out of here.

Sami: Well, you can't just leave me here with a flat tire.

Brandon: Oh, you're strong, remember? Besides, you've got Abeís cell phone number, and if he won't come a-running, I guess you'll just have to take care of yourself.

Billie: My mother kept insisting that I came back to go after Bo, so I just let her believe it. Yeah, well, this way, she'll leave me alone and she won't find out the real reason.

Abe: Well, how was the reading of the will?

Roman: Well, you got to hand it to Stefano, being dead hasn't stopped him with messing with people's minds. We all got gifts. This is mine. Roman Gladiator. I guess I'm supposed to be fed to the lions.

Abe: So, what did everybody else get?

Roman: You mean, what did Lexie get?

Abe: Mm.

Roman: Well, she and Tony are sharing the estate, but Lexieís little gift was the, uh, DiMera family crest. Let's see, what did he say? Oh, yeah, um, that she should "embrace it." Leave it to Stefano to turn the reading of his will into a mystery game.

Abe: Embrace her family crest. My God. Last thing Lexie needs is to get closer to the DiMera influence.

Lexie: "My dearest Alexandra..." Oh, Father. I will, Father. I'll do everything you ask of me. I swear.

Bo: Hope, why don't you stop playing with that thing? You're one stubborn woman. You know, it's -- It's not tied like a noose at all. What?

Hope: You're right. Remember the message I got about keeping my eyes open despite the darkness?

Bo: Yeah?

Hope: Check this out. It's a blindfold.

Marlena: Was it a sleeping beauty in the wood -- Aah!

John: The Queen's missing. "Queen of the Night." That's what Stefano used to call you.

Tony: Alexandra, they've all gone! Well, why don't we see what Father left me? Ha. Always playing games... Secret doors... Secret rooms...

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