Days Transcript Friday 6/28/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/28/02


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Belle: Shawn, when can I turn around and look? 

Shawn-D: Just wait one second. All right. Follow me. 

Belle: [Giggles] 

Shawn-D: I hope you like your surprise. 

Belle: Shawn. 

Shawn-D: Well, what do you think? 

Belle: Look at this. It's amazing. 

Shawn-D: Yeah. And there's food for when we get hungry. Come on. 

Belle: These flowers are so cute. You've been watching Martha Stewart, haven't you? 

Shawn-D: I made a list of the things you like. Okay? I just want to make you happy. 

Belle: Just being here with you would have been enough. 

Belle: You know... 

Shawn-D: Hmm? 

Belle: I kind of always thought of lookout point as our special place. 

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, it was here, the first time I told you I loved you. 

Belle: I remember. 

Shawn-D: Only thing we're missing now is our snow. 

Belle: And our snowman. 

Shawn-d: What, did I say something wrong? 

Belle: No, it's just amazing how people can be on the same wavelength at the same time without even knowing it. I brought something for you, too. I had a feeling tonight would be the right time. 

Shawn-D: All right, well, what is it? 

Belle: My broken heart. 

Nancy: [Crying] 

Craig: Hey. Listen, I'm not having any luck finding her biological father on the internet, but the good news is, I checked the National Bone Marrow web site. Chloe's name's on the list for a donation. 

Craig: What's this? Oh, God, she's writing a will.

Sami: Brandon, you're being ridiculous. Tony is my friend. 

Brandon: You don't know what you're talking about. 

Brady: So, how soon do I find out if I could be a donor? 

Woman: Okay, we just sent your blood sample to the lab. The doctor will call you when they have the results. 

Brady: My friend is very sick, and she really needs a bone marrow transplant. 

Woman: It takes a special person to be a donor. 

Brady: Well, she's the special one. Thank you. 

Philip: Oh, my God, I knew you'd be here. 

Brady: All right, Philip, what's your problem this time? 

Philip: You. I think it's gross the way you keep using Chloe's cancer to get closer to her. 

Brady: And I think it's sick that you even think that. Now get the hell out of my face. 

Philip: Hey. At least stop lying, Brady. Admit you've got a thing for her. 

Sami: What makes you think that I want anything from Tony? 

Brandon: You're not friends, you were a kid the last time the guy was in Salem, so what in the hell do you want to hang around him for? 

Sami: He's getting a raw deal from everyone, including my father. 

Brandon: Really? 

Sami: Yes. Just because Tony is Stefano's son does not mean that he is evil. He is innocent of all those crimes he is being accused of, and I'm going to help him prove it. 

Brandon: What is the matter with you? Do you want to put yourself in danger? 

Lexie: Colin, what are you doing here? 

Bo: I was about to as the same thing. 

Colin: I assure you, Bo, the DiMera mansion is the last place I'd ever choose to be. 

[Door opens] 

Marlena: Well, there you are. I've been calling your cell phone for hours. 

John: Sorry. I didn't have time to pick up. 

Marlena: All righty, well, I'll try not to be offended then. You know, you've been MIA since early this morning. What's up? 

John: I really don't have time to explain. 

Marlena: Why not? 

John: Because I'm going back out. Don't wait up. 

Marlena: Don't wait up? Of course I'll wait up. I can't go to sleep unless I know you're home. 

John: I'm not coming home at all tonight, and don't ask me why, 'cause I'm not going to tell you. 

Bo: If you hate it so much, what are you doing here? 

Colin: It happens I've done considerable research on the very illness Tony almost died from years ago. 

Bo: Interesting coincidence. 

Colin: Yes, it is. I hope you don't mind. I checked your hospital records. You see, I treated a number of patients with the same disease when I was in Africa. None of them survived. So, I'm curious about the treatment you were given by the doctors your father hired. 

Tony: As I said, I was treated with untested medicines. 

Colin: And given the animosity between our families, you're probably going to tell me to go to hell. But in the interest of public health, Tony, I hope you don't. In the interest of your own health as well, I'm afraid. 

Lexie: My brother was completely cured. 

Colin: I'm sure it's comforting for you to think that, Lexie, but Tony came close to collapsing the other night. It's possible his disease was only in remission, and that it's come back. 

Tony: Has the Brady cousin come to offer his medical expertise? 

Colin: If you'll accept it from me, yes. The Hippocratic oath requires that I heal the sick. There's no out clause in the event of a family feud. Isn't that right, Dr. Carver? 

Lexie: Colin is a well-respected physician. Maybe he can help you, Tony. 

Colin: [Sighs] I hope you feel as foolish as you are. I'm not hatching nefarious plots with Tony DiMera. 

Bo: Mm. No, that would be way too obvious, like how you just happen to be an expert in Tony's rare blood disease. That's convenient. 

Nancy: "By the time you read this, I'll be gone. Please don't be sad for me. I'm at peace. I'm writing this now so you'll know how much you all meant to me during my last days. Nancy, I could be sad. We had so little time together. But I choose to be grateful that you found me. I gave you such a hard time. That's just my nature, I guess. But I want you to know --" oh, Craig... 

Craig: "But I want you to know that I understand why you gave me up. And even though I had a hard time showing it, I did love you. So I'm willing you the most precious thing I have to give -- the name 'Mom.' I wish I had said it more when I had the chance, but it was always in my heart." 

Nancy: Craig, what are we going to do? She thinks she's going to die. 

Craig: It's okay. 

Chloe: [Coughing] 

Craig: Hey, sweetie, are you okay? 

Nancy: Hi, sweetheart. Uh, I have to go check with your night nurse. I'll be right back. 

Chloe: Okay, that was strange. What's up with Nancy? 

Chloe: This isn't where I left this. Did Nancy read it? 

Craig: Yeah, sweetheart. I'm, uh, I'm afraid she did. 

Brady: Philip, you think I'm hurting Chloe? You dated Cynthia. And I'm sure Chloe was just thrilled to see you hanging out with that slut at Salem Place. 

Philip: I did it -- I did it for Chloe! 

Brady: You did it for -- what are you talking about? 

Philip: You don't know everything, Brady. My dating Cynthia was all part of a plan to get Belle and Shawn back together. 

Brady: Damn it, Philip! You know that Shawn treated my sister like dirt. You should have stayed out of that. 

Philip: It was Chloe's idea. And it worked. Belle and Shawn are back together, and so are Chloe and I, so you stay out of it. 

Nancy: Philip, Brady, stop it! What is the matter with the two of you? 

Sami: Okay, I'm impulsive. I don't think about danger. Maybe that's what gets me into trouble all the time. But nobody knows what it's like to be wrongly accused better than I do. I was on death row, I had that needle in my arm, and I am not going to let that happen to another innocent person. 

Brandon: Tony DiMera's not innocent. 

Sami: Okay, well, he's not a saint. But I've had enough of saints after Austin. Tony is being set up to take the fall for his father, and that's not fair. 

Brandon: So you're on a one-woman crusade to save him. Dumb. 

Sami: Why, because I have a heart? 

Brandon: He's doing a number on this town, Samantha. Don't fall for it. 

Sami: You're wrong about Tony, and I'm going to prove it to you. 

Brandon: Come on, Samantha, wait. Just -- 

Sami: Let me go, Brandon. 

Brandon: Not until you promise that you're going to stay away from him. 

Sami: Why should I? 

Brandon: So you'll be safe. You're acting so reckless. I'm scared for you. 

Shawn-D: I never wanted to break your heart, Belle. And I wish I could go back and change the way I acted. 

Belle: Wouldn't life be great if we could hit the "rewind" or "edit" button? There are a lot of things I know I'd do differently. But when I said "my broken heart," what I meant was this. Do you recognize it? 

Shawn-D: Is that the heart that I put on our snowman? 

Belle: Yep. 

Shawn-D: Let me see. You know, this heart and that snowman was what gave me the courage to say I love you for the first time. So, uh, what happened here? Wait, let me guess. You were mad at me. 

Belle: After everything came out about Jan, I was in my room crying -- well, I did a lot of that. 

Shawn-D: I'm sorry. 

Belle: It's okay. It's okay. Time to let it go. 

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, you probably wanted to rip my head off. 

Belle: I want to move past those feelings. And I thought maybe this heart could help me. I want to tape it back to the way it was -- the both of us together. Is that dumb? 

Shawn-D: No. This heart is obviously just made out of paper. And you could have thrown it away, but you didn't. You held on to it. 

Belle: It's like a symbol of our love, and that's why I want to put it back together. So you hold on to those. 

Shawn-D: Okay. What -- oh, the girl comes prepared. 

Belle: You're talking to the salutatorian here. 

Shawn-D: Yeah. 

Belle: Okay, you hold on to those, and I'm going to tape it back together. 

Shawn-D: All right. 

Belle: On your heart? Nice move. 

Shawn-D: Yeah. 

Belle: Okay. A little crooked, but I think it works. 

Shawn-D: It's the best I can do from this angle. 

Belle: [Laughs] 

Shawn-D: Okay. Now, I know -- I know that we're putting this heart back together, but still underneath it's in two pieces. And every time you smile at me, I know that the pain is there inside. 

Belle: Love can grow back stronger than ever. I really do believe that. And we did it. 

Shawn-D: I promise you I am not going to give you a reason to ever rip that up again. 

Belle: Seal it with a kiss? 

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah. 

Nancy: Just when Chloe needs her friends to be strong and supportive, I find the two of you out here fighting over her like selfish, immature jerks. God knows why she loves both of you. 

Philip: She told you that? 

Nancy: I read it in her will. 

Philip: Chloe has a will? 

Nancy: Forget I said that, Philip. I'm not supposed to know, and don't you say a word. 

Brady: Well, what can we do? 

Nancy: Well, first of all, you could stop thinking about yourselves. We have to keep her spirits up. Brady, Philip, we have to convince her that she won't be needing a will, that she's going to live. 

Brady: Of course she is. 

Sami: Don't take this the wrong way, Brandon, but who I see is really none of your business. You don't want me. You've made that quite clear. So I backed off, and maybe now you should back off me. 

Brandon: Fine. Do what you want, Samantha. Run after Tony. But when you get in over your head and you're drowning, don't call my name. 

Colin: I suppose it's the detective in you. No matter what I say or do, you'll find something to be suspicious about. But you're wasting your time. 

Tony: Oh, excuse me. Thank you for your offer, Dr. Murphy, but I'm in excellent health. I mean, my collapse the other night was caused by jet lag. 

Lexie: Tony, you could let Colin monitor you just to be safe. 

Tony: No, no. Thank you. I don't need a doctor. 

Colin: At least not a doctor related to the Brady’s. 

Lexie: No, no, he never said that. Look, why don't you let Colin examine you as long as he's here, huh? 

Colin: Never mind. I have a hospital full of patients who appreciate my services. 

Lexie: Colin, please, don't go. Tony, listen, why don't y-- oh! My God. Oh, my God. 

Bo: What's wrong with him? 

Colin: He's conscious, but he's not responding. 

Lexie: We've got to get him to a hospital right away. Bo, don't just stand there. Come on, help us! 

Bo: All right.  

Craig: Your mom did not mean to invade your privacy. You know that, don't you? 

Chloe: No, it's my fault. I should have put the will away, but I was feeling so sleepy. 

Craig: Uh-huh. Hey, I want you to listen to me for a second. Now, listen to me, and listen good, okay? Just because you need a bone marrow transplant does not mean that there's no hope. 

Chloe: I know. 

Craig: I hope so. 

Chloe: Hey, if anyone can get me well, it's you... And your crackerjack team of University Hospital doctors. 

Craig: That's my little Chloe. Oh, always busting my chops. I'm sorry, sweetie. I really am sorry. 

Chloe: Hey, you didn't give me leukemia. 

Craig: Yeah, I know, but I still wish I would have caught the diagnosis sooner -- you know, when you started showing all those symptoms. 

Chloe: You're a great doctor, and a great dad. That's what you've been like for me. Hey, it must have been a real shocker when Nancy brought me home. Like, surprise, just what you've always wanted, an unhappy, unpleasant teenager moving in, criticizing everything you say and do. 

Craig: Ah, you gave us a hard time for a short while. 

Chloe: Yeah, but you stuck by me. While I took out a lifetime of anger on Nancy, you were there for me -- someone I could trust and rely on, just like you're doing now. I love you, Craig. 

Craig: I love you, too, Chloe. I love you, too. Hey, listen to me. We're going to find that match, okay? And you're going to get your transplant. And that is a promise. Okay? 

Brady: Mrs. Wesley, I'm so sorry. I was being a jerk. 

Philip: Yeah, me too. I'm sorry. 

Nancy: Thank you. 

Brady: Hey, Philip, I got tested. 

Philip: Tested for what? 

Brady: Chloe needs a bone marrow transplant. They're looking for a donor. 

Philip: I'm in, too. What do I do? 

Brady: Well, they take a blood sample, and they see if it's compatible with Chloe's. 

Philip: Fine, yeah, whatever. I want to help. 

Nancy: Oh, Philip, I overheard. Thank you so much. Brady, will you take him where he needs to go? I have to find Chloe's night nurse. 

Brady: All right, that's it, man. We're moving on. Next chapter. No more fighting over stupid stuff. 

Philip: No more being jerks. This isn't about us. 

Brady: You're right. It's about saving Chloe. 

Philip: Right. That's what it's about. 

Brady: Come on, man, I'll show you where to get tested. 

Sami: Oh, my God, what happened to Tony? 

Lexie: Let's get him to a cubicle. 

Sami: Wait, Lexie, just explain to me what happened. He looks terrible! Oh, my God! 

Lexie: Sami, leave us alone! Stay out of the way. Tony, Tony, it's Lexie. Oh, my God. Tony? Tony, talk to me. It's come back. It must be the blood disease. What if he loses his sight again? What if he dies? Colin, please, you've got to help him.  

Belle: Living in town, you kind of forget how bright the stars are. Look, Shawn, it's Gemini. 

Shawn-D: Where? 

Belle: Right there. Do you remember what caprice told us about the meteor shower that's supposed to happen over July 4th? It could change our lives. 

Shawn-D: Do you want your life to change? 

Belle: No. I'm really happy with the way things are right now. 

Shawn-D: Hey, tell me something, something that you have never told anyone else, like, uh... What's your impossible dream? 

Belle: I had this dream last night -- 

Shawn-D: All right, that's not what I meant. 

Belle: No, no, no. Listen, because it was really odd, but very cool at the same time. I was lying in this huge, beautiful field, and I was really excited because I was going on this amazing adventure. 

Shawn-D: Where to? 

Belle: That's my question. I was so confused, and I heard this voice. 

Shawn-D: You were hearing voices? 

Belle: Yeah, but it was a really nice voice, and it said, "it's time to leave now." 

Shawn-D: And it's off to see the wizard. 

Belle: No! Will you listen to me? 

Shawn-D: Okay, okay. 

Belle: Okay, because then the voice said, "it's time to start your adventure." And I asked, "where would this adventure take me?" 

Shawn-D: Okay, and what was your answer? Come on, don't leave me hanging. 

Belle: To another world. Then I felt this hand take mine, and we started walking really slowly. You'd think that I would be afraid, but I wasn't. I was really excited to go there, Shawn, and... Then I woke up. But I was really disappointed because I wanted to go there, to that other world. 

Shawn-D: Well, maybe if we look into each other's eyes, we'll find it. 

Belle: You're going to take me to another galaxy? 

Shawn-D: Another galaxy, another universe -- you name it, and we'll find it together. 

Craig: Hey, why don't we put this away, hmm? Anyway, I checked the web site, and your name is on the national donor list. 

Chloe: That's not a guarantee. 

Craig: No, but it increases odds to get you a match. 

[Knock on door] 

Brady: You up for a visit from two potential donors? 

Philip: Yeah, Brady showed me where to get my blood tested. 

Brady: See? Twins. 

Craig: That's great, you guys. Thanks. 

Brady: Yeah, we're just getting started. 

Philip: Yeah, we're gonna go to Brady’s right after this... 

Brady: And make a list of people to call so they can come in here and get tested like us. 

Craig: That's great. That's really great. Thanks. 

Brady: Well, uh, it was my idea, actually. 

Philip: Yeah, nice try, buddy. I came up with it. I have all the great ideas. 

Brady: You know, who cares whose idea it was? The point is, I'm going to recruit more people than him. 

Craig: Well, you two can battle it to the end. Meanwhile, I'm going to go check on a couple things, and I'll see you later. Chloe, remember what I said. See you. 

Philip: I know. I'm going to be a match. 

Brady: I don't think so. I think I'm going to be the match. 

Philip: What if we're both the match? 

Chloe: Ha ha. Since when did you two become such good friends? 

Colin: The good news is that these symptoms don't indicate a blood disorder. Tony's not having a relapse. 

Lexie: Then what's wrong with him? 

Colin: That's the bad news. At this point, I have no idea. He's completely unresponsive. His condition hasn't changed in the slightest since we took him out of your father's place. 

Bo: Hear anything juicy? 

Lexie: I've never seen a case like this. Ha! Tony. 

Tony: Oh, Alexandra. Where am I? What are you doing? Get your hands off me! 

Lexie: Tony, um, it's okay. Colin helped us get you to the hospital. 

Tony: The hospital? What am I -- ah, for heaven's sake, I'm feeling perfectly fine. 

Lexie: Well, you weren't. You passed out. 

Colin: Not exactly. You went into some sort of catatonic state -- glazed over. 

Lexie: Yeah, you wouldn't respond at all. We had to bring you in here. 

Tony: Ah, damn it! It happened again!  

Brady: What are you talking about, Chloe? We've always been good friends. 

Philip: Yeah, Brady's my nephew, remember? 

Brady: Good old Uncle Phil. 

Philip: Yeah, it's the, uh, Uncle Phil and Brady show, live from University Hospital! 

Brady: [Humming music] 

Chloe: Ha ha ha ha! Okay, okay, you two, knock it off. You've been ready to kill each other for months. 

Philip: Hey, well, you know, Brady's been jealous of me, you know, graduating with honors, getting accepted into Columbia. I mean, I'm just starting out in life. Brady here is a has-been. 

Brady: Um, yeah, nice spin on the truth there, when the fact of the matter is, is Philip is green with envy over my new apartment, my great job. See, he's still lives at home with daddy like a little baby. 

Chloe: Oh! 

Brady: Admit it, Philip, you want to be me when you grow up. 

Chloe: Ha ha ha ha. 

Sami: Uncle Bo, I, um, I wasn't eavesdropping, exactly. It's just that I was here when you brought Tony in, and I was curious. 

Bo: Hmm. Do Roman and Marlena know you're interested in this guy? 

Sami: I'm not a teenager. I don't need my parents' permission to be friends with someone. 

Bo: Tony DiMera is not someone you should be friends with. Steer clear of him for your own safety. 

Sami: I'll be careful. 

Bo: Good. 

Lexie: Tony, what did you mean when you said, "it happened again"? Hmm? 

Colin: Were you referring to your catatonia? Have you had similar episodes in the past? 

Tony: You know, Alexandra, I say we go back to the house. 

Colin: Whoa, you're not going anywhere until we figure out what just happened to you. 

Lexie: Tony, as long as you're here, you might as well let Colin give you a thorough examination. 

Tony: My dear sweet sister, worried about your long-lost brother? I'm fine. You're probably as tired as I feel. So why don't you go back to the Salem Inn? Have your mother look after you, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

Bo: Hey, Tony. Wow, that was a quick recovery. What was the diagnosis? 

Tony: I'm not in the mood for another interrogation. 

Bo: Okay. Good night. You're quite a miracle worker there, Colin. Tony -- he looks great. What happened? 

Colin: Beats me. I was checking his vital signs, and all of a sudden, he came to, as if nothing had happened. 

Lexie: It was almost like he had been in a trance. 

Colin: Hmm. He wouldn't let me examine him, wouldn't answer any questions. It's a complete mystery. 

Lexie: Colin, listen, I hate to impose, but, uh, I'm really worried about my brother. Would you mind going after him, making sure he's okay? 

Colin: I can't force a patient into letting me treat him. 

Lexie: Please. 

Colin: If you insist. I'll check up on him. 

Lexie: Thank you. 

Bo: Hey, Lexie, tell me something. 

Lexie: Why should I? 

Bo: Why are you going along with Tony's charade? He's not sick, and we both know it. 

John: So, what's the verdict? 

Marlena: You look like you need your own comic strip -- John Black to the rescue. 

John: I know what I'm doing. 

Marlena: John -- 

John: I will. I may look like soldier black tonight, but I'm not. I'm just going to use his extraordinary abilities to bring down Stefano's son.  

Philip: [Making train sounds] Ha ha ha ha! 

Belle: What is this? 

Brady: Whoa! Hey! It's a party now! Hey, Belle. 

Chloe: Hi. 

Brady: What's up, Shawn? 

Shawn-D: Hey. 

Philip: Hey, what's in the basket? 

Belle: Oh, well, Shawn and I had a picnic, but there was way too much food for the both of us, so we brought Chloe some dessert. 

Philip: Is that okay? Can you have sugar? 

Chloe: Well, I haven't been eating that much lately 'cause the chemo kind of takes away your appetite, but the doctors never said I couldn't have a taste of something. Is it chocolate? 

Belle: It's your favorite -- brownies. 

Chloe: Yum, this is so sweet of you guys. Thank you. 

Shawn-D: You're welcome. 

Belle: What are you and Philip doing here at the same time? Isn't this kind of stressful for Chloe? 

Brady: Oh, no, not anymore. We made peace for Chloe. 

Belle: What happened to your arm? 

Brady: No, Belle, relax. It's okay. I just got tested. 

Belle: Tested for what? 

Brady: To see if I could be a donor for Chloe. 

Belle: A donor? 

Chloe: Yeah, I need a bone marrow transplant. 

Belle: Oh. 

Philip: Well, hey, you guys can get tested, too. They just stick in a needle in your arm, take some blood... It doesn't hurt at all. 

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, we'll do that right away. 

Brady: In fact, Philip and I are going to go back to my place and compile a list of kids who should come in and get tested, just like us. 

Belle: I just had the most amazing idea. 

Brady: My sister's so modest. 

Belle: No, seriously, I know how to get everyone in Salem here to get tested -- everyone. 

Bo: Your brother's a good liar. That's in the DiMera genes. He was faking that whole staring off into space thing. He obviously wanted us to think he was sick and bring him here to the hospital. 

Brandon: What's going on? You all right? 

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. My brother was ill. He refused to be examined, probably because he feels that every move he makes is being closely watched. Right, Bo? He can't even have peace in his own home. 

Bo: Some of us remember the kind of person Tony DiMera really is. He's in Salem for one reason -- to cause trouble. 

Lexie: You know what? You took my son away from me. Shouldn't you be home playing daddy? 

Bo: Zack Brady is my son -- mine and Hope's. You knew the truth, and you kept it from us. That is just one of the reasons I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of a DiMera's mouth -- not your father's, not your brother's, and, obviously, not yours. 

Brandon: All right, back off, Bo. 

Bo: Why do you keep running interference for her? What's in it for you? 

Brandon: That's none of your business. 

Bo: Yeah. We'll see. Your brother hasn't seen the last of me. 

Lexie: [Groans] 

Brandon: It's all right, it's all right. It's all right. 

Nancy: How's Chloe doing? 

Craig: Oh, well, believe it or not, Philip and Brady are both in her room. 

Nancy: Wait, do you think that's a good idea? 

Craig: Well, they're making her laugh. It shouldn't be too bad. Oh, did I tell you they got tested -- both of them?

Nancy: I know, but... finding a sibling would be the best match, wouldn't it? 

Craig: Yeah. 

Nancy: God, Craig, why can't we find her fath-- why can't we find Dr. Sikes? 

Craig: I know. It's weird, isn't it? I mean, not being able to find any history on this guy -- whether he's got other children, whether he's married, divorced... It's -- it's like he's fallen off the face of the earth. Unless... unless you know where to look. Hold on. I'll be right back. 

Bo: Okay, keep me in touch. 

Craig: Bo. 

Bo: Yeah. 

Craig: How you doing? 

Bo: Good. 

Craig: Listen, um, I need to find someone, and money's no object. Can you help me? 


Colin: How are you feeling? That was quite a performance -- catatonic state. Top marks for creativity. And now you're throwing your sister off the trail and you got rid of Bo Brady. I'm here, and we can talk in private. May I have a scotch? 

Belle: What about a bone marrow drive? We can raise awareness about the need for donors and get people in here to get tested for Chloe and other people who need donations. 

Brady: It's a great idea. 

Philip: That is a great idea. 

Belle: We can advertise on local television and radio stations -- talk radio, drive time. We can set that up through your mom, right? 

Shawn-D: Yeah, and Jennifer's the editor of the "Spectator" now. 

Belle: She'll definitely give us front page for that. 

Brady: I can get the ad department at Basic Black working on it, too. 

Philip: Yeah, my dad can put Titan's people on it, too. 

Shawn-D: We should use the pub as drive headquarters. I know my grandparents are going to want to help out. 

Belle: Are you okay, or are we getting a little crazy for you? 

Chloe: You guys are perfect, amazing. I love every one of you. 

Craig: Hey. I think Bo Brady has given us the answer to our prayers. 

Nancy: Oh, Craig, I hope this works. 

Brandon: Can I drive you back to the inn? 

Lexie: No, no. I don't want to take advantage of you. 

Brandon: No, no, no. I'm on my way back home, anyway. 

Lexie: Okay. 

Brandon: All right? 

Sami: "Brandon, I don't want to take advantage of you." Yeah, right. The only way to get him back is to do something really wild, something risky. I know. I'll set it up so that Brandon finds me in Tony's bed. 

Bo: Yeah, I want to put a surveillance on a suspect. Name is Colin Murphy. 

Colin: It's about time you got to Salem. We have a lot of work ahead of us. 

Tony: Can we not do this now? I'm much too tired. 

Colin: You were faking that catatonic state, weren't you? 

Tony: Another time. We'll discuss this another time. But I will see you... Soon. Why does this keep happening? 

Marlena: Just come home. Be safe. 

Tony: Bed -- that's what I need. 


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