Days Transcript Monday 7/15/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/15/02

By Suzanne

Woman: Look.

Man: What?

Shawn-D: Okay. So you need to go to the drugstore, so I can go with you, or I can just meet you over by Java.

Belle: Whatever.

Shawn-D: Belle?

Belle: Huh?

Shawn ĖD: sha -dnít nít n'

Belle: Can you?

Shawn-D: No.

Belle: Shawn, what did we see on the hilltop that night? I mean, what did we really see?

Shawn-D: We saw a spaceship crash-land after the meteor shower. We saw two aliens fall out who we gave CPR to, and they ran off.

Belle: God. The more time that goes by, the crazier that sounds.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, tell me about it. So letís just try not to think about it, at least for a minute, okay? Look, Salem Place -- real life. People shopping, eating, wearing normal clothing without any bracelets that glow.

Belle: I bet they didnít arrive in spaceships.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I'm pretty sure aliens wouldnít want to hang out at good old Salem Place anyway.

Belle: I donít know. T — d & & h ' I'm not going to rule anything out. Letís go.

Shawn-D: All right.

[Horn honks]

Jennifer: I really canít believe that I am letting you do this to me.

Colin: Sit right here, donít go away.

Jennifer: Wait. Where are you going?

Colin: I'll be very close by. Donít worry.

Jennifer: [Thinking] If you're right about this guy, Jack... hello, are you still there?

Colin: Patience.

Jennifer: Well, patience is not part of my nature, and I have just got to get this blindfold off, Colin.

Colin: Not yet.

Jennifer: All right, you know what? Enough is enough. I am taking this off.

Colin: I said not yet.

Jennifer: I smell smoke.

Colin: Yes, you do. And now, before you take off the blindfold, I want you to go back in time to when you and I first met.

Jennifer: Why?

Colin: Just do it.

Jennifer: All right, I'm doing it.

Colin: You there yet?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm there.

Colin: Okay, then. Try to remember what it was like for us... how it felt.

Harold: Jack, you havenít thought this through. You know you havenít.

Jack: Hand me that photo, will you, Harold?

Harold: How could you just quit? I-I mean, you wanted this job so badly.

Jack: Things change, Harold. Havenít you heard?

Harold: Look, maybe if you spoke to Jennifer --

Jack: I tried to speak to Jennifer, and she hung up on me. You were right there. You heard it. She doesnít want to hear from me. She doesnít want to hear my warnings or advice, especially concerning certain people who shall remain nameless. So... I'm gone. I am out of here, really.

Harold: Stop right there, Deveraux! As your friend and coworker, I would feel remiss if I let you make this mistake, so I wonít. You're not quitting, Jack. No way, nohow.

Marlena: Given my history with the Dimeras, thatís a very bad idea.

Tony: I'm not my father.

Marlena: Out.

Tony: Please.

Marlena: If my husband finds you here, he will take --

John: I'm glad you're here, Tony, because we have to out.

John: My wife is a very wise woman. We had a talk about this, about you, the other night, and she helped me see things a little clearer. Anyway, I am willing to try and give you the benefit of the doubt, Tony. Why donít we both just call off the dogs and throw up a white flag?

Tony: Well, I'm certainly in favor of that.

John: Yes. You know, I have to say it appears that you have been telling the truth. It was Andreís body they found in that grave in Aremid, so I'm -- I'm willing to believe that maybe it wasnít you that framed me for that so-called murder and sent me to death row. It kind of looks like you, as well as me, were set up by stefano and Andre. You know, but I do have to admit this is -- this is still hard for me to absorb, you know? To, uh, put my mind in the right spot, but I'm willing to give it a try. I want to put the past behind me for the sake of my wife and my family. They donít need another war with the Dimeras.

Tony: I'm relieved.

John: There is one thing that I donít get, though. What are you doing in my wifeís office?

Jack: Harold, I know you're trying to be a good friend here, but really --

Harold: Just listen, okay? A wise man -- namely, my father Oliver Wentworth, whom I respect and admire -- has a rule that he lives by.

Jack: I make my own rules, thank you.

Harold: Walk around the block.

Jack: Thereís my favorite pen. I'll write that down.

Harold: As in cool down. Think it over. And then after an hour, if you still want to quit, I'll help you carry your stuff to your car. Look at me, Jack. This is an important decision, my friend. Donít rush it.

Jack: I know what I'm doing, Harold. I'm a big boy. I'm very sure of this.

Jack: All right, fine. Fine, fine. All right.

Harold: So walk.

Jack: I think I'll jog. Thank you.

Colin: Brings back memories, doesnít it? Of all the wonderful talks we had back in Africa, sitting around a fire, confiding in each other, making each other laugh, feeling so close. What do you ink?

Jennifer: I think that we should both be at work, and I would like you to take me right now, please.

Colin: No. Not until you listen to me. Not until you let me tell you...

Jennifer: What? Tell me what?

Colin: The truth.

Shawn-D: Th-there you are.

Belle: Thank you. So, any more alien sightings?

Shawn-D: No, no, Salem Place is decidedly human tonight. Everyone is, you know, clothed.

Belle: Oh, how dull.

Shawn-D: Okay, all right, all right, all right. Letís hear it.

Belle: What?

Shawn-D: How was it for you, kissing an alien?

Belle: Oh, so we're going to go there, are we?

Shawn-D: Oh, what, I'm not allowed to ask that question?

Belle: No, you can definitely ask, but I just donít have to answer.

Shawn-D: Oh, come on, come on, just tell me. Was it different than kissing me?

Belle: Yes, it was different. First of all, it wasnít you, and second, it wasnít real. It was like a fantasy kiss.

Shawn-D: Fantasy kiss. I see. As in better?

Belle: Yes.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: Shawn, I am just joking. Now it is time for me to interrogate you, Mr. Brady. What was it like giving mouth-to-mouth to an alien babe who just happened to have a body that wouldnít quit, as you yourself might put it? You did have to touch her chest to get her heart beating. Care to fill me in?

Shawn-D: Yeah, okay. Well... it was, uh...

Belle: What, are you at a loss for words?

Shawn-D: No, no, I'm not at a loss for words. I'm looking for the perfect word. It was... intense.

Belle: Intense?

Shawn-D: Mm.

Belle: And what might that be a euphemism for?

Shawn-D: Okay, well, that just might be a euphemism for... the perfect word -- intense. Okay? Okay, listen. Letís just not talk about the, uh, people or whatever. Letís spend a little bit more time talking about you and me.

Belle: I definitely agree thatís a good idea.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: Shawn? Shawn, look.

Nancy: Canít see her? Where is she? Is she getting some kind of test?

Craig: No, no tests. We had to put Chloe into isolation.

Nancy: Oh. I see. Well, we knew this was a possibility. Um... the effects of the chemotherapy.

Craig: Yes, susceptibility to infection, but sheís getting plenty of human contact, Nancy, from the nurses, the doctors...

Nancy: I see.

Craig: And -- and, darling, I promise, very soon, I will let you suit up in sterile attire, and you can go visit her yourself for a few minutes, okay?

Nancy: That'll be great. In the meantime, I can still talk to her on the phone?

Craig: Absolutely.

Nancy: Good. I'm going to give her a call right now, let her know that I talked to Belle and Mimi. They are making phone calls like crazy. They said the list of possible donors gets longer and longer.

Craig: Mm. Thatís -- thatís great. Thatís great. Go ahead.

Nancy: Chloe? Hi, honey. Yeah, I heard. Well, it wonít be for long. Just wanted to call and tell you that I love you.

[Knock on door]

Nancy: Right.

Craig: Yes, Brenda?

Brenda: I have very good news, dr. Wesley.

Belle: You know they're coming towards us, right?

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I-I know.

Julie: Hey, you two. Good evening.

Shawn-D: Hi, grandma. You taking Zack out for a stroll?

Maggie: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we're going to go get some sandwiches to go.

Julie: Say, why donít the two of you just look after him while we go get the food?

Shawn-D: Uh...

Belle: Sure, that'd be fun, right, Shawn?

Julie: Oh, thatís great. You can even take on a little tour if you want. We'll meet you back here, what, 20 -- 20 minutes?

Belle: Sure, take your time.

Julie: Okay. Thanks, guys. See ya.

Shawn-D: We'll see you.

Maggie: You all are so nice. Bye, kids.

Shawn-D: Bye, Maggie.

Belle: Hey, little guy. I bet you love licorice, donít you? I'll go get you some. What does he like, red or black?

Shawn-D: He is a big fan of the red, but I'll go get it.

Belle: No, no, no. No, here, you stay here -- hold this.

Shawn-D: Okay.

Belle: With him.

Shawn-D: All right. Zack.

Belle: And I'll be right back -- my coffee.

Shawn-D: There you go.

Shawn-D: Hi. You counting there, Zack?

Zack: Thatís here.

Shawn-D: Whatís that? What are you drawing there?

Zack: Thatís right here.

Shawn-D: Thatís right here?

Zack: Right here.

Shawn-D: It looks like a spaceship, huh?

Zack: Thatís here.

Shawn-D: Did you see the spaceship the other night, bud? 'Cause I did. Listen, was that kind of confusing for you the other night? Yeah? 'Cause it was for me. I know, I just wanted to get your opinion on the subject.

Zack: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Yeah? Well, I can tell you're really curious about it, buddy. You are so cute. Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. You are a sweet kid, you know that? You're so sweet. And you can draw. What more could a brother ask? Right?

Zack: You...

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Jack: Hey there.

Shawn: Howís it going, Jack?

Jack: Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. What is it else? A madness most discreet, a choking gall, a bitter sweet.

Shawn: Ha ha ha. Sounds accurate to me, eh?

Jack: I'll have a beer, please, Shawn.

Shawn: Troubles with the fair Jennifer?

Jack: She thinks I'm a jealous ex-husband. The fact is, I'm just looking out for her. I donít want her to have anything to do with Colin Murphy

. Yes, I know that he is your nephew. I'm sorry about that. I just have a problem with the guy.

Shawn: Now, listen, I -- I warned Colin to stay away from Jennifer.

Jack: Really? Did you tell him that? May I ask why?

Shawn: Well, he had a reputation back in the old country, you know, of being a ladies' man, and I didnít want to see him hurting her the way he hurt that other lady that he was engaged to for all of five minutes.

Jack: Elizabeth, right.

Shawn: Yes. Poor thing -- here today, gone tomorrow.

Jack: You know, uh, most Bradys are an open book. You know them and trust them with the shake of a hand. But itís a little different with -- with Colin. Heís a -- heís a man of mystery, isnít he? I mean, even your son Bo has some serious reservations about him.

Shawn: Listen, I told Bo to stay out of it, to mind his own damn business.

Jack: Why, Shawn, why? What is it you donít want Bo to find out about Colin?

Jennifer: So tell me, Colin, what is the truth?

Colin: You were right to accuse me of playing games, Jennifer. I'm ashamed to admit thatís exactly what I've been doing. Yes, I followed you and Brandon to Green Mountain Lodge, because when I realized you and Brandon were going away together for the weekend, knowing full well where it would lead, I just couldnít stand it. I had to stop it at all costs because it should have been me. It should have been us together in that hot tub toasting with champagne, being together completely, body and soul. That should have been the combination of all those nights by the campfire.

Jennifer: Come on. So is that what this is about, Colin? Really, I think itís enough -- enough reminiscing and harking about all the old days in Africa when it was supposedly so romantic and wonderful. But in retrospect, not really romantic at all, since you were lying through your teeth. You told Jack that I didnít love him anymore, Colin.

Colin: Yes, I lied to Jack, but I only told him what I thought to be -- what i know to be the truth. You did fall out of love with Jack in Africa. Admit it, Jennifer.

Tony: You know, I've been recently plagued by what I assume are the aftereffects of the cure that I went through for the blood disorder. My mind goes blank. Itís like I've gone back into another time, another place. And certainly I've come here to get Marlenaís help, not because sheís just a psychiatrist, but also because we've had similarities -- missing years. But now I realize thatís a mistake. It was just impulsive on my part, and I realize now that wonít work out -- her being my therapist, that is.

Marlena: I told you I'd be glad to refer you.

Tony: Oh, no, I'm fine, really. It was just a temporary relapse. Probably triggered from -- from the sounds and smells of the hospital. Probably all the times that I couldnít account for. Wouldnít it be wonderful -- it'd be so comforting to me if I could put those pieces together. But I donít think that will ever happen. You see... the key to my past is gone.

John: I knew it.

John: I know exactly what you're talking about.

Shawn-D: Give me five! All right! Okay, all right, tell me, what kind of ball is this? What kind of ball is this?

Belle: Oh, a future teammate. Here you go.

Shawn-D: Oh. Thanks. Say "thank you." Maybe so. He could play ball like J.T.

Belle: You miss J.T. I know.

Shawn-D: Well, I miss him, but it doesnít mean I canít love this guy, right? Right, buddy? Hey, what were we drawing? What were we drawing? Tell me what this is. What is this?

Maggie: This little teddy! Ooh, isnít that the cutest face you've ever seen?

Julie: That little teddy is for Zack, and donít you go falling in love with him, Maggie.

Maggie: Did you see what I saw?

Julie: Did you see what I saw?

Maggie: Did you? I donít know.

Julie: Did you see that?

Craig: They finally tracked down the surveillance tapes.

Brenda: How'd you guess?

Craig: From June 9, 2000?

Brenda: The night of the supposed baby switch.

Craig: Oh, yes! Yes!

Nancy: Good work, Brenda!

Craig: Oh! Get them on my desk A.S.A.P.

Brenda: Okay, they're already on their way. They're going to be here in the morning.

Craig: Oh, Brenda, thanks for keeping on top of this. I -- I so appreciate it.

Brenda: Look, I'm sure you could show your appreciation by giving me a huge raise, or...right? Or --

Craig: Or maybe some flowers? Let me know when those tapes come in, okay?

Brenda: Will do.

Craig: See? Things are looking up!

Shawn: You know, Colin comes from a fine family. My sister raised him to stand up for what he believes in, and heís done exactly that. Never once let his old friends down at home. And in my mind, that makes him a man of substance. And Bo and everybody else -- everybody -- would do well to leave him alone.

Jack: I'm sorry, Mr. Brady, but that is not going to happen.

Jennifer: I donít want to talk about Africa with you, Colin.

Colin: Then letís talk about whatís going on today -- tonight, in the present moment.

Jennifer: Do you really think that we can just pick up where we left off -- cozy by a campfire, Colin?

Colin: Jennifer, all I want is for you to trust me again. I know I've given you no reason to, starting in Ireland when I turned you away and couldnít explain why. I had very deep feelings for you, Jennifer, but the timing was wrong, and I couldnít express those feelings, because I knew your safety had to come first.

Jennifer: Okay, so you couldnít tell me then why you were Ireland, and you still canít tell me, and then you canít tell me why you came to Salem, but you are standing here asking me to trust you.

Colin: All right, here it is -- the truth. I came to Salem because of you, because I canít live without you.

John: You know, I am in much the same situation as you, Tony. There is a whole stretch of my life that I canít account for -- when I was your fatherís mercenary. And I spent a great deal of time trying to unlock those mysteries, but in the end, I realized the past is better left behind me, and my energies are better focused on my beautiful wife and my wonderful family.

Tony: Thatís why I've come back to Salem for myself. I want to find a family. I know that the house of Dimera has a dark reputation at the present, but I intend to change that. I want the Dimera name to be something we can be proud of, and I want the people of Salem to realize my good intentions. I think if I can convince you and Marlena to believe in me, I'm sure the others will follow. And then my dreams of my future can come true.

John: Well, if that is the case, we both give you our best wishes.

Tony: Well, thank you. They're very kind words. I appreciate them. But we are... men of action, not words. And if I can take that understanding one step further, I would like to invite you and Marlena to come to the Dimera mansion one evening for dinner. So if I could have your presence there, if you'd do me that honor, one night soon.

We will return for the second half of "days of our lives" in just a moment.

Jennifer: You expect me to believe that you came back to Salem to be with me? Colin, you showed up with another woman, with your fiancťe.

Colin: My engagement to Elizabeth, it was a cover.

Jennifer: A cover?

Colin: My getting close to her, it was an arrangement, so that she could help my friends -- the good people back in Ireland. The worst part was I knew that all my work and a good cause had the effect of pushing you away, possibly forever. I donít want to push you away, Jennifer. I need you to give me a chance. Give us a chance. Will you?

Jennifer: You've given me so much to think about. And I just need some time, okay?

Colin: I understand.

Jennifer: So could you take me back to Salem now? I need to get back to work, and I need to get back to my daughter. But I promise you that I will be talking to you very soon.

Craig: Those surveillance tapes are going to stop Lexie Carverís lawsuit in its tracks.

Nancy: Who does that woman think she is, trying to destroy this hospital?

Craig: Not to mention me.

Nancy: She has picked the wrong people to mess with.

Craig: [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Craig: Come in.

Pete: Hey, I just got back from New York City.

Craig: Pete, we're on a roll. Give us some more good news.

Pete: I've got news, all right, but I'm afraid itís not good.

Pete: Sikes' sister was no help at all. When I told her about your daughter, that she needed a bone marrow transplant, that Sikes could be the answer, she was very sympathetic. However, she was never close to her brother, she hasnít been in contact with him for years, and, in fact, she suspects heís dead.

Craig: Does she at least know if Sikes ever married or has any children?

Pete: No. She has no idea. Says she never wanted to know. Not exactly a warm and fuzzy family.

Nancy: Does she have any children herself?

Pete: Single woman, lives alone.

Nancy: Did the woman at least agree to be tested herself?

Pete: Well, she said she would if she could, but sheís a cancer survivor, so that rules that out. I know how much you folks have invested in this, and obviously I'm going to keep on digging, but to be honest, itís like this guy you're looking for has just fallen off the face of the earth.

Shawn-D: Ah, wait, hold on. This is mine. Would you look at this? He wants to eat my licorice, too, just 'cause he finished yours. Here, you can have it. Itís yours.

Belle: Sibling rivalry. I always wanted Bradyís candy, too. Whatever flavor he had, it was always better than mine.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, J.T. Was the same exact way. You know what? Him and J.T. -- They're a lot alike.

Belle: They both have a great big brother. Thatís one thing they have in common.

Zack: Brother.

Shawn-D: Did you -- hey! Did you -- you know who I am. Bee, did you hear that? He knows exactly who I am. Thatís right, buddy. I am your --

Julie: Hey, kids!

Maggie: You're not going to believe --

Julie: Brace yourselves. Yeah.

Maggie: You're not going to believe what we just saw.

John: I accept your invitation... as long as itís all right with Marlena.

Marlena: Oh. Fine with me.

Tony: Well, thatís wonderful. You see? It was meant for me to come here today, wasnít it?

Marlena: Well, I'll have to think about that a little while longer.

Tony: I always believed in kismet -- the fates. And something tells me that our fates are destined to be intertwined.

Tony: Until we meet again. Marlena.

Tony: That was satin-smooth. At was even better than I thought.

Marlena: Astonishing. Did that really happen, or are you up to something?

John: Now, I told you at Tuscany --

Marlena: I know what you said -- give up the vendetta against Tony and the Dimeras. You've gone way past that. Itís one thing to end the feud, but to break bread with the man?

John: Doc, come on, you are the one who convinced me that peace is the answer, and you're right. Now, I just want to keep our family safe. That is my only agenda here, and if that means I've got to give Tony Dimera the chance to prove that heís a good --

Marlena: Hey, what about Lexie? Will you give her a second chance?

John: Thatís a different story, and you know it. The woman has caused our good friends a lot of pain and grief, not to mention sheís suing university hospital.

Marlena: Now, most people at the hospital feel that Stefanoís behind this -- behind the baby switch and the kidnapping of Isaac.

John: Most of us? Try all of us, and if I could find a way to prove it, I would.

Marlena: All righty. Would you also try to find a way to prove that Tony is guilty, that somehow heís connected to all the crimes Stefano committed against us and against the people of Salem? I think you would, wouldnít you?

Colin: Tony.

Tony: Oh. I'm in a rush.

Colin: Not too busy to look after your own health, I would hope. Come, letís give you a quick once-over, shall we?

Tony: Oh, you're conscientious to a fault, arenít you?

Colin: Why did you take off earlier?

Tony: Because I had another previous appointment at the house. I was drawn back to the hospital, to dr. Marlena Evans' office. I donít know why. It was a peculiar feeling. But anyway, I found myself there, and she walked in. I had to explain my presence. I said I needed her help. And then it was, uh, perfect the way it worked out when John black walked in.

Colin: Tell me more.

Tony: Ha ha ha. Tell you -- well, he extended... an olive branch. He was playing me. And, of course, I was receptive. As a matter of fact, I was quite eager. As a matter of fact, they're going to join me for dinner next week. I think they're going to be my two new best friends.

[Laughs] Heartwarming, isnít it?


Harold: So, how was the walk? Or the jog, or whatever you took? Clear your head?

Jack: It did. I know what I'm going to do.

Nancy: Now what? Oh, my God, the chances of finding a donor -- what if we're never able to track down Chloeís father?

Craig: I have an idea, Nancy.

Nancy: Sure, the kids -- they're all being tested, all her friends, but we know that the chances are slim that --

Craig: Did you hear what I said?

Nancy: What?

Craig: I have an idea.

Nancy: I'm listening.

Craig: I've been thinking about it for some time. I was just going over some of the cases where itís been successful, and --

Nancy: Where whatís been successful? Tell me, Craig.

Craig: We could give Chloe a sibling. We could try and have a baby.

Maggie: Oh! Do you think anyone else saw them?

Julie: Well, everyone must have seen them, because they were right out in the open.

Belle: Wait. Will you please tell us what you're talking about?

Julie: I'm sorry. Maggie and I were just coming out of the toy store. We're chatting away, and suddenly these two odd-looking teenagers rush past us, practically naked.

Shawn-D: A boy and a girl?

Maggie: Yeah. About your age, I guess. You know, they were just beautiful kids, but why would they be running through the mall with very little on?

Julie: Well, maybe they were on a dare. Maybe it was a dare.

Shawn-D: Yeah, itís probably like what you said -- just two teenage kids playing a prank.

Maggie: Ah, yeah. Yeah, I suppose. There you go.

Julie: Well, never a dull night at the mall, eh? Listen, thank you so much for taking care of him. Itís time for you to go home, sweetie pie.

Maggie: Look what we brought you.

Julie: A bear for you. Now say bye-bye.

Maggie: Bye-bye.

Shawn-D: Bye. Bye, Zack. I'll see you at home.

Maggie: Bye-bye. Thank you.

Shawn-D: You be good.

Belle: Do you think?

Shawn-D: It had to be. Unless -- okay, unless it was like they said. It was just two kids that were playing a prank.

Belle: Shawn, but what we saw on the hilltop -- that was not a prank or a dare. That was real. What if they are really aliens? We should go looking for them.

Shawn-D: No, we canít. We canít. We have to go to the pub. We have to make the posters for the bone marrow drive.

Belle: Oh, you're right. We shouldnít be late for that.

Shawn-D: Yeah, come on. Letís go.

Shawn-D: Right near this pub.

Belle: Shawn, I donít want to be late, so letís hurry, okay?

Shawn-D: No, we'll be fine. It takes like, what, two minutes to get over there?

Belle: Yeah, with your driving, it'll take about 20 minutes.

Shawn-D: You know... oh, I just love the sound of when this car starts up.

Jennifer: You going somewhere? Jack, please donít.

Jack: Donít?

Jennifer: Yes. What you said to me about Colin -- I think that you're right, and I want to help you prove it.

Tony: [Chuckling]

Colin: Do you need me to help you set the trap?

Tony: What trap? Did you not understand what I was saying, Colin? John blackís opened the door. All I have to do is walk through it. Itís practically a fait accompli.

Colin: I just thought perhaps that --

Tony: Unh, unh, unh. You underestimate me. I donít like that. Donít ever do that again, Colin.

Colin: So, whatís next?

Tony: Well, isnít it obvious? I get closer and closer to John black and his lovely wife -- Marlena Evans Black.

John: If reaching out to Tony can bring peace into our lives, I'm willing to do it. I will do whatever it takes to keep my wife and my family safe and protected.

Tony: [Chuckles] Yes, John and Marlena together. They're going to help me in ways... they never, ever imagined.

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