Days Transcript Thursday 7/18/02


 Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/18/02 

By Suzanne

Isabella: Brady.

Brady: Mother?

Brady: Are -- are you -- are you a ghost?

Isabella: I am your mother, Brady, and I'm here because you need me.

Shawn-D: Belle, wait up!

Belle: Why should I?

Shawn-D: Because when we stop talking, that's when the problems start. We can work through this. We're alone. It's just us.

[Siren wailing]

Kate: Hi there.

Marlena: Hi. Come sit down.

Kate: Well, I was tested for the Bone marrow drive. I did it for Philip. He is so crazy about that girl.

Marlena: Well, he's very sweet. I feel sorry about what she's going through.

Kate: Mm.

Marlena: Did you see John when you were being tested?

Kate: No. Don't tell me you lost your husband.

Marlena: Mm. I heard a funny thing when I was leaving my office. I heard that he publicly embraced Tony Dimera.

Kate: Oh! Way to go, John.

Marlena: What does that mean?

John: Now what have we got here?

Sami: Hi, John.

Tony: Hello, John.

John: Are you okay, Sami?

Sami: Yeah.

John: You're not robbing the cradle here, are you, Tony?

Tony: Ha ha.

Sami: Ha ha.

Tony: I think he's just a little suspicious. Should I tell him or should you?

Roman: All right, Billie, you want to explain to me how you became this precinct's new recruit?

Bo: Kind of sudden, isn't it? Go from cosmetic mogul in Europe to walking the beat in small town USA. Why? I mean, it's a joke, right?

Billie: Oh, it's no joke. I've never been more serious about anything in my life.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives

Billie: Come on, Roman. You remember how good I was on that ISA case with you in Europe. It was that case that made me think that maybe I could do something more with my life, so I decided to go into law enforcement. I went to New York City, I enrolled in the police academy, which was damn tough. They pushed us so hard I really didn't think I was going to make it. And then September 11th happened and people that I was just getting to know lost their lives, so I decided to be the best damn cop in the world, and I graduated at the top of my class.

Roman: Yeah, I saw that in your police academy file.

Billie: But what am I doing here, right? I could have stayed in new York city. They certainly need the cops there. My people are here. Salem is my home. So I called the Salem police academy to see if I could take my final exam here. I aced it, and that made me first pick for the department. Roman, I promise I will give you 100% of myself -- no, 150%. You are looking at the new Billie reed -- all work, no play. I am completely serious about being the best damn rookie cop Salem has ever had.

Roman: All right, Billie, let me get this straight here, okay? You're here too work, right? There is absolutely no other reason that you want to be a cop in this particular precinct.

Billie: Well, there you go, being Mr. Perceptive. There is one other reason.

John: So what are the two of you doing out here in this alley all by yourself?

Tony: Well, Sami and I are both social outcasts, scorned by many, admired by few. Isn't that right, Sami? Well, that's why she came to talk to me. She had heard that you had socially accepted me in front of everyone at the Bone marrow drive, so naturally, she was surprised, given the reception I had been given at the penthouse grill the night I returned to Salem.

John: Mm-hmm.

Tony: Um, I was about to explain it to her when you interrupted.

Sami: So now you two are going to be best buddies?

John: Ha ha.

Tony: Ha ha. Hardly. No, John's giving me another chance to prove that I am not like my father. Well, you know, people think that I came to Salem to do my father's bidding, and it seems that you and my sister are the only two that believe me, but given the nice reception I got today and John accepting me socially, perhaps the good people of Salem will do the same.

Sami: Is this true?

John: Yes. I would like a word with Sami alone. Do you mind?

Tony: Oh, no. Not at all.

Sami: Well, I would never have expected you --

John: When the hell are you going to grow up?

Sami: What?

John: What are you doing out here in an alley with Tony Dimera? Are you looking for trouble? Is that it?

Sami: We wanted to speak privately, though I don't see that it's any of your business. You're not my father, John.

John: As if you would listen to Roman.

Sami: So you're going to give someone named Dimera a second chance. I would never have believed that.

John: Damn it, listen to me. For your sake, just stay away from him.

Brady: You can't help me because you're dead. She isn't real. This is my subconscious. My -- my -- my dreams are -- are coming to life.

Isabella: I'm in your dreams because I'm in your heart. I will always be in your heart. I will never leave you, Brady.

Brady: You did leave me. And you know what? It's -- it's too late to come back, so why don't you just go away?

Isabella: Oh, my Boy.

Brady: Go away! Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away, go away. Go away.

Shawn-D: Listen... we're saying things we don't mean. Okay, I don't know if it's the meteor shower or the moon or tides or whatever, but Philip's got no right yelling at you about Brady and Chloe. It's not your fault that your brother has got a thing for her. And when you got mad at me about Jan again, I was just hoping that you were over being hurt about the way I lied to you.

Belle: I'm trying.

Shawn-D: And you know the thing I really regret is the fact that I took your love for granted. Same way that Philip took your friendship for granted, like you're going to take his side over your brotherís. That's why I played the hero to Jan, 'cause I was -- I was so used to you being sweet and understanding. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Belle: Come on, Shawn. We've been circling each other since kindergarten.

Shawn-D: Yeah, and you were pretty cute then... your pigtails and your freckles.

Belle: I never had freckles.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Belle: Maybe a few.

Shawn-D: Okay. I like freckles. Now they're gone, and you are this amazingly beautiful girl who most guys don't even think they'll ever have a chance with. They wonder what the hell you're doing with me. And so do I sometimes.

Belle: I want to find true love that's going to last my whole life, and lately, I've had a really hard time believing in that.

Shawn-D: Hey. We can have that true love.

Belle: Yeah, Shawn, but what if some out-of-this-world girl comes along? Mean, I'm more like the girl next door, and you could get tired of me and start looking someplace else.

Shawn-D: No, no way.

Belle: Someone could come along and steal your heart. Then you and I would be history. It scares me, you know? I think about that all the time.

Billie: You could always see through me, Roman. That's why I picked this precinct -- to learn from the best. That means you. Police academy training only takes you so far. Then it's up to the rookie to get out there and learn from her fellow cops. So fair warning -- I'll be watching every move you make, hoping to be half as good of a cop as you someday.

Bo: Well. Ha ha. Now that you sucked up to Roman, tell me thing you happened to leave out. Why'd you keep it a secret that you were training to be a cop?

Billie: I don't know, Bo. Why did I keep it a secret, huh? Could it be that if you found out, you would have moved heaven and earth to stop me?

Brady: Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Why was she here? What does she think I need help with? She wasn't here. It was a -- it was a daydream. Wishful thinking. Like dad said, I am conjuring my mother out of my imagination. Her face and the... sound of her v- it's all some kind of weird illusion. But why? She wanted to help me.

Brady: What are you doing? What -- what do you want?

Isabella: She's lovely. Hauntingly beautiful eyes.

Brady: Is Chloe why you're here? It's because she's sick. She has cancer, like you did. Is she going to die?

Billie: Come on, Bo. You would have tried to stop me. Admit it.

Bo: Yeah, I would have.

Billie: Well, that's why I didn't tell you. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't even tell my mother. And I really lucked out when they misspelled my name on that list that Abe got. They thought Billie was actually a male recruit, so they listed me as William Reed. I just figured it was meant to be, that I was meant to get this far before any of you found out. But now you know. So what's it going to be, Roman? You going to give me a fair shake and let me prove myself on the job like any other recruit?

Roman: You know, Billie, um, some cops never want to do anything more than just walk a beat. Does that describe your aspirations?

Billie: No, I'm ambitious. I'm willing to work my way up.

Roman: E way up to detective, maybe.

Billie: That's part of my plan.

Roman: Yeah. And is the rest of your plan, maybe, to end up partnering with Bo one of these days?

Sami: I don't get it. Moments ago, you were welcoming Tony back to our fair city, and now you want me to stay away from him.

John: Sami, are you ever going to listen to me, or are you just going to question everything I say?

Sami: Be a good little girl and do what I'm told? Not in this lifetime.

John: If you find yourself in trouble, Samantha, I may not be able to bail you out.

Tony: Why is he so suspicious, I wonder.

Sami: I thought you had left, Tony.

Tony: If I had, I would not have heard his warning to you. Are you going to steer clear of me?

Sami: You don't see me running.

Tony: Ha ha. You're a feisty creature.

Sami: Well, why would I want to stay away from the one man who's offered to help me?

Tony: So you accept my offer.

Sami: Why not? Everyone else is telling me to let it go, go away, move on.

Tony: Yes, but your not the giving up type.

Sami: I've had some terrible things happen to me -- more than my fair share, and the memories torture me. I want something amazing and intense, something wonderful to wipe them away. I want Brandon back. I want him drooling at my feet.

Tony: Consider it done.

Shawn-D: Are you kidding? I don't want some other girl. You're the one that I want. I have known that deep down for as long as I can remember. You are beautiful and perfect, and I want to be with you forever, and I hope you believe me.

Belle: Just -- I want things to be the way they were before everything happened with Jan. I can't help it, Shawn. Even when we're together and I think things are going really well for us, this doubt comes into my mind.

Shawn-D: Don't let it.

Belle: I try. I try, but it's like when we're up at lookout point, it makes me so happy just to be there with you, and then I stop and think just a few feet away, there's a cliff, and if one of us makes a wrong move, we could fall. Do you understand what Iím trying to get at?

Shawn-D: Hey. We're not going to fall, okay? We're going to be all right. I promise. You're going to trust me again, and you're going to trust us. Come here.

Girl: [Sobbing quietly]

Belle: Did you hear that?

Shawn-D: Yeah, look.

Marlena: Come on, Kate. I'm not accusing you of anything. It's just you work very closely with John, and you're so accepting of his idea to give Tony the benefit of the doubt. So he must've talked to you about it. Oh, come on. So John was, you know, thinking out loud, and you were there, and he just happened to run it past you. Why don't you run it past me now? Let me know what's happening.

John: There you are.

Kate: Hi.

John: Your assistant said you were taking your break here. I cannot keep her away from this cafeteria food.

Marlena: No, she came down to get tested.

Kate: Yeah, I have a band-aid as a souvenir.

John: I think half the town got tested. This place was mobbed here. I talked to the office, and Roman Brady's trying to get a hold of you. He said it's urgent.

Kate: Really. Well, I can't imagine why. Could you excuse me?

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Sure. Hey. Big guy, I heard you were the talk of the hospital.

John: Oh, yeah, why is that?

Marlena: Your public acceptance of Tony.

John: Oh. Ahh. The guy emptied his wallet big-time. I was just thanking him on behalf of the town. You know, a gesture of goodwill seemed to be the, uh, right thing to do. Why are you looking at me like that?

Marlena: I'm not sure which is worse -- watching you obsess over Tony or watching you deny it.

Kate: Roman? I got a message that you wanted to talk to me.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I want to see you, Kate. It's about your daughter and her new career.

Kate: Billie and a new career? What are you talking about?

Roman: She said she never told you, but that's a little hard to believe. Look, I'll tell you what. Why don't you come down to the station and pay me a visit, all right? I'm lonely.

Kate: What you are is very, very strange.

Roman: Well, thank you, Kate. I'll be waiting.

Kate: Oh... you are the most infuriating man.

Kate: Oh, Billie... what are you up to now?

Billie: I'm not stuck in a time warp, Bo. My life has moved on. The last thing I want to do is hook up with your brother, professionally or otherwise. And when I make detective --

Roman: Whoa, whoa. "When"? It's not a foregone conclusion. A lot of cops can't cut it.

Billie: Well, I'm not a lot of cops. I was the best in my class. I'll be the best rookie. I'll be the best damn beat cop. Oh, God, how could I have forgotten what it was like in this town? I should've known you'd all think the worst of me. You know, I'm not after anybody's husband. You can give me a lie detector test if you don't believe me.

Roman: Billie, come on!

Bile on, I mean this! It is -- I am not a woman who has to beg for a man.

Roman: Nobody ever said that.

Billie: Come on, you guys. Look, if I was a guy and I had a former girlfriend working here, this would not be happening. This would be no big deal. You Boys need to get u to speed and stop the sexist attitude and give me the chance that I deserve!

Belle: Did someone just throw this bottle?

Shawn-D: I think. And, you know, with the trash can right there... it's got to be some drunk. Come on, let's find a cop, let him deal with it.

Girl: [Hiccups]

Belle: Shawn, that sounded like a kid. We just can't ignore him.

Shawn-D: Hello?

Shawn-D: Ha ha.

Belle: Someone has a sense of humor.

Shawn-D: Why are you hiding?

Belle: Who's over there?

Shawn-D: Ha ha.

Isabella: I came here to help you, Brady.

Brady: To help me how? What do you mean? You know what? I can't take this, because I do not understand.

Isabella: It isn't necessary to understand. You only have to love. You love Chloe.

Brady: So what if I do?

Isabella: Show her how you feel. Don't be afraid.

Brady: Chloe is not going to leave me. She's not going to die. She's not going to leave me. She's not going to die. She's not going to leave me. She's not going to die. She's gone.

John: Look, doc... I know what I'm doing when it comes to Tony Dimera.

Marlena: And there's a good reason you're not telling me what it is.

John: Well, it was a good reason. I want to protect you.

Marlena: We do everything together in every area of our lives. Don't shut me out.

John: Okay. I've told you and everybody in town that I am giving Tony the benefit of the doubt, giving him a chance to show he's not Stefanoís puppet. I'm not going after him anymore, doc. So in public and in private, as far as anyone's concerned, John black's giving Tony a free pass.

Marlena: Are you done obsessing over Tony?

John: Like I said, I am telling anyone who will listen that I'm not going after Tony. Now, you're a psychiatrist. Read between the lines.

Sami: I guess I'm just used to people telling me not to want things, not to go after what I want, so I was kind of stunned to hear you say that I should try to get Brandon back.

Tony: Are you having second thoughts about our partnership?

Sami: No. No, not at all. I was just saying that I'm used to being a black sheep around here. I'm used to having doors slammed in my face.

Tony: Not this door. We black sheep -- we must stick together.

Sami: Right.

Tony: Ah, Sami -- you know, Salem, it's A... dream of a place. You know, it's warm, it's cozy, it's comfortable, as long as you abide by the rules that are laid out by the Hortons and the Bradys. But if you're a person who colors outside the line or if you shake the status quo by simply waking up in the morning, then this is a limited place. I mean, some people think it's amazing just to occasionally think outside the Box. You and I -- we live outside the Box. We're not, uh, worried about other people's thinking. How shall I put it? We make the rules. We create the games that others must play. Would you like a brandy, or is it too early in the day for you?

Sami: Yes. No. I mean I'd love some.

Tony: Ah. Just a little. Celebrate our partnership.

Sami: I really want to move ahead with this. I want to start right away on making sure that I take Brandon's attentions away from Lexie and onto myself.

Tony: Yes, by using me to make him jealous. Precisely.

Sami: You don't mind being used?

Tony: Well, it depends on who's doing the using. I wouldn't find it a chore with you. Well, what I'm saying is I wouldn't have to act at all to find you attractive.

Sami: Really?

Tony: Am I going on too -- you -- you are something. You know exactly how to spin a web and catch your man. You know... it's that charming smile of yours that belies that steely determination.

Sami: Most men don't like that in a woman. They want a woman to be sweet and helpless.

Tony: I see your real vulnerability, Sami, and I'm very touched by it. Your raw courage. You don't settle for things. You have A... "Damn the torpedos" attitude that really makes you the true thoroughbred you are.

Sami: Ha ha.

Tony: I'm sorry. I'm just going on a bit, aren't I? Well, what I'm trying to say is that I really find it quite irresistible. I-I'm not being too forward, am I?

Sami: Oh, no, no. Not at all. It's just that I'm used to a guy only saying that to me trying to get me into bed, you know? Using it as a line.

Tony: You know, only a fool would use a line like that on a unique woman.

Sami: Do you really think I'm irresistible?

Tony: Don't worry about me. It's Brandon you want, and I promise you, we go along with our plan, and he will find you so irresistible, he's just going to drop at your feet.

Sami: I can't wait.

Tony: Good. Then let's get started. I'm going to give a dinner party this evening... and I'm asking you to be my date.

Roman: You know, we haven't had a recruit come out of the academy with a record this outstanding since you.

Billie: Well, I'll beat any record you got going, Bo. That's how good I'm going to be.

[Telephone rings]

Roman: Yeah. Brady. Okay, I'll be right out. Excuse me.

Kate: So... you got me down here. What do you want?

Roman: It's Billie. We got her in Abeís office.

Kate: Oh, my God. You have arrested her?

Roman: Well, that answered my first question. You did know Billie was in town. Keeping a low profile, so to speak.

Kate: Roman, I'm not required to report to the authorities every time my children come into town. Did she break any laws?

Roman: Just the opposite. She's decided she wants to uphold the law.

Kate: I'm not following you.

Roman: Took me a while to believe it, too. Billie wants to be a cop.

Kate: What?

Roman: I'm not making this up, believe me.

Kate: That's ridiculous. I mean, she wouldn't last a day in basic training or Boot camp or whatever they --

Roman: You're wrong about that. She already made it through her police academy training in New York City.

Kate: In New York? No, no, no, no, 'cause Austin would have said something.

Roman: You can get the details from Billie later. Right now, I got to make a decision, okay? And I need your input. Billie wants to join the force in Salem. Do you know why?

Kate: Oh, God. Ha ha. Uh...

Bo: Why are you doing this? You know it won't work.

Billie: It will if you don't get in my way.

Bo: We can't work together, not with our history.

Billie: What will it take to get through your head I am not into you anymore? How could I be after the way I got hurt? I have zero interest in you as a man. You're just another cop to me. I hope you believe me, because I can make a difference in the Salem P.D., and I deserve the chance to try.

Bo: Don't tell me. Tell Roman. It's his call.

Billie: Oh, that's bull, Bo. Come on. You know it, and I know it. Roman's only going to give me a shot if you give the okay, so would you please just stop being a sexist pig and let me join the force?

Belle: Cantaloupe?

Belle: Shawn, we have to see who's behind those bushes.

Shawn-D: Shh, shh...

Brady: Mom. You are losing it. There are no ghosts. She wasn't here. It was just a dream. Then why did it feel so real? Now, how did this get moved? You're not going to die like my mom did, Chloe. You're not.

Sami: So who's invited to this dinner party?

Tony: Well, I thought I'd add Lexie and Brandon, and then at the last minute, reveal my date.

Sami: The irresistible Sami Brady. Wow, Brandon is going to go nuts when he sees me with you. This plan is going to work great. Oh, my gosh, Iíd better get ready. This is a real dinner party, right, not just beer and pizza?

Tony: Ahh, definitely not. Now, you listen to me, you go home now, okay? You go glam yourself and be beautiful. And I know, with that Body and with that face, well, it won't take long.

Sami: You are so sweet to me, Tony. I owe you for this.

Tony: Hmm. And you certainly will pay, mi, and so will the rest of my dinner guests.

Marlena: I am reading between the lines, and it scares me.

John: Don't be scared. I know what I'm doing, and Tony won't know what hit him. But I need you to trust me on this. Can you do that? Can you stand right by my side?

Marlena: Yes, I can.

John: Good. 'Cause I need you on my team. Let's go home.

Marlena: Yeah. I was going through my mail when Kate walked in and distracted me.

John: What's that?

Marlena: I don't know. There's no stamp. It must've been hand-delivered. It's addressed to Both of us.

John: Open it.

Marlena: Oh. We've been invited to join Tony Dimera for supper at the mansion. Tonight.

Belle: You okay? Shawn, they're okay.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I think that's great, but, uh... what do they have on?

Belle: Uh, I don't know.


Kate: I donít know what's funnier -- the idea of Billie becoming a cop, or you -- what's this?

Billie: You called my mother? Why, so she could talk me out of my silly little plans? I'm a grown woman, and the police department that gets me is going to be damn lucky!

Kate: Oh, please, please tell me this is not true. You are not becoming a cop.

Billie: I will explain later. Look, you've had your fun at my expense. If I was a guy, you would be begging me to join the force. Now, do I have a job or not? I knew it! I told you it'd be your call. Don't make this personal, Bo. Don't stand in my way.

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