Days Transcript Monday 7/1/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/1/02


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Jack: Jennifer, what's, uh...

Jennifer: Okay, "Chronicle" has zip, okay, unless they plan to fit it in to society news today or part two of "how your garden grows," Section "D," page 26. That's it. And the "Intruder" has nothing. Okay? So Stefano's dead, Tony's back. It's the story of the year, the story of the decade, and we have it. We're the only ones who have it!

Jack: And -- and you're happy?

Jennifer: Does it show?

Jack: Well... what?

Jennifer: I was thinking about the meteor shower, and how we're killing everyone on that, too. Wouldn't it be great if we could somehow link them together, and then it hit me, they already are.

Jack: What, the DiMera’s and a bunch of rocks falling out of the sky, and the connection is...

Jennifer: Wait a minute, Jack. It's in the impact. One hits so hard and fast that you don't have time to duck, and the other is so clever that you never see 'em coming at all. But either way, if they want you dead, you are.

Victor: Pretty quiet. Shame it won't last.

Philip: I'm not working here, Dad.

Victor: The window that you broke cost thousands of dollars. You will work here. There is no discussion, no negotiation.

Philip: Chloe has cancer.

Victor: This has nothing to do with her.

Philip: I'm going to spend the summer by her side, helping her get well. No negotiation, no discussion.

Victor: Very well.

[Dialing cellular phone]

Victor: Yes, Marie, I wrote a tuition check to Columbia University. Cancel it.

Nicole: Now what, Victor? How are you stepping on yet another person you supposedly love?

Roman: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey.

Roman: Where's Abe?

Bo: D.A.'s office. What happened at Aremid?

Roman: Well, they examined the body in Tony's grave. The ISA's doing DNA tests.

Bo: Yeah. If it was André in that grave...

Roman: Yeah, good luck prosecuting Tony for framing John for Tony's own murder. The SOB will skate.

Bo: Yeah, and John will freak.

Roman: Well, if he does and if he goes after DiMera by himself...

Bo: He'll be the one who ends up in a prison cell.

John: I may look like Soldier Black tonight, but I'm not. I'm just going to use his extraordinary abilities to bring down Stefano's son.

Marlena: Oh. He didn't come home.

[Watch beeping]

John: Damn. I knew it.

Bo: Okay, let's say it's all true. Andre was the one who was buried, Stefano died... how do we know it went down the way Tony told us, huh? After all, who's the one with the power? Who's the one with money?

Roman: That's a good point. But there's not enough power, there's not enough money in this world to satisfy DiMera, so what else does he want?

Bo: If it's Zack...

Roman: No, no. Don't even go there, Bo.

Bo: Put yourself in DiMera's place. He's bleeding, dying. What are you thinking about -- your wins, every time you got what you wanted, or are you obsessed by another thought?

Roman: The one that got away.

Bo: I can hear him now... "Tony, this boy is a DiMera. I want him raised as one. If I can't do it, you gotta do it for me." What are you doing?

Roman: Yeah, Captain Brady here. Yeah, change of plans. Double the detail on my brother's place tonight, and I want somebody at the DiMera mansion 24/7, starting right now.

Caprice: Marlena?

Marlena: Good morning, Caprice.

Caprice: Is something wrong? I didn't hear you or John come upstairs last night.

Marlena: John is convinced that Tony is out to get us, and he's determined to prove that.

Caprice: How?

Marlena: He went to the mansion, looking for what Tony is trying to hide, and he's not back.

Caprice: Oh, God.

Marlena: Yeah. He swore he could do it without getting caught, but if something goes wrong...

Caprice: So many things could...

Marlena: What do you know?

Caprice: Nothing about this. John is safe, okay? Believe it.

Marlena: I've got a bad feeling, like something is going to happen today.

Caprice: I know. Something big.


Tony: All right, I know you were here. So where are you now?

[Telephone rings]

Marlena: Where are you? Are you all right?

John: I was right. Tony's picked right up where Stefano left off.

Marlena: What do you mean? If you're in trouble, John --

John: Gotta go, Doc. Meet me at Abe’s office right away.

Kevin: Tonight is going to be awesome.

Mimi: A once in a lifetime event.

Kevin: Did you ever wonder why the Gemini meteor shower only happens once every 180 years?

Mimi: Not really.

Kevin: It's uncanny and may be proof that there really are other life forms out there somewhere.

Jennifer: All right, if Tony tries anything at that barbecue, it's going to be a major distraction.

Jack: Roman will be there, and Hope and Bo -- I mean, it'll be safe.

Jennifer: Right, and Jo said there's going to be security, because Abby is just dying to go.

Jack: She's going to have a great time. She's having a great time at the parade now.

Jennifer: It was so nice of Jo and Vern to take her to that, and they're going to bring her to Hope's later, right?

Jack: Of course, of course. Hope's inviting all the Brady’s? I mean, is it going to be a --

Jennifer: Is that your subtle way of wanting to find out if Colin's going to be there? I mean, Jack, I have no idea. But, come on, we have work we need to do.

Jack: Colin is work.

Jennifer: Look, the story that I gave you is "where is Stefano?" And we have the answer in ash form in a box!

Jack: Our sources say the cops aren't sure. They're running tests as we speak.

Jennifer: All right. Back to the meteors. I am holding the front page.

Jack: Well, let's just hope for an apocalypse. Maybe it'll justify all this coverage.

Jennifer: You know what? I will settle for awesome, magical.

Philip: Okay, if that's how you want to play it, fine. I'll get a loan, or I just won't go to college.

Victor: Is that a threat?

Philip: Dad, I know you think we're just kids, but that's not how it is. Chloe needs me, and I'm going to be there for her, period.

Victor: You know, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you were really in love.

Philip: I mean, what did you feel for Isabella?

Victor: She was my daughter.

Philip: Yeah, and you loved her. Moved heaven and earth to find a cure for her, right? Well, do me a favor and assume I'm that intelligent, that I actually know my feelings, which are not adolescent, stupid, or bound to change the second I meet somebody else. But if that's too much to ask or you can't or won't revise your opinion, then keep it to yourself, okay? Because when your dad thinks you're a jerk, you don't need to be reminded of that. You can't forget that if you try, trust me.

Victor: I'll, uh, talk to the manager. I'm sure she'll accept a check for the damages.

Philip: Thank you.

Victor: How is she?

Philip: She needs a bone marrow transplant. A bunch of us are working on finding a match, but it's not going to be easy.

Victor: Is there anything I can do?

Philip: No. I'll let you know.

Victor: About Columbia, I was angry.

Philip: I know. I know, Dad. You know, Chloe's all I care about right now. And until she's better, nothing else matters.

Victor: As long as you're an employee of my company, you'll play by my rules. And that includes not inviting that quack doctor to corporate headquarters so you can satisfy your need for a one-night stand.

Nicole: Who said it was only one night?

Victor: On company property? I do.

Nicole: Fine. You call the shots in the workplace, Victor, but not my personal life, so stop the bullying and the intimidation because it's not going to work. [Thinking] So you still want me for yourself. Well, you know what they say, darling -- careful what you wish for, especially when there's a sweet young thing who intends to make sure you get it... in spades.

Roman: What's wrong?

Marlena: John told me to come here.

Bo: Why? What's going on?

Marlena: He went into the DiMera mansion last night.

Roman: Damn it, I was afraid of that.

Bo: If he went off half-cocked and showed our hand to Tony DiMera, he's out of line.

John: No, Tony's the one who's out of line. I just came from hell house, so trust me, I know what his game is. And I'm going to beat him at it.

Tony: Wait a minute. No one knew it was here or how much it means. Oh, my God. It's gone! Damn! This could ruin everything.

Mimi: So, according to you, what, E.T. is tossing us boulders, trying to communicate with us?

Kevin: I'm not saying I believe in little green men, but why can't the Gemini meteor shower be more than weather? Why can't it be bigger, part of a plan?

Mimi: I still say the big question is, what happens if a space rock lands on you?

Kevin: The odds are astronomical.

Mimi: You're going to... pay for that one. Philip, how's Chloe? Did you see her today?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, she's hanging in, but she's scared. And I'm scared for her.

Jennifer: All right, so I'm going to go home and change.

Jack: Uh, me too. I'll, uh, I'll swing by after and pick you up.

Jennifer: What about your date?

Jack: Um, well, she -- she's coming later. She has, uh --

Jennifer: Oh, that's okay. Look, that's great. I'll -- I'll just see you later.

Jack: Okay. All right. Uh, Victor, buy you a latte.

Victor: Ha ha. No thank you.

Jack: All right, I'll just get to my question then. What do you know about Colin Murphy?

Jennifer: Oh. Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Colin told Victor he won't see me anymore. Was that your doing?

Bart: You rang, sir? Uh, everything okay?

Tony: Who are you?

Bart: Bart. The one and only Bart Biderbeck. Don't tell me the old man never mentioned me. Talk about "hit where it hurts." Ouchus Maximus, as the Caesars would say.

Tony: Obviously, my father must've developed a tolerance in his later years for incompetence and stupidity. I have not, nor do I intend to. Clear?

Bart: You're very well-spoken.

Tony: What is it you do?

Bart: Security, driving, the, uh, odd, odd job -- some of which can be a real drag. Private joke. Unless you heard... about me dressing up like your sister that time.

Tony: I heard you are good at what you do.

Bart: I am good at what I do, but that was strictly a "one time in the line of duty" deal, boss. Oh, man, is that weird -- I mean, I spent all those years calling Stefano "boss." I guess I haven't really fully taken in that he's gone. He is, isn't he? Speaking of which, where are the cremains? I haven't paid my last respects yet. I was thinking of a musical tribute, kind of a last song and dance for the Gipper, or in this case, the "Steffer."

Tony: Hmm, you know, I'll say this once, Bart -- shut up.

Bart: Shut up?

Tony: Yes. Yes, and just listen. Your so-called security is lousy. We had a break-in last night.

Bart: Get out!

Tony: Get out! This box was found opened, the contents emptied.

Bart: Yikes.

Tony: "Yikes" -- that's all you have to say?

Bart: Yikes and I'm sorry, if that helps.

Tony: I want to know what happened. I want to know in the next 10 minutes. Otherwise, you'll be terminated.

Bart: Sir, when you say, uh, "terminate," are you using standard employer-employee lingo, or are you speaking as a, uh, DiMera?

Tony: I am not a DiMera. I'm the head of this family, like my father was before me. Does that answer your question?

Bart: You're not like your father. You're 10 times worse.

John: So guess who dropped by the DiMera mansion for a little house call?

Roman: We know. Bo ran into Colin Murphy while the good doctor was supposedly tending to Tony.

John: No, I mean after that. The good doctor came back.

Bo: I knew they were connected.

Marlena: Tony's a patient. Maybe Colin was just being thorough.

John: "Thorough" means extensive medical testing, not check-ups after midnight.

Roman: Could you hear Colin and Tony? Did they something we could use?

John: Mnh-mnh. Body language was loud and clear, though. The man made himself quite at home in the DiMera mansion.

Marlena: I don't believe this. The man makes a house call, and you've got him convicted.

Bo: What are you, his lawyer?

Marlena: I work with Colin. He's a very good doctor, especially good with Chloe Lane.

Bo: I'll question him at the party tonight.

Roman: We can't afford to tip our hand.

John: Roman's right. If Colin is part of the DiMera cell --

Bo: Not "if." He is.

John: Just take it easy then. We want to nail these bastards. We don't want to scare 'em off.

Roman: Right, speaking of "nailing," where is it?

John: Where's what?

Bo: What you picked up at the DiMera mansion.

Marlena: What is it?

John: It's a key.

Bo: To?

John: The past, the future, everything that's a mystery, everything that we don't know about. And this unlocks it -- all of it.

Victor: Why do you care what I know about Colin?

Jack: He knew Jennifer in Africa. Now he's here.

Victor: Dr. Murphy and his affairs are of no interest to me.

Jack: Like hell they're not, Victor. I'm going to find out what you know. Count on it.

Jennifer: Nicole, this is the first that I'm hearing about Colin breaking up with you.

Nicole: I don't believe you. So, what's the plan, Jen? You're done with Brandon, and now you're going after Colin?

Jennifer: I-I'm leaving. Now, excuse me --

Nicole: Well, Jennifer, now you know. I'm done with the Doc, but, luckily, you don't mind hand-me-downs, and why would you? I mean, what's your alternative -- that?

Jack: Are you going to listen to that? Hmm?

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Jack: Yeah?

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Nicole: Happy Fourth. And why spend it alone?

Victor: And just who are you spending the holiday with?

Nicole: Well, I thought I was spending it with you, but you never RSVP'd to my invitation.

Victor: To what? Do you have a plan?

Nicole: Absolutely. Is your car outside?

Victor: Of course.

Nicole: Well, come on then. I'll tell you on the way.

Victor: On the way to what?

Nicole: Don't make me spoil the surprise.

Mimi: Everyone I know is getting tested.

Kevin: Yeah, they couldn't take me till tomorrow, but if I'm a match, I'm down for whatever Chloe needs.

Mimi: Me too.

Philip: Well, thank you. She'll be very happy that you both --

Mimi: What is it?

Philip: The last person I want to see... ever.

Mimi: Brace yourself.

Tony: Well?

Bart: I checked and double-checked every sensor, every camera, every tape. There was nothing there! And if somebody broke in, there would be plenty!

Tony: This box was not empty last night. Now it is. Explain.

Bart: Boss, I would if I could. In the meantime, have you considered that you might be, uh, well, you know...

Tony: What, the word you're searching for is "wrong"? No, I've not made that consideration, Bart. Neither will you. Understood? What?

Bart: It's just so pretty. So blue. Where'd you get it? What was in it?

Tony: My past. Possibly my future, too.

Bo: What kind of key has three prongs? What lock would it fit?

Marlena: None I've ever seen.

Roman: You're not a DiMera. You don't live to take over the world.

Marlena: There was a time when Tony wanted nothing to do with his father's legacy.

Bo: Don't try to be fair, Marlena. DiMera will use it against you.

John: He'll be too busy looking for this. 'Cause whatever it's for, it's the reason he's here, I know it.

Marlena: How?

John: I just do. When he finds out it's gone and I've got it, he's coming after me. That's when things will get very interesting.

Marlena: You mean dangerous.

John: No way that's going to stop me.

Marlena: Can anything stop you now?

John: No.

Bart: So your past and your future were all in this little blue box? I don't get it.

Tony: Obviously.

Bart: Can I maybe get a tad more info, please?

Tony: Do you think that I would be foolish enough to confide in an idiot like you?

Bart: Oh, man, here I go.

Tony: Oh, what's that, Bart, tears?

Bart: Your papa used to call me "idiot." Personally, I prefer "fool" because it implies a sense of humor, but, hey, what the hey. I knew you and I would hit it off.

Tony: In his long association, did he ever once threaten that, possibly, he'd pull your tongue out by its roots?

Bart: Well, not in those exact words, but once, he -- oh, I get it. You want me to zip it.

Tony: Ah, very good.

Bart: Don't worry, sir. From now on, not another word. After that word.

Tony: I want you to show me the security. I want to know every secret that's in this house, do you understand?

Roman: John, listen to me. If you're thinking about going after Tony by yourself, don’t. You hear me?

Man: You have a phone call, Captain.

Roman: Yeah, I'll take it at my desk. This isn't over.

Bo: We all want to bury Tony, and we will, but we got to do it together. I'm out of here. Hope wants me to help her get things ready for the party.

Marlena: We'll go with you.

Roman: Well, that was Shane.

John: What did the test results say?

Roman: The remains are human. There wasn't enough DNA to prove anything more.

John: In other words, the son of a bitch is still alive.

Bo: That's why Tony was so willing to give us those ashes. He knew they were worthless.

Marlena: What about the other test -- the body that was buried at Aremid?

Roman: Positive I.D. The guy who came into your anniversary party was Tony DiMera, nobody else. The stiff they dug up was cousin André, and according to Shane, it looks like every word that Tony said was true.

Nicole: So, how about this view?

Victor: Nice.

Nicole: Nice? Try magnificent. And when you look down, you've got the whole world at your feet.

Victor: When did you ever not, Nicole?

Nicole: I brought champagne, crab salad, and great bread.

Victor: Now, you didn't bring me all the way up here to give me expensive take-out.

Nicole: No. After it gets dark, we're going to watch the fireworks, the meteor shower, and then...who knows?

Victor: Another surprise?

Nicole: Maybe more than one.

Philip: What's your problem, Cynthia? Huh? What part of, uh, "I never want to see your face again" did you not understand?

Mimi: Yeah, you should've learned your lesson from the prom. You and Jason wanted to ruin it for everyone, but you only ruined it for yourselves.

Cynthia: Well, I have something to say, and I'm not leaving until I do.

Marlena: John, no, no, you can't go in like that. You must calm down.

John: Come on, Doc, Stefano could still be alive. Tony's pulling God-knows-what kind of a scam. Forget about calm.

Marlena: I know you're frustrated. So are Bo and Roman. But there's nothing you can do about that right now, so just forget about it.

John: It's tough to do.

Marlena: I understand. If you can't do it for yourself, then do it for me.

John: All rig. I'll -- I'll do it for you. Yeah.

Marlena: Do it again.

John: What was that?

Marlena: Proof... that it's good to do things your wife's way sometimes.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Whoa! Hey, hey.

Marlena: Hi.

John: So, where is everybody?

Bo: Uh, Pop and Shawn are out back setting things up.

Roman: And the grill -- every year I tell pop that gas is the way to go.

Caroline: Oh, yeah, and every year I tell Roman only a fool would try to separate my husband from his mesquite.

Marlena: Ha ha ha ha! Is Hope in the kitchen?

Caroline: Uh, no, she's at the market. She said she ran out of something. I don't know. Ooh, hey!

Bo: All right, hey, we're here, we're here, whoa!

Jack: We come bearing cow -- 500 pounds, to be precise. Where can we go?

Bo: Away?

Jack: Oh, no.

Bo: Come on, get in here.

Jennifer: Apparently, Oliver Wentworth owns an entire cattle ranch. Hope said she cleared a shelf for me, but I think I'm going to need an entire fridge.

Bo: Did you bring one?

Jennifer: No. Happy Fourth, everyone, and you sweet guy.

Bo: Yeah.

Caroline: I'm so glad you could make it, Jennifer -- you and Jack.

Jack: Um, uh, look, uh, Bo, I really think we should talk about Tony DiMera, don't you?

Jennifer: No. No, I think we should put the beef in the kitchen.

Jack: But -- yeah. Okay, later. Thank you.

Marlena: Are they back together?

Roman: Not a clue. But I would like to know how much they know about Tony before it winds up in the "Spectator" tomorrow.

Jack: Are you crazy? I've the element of surprise going. If I don't get back in there and keep hitting 'em, Roman and Bo will stonewall all night.

Jennifer: Jack, this is a party. It's a holiday. We can't pump information out of people tonight.

Jack: I suppose if you have a moment with John Black, you won't go quote fishing? You'll say, "Hey, how about them Cubs?"

Jennifer: Will you give it a rest, okay?

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Jennifer, you're are talking to a reporter here. There are two big stories tonight -- one, the Gemini meteor shower, and two, the return of Tony DiMera from the dead. You don't expect me to stand around and --

Jennifer: Will you shove this, please? In the fridge, in the back, anywhere there's room.

Bo: There you are! All set for independ-- no? Okay. Today you are going to have your first Brady burger with the works.

Roman: Like father, like son.

Bo: Yeah.

Caroline: I know what he wants. Don't you worry, kiddo. Grandma's going to get it for you.

Bo: Good, 'cause he's getting restless, aren't you?

Caroline: I know.

Marlena: I'm going to go and see if Jack and Jen need help. You okay?

John: Just fine.

Roman: Look, I know you're stressed. Got DiMera on the brain, so do I. But do us all a favor, just let it go.

John: You mean just like you.

Roman: I didn't say it was going to be easy. But tomorrow, we're going to be back on the case, and with you, me, Bo, Abe, Shane, everybody else on overtime -- don't worry, we'll get our break.

John: Mm-hmm. And if we don't?

Roman: You know that key you found? I think that's the answer.

John: I'm sure it is.

Roman: I want our lab to analyze it.

John: No way. That key does not leave my sight...ever.

Roman: All right. Have it your way. But if you find out what that is, what it unlocks --

John: You will be the first to know.

Roman: If I'm not, you'll be facing obstruction charges, John, I mean it.

John: I hear you.

Roman: I'm trusting you, against my better judgment. Don't make me sorry.

John: I'm going to do what I go to do, Roman... no matter who ends up sorry.

Tony: It's impressive.

Bart: First-rate, top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art.

Tony: Show me the tape.

Bart: Tape?

Tony: From the camera in the living room last night.

Bart: Your wish is my command.

Tony: Fast forward.

Bart: You see? No one there.

Tony: Wait a moment. Look at the clock. It's not moving.

Bart: You mean --

Tony: Yes, whoever broke in knew how to beat the machine. They rigged it so we wouldn't see them searching, and they were here and they were searching! Look at the sensor light. Look at that. That's how they got in -- through those doors.

Bart: How the hell would anyone know to do that?

Tony: What, it hasn't occurred to you yet, perhaps our intruder was a lot smarter and better trained than you? You're such an idiot!

Bart: We are going to have so much fun together, boss. I just know it.

Tony: I have to leave before my brain melts. [Static] What was that? What the hell was that?

Philip: All right, you get about two seconds to spit it out, then you get the hell out of my face.

Cynthia: I heard about what happened to Chloe, and I want you to know how shocked I was. And sorry.

Philip: Yeah, right.

Cynthia: No, I mean it, and if it's okay, I want to get tested for the donor drive. I-I really hate what Chloe's going through.

Philip: Well, thank you.

Cynthia: Okay, well, I may be a bitch, but... even bitches have hearts.

Philip: Well, I did not know that.

Cynthia: Now you do.

Philip: Yes, I guess I do.

Victor: Can I have a hint?

Nicole: Hmm. No.

Victor: [Chuckles] You give new meaning to the word "tease."

Nicole: Thank you. But to show that I am not completely cruel, why don't you go to the car and get the picnic things, and then tell the driver we'll call him when we're ready to go later... much later?

Victor: Is there a blanket among those picnic things?

Nicole: If there isn't, I'll cry.

Nicole: It sure is a long way down.

Jennifer: Okay, there are approximately 400 salads on the big table.

Jack: And countless fixings for burgers and dogs.

Jennifer: Yeah, everyone should be arriving any minute. Oh, and Hope called. She's on her way.

Bo: Good, it's time to get this clambake on the road.

Roman: Hey, listen, I'll be right back.

Bo: Okay.

Marlena: So, what happened to letting go?

John: What, sweetheart, what do you want from me? DiMera's out there getting ready to strike.

Marlena: We've gone up against the DiMera’s before. What's got you so worried this time?

John: Because this could be the last time. Because if the DiMera’s win, we lose... everything.

Caroline: Jack-in-the-box, just as promised. Are you happy now?

["Pop goes the Weasel" playing]

Bo: Yeah. Put a smile on his face.

Caroline: Ooh!

Bo: Ooh! Ha ha ha!

Tony: What is that? What am I hearing?

Bart: Relax, boss. You're going to love this one.

Bo: Here, you hang out with grandma for a second, okay? What?

Roman: All right, we got two cars out front, two cars out back, and nobody gets past them. It doesn't mean Tony won't try.

Jack: News flash --

Jennifer: No. No, not tonight. We are going to take a break, Jack. Really.

Jack: I'm sorry to tell you, Jennifer, but we are not going to get it. Between whatever Tony's cooking up, the meteor madness, and the fireworks, I'm sorry to tell you, anything could happen tonight.

Bart: Was I not right? Are you not loving this?

Tony: Hmm, it's amusing.

Bart: So, is it true? Is there a plot on tonight, another bomb to drop?

Tony: I'm a DiMera. There's always another bomb.

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