Days Transcript Thursday 6/27/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/27/02


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Victor: That's terrific news. So we finally reached number one.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Hold on a second. Come in.

Nicole: Still hard at work, I see.

Victor: That better be that report. Don't go anywhere. I'm so pleased that "Bella's" such a big hit. You're doing an outstanding job as editor. Ha ha. Thank you, Enzo. Let's have it.

Nicole: You're welcome.

Victor: What's your problem?

Nicole: How about a thank you for yours truly?

Victor: For what? Doing your job?

Nicole: You and Enzo are not the only ones who worked hard on making "Bella" a success.

Victor: Amazing you got any work at all done on that desk last night.

Nicole: Well, you know me, Victor -- once I take something on, I'm completely wrapped up in it until I'm finished.

Victor: Hold it. I'm not finished with you yet.

[Elevator bell chimes]

Marie: Hey. Can I help you?

Colin: Is Nicole in?

Marie: Do you have an appointment?

Colin: I'm her friend -- a close friend.

Marie: Well, Ms. Walker is not in her office.

Colin: She's worth the wait.

Brandon: Lexie Carver, right. Well, there was no answer, so I wonder if she left. Would you have any way of knowing? I realize you don't keep track of your guests, but I thought that Lexie might have said that -- no, no message. Damn it, Lexie. What are you up to?

Sami: [Thinking] Get over her damsel in distress act, Brandon. It's time little Sami got some of your tender loving care. I got rid of Jennifer. Now it's Lexie's turn.

Lexie: Why, Tony? What reason could you possibly have for placing our father's ashes in the hands of his enemy?

Tony: Shh.

Lexie: The police don't have a warrant. John's not even a cop.

Tony: Listen to me. Look at me. If Father were here now, he would say to you, "calm down, Alexandra. Everything will work out if you trust me." Now, I am saying to you I will do my best. As your devoted older brother, I will protect you just like he did. No one will ever hurt you.

Lexie: But giving away Father's ashes?

Tony: It was the right thing.

Lexie: The right thing?!

Tony: Everything will turn out for the best, Alexandra.

Lexie: Really? And just how are you so sure?

Lexie: What do you know that I don't?

Abe: Yeah, well, I want one of my detectives there when the results come in. All right. Yeah, thank you for your cooperation.

Roman: What's that?

John: This is going to prove that Tony DiMera is a damn liar.

Abe: So what's in there?

John: According to Tony, the remains of Stefano DiMera -- deceased.

Victor: As long as you're an employee of my company, you'll play by my rules, and that includes not inviting that quack doctor to corporate headquarters so you can satisfy your need for a one-night stand.

Nicole: Who said it was only one night?

Victor: On company property, I do.

Nicole: Fine. You call the shots in the workplace, Victor, but not my personal life, so stop the bullying and the intimidation, because it's not going to work.

Victor: And if I don't?

Nicole: I'll bite back.

Victor: Stop seeing Nicole, everything that you're looking to hide, all your little secrets, will come out. I promise you that. I'll destroy you.

Colin: Let Victor think he controls me. I'll deal with him later. For now, I have to let Nicole go. There's too much at stake. There's too many plans that need to stay hidden.

Brandon: Kim, uh... after I see my next patient, I'm going on break.

Kim: There's nothing wrong, is there?

Brandon: I need to check on a friend.

Kim: Okay. I'll have Nelson cover you.

Brandon: Yeah, thanks.

Kim: You're welcome.

Brandon: Looks like I'm going to have to make a house call to the DiMera’s.

Sami: [Thinking] Brandon to the rescue, but when he gets there, he'll find a little surprise waiting for him. It'll be bye-bye, Lexie. Sami gets her man after all.

Lexie: You're up to something, Tony. I want to know what it is. The truth.

Tony: You're making too much of this. I've told you everything.

Lexie: Mnh-mnh. Not even close. Not when you just hand our father's remains over to John Black without even missing a beat.

Tony: I have nothing to hide.

Lexie: Well, neither does John. He's made no attempt to hide the depth of his contempt and hatred for our family. He's doing everything he can to destroy us, Tony.

Tony: Sounds like you wouldn't mind seeing John suffer the same fate.

Lexie: John's responsible for my losing Isaac, my little boy who I'll never hold in my arms again. I'll never forgive him for that -- never.

Tony: Listen, I'm not a big fan of John’s. He seduced my wife and ruined my marriage.

Lexie: Well, then, why are you giving in to his demands? Why aren't you fighting him?

Tony: Alexandra, I promise you Father is at peace with what I've done.

Lexie: How could he be, knowing that his ashes are in the hands of his worst enemy?

Tony: I gave John the urn because that's what Father would have wanted.

Lexie: Mnh-mnh.

Tony: It was the right thing to do for him and for us. You've got to trust me on this.

Lexie: No. You're demeaning our entire family.

Tony: I'm trying to rehabilitate the family reputation!

Lexie: Our family doesn't need rehabilitating. Our father never knew the meaning of the word defeat, and neither do I.

Tony: Where are you going?

Lexie: To fight for our family.

Tony: [Sighs] Alexandra... that's what I'm doing, just as Father would have.

John: Care to have a look?

Abe: So you expect us to believe that this pile of dust is all that remains of Stefano DiMera?

John: No, but Tony does. I think the more lies we catch him in, the longer his prison sentence will be.

Bo: You broke into the DiMera mansion and ripped that thing off?

John: No, no. Tony gave it to me.

Bo: Oh. Then this is definitely not Stefano.

John: That's what we got to prove. So what are waiting for? Call your boys up. Let's get those DNA experts to look at this.

Abe: Well, John, I'd like to help you, but Tony gave them to you, not the police. I mean, I can't get a warrant to seize that for testing.

Roman: No, besides, you can't get a DNA sample after a cremation.

Bo: I don't know, Roman. There's some pretty big bone fragments in here. Kind of smells like DiMera. My allergies. Ah...

John: Oh, no, you -- Bo, what's the matter with you, man?

Abe: What are you trying to do, give us a heart attack?

Bo: No, just having a little fun here. I just -- Roman's right. This pile of dust is worthless to us.

John: Not according to Shane Donovan.

Roman: Well, what's the ISA know that we don't?

John: Well, they've developed a new device, still in the testing phase, but they feel they can get a DNA sample out of anything.

Abe: Well, until that device is approved for use, any results are going to be inadmissible in court.

John: Maybe so, but at least we will know if he's alive or dead, and none of us are going to have any peace until we do.

Bo: You're right. We have to know either way, for the sake of our families.

John: So what do you say, Abraham? Should I call Shane and tell him we're good to go on this?

[Intercom buzzes]

Victor: Yeah, Marie?

Marie: Nico's here.

Victor: Show him in. What took you so long?

Nico: Sorry, boss. What's the problem?

Victor: Nicole. She's become distracted.

Nico: I'll say. That Aussie doctor is hounding her day and night.

Victor: I think we've seen the last of Colin Murphy.

Nico: I hate to disappoint you, but I just saw him going into Ms. Walker's office.

Victor: That bastard. I'll destroy him.

Nicole: Any messages, Marie? Thanks. Marie, can you hold all my calls?

Marie: Certainly, Ms. Walker.

Nicole: Ahem. Well, well, well. Look who's here.

Colin: Who?

Nicole: Ha ha. Funny. How'd you get in here?

Colin: The window was open.

Nicole: Oh, one-liners "R" us. You're on a roll, Colin.

Colin: Ha ha. Have been since I got here.

Nicole: Really? So things are better for you here in Salem than they were in the old sod or the outback or wherever it is you're from? You know, I never did pin you down on that one.

Colin: Ha. Because I have an aversion to being pinned down.

Nicole: I'll have to remember that.

Colin: So... what's new in the world of -- it occurs to me I have no idea what your world is.

Nicole: The corporate world. I'm an executive.

Colin: Ah, yes. Power breakfasts, power coffee breaks, power lunches.

Nicole: All power, all the time.

Colin: [Chuckles] You like that, eh? The power.

Nicole: Oh, and you don't? Isn't that why you became a doctor?

Colin: For power?

Nicole: You have it. The ultimate power of life and death.

Colin: That's a rather cynical view of medicine you got there, Ms. Walker.

Nicole: Oh. Did I forget to mention that I'm a cynical person?

Colin: Ha ha. Perhaps you did and I missed it.

Nicole: Aw, and here I thought you were hanging on my every word.

Colin: Ooh. You have a lot to say. It's a little hard to keep up.

Nicole: I think you've done a pretty good job so far.

Colin: I didn't know I was being graded.

Nicole: A-plus.

Colin: Hmm, a compliment.

Nicole: No. The truth.

Colin: Oh, praise from an executive. I'll try not to let it go to my head.

Nicole: Oh, let it. Ha ha. So... your turn. Fair is fair. I graded you.

Colin: Mm, Nicole, you are off the charts.

Nicole: Thank you. I think. Is that what you were doing in here, thinking about last night?

Colin: Savoring every moment.

Nicole: Well, that's just the first of many memorable evenings.

Colin: I'm sorry, Nicole. What we shared last night can't happen again.

Nicole: What?

Colin: That's the way it has to be.

[Doorbell rings]

Tony: No, my sister's -- she's turning out to be all DiMera. She's got a mind of her own. No --

Eliana: Excuse me, Mr. DiMera.

Tony: I'll get back to you. What is it, Eliana?

Eliana: I know you asked not to be disturbed, but --

Sami: But I insisted.

Tony: Well, why is it I'm not surprised?

Sami: Consider me your personal welcome wagon.

John: So what's it going to be, Abraham? Do I call Shane or not?

Bo: We all got to be in agreement about this thing.

Roman: Well, I say as long as it's legal, go for it.

Abe: Well, if these really are Stefano's ashes, then I'll be the happiest man alive. All right, John. Go ahead.

John: Very well. I'll have these remains analyzed at the ISA lab as soon as possible, and then --

Lexie: Analyzed? Are you people barbarians? Give me back what's left of my father. 

Nicole: Hunt, conquer, and move on -- is that how you do it over in Ireland or wherever the hell it is you're from?

Colin: I had a great time with you last night.

Nicole: Oh, you did? I'm touched.

Colin: It's just that right now, I can't afford a relationship with any woman -- not while my life is so... complicated.

Nicole: Complicated. Care to be more specific?

Colin: It wouldn't interest you, really. It's just that I have a lot to deal with at the moment, and I need to stay focused. Anyway, just because I need to put our relationship on hold doesn't mean this has to be the final curtain.

Nicole: Oh, I love the theater metaphor, but don't expect me to hang around during intermission. And you know what? Don't think I don't know exactly why you're backing off, Dr. Murphy. And the only complication between you and me is Victor Kiriakis. He's got you running scared. Admit it.

Nico: Want me to break up the little party in Ms. Walker's office, just say the word.

Victor: No, we'll let the frog prince stay in the water a little longer.

Nico: What if he doesn't play smart and make himself scarce?

Victor: Well, then we'll turn up the heat and boil him alive.

Tony: I don't recall contacting the welcome wagon.

Sami: I guess you just misplaced my phone number.

Eliana: Shall I show Ms. Brady out?

Tony: No, no. That's fine, Eliana. You may go. Now you have my undivided attention. Are you happy?

Sami: Front and center -- that's where I like to be.

Tony: In the spotlight.

Sami: Damn straight.

Tony: Dangerous place to be.

Sami: And an exciting one.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. Sami Brady’s all grown up.

Sami: Well, a lot has changed since you left Salem.

Tony: Swimming with the sharks?

Sami: If I have to, to get what I want.

Tony: And what is that -- to destroy my family?

Sami: I want to be your friend.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha.

Sami: I'm serious, Tony.

Tony: John thinks I tried to kill him, Bo blames me for every tragedy that has befallen him and his family, and your mother -- well, we won't even go there.

Sami: Well, let's let bygones be bygones, shall we, and move on with our lives. You need a friend in this town, and I'm volunteering.

Tony: And if you're here as a spy for your family, your tactics are far from subtle.

Sami: My family would have me committed if they even suspected I was anywhere near you.

Tony: Hmm. Then I suggest you leave as quickly as possible.

Sami: What you may have forgotten about small town living is a certain social etiquette.

Tony: You're here to teach me etiquette?

Sami: Yes, from one outcast to another. I've been the town pariah, just like you, and survived, so maybe I can help you keep your head above water.

Brandon: Where's Lexie?

Eliana: Please, sir, you can't come in here.

Brandon: I know she's in here. Samantha.

Sami: Brandon.

Tony: You know, now that we've taken attendance, perhaps one of you can explain what the hell you're doing barging into my house.

Lexie: Abe, give me the ashes.

Abe: Lex, they're not mine to return. Tony's the rightful owner, and he gave them to John.

Lexie: I've lost my son and my father. Please don't desecrate what little I have left.

Abe: Look, uh... Stefano's remains, if that's what they are -- they'll be returned to you, I promise.

Lexie: You have no right to do this.

John: Oh, but I do. You were there. Your brother gave me his permission.

Lexie: No, not for this, damn it. You give me that urn -- now. Give it to me.

Nicole: So let's hear it. How did Victor convince you that celibacy was the way to go?

Colin: I have my own reasons for making this decision.

Nicole: No, that is bull, because we had something going here last night, and then you spend two minutes with Victor, and our passion turns to ice? I mean, what did he scare you with, the fact that he's on the board of directors at University Hospital, not to mention its biggest donor?

Colin: My record in medicine is spotless. There is nothing he can do to me.

Nicole: Fine. Then what about your personal record? Victor has a network of underworld informants. If you have secrets, he will find out what they are.

Colin: Let him bring it on. I have nothing to hide.

Nicole: If you're not afraid of him, then you must still be hung up on Jennifer.

Colin: This has nothing to do with Jennifer, all right? She's living her own life. So am I.

Nicole: You know, Colin, you can't fool me, all right? You're still hooked on the fantasy of the virgin cheerleader. Well, you know what? One day, you will find out what Jennifer is really about -- a colorless do-gooder who will bore you to death.

Colin: Nicole --

Nicole: You know what? I wish that Victor was the reason that you're bailing on us. You know why? Because that would at least make sense.

Colin: I wish things could be different.

Nicole: Well, we all make our own choices.

Colin: So much regret.

Nicole: You know what? Before you slip back into fantasyland with Jennifer, why don't you ask my brother how she raked him over the coals? And I know what I'm talking about when I say stay away from her. She will not live up to your dreams -- not even close.

Brandon: What are you doing with Samantha? What do you want from her?

Tony: All I would like is some peace and quiet, which is something I've gotten so little of since I've returned to Salem.

Brandon: You set this up, didn't you, so that I'd find you here with him?

Sami: How was I supposed to know you were going to be here? You think I'm psychic or something?

Brandon: Look, if you're trying to make me jealous by using this guy, it's not going to work.

Sami: Jealous? Are you kidding? Tony is my friend.

Tony: Not true.

Sami: If you can reach out to Lexie, then why can't I reach out to her brother?

Tony: Because it's not needed.

Brandon: Stay out of this. You haven't learned a thing since your breakup with Austin. You're still playing games -- dangerous games. Only this time, it's not going to work.

John: Lexie, stop.

Lexie: You've been hounding my brother since the day he arrived, trying to pin something on him, throw him in jail. What did you threaten him with to make him agree to this, John?

John: Nothing like that.

Abe: Calm down, Lexie. Just calm down.

Lexie: My father's remains belong to me, Abe.

John: Tony says your father is dead. The only way we're going to know for sure is if I take these ashes and have them tested.

Lexie: You know, you all claim to be so honest and law-abiding, when the truth is you are just as addicted to power and control as anyone else. You've all ganged up on me, painted me as some kind of a villain, when all I've done is tried to protect my son.

Bo: He's not your son. You better accept that.

Lexie: Isaac will always be my child in my heart, and now you're defiling my father's memory? The only thing I have left of him are those ashes, and now you're keeping me from protecting even them?

John: I'll treat them with respect, and then I'll return them to Tony after I have them tested and after we find out if Stefano really is dead.

Lexie: Of course he's dead, John. Do you think my father would put me through this torture if he were alive? He'd deceive his own daughter?

Bo: Your father's capable of anything.

Lexie: Oh, and you're not, Bo.

Roman: Lexie, I don't think you ever understood just exactly what your father was.

Lexie: Abe, don't let them do this.

Abe: Give us a few minutes alone.

Lexie: Where are you going with that?

John: It'll be safe with me.

[Door closes]

Lexie: Abe, why are you doing this? Haven't I been through enough?

Abe: Lexie, I know you believe your father's dead and that your brother's telling the truth, but our past experience says otherwise. You have to understand why we would be suspicious.

Lexie: Well, if only you were as loyal to your family as you are to the law and your buddies, who all hate me, by the way.

Abe: No one hates you.

Lexie: You know, the horrible truth of all this is that you don't love me. Maybe you never did.

Abe: That's not true, Lexie.

Lexie: I mean, you couldn't have loved me when you allowed our son to be taken away from us.

Abe: I didn't allow him. It's the law. And right or wrong, it gives preference to biological parents. I-I love Isaac as if he were my son. I always will. But he's not. He's Bo and Hope’s.

Lexie: Abe, doesn't it kill you, seeing another man holding him, calling him son?

Abe: It helps that the man is Bo, and, uh... I know that Isaac will -- I know that Zack will always be loved. My arms do ache to hold him the way they did when -- when we first brought him home from the hospital. I lay awake at night listening for him, remembering his laugh, how he would cry out from his crib in the next room, how his face would just brighten up when I would go in and pick him up. Damn it, Lexie. Can't you see anybody's pain but your own? Anyone's truth but your own?

Lexie: I hardly know what is true anymore, Abe, about you. What was true about us, what wasn't true...

Abe: Well, the truth is I love that child that we raised, and I love you, and I always will.

Lexie: Then prove it. Give me back my father's ashes.

Colin: There's no need to warn me about Jennifer or anyone else. I can take care of myself. And as far as Victor is concerned, no man will ever keep me from what I want.

Nicole: Which obviously doesn't include me.

Colin: In the future, perhaps.

Nicole: It might be too late.

Colin: That's a chance I'll have to take. [Sighs] Can't we just say goodbye as friends?

Nicole: So long, mate.

Colin: That's your version of a goodbye kiss?

Nicole: Consider it a reminder of what you'll be missing. Now go. Get the hell out of my office.

Colin: As you wish.

Nicole: I have had it. Victor has meddled in my love life for the last time.

Abe: Your father's ashes have to be analyzed, and after that, we'll see about getting them back to you, not before. I'm sorry.

Lexie: And I thought we had a chance. I thought that once you knew my father was dead, that you would open your heart to me, Abe, that you'd be there to help me through yet another terrible loss. What a fool I was to expect that.

Abe: Lexie --

Lexie: All you give a damn about is impressing your friends, being tough, ruthless, treating your wife like an afterthought, a burden, an embarrassment. Well, I've had it, Abe. I have had it with your cruelty and your disrespect. I've had it.

Roman: You okay?

Abe: You know, whether, uh... whether DiMera's dead or alive, his son's back, and I'm afraid Lexie's caught in that DiMera web forever.

Sami: Get over yourself, Brandon. Not everything in life is about you.

Brandon: What are you doing here, Samantha?

Sami: I came here to see Tony, to welcome him back to town.

Tony: Yes, isn't that lovely? Now I feel so terribly welcome. Why don't you both hit the road?

Sami: Not until you and I have finished our conversation.

Brandon: This conversation is over. You're coming with me.

Tony: Oh, bravo, Hercules. Show her the door.

Sami: Ow! Oh, my foot. I hit it.

Brandon: Are you all right?

Sami: Yes, I'm fine.

Brandon: Let's go.

Sami: Listen, Tony, I just need five minutes with you, okay?

Tony: Yes, next time. Call first.

Brandon: There won't be a next time.

Tony: Oh, that's a pity. Listen, I'd invite you back, but I'm afraid you might say yes. On the other hand, Sami Brady may be useful to me and to my family.

Victor: Marie, I told you I didn't want to be disturbed.

Nicole: I hope that's my report you're so wrapped up in.

Victor: It's not.

Nicole: Well, maybe we can go over it together.

Victor: You seem to have a thing for desktops these days. If you'll excuse me, I'm busy.

Nicole: Hmm. Too bad. I know you love it when I'm forced to admit I'm wrong.

Victor: About what?

Nicole: Colin Murphy. When I went back to my office, he was there waiting.

Victor: And how is Mr. One-night stand?

Nicole: Heartbroken. I told him I didn't want to see him anymore.

Victor: Really?

Nicole: Yeah. He just doesn't do it for me. A little too slick.

Victor: Does that mean that you're a free agent now?

Nicole: Oh, Victor... you know I'm never free.

Brandon: Samantha, hold on for a second.

Sami: What are you, my bodyguard now?

Brandon: I'm trying to be your friend.

Sami: It just kills you that I have other friends, especially male friends, doesn't it?

Brandon: Tony DiMera is no friend.

Sami: Why did you follow me there, anyway?

Brandon: I didn't follow you there. You raced to get there ahead of me.

Sami: Do you know how paranoid that sounds? Why would I do that?

Brandon: So that I wouldn't be alone with Lexie and so that I'd catch you there with Tony.

Sami: I don't believe this.

Brandon: Tony DiMera is as dangerous as his father.

Sami: According to who?

Brandon: Right, like you don't know. Your whole family hates the guy, Samantha. All of Salem hates him.

Sami: Well, I think he's charming.

Brandon: Didn't you learn anything from dealing with Victor? Tony is bad news, Samantha. You don't go paying little social visits to the guy. You stay the hell away.

Sami: What I do is my own business.

Brandon: Well, I'm making it my business, too. Tell me, Samantha, what the hell are you up to?

Roman: I spoke with the medical examiner in Aremid. She's going to give me full access to view the exhuming and examination of the body.

John: Listen, just be careful with that Aremid. It's a weird, dangerous place.

Roman: I will, but soon, we're going to find out whether that body is André’s or Tony’s.

John: Mm-hmm. Or somebody else.

Bo: Abe? Thought you'd want to see this.

Abe: So this is a transcription of Tony's statement the night he arrived when we brought him in for questioning.

Bo: Right. I'm going to take it over to DiMera mansion, have him sign it and swear every word is true.

Abe: All right. Get it over to the D.A. as soon as possible.

Bo: Okay, after I have a word with the man who claims to be Stefano's son.

John: Could you check in with me when you get back?

Bo: All right.

John: All right. Time to lock this baby away so it doesn't disappear before I can get it to the ISA.

Abe: Well, it's not going anywhere. You have my word.

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Tony: Well, what have you been up to?

Lexie: They're conspiring against us. John, Roman, Bo -- even Abe’s on their side. But I'm going to stop them. I'm going to protect you, my brother, in memory of our father.

Tony: You know, I've only known you a short time as my sister, but I feel so deeply connected to you.

Lexie: We're family.

Tony: Mm.

Lexie: Mm. We're DiMera’s.

Both: [Laugh]

[Doorbell rings]

Tony: I'll get that.

Lexie: No, let Eliana get it.

Tony: No, no, no, I have a hunch who it might be.

Victor: Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.

Nicole: Not even if I appeal to your patriotic spirit?

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Nicole: The Fourth of July -- hot dogs, strawberry shortcake, the big parade, fireworks -- and me.

Victor: Are you suggesting we spend the national holiday together?

Nicole: Not suggesting -- hoping. You don't have to decide now. Think about it.

Victor: I have work to do.

Nicole: As do I. I'll be in my office at my desk when you decide.

Victor: Is that another invitation?

Nicole: Stop by and find out.

Victor: I don't know what game you're playing, Nicole... but beating you at it should be fun.

Nicole: This Fourth of July, I'll be writing my own declaration of independence from you, Victor.

Brandon: I want the truth, Samantha.

Sami: So do I -- from you.

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Sami: You've got it bad for Lexie -- admit it.

Brandon: She is a married woman.

Sami: When has that stopped you before?

Brandon: She needs my help.

Sami: She wants your body. Abe won't have anything to do with her. He's probably having divorce papers drawn up as we speak, and Lexie wants to get you into bed before the ink is dry.

Brandon: Stop trying to change the subject and just tell me what the hell you're doing with Tony DiMera. The truth this time.

Roman: All right. I'll get on home, pack a bag, get to the airport.

Abe: All right, check in with me when you land in Aremid.

Roman: Will do. We'll know soon enough who's really buried in that grave.

John: Like I said, be careful, Roman.

Roman: You, too, all right? Say hi to Shane for me.

John: You know I will.

Roman: All right. Take care, guys.

Abe: See you later. All right. So... when are you planning on having those ashes examined?

John: I'm going to call the ISA right away, and I'm also going to do a little detective work of my own -- my own way.

Abe: Stay within the law, John.

John: I'm not really bound by police procedure, now, am I?

Abe: You know, I only want evidence I can use in court.

John: There's other forms of justice. I'll give you a heads up on what I find and whether or not these ashes really are Stefano’s.

Abe: Don't take the law into your own hands.

John: Abraham, I'm just going to do whatever it takes to bring down the DiMera family once and for all.

Abe: John. What are you planning?

John: You don't want to know.

Lexie: Tony, who's at the door?

Tony: I think you know each other.

Lexie: Colin. What are you doing here?

Bo: I was about to ask the same question.

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