Days Transcript Thursday 7/11/02


Days Transcript Thursday 7/11/02

By Suzanne

Jennifer: Uh, yes, baby, look, I just need you to be patient, okay? Well, honey, of course you're more important to mommy. It's just I have to have a job right now and -- yes, yes, I will be home in plenty of time to tuck you in. All right, i'll see you later, okay? And I will work so fast, I promise you. All right, bye-bye.

Jack: I can handle that front page spread if you want to get home to abigail.

Jennifer: Well, uh, you know, I know that you would do a really great job but I don't feel right asking.

Jack: You're not asking. I'm offering. But I understand if you have any reservations. I don't want to step on any toes.

Jennifer: No, it's not that.

Jack: Oh, you're saying that other people are complaining. Out there they're saying i'm leapfrogging over them, spending way too much time in the big boss' office.

Jennifer: No, no one is complaining, because "a" -- they know how good you are...

Jack: Of course.

Jennifer: And "b" -- you were such a nice guy to work for when you ran this place.

Jack: Right. So, really, what is the problem?

Jennifer: You know what? There is none. I appreciate your help and so does abby. So, thank you, I will accept your offer.

Jack: Good. Good, great, good. Well, I'll get to work right now. Since this is where you started, this is where I'll finish.

Jennifer: Okay, yeah, I mean, whatever's best for you.

Jack: Good. Oh, wait, I got one file out here in my computer. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Oh, no, i can -- I can pull it up for you right here.

Jack: You can do that?

Jennifer: Yes. That's why we call it a network.

Jack: Ah...Technology.

Jennifer: Yes, it is amazing how much has changed in 10 years.

Jack: And how much has stayed the same.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, here you go. Jack's files.

Jack: You can see my whole hard drive.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, every little last byte.

Jack: Um, uh, you know, let me -- hey, let me try that. No, just show me how you do that.

Jennifer: What, right now?

Jack: Yeah, i need to learn. I really do. How does it --

jennifer: What are you up to? What are you up to?

[Gasps] aha!

Colin: So i walked into the vip suite after I learned that's where i can find miss chloe lane. And there she was -- lying there like royalty, big smile on her face.

Craig: Yeah, she's got some good friends coming up with that idea.

Colin: It certainly lifted her spirits.

Craig: I'm sorry. Mine too, till i got notice of this damn lawsuit that lexie carver's initiating against the hospital.

Colin: Bad timing, I know. But I assure you, craig, the woman is wasting her time. The hospital's in the right. The dimeras are in the wrong. Lexie carver doesn't have a prayer of winning.

Sami: Oh, come on, brandon. You must've ditched the loser by now. Let her get used to her new digs at the county jail. Oh, yeah, you are out of the picture now, dr. Carver. You are history.

Nicole: [Thinking] "meet me at tuscany at 8:00."

Nicole: Yes. Nicole walker calling for austin reed. Late meeting? Great. Well, did you give him my first message? Fine. Just tell him I really need to speak with him before my meeting with the ad reps tomorrow. I haven't heard from him all day. I don't want to be left hanging like this in the future.

Marlena: [Giggles]

maggie: Hello!

Marlena: Hello, honey.

Maggie: Hi.

John: How are you, maggie?

Maggie: Oh, i'm just fine. I want to wish you two beautiful people a belated happy anniversary.

John: Well, thank you.

Maggie: You know, I felt so awful when your wonderful party was cut short. I mean, the idea that tony dimera would pick that night of all nights? To thrill us with his news that he was alive and well and living in salem -- I mean, what could be jollier news, right? Why did I bring it up and remind you? I'm so sorry.

Marlena: Well, it's not like we could ever forget it.

Maggie: No, i suppose not. Well, come, I reserved you the best table in the house.

Marlena: Oh, it's great. Thank you, maggie.

Maggie: Okay, and i'll send your waiter over with the menus and get your drink orders.

Marlena: Thank you.

Marlena: Well, here we are.

Marlena: You don't much feel like celebrating, do you?

John: Sure I do. I mean, come on, our family's together, happy and healthy, and look at me, I am here with my -- my beautiful extraordinary wife. So, tonight, what do you say we just forget about tony and lexie and... All the dimeras.

Marlena: I would like to forget about all the dimeras for every single night. I told you before, what i want for our anniversary is for you to let this all go.

Marlena: Yes, the dimeras are awful, evil people. They stole your past, they've destroyed countless lives, and they've torn our friends apart. But for you to feel this anger, to carry this anger, and to want this revenge so badly, you're going to destroy yourself. And, john, the harder you push, the harder they will push.

John: Then how do i live with myself if i let them get away with everything they did? I don't have any peace. Why should they?

Marlena: All righty, what happens next? Next generation, maybe? This gets passed on to brady and belle?

John: Doc, I asked you to trust me on this one. So are you telling me that you can't?

Victor: So, is this a look of disappointment that i see? You were hoping that it was some other suitor who had summoned you here?

Sami: Lexie, what a surprise. I would've thought you'd be in jail by now.

Lexie: No, sami, only one jailbird here.

Craig: Brenda, I don't care if someone has to watch every tape in the storage facility.

Brenda: Look, i called the security company, and there are boxes and boxes and boxes, dr. Wesley.

Craig: I don't care. I want you to tell them they are not to stop looking until they find the tape of j.T. And isaac on the night they were born. Do you understand that? This is highest priority. Keep on this.

Brenda: Yes, sir.

Tony: Would you excuse me for a moment?

Lexie: Are you all right?

Tony: Oh, yes, I'm fine. Why don't you have something to eat, and I'll be right back.

Lexie: Okay.

Sami: Ahem. So, lexie, why isn't brandon here celebrating with you?

Lexie: Sami, go play in traffic.

Sami: I mean, why else would you choose to feast at the cafeteria of the hospital that you're suing, unless you're here to scope for brandon?

Craig: Excuse me, sami.

Sami: Oh.

Craig: How in the hell do you have the nerve to step foot in this hospital? What, are you here to gloat? Is that it? Well, I got a message for you, lexie.

Tony: You know, i was surprised to get your message. Is there a problem?

Jennifer: Murphy.Doc?

Jack: Uh, yes, you see, I-I thought that i would write a story about, um, murphy's law, being intimately acquainted with the subject myself.

Jennifer: Really? Oh, I want to read it because i'm really curious what you think about murphy's law.

Jack: No, no, no, never open a murphy's law file. That's bad juju -- bad, bad. Terrible things would happen.

Jennifer: You know what? I really thought that we could have a very cordial working relationship. I actually thought that we could be normal people.

Jack: We can. We will.

Jennifer: No, we can't, because you keep things like this from me. This file is about dr. Colin murphy.

Jack: It is, all right? It is. You're right. It is, and, actually, maybe it's for the best that you found out.

Jennifer: Found out what?

Jack: You'll see. Go ahead, jennifer, read it and weep.

craig: Sami, I need to speak with lexie privately. Would you excuse us?

Sami: Oh, come on, can't I just listen? I promise I won't interrupt. Oh, fine, fine. I'll just have to imagine all the hell you're going to give her. Go get her, tiger.

Craig: Dr. Carver, I want you to listen to me, and I want you to listen good.

Lexie: No, dr. Wesley, for once in your life, you're going to shut up and listen to what i have to say.

Craig: Keep your voice down.

Lexie: Why? Like i give a damn if the whole world knows what a jerk you are. Most people already do. And now they might be gratified to know that not only are you going to be unemployed very soon, you are going to have your license revoked.

Craig: Is that so?

Lexie: I know how you compromised yourself to undermine my friends, dr. Wesley, and how sneaky and disgusting you were with mike and carrie. Now you parade around this hospital like you own the joint. Well, you are about to be found out, you slimy bastard.

Craig: You really have lost your mind.

Lexie: And you know what? If anyone deserves to have something bad happen to them, it's you. I'm out of here.

Craig: Like hell you are.

Lexie: You let me go!

Craig: Listen to me! I don't know who you or your brother think you are, but you are standing on the shoulders of a dead man who never scared me or my wife. And you can huff and puff all you want like some bargain-basement stefano dimera, but let me tell you something, lady. I'm not buying, and if you think you're causing trouble, you are the one who's going to end up in trouble -- more trouble than you can possibly handle.

Tony: So why the urgent message?

Sami: Oh, um, excuse me for interrupting, but I would like to have a word with you, tony. In private. You don't mind, do you, colin, love?

Lexie: Sami. Stay away from my brother.

Nicole: I'm confused. Is that what you are, a suitor? Last night, you saved my life. We kissed. I thought we were going to make love, and you pull away. And then we're silent the whole way home. You avoided me all day at work, so i thought, seeing as how we were in a meteor shower, that maybe last night was just a crazy...Lapse.

Victor: If that's the way you prefer to think about it. Actually, I was just giving you some space, so you could decide for yourself.

Nicole: Oh, wait. We've already established that i'm not allowed to decide anything. Last night, you told me to trust in your love. What kind of love has you controlling everything that happens to me?

Marlena: John, I know there is bad blood between you and tony, but he was a friend before he was an enemy. He was a loving stepfather to carrie, and i think --

john: Oh, come on. That was then, this is now.

Marlena: Let me finish. I think this bizarre behavior of his before the end -- well, we now know is not the end -- may have been a result of his illness, which is now a thing that he's overcome.

John: So...What, you want tony and me to be pals?

Marlena: No. You don't have to be friends. You don't even have to trust him. Stop the vendetta and stay away.

John: I'm sorry. I've upset you. And you're right, the last thing that I need is to... Antagonize a dimera.

Marlena: Are you saying you'll leave it alone, that it's over? John, answ me.

Victor: You think i'd rather keep you in a gilded cage, I'm the reason that colin ended your relationship. Am i? Then i must also be the reason why austin left you and moved to new york.

Nicole: All i'm saying is that I want the freedom to control how i live my life.

Victor: Think about your lifelong dreams. Think about everything that you wished for your future, at least the things that colin and austin couldn't give you even if they wanted to. We understand each other, don't we? And I think we were put in each other's path for a reason.

Nicole: Are you saying you're the only one who can give me what i need?

Victor: What do you think, nicole?

Jack: Is victor kiriakis a man that you take seriously? Do you think he was mistaken when he said that colin murphy has huge gaping holes in his past, that he's a dangerous man?

Jennifer: If you would just let me read this in peace for a minute... What does O.H. Mean?

Jack: Oh. O-h, o-H. "Overheard."

Jennifer: Overheard at titan? What were you doing at tit? Why do you think victor is interested in colin if colin and nicole are history?

Jack: Now you're asking journalistically sound questions. You're intrigued. You're entranced. You're enticed.

Jennifer: No, it's my basic instinct to just ask a lot of questions, jack.

Jack: Okay, very good. What do your instincts tell you about this? Does bo brady distrust his own cousin for no reason? Hmm? And you saw the look between colin and tony when tony showed up at the penthouse grill. Right? And what about the fact that colin just happens to be an expert when it comes to this very rare blood disease that tony was miraculously cured of? Roman, bo, john, abe -- they all know that tony came back to this town to cause trouble.

Jennifer: Oh, i see. So colin is guilty by association?

Jack: No, no!

Jennifer: That is weak!

Jack: Oh...

Jennifer: That's so weak, jack. You're talking about a man who has traveled the entire globe, just to help disadvantaged children, do you know that?

Jack: Okay, fine. Fine. He's done a couple of good deeds. But let us not forget that even luke skywalker has a dark side.

Jennifer: All right, you know, you're projecting on this man. That's what you're doing.

Jack: Okay, jennifer, it's obvious that -- it's obvious to me that this man has turned your head, and that is fine. I mean, especially since you decided that you don't love me anymore, so --

jennifer: What?

Lexie: Did you hear me, sami? I said, stay out of my brother's face.

Sami: You know, it so happens that tony and I are practically related. He's my sister's stepfather, after all.

Lexie: Oh, well, it also so happens that tony is very fond of carrie and would be surprised to know the countless ways that you've gone out of your way to ruin her life!

Craig: Would you all please keep your voices down? And you, dr. Carver, can desist from telling people to whom they can and cannot speak with when i'm well within my rights to toss you out of here.

Tony: Now, why would you say that? Is this not a public hospital?

Craig: Oh, excuse me, isn't the elder statesman of the dimera family aware that his sister's going to sue the hospital?

Tony: Well, now, my sister and I have not had that discussion yet. But have i told you how... Blessed I feel for the excellent treatment i've been receiving here at the hospital, dr. Wesley? Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your stepdaughter's illness. If i can offer some hope, perhaps -- when they told me that i had a terminal illness, I was lucky to rover. I wish your daughter to be as fortunate. You're looking at me strangely.

Craig: I was just wondering how you know about chloe's condition, that's all.

Tony: Oh. A nurse mentioned it. Such a shame.

Marlena: I understand. There are no guarantees that everything will be all right if you stay out of tony dimera's way. But if you try it and it works... I told you before, all I want with this anniversary, or any year, is for you to be safe.

John: I can give you that, I promise.

Marlena: Thanks. Thank you for letting this all be over. We will return for the second half of "days of our lives" in just a moment. 5

Maggie: Happy anniversary. From your lovely wife!

John: What have you done? What have you done?

Maggie: [Giggles]

marlena: Well done. Thanks, maggie.

Maggie: Oh, it's a gift.

John: It's from my wife. Most definitely it's a hit. Gold paper -- ow!

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha! Oh, whoa. A briefcase -- this is great.

Marlena: Well, it's -- you know, leather is the traditional gift of a third anniversary. And, um, it's also very durable.

John: Durability. That's us. This is beautiful, honey.

Marlena: It was kind of an excuse to get rid of that old...Cop-era bag that you used to be so fond of.

John: Oh, come on. That had character. But this is... Much classier, that's for sure.

Maggie: And now this is from me. Happy anniversary, and may you have many, many more.

Marlena: Thanks, maggie. Oh, how sweet.

Maggie: Okay, here goes... Brace yourself.

Happy anniversary to you

happy anniversary to you

happy anniversary

john and marlena

happy anniversary to you

john: That's very sweet.

Marlena: Thanks.

Victor: Marlena's an exceptionally lucky woman. Not only is her husband rich and powerful, he loves her deeply, and he's a good man.

Nicole: That's not for me, is it?

Victor: What?

Nicole: What they have. Love. True love and me just don't go together. And according to you, oil and water just don't work. That's why you think i should give up on the whole concept.

Victor: It doesn't matter what i think, nicole. It's up to you.

Tony: Uh, doctor, if you would excuse me, I'd like to have a moment with my sister.

Colin: Of course.

Tony: So, why did you think you had to go alone with this? Why didn't you tell me about the lawsuit?

Lexie: Maybe I had a feeling you wouldn't be on my side.

Tony: You're my sister. I'm always on your side. That is why I'm telling you to let it go.

Lexie: Let go of my son, the little boy that I've raised for two years?

Tony: Lexie --

lexie: If you had ever been a father, you would know how impossible that is.

Tony: If you use your head, you know that child is not yours. All right, perhaps because i've not had a son, I haven't gone through the pain and sadness that you've gone through or the fact that isaac filled your heart with such spirit and with such joy, but, damn it, lexie, the boy is a brady.

Lexie: No, you stop it!

Tony: Look, regardless of the fact that the switch took place -- why it happened and how poorly it was that it happened -- you can't sue the hospital. You can't just bully dr. Wesley. Do you think we need more antipathy with the bradys?

Lexie: So you're talking about expedience.

Tony: No, i'm talking about who we are. I'm not just talking about the image of the dimeras. I'm talking about what's right... What's just. Good people.

Lexie: Well, just people demand justice. Those bradys and this incompetent hospital ruined my life, and now they're trying to blame our father, who loved us, tony, who -- who...Loved me. No. This isn't just for me, tony. This is for father, okay? I want everyone to know that he's innocent.

Tony: You have to find a way to assuage your grief. You've lost your child, your husband, your father in a matter of weeks. And perhaps I don't understand how that feels, but, lexie, I'm going through my own grief -- the loss of our father. And just when I thought everything was bleak, that they were going to take it all away from me, along comes a sister i'm getting a chance to know. Life has so many gifts, alexandra. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Lexie: And I you, tony.

Tony: Embrace what's good in life. Time to heal.

Lexie: Heal. Right. That is exactly what i intend to do.

Jennifer: What do you mean i decided I didn love you anymore? How do you know what i decided?

Jack: You don't need to spare my feelings, jennifer.

Jennifer: No, who told you that? Because I never -- I never said that I made any kind of decision like that.

Jack: Dr. Colin murphy. He told me in africa that's what you told him -- that you no longer loved me.

Jennifer: I didn't say that. I never said that. I know that I didn't.

Jack: Well, maybe you didn't use those actual words, but it must have been evident from your behavior. So he must have felt justified in drawing that conclusion.

Jennifer: Yes, I suppose he did.

Jack: This is actually the least of his sins. I mean, considering the fact that you and i are now split, and although i freely admit to having been jealous of colin in the past, I'm merely seeking the truth. This is about your safety and abigail and all of our friends and family.

Jennifer: I understand that.

Jack: All right, then look at the evidence. Look at it, jennifer, and tell me you don't believe me.

Nicole: I need a second to collect myself. Will you excuse me?

Victor: Of course.

Victor: Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt your celebration, but I just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary.

John: Well, thank you, victor. That's very kind of you.

Victor: You know, i remember when you were both on the board at "bella." Hard to think now that, uh, you're on the other side.

Marlena: My husband tells me the two of you have a very friendly competition going.

Victor: Yes, it's amazing, isn't it? Especially considering that kate's involved.

John: She's doing a hell of a job for me.

Victor: Well, i'm glad it worked out. I'm surprised you didn't bid on that peterman account.

John: Yeah, peterman really didn't fit into our plans at the moment.

Victor: Oh? Well, I find that hard to believe. In any case, best wishes to both of you. I wish you luck.

John: Thank you, victor.

Marlena: Well, he was provocative as always. Didn't sound like you had much interest in what he had to say.

John: That's because I am interested in only you. Only you. Tonight is for the two of us, and I want to dance with my wife.

Marlena: All righty.

John: Come on.

Jack: Well?

Jennifer: You know what, jack? I-I'm not going to jump to any conclusions about this man based on hearsay from people who don't even like him.

Jack: It's your choice, jennifer. Your choice.

Jennifer: No, i mean, really, why don't you talk to his uncle shawn brady? What about his co-workers at the hospital -- marlena, craig? Come on, jack, we're reporters. What's the other side of the story, right?

Jack: Okay, okay, we'll start with you. What do you have to say about colin murphy?

Tony: Well, thank you for fitting me into your schedule today.

Colin: No problem. So, how's it going? You feeling all right?

Tony: Well, i feel a bit agitated.

Colin: Understandably. Sit down, please.

Tony: Thank you.

Colin: Ah, this lawsuit is the last thing we need.

Tony: Yes, especially since i'm trying to rehabilitate the dimera name.

Colin: Well, you do have me to smooth the way.

Tony: Ah, yes, thank god. And if i'm going to reclaim the dimera power, I've got to find a way of getting alexandra under control.

John: And now i have a little something for you.

Marlena: You've given me everything i've always wanted.

John: But i haven't given you everything i wanted to.

Marlena: Oh. Gonna be selfish now, Huh?

John: Of course. What else is new?

Marlena: [Laughs] oh, honey. Oh, honey.

John: Come on.

Marlena: Oh, thank you.

[Both laugh]

marlena: Oh... That's lovely.

John: It's three charms for three amazing years. And the best is yet to come.

Marlena: Let me see. The sun, the moon, and the stars.

John: And you've already given me all of these, because this is what you are to me. The sun right here -- this symbolizes the incredible light that you have brought into my life. The power of your goodness has made the difference in my life. We have the moon here -- now, i really like this one, because this means that you are my center, you are my anchor, not to mention you are uniquely beautiful, and I am drawn to you like the tides no matter where you go. And then we have the star, because you'll always, always show me the way.

Marlena: I love you.

Victor: Well, you were gone some time. Did you make your decision?

Nicole: If I leave here with you tonight, you understand it doesn't mean i'm agreeing to your conditions.

Victor: Well, we both prefer the unpredictable, don't we, nicole?

Nicole: Shall we adjourn to my place?

Victor: Your place?

Nicole: My turf, my terms. I'll drive.

Lexie: Sami, hold on.

Sami: Wait a second. I'm going to be late for work.

Lexie: Really? What a surprise.

Sami: Go to hell.

Lexie: What were you doing with my brother?

Sami: It's a free country. I can talk to whoever I want.

Lexie: Really? I'm sure your father would be happy to know about that.

Sami: Maybe, but then i'm not as much of a daddy's girl as some people.

Lexie: Let's just look out for everyone's best interest and have you stay away from tony -- and from brandon.

Sami: What about brandon's best interests? I would think you'd be so preoccupied after losing your child and your father and your husband that you wouldn't be able to go panting after another man. But then i guess that is why you ditched your husband in the first place, isn't it?

Lexie: Oh, sami, you are playing a very dangerous game, especially when I have so much dirt on you. If only you knew.

Tony: Do keep in mind alexandra is a rightful dimera heir. Now, you'll get your part, but it won't come at her expense.

Colin: Not to worry, tony. Now, look at me. Try not to blink.

Tony: This is a waste of time.

Colin: It's your health.

Tony: I'm fine, i'm cured.

Colin: Oh, you didn't seem cured last night when you were in a catatonic state.

Tony: It was a ruse. It was nothing.

Colin: I'm not going to see physical weakness as an opening to make a power play, tony. On the contrary, if there is a problem, I need to know now, so that I can give you your help.

Tony: I'm fine.

Colin: Tony? Tony?

Jack: Perhaps you'd like to write something -- a biographical essay, since you don't seem to be able to speak objectively about the man.

Jennifer: I don't know what to say.

Jack: Jennifer, come on! Why do you think colin came to salem? He didn't tell you he was a brady, obviously. He just happened to be in africa when you were in africa. He just happened to be here when you're here. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, he has plans for you?

Jennifer: Plans for me? What do you mean, to use me and corrupt me? Is that what you're saying? Do you really think I would let him do that to me?

Jack: Well, i just have to say that if i couldn't corrupt you, no one could.

Jennifer: Well, thank you for your vote of confidence.

Jack: Okay, fine. Fine, fine, fine. This is -- it's personal. This is personal for me, because he hurt you! He -- I know he hurt you, just like I hurt you. And I know i can never make up for it. I was just -- I was just thinking that maybe, maybe I could try... To make sure that he doesn't make things any worse for you than i've already made them.

Jennifer: I really need to be alone right now, jack.

Jack: You cannot trust colin murphy. He is as bad, as dangerous as tony. And if, in your official capacity as boss, you will not allow me to prove that to you, then i quit!

Mickey: Well, it's a bit ironic, isn't it, that you and i are on the same side?

Craig: Yeah. I never thought we'd be on the same side of a case.

Mickey: I'm here at the request of the board because my mother cares more about this hospital than she cares about you. And in the interests of the preservation of this hospital to which my father dedicated most of his life, we would both like to believe that you did everything -- everything -- exactly right.

Lexie: You sent that cop to my hotel room at the salem inn, didn't you, you little sneak, so you could separate me and brandon?

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lexie: Who else would do something so ridiculous?

Sami: What's ridiculous is me standing here talking to a lunatic like you.

Lexie: Sami... Just remember what happened the last time one of your family members crossed a dimera. Just remember.

Sami: [Thinking] lexie and brandon? Ick. She is so wrong for him. And bad for him. And I think I'm going to have to work with a dimera to prove it.

Colin: Tony? Damn it. Why couldn't you tell me the truth? What is going on with you?

Tony: [Whispers]

colin: What? What did you say? Tony?

Tony: Mar... Le... Na.

Marlena: The sun, the moon, and the stars.

Of our meteor shower.

John: Mm. I just wish those government agents would disclose everything they know.

Marlena: Do you think they're not?

John: I think they classify information the public needs to know as a matter of course.

Marlena: Do you think that shawn and belle actually --

john: I don't -- I don't -- i don't know. I'm just going to focus on the fact that neither one of them were hurt, that no one in salem was hurt, and for that, we ought to be damn grateful.

Marlena: Mm. I'm going to give belle a call and make sure she's okay. And you know what? I can't any reception back this far. I'm going to go by the front door.

John: Sweetheart, I promise you i will protect belle. I'll protect all our children.

Marlena: From what?

John: There's evil in the world even after dimera.

Marlena: Well, I like the part about "after dimera."

John: Yeah. The phoenix is finally dead.

John: Well, i hate to break your trust, doc. I wish it could be over, but it's not, and that's a fact. And I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe -- to protect all of us.

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