Days Transcript Monday 7/22/02


 Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/22/02 

By Suzanne

Belle: What, am I not supposed to bring up this kiss again? I mean, Shawn, watching it made me feel a little weird, maybe even a little jealous... even a little mad.

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Belle: Yeah, I mean, what right does she have to just walk up to you and kiss you for no reason?

Shawn-D: Oh, she had a reason. I'm irresistible.

Belle: Really? How did I overlook that?

Shawn-D: Uh-huh. Yeah, you know what? I'm not so sure if she's from outer space.

Belle: What?

Shawn-D: Yeah, judging from that kiss, I would say she's French.

Belle: I hate you.

Belle: Who's a better kisser?

Shawn-D: Look, they're gone now, okay? So I just want to think about us. You know what? I don't want to think at all.

Billie: What's going on down there?

Roman: Looks like aliens. Let's go.

[Boys laughing]

Boy: That's what I'm talking about.

Roman: All right, it's the aliens. They're a gang, a bunch of punks, but this is their turf. Check it out.

Joey: You guys are going to pay, you hear me?

Girl: Chill. Look out.

Roman: All right, freeze! Right there!

Hope: So Billie's back in Salem.

Bo: Yep.

Hope: Oh. Well, you know, I knew she was working for Titan in Paris, so, what, she just came back to see her family for a while?

Bo: No, no, um, she's here to stay. Quit Titan, has a new career.

Hope: New career, huh? You know, I'm almost afraid to ask.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: So, what is it this time?

Bo: She's a cop. And, um, she's been assigned to my precinct.

Sami: Mom, John... what a surprise.

Marlena: For us, too. What are you doing here, Sami?

John: That was a question.

Brandon: Samantha, I told you not to come back here.

Lexie: Wait a minute. You were here before with Tony? What the hell do you want with my brother?

Tony: Calm down, alexandra. I invited Sami. How nice to see everyone. Welcome. I promise you an evening you will not forget.

Roman: I said freeze! Where do you think you're going, back to the starship?

Joey: Well, my friends and I -- we haven't done anything wrong. We were just hangin'.

Roman: Not according to passersby who reported gang activity. I'll tell you what, officer Reed, why don't you check them out, cuff 'em?

Billie: Okay.

Roman: You know, you guys caused a whole lot of trouble last year, harassing people. Now every single one of you's on probation, but I'm willing to guess that you reconvened the night of the meteor shower and started stirring up alien trouble again, like the recent break-ins, alien sightings.

Joey: No. No way. We haven't done anything wrong. All we do is come down here to the dock once in a while, trade baseball cards --

Roman: Oh, is that a fact? Well, I'll tell you what, you keep on trading, you'll wind up in juvenile detention.

Billie: No weapons, captain. The cuffs are on.

Roman: You know, I think I'll beam you aliens up to the station house. Your parents can pick you up there...again.

Joey: Hey, you should be busting the two weirdos who were hassling us.

Roman: The only weirdos I see are the ones standing in front of me. Don't you agree, officer Reed?

Billie: Yes, sir.

Roman: We need another patrol car to run these people in. Let's go. Let's go!

Billie: Come on. I never thought I'd be rounding up aliens my first night on duty.

Boy: [Grunts]

Bo: Billie decided to change careers when she was in Europe. And then she came back to the states -- uh, New York, to be exact -- went to the police academy there, and then she came home. And since she tested at the top of her class, she was able to choose the precinct she wanted to work in.

Hope: And she picked beautiful downtown Salem.

Bo: Apparently, she wants to work under Roman. And, um, he left it up to me whether to take her on or not.

Hope: Oh, and you did, of course, right?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Why?

Bo: Because she told me very emphatically that her career decision and her decision to come home had nothing to do with me.

Hope: No, no, of course not.

Bo: She asked me to give her a chance. What am I supposed to do? I don't have the right to stand in her way. And besides, the precinct needs competent recruits. I can't make this personal.

Hope: It's personal for Billie.

Bo: No, it's not. I just told you.

Hope: Bo, I don't care what you just told me or what she told you. Well, let's think about this, okay? I mean, so -- Billie Reed did not switch careers, come back to Salem, and ask to be assigned to your department because, why, she wants to uphold the law? Billie Reed? No. Bo, she did it because she wants to be with you. Period.

Tony: Well, I'm so pleased you all turned up. And punctual, too.

Sami: Ha ha ha.

Lexie: Tony, could I speak to you in private, please?

Tony: Absolutely. Would you please excuse us? Make yourselves comfortable in the living room.

Lexie: What the hell is going on?

Tony: Calm down.

Lexie: It's bad enough you invite John and Marlena, but Sami?! Why the hell do you think I want to break bread with her or with them?

Tony: I invited Sami because she happens to be Marlena's daughter. I want to extend myself, and not just to John and his wife, but to his family, as well.

Lexie: Sami was here before, according to Brandon. How'd that come about?

Tony: Well, she was the first person, aside from you, who extended herself to me. On that first night I was arriving in Salem, you know, she was very gracious. She came up to me and believed in my innocence, and she wanted to help me.

Lexie: Oh, yeah, she'll help put you behind bars. I'm sure she's working secretly with John and Roman. Tony, listen to me, they are going to try to nail you. For what, I don't know, but for something -- you can be damn sure of it.

Tony: Lexie, Lexie --

Lexie: Look, you can't trust them, okay? Especially Sami. She's a sociopath. She has no conscience.

Tony: But you, Alexandra, have one. That is why you are going to open your heart to her.

Lexie: You have got to be kidding.

Tony: No. You accept what she says at face value, just like I have. She has offered her friendship. You will accept her friendship, and you will extend yourself to her.

Lexie: Not in this lifetime.

Marlena: Sami, what is going on? Why are you getting involved with this man?

John: I thought I warned you to stay away from him.

Marlena: When did that happen?

John: When I saw them together at the hospital.

Marlena: You never told me that.

John: I didn't want to worry you.

Marlena: Well, I'm worried now. Sami, please explain this to me.

Sami: Mom, I am an adult. I can see whoever I want to see.

Marlena: Oh, no. Don't tell me you are dating this man.

Sami: Look, mom, I am just trying to explain that --

Tony: Well, could I interest anyone in a cocktail? We have a well-stocked bar.

Brandon: You're coming with me.

Tony: Ah, Marlena, you're looking as beautiful as ever.

Bo: I know this is upsetting. I didn't react well, either, when Billie showed up at the station. I was sure that she planned this whole career change thing just to get at me.

Hope: Which she did.

Bo: No, she -- she took a strong stand, and I believe her. She's committed to this new career. If there's anybody she wants to work with, it's Roman, not me.

Hope: Billie is committed to one thing only, Brady -- getting you back.

Bo: But we don't know that.

Hope: Oh, Bo -- okay. Think about this, okay?

Bo: All right.

Hope: She is putting herself in my place. She's mimicking me.

Bo: What?

Hope: I was a cop. I worked right alongside you at the same station house. Our working together brought us closer together, right? Billie is hoping to repeat history. Oh! And I just thought of something else. Mark my words, Brady. Before you know it, she will suggest that the two of you partner up and go into the detective business together. Mark my words.

Bo: You're overreacting.

Hope: I am not overreacting. I am just seeing what you refuse to see.

Bo: Okay. Let's say you're right, which you're not.

Hope: Well?

Bo: Don't you have any faith in me? So what if she makes a move on me? You think I'm going to turn my back on us and on our love? What kind of jerk do you think I am?

Hope: Brady, I'm not afraid that... I love you, Brady. I just don't think she should have the chance to test you.

Bo: Te-- you know, you're jumping to conclusions. Nothing's happened.

Hope: I'm not jumping to conclusions, and you know what? You're wrong. Plenty has happened. I get an invitation today to the Dimeras to attend the reading of Stefano's will, which we Both know is big trouble. And if that wasn't enough, you come home with the glowing news that Billie's back in town, and not just that, she's a cop. She asked to be assigned to your precinct. And I'm telling you -- mark my words -- she is plotting to get you back.

Bo: I told you, she's committed to this job.

Hope: I need to go out.

Bo: What?

Hope: I need to get some air, go for a drive.

Bo: Hope, wait. This -- hey, this isn't going to solve anything. We should talk about this.

Bo: That went well.

Bo: The trouble is over, Hope. Billie won't touch us, and neither will the Dimeras. I'll see to that.

Marlena: Sami.

Brandon: If you'll excuse us, I need to speak with Samantha alone for a minute.

Marlena: But I think there's a time...

Sami: Okay, mom, but we'll talk about it in a minute, okay?

Marlena: This is not the time or the place...

Lexie: I'd be grateful if you found a way to get rid of her.

Sami: Do you want to, um, go talk in the foyer?

Brandon: Yeah.

Tony: Well, I regret that I've caused this tension among all of you. I should've informed who my guests were going to be. Alexandra, why don't we go to the dining room and see if the dinner's ready to be served? If you'll excuse us... then we can check on the champagne situation.

Marlena: What did I tell you? The evening is already a disaster, and they haven't even popped the champagne cork yet.

John: It's going to be all right.

Marlena: How can you say it'll be all right? We just found out that Sami is carrying on -- oh... look, it's no time to pretend that we embrace Tony.

John: Yes, it is. Now, I want you to trust me on this one. I want you to play it my way.

Brandon: Samantha, you don't listen to anyone, do you?

Sami: Not if I can help it.

Brandon: You think that's funny? You shouldn't be hanging around Tony, much less dating him.

Sami: Oh, Brandon, he is old enough to be my father.

Brandon: But you don't deny spending a lot of time with him.

Sami: Well, why shouldn't I spend time with Tony? He respects me, he listens to me, he understands me, and he doesn't judge me. So when I am around him, I don't feel badly about who I am.

Brandon: Oh, you'll feel badly in time, Samantha. You know the man is trouble.

Sami: No, I don't, because he is always nice to me, so that is how I choose to see him. Just look at the bright side, Brandon -- when I spend so much time with Tony, I won't be bothering you.

[Doorbell rings]

Belle: Who do you think that is?

Shawn-D: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you should get it.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: Roman! Hi.

Roman: Hi. Belle. I guess the doorman didn't announce me, huh?

Belle: No, he didn't, but it's probably because he knows you. Um, my parents are not here.

Roman: Ah. Well, I wanted to see you anyway, and I'm real glad that Shawn's here, too.

Shawn-D: What's up, uncle Roman?

Roman: How are you doing?

Shawn-D: Good.

Roman: Uh-huh. Well, listen, um, I just wanted to fill you two in, okay? I know you saw -- or thought you saw, at least -- aliens out around lookout point the night of the meteor shower. Well, I just answered a call down at the pier, and it was a gang called the aliens.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I've heard of them.

Roman: Yeah, they're bad news. Yeah, it looks like they're behind the recent break-ins at the pub and the Wesley house, but at any rate, in case you were still wondering, maybe, what you saw that night at lookout point, now you know, and, uh... well, you can rest easy. And besides that, I, uh, I made sure that gang's not going to cause any more trouble.

[Cellular phone rings]

Roman: Excuse me.

Shawn-D: Yeah.


Roman: Brady. Yeah, all right. Okay, yeah, I'll be right there. Got to go.

Shawn-D: All right. Thanks for stopping by, uncle Roman.

Roman: Yeah, no problem, and, uh, good to see you both.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: Do you believe that whatever we saw were members of some street gang?

Shawn-D: I don't know -- I-I don't know what to believe, but, listen, they stole from my grandfather, and they messed with us. Listen, stay here. I'll be back.

Belle: Shawn, where are you going? Shawn.


Joey: Hey, you're too -- you're too hot-looking to be a cop. You sure you ain't a movie star or something?

Boy: Yeah, you're doing research for some TV role, right?

Billie: Wrong. I'm a police officer.

Boy #2: The best-looking one I ever seen.

Boy: Right.

Joey: Listen, beautiful, we all learned our lesson real good. Let us go without calling our folks, okay?

Billie: I'm not going to call your folks.

Joey: All right. We knew you were cool.

Billie: No,

you're going to call them.

Joey: Huh?

Billie: Yeah, you're going to take responsiblity for what you've done here. You're going to deal with your repercussions, and in the end, maybe you just might learn something here.

Boy: Yeah, like don't get busted.

Boy #2: Ha ha ha ha.

Billie: Oh, you're a regular laugh riot, aren't you? If you want to end up in cellblock 9 with big bubba as your bunkmate, you just keep on being a joker, okay? Or maybe you can see that you have other options here and wise up. What's it going to be?

Joey: Give me the phone.

Billie: Frannie, the aliens want to phone home.

Frannie: Okay, come on, let's go. Come on.

Billie: Ah.

Hope: Welcome back to Salem, Billie.

Marlena: Why can't we just leave?

John: Doc, let me tell you once again --

Marlena: You know what?

John: Hmm?

Marlena: We could just grab Sami, take her, make our excuses, and just tell him it wasn't working for us tonight. We could resched--

John: There you are. Hi, slow Samantha.

Marlena: Sami, John and I were talking. We think it's a good time to leave. Will you come with us?

Tony: Well, good news -- dinner will be served shortly, and Eliana has gone down to the cellar to bring us some fine vintage champagne to celebrate life.

Lexie: Where's Brandon? Did you chase him away, Sami?

Brandon: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

Lexie: Oh, good.

Sami: You know, I have an idea. I would like to propose a toast to Count Anthony Dimera. Salem welcomes you with open arms.

Tony: Ah, Sami, how nice. Thank you. Well, I see that the champagne has not dispelled any of the tension here. Is there something I can do to break the ice? Perhaps give a short stand-up routine? Ha ha. I'm not very funny. Ha ha ha ha. I shouldn't go that way. Um, it's a tough crowd. Well, is someone daring here enough to tell me what the problem is?

John: Sure, I'll tell you. This... is the problem, at least for Marlena and me -- this invitation to the reading of Stefano's will. I can't for the world of me figure out what it's all about.

Sami: Hey, this is so weird. Grandpa Shawn got one just like this.

Bo: Get out of my way.

Eliana: Sir, please, you were not invited.

Bo: Then I'm crashing the party.

Tony: Excuse me for a moment. Sorry.

Bo: What the hell does your dead father want from my wife?

John: What's going on, Bo?

Bo: I want some answers from this man.

Tony: Yes, and you shall have an explanation, 'cause you all deserve it.

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Billie: Hope, if you're looking for Bo, he's --

Hope: No, no, no, no. Actually, I came to see you.

Billie: To tell me you miss me, no doubt.

Hope: Not funny.

Billie: Oh, no, no, no. God forbid. Let's be dead serious.

Hope: Let's at least be honest.

Billie: I have no desire to be anything but. Did Bo explain why I was here?

Hope: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard the whole song and dance you gave him and Roman and whoever else you had to work to get the job here.

Billie: I didn't work anyone to get this job here. I got it because I deserve it.

Billie: You went to the academy, right, Hope? You took the test. You know good test scores. Take a look.

Hope: You may have scored high on your test, but you're not going to score with my husband.

Tony: Eliana, would you tell cook to hold dinner?

Eliana: Yes, sir.

Tony: Thank you.

Bo: What -- what -- what are you guys doing here?

John: Well, we were invited for dinner.

Bo: And you came? Why?

John: Well, for the sake of the family, we have decided that it's time to bury the hatchet with the Dimeras.

Sami: So many people invited to hear Stefano's will. Aren't you the least bit concerned that he might have given away all your money?

Lexie: Sami, get out of my way.

Sami: Wouldn't it be a hoot? Just think what a big zero you'd be without the Dimera fortune.

Lexie: I want you to stay out of my face, and you leave this house now.

Sami: The big problem is that Tony wants me here, so I'm staying.

Brandon: What's going on?

Sami: Well, I was just trying to figure out a way to ease the tension between Lexie and I, but obviously, that's a lost cause, which is too bad, really, considering all the time I'm going to be spending around here.

Lexie: What is going on here? Why would father put so many of his enemies in his will?

Tony: It will be clear to you shortly, Alexandra.

Lexie: Oy!

Tony: Could I have your attention, please? If you will all listen. Thank you. I'm ready to talk to you about the will. Thanks. My father's lawyer called me yesterday to inform me that Marlena, John, Hope, Shawn Brady, and a few others were named in his will. As far as what's in the will, I have no idea, but my father left specific instructions that no contents will be revealed until the actual reading. So I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you right now. The rest will be revealed at the reading, which will be held here at the mansion following the memorial service. I do hope all of you can come.

Bo: What for? So we can hear more lies? Why the hell should we waste our time?

Bo: You know exactly what your father's plotting for.

John: Bo, easy, easy, easy.

Bo: John, he's lying to us. He knows what he's got planned.

Tony: I understand your suspicions. After all, I am Stefano's son. I should have access to the will, but I donít. I don't understand why my father insisted on all this secrecy. I wish I could alleviate your distress.

Bo: You can alleviate my distress by leaving my wife alone. Hasn't your father put her through enough hell?

Lexie: Oh, Boy, here we go again. Everything you and your precious Hope have been through is all Stefano's fault.

Bo: Was I speaking to you?

Lexie: Well, it couldn't have possibly have been that the two of you have made mistakes or that university hospital screwed up all our lives when they switched those babies.

Bo: Oh, my God.

Lexie: No, you and Hope thought nothing of adding to my agony when you took my baby away from me and you ripped him right out of my arms. Now you're trying to ruin my brother's dinner party by -- by always accusing him, thinking the worst of him, throwing out these accusations when all he's done since he came back to Salem is extend himself to the whole rotten bunch of you. Goodness, I-I can't imagine for the life of me why my father would put any of you in his will. I wish you would all just disappear and never come back. Why don't you all just leave us alone? Please.

Brandon: It's all right. It's all right.

Eliana: [Whispers]

Eliana: It's rather large, sir. There they are. They have it.

Tony: Good. Have them bring it around the back. Ste it in the secret... no one must know it's arrived. Do you understand, Eliana?

Eliana: Yes, sir, I do.

Shawn-D: I know what the hell you aliens are about -- stealing from my grandfather and messing with Belle and me. Who the hell do you think you are, huh? Oh, oh.

Belle: Shawn!

Billie: Don't you feel even the least bit embarrassed coming here, just flinging accusations at me without anything to support them? I thought you had more class than that, Hope.

Hope: Okay. Maybe I don't have much class when it comes to my husband, and not that I owe you any explanation, because God knows, I don't, but Bo and I have been through hell together, and I don't ever want to go through anything resembling hell ever again. Bo and I have worked so hard to find peace of mind, security, happiness, and I won't let anything or anyone threaten that. No one is going to break us up again or compromise our marriage or our family. I guess what I'm really trying to tell you here -- don't waste your energy. Bo and I are forever.

Billie: Hope... I know that you and Bo are meant to be together. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Not that I could do anything to come between you. I assure you, I am not even trying. You have my word.

Roman: What was Hope doing here?

Billie: Reading me the riot act. But I don't blame her. I would have done the same thing if I was Hope.

Roman: You all right?

Billie: Yeah, yeah, fine.

Roman: Okay. Ahem. Well, what the hell is this?

Billie: What is it?

Roman: I've been notified that I'm in Stefano's will and invited to a memorial service, and the reading of it.

Billie: Well, what do you think he left you?

Roman: Ha ha. I have no idea.

Brandon: Are you okay?

Lexie: Yeah, I just -- I need some time alone, okay?

Sami: Brandon, we need to talk.

Brandon: We already talked.

Sami: Well, okay, but I wasn't exactly direct with you before, and I've been thinking about it, and I want to tell you what's really going on between me and Tony.

Brandon: Okay. Come on.

Marlena: This thing between Sami and Brandon is such a mystery to me.

John: Doc, excuse us for a second. I think I'm on to something that's going to prove what Tony's up to, but in order to check it out, we got to get out of here for a few minutes without arousing a lot of suspicion.

Bo: You can count me in. You know --

Marlena: What's going on?

John: Listen, Bo and I need to, uh, cut out of here for a few minutes. Would you distract Tony for us?

Marlena: Why? Why don't we simply leave this place?

John: Doc, would you please do what I ask?

Tony: Well, I'm back. I'm sorry. I had to wait for a late delivery of the wine for dinner. It seems we lost some of our guests.

Marlena: Well, Sami and Brandon are outside, and Lexie has gone upstairs. She was rather upset.

Tony: Ah. Well, maybe I should go upstairs and see if I can cheer her up and bring her down for dinner. Oh, Bo, you're still here. Maybe you'd like to join us for dinner.

Bo: No, I would not. I don't understand how anyone can be in this house. What, are you desperate for a meal? I'm out of here.

John: I'll talk to him.

Marlena: Tony, let John handle the -- Tony? Tony, can you hear me?

Belle: Shawn, why did you hit him?

Shawn-D: What, are you defending them? He stole from my grandfather, not to mention that they conned us, Belle. They're not a bunch of aliens. They're criminals.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. What are they doing?

Belle: Wait! Look out! Don't jump!

Roman: This is kind of like the bear getting a letter from the hunter.

Billie: The dead hunter.

Roman: We can only Hope.

Frannie: Captain Brady, I need some help with something out here.

Roman: Oh, okay. Catch you later, Billie.

Billie: Bye.

Billie: Everything's cool. They've Bought into my new career. Oh, trust me, things are going much better than I had planned. No, Hope won't be a problem.

Hope: Bo? Bo? Oh.

Alice: Hello, darling.

Hope: Gran. Hi. Good. Nice surprise to see you.

Alice: Well, Bo called...

Hope: Yeah?

Alice: And he said he needed to rush out to do something.

Hope: Oh. Oh. Uh, uh, thank you for watching Zack. I appreciate that.

Alice: Is something wrong, Hope?

Hope: Huh? Oh, no. Um, no, everything's -- everything's fine. I'm just so grateful that you were able to help out.

Alice: I'm not buying that for a second, dear. Something is Bothering you -- and Bo.

Hope: You're right. As usual, you are always right, Gran. Um... I am upset. Billie's back in town. And that's not the part I'm upset about, but she's a cop. She's working at Bo's precinct, and...

Alice: What is it, darling?

Hope: Oh... the letter -- it's gone. I was invited to Stefano Dimera's memorial service and the reading of his will.

Alice: Well, why would you be invited to that?

Hope: I have absolutely no idea, Gran. But I'm sure it has something to do with why Bo ran out so suddenly. Oh, gosh, Gran. Gosh, I hope I'm wrong, but I bet you anything he went to confront the Dimeras.

Brandon: Okay. Say what you have to say. I have to get back inside.

Sami: To Lexie.

Brandon: Do you have something to say, or not?

Sami: Okay, um... Brandon, the reason that I am spending time with Tony is because of you.

Brandon: You're what?

Sami: It started that night that he came back to Salem, the night that you asked me what I felt for you.

Brandon: Samantha, I'm tired of waiting. Why can't you say how you feel about me? Is it because you've been using me all along, and you're just too chicken to admit it?

Sami: I did have feelings for you, but I felt really guilty. I was trying to be honest with you and explain that I have loved Austin since I was a teenager, and I couldn't even picture my future without him. And now I don't have a choice. After all those years of loving Austin, he hates me. He never wants to see me again, so I'm starting over... or I'm trying to. I really want to fall in love again, Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah? And?

Sami: What do you want me to say?

Brandon: Don't act dumb, Samantha. When I was in love with you, I never had trouble telling you.

Sami: That was in Italy, a long time ago. Do you still love me?

Brandon: You want to know if I'm still in love with you?

Sami: I guess I was just feeling insecure.

Brandon: It is not all about you, Samantha. Other people have feelings, too. Austin sure does. You found that out.

Sami: You don't have to be mean.

Brandon: I want you to wake up. You can't be totally self-involved and expect everyone to give while you give nothing.

Sami: I gave Austin my whole heart, and you know what? He threw it back at me. He doesn't want my love.

Brandon: That's what really gets me. I keep telling you that Austin didn't want you. He never did. He wanted his idea of you. The minute he found out you weren't his perfect little wife-to-be, he dumped you. I don't know why you were so surprised.

Sami: I was hurt. It still hurts.

Brandon: Do you still love him?

Sami: Part of me always will. How can you not understand? He was my first love. It lasted practically half my life. He was the one.

Brandon: Samantha, where are you going with this?

Sami: I couldn't say that I loved you that night, Brandon. I wanted to, but I couldnít. It was too soon after Austin had walked out of my life. But ever since that night, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. And at first I tried to spend time with Tony. I thought that would distract me, but it hasnít. And then tonight when you showed me how concerned you were for me, Brandon, I could feel your love for me. And the feeling is mutual. Brandon, I do love you.

Marlena: Tony? Tony? Tony, can you hear me?

Marlena: Aah!

Tony: Marlena. Marlena.

John: I've been in this room before. I think the trip is right here. There we go.

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