Days Transcript Wednesday 7/24/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/24/02

By Suzanne

John: Good morning, sweetheart.

Marlena: No. It is anything but a good morning. It's the beginning of a bad morning, and it's only going to get worse.

Hope: Oh!

Bo: Tiny man's still sacked out.

Hope: Well, I'm sure he'll be up any minute...

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Asking for his football -- what are you doing dressed like this?

Bo: Dressed -- what? I was going to clean out the garage. I've been meaning to do it for weeks. I finally have a free day.

Hope: Free day? Bo, if we don't leave right now, we'll be late for Stefano's memorial service.

Bo: We're not going to be late...

Hope: Bo, if we don't --

Bo: 'Cause we're not going.


Shawn: Oh!

Caroline: What happened?

Shawn: I broke a mug!

Caroline: Well, that's because you're wound up like a cuckoo clock.

Shawn: What else would I be, eh? I'd rather face a firing squad than have to go to that memorial service. What's the point? What? What, I mean, no one is sorry that the bastard's dead. And who in their right mind would ever want to inherit anything from DiMera?


Shawn: Damn!

Caroline: Well, if he left you a set of mugs, you might want to reconsider.

Shawn: I am glad you are amused.

Caroline: If you don't settle down, we're not going to have anything to serve beer in. Besides, I don't want you to have another heart attack.

Shawn: You don't worry about that because I wouldn't give DiMera the satisfaction.

Sami: Hey, dad.

Roman: Yeah.

Sami: Look, I was --

Roman: Sami, come on in. Come on in.

Sami: I'm not sure why you called me down here, but I'm really busy. I have a big day ahead of me.

Roman: I know all about that, Sami, but you and me, we're going to have a little chat.

Sami: About what?

Roman: I think you know what.

Sami: Well, I'm not a mind reader, dad.

Roman: Tony DiMera. I don't know what the hell you think you're up to with him, Sami, but whatever it is, it stops right here, right now. You got that?

Abe: Hold it right there, walker. You're not going inside.

Brandon: What did you say?

Abe: You're not wanted here. Get lost.

Lexie: Tony, how are you holding up? I keep thinking about the last time I saw father. If I'd known then that I would never see him again, never hear him call me his precious Alexandra... and now I have to say my final goodbye in front of a roomful of people who are all so thrilled that he's dead.

Tony: To hell with them. We know who's in charge, don't we?

Lexie: Yes, we do, don't we?

Tony: Even from beyond the grave, I'm sure father still has plans for the people of Salem.

Hope: I don't want to go to Stefano's memorial service any more than you do, but, Bo --

Bo: No, hey. No buts. We don't want anything from DiMera. And as far as what he's left you, we both know it's one last swipe at you from the grave.

Hope: Which is why I'm going.

Bo: What?

Hope: Stefano knew how much we hated him. He probably never even imagined that we'd have enough guts to show up. Bo, even if he is dead, I say we call his bluff and his son Tony's and find out what the heck he's up to.

Bo: You're going to second-guess a madman?

Hope: No, I'm just saying that I think we're playing into his hand if we are scared away.

Bo: Do I look scared?

Hope: No, of course not. And I know how brave and strong you are, Brady -- a lot more than I am, believe me. Bo, please, I have a really strong feeling about this. I don't know -- maybe it's something that I need that you don't to prove to myself that I don't fear this man anymore. But whatever it is, could you please just indulge me and come with me to the memorial service? Brady, it's something I need to do, and I need you to be there with me. Please. It's already been arranged. I mean, Shawn's going to babysit. He's agreed.

Bo: Okay, we'll go. I'll go change.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: But...

Hope: But?

Bo: If I sense something's off...

Hope: We'll leave immediately.

Bo: Immediately.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: No questions asked, we're out of there. You got it?

Hope: I got it.

Bo: Okay.

Marlena: So now we all dutifully attend a memorial for a madman. Why, because we're curious? Then we will all sit at this ridiculous pretend ceremony...

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: For a man that we loathed. No, that isn't even right. We more than loathed him. We wished him dead. So now we'll just go and pay our respects. See, I don't get it.

John: Look, doc, I told you, I have my rea--

Marlena: Who cares what he left us?

John: I do.

Marlena: Why?

John: Because I'm hoping this whole day will lend a little insight into Stefano's death and Tony's reemergence into Salem, and what, if any, trouble the DiMera family has planned for us.

Marlena: I still don't get it. What, you think the ceremony or the reading of the will will solve the mystery of the key?

John: I'm going to find out what Tony has planned for us.

Marlena: Tony is already causing problems by his interest in Sami. I'm really hoping that her father can talk some sense into her.

Sami: I am an adult, dad. I can see whoever I like.

Roman: This is a DiMera we're talking about, Sami. The bad blood between our families goes back to before you were even born.

Sami: Well, I don't want to be friends with his whole family, just him.

Roman: You're not thinking, are you? You don't get it. Tony's got an agenda. He is using you to somehow continue his vendetta against the Bradys.

Sami: Because there's no way he would like me just for me. Maybe he finds me attractive and interesting and fun to be around, dad. Look, whatever bad blood is between you has nothing to do with me. Just because you two were married to the same woman and hate each other's guts does not mean that he has an ulterior motive for wanting to be my friend.

Roman: How can you be so naive?

Sami: I'm not. Trust me, dad, I know what I'm doing. I'm going through with my plans whether you like it or not.

Roman: Your plans? What kind of plans do you and your good buddy Tony got cooked up, Sami?

Brandon: Sorry to disappoint you, commander, but your wife invited me. I doubt you can say the same for yourself.

Celeste: Good morning, gentlemen.

Abe: He doesn't belong here. He's not family.

Brandon: And you -- you're nothing but a nuisance. That's how your wife sees you now, u know -- as a pain in her a--

Celeste: Please, gentlemen. This is not the place nor the time to air your personal problems. Now, you will respect that and each other -- during this service, at least, or I assure you, Tony and Alexandra are going to have you thrown out.

Abe: Celeste, you seem nervous.

Celeste: No, I-I'm fine. I'm just trying to take care of my daughter. However, she is overwrought.

Abe: And so are you. Celeste... I want you to tell me the truth. Now, are you worried that Stefano is planning something from beyond the grave?

Tony: You know, father wouldn't want us to mourn him today. He would want us to celebrate his life.

Lexie: Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

Tony: You know, he's given us a name that commands respect all over the world, along with wealth and power to carry on his legacy. You know, Lexie, we are the DiMeras now in Salem, and we must make our father proud.

Sami: Did I say plans? What I meant was that Tony --

Roman: I know what you meant, Sami, and you're playing with fire. Look, I don't know what the hell you think you're going to accomplish by throwing your hat in the ring with Tony DiMera, but it's a big mistake, and I'm telling you to stay the hell away from him.

Sami: Well, dad, you can't lock me up and throw away the key. I am over 21 now, okay? And for your information, Tony and i have a lot in common.

Roman: What the hell would you have in common with that son of a --

Sami: We both want respect.

Roman: Really? And you think you're going to get that by aligning yourself with a DiMera? Forget about it, Sami. All people are going to think is that you're an irresponsible little brat who doesn't give a damn about her family.

Sami: Pack your bags, Sami, you're going on a guilt trip.

Roman: Well, I wish to hell you'd start feeling guilty. Maybe it'd make you think about what the hell you're doing.

Sami: I know what I'm doing, dad, so just stay out of it.

Roman: Hey, whoa, whoa, hang on right there, sweetheart. You don't talk to me like that. I don't care how old you are. You are still my daughter and a Brady. Act like one.

Sami: By doing what, caving in to other people? Is that a Brady trait?

Roman: Oh, my. For god's sake, Sami.

Sami: Look, dad, I don't mean to disrespect you, okay? But this is something that you don't have a say in. I am going to choose my own friends, whether their last name is DiMera or not.

Roman: Well, there you go, Sami -- making terrible choices with your life once again. I'm afraid this time, it's going to cost you more than ever, though.

Lexie: Hi, Brandon. Oh. Mom.

Celeste: Darling. Mm.

Lexie: I don't know what I would do without the three of you. You give me strength.

Tony: Nice to see you, Celeste.

Celeste: Thanks.

Tony: Sorry. I wish it was under different circumstances.

Celeste: Oh, I'm sorry for your loss, Tony. I would like to, um, speak with my daughter for a moment. May I?

Tony: Oh, absolutely. Brandon, come here.

Lexie: Mom, I am not in the mood for a lecture.

Celeste: Darling, I have no desire to lecture you. I, um, I will advise you -- out of love, out of my responsibility ass your mother -- to be careful. Alexandra, darling, don't let your love and your sense of loss for your father consume you. Mourn him if you must, but don't become him.

Lexie: I wonít. I promise.

[Doorbell rings]

Eliana: Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. Brady. Please come in.

Hope: Thank you.

Eliana: The service will be starting in a few moments.

Bo: Commander.

Hope: Hey, Abe.

Bo: Nice to see a friendly face in this place.

Abe: Likewise.

Bo: I can see you're as happy to be here as we are.

[Doorbell rings]

Abe: Mm.

Eliana: Dr. Evans, Mr. Black.

Marlena: Hello.

Eliana: Thank you for coming.

Marlena: Well, somebody else took the bait, huh?

Tony: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome. Please, come in.

Shawn: Thank you.

Lexie: Mr. Grant, you're the executor of my father's estate. Don't you have any control over this? I mean, why did they all come? What on earth can my father have left them?

Mr. Grant: Don't worry, dear. They're here to honor your father's memory.

Kate: Well, that's a laugh. Why don't you tell us another one?

Sami: Oh, man, I hope I didn't miss anything.

Eliana: Good morning, miss --

Sami: Don't bother with formalities. I'm late already. Tony, hi. I hope I didn't miss anything.

Tony: Oh, no, not at all. Actually, you're just in time.

Sami: How are you doing?

[Doorbell rings]

Tony: I'm glad you're here.

Kate: [Thinking] Oh, Sami's bitten off more than she can chew, and I hope to god she chokes on it.

Roman: Well, I see everybody's here, paying their respects.

John: Mm.

Marlena: Yes, including our daughter Sami, I'm afraid. I guess you weren't able to get through to her, huh?

Roman: It wasn't for lack of trying.

John: Can't she see that he's playing her for a fool?

Sami: This must be difficult for you -- the end of an era.

Tony: Kind of you to look at it that way. Very generous of you.

Sami: Tony, you've been so strong. Have you ever cried? It might help, you know.

Brandon: Here you go.

Lexie: No, thanks. I'm jumpy enough as it is. all these people when he knew how much they hated him?

Brandon: Some of these people were once your closest friends.

Lexie: Deluded fool that I was, opening my heart to people who only wished me harm. They weren't with me out of love or devotion. Their only desire was to change me, corrupt me, turn me against my family.

Kate: John still seems to be making an effort with Tony.

Marlena: Yes, it would seem so. I just hope he knows what he's doing.

Kate: Oh, I'm sure he does.

Tony: Why, Kate. It's been a long time. Years have been kind.

Kate: Thank you. To you, as well.

Tony: Mm. You must have been close to my father. He mentioned you in his will.

Kate: Frankly, I'd prefer to forget my association with the man.

Tony: Ah, come on, Kate. No one can forget Stefano DiMera, especially after today. No one will be able to.

Bo: Hope just went to powder her nose. She'll be right back. What do you think? Is old man DiMera really dead, or are we here to witness a rising from the ashes?

Tony: If I could have your attention, please. I'd like to thank you all for coming. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the Bradys. I know you've all had issues with my father over the years, but clearly he did want you here to pay respects, to reflect the past, and contemplate the future.

Tony: So, please take your seats. I think the service is about to begin.

Tony: It's time for us to honor my dearly departed father. I hope this service will be a testament to his immortality.

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Tony: My father will be immortal because he left his mark on this world. His family and legacy will live on to honor his memory. Even though my father and raised in Italy, and he lived for so many years in several cities around the world, he always considered Salem his home. And so it is only fitting and proper that his final resting place is here. What was most important to my father was his love for his family. He was very protective. He loved us fiercely.

Shawn: And dear god, protect those that he hated.

Tony: And he was a bold man who wasn't afraid to be victorious in conflict.

Hope: Bo!

Bo: Roman? He was right here, hope! You saw him! He was right here! Roman. Maybe the waves took him out.

Hope: Wait a minute! Where are you going? Bo, come back here! Bo! Bo!

Bo: Roman!

Hope: Bo! Bo! Bo... Bo, he's gone. You're not going to be able to find him, and I can't lose you. I wonít.

Tony: Even though sometimes people thought that boldness was blind ambition. But for those of us who knew him well...

John: I'm not going to let you blame yourself for what happened to roman here, doc. If anybody's to blame, it's Stefano DiMera. He manipulated both of us into thinking that we were married. And when I found out I wasn't roman, and when roman came back, it was too late. Our feelings were too deep. Now, I know that you tried to get on with your life with roman, but how were we supposed to deny how we felt about each other?

Marlena: We should have been stronger. Our love destroyed roman. How can I ever face Shawn and Caroline again knowing --

John: They didn't blame you, doc, so don't blame yourself.

Tony: And in the field of scientific research as well, he and his medical associates worked tirelessly to discover and develop new treatments and cutting-edge procedures.

Tony: His desire for wealth and power -- it was tempered by a compassion for those he loved.

Sami: Mom, how can you even think about helping John remember his past when he was working for Stefano? What if Stefano finds out? What if he comes back and takes you or dad away again?

Marlena: I don't think he'll do that.

Sami: You don't think? Mom, Eric and I had a horrible childhood because of Stefano. He took dad away. He took you away. He sent John here thinking he was our dad.

Tony: My father was a man who lived life to the fullest, and I, for one, will miss him terribly this time.

Hope: How can you turn your back on me like this now? You know how badly I need these answers.

John: You want an answer, hope? I got it for you. It's Bo. You need to move on with your life with Bo and your boy. You were a family once. You got to get back to it. That's what you have to do.

Hope: Why, because you say so?

John: Because I know so. You know what I feel in my heart? Today I'm going to say wedding vows with Marlena. And you know what's going to happen? Stefano is not going to have any hold on me whatsoever ever again.

Hope: It won't work. Not for me.

John: [Sighs]

Hope: I don't see a future for myself with Bo.

Bo: This is what I suspected a long time ago, isn't it? I don't believe this. You -- each one of you -- have lied to my face over and over again! Man, I should have known when I found you in bed with my wife.

John: Bo, it's not like that.

Bo: It wasn't the first time, was it? Yo.. and my wife!

Bo: You're J.T.'S father.

Bo: Come on, say it, Hope. Say it to me! He's John Thomasís father, isn't he? Isn't he?!

Tony: So if there's any one of you here who wishes to make any comments about my father, we welcome them. We encourage you, please, to get up and speak.

Tony: So if anybody here would like to say a few words about my father, their experiences, please come up. You're most welcome.

All: [Talking quietly]

Lexie: I would like to say a few words. I didn't know my father until I was an adult. My mother kept the truth of my real parentage a secret from me and from him. You say you love me, but you gave me away.

Celeste: It isn't that I wanted to give you away, Alexandra. Darling, I loved you.

Lexie: Then why?

Celeste: My sister and her husband, they were good people, Alexandra, and they had tried for years to have a child, and I knew that they would give you a good life and a wonderful home.

Lexie: So, um... you did it to make them happy?

Celeste: No, darling. I did it for your sake, to spare you.

Lexie: After I found out the truth, well, as you can imagine, it was hard to accept. I'd only known of Stefano DiMera as a man to be feared, hated. Everything changed for me once I found out he was my father.

Celeste: Oh, Alexandra. Now that Stefano knows that you are his daughter, darling, you are never going to be free of him. He's going to try and pull you into his world. He's going to turn you against everything that you believe in.

Lexie: Mom --

Celeste: Everything that you love, Alexandra.

Lexie: I would never let that happen. At first, I didn't understand how Stefano being my father could be anything but a curse.

Abe: You know, I know that Stefano's your father, but I can't --

Lexie: I hate knowing that monster is my father. When I think of all the horrible things he's done to people we love -- John, Marlena, roman -- but in time, I got to know him, and I grew to love him. He fought for me. He did everything in his power to see to my happiness. That's what people do when they love each other, when they value loyalty above all else. I know that my father wasn't perfect, but his love for me was. He taught me about dedication and commitment to family. He's gone now... but at least I have my brother now, with whom I can share that legacy, and someday, I hope to have a child again -- a little boy or girl to whom I can pass down my father's brand of love and devotion. I've lost so much recently. Um, my son Isaac...

Lexie: And my precious father. I need him so desperately right now. I miss him so much. I'll miss him every day of my life. [Sobbing] I need him. I need him now.

John: I have something I'd like to say.

John: I believe that everyone here knows about my relationship with Stefano DiMera, about how it wasn't the best. It was, um, it was a long and... well, never dull relationship. You see, Stefano -- what's the word I'm looking for, a diplomatic word here? Recruited me, shall we say? When I was a younger man, and I was employed by him for many years.

[Garbled voice]

Man: [Distorted] You have no conscience. To question is to doubt. You are a fighting machine. To doubt is to be disloyal. You will destroy. Death before disloyalty.

[Garbled voice]

John: To question is to doubt. To doubt is to be disloyal. Death before disloyalty. Eventually, I found a life outside of Stefano's control, but then again, our paths continued to cross. His life meshed into mine and the lives of those I loved. So now he's gone, and what are we going to do? Are we going to live in the past or are we going to try to build a future with those Stefano left behind? Now, I believe in every cell in my body that goodness and love will defeat fear and evil every time. I was not always a good person, but there is a redemptive power in this world that I believe has the ability to transform a man, because every man makes his own choices, walks his own path. Now, I am willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone who is willing to embrace those goals -- goodness, mercy, forgiveness, and justice.

John: I, for one, am willing to do that. I hope I'm not alone.

[All clapping]

Lexie: Oh.

Tony: Well, on that note, I would like to invite everybody now for some refreshments.

Abe: So what was that all about -- the old man turning er in his urn?

Celeste: I don't know, Abraham. It was as if Stefano was moving among us, trying somehow to make a statement, you know? Excuse me. I need to talk to Alexandra. Darling?

Lexie: Yeah?

Celeste: Go to your husband. Talk to him.

Lexie: You talk to Abe. We have nothing to say to each other.

Brandon: Lexie. Hey. You holding up okay?

Sami: That was so beautiful, what you said. Your father would have been proud.

Tony: Thank you. Thanks.

Roman: Well, anybody else feel like taking a shower, or is it just me?

Caroline: You think that John is really serious about aligning himself with the DiMeras?

Marlena: Well, that was quite a speech.

John: I meant every word.

Kate: John, I think you were very eloquent.

Marlena: I'm going to go home.

John: Not just yet. The best is yet to come.

Hope: Well, at least Stefano hasn't risen from the dead. I guess that's something to be thankful for.

Bo: It ain't over yet. It'd be just like that old bastard to make a fashionably late entrance.

Tony: Excuse me, can I have your attention, please? In a few moments, um, the will is going to be read. I know those of you who are mentioned in my father's last will and testament are anxious to hear what was left to them from his estate. My father was a generous man, and through all of you, his legacy continues. It lives on.

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