Days Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02


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Shawn: Oh, boy, that sure was a lot easier when I was a lot younger.

Caroline: Watch this a second.

[Music playing]

Caroline: 'Round the cobblerís bench the monkey chased the weasel the monkey thought it was all in fun pop

Shawn: [Laughs]

Caroline: Goes the weasel [Laughs]

Hope: Hey.

Caroline: Oh, hi, look whoís here.

Hope: Hey, here they are.

Shawn: Here comes your mommy and daddy.

Hope: Oh, thereís my big guy!

Bo: Hey, hey, yeah.

Hope: Yeah, that is -- that is your party hat. Boy, I sure missed you. Did you miss us?

Bo: Yes.

Hope: Because Mommy and Daddy sure missed you.

Bo: Hey, thanks for picking him up. And did you have a good time with Grandma and Gramps?

Caroline: Shall we show Daddy? Look.

[Music playing]

Caroline: Every night when I go out the monkeyís on the table take a stick and knock it off

Bart: I know, I know. Pop goes the weasel pop goes your great plan, too, Rolfsky. All we are learning from that bug is that people make goo-goo with babies and then eat Brady burgers. Stupid --

Rolf: And you donít think thatís useful information, hmm?

Bart: Rolf, listen, that device is no good unless itís in their house -- like you planned. Maybe we should rethink this.

Rolf: I will do the thinking, Bartleby. You just do the listening, hmm?

Caroline: Monkeyís on the table take a stick and knock it off pop goes the weasel

Bo: That thing scares me.

Caroline: Can you believe I know all the words? I should go on "Jeopardy!"

Doug: Hey, hey, hey, party time!

Bo: Look whoís here.

Julie: Hi, everybody!

Hope: Hi.

Julie: Hi, cutie. Thatís going to be for you.

Doug: Thereís my birthday grandson.

Bo: Grandpa.

Doug: Hey there, guy. Howís my big grown-up guy, huh?

Julie: Yeah, how are you? And whereís the graduate?

Shawn: Heís on his way.

Hope: Heís on his way. Let me put the gifts down.

Julie: Absolutely.

Hope: Want something to drink? Chips?

Bo: Can you believe this?

Hope: What?

Shawn: A 2-year-old and a kid going off to college. Are you ready for that?

Hope: Yes. Yes, Brady, I am. Honey, I'm ready for anything as long as my family is together and happy and... which Shawn clearly is not right now.

Bo: Mm. Yeah. Well, to see how far he went to help out a friend -- well, not even a friend -- someone who needed him. I'm proud of him for that, but --

Hope: But -- but disappointed that he lied and that he didnít come to us about Jan.

Bo: Mm-hmm, and heís paying a heavy price for that.

Hope: You know, I've tried talking to him about Belle, but he just shuts down.

Bo: 'Cause heís still in love with her.

Hope: I know he is, but heís so sure that itís over, that sheís not going to forgive him, ever.

Bo: Well, I'm happy that heís going to the dance.

Hope: With Chloe. What do you suppose thatís all about?

Craig: Sheís one gifted singer, Nance. Chloeís now a speech writer. Did you hear that speech before graduation?

Nancy: No. She said she preferred to do it entirely on her own, didnít want anyoneís input.

Craig: She didnít need anyoneís input. She was amazing. I was so proud of her. Werenít you proud of her, too, sweetie? Hmm?

Nancy: Craig, I was beyond proud. I mean, my daughter is -- sheís everything I never was. Sheís poised, sheís smart, she is so strong.

Craig: You're all those things, too, sweetie.

Nancy: No, Craig, I'm not.

Craig: Yes --

Nancy: I try. I've talked myself into being confident. And, of course, you've helped there. And, um, I read a lot to try to get smarter. But strong? Thatís a real challenge.

Craig: Nancy. Hey, look at me. You have more strength than you know. You do, Nancy. You -- you're full of strength and heart and... sweetheart, thatís why I know that whatever we find out about Chloe, you're going to -- you're going to be there for her. You're going to be strong, and you're going to be loving, and you're going to support her, and you're going to help her with everything sheís got. Sheís very lucky to have you, Nancy Wesley. Very lucky.

Nancy: Yes, she is. And you're right. I am strong. And I'm -- I'm going to get even stronger, Craig. And no matter what happens, I am going to let her know just how much sheís loved, how much we care for her.

Craig: Come here.

Mimi: You know, for someone who totally nailed her valedictorian speech and had everyoneís parents wishing that their kids were half as smart and together as you, you canít be depressed. That would just be too... bizarre.

Chloe: I'm not depressed, Mimi. I'm just thinking about Belle and Shawn.

Philip: Well, tonight may be our last chance to get them back together, huh?

Mimi: Before Belle goes off to college.

Chloe: Well, I'm getting Shawn to the dance.

Mimi: How do we get Belle there?

Marlena: Hey, I like a blunt cut on you. It looks wonderful. You know, your grandparents called from Colorado asking about your size, and I said distinctly, size small or a size 4. So what do they send you? Pants in a size 8 and a medium sweater. I thought we'd exchange them as long as we're going to be here. Are you hearing a word that I'm saying?

Mimi: I've got it. I know what to do. Listen.

Marlena: You know, since you were so poised during your speech today, I thought we would -- letís change this little outfit for a power suit. Maybe like that one.

Belle: Mom, maybe if I was 40.

Marlena: Ha ha ha. I got you to smile.

Belle: I'm sorry, Mom. I really do hate being like this --

Shawn: Belle. I was looking all over for you. Dr. Evans. Um, I need some time alone with you. I need to tell you something. Itís important.

Belle: Shawn, my mom and I are busy right now.

Marlena: You know what? I donít mind exchanging this for you. I know all your sizes. Why donít you two take some time and chat? I'll meet you right back here.

Belle: [Sighs]

Shawn: I had to talk to you. I listened to your speech at graduation. It was amazing, but I could see in your eyes that you were sad, and that is because of me, because I didnít trust you. And thereís no excuse. I know that. In fact, the more I think about it, the angrier I get with myself for believing Jan over you. The idea that you could hurt anyone -- how could I have not known better?

Belle: You know, thereís no point in beating yourself up over this.

Shawn: I'm trying to make you understand. I was so focused on saving Janís baby that I couldnít see anything else. She knew that, and she used it. She lied to me. She manipulated me. She did things to make me look bad and to keep us apart. And I fell for it. I was a fool. But sheís gone. Jan is gone. Her mother has taken her to London.

Belle: So? Just because Jan is gone, just because this is over, do you think that changes everything that you've done to me?

Shawn: No, no, of course not but --

Belle: But what, Shawn?

Shawn: But... nothing. I guess I just need to know that you're okay. Not about me. I donít expect you to forgive me...ever. But I know you're unhappy, and that is because of me, and I canít stand it. You should be having a great time, enjoying the end of the year. You should be going to the Last Blast. You shouldnít be alone.

Belle: But I am alone, and I am not having a great time, and I am definitely not going to the Last Blast.

Shawn: See, that is whatís wrong.

Belle: So are a lot of things, Shawn. Canít you see that? In our lives, in the world, that is just how it is. You're going to have to get used to it.

Craig: Nancy, you're confusing me, sweetheart. I know you're determined to be upbeat, yet you wonít let Chloe go to the dance. Why?

Nancy: Craig, sweetheart, canít I be upbeat and a caring mother at the same time? I mean, what if she gets over-tired?

Craig: Sweetheart, who is the doctor here? Hmm?

Nancy: Yeah.

Craig: Do you think I would let her go if I thought it was a bad idea? No. Sweetheart, sheís going to be at that dance surrounded by tons of people -- kids and adults, and if anything happens, they'll --

Nancy: Wait --

Craig: What?

Nancy: Wait a second. You're saying that something could happen, yet, Craig, you're gung ho to let her walk out that door, get in a car, go to the dance, where she could --

Craig: Nancy, listen to me. Sheís feeling okay. Not great, admittedly, but sheís feeling okay. She got through graduation just fine. No, she was better than fine. She was amazing. She was at the top of her game.

Nancy: Forget it.

Chloe: What?

Nancy: Sweetheart, there is no way you're going to that dance tonight.

Bo: Hey, Roman.

Hope: Hey, Roman.

Bo: Whatís up?

Roman: I, uh, understand that Zack likes his new toy.

Hope: Yeah, he does. He loves it.

Bo: Greta made a great choice. What are you thinking?

Hope: Bo, you know what heís thinking. Heís worried about Zackís safety. And so am I. And so are you, and I wish you would just stop pretending that everything is okay and admit it. We canít let our guard down, not for one minute.

Bart: Now we're cooking. At least they're talking about the kid.

Rolf: Oh, please! Do you mind? I am trying to listen here.

["Pop Goes the Weasel" plays]

Hope: [Humming along] Yay! Do you like that? Huh? Yeah, Mommy will set it up for you again.

Caroline: Got his eye on that no matter what.

Hope: Okay, hold on a second. Okay, hold on. Come here. Okay, come here. Zack, hold on a second.

Roman: Listen, we know Lexieís not a threat anymore, but with Stefano still out there --

Bo: That bastard will never get his hands on my son. We'll be here 15 years from today celebrating Zackís graduation just the same as we're celebrating Shawnís today.

Doug: Thereís the graduate!

Julie: Oh, heís here! Heís here at last! Oh, congratulations, class of 2002, you beauty, you.

Shawn: Yeah, thank you.

Doug: You were the best one in the whole class.

Shawn: Oh, now I know you're lying.

Julie: Itís true.

Caroline: Hey.

Shawn: Hey.

Caroline: How about a big kiss for your grandma?

Shawn: Right there?

Caroline: Right there.

Shawn: Right there.

Caroline: Oh, Shawn, we're so proud of you.

Shawn: Thank you, Grandma. And thank you all for being here today.

Caroline: Of course.

Shawn: Whereís the rest of the gang? I mean, I thought you'd be bringing some friends over with you.

Shawn: Yeah, well, they might come by later.

Bo: Shawn, come on over here. We got a surprise for you.

Philip: Cynthia.

Cynthia: Hi, Philip. Cool ceremony, huh?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, it was all right.

Cynthia: Yeah, but those speeches -- "gather ye rosebuds where ye may"? I thought I was gonna hurl.

Philip: Really? Thatís pretty sad.

Cynthia: What? Donít tell me you actually got sucked in.

Philip: Yeah, I actually was.

Cynthia: Oh, my sweet, idealistic --

Philip: Stop.

Cynthia: Whatís got you in such a bad mood?

Philip: Sitting here with you.

Cynthia: Look, I donít know whatís going on with you, but how about you go and get dressed for the dance?

Philip: No, no, I'm not really in a rush, 'cause I'm not going.

Cynthia: What?

Philip: Not with you, anyway.

Cynthia: You're kidding, right?

Philip: Nope. Dead serious.

Cynthia: But we had it all planned --

Philip: Forget it, Cynthia. Itís over.

Cynthia: Why?

Philip: I could never go to a dance -- or anywhere else -- with a friend of Janís, not after what she did to Shawn and Belle.

Cynthia: But I didnít help Jan!

Philip: Yeah, but you didnít stop her, did you? You could have done the right thing, but you didnít. You're nothing but a user. And a manipulator. So goodbye.

Philip: Hey. Whereís Chloe?

Mimi: She had to go, but I wouldnít have missed that for anything. You were great, Philip.

Philip: Right.

Mimi: All right, well, itís time to move on with the plan. Are you all set?

Philip: Yep, yeah. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Mimi: Okay. Bye.

Marlena: Hey.

Mimi: Hey.

Marlena: Mimi, have you seen Belle? I was supposed to meet her here.

Mimi: No, I havenít. Um, but, actually, I have to talk to you about something. Um, Chloe, Philip, and I are...

Belle: Oh... Shawn!

Hope: Hold on one second, sweetheart. Your brother wants to say hi. Hold on.

Shawn: Hey, J.T. Hey, bro. I -- I love you, buddy, and I miss you. Anyway, I-I want to wish you a happy birthday, and I Hope I see you soon, okay? "Br--" ha ha. He said "bro." Heís still calling me "bro." All right, buddy. Bye.

Bo: Recognized your voice. Hey, Glen? Yeah. Yeah, thanks a lot. Talk to you soon.

Doug: Abe, you okay?

Shawn: Here he comes.

Hope: Whatís the matter, Abe?

Caroline: Hi.

Abe: Hey, Zack. Happy birthday, huh? I donít know how to say this, so I guess I'll just, um... I'll come right out with it. Lexieís missing.

Hope: She escaped?

Abe: Yeah.

Bart: Sheís flown the coop! High-five! Or not.

Bo: Abe, what happened?

Abe: I donít -- I donít -- I donít know all the details. Looks like she subdued a nurse and switched places with her.

Roman: So sheís gone?

Abe: Gone.  

Marlena: Honey, are you sure that I canít fix you something?

Belle: No, itís all right, Mom. I'm just going to get a pint of rocky road, take it up to my room, and watch a movie. I'll be back.

Marlena: Uh-huh.

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Hi.

Belle: Mimi, what are you doing here?

Mimi: I have to work hospitality at the dance, remember? So I wanted to show you my fabulous dress. What do you think?

Belle: Oh, itís great. Itís perfect.

Mimi: I'm not looking forward to it, so I wanted to see if I could finally persuade you to come with me.

Belle: Mimi --

Mimi: Sure could use a friend.

Belle: Why are you doing this? You know I donít want to go, and I donít want to stand there all night by myself.

Mimi: What happened to, "you donít have to have a date to have a good time"?

Belle: Itís not about that. I just -- I canít go.

Mimi: We'll have fun, I promise. We'll talk, we'll eat. I heard the foodís going to be really great.

Belle: Mimi, can we please drop it? I am not going.

[Doorbell rings]

Mimi: Uh-oh. Wonder who that could be.

Philip: Hey, Belle. You're not even dressed yet.

Belle: What?

Philip: Come on, Cinderella, you're going to the ball after all.

Nancy: Here you go. I think this will be for the best. You'll have a nice cup of tea, you'll rest, and in a couple of hours, we'll see how you're doing.

Chloe: In a couple of hours, I'll be at the dance.

Nancy: Chloe, you need to conserve your strength.

Chloe: Come on, Nancy. Craig, you're the doctor. Donít you think I can go to the dance?

Nancy: Craig?

Chloe: Of course you do. I can see it in your eyes. So please explain that to Nancy while I go upstairs and get dressed.

Nancy: Craig, what are you thinking?

Craig: I'm thinking sheís going to be okay. And I'm also thinking that if she has to go into treatment, Nancy, this could be her last dance or her last night out for a while, and I think we should let her have it.

[Caroline and Shawn talking]

Bart: You're worried about Lexie, arenít you?

Rolf: No, no, no, no. On the contrary, she is even more like her father than I gave her credit for.

Bart: What do you think she'll do now?

Rolf: Well, contact us, I hope, but just to be on the safe side, I'd better send some men out to look for her.

Bo: Abe, donít worry about us. We'll have round-the-clock police protection. We'll be fine. What about you?

Abe: Yeah. Sure.

Bo: Oy. Letís do it.

Caroline: Uh, what about the babyís gifts?

Bo: Um, I'll come back for 'em later, mom.

Caroline: Okay.

Bo: Thanks for everything. Sorry the partyís cut short.

Julie: Have a great evening.

Shawn : Yeah, thanks. Grandma.

Rolf: Excellent. Our men are out on the streets, looking for her even as we speak.

Bart: I just heard them say they're going to leave the babyís gifts at the pub.

Rolf: Damn!

Bart: Now I have to listen to more orders for Brady burgers.

Rolf: Listen. You focus on what is important, my friend, or soon you wonít be able to focus at all. Alexandra has escaped, and we must find her. Help her to get her child back.

Bart: Yeah, because sheís, uh...[Whistles] You know?

Rolf: Well, in her current state of mind, anything is possible.

Caroline: They probably should've taken that jack-in-the-box with them.

Shawn: You want me to go after them?

Caroline: Oh, itís Zackís favorite. I'm sure heís going to miss it.

Shawn: Well... wait a minute, hold on. Hold on, what do we have here?

Bart: All around the cobblerís bench the monkey chased the weasel the monkey thought it was all in fun pop --

Caroline: Why are you still playing it?

Shawn: I-I thought it looked broken, you know? I guess I was wrong.

Rolf: Well...

Shawn: Itís fine.

Caroline: Itís a shame they were in such a rush. Oh, itís just so upsetting.

[Shawn speaks]

Caroline: After everything they've been through... their own child back and... still they have to worry.

Shawn: Well, this family needs a break.

Rolf: Ja, I agree -- a break. Just be careful what you wish for, Mr. and Mrs. Brady, hmm?

Bo: Those two cops out front are good guys.

Shawn: What do you want me to do, Dad?

Bo: Well, help us get some semblance of normalcy around here -- get yourself dressed for the dance. Oh, look what Mommy got for you.

Hope: Hi, sweetie.

Bo: Are you going to be okay with the tiny man?

Hope: Sure.

Bo: All right. I'm going to check on the cops out back.

Zack: Ball. Ball.

Hope: Shawn.

Shawn: I think I should stay here with you.

Hope: Absolutely not. Honey, this is your last high school dance. You have to go. Come here, sweet pea. You need to go out and have some fun.

Shawn: I donít know about having fun when Belleís at home. I just feel so bad knowing that I ruined this for her, and not just the Last Blast, but graduation. And talking to her, apologizing -- itís just so lame because she doesnít want to hear it, and I donít blame her.

Bo: What happened to getting ready?

Hope: Shawn. Come on. You donít want to keep Chloe waiting.

Shawn: No. I donít. I canít let her down. She deserves to have fun tonight.

Hope: So do you. Go.

Nancy: Oh, Chloe, how beautiful.

Craig: Well, well, well...

Chloe: Nancy, please, no pictures.

Nancy: Please, sweetheart, just a couple. Turn to the left and let me get that gorgeous profile, okay?

Craig: You look beautiful, sweetheart.

Chloe: I donít know. When I bought this, I thought the color was becoming.

Nancy: Itís a beautiful color.

Craig: Absolutely.

Nancy: Besides, what color wouldnít look amazing on you?

Chloe: Am I wearing too much makeup?

Nancy: No, in fact, you could use a little more blush.

Craig: Chloe, you look fine.

Nancy: You're right, Craig. Sheís beautiful just the way she is. Come on, honey, letís sit down.

Chloe: Why? Shawn will be here in a couple of minutes. And donít be all "take care of yourself, Chloe. Donít exert too much energy." I donít want him to know that anything is wrong.

Nancy: And he wonít, I promise. I'll be very cool about the whole thing. I'll just be... [Haughty accent] "Oh, darling, have a fabulous time tonight. Dance your little heart out. Go and have fun."

Craig: Maybe you should drop the accent, though. Ha ha ha.

Nancy: Fine, whatever. Chloe, we just want you to have the time of your life.

Chloe: I will. It'll certainly be a night to remember.

Belle: No. For the millionth time, no! I am not going.

Philip: Come on, Belle.

Belle: And donít joke about Cinderella, because I am definitely not Cinderella.

Philip: Okay.

Belle: It just makes me feel even more pathetic than I already do.

Philip: Okay, you're not Cinderella. But you are my good friend, which is why I want to be your escort, and which is why I know we'll have an awesome time.

Mimi: How could you say no to those dimples, Belle, hmm?

Belle: Oh! Even if I did want to go, I donít have a dress.

Marlena: Well, thatís not entirely true.

Belle: What did you do?

Marlena: I heard from someone that you had your eye on a dress at ballistic. So, I just went right on by and picked it up today, in case you need one.

Belle: You didnít.

Mimi: Looks like you have a fairy Godmother.

Belle: You were all in on this.

Mimi: Of course.

Philip: Everybody wants you at the dance.

Mimi: So, what do you say?

Belle: I donít know.

Philip: You're my friend, Belle, so letís do this together to celebrate a lifetime of friendship.

Mimi: Belle, itís our very own Last Blast. Itís our last chance to be together as classmates. You have to be there. Please?

Belle: Okay. I'll go.

Marlena: Yeah! All right!

Mimi: Ooh, good!

Shawn-D: Duh-duh-duh-duh!

Hope: Whoa! You are looking -- are you my son? Because you look handsome. You look great.

Shawn: Thank you very much. Whereís Zack?

Hope: Your dad just put him to bed. Oh, thereís your dad now.

Bo: Hey, you look great! Very nice, very cool.

Shawn: Wish I felt cool. Wish I felt like going.

Bo: Oh, come on. You'll have more fun than you expect.

Shawn: I hope so. At least I'm going to pretend to have fun, for Chloeís sake.

Bo: You're a good friend. And I know I donít have to say this...

Shawn: Oh, yeah, okay, donít drink and drive...

Hope: And try to get home at a decent time, please.

Shawn: If I'm going to be late, I'll give you a call.

Hope: I appreciate that. I love you, honey. Have a fabulous time.

Shawn-D: Are you sure you're going to be okay?

Bo: We'll be fine.

Shawn: All right. And I have my cell phone if you need to call --

Bo: Go on, go on. Just get out of here. Have some fun. A worrywart. I wonder where he gets that.

Hope: Must be the Brady side of the family.

Bo: Mm-hmm.


Hope: Did you just hear that?

Bo: Probably just the guys out back.

Hope: Bo, go check it, please? Please go check it.

Bo: All right, all right.

Roman: Listen, Abe, let me coordinate the search for Lexie, all right? Give you some breathing room. Just leave it up to me, okay?

Abe: Yeah, I appreciate that, partner.

Roman: Tell me something. How in the hell do you suppose this happened?

Abe: Itís hard to say really. She must've have had outside help.

Roman: I bet it was DiMera, or one of his men.

Bart: Was it you, Rolfsky?

Rolf: Of course not.

Bart: But --

Rolf: Shh.

Roman: I'm going to send some men over to the DiMera place just in case she shows up, and then we put out an APB on Dr. Rolf.

Bart: Hear that, Rolfsky? They're coming after you.

Rolf: Well, they will have to find me first, wonít they?

Roman: Did anything happen when you were with her?

Abe: She just seemed to have gone over the edge. She was angry and raving.

Roman: And somehow, she switched places with the nurse.

Abe: Yeah, well, in some way, the nurse got hold of Lexieís meds, and she was found in Lexieís room -- just out like a light.

[Cellular phone rings]


Abe: Yeah. Carver here. Yeah, well, thank you. Thank you. We just got a lead.

Roman: Lexie?

Abe: No. The helper.

[Doorbell rings]

Craig: I'll get it. Hey, Shawn, how are ya?

Shawn: Uh, good. Good.

Craig: Um, do me a favor. I want to talk to you outside for a second.

Shawn: Sure.

Craig: You, uh, you look sharp.

Shawn: Thank you. Thanks.

Craig: You, um, you ready for a good safe time tonight?

Shawn: Yeah.

Craig: I donít need to give you the...old rules of conduct speech, do I?

Shawn: No, no, my dad covered that pretty well.

Craig: Good. Good. You got a cell phone?

Shawn: Yeah.

Craig: Great. Do me a favor, will you? Why donít you take my numbers with you, okay? Itís my cell, office, hospital, and everything. You know that Chloe hasnít been feeling all that well lately, and just in case anything were to come up or happen, I want you to call me immediately, okay, and I'll come get her. And I donít care what time it is. I just want you to call me.

Shawn: Yeah.

Craig: Okay?

Chloe: Hi. What are you two talking about?

Shawn: Hey, wow. Wow, you look beautiful.

Chloe: Thanks.

Shawn: Thatís for you.

Chloe: Oh, thank you. Come on, letís go. Bye, Craig.

Nancy: Donít go yet! Wait!

Craig: Wait, I think your mom --

Nancy: Please donít go yet. I have to get a couple pictures. Come back in just for a minute.

Craig: Come on. Inside. Just a few shots. Come on.

Nancy: Okay, get together. Come on. Oh, great. Come on, big smiles! Big smiles! Oh! Donít they look great?

Philip: You see, we're hoping that if we get Belle and Shawn together on the dance floor, they'll talk, maybe work things out. We know they still love each other. Itís just a matter of Belle forgiving Shawn, which isnít going to be that easy, because what Shawn did was totally screwed-up.

Marlena: Well, thatís one way to put it. I just want to make sure that Belle doesnít have any pressure tonight -- not any kind.

Philip: Well, no, no. I'm not going to do anything that isnít going to make her completely happy. I guarantee you that, Dr. Evans. I'll be a totally cool escort.

Marlena: I think you will.

Marlena: Oh, my word!

Philip: Whoa. Belle. You look amazing.

Belle: Thank you, Philip. Not exactly glass slippers, but they do match my dress. My mom even got me a purse, too. Thanks, Mom.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Oh, I wish your daddy could see you. Oh! What am I thinking? Wait a minute, hold on. Pictures, pictures. Okay.

Philip: Corsage.

Belle: Oh, wait, mom.

Marlena: All right, I'll get you framed up. First thing I'd like to do is, uh, if you donít mind, is get Belle by herself, okay? You ready? 1... 2... great. Okay, uh, everybody, together, together. Are you ready? Ha ha! Oh, itís great. Itís great. All right, there you go. You're all done. Thank you.

Belle: Okay, but I'm still not sure that this is a good idea.

Mimi: Of course this is a good idea. We're going to have so much fun, even little me who canít dance, but I'm going to make the best of it.

Marlena: Now, that is the spirit. You just go and dance and laugh and remember how much fun you've all had together.

Belle: Mom, a lot of those fun times -- I would really like to forget them.

Marlena: Uh-huh, well... yeah, come here. [Whispering] You listen to me. Shawn loved you. He still loves you from what I hear. You donít have to forgive him. You donít even have to speak to him. But think about the good times you had, about the love that you shared, not about the anger and the pain, and you just go and you have the celebration you deserve. 'Cause this is your last high school dance. Oh, man, I canít stand this. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, honey.

Bo: You're wearing me out with running up and down the stairs every five --

Hope: I thought I just heard something.

Bo: You didnít.

Hope: Maybe I should just stay up there, Bo.

Bo: Maybe you should stay down here with me. Sit down. Come on. Let the baby sleep. I know what you're feeling, Hope. I'm going through the same thing. But we got to fight it. First of all, if we panic, it wonít do us any good. Second, imagine DiMeraís satisfaction if he knew we were sitting around here, scared, biting our nails. We got to try to relax, stay cool and calm.

Hope: Yeah, right. Stay cool. Stay cool. Right. Thatís going to be really easy. Bo, Lexie is insane. Completely. And vindictive. She wants our baby, and undoubtedly, Stefano is behind her 100%. And what? I'm supposed to stay cool, not worry? My God, what, are you crazy?

Bo: Hope, stop! Will you listen to me? DiMera will not win. Lexie will never get near our baby again. Never.

Roman: So you figure Brandon Walker helped Lexie escape?

Abe: He was at the psych ward visiting her when I was there earlier. He tried to blame her situation on me. He even told the psychiatrist he didnít think she belonged there.

Roman: But the two of them are friends, and they've been friends for quite some time now, right?

Bart: Apparently sheís turned to Brandon Walker before for help.

Rolf: Well, she should have come to me.

Roman: Unless -- unless Brandon is somehow connected with DiMera.

Rolf: [Scoffs]

Abe: Well, whether he is or not, thereís something going on with those two. No doubt in my mind.

Roman: But walkerís nowhere to be found.

Abe: I'm going to find him. You can be damn sure of that. I'm going to find him and my wife.

Zack: Ball.

Bo: Hope, he was asleep.

Hope: I'm sorry. I canít leave him alone, Bo.

Bo: We have men all around the house.

Hope: I am trying. Honestly, I am. I'm trying to be courageous, not to panic. And I know that if anyone can protect this family, itís you, Brady. Come on, we're not talking about normal, everyday dangers here. We're talking about DiMera and Lexie, who has become a DiMera. Sheís out there, Bo. Sheís out there somewhere wanting our baby, wanting him with such an unbelievable intensity. I'm scared.

Bo: Wait. I know exactly what we have to do.

Nancy: Have a great time, you two. Now, you call me if you need --

Chloe: Thank you, Nancy. Donít wait up.

Craig: [Laughs]

Chloe: By Craig.

Craig: Bye, sweetheart. Have a good time.

Chloe: Thank you.

Craig: Take care, Shawn.

Shawn: All right.

Craig: Sheís going to be okay. I'm telling you, sheís going to be just fine, just like at graduation, sweetheart.

Nancy: I pray you're right, Craig.

Shawn: Uh, hey, your parents were acting kind of strange. Is everything all right?

Chloe: Yeah, perfect. And by the end of this night, I hope everything will be even better.

Marlena: Okay, I've got two more shots on this disk. Belle, are you ready? 1...2... and... okay. Okay, good. Hold on. Just let me get one more. All right, 1...2... all righty, that was the last frame. We're all done. Thanks.

Philip: Time to go then.

Marlena: Nice job.

Mimi: Come on, you canít get cold feet now.

Philip: Mnh-mnh. Miss Belle, I'm very proud to be taking you to our last Last Blast. So now your carriage awaits. Your footmen are at the ready. Your horses are pawing at the, um...pavement. Right? Pavement, yeah. So, uh, take my arm, and we'll be off. Miss Mimi, the door, please.

Mimi: Of course.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Philip.

Mimi: Bye.

Marlena: Mimi. 

Belle: Thanks, Mom.

Marlena: You have a wonderful time tonight. And if you want, if you need, you call me. I'll come get you.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: I'm loving you.

Belle: Me too, Mom.

Marlena: Oh, Belle. I hope you're going to be all right. 

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